Beijos 2017 Gift Guides for Everyone on your List

One of the best parts of the holidays is getting gift for those you love.  We love putting time and thought into gifts for everyone on our list.  But nothing beats seeing the little faces of our kiddos light up with excitement while opening presents!  Another good thing?  Getting deals on said gifts!  We love getting a head start on our holiday shopping with Black Friday, who doesn’t?!  Here are our top picks for the ladies, the guys, and the little girls and boys!  Most are from stores doing crazy good deals today and through the weekend! 

A few of our favorite Black Friday Sales…

Madewell – 25% off your purchase
J Crew – 40% off your purchase
Shopbop – Up to 30% off your purchase and 75% off sale
Nordstrom – Up to 40% off select items

And now for the good stuff!!!

First up, the ladies… We want everything on this list… Hint hint!

Shop it below!

Now, for the men in our lives….

Shop for the guys here!

How about the little ladies?!  This is for the girlies who love pink, like they’re mamas!


And last but not least, the boys who love to play, play, play!

Get your shopping on! 


Jacqueyln + Abby




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Beijos Favorite Cozy Sweaters for the Fall Season

We had a looooong Indian summer down in Southern California, but the weather has finally changed.  I mean, it’s still in the 80’s this week, but it’s definitely colder in the mornings and evenings, ha!  But I’ve been busting out my sweater collection and I ain’t mad about it.  There’s just something about getting cozy during these colder seasons and sweaters are all about that.  I teamed up with Knot Sisters again for my favorite sweaters for the Fall Season and I’m sharing them today!  Check out these three looks, from dressy to casual, with their amazing sweaters this season.

Photos by Lyndsey Yeomans

This first look is very fun!  I have been seriously living in this long sweater since I got it.  The color is so pretty and goes with so much, and I love how I can throw it on over anything!  I get so many compliments on this sweater too!  For this look I paired it with a denim skirt, t-shirt, tights and booties.  I threw on a beanie as well to complete the entire look, and of course I’m always wearing my favorite sunnies.  This outfit is a little unexpected, and that’s why I love it for Fall!

Next up is this super pretty white Carlson sweater that is ultra cozy.  I love the fresh color and can picture wearing this well into Spring.  Since it’s such a neutral color I could have a little more fun with what to pair it with.  I am loving my new olive green pants, and these boots are a few years old but I found a similar pair here.  This hat gives it a little boho touch too…

Last up is a dressy take on the sweater, with a sweater dress!  This is such a fun option for holiday parties coming up.  One, the color is amazing!  Two, it’s super comfy!  And three, the possibilities are endless for what you can do with it!  Adding in fun accessories, dressing it up or down.  I wore my black tights, booties and added in this super cute clutch that is also perfect for the holidays as well.  I also threw in a cute black leather jacket to jazz it up a bit…

And there you have it!  You can shop more below… All of our favorite cozy sweaters for the Fall season in one place!




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Tips For Hosting The Holidays

Hosting any holiday or get together can be daunting, no matter who you are. Of course, don’t get me wrong, hosting a holiday is a lot of fun with all the decorating and showing off your cooking skills, but you would be lying to yourself if you said it was easy. But don’t fret! With these tips I’m about to lay on ya, you will be hosting the holidays like a boss! 

Photography by Ashley Baumgartner

Setup The Night Before

Now, anyone should know that trying to do anything right before an event is just not the best decision. Shop the week of your holiday. I like to go at least 3 or 4 days prior. One, your fighting the masses… hopefully. Two, it is one less thing to worry about hours leading up to the holiday. And three, if you wait last minute, the chances of what you need will be gone. I like to go early in the morning the Sunday before; it is usually quiet and empty. 

Along with getting your food prior, is set up. Do this as far in advance as you can. It is just another big task that you don’t have to worry about the morning of. I love to set up my table days before as well. I learned this tip from my grandma. She would always set her holiday table for Christmas Eve dinner up at least a month in advance. When we got older, it was fun to be included in her tradition of setting the table. Now, I like to install this into my kids. Plus, I have a pretty table to look at for weeks. To me, holidays tablescape are just as part of decorating for the holidays as trimming the tree. 

Now, when it comes to your tablescape for the holidays, go simple. Of course, bring out the fancy flatware. For Thanksgiving, I like to go a little moody with my colors. Right now, I’m obsessed with nude and natural colors mixed with moody ones. I used simple, clear glassware, a pop of black from the flatware, and brought in a texture element with the marble plates. (Psst… these dishes are on sale right now, you should get pick some up!) More color was added from the gorgeous deep brown velvet tablecloth that I rented from Party Crush Studio. Not everyone has an arsenal of tabletop items sitting around in their house. A great tip is to rent! It is much cheaper to rent than to buy. Party Crush Studio has some beautiful linens that you need to check out. Renting liens isn’t just for weddings anymore. 

