Summer Cocktails – Peach Champagne Cocktail

Couple more cocktails coming your way as we are coming to the end of Summer…(sad face).  Don’t worry though, we got you covered with more lined up for Fall and Winter! Today we are going a little dainty, and girly with the Peach Champagne Cocktail. Something great for an impromptu get together with the girls, or a shower.  It’s definitely a hit because who doesn’t like Peach and Champagne?  Put it in a pretty coupe glass and your fancy!! Oh and it’s also the easiest thing to make on the planet!!


Here’s how to do it…


Alize Peach

Frozen Peaches

Powdered Sugar




Combine Alize Peach, frozen peaches, and powdered sugar in a blender to mix.  The frozen peaches will give it a little slush consistency, but not too slushy, it will come out perfectly cool for your hot summer day. Blend these ingredients until smooth, adding some champagne if extra liquid is needed.  Stir in remaining Champagne.


Fill each glass half way with the peach mixture, then add a tbsp of grenadine to each glass.  Top it off with the remaining peach mixture. Garnish and serve!  It looks so pretty with these little camomile flowers in them.

There you have it…Enjoy!! And take advantage of these last couple weeks of Summer….EEk that went by super fast!!


Xx Leah

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Home Tour – Katie Stauffer

Are you sometimes Instagram stalkers like us?!  It’s ok, you can admit it…  Well if you have stumbled upon Katie Stauffer’s instagram account you have probably fallen down the rabbit hole like us with her gorgeous feed, adorable family and impeccable style!  Lucky us, she is letting our readers take a look inside her gorgeous home with our latest home tour!!  Once finding Katie via social media we fell in love but after emails back and forth we can say she is just as beautiful inside as her beautiful photos.  Her home is beyond gorgeous with 7600 Sq Ft full of her bohemian modern style decor.  Let’s take a look as to how this busy Arizona mother of 5 makes it all look so stylish and effortless, get ready for a whole lot of pretty!

Matt and Tish Photography299Matt and Tish Photos by Matt and Tish Photography 

Tell us about you and your beautiful family of 7!

Well There is Charley my husband and he is an Internal Medicine Physican.  Then there is Me, Katie and I am an Escrow Officer..basically real estate stuff…lol!  Then we have Kaitlin who is 13, Chales 9, Finn 7, and Emma and Mila are almost 2.

Matt and Tish Photography263Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography269Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography271Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography280Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography260Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography259Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography285Matt and Tish Where is your home located and what is your favorite part about where you live?

Our home is located in Gilbert, Arizona And my favorite part about Arizona happens to be my least favorite thing too if that makes any sense….the warm weather, lol!!

Matt and Tish Photography231Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography240Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography239Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography229Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography230Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography228Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography99Matt and Tish What are your favorite things to do at home with your family? 

As a family we literally love to watch movies, cook, and laugh together.  We do a lot of joking around…pretty much non stop.

Matt and Tish Photography298Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography250Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography247Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography246Matt and Tish

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset image1-2 On an average weekend where would we find your family and what would you be doing? 

We would be at home swimming or hover boarding around the house…lol!  Not kidding.

Matt and Tish Photography125Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography133Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography119Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography110Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography107Matt and Tish Where are your favorite places to shop for your home? 

Home Good, West Elm, Land of Nod, Target and Thrift Stores

Matt and Tish Photography68Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography71Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography74Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography81Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography86Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography93Matt and Tish We love your eclectic yet simple style to your home, we wish we could pull that off! What inspired you with the design?

Literally I like a lot of different styles so if I find one major piece I like and I have a spot for it, I design the whole room around that piece. I go to pinterest type in for example Green bed and go from there until I find a pic or two I like.  I draw inspiration from those pics and viola.

image6 image5 image1-2 Matt and Tish Photography2Matt and Tish Your kid’s rooms are amazing… Talk to us about the design to them…

Again I started with the beds for each room, then I went to Pinterest and searched the style of bed and looked at all the pictures that had them in it until I found a style I liked.  That is what prompted the striped throw blankets in the boys room.  Sometimes if I get stuck on something, for example in the boys room I was stuck on what color the dresser should be.  I will look at Pinterest as well to see what color dressers are paired with the color bed I have…it can kind of get overwhelming because I end up seeing a lot of stuff and going in a lot of different directions, but eventually I stop and say “okay that looks good.”  I mean I can Pinterest all the way to dresser display boys room…for ideas lol!!!

