A Bright & Colorful Unicorn 5th Birthday Party for Alex

I get so excited when a mom reaches out to us for their child’s birthday.  You can sense the excitement in their voice and you know they want it to be so special.  I relate completely because I want to do the same for my kids!  Alex’s mom Karen, a friend of mine and Leah’s, had been planning Alex’s birthday but was so busy with her three kids she needed some help.  We were happy to oblige!  Especially when she told us the theme – Unicorns!

It’s a theme that we haven’t tackled yet and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on!  Especially since Karen’s number one priority was having a real life unicorn there!  Keep scrolling to see all of the amazing photos by Alison Bernier.

Also featured on Inspired By This today!

It was fun playing with a rainbow color scheme, but we obviously had to go heavier on the pink because it’s so much fun and the birthday girl loves it!

The tabletop had unicorn plates and unicorn wands for each guest, along with the most beautiful flowers by Rooted & Wild.  We had the birthday girl sitting in a pretty peacock chair also adored with gorgeous flowers.

Courtney from Poppy Jack created rainbow placemats and bright pink signage used through-out the party that added the prettiest pop!

We love setting up fun things for kiddos to do at parties.  I mean, you’ve gotta keep them busy and happy so the parents can enjoy themselves too!  Courtney also created these custom coloring pages for Alex and her guests.  Having something custom and simple like this adds such a great detail, it may not seem big but your guests will notice!
Remember how we said the parents should have fun to?!  Well let me introduce you to the bar… A kid party essential!  Poppy Jack created the unicorn stir sticks and funny signage.  Add in some pretty florals by Rooted & Wild and some delicious margaritas and you’ve got yourselves some happy parents!

Now it wouldn’t be a kid’s party by Beijos without our friends from Wild Child Party!  I swear, this has been the year of the balloon installations!  And we’re not mad about it one bit.  This one just makes me smile, the colors have the best pop!  Pun intended… 

We framed the dessert set up with these bad boys, and wait till you see all of the desserts.  They’re displayed on the most amazing shelf from Witty Rentals also!!

Ok… So, Sweet and Saucy Shop really blew my mind on this one!  They created all the magical treats any kid’s heart would desire!  Major eye candy for you all right here…

More fun details!  A pretty welcome sign by Poppy Jack adorned with the prettiest blooms from Rooted & Wild.  Even more balloons, oh, and a unicorn…

We love Alex’s headband from The Daydream Republic!  She is our go to for all little girl’s parties!!

Baby sister needs to get in on the fun too!

The rest is all just cute things that I can’t get enough of! I mean, just so much cuteness, so so much…

These girls!  Living the life and looking good doing it!

Happy Friday!!




Design/Styling/Planning – Beijos Events
Photographer – Alison Bernier
Florals – Rooted & Wild
Rentals – Witty Rentals
Signage/Stir Sticks/Cupcake Toppers/Place Cards/Placemats (basically everything, ha!) – Poppy Jack Shop
Balloons – Wild Child Party
Desserts – Sweet & Saucy Shop
Banana Cart – Hannah’s Bananas
Tabletop – Talking Tables
Napkins – The Little Market
Headband – The Daydream Republic
Unicorn Wands – The Wishing Elephant
Catering – Taco Dudes
Unicorn – Netties Party Pals

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Let’s Carve – A Pumpkin Carving Playdate for the Little Ones

Oh Fall, how I love you!  And you Halloween, you are just so fun!  I can’t get enough of you!  And now that Court is getting older, I love you even more!  He has been so excited for everything Halloween this year.  Decorating our house, watching spooky movies, did I mention we’ve been to Home Depot at least 10 times to see all the spooky decorations?!  

But number one on that list is carving pumpkins!  We have literally carved 4 different pumpkins and Halloween is still weeks away, haha!  I wanted to put a little pumpkin carving playdate together for him and his little friends, and today I’m sharing it with you!  Now, let’s carve!

