Beijos Babies turn 6 Months

Can you believe the Beijos babies turn 6 months this month?!  Henry turned 6 months on the 9th and Cruz will be 6 months on the 22nd.  We recently shot some snuggly photos of them in the cutest brand – Cheerily.  We love how soft these tees are and the adorable sayings on them.  Keep reading to find out what’s going on from Mama Jacquelyn and Mama Leah…

Photos of Cruz by Meg Perotti


Wow, time really flies when you have a baby on your hip!  I can’t believe my little Cruz is almost 6 months old.  This time has gone by so much faster than it did with Court.  I’m really trying to not take it for granted.  I love the 6 month stage so much, you really see their personality and they are nice and chunky!

Court was in a lot bigger of a hurry to grow and try new things, which at the time I loved.  Cruz however is taking his time a bit more, and I’m really ok with it.  In comparison, Court was nearly crawling at 6 months, Cruz is close to sitting up but still not there.  I’m so glad he has decided to slow things down because it forces me to do so as well.

Having a second child puts things into perspective.  The first you are just trying to survive and make it through.  With the second you can actually enjoy things as you’re more confident and at ease.  Cruz is such a happy baby, which doesn’t hurt either.  Currently he loves being tickled, watching his big brother, being outside and playing in his bouncer.  He is also dying to try food!  He keeps reaching for ours so we are going to try that really soon!

The hardest thing we’ve gone through in his first 6 months was having him get sick with croup.  He was around 4 1/2 months and we had to take him to the ER!  It was pretty scary but he is doing much better now.  Other than that, it’s been pretty smooth sailing!

I’m excited for him to keep growing and changing, but also sentimental and not wanting to rush it.  This could be my last baby!  We aren’t quite 100% sure on that yet, but you never know!




Since my Henry boy is my last babe, I know how fast this time files, it did with Edie and even faster with Isla.  I mean it whizes by…With this one I’m crazy busy but I have to take time to stop and smell his roses.  He is different because he’s my boy and yes mama’s it’s different when you have a boy, I can’t put my finger on it but it’s pretty special.  My husband teases me and tells me I have a favorite. I can see how he could think that, but it’s not true.  All my kids are my favorite, they are all so special in their own quirky ways, but anyway back to the boy of the hour…

He’s half a year now and a bruiser, he’s really living up to the name Hank the tank! He’s a big boy and working hard to sit up, grab anything in sight and he’s always hungry!!  He’s had the sweetest disposition since he was born and that still holds true, he loves when his big sisters stop and play with him, nothing makes him happier.

These days I’m noticing how different baby boys are than baby girls.  Henry is so rough and gruff when he plays, talks, even down to his manly little cry haha! My girls were more gentle I guess….

I’m enjoying his age so much, I want him to stay a little baby holding on to the months that turn into years….although It would be nice if he slept through the night, haha.  Since I’m definitely not having any more babies because we are beyond busy in this house, there is something inside of me that is sad that he is my last…must be the crazy mama in me, who knows why I get that feeling?? I can only attribute it to how fast this time goes by!!

Love you Henry Grant…Stop growing!