Summer Cocktail – Prickly Pear Margarita

Hey there…It’s Fri-YAY!!  And guess what?? We have another cocktail for you to enjoy this weekend.  We love our spins on the margarita, I mean who doesn’t love a marg and to try different flavors of them just puts us in our happy places.  Well today it’s the Prickly Pear Margarita.  This one is so refreshing, it’s perfect for this heat we are having right now.  Plus it’s pretty and pink, so you will totally impress the people boozing with you.  Here’s how to do it….

Photos by Megan Welker

Pretty wording by Meghann Miniello


Ingredients makes  2

6 oz. silver tequila

1 oz. Cointreau or Triple Sec

3 oz.  fresh lime juice

4 oz. prickly pear syrup

additional lime juice to adjust tartness/sweetness, if desired

coarse salt or sugar for the rim

Combine the first four ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a margarita glass over ice.


Just a couple of tips…If you make it with the triple sec it’s a little milder for all of you that need a smoother taste. The Cointreau will make it more tangy, I actually prefer it that way, but to each their own.  Serve these baby’s with some guacamole and chips and you will be in heaven!


Pour into a margarita glass and enjoy!!


Happy boozing!!

Xx Leah

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Beijos Baby Boy Sprinkle for Jacquelyn & Cruz John

It’s a very exciting time over here with us Beijos gals, as a couple of us within the next month will add another sweet member to our growing families!!  With that, we have a couple special parties we threw for our very own and I’m happy to share Jacquelyn’s intimate sprinkle I threw for her with you today. Also make sure to check it out here on 100 Layercakelet!

All photos by the lovely Ala Cortez 


We had it at the uber hip restaurant Social in Costa Mesa, which by the way has the yummiest food!!  It was one of our first times styling a party at a restaurant, and I have to say it was great!  The restaurant staff was amazing to work with, they were super accommodating and on board with any special touches we wanted for our Jacquelyn. lifestyle-babycruz-1023 lifestyle-babycruz-1022

lifestyle-babycruz-1052 lifestyle-babycruz-1057

I went with this natural organic look for the theme, hitting on natural woods and plants, mostly ferns.  Jacquelyn’s favorite color is yellow, so we brought the pop of color in there with the flowers.  Here is the lovely invite by our gal pal Meghann Miniello.

lifestyle-babycruz-1041 lifestyle-babycruz-1045

Now let’s focus on these table details…I wanted to do something different than the normal garland down the long table, so we did all these little clear and brown vintage glass vases with ferns, which really made a statement.  Meagan from MV Florals helped carry out the vision perfectly!

lifestyle-babycruz-1047 lifestyle-babycruz-1048 lifestyle-babycruz-1049


The beautiful glassware, flatware and ahh hem…can I say amazing napkin detail by the lovely Hostess Haven.  She has one of the prettiest collections in the biz!! With the plain white plate, the napkin, menu and magnolia leaf place card, they were the perfect add ons to make the setting feel complete, unique and on theme.

lifestyle-babycruz-1006 lifestyle-babycruz-1005 lifestyle-babycruz-1004 lifestyle-babycruz-1002

Let’s get this party started….






Here’s a looksy at the sweets…love the detail on this cake by Beverly’s Bakery and we can’t forget about the yummy Sidecar Doughnuts

lifestyle-babycruz-1031 lifestyle-babycruz-1035




Some more shots of the pretty mama.  Congrats Jacquelyn, I’m so excited to meet baby Cruz!  I can’t wait for you to experience adding baby #2 into the mix, and to see your love spread exponentially.  Especially watching big brother Court with his new baby brother, that’s just the best!! lifestyle-babycruz-1076


lifestyle-babycruz-1109 lifestyle-babycruz-1102


Love you mucho Lady!!

Xx Leah

Photography: Love Ala / Venue: Social / Styling: Beijos Events / Flowers: MV Florals / Invites & Signage: Meghann Miniello Creative / Rentals: Hostess Haven / Cake: Beverly’s Best Bakery / Donuts: Sidecar Doughnuts

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National Hot Dog Day- Eats

It’s been awhile since we did some of our Beijos eats. So lets get back on track with a goodie! National hot dog day! Mark your calendars for July 23rd. Who doesn’t love a good ol’ hot dog topped with all your favorite fixings especially on a warm summer day. Sometimes I like my dog dressed up with fancy toppings, but most of the time I like to keep it pretty classic. A good ol’ fashion ballpark dog wrapped in foil with ketchup, mustard, and most of all that yummy relish is a way to this girl’s heart. Hot dogs are one of those iconic foods that remind you of the days at the ballpark, carnivals, movies, and those summer bbqs. Yup! I do in fact partake in the movie hot dog whenever I get a chance. Delish! Bring on the processed encased meats!

