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How To Perfect A Pale Pink Lip

Today is the 1st day of Spring! Even though it’s set to rain all week here in Nothern California, boo. Let’s bring some sunny spring prettiness to today’s gloomy day with one of our favorite spring beauty trends, the pale pink lip. We love a good lip color that we can wear every day that is subtle, beautiful, and goes with any color or outfit choice. I just love this color; it’s my go-to pick, so I was thrilled when the talented Melissa Hoffman wanted to try this look on me. Melissa is giving us all the juicy details on how to achieve the perfect spring lip. Where are my small upper lip ladies? Take note ladies; Melissa is giving us some tricks on how to create a bigger fuller lip.

Take it away Melissa…

Photos by Little Meg 

Make sure your lips are exfoliated and hydrated. I love to use a lip scrub first like the one from Fresh- Sugar Lip Polish. Then I’ll apply a generous amount of a hydrating lip balm like Sugar Nourishing Lip Balm Advanced by Fresh. I’ll let this sink in for 5-10 minutes while I apply the rest of my makeup.
Once the lip balm has set in, your lips should feel hydrated and smooth. Blot with a tissue to get rid of the excess lip balm, so your lipstick will go on smooth. 
Choose a pink lip color in a pale color that brightens your face. I love Angel from MAC and find it works with so many skin tones. I will apply it directly from the tube, using the edge of the lipstick bullet to trace around your lips like you would a liner to get a clean line around the edges. Next blot once with a tissue, then apply one more coat to last longer. If your lip line isn’t perfect, you can use your concealer brush to clean up the edges around your lips. To get fuller looking lips, line your cupid’s bow with a champagne colored highlighter to catch the light. Lastly, you can also use a little clear or a matching lip gloss dabbed in the center of the lower lip to add more fullness.
I love to pair a light spring lip with a soft bronzy eye, dewy skin and a soft pink flush on the cheeks. Let the lip take most of the focus.
Now you have the perfect spring lips!

Thanks, Melissa! 

Shop some of my favorite lip products below.




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Dressing Up Your Everyday Bun – Spring Beauty

As a busy mom I often find myself rushed on getting ready in the morning.  The days of taking my time doing my hair and makeup are long gone.  Most days I let my hair air dry or throw it up in a pony tail or disheveled bun.  Today we are sharing 2 simple buns to recreate on yourself that are easy and look polished.

We teamed up with Melissa Hoffmann, a hair and makeup artist based in the Bay Area, to create these pretty looks.  Melissa gives a step by step guide to dress up your everyday bun with ease!  Keep scrolling to see two different looks…

Photos by Meg Perotti

Look #1

The Ballerina Bun

Prep your hair by massaging in some dry shampoo or dry texturizing spray at the roots and throughout the hair.  My favorite one is Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray. Gather your hair in a high ponytail at the top of your head.  You can use your brush to smooth it into the ponytail or just use your fingers to comb through it for a messier look.

Secure at the top with a rubber band. Loosely twist the ponytail till it becomes a coil, holding the end up. Then twist it around the base of the ponytail to make a messy bun. Slide a few bobby pins to secure the end into the bun, and a few more all around the bun. You can lightly pull the the pieces of the bun to make it a little fuller.

If you like the wispy look, pull out a few hairs around your face from the bun to give some wispy pieces. Finish with a light hold hairspray to hold in place.

Look #2

The Loose Chignon

Prep your hair by massaging in some dry shampoo or dry texturizing spray at the roots and throughout the hair. My favorite one is Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray. Gather your hair into a low ponytail at the base of the neck. You can pull the hair from the pony so it’s not too tight to your head.

Twist the hair in the pony so it becomes a coil, and then pull on some of the sections of the coil so it becomes fuller and looser. Loosely twist the coil around the base of the pony to create your bun or chignon. Pin the end in place with a bobby pin, and use a few pins to pin into the bun all around to secure in place.

To make it look fuller, pull on some of the pieces so it becomes bigger and a little messier. If you like the wispy look, pull out a few hairs around your face to give some wispy pieces. Finish with a light hold hairspray to hold in place. 

Hope you like these pretty and easy looks… We find ourselves already using them and loving that little extra love we give to ourselves.  Makes us look good and feel good!  

Have a great rest of the week!



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What’s in your makeup bag?

A makeup bag, a place where all of your must-have beauty products and daily items like that coconut oil that you can’t live without, comingle. And if you ask me, the contents of one’s bag can tell you a lot about its owner. Are you a simple no fuss person? Lipstick hoarder? Or the all natural beauty product loving gal like myself? We thought we would give you a peek inside our makeup bags that we carry around everyday.

