A Baby Sprinkle for Julia & Lizzie

Last week my buddy Julia welcomed her second baby, Lizzie Swain Wheeler.  I had the honor of throwing her a sprinkle with Rachael of Siren Floral and wanted to share it with you.  The shower was held at the Romantik Studio, also owned by Rachael.  It was a special day with friends and I couldn’t be happier for Julia.

I feel so lucky to have found a friend like Julia through this industry.  It’s hard not to fall in love with someone who is so supportive, smart and kind.  She is a sounding board for me on days when I feel at a loss, whether it be with work or even with what’s going on in our world.  It’s so rare to find people like her so I knew I had to make this day as special as she was, or at least try!

All photos are by Taryn Kent

It was a small sprinkle with about 15 of us, nice and intimate just the way I like it!  The colors were neutrals and mint, inspired by Julia’s favorite blanket colors from her Gunn & Swain collection.  I used beautiful pieces from Hostess Haven for the tabletop; a mix of woods, whites and mint glassware.  My friend Courtney of Poppy Jack Shop made the prettiest metallic place cards that complimented the setting perfectly.

The beautiful flowers were of course done by Rachael.  That girl is beyond talented and the biggest sweetheart ever.  And did I mention she is the hostess with the mostest?!

The rentals were from my friends at Witty, who helped us with the cutest lounge set up!!  I love the pops of color with the neutrals!  Their inventory just keeps getting better and better!

Lunch was catered by Posh Nosh and it was beyond yummy!  Little bites and a big salad = happy tummies!  Don’t you just love all the color veggies bring to the table?!

And dessert… Let’s talk about dessert!  This shelving unit from Witty was full of tasty treats from We Are Native Tongue.  The creme brûlée in the oranges were my favorite, but that cake is oh so cute too!

Such a fun day celebrating our mama friend and her new babe!  Now I just have to get my butt down to San Diego to meet and snuggle that sweet girl!

Love you Jules!!



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Baby Shower – Ala Cortez Welcomes her Baby Girl

When we found out our buddy Ala Cortez was pregnant we were beyond thrilled for her!  This lovely lady has been trying for quite a while to get pregnant and we couldn’t think of a couple who are more deserving and who will be such amazing parents.  Right away we knew we had to style this special baby shower, and since her bestie Megan Welker is one of our besties, well we basically forced ourselves onto them, haha!!  Ala has been dreaming of this day for a while and once she found out she was having a girl she definitely had a vision in mind.  We wanted to keep this pretty mama to be happy so we went with all of her brilliant ideas and ran with them, adding a few details of our own!  Now, Ala is really loved you guys, so loved she had about 80 people at this shower, haha!!  It was almost like planning a wedding, but in our opinion, the more love the better for this sweet couple and their little babe!  We can’t wait for Ala to welcome her baby girl and to see her as the mama she was meant to be!

meganwelker-babybash-179 meganwelker-babybash-172   This shower is also featured on 100LayerCakelet today!!

Photos by Megan Welker

How pretty is this invite suite from Poppy Jack Shop?  Sets the tone for all the pretty soft pinks to come…

meganwelker-babybash-229 Ala and her husband have struggled with IVF for a few years, and the main theme for the shower was a song they would play to keep their spirits up during the tougher days.  We loved using this song through-out the design of her shower as a reminder that the best days were yet to come for this family!!  Ala’s husband Steve is a DJ so we also incorporated other lyrics at each place setting, just a fun little nod to the baby and him!  The tables turned out so so pretty, we can’t get enough!!!  Here is a little bit from Ala…

“My baby shower was the stuff dreams are made of. No really, I had imagined that day for years, never knowing if I’d ever be blessed to even have a baby shower, so watching it all come together was an absolute dream for me. My husband and I had been trying to have our first child since January 2013. After 6 IVF cycles, we were finally successful and are expecting our little girl this November. Our baby shower was inspired by a special song I started listening to years ago whenever I was struggling to find hope. And now it was the theme of her first celebration and we cannot wait to play it for her once she’s here!”