Flowers! Flowers! Flowers!

Flowers… I can’t express how important flowers are for any dinner or event you are hosting. It makes everything better. Can you imagine a table without any flowers on top of it? Or sideboard with no flower detail? You’re pretty much having your holiday be half-naked, and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be the person with the half-naked holiday. Flowers don’t have to break the bank either. You can do tiny arrangements, low profile ones, or even just add some greenery to your table. Jessica from Oak + Ash nailed holiday floral! These colors are out of this world, and did you see those nude colored carnations?!? Yes, carnations! Jessica did a low profile arrangement which I fell in love with. This allows guests to see each other while sitting down to eat. Added details like greenery wrapped around the flatware add a floral surprise. Tiny arrangments on the wine and dessert table to add life and color. Plus, pop of color to the Thankful leather sign, it just ties it all in! I can’t say enough how important flowers are to any event, small or large. 

Personalized Details

Call me old fashion, but I think any holiday should still come with a formal invitation. Who doesn’t like getting invitations in the mail? I love to have people feel excited about coming over, and everyone loves getting something in the mail. Along with invitations, adding personalized details for the holidays brings your holiday up a notch. The details go a long way in people’s eyes. You are taking the time to make your holiday special and unique. Now, this is one of the best tips I can give you if you want to host the holidays like a boss. Get personal! Get unique! I had Leanna from David and Leanna create some leather goodies that I’m so “thankful” for. I love using signs for decoration for the holidays. She created a plum colored “thankful ” sign that I placed above my wine and dessert bar. As well as “the Guidos” deep green leather sign that I placed on the table. People need to know where they are eating right? Ha! My favorite is the custom leather napkin rings with the guests’ names on it. Alongside those, the leather rings were “thankful” coasters that I placed under the wine glasses. This pretty plum added more color to the table. It made the table complete. Little details like this will go a long way; I cant’ stress that enough. Finally, a menu that will tell guests what they will be dining on. I always like to make it clear what we are having. 

Open The Wine Prior

Wine. You gotta have it. I always like to have a selection for guests to pick from. Of course, I always go with my favorite, One Hope Wine. Their wine is so yummy, and I always have guests calling me up after asking me, “What was that wine you served last night?”. A great tip to help save time, right before guests arrive and before you get dressed, open your wine. This will keep you from opening up bottles throughout the evening plus allows time for them to breathe. And I say open before you get dressed, no one likes wine on their holiday attire. Duh. Alongside my wine, I love to have some sweets out. One of the things I remember for holidays growing up was there was always chocolate or sweet treats out to nibble on. Another tradition that I like to continue in my family. When we were little, it was usually See’s Candies, and my grandmother still does this today. I switched it up a bit and got some yummy macaroons and chocolate truffles from Ginger Elizabeth in downtown Sacramento. These sweet treats are to die for! She has fall flavors right now that you have got to try! My personal favorite is the Cranberry Walnut Crisp. 

Appetizers 1st, then Rest After

Hours leading up to guests arriving, seem to go by really fast! No matter how prepared you are. Especially if you have little ones running around, you know that you are likely not to get everything done the way you want. They always seem to find the perfect time to throw a tantrum or require your full attention. As long as your appetizers and wine are you, then the rest will follow after. Don’t worry about the food, the last thing you want is to be running around trying to get your appetizers out while guests are walking thru the door. Have those done; your guests will be occupied while you start on the food. My motto is appetizer and attire 1st, and the rest will soon follow. Plus, it makes it look like you have everything under control, which you do! 

Have a glass of wine!

My last tip for the hosting for the holidays. Have a glass of wine before guests get there. Sit down, look at what you have accomplished, and pat your self on the back, cause you are hosting the holidays like a boss! 

I hoped this helps you in your adventures later this week! Remember, it should be fun not a chore. 








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On the Hunt for our Favorite Fall Kimonos

Kimonos are one of our favorite items in our closets over at Beijos.  One, they’re easy to throw on and jazz up an outfit.  Two, if you’re feeling kinda yucky they cover a lot of territory, ya dig?  And Three, you can use them in so many ways – with jeans, shorts, a dress, a swimsuit… The options are endless!

I decided to head over to one of my favorite shops, Prism Boutique in Long Beach, to see what they had to offer.  They are the best in boho style and of course a kimono is just that.  I was on the hunt for a new Fall kimono and they didn’t disappoint with their selection.  With small business Saturday coming up next weekend I definitely want to support my local business owners, and Prism is one of them!