It all starts with the makeup bag itself. Always on the hunt for that one perfect bag to add to the collection, I discovered Lovestitch on Instagram. I was initially looking for a weekender bag for my sister’s bachelorette party. The one I currently owned was probably five years old and desperately needed to be replaced. While shopping their Instagram feed I saw some cool boho inspired cosmetics bags, and it was love at first sight. This is where our love story begins with Lovestich’s line, an understated boho feel and that California vibe we love so much.

You can shop each of our bags below too!

Let’s start with me!!!

Photos by Little Meg

All my goodies are packed away in the moody Venezia Makeup Bag. Soft and beautifully embroidered, this origami make up bag with beaded pom-pom zipper detail is too cute to not have a place on top of my vanity. Usually, I will store it in a cabinet, but not this baby. For the past couple years, I have been trying only to buy all natural products that aren’t filled with anything I can’t pronounce. But I do have some true and tried products that aren’t natural that I can’t live without. On an everyday basis, I only wear mascara and loose powder following my daily skincare routine. My bag is a mixed collection of my favorite items for every day.

Every morning, I start my day with the Mario Badescu Facial Spray, and Kapuluan Coconut Oil to give my skin a little pick me up, and nourishment from the raw cold-pressed coconut oil. Followed by Sun Project Shimmer Sun Essence Lotion to add a natural glow to skin while protecting from the powers of the sun with this SPF 30 sunscreen. It is so soft! I just love it! Lastly, a spritz of the best smelling perfume out there. If you love coconut; you will be smitten over the Lait De Coco spray.

This mama spends maybe 5 minutes on her hair in the morning. You will either see me with a top knot my go-to look or in a hat. House of Intuition, Hair Mystics Harmony Spray is a sea salt spray I use that is made with naturally refreshing fragrances + essential oils to condition and hydrate my hair.

On hand ALWAYS, is the Howard’s Guava candy. I’m one big guava freak, and these give me my daily fix.

I love this Taksumi Detox Deodorant in the travel size. Whenever I’m feeling under the weather, I apply this bamboo charcoal deodorant a couple of times a day.

I always carry my calm essential oil blend with me in case I need it throughout the day, and lately that has been a lot! We are going to be sharing more about essential oils soon, and I’m so excited about it! As well, I pack a lip and skin mask just in case I’m feeling extra dry. We have been traveling a lot lately back and forth from Sacremento, and these have come in handy. Last but not least, Milk Makeup Balm in Babe and Pure Paw Paw Ointment for dry, cracked lips, and cuts. I use Pure Paw Paw on the kids too, and it helps instantly. It’s one of my favorite products that I can’t live without.

Shop Abby’s Bag

On to What’s in Leah’s makeup bag…

Photos by Megan Welker

My favorite Lovestitch bag is the Loa make up bag.  I like it because it’s a long tube-like bag that will fit longer brushes or makeup palates that I sometimes tote along.  Especially when we are doing events, and we show up early and grungy, then have to put on our game faces for the main event.  But what I take with me every day is different.

Most of what you will see in my bag is by Honest Beauty.  I’m pretty addicted to it since I rarely have time to myself these days.  All I have to do is log onto the website every month, and three new makeup pieces are shipped to me for $50!! Deal…right??!!  So I never have to make that trip to the mall for makeup, it’s super convenient right now.  And if I don’t like something, the returns are easy, and the customer service is good.  No complaints here!  So above is the concealer you can find here.  I always need concealer on hand for sure.

One thing I never leave the house without is Kiehl’s Creme de Corps.  The best hand lotion everrrrrr!!!  Especially in the winter time.  The mascara is good, comes with a primer, which I like and easy for those 2 seconds per eye mascara jobs on a busy day.  It’s also not a pain to take off every night; it’s perfect for everyday use.  Since I don’t wear a lot of makeup every day, sometimes l like a bold lip with some light mascara to do the job.  You can find this pretty bright gloss here.  It goes on pretty natural, don’t let the rich color here fool you.

Always need a sheer good gloss you can find this one here.

And last but not least my creme foundation you can find here.  It’s thick enough to even out my skin, and hide my lovely sun spots, but yet thin enough for everyday use…if that makes sense, haha!  I know you get it!

Shop Leah’s Bag

Last, but certainly not least!

Jacquelyn and her set of essential goodies she can’t live without!