meganwelker-babybash-19 meganwelker-babybash-35 meganwelker-babybash-31 meganwelker-babybash-56 meganwelker-babybash-16 meganwelker-babybash-107 meganwelker-babybash-51 meganwelker-babybash-39 More from Ala…

“All the vendors that came together for our special celebration make the event that much more memorable. My dear friend Megan Welker, along with the ultra talented Jacquelyn Kazas of Beijos Events, took on the huge task of styling the whole thing. I gave them the lyrics to the song and a couple colors I liked and they came up with the rest! It’s amazing how their minds work. The leather and the gold and the soft floral palette came together so perfectly. The acrylic plates with song titles that had baby in them was such a cute ode to my DJ husband and the adorable lounge area, styled so perfectly in pinks and nudes just took everything up a notch!!

I met Jessica Decorse of Ellamah in 2008 when we were planning our weddings. Since then we both started businesses in the wedding industry and when she found out we were finally expecting, she was like “I’m doing your shower flowers” and I was like duh!! And wow, she created the most ethereal arrangements (insert flowers here) that I was obsessed with.

I don’t know what we did to deserve such genuine and talented people to come together to create something so amazing but we are so grateful and can’t wait to share with our girl one day!”

Now here are those amazing lyrics and the gorgeous lounge from our friends at Witty Rentals!  Courtney from Poppy Jack Shop also did all of the signage, including tis pretty leather sign that Ala & Steve can use again in baby girl’s nursery!

meganwelker-babybash-131 meganwelker-babybash-61 meganwelker-babybash-63 meganwelker-babybash-68 And of course we needed an amazing dessert & mimosa bar for this soiree!!  Thanks to Beverly’s Bakery we had all sorts of pretty for Ala, including this gorgeous cake that had the pretty lyrics written on it.. This was a must for us and a surprise for Ala!!

meganwelker-babybash-90 meganwelker-babybash-89 meganwelker-babybash-76 meganwelker-babybash-83 meganwelker-babybash-74 meganwelker-babybash-94 And about that mimosa bar… How about the custom stirrers from Nic Roc Designs?  She also did that super cute “Baby Mama” donut topper above!  We love those little details!!

meganwelker-babybash-100 meganwelker-babybash-104 meganwelker-babybash-106 We love this soft color palette and touches of gold, it really turned out even more beautiful than we could have imagined!

Here’s Ala and all the ladies in her family, just waiting to love on that little nugget!!

meganwelker-babybash-160 Lots of love goes out to this girl right here, Megan Welker, who is the most loyal and loving friend!!  She did so much to make this day special for Ala, she’s truly a beauty inside and out!!

meganwelker-babybash-221 And of course, here’s Ala and Steve, you guys will be the BEST parents!!!

meganwelker-babybash-148 Our hearts are full of excitement and love for this special lady, and we can’t wait to meet her baby girl!!



All of the lovely vendors who made this day possible…

Styling and Design: Beijos Events
Photography: Megan Welker
Florals: Ellamah
Lounge: Witty Rentals
Tabletop Rentals: Hostess Haven
Cocktail Stirrers: Nic Roc Designs
Calligraphy and Signage: Poppyjack Shop
Cake and Desserts: Beverly’s Bakery
Chairs and Chair covers: Something Borrowed Events

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Beijos Baby Boy Sprinkle for Leah & Henry Grant

A few months ago I threw a little sprinkle for Leah with her lovely mother and sister!  Leah said she didn’t want anything and didn’t want a big fuss.  It was her third baby and she didn’t feel like she wanted to put anyone out on doing anything too big for her…  But in my opinion every baby deserves to be celebrated and every expectant mama deserves a little spoiling, so we made it a surprise!!  And to be honest you guys, I CANNOT believe I pulled it off…  I’m not the best at keeping secrets, especially from my BFF who I talk to multiple times a day, so it was a pretty amazing feat to say the least!!  This was definitely a baby sprinkle on a budget, Leah didn’t want anything extravagant so we kept it simple, if you are in a similar situation this is the perfect inspiration for you!