In honor of some of the classic dogs, we are bringing you three recipes to get your hot dog fix. So grab your dogs and lets get grilling!


Photos by Yasmin Sarai
 These yummy hot diggity dogs were made by Chef Isaiah Aranda.

1st on our tour for National Hot Dog Day is the spicy Seattle Dog…



Cream Cheese (room temp)
Shredded Cabbage
Hot Dog Bun


Grill the bratwurst to get those pretty grill marks. Spread a good portion of your room temperature cream cheese on your buns. NO! Not your own buns! The hot dog buns. Geesh! Place your grilled bratwurst on the bun, and then assemble your cabbage and jalapeños on top. Add as much or as little as your taste buds will allow for the sliced jalapeños. Drizzle with sriracha as the final step.

Caution: Be careful while touching the jalapeños, maybe wear some rubber gloves because jalapeños in the eyes are NOT fun.

Up next we got the Sonora Dog…


Bacon wrapped hot dog (plus extra bacon)
Soft Roll


Wrap your hot dog with bacon and then grill. While your dog is grilling, cook your extra bacon. When the bacon is cooled, pick up, and munch away :) Place the bacon wrapped dog in the bun and top with all your toppings. Lastly, drizzle the mayonnaise on top. To drizzle easier, place in a ketchup or mustard bottle to achieve a thinner drizzle.

The final dog of the day… the Chicago Dog!
We save the best for last. Proceed with caution, this guy gets messy! Therefore, napkins or a wet nap are highly suggested or just your shirt. Whatever you have.



Hot Dog
Pickle spear
Neon Green Relish
Pickled Peppers
Celery Salt
Poppyseed Bun


Grill the dog, and then place in the poppyseed bun. Place the pickle spear on one side of your dog. Maybe you like a lot of pickles, then add another spear on the other side. Get Crazy! Assemble the toppings on top in the same alignment of your dog. As a result, this will allow you to get more goodies on your bun and it also looks pretty! Finally, drizzle with mustard and then sprinkle with a tad of celery salt.

Caution: Watch for people with cameras to get a glimpse of your sexy face smothered in your Chicago dog. As a result, you will have lifetime of embarrassment to deal with.

Happy National Hot Dog Day!



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Piper’s Paradise – 1st Birthday Party

We love ourselves a tropical soiree, they’ve become somewhat our specialty since styling these beauties here, here and here!  So when Kristen, Piper’s sweet mama, enlisted us to style and design her daughter’s big 1st birthday we were thrilled to say the least!  This theme is alway so fun, and it’s crazy how different and unique you can make each event.  Kristen was an amazing client and working with her was a breeze considering she had such amazing taste!  The party was held in her and her husband’s backyard on a beautiful summer day and Piper was the perfect birthday girl for all of the photos!  Without further ado, let’s get down to all the pretty details!

Photos by The Dulcet Creative

This party is also featured on 100LayerCakelet Today!

Let’s start with the invite!  You know how we feel about paper goods and signage, to us it’s one of the most important details!  When you send the invite you are setting the tone for the party, and we set the tone for lots of fun, sun and good times with these pretty invites by Meghann Miniello!

_dulcetcreative-1181 Guests were greeted upon arrival with a lei and a cocktail!  The bar stood near the entrance of the party and we had lots of fun details added like custom napkins & cups with graphics by Meghann Miniello and cocktail stirrers by The Roc Shop.  Meghann also did the pretty pink signage that is used through-out entire party…

_dulcetcreative-1273 _dulcetcreative-1286 _dulcetcreative-1275 _dulcetcreative-1301 Here’s the bar in all it’s glory!!  This bar is from Adore Folklore where we got all of the rentals, wait till you see the rest!!

_dulcetcreative-1292 Kristen wanted a way to display Piper’s first year photos so we found this simple hoop DIY and had MV Florals add some pretty florals, didn’t it turn out so cute!!  Kristen printed the photos via Artifact Uprising, our go to place for these special occasions!

_dulcetcreative-1265 To enter the party guests walked through an amazing installation on the family’s archway to their backyard done by our talented pal MV Florals… We love how the guests felt like they were entering a tropical paradise, Piper’s Paradise to be exact….

_dulcetcreative-1313 _dulcetcreative-1318 There’s mommy and the birthday girl right there!!