Photos by Ariane Moshayedi

I have to say; I’m not the most beauty conscious or oriented girl.  Although, I should probably change that as I get older because these wrinkles aren’t getting any better, haha!  But there are a few essentials that I always use and have to have around.  They are my everyday items that I usually don’t leave home without!

Aquaphor – Have you ever seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding where they use Windex for everything?  Well, that’s how I am about Aquaphor!  Oh, you have a cut?  Use Aquaphor.  Oh, your nose is red from having a cold?  Use Aquaphor.  You have a rash?  Use Aquaphor.  You get my point.  I use it a lot for a chapstick and just always love having it handy, you know because I would die without it :)

C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve – My mom puts this lip balm in my stocking every year, and I use it all the time, and it will last me a full year!  I love the soft pink tint it gives to my lips, and it keeps them moisturized and shiny without being sticky.  It’s definitely one of my go-to items I always have to have, these big lips gotta stay hydrated or else they get majorly chapped!

Honest Beauty Mascara & Lipgloss – So Leah introduced me to the Honest Beauty product line – do you see a pattern here?  I can’t find any beauty products myself because I’m useless in this department, haha.  But seriously, I fell in love with these products the minute I tried them.  For one thing, you can order everything online, and it’s delivered straight to your door quickly.  The products are not tested on animals and don’t have parabens, paraffin, silicones, sodium lauryl sulfates, mineral oil, or synthetic fragrances- you know, the bad stuff. I was on the hunt for a new mascara- I had used Dior Show for years, but I was so sick of how long it took me to get it off at the end of the day. I love how Honest is effective and works but also comes off easily at the end of the day.

And their lipgloss colors are so pretty! I am currently obsessed with Dreamy Kiss and Generous Kiss. I’ll be trying more of their products soon!

Sun Bum Sunscreen Stick – So this is something my Nanny introduced me to!  I love Sun Bum products because they work and (mainly) because of the smell.  I find myself buying most of my beauty products because of the smell including hair, lotion, lip gloss, you name it.  But this particular item is one that I love b/c it’s perfect for kids and when I’m on the go.  It’s small, so it fits into my makeup bag, it would even fit in my pocket!  And my son Court has loved using this since he was 1!  He loves putting it on his face even, and we all know the struggle of putting sunscreen on kids!  It’s like trying to wrestle an alligator, so when you have something that they don’t mind putting on and are even willing to do it themselves?!  Winning….

Miss Marisa Oil – This has been one of my favorite scents for around ten years now!  It basically smells like summer and the beach, and who doesn’t love that?!  It reminds me of warm days in the sun with some sweetness to it.  I love rubbing a little bit on my wrists, and I’m good to go!  I have never gotten sick of this scent, and I don’t think I ever will!

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray– Ok, so this stuff I can’t live without! Whenever I have a day where I don’t feel like washing my hair- which can be a lot these days because duh, mom life- I just spray this magical stuff on my hair and voila! It looks even better than the days I actually wash my and do it! Did I mention the smell?!? Gah, I love it… So if you’re like me and barely get 5 minutes to yourself for such extravagant things like a shower, then this is for you :)

Davines OI Hand Balm – I love keeping my hands moisturized and soft, but I hate the feeling of them being greasy.  This hand balm gives me exactly what I want.  Soft hands with no slick and yucky grease.  I also love the smell to it; it just smells clean if that makes sense… There I go with my smells again!  Speaking of smells, Davines has my favorite hair spray which also smells so yummy!

Goody Elastic Hair Ties – Do I even need to say anything?!  I love these because, well, I’m a girl, haha!  I can’t leave home without a hair tie; you never know when you need them!  They are usually on my wrist which is a HUGE pet peeve for any photographer you’ll ever meet, so I’ve gotten used to keeping them in my bag.  I usually use two at a time, I’m not sure why, but my hair just feels more secure and better when I do.  These are the ultimate everyday essential for me!!!  Can’t live without them!

NARS Laguna Bronzing Powder & Eco Tools Brush – I have to have bronzer, like every day… I feel naked without it!  California girl problems, but I love having some color on my face and NARS has been my favorite for a while now.  I just got into this brush line as well; it’s super soft to the face which I love.

Shop Jacquelyn’s Bag




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Fresh Faced Beauty with Herbivore Botanicals

One of our favorite beauty looks is that soft dewy look that is so pretty and effortless looking.  Our friend Julia, owner of Gunn & Swain, teamed up with Erica, owner of 1011 Makeup, to create one.  They used Herbivore Botanical products carried on Gunn & Swain that also hydrate your skin.  I’m in love with this fresh faced look that is perfect anytime of year.