Leah is actually having little Henry today!!!  So excited to add another little beijinho to the bunch!

BEIJOSSPRINKLE-2026 Photos by Kayla Adams

For the invite I used one of our favorites, Paperless Post… We have used their pretty invites before and love how easily accessible they are.  You can do an easy online invite and have it be pretty at the same time, win/win!  We printed one out for these pretty photos and as a little keepsake!

BEIJOSSPRINKLE-2007 We held this sprinkle at a restaurant, so much easier then having something at home, haha!  Although you don’t have as much creative control, if you are able to find a cute restaurant like we did, it is a LOT less work.  The best part is you can actually enjoy yourself and your guests and not worry as much.  Leah’s sprinkle was held at Ecco Pizzeria in Costa Mesa which we highly recommend for any event!

BEIJOSSPRINKLE-2033 BEIJOSSPRINKLE-2021 The flowers were done by our friend Meagan of MV Florals, she always does an amazing job!  I went off of the invite for the inspiration of the florals with light blue and white colors and had to have chamomile, because I just love it!!

BEIJOSSPRINKLE-2046 Each guest found their place setting with terra cotta tiles and calligraphy by Poppy Jack Shop, and they also had their yummy individual dessert waiting for them from Sweet & Saucy Shop!

BEIJOSSPRINKLE-2011 BEIJOSSPRINKLE-2027 BEIJOSSPRINKLE-2024 BEIJOSSPRINKLE-2010 And that was it!  Simple I know, but sweet and perfect for a mellow shower for our Leah and her Henry!  Speaking of, here’s the mama to be when she was surprised walking in the door!  Still can’t believe I pulled that off…

BEIJOSSPRINKLE-2052 BEIJOSSPRINKLE-2056 And a few more of the lady of the hour and her guests!!

BEIJOSSPRINKLE-2058 BEIJOSSPRINKLE-2055 BEIJOSSPRINKLE-2060 BEIJOSSPRINKLE-2059 Can’t wait to meet the newest Carriger and spoil that little boy rotten!!



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The Beijos Service – ECelebrate

Happy Monday Everyone!  It’s a new week and we have some fun stuff for you today, talking about our E-Celebrate package we offer with our services.  We get a lot of inquiries on this one and it’s really fun watching it come to life.  Here’s what it all entails…

E- Celebrate!!

Mood Board and Links Package –  Email us for pricing

Creative and Inspiration theme and assistance

Unlimited phone and email communication

Establish a design board with a cohesive aesthetic

Recommendation of vendors

Organic Sprinkle E-Celebrate

This summer we’ve done some good ones so we wanted to share them with you from start to finish.  Here’s the one we did for Jacquelyn’s sister Janna when she planned her sprinkle last month.  Janna gave me some hints of details like the fern greenery and integrating her favorite color…yellow when she came to me.  We took some inspiration from baby Cruz’s nursery, so we knew Jacquelyn would love it.  Here’s a peek at the vision board I made. I went natural, organic, simple, and used greens and blacks for this precious boy we are all waiting for.

jacq's sprinkle board

From the board to the party…

All photos by Ala Cortez

Rentals by Hostess Haven

Florals by MV Florals

Now a peek at the actual party to see the vision board come to life….We loved the idea of the vintage vases all down the middle of the table mixed with different types and ferns, adding our own styled twist and pop of yellow.




The invite, menu and signage was well thought out as we knew we wanted to integrate watercolor ferns and a thicker masculine black font.

Signage by Meghann Miniello


And the cake / dessert details…we wanted a small textured cake with doughnuts and of course added the color on top!

Sweets by Beverly’s bakery & Sidecar Doughnuts

lifestyle-babycruz-1067 lifestyle-babycruz-1066


Tropical E-Celebrate

Here’s more vision boards from another party we did for an awesome client a couple months ago.  It was her daughters first birthday and we knew how special this one had to be!!  She wanted a pretty, colorful tropical theme, heavy on the pink.  Here’s the pictures and color palate Jacquelyn started with …

Piper 1st Birthday

Jacquelyn also made a rentals board for our client so she could visualize more areas of the party.