Matt and Tish Photography16Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography25Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography21Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography24Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography38Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography37Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography27Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography17Matt and Tish In the girls room I Pinterested antique poster bed bohemian the perfect picture came up and knew it was just what I wanted for their room.   I am in love with antique rugs and simple white bedding and that was just what this picture was.  I take a little from each picture I find during my search and it just kind of all comes together.

Matt and Tish Photography61Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography56Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography49Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography50Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography54Matt and Tish Same for Kaitlin’s room…she told me she wanted a green bed do I searched for green bed ideas. In all of my searches I always added bohemian or modern.  I love searching for rooms that mix modern and antique.

Matt and Tish Photography3Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography1Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography12Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography9Matt and Tish What is your favorite room in your home and why?

The playroom because at this moment it is everything I want it to be and I don’t think I need to change one thing.  I am ALWAYS changing things up…the house is already different since the shoot.  The Day Dream Believer piece is now in our Family/Living room and we have new pictures above our bed…lol!

Matt and Tish Photography192Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography185Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography186Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography204Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography201Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography213Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography214Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography221Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography225Matt and Tish Is there any piece in your home that just screams Katie? 

My antique Rugs!!!  If I could I would have one in every room.  I love them so much but it is pretty hard to find a good size affordable one.

Matt and Tish Photography167Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography154Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography148Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography149Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography145Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography142Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography158Matt and Tish What advice do you have for our readers on tackling a project like the design of their home? 

Pick one expensive or quality piece per room and build around it.  Search Pinterest for pics of that piece for ideas and the fill in with Home Good, Target, Pinterest and even Goodwill finds.

Thank you Katie for sharing your amazing home with us!!  You have given us so much inspiration!!  And if you need any sources for Katie’s beautiful finds, please see below!



Study Room – Light Blue Rug: Ecarpet Gallery, Leather Chair: Four Chairs Furniture, Arrow Wall Decals: Urban Walls, Wishbone Chairs: Rove Concepts, Table: Wayfair, Letter Board: Letter Folk, Prints on Wall: Bulletin, Birth Posters: The Birth Poster, Poufs: Flea Market Fab, Food Print: Urban Outfitters, Dresser: West Elm, Computer Cabinet: In the Family

Playroom – Rug: West Elm, Play Table: Land of Nod, Pillows on Sofa: Loom Goods, Hammock: Clover & Birch, Large Elephant: Bla Bla Kids, Silohette Prints: Dapper & Darling, Art In Spare Room: Minted, Media Unit: Ikea, Sofa: Ikea, Play Kitchen: Ikea, Leather Chair: West Elm, Wooden Robot: Monroe Workshop

Kaitlin’s Room – Wallpaper: Hygge And West, Happy Girl Sign: Jaxn Blvd., Mud Cloth Bed Pillows: Sew and Cloth, Day Dream Believer Sign: Sugarboo and Co., Young Heart Old Soul Print: Oh Leander Shop, Large Floor Pillows: The Citizenry, Bed: Antique Store, Rug: Overstock, Chair: Goodwill find

Boys Room – No Girls Allowed Sign and #5 sign: Jaxn Blvd, Rug: Rugs USA, Striped Stuffed Animal: Bla Bla Kids, Wooden Calendar: Textured Home, Beds: Antique store, Bed Side table and Dresser: Ikea, Desk: In the Family

Twins Room – Animals on Ledge: Hazel Village, Animals on Bed:  Bla Bla Kids, Wall Hanging: Robyn Parker, Beds: In the Family, Rug: Antique Store, Dresser: Craigs List