I’ve been really trying to branch out and try new beauty products this year that are also more natural.  The older I get the less makeup I want to wear and the more concerned I am about my skin.  Especially these tired mama eyes, which need lots of love these days!!  Follow this tutorial below to achieve this clean look.  Erica also used neutral tones for a soft coppery toned eye across the lid and a brightener under the eye.

Step 1

Combine the foundation of your choice with Herbivore Jasmine Hydration Oil, using a 3 to 1 ratio (three of the foundation and one of the oil) and mix together on the back of your hand or on a mixing palette with a spatula.

Step 2

Wet your Beauty Blender so that it is damp, ringing out any excess water, and apply your foundation by using a stipple/ dabbing motion to apply the foundation to your skin.

Step 3

Repeat step two to add a little color to the apples of your cheeks or your cheek bones using your favorite cream blush (I like mixing it in with a little foundation if you want just a flushed look). Flip the blender over to the clean side, and dab to blend in or smooth out the blush.

Step 4

Using Herbivore Coco Rose Lip Conditioner, mix it with a little of your cream blush and apply to your lips with a brush for a DIY tinted lip conditioner.

Step 5

Set your look using Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist, by gently and lightly misting your face to leave your skin with a fresh and dewy finish.

Hope you liked this quick and easy tutorial!  Thanks for sharing it with us Julia & Erica!!



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Winter Skin Care

Yesterday we talked about self care, and today it’s all about Winter skin care!  Recently Leah and I were treated to facials from one of our favorites, Facialworks!  Now, going with your girlfriends for a facial and taking care of your skin is one form of self care, so we are definitely on the right track here.  It felt so good to get out and pamper ourselves a bit.  The ladies at Facialworks were even nice enough to give us some amazing tips to help our skin during these harsh Winter months.  Keep reading to find out more on how to keep your skin fresh and how you can win a facial for yourself!

Photos by Megan Welker

Cheers to some pampering!!  This is also the first thing we are checking off on our Winter To Do List… So, let’s get going!

From Facialworks

During the Winter is the best time to get rid of that Summer sun damage and combat the dehydration from the cold. For this, the Hydrafacial is the perfect service! The Hydrafacial is a medical-grade hydradermabrasion with NO downtime. The Hydrafacial uses patented technology to infuse serums into the skin while at the same time exfoliating away dead skin cells and damage on the surface of the skin. Finished with our signature oxygen infusion, this treatment will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated, plump, and hydrated.

If you’re on a budget, you cannot go wrong with Facialworks Facial Bar Facial: Hydraworks. This facial is great for the cold winter months since it focuses all on HYDRATION. Using our Hydraworks line, the treatment will include a hydrating, cooling masque with our amazing cool globes to ensure the best product penetration. Concluded with our signature double oxygen infusion and moisturizers and eye cream, your skin will feel refreshed and moisturized!

More from Facialworks on the best products…

Bright Eye serum is a great way to reduce dark circles and dehydration in the eye area. Our serum contains Soybean and Rice Proteins to help stimulate collagen production and improve elasticity. Hyaluronic acid gives the orbital area a boost of hydration that they need to keep the area smooth and soft.

Liquid Moisturizer is a great product when thinking about keeping the skin hydrated. Liquid Moisturizer is made of only a couple ingredients; the main being Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is naturally occurring throughout our body. In the face, it keeps the skin soft and supple and supports healthy cell function. It holds up to 1000 times its weight in water, so it ensures the skin can retain hydration. Layered with a thicker cream over top, this hydrating serum will maintain soft, smooth skin throughout the cold, dry Winter.

Hydra Cleanser is the best cleanser to help retain hydration in the skin and keep it soft during the winter. Formulated with seaweed extract and wheat germ oil, this cleanser is gentle and hydrating for even the most sensitive of skin types. Grapefruit extract also will help to remove any excess oil on the skin without stripping it of what it needs. Perfect for the winter months!

Barrier Repair is a winter essential. Barrier repair is a lipid serum that helps to repair our skin’s natural barrier. Our barrier helps to ensure the skin doesn’t lose hydration through transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and also to protect from foreign invaders from the environment such as bacteria, viruses, and pollutants. During the cold winter months, it is hard to keep the skin hydrated due to TEWL and the harsh environment. Barrier Repair’s lipids will helps protect all skin types from dehydration and skin conditions due to the environment.

We can’t say enough of how much we love Facialworks, even our little babes like to visit!

Head over to our Instagram to win your own amazing experience at Facialworks!!  Because you deserve to be spoiled too!!



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