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Crazy hippie oil lady here again! Last night, my husband and I were watching Entourage, Season 1. I know random, we couldn’t find a movie that we both agreed on, so the only logical thing to do was to binge-watch, Entourage. Do you remember the episode, where they went to Gary Busey’s art show? My husband turns and looks at me, and says ” You are so Gary Busey”. True story. I wasn’t sure if I should ask how many martinis he had, or take it as a compliment? I mean, he is a pretty weird dude, but in a free-spirit and creative way. But it was, in fact, a compliment. Where am I going with this, right? Well, after he explained how Gary B. and I are similar in the creative, free- spirit, all-natural outlook on life, it got me thinking of new diffuser blends I needed to try. I know, this is how my mind works!  I’m always on the hunt for new diffuser blends to try. I wanted to come up with some blends that would be good for getting back into the swing of things with school starting. End of the summer night blends, making dinner blend, citrus blends… you feel me? I got my essential oil pro on speed dial and hit her up for some ideas. You remember Melody right, well turns out she had the same thoughts too! So we came up with some diffuser blends and bestowing those onto you today. 

And, don’t forget about the Essential Oil Giveaway, be sure to enter! It ends this Thursday. You can become a crazy hippie oil lady too, just like me. Haha! 

Recipes by Obsessed with Essentials



grapefruit. passion. wild orange 

such refreshing and invigorating helps to inspire and uplift you, and great for times of creativity
peppermint & citrus bliss
All citrus oils are great for an uplifting aroma and for mood.  Citrus bliss is a blend that has a ton of citrus oils in it.  Peppermint is known for its invigorating smell so great for morning times to give you energy.
lime.  elevation. tangerine 
This one is for the citrus lover!  This combo smells amazing and these oils especially help those of us that are a little cranky in the morning!
balance. serenity. clary sage
When I asked all the people in my private essential oil Facebook group what oils they loved for mood almost all of them said serenity and balance.  Both of those oils are powerhouse oils at calming down emotions and stress which I think are both very high at dinner time.  I added in clarysage as well for an extra added calming benefit to help unwind before bedtime and then it also helps balance hormones which almost all of us moms could use!
white fir. citrus bliss. grapefruit. 
Instead of using a candle which almost all have toxic ingredients try diffusing this blend that smells amazing and has great benefits for your health and mood…plus it will save you a ton of money!  
white fir, citrus bliss, grapefruit
Instead of using a candle which almost all have toxic ingredients try diffusing this blend that smells amazing and has great benefits for your health and mood…plus it will save you a ton of money!  
frankincense. wild orange. balance 
Balance is the grounding blend which is the top for anxiety, frankincense, helps with inflammation in the body so if you tend to get stress and tension headaches it is a great one and then wild orange is a mood uplifter and great for anxiety as well. “In studies, orange oil reduced anxiety when it was inhaled and when applied topically, it slowed down participants’ pulse rates and breathing rates, while they also reported feeling more cheerful and vigorous.  So it’s not a sedative or a stimulant but helps to balance our your mood.
Happy Monday! 


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Beijos Best

I am currently in beautiful San Luis Obispo, CA with my bestie Leah.  We just finished a gorgeous wedding at Biddle Ranch Vineyard and it was such an amazing day.  Tomorrow we will be getting up and driving back to Southern California, but what I’d really like to do is go wine tasting with my bestie.  So, since I can’t actually do that, I’ll just dream about it and what I would wear!  Here are some of my picks for great wine tasting outfits.  So go shopping, and plan a wine tasting date with your bestie, for me… Please?!

Loving this Free People Maxi, the colors are the perfect transition from Summer to Fall.  Just throw on a denim jacket when it gets chilly!

I don’t know about you, but I love rompers.  They are flirty and fun and a great alternative to a dress!  This romper by Faithfull the Brand is so stinking cute and I love the color.  Again, so good to go into Fall!
Now this is an outfit for me… It’s basic but chic and will never go out of style.  You could add some really fun accessories to this amazing romper or just keep it simple.  No matter how you style it I guarantee it will look good!

I just tried this Spell maxi dress on and I may have to go back and buy it… The print is really pretty and the colors are so fun, I love that pop of pink!  You could wear this one casual or dress it up.  Would be great with a big hat and sunnies out wine tasting!

Ummmmm…. Totally just found this dress today and I’m kind of obsessed… Cleobella has some really amazing new dresses for Fall and this dress is just one of them!!!

Last but not least, this simple chambray dress would be so cute for a wine tasting trip!  It’s cute and sexy and you could definitely jazz it up with some fun jewelry!!  

Now go shop these babies below!!  And also, go drink some vino for me!!



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Fresh Grilled Peach Burrata Salad


F R E S H  G R I L L E D  P E A C H  B U R R A T A  S A L A D

Remember those juicy peaches from Tony’s Fruit Stand from Monday’s post? Well, I couldn’t let summer go with out a little-grilled fruit action, and peaches are the perfect fruit to grill! Trust me, once you have had a grilled peach or any fruit for that matter, you will never go back. You are seriously missing out! Grilling fruit brings out the sweetness even more and the caramelization on the outside. Soo good! And burrata? Well, it’s only the best cheese in the world! The sweetness of the peaches with savory burrata makes for a killer combination, and adding in procusitto, gives it that salty punch to make one flavor-packed summer salad. And it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t add in some unusual subjects into my salad game. 