Photos by Alison Bernier

Also featured on 100LayerCakelet

Designing this one I was inspired by Bash Party Goods plates with this retro vibe… It reminded me of our laid back lifestyle down here in Southern California living by the beach.  That also helped inspire the invite that Poppy Jack Shop created so perfectly!  And how about that pretty orange bougainvillea?!

I remember carving pumpkins when I was young.  My mom always made everything so fun and festive.  We would carve our pumpkins, make pumpkin seeds and admire them on our front porch.  I always say this, but it’s so much more special to see these holidays through our kids.  My mom’s influence of making everything so special is probably why I want to do it with my little ones.

There’s something about a classic Jack-O-Lantern, am I right?!

I just can’t with these two cuties….

And on to the tablescape!!!  I am a huge fan of bougainvillea, I had it all over my wedding.  But this peachy orange one is just amazing!  I really wanted to use it for the florals on this table.  Lucky me, Rooted & Wild made my dreams come true!  She added some pretty roses, succulents and put it all on top of a green pumpkin, genius!!

Here are those amazing plates that I was talking about!!  I fell in love with them a while ago when I saw them at my favorite party shop, Wild Child.  They always have the best of the best for any party!  With Halloween around I mixed in a little black with the flatware and signage.  Courtney from Poppy Jack made the cutest stir sticks and a big “Let’s Carve” sign, since that was what this party was about!

Each little place setting got a little pumpkin with a name card by Poppy Jack!  Perfect little treat to take home!

On to the real star of the day, the desserts!  I wish I had a video of how big the kid’s eyes got when they saw these!  Beverly’s Bakery created the sweetest treats that were perfect for our playdate.  Those cake pops look like the plates, and I nearly died when I saw them!  And with cookies as big as your head, well, you can’t go wrong!

Happiness in a photo, haha!

Here’s some more of these cuties, just being cute….

These little classmates, just chatting it up!

Brothers actually sharing!  I can’t believe this was caught on camera, haha!

Little Olivia said, and I quote, “This was the best EVER!”

Yup, just living their best lives!!

Hope this inspires you all to have some fun with your kiddos for Halloween!



Styling/Design – Beijos Events
Photographer – Alison Bernier
Florals – Rooted & Wild
Invite/Calligraphy/Signage – Poppy Jack Shop
Tabletop – Bash Party Goods via Wild Child Party
Desserts – Beverly’s Bakery
Blankets – Gunn & Swain
Pillows – Boho Pillow

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A Fall Wreath DIY That is Beautiful and Easy to Create

As we continue with all the Fall fun, we’ve gotta have more DIY’s!  Today’s DIY is all about getting your front door ready for visitors.  You may remember this DIY from last year, but we’re ready for an update!  This Fall wreath DIY is beautiful and easy to create, thanks to Olive & Blooms.

Photos by Lyndsey Yeomans

Owner Lily Roden designed and created this boho goodness that would look good on any door.  What I love most is the peace sign wreath, because everything is better with a peace sign!  Keep scrolling for all of her easy steps!

 Grab your shears, floral wire and a fun twig wreath! 

Pick some foliage… make sure you select a variety 2-4 different types in order to introduce texture and different shades to your wreathe. I chose seeded eucalyptus, acacia and some fun fall foliage. 

Next choose some flowers and fun fillers. For this wreath I chose Caramel Antik garden roses, millet and berries! 

Start by grouping some foliage with your fingers… almost making a tiny bouquet of different heights. Lay it flat on your wreathe and begin to attach it by wrapping the base of your mini foliage bouquet with wire. Repeat this step a few times by overlapping foliage groupings until you fill the desired portion of your wreathe. For this piece, I only filled the left part of the wreath because I loved the natural look of the twigs.

Next cut the stems of blooms at the very top and attach it to your wreath with floral wire. You can puncture the base of the head of the bloom with wire and wrap the wire around your wreath to make sure it stays in place. 