Keep scrolling to see my two favorites from their store, and you can see many more options on the site!  Also, more of my picks at the end of this post….

Photos by Lindsey Yeomans

Novella Royale, another local brand which we highlighted a few months ago, has one of my favorite kimonos around.  It’s called the Jane robe and comes in so many different amazing prints.  I especially loved this one because the pretty green color just pops and can work year round.  Being a green eyed gal, I can’t resist a good green anyways, it just speaks to me!!

 I also found the basic white tank by Lacausa and the adorable hat by Brixton while I was shopping… Damn this place is bad for my budget!

My second pick is by the dreamy brand that is Jen’s Pirate Booty.  This is a kimono they do in cream all the time, but I thought this burnt orange color was just so perfect for Fall.  The lace detailing is so so gorgeous, you have to see and feel it in person to appreciate it.  Since this is so darn pretty, I wanted to make it a little rough…

To make it more edgy and less boho, I paired it with some ripped denim and a rocker tee from Midnight Rider!  And how amazing is that bag?!  I think I may need to go back for that one….  A little guest appearance by someone in the last shot too!

Where are you shopping for small business Saturday?!  And how do you wear kimonos?!  Please share below!  I’d love to hear your favorite shops to support and your style tips!



Shop Below!

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A Boho and Sparkly Friendsgiving for the Girls

Oh, you thought we were done with Thanksgiving posts?!  Boy were you wrong, we’re just starting!  Yesterday’s Friendsgiving was for the adults, today’s is for the little ladies!  I designed and styled this boho sparkly Friendsgiving with the help of a few of my talented friends like Wild Child Party and Blot & Dot.  I had my adorable god daughter Edie as inspiration of course, and let her enjoy with a few buddies!  Keep scrolling to see all of the pretty photos by Meredith of Zoom Theory and see more on 100LayerCakelet today

Let’s start with the invite, because, well, I always do!  I sent Cindy from Blot & Dot my mood board for this shoot and she just nailed it!  I love the copper she used on the invite and how it pairs well with the Erika tabletop collection from Harlow & Grey.  And how cute is little Parker showing it off?!

Let’s start with that balloon installation… I know, I know, it’s kind of becoming a thing with us, but I just can’t resist!  Wild Child Party is just so fun to work with and their balloon installations just make a party!  And when you mix in pampas grass, one of my absolute favorites, it takes it next level!

When I saw this collection from Harlow & Grey, I knew I wanted to make something pretty with it.  A girly friends giving was just the fit.  Here Come the Blooms played off of the pinks and the copper with the florals and they complimented the setting perfectly!  Blot & Dot did the abstract shaped place cards, and we even added more macrame with mini pieces made by Robyn Parker.

Ahhhhh, that pampas!

And the Fall leaves!!!  I love this time of year!

Now, on to the cutest little girlies!!!  These girls are decked out in cute outfits from Sweet Threads, mainly Paush Mini – an in house brand that we can’t get enough of!  Hey Girl!  I’m Thankful!  And like most best girlfriends, we’re all thankful for cute clothes, duh!  Check out all of their cute outfits, seriously I die and want to be them…

You can find Mikaela’s pretty dress here

Freyja’s adorable jumpsuit here…  Which may be my favorite!

Little Parker’s cute romper here

This little jumpsuit is by Harlow & Jade, comes in mommy sizes too… I may have to invest!! But I think it’s probably cutest on Miss River….

And last but not least is Edie’s stunner of a dress here

These girls had such a fun time playing dress up and just being girls together!  Can I do this with my friends?!  Jeez!

Now, you know I didn’t forget about the desserts!  And these are next level, specifically that stunner of a cake!  Beverly’s Bakery created something so beautiful, we really didn’t want to touch it!  But of course, we did!  And the cookies were adorable with our copper and navy detail continued and wording like “friends” and “thankful”.  Needless to say, the girls went nuts!

These cuties are just too much, and it got a little chilly, so obviously they needed their furs…

I need a beret in my life, but will never look nearly this cute!

And that’s a wrap! So much fun with these little ladies!!




Design/Styling – Jacquelyn Kazas of Beijos Events
Photographer – Zoom Theory
Balloon Installation & Macrame – Wild Child Party
Tabletop – Harlow & Grey
Invite/Calligraphy – Blot & Dot
Desserts – Beverly’s Bakery
Florals – Here Come the Blooms
Girl’s Clothing – Paush Mini & Sweet Threads
Mini Macrame – Robyn Parker 

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