_dulcetcreative-1574 Pineapples and palm fronds were an inspiration through-out the party that we carried on to the table!  We had Meghann design paper placemats using two different motifs from the invitations, we love using placemats at events, they add such a fun detail and paper ones don’t break the bank!  The plates we used were by leafware which go perfectly with the theme, glassware is from Ikea, flatware from Etsy and the napkins fare from Hostess Haven.  Just add a flower detail and you are set!

_dulcetcreative-1234-2 How about those florals again by the super talented MV Florals… I mean they are such a HUGE wow factor, it’s unreal!!

_dulcetcreative-1490 _dulcetcreative-1629 _dulcetcreative-1250 And then there’s these amazing chairs…  We are obsessed with these pink beauties and how they complimented the entire party from Adore Folklore

_dulcetcreative-1429 _dulcetcreative-1563 _dulcetcreative-1423 Moving on to our lounge area…  When you have a party with really little ones a lounge area is a must!  A place for them to crawl and play and for the parents to party like pineapples!!  Check out all of the fun pieces by Adore Folklore, umbrellas by Kerry Cassill and blankets by Gunn & Swain

_dulcetcreative-1399 _dulcetcreative-1413 _dulcetcreative-1357 Fun little items were in baskets for the kids to play with, like these cute flamingo masks by Opposite of Far

_dulcetcreative-1479 A few other fun details… Big balloons with palm leaves attached, yes please!!

_dulcetcreative-1500 Gotta have pink flamingos around the party!

_dulcetcreative-1420 Shave Ice, a definite essential from Kona Ice!

_dulcetcreative-1796 We also had these pretty lattice that were spray painted pink and adorned with MV Florals beautiful arrangements…

_dulcetcreative-1440 We seriously can’t get enough of these beautiful arrangements!!!

_dulcetcreative-1443 The adults were given a fresh pineapple as a thank you and the mini guests were given pineapple maracas to say let’s party & thank you for coming!!

_dulcetcreative-1872 Last but certainly not least is the dessert table!!!  Always the crowd pleaser and this one will knock your socks off!!  Sweet & Saucy created most of these beautiful and yummy desserts except the jello cups created by Sheila Mae.  And we can’t forget the cake toppers by The Roc Shop!

_dulcetcreative-1110 _dulcetcreative-1101 _dulcetcreative-1081 _dulcetcreative-1057 Can you even with these flamingo macarons?!

_dulcetcreative-1063 _dulcetcreative-1088 Here’s our favorite little birthday girl enjoying her smash cake!!

_dulcetcreative-2022 It was a special day filled with lots of love and the prettiest tropical details!!  We feel so honored to have helped in a small way to create the perfect party for Miss Piper!



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The Little Market Decor of Summer

We recently styled The Little Market’s new collection of the most beautiful and bright Mexican embroidered pillows and we are excited to share them with you today!  They launched last Monday and were featured on My Domaine as well.  It was so fun playing with these pretty and fun pieces, and they are the perfect addition to your home this summer.  One of our favorite ways to update or change the look of our home without doing anything drastic is by popping in some new pillows each season, and these fit that bill perfectly!

Photos by Megan Welker

meganwelker-littlemarket-61 meganwelker-littlemarket-69 A little bit from The Little Market

We love how these pillows can transform any space by adding a pop of color while also creating a statement look. But our favorite thing about these embroidered pillows? They are fair trade! Each piece is handmade by the artisan group Bordadoras Unidas Arcoiris. We met with these artisans during our trip to Mexico for The Little Market last fall. Through their works of art, these women not only preserve the traditions of the Hidalgo people, but provide meaningful income for their families by doing something they love.

meganwelker-littlemarket-111 meganwelker-littlemarket-95 meganwelker-littlemarket-116 More from The Little Market

The beautiful embroidery on these pillows is inspired by the native plants and animals from the artisans’ origin. Each pillow is hand-sewn by the Hidalgo women, who have learned this technique from their mothers and grandmothers in Tengo, Mexico. By creating a warm and inviting place to gather, these pillows help set the tone for entertaining. We like the idea of bringing out the vibrancy of the pillows’ colors with a bright rug.

meganwelker-littlemarket-79 meganwelker-littlemarket-85 meganwelker-littlemarket-148 meganwelker-littlemarket-146 How great are these pillows?!  We want them all!!  All of the blankets/rugs are from The Little Market as well!  Thanks to our friends at Witty Rentals for letting us use all of their amazing pieces to style these beauties…  Hope we inspired you to shop for your casa!



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