The fam and I spent our last week of summer in one of our favorite places. Tahoe. Need I say more? My husband has been going to Tahoe since he was little. His family has a place that is in the same complex of some of his dearest friends that he met while young and free loose on the Tahoe shores. I’m sure you can only imagine the stories I get to hear. ;) Now as adults, we get to spend time with those close friends and have our kids grow up doing the same thing as him. I tried this recipe on them last week, and it was a keeper! I highly recommend having this grilled salad with close friends, wine in hand, and on the beach at sunset. That is what summer nights are all about! 

Photography by Candiss Koenitzer



Preheat grill to medium high heat. Spray grill to prevent sticking. Grill peaches until grill marks and caramelization are achieved. Set aside to cool. Now, you could serve this as a warm salad, but I’m not a fan of warm soggy micro greens. I sometimes will even put the peaches in the freezer for a faster chill down, especially if its really outside.

 Once cooled, arrange grilled peaches, burrata, red onion, and prosciutto in alternating layers.

Once cooled, arrange grilled peaches, burrata, red onion, and prosciutto in alternating layers. You can omit the red onion if your not a fan, or even grill those as well for a less pungent taste.

Sprinkle the arugula micro greens generously on top.

A final touch, lightly sprinkle himalayan pink salt and lavender. If you do use the lavender, use the kind from the grocery store to insure it is edible. Add some aged balsamic vinegar for that extra touch and flavor right before serving!







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Celebrating a 30th Birthday in Style at Malibu Wines

When a beauty of a friend like Megan Welker has a milestone birthday, you celebrate!  Megan’s husband Adam and best friend Ala reached out to me to help make her 30th birthday extra special and I of course jumped at the chance.  Megan is one of those people that you meet and feel like you’ve known forever.  She is caring, thoughtful, loyal, hilarious, and beautiful.  All of the amazing qualities you want in a friend!  Megan has been so good to my family and I, helping with her 30th birthday was the least I could do!  Plus, I got to tag along and go wine tasting with her, so it was a win/win for me!

Megan’s birthday bash is also featured on Inspired By This today!

Photos by Megan’s Bestie Ala Cortez

We celebrated at Malibu Wines, which is such a fun spot for a day of wine tasting!!  The weather was hot, hot, hot, but we cooled down with all the good Summer wines!!  Plus they had wine popsicles… Done and done!!

Knowing Megan I know she likes soft natural colors so we really wanted to use that palette for all the things (as she would say).  So the florals had to be ethereal and soft, just the way she would like it!   MV Florals did the best job, as usual.  For all of the little details we turned to Poppy Jack Shop, she made the amazing menus out of balsa wood, a fun “this is thirty” sign for Megan to hold and a personalized wine glass for each guest!  Because everyone should have one when wine tasting if you ask me! 

Of course we had to cap off her big day with dessert!  Beverly’s Bakery made the tastiest treats!!  Hand painted macarons were made pretty and tasted even better.  Her cake was simple and adorned with flowers and a “Hello Thirty” cake topper by Poppy Jack.

It was such a fun day with great friends relaxing, drinking wine, eating an AMAZING charcuterie board, and spending time with our favorite birthday girl!  Happy 30th Megan!  It’s never looked better!!!




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Ending Summer with a visit to the Orange County Fair

One of my absolute FAVORITE things to do during the Summer is visit the Orange County Fair.  My husband and I have been going for years and now we take our little ones.  We even shot a few of our engagement photos there!!  It’s turned into a family tradition and sort of an end of Summer hurrah!  Growing up in Northern California the fair wasn’t something we really did that often, but down here in Orange County it’s a must!!

This Summer was one for the books!  When we moved earlier this year we moved a few miles inland and closer to the fair grounds.  Our new neighborhood has really easy access to the fair so our visits multiplied by quite a lot!  I wouldn’t put us on carnie status quite yet, but we definitely made the rounds!

Court especially enjoyed the fair this year and keeps asking to go back.  There’s something magical and quintessential Summer about it all.  From the corn dogs to the funnel cakes.  The pig races, the games and the rides, there’s just nothing like it.  We decided to take our kiddos for one last trip and brought along our girl Alison Bernier to take photos.  Each photo she captured is just pure joy and fun!!

Here are those little crazies!!  The girls are wearing the cutest clothing line Wil + Frida with the most adorable accessories from Henny & Coco.  Meanwhile the boys are looking fresh in their get up from Whistle & Flute.  They had me at pizza tank and red shorts… I mean, come on…. I definitely need both in my size!

Now, you may think, wow, they’re crazy for going to the fair with all of those kids and taking photos!  Yes, yes we are.  But you know what, these photos are really cute and in the end it was really fun!!!  Plus, look at these cute faces!!

We played loads of games and went on tons of rides… We decided we should go big or go home for our last shot at the Fair!!

Love these shots of the cute little bums….

I loved watching these kids make memories and getting excited going from ride to ride and game to game.  It was non stop but so fun.  Summer memories are the best and it’s fun seeing it through their eyes!

Even the littlest ones had to join in on the fun!  This was Cruz and Henry’s first Summer at the Fair and they had to get in on the fun too!!

Can you believe it’s been a year since we had these two?!  So crazy how fast it goes by… A year ago I was chowing down and REALLY pregnant at the Fair!!

Well, my many trips to the fair this Summer must have paid off because I was the big winner… I played two games and won both Court and Edie a huge prize!!  Pretty proud of myself, so proud that I had to share it here.  So there you go!  It’s not every day you are a hero, I was that day… Don’t be jealous…

And that’s a wrap!!  Now that kids are getting started at school it really does feel like Summer has come to an end.  Thanks for the last hurrah OC Fair!!  See you next year!!!



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