Master Bedroom – Wall art and Ledge: Minted, Marble Tray: Rove Concepts, Large Sailing Print: Eventide Collective, Above the Bed Wall Hanging: Robyn Parker, Indigo Pillow on Bed: Boho Pillow, Print Above Crib: Minted, Bed: Made by my husband, Lamps: Target, Side Tables: Pier One, Round Mirrors: World Market

Master Bathroom – Wall Hanging: Pineapple Phi, Cleaning Spray: Murchison Hume, Little Stool: Home Goods

Living Room – Marble Table: Rove Concepts, Art Wall: Minted, Wall Hanging: Robyn Parker, Sofa: Potato Barn, Coffee Table: Old Ikea, TV stand: Good Will find, Pillows on Sofa: Sew and Cloth, Club Chairs: World Market

Small Family Room – These are the Good Ole Days Sign: East Plum, Sofa: World Market, Rug: Ebay, Bench: Home goods, Chairs: West Elm, Gold Table: Old Target

Kitchen – Dot Art Above the Cabinets: Minted, Cleaning Products: Murchison Hume,  Kitchen RugsKitchen Baskets 

Hallway bathroom – Light:  Roanoak, Mirror: Target


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Makers Giveaway

Guess what?? It’s that time again….time for a GIVEAWAY!!   We were thinking…we work with the most amazing makers out there, so we decided to curate this special one. All of these guys are so talented, using their hands to craft the most amazing pieces. When you think about it, we are all makers in one way or another… we even consider ourselves makers, we like to make it all pretty, whether we are at a party, styled shoot, or any event under the sun.

So here we go… let’s go through all these goodies from all these amazing vendors…

Photo Aug 20, 3 21 43 PM

First up is Walter & George and The Mugs Fanny Clutch. We die over her collection, her wallets, bags we love it all!!


Next is Rais Case. Her mixture of leather and texture blows our minds.  Here’s their fringe Avery Messenger bag.  It’s so cute and even better in person…


Then we have our tried and true bestie over in AZ, Boho Pillow.  We just love her product, her quality and her!!  How about this color though?? We fell in love with it!!


Next we have our gal pal from Reform Fibers.  Her work is so pretty, plus she’s always coming out with new designs and colors.  Here is one of her classics.


Elsie from Reform Fibers also has a company called The Makers Gang, which completely inspired this giveaway.  Here’s one of the cute tees you can win from her collection..


We came across this awesome company called Dovetails and Darts.  She makes some pretty cool wall art and other amazing pieces from wood.  How about winning this beauty!!


We had to include our friends over at Duo Studio, we just love them and they make the best handmade pieces out of wood and metal.  Here is the hustle sign that we want!!


Next are these greeting cards and prints from Rebecca Eichten.  She’s a super talented artist, specializing in botanical prints…who isn’t in love with cactus right now??


Finally we have Often Wander with her yummy Ocean travel candle along with one of her beaded bracelets to go with!!


Well…there you have it alll!! Like most of our other giveaways, I’d like to win this one!!  Here’s what you gotta do…


Enter below on our blog by visiting all of the vendor Facebook pages and following us on Pinterest.

Then make sure to visit all of our Instagram accounts and don’t forget to follow there too!!  The Giveaway is on now, and will end this Sunday evening at 6pm.  We’ll announce the winner on Instagram on today’s first Giveaway post.  Good luck everyone!!

XXO Leah & the Beijos Gals

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Back to School with Land of Nod

Shed a tear or sing a cheer? The little ones are going back to school today! We have mixed emotions around our houses. It’s been a summer full of adventures and fun but the time has come to get their study on! 1st day of school wouldn’t be complete without stylish new backpacks and lunchboxes. We turned to our favorite store, Land of Nod to have our little ones ready and stylish for their 1st day of school. They have the cutest backpacks and lunchboxes that any kid will love, and they are also mom approved for their functionality and durability.

We had our little ones pick out their favorites, let’s see the winners!

Photos by Yasmin Sarai and Megan Welker

Let’s start with Dylan and Jett. Since these two are siblings, they wanted something that matched each other. They are in the phase right now where they want to be exactly alike. Land of Nod has these matching backpacks. Sadly they are out of stock right now, but check back soon!