Piper's 1st Birthday - Rentals

Now here is this beauty that came to life…There is so much pretty to show with this one, we’ll start with the flowers!  MV Florals pretty much killed it!!

All Photos by Dulcet Creative



This floral arch as guests walked in…so good.


The planned detail on the balloons


_dulcetcreative-1443 _dulcetcreative-1440

The lounge furniture come to life by our gals at Adore Folklore


Fun details like stir sticks & cake toppers are a must!!

By Nic Roc Designs

_dulcetcreative-1301 _dulcetcreative-1234-2

Place mats, signage, and invite all done by the talented Meghann Miniello


And we can’t forget about these sweets…

Sweet and Saucy Shop never disappoints


These flamingo macs…. _dulcetcreative-1057

So there you have it.  E-Celebrate is easy if you know your direction and a few details, but have a hard time putting cohesive design details together, this is the package for you!!  We’ll give you the vision and tell you how to get it to make it come to life!!  Please email us about it if you have any more questions!!

Have a great week!

Xx Leah

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Beijos Baby Boy Sprinkle for Jacquelyn & Cruz John

It’s a very exciting time over here with us Beijos gals, as a couple of us within the next month will add another sweet member to our growing families!!  With that, we have a couple special parties we threw for our very own and I’m happy to share Jacquelyn’s intimate sprinkle I threw for her with you today. Also make sure to check it out here on 100 Layercakelet!

All photos by the lovely Ala Cortez 


We had it at the uber hip restaurant Social in Costa Mesa, which by the way has the yummiest food!!  It was one of our first times styling a party at a restaurant, and I have to say it was great!  The restaurant staff was amazing to work with, they were super accommodating and on board with any special touches we wanted for our Jacquelyn. lifestyle-babycruz-1023 lifestyle-babycruz-1022

lifestyle-babycruz-1052 lifestyle-babycruz-1057

I went with this natural organic look for the theme, hitting on natural woods and plants, mostly ferns.  Jacquelyn’s favorite color is yellow, so we brought the pop of color in there with the flowers.  Here is the lovely invite by our gal pal Meghann Miniello.

lifestyle-babycruz-1041 lifestyle-babycruz-1045

Now let’s focus on these table details…I wanted to do something different than the normal garland down the long table, so we did all these little clear and brown vintage glass vases with ferns, which really made a statement.  Meagan from MV Florals helped carry out the vision perfectly!

lifestyle-babycruz-1047 lifestyle-babycruz-1048 lifestyle-babycruz-1049


The beautiful glassware, flatware and ahh hem…can I say amazing napkin detail by the lovely Hostess Haven.  She has one of the prettiest collections in the biz!! With the plain white plate, the napkin, menu and magnolia leaf place card, they were the perfect add ons to make the setting feel complete, unique and on theme.

lifestyle-babycruz-1006 lifestyle-babycruz-1005 lifestyle-babycruz-1004 lifestyle-babycruz-1002

Let’s get this party started….






Here’s a looksy at the sweets…love the detail on this cake by Beverly’s Bakery and we can’t forget about the yummy Sidecar Doughnuts

lifestyle-babycruz-1031 lifestyle-babycruz-1035




Some more shots of the pretty mama.  Congrats Jacquelyn, I’m so excited to meet baby Cruz!  I can’t wait for you to experience adding baby #2 into the mix, and to see your love spread exponentially.  Especially watching big brother Court with his new baby brother, that’s just the best!! lifestyle-babycruz-1076


lifestyle-babycruz-1109 lifestyle-babycruz-1102


Love you mucho Lady!!

Xx Leah

Photography: Love Ala / Venue: Social / Styling: Beijos Events / Flowers: MV Florals / Invites & Signage: Meghann Miniello Creative / Rentals: Hostess Haven / Cake: Beverly’s Best Bakery / Donuts: Sidecar Doughnuts

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