You can then add some fun filler by feeding it through the groupings you have already attached! 

Last step, hang it up on your door!  And wait for all the compliments ;)

Hope you can make your front door this cute too!




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Boo Appeitite With A Healthy Halloween Treat!

When it comes to the month of October, there is definitely no shortage of sugar comas around our house, especially on the night of the 31st. My little ones try to shove as much candy as possible into their little mouths before bed on Halloween night. Even I’m a little guilty of indulging in a few mini snicker bars, and I’m not even a big candy lover. It’s gonna happen… its Halloween after all. So I could try to intermix some healthy treats in-between all those sugary bites. Now, it can be hard to get kids to eat something healthy with candy in sight. Simple solution: Make it fun for them to eat! 

My daughter is all about the magic spells this year with her favorite movie, Descendants 2 out. There is a lot of “magic potions” being made in our house this month. I took that idea, and created a magic spell treat that she couldn’t resist! 

Cone Calligraphy by Meghann Miniello

Photos by Alyssa Onaka Photography

I N G R E D I E N T S 

Organic Popcorn 
Organic Mini Popcorn
Pumpkin Seeds
Chia Seeds
Shaved Coconut
Edible Glitter 

D I R E C T I O N S 

In a large bowl, combine all ingredients. Toss to combine. Using a spoon or even your hands put popcorn trail mix into cones like the ones that Meghann Miniello created for me or any fun Halloween container. Sprinkle some edible glitter on top, and along with any Halloween sprinkles you have. I used silver stars to go with the whole magic theme. What little one could resist sparkly popcorn!!?!

Get your sparkle on! Sprinkle all the glitter you want. The more the better! I used a color combination of white, rose gold, and a bright pink. You can also put the popcorn in separate bowls and sprinkle the glitter individually and toss to combine prior to combining all ingredients. 

This makes a great treat for anyone that needs a class treat for their kids’ school, and for any Halloween get together you have going on. 







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Make Your Own Pumpkin Mask In Less Then 20 Minutes


With Halloween season creeping up around the corner, pumpkins are everywhere you look. Even after Halloween is over there are still pumpkins that pop up everywhere during fall. Pumpkins have so many uses… decor, tons of seasons treats, those yummy pumpkin seeds, and so much more. But my favorite use of pumpkins is all over my face! This squash is awesome for your skin! Pumpkin contains enzymes that help to dissolve dry skin cells.  It contains vitamin A, alpha and beta-carotene, vitamins C, K, and E for those wrinkles, and minerals, including magnesium, potassium, and iron, which helps eliminate redness. This mask only contains three ingredients, and I’m pretty sure you have all three ingredients already in your kitchen. Plus what are you gonna do with Halloween’s leftover pumpkins! 

An easy homemade pumpkin mask full of vitamins to nourish the skin and enzymes to dissolve away dead skin cells leaving you with radiant, glowing skin!

Photos by Alyssa Onaka Photography

P U M P K I N   M A S K

I N G R E D I E N T S 

2 Tbsp organic canned pumpkin puree or 1 small pumpkin (but make sure its organic)
1/2 tsp organic Manuka honey
1/2 tsp coconut milk or coconut oil

*extra bonus add 1 tsp vitamin E



1st wash that face! You can’t waste all this time with layering on all this goodness on a dirty face. Wash with your regular cleanser and gently pat dry. 

Combine pumpkin puree, honey, and coconut milk/oil in a small bowl and mix well. 

Apply the mask using your fingers and avoid getting the mixture too close to the eyes. You might feel a slight tingle, which is totally normal!

Allow the mask to set for about 20 minutes.

Gently wash off the mask with a warm, and follow up with a moisturizer.

During the fall season, I apply this mask once a week along with my normal skin care regimen.

You can also make a BIG batch of this amazing mask and freeze into ice cubes and store away for later use. Simply, just take out a cube each time and allow to thaw. 




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