Jett loved the high five and hamburger patches that were on his cool backpack. Once this backpack was on, high fives all around!


A back to school essential are new reading books! Jett loves anything about the weather, the Outstanding in the Rain book is a must for his collection. We are learning about “T” this week, so we have been reading this book over and over finding all the little and big Ts.  yasminsarai_beijosevents_augustcontent-130

Big sister, Dylan is sporting the same backpack but the girl version. This fun neon colored backpack has cute patches that any girl will love. Dylan favorite is the watermelon. The front pocket is her favorite as she can store all her treasures.





The Little School Bus and Gaston are on Dylan’s reading summer list this year. We are so proud of ourselves that we can read the little school bus book by OURSELVES! Yay! Check out more of Land of Nod’s books; we love them all!




We would like you to meet the world’s biggest fan of dinos, Court! He is obsessed with dinos, and his roar can be mistaken for the real deal. He naturally picked the Wild Side Backpack and matching Wild Style lunchbox.


Next for his partner in crime, Edie, the lover of all unicorns! Anything unicorn and she has it! She might be a magical unicorn herself! Her unicorn backpack is sold out, but don’t fret they have the Teacher’s Pet Backpack (Unicorn)




See all of Land of Nod’s lunchboxes and get yours today before they are all gone.



We love these lunchboxes cause not only are they perfect for school but also picnics with your bestie.



Those two goofballs!

Happy 1st day of School little ones! We hope this year is the best!



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Summer Cocktails – The Cactus Lady

Calling all cactus pear lovers! Please stop what you are doing, and immediately consume this cocktail. The cactus lady, she is tropical, is a hot pink beauty, and is the hit of the party in her rose gold pineapple tumbler. Don’t let this pretty cocktail fool you; it means business.

Cactus pears are in season right now, and we love using them in our cocktails. See the Prickly Pear Margarita we also made this summer. We are taking it up a step and adding a bit of a kick with some ginger. This changes the whole flavor around.

See how to make the palm frond cocktail here


Photos by Yasmin Sarai

Now, you can go ahead and buy the prickly pear simple syrup, but cmon the real deal is just better. So get up and make the syrup, here is how we made it.

Cactus Pear Simple Syrup

2 1/2 pounds prickly pears aka cactus pears
1/2 cup water
1 cup sugar
One bunch fresh mint
One cinnamon stick
One vanilla bean, split lengthwise

With the tip of a sharp knife, scrape off the thorns of the prickly pears. Cut off the ends of the fruit and then make a lengthwise slit through the skin and peel off and discard the skin. Repeat with the remaining fruit. Cut the fruit into large pieces, transfer to a food processor and process until pureed. Strain through a fine sieve. There should be approximately 2 cups of liquid.

In a saucepan, combine the prickly pear puree, water, sugar, mint, and the cinnamon stick. Be sure to scrape the seeds from the vanilla, and then put both the seeds and the pod into the pan. Bring the mixture to a boil over medium heat stirring to dissolve the sugar. Reduce the heat to a simmer and cook uncovered for about 20 minutes. Taste to make sure that the flavors are balanced. Strain through a fine mesh sieve.

yasminsarai_beijosevents_augustcontent-159 yasminsarai_beijosevents_augustcontent-157

yasminsarai_beijosevents_augustcontent-163 The Cactus Lady
Serving: 1 cocktail


Three tablespoons mezcal
*this will give you a nice smoky flavor
Two tablespoons ginger liqueur
1-2 tablespoons of the cactus pear simple syrup
* Adjust to your tasting, I like my cocktails a bit sweeter, so I added two tablespoons
One tablespoon fresh squeezed lime juice
margarita salt *optional
Lime slices for garnish


1st fill a small plate with some of the simple syrup, you will use this to rim your cup with salt. Dip in simple syrup and then your margarita salt. Fill your glass to the top with crushed ice. In a shaker, combine simple syrup, mezcal, and fresh lime juice. Shake! Pour mixture into the salted rimmed cup. Add lime slices and enjoy! For that extra Beijos touch, add some flowers for presentation.

Lets us know how your hang out with the cactus lady is! She is one of our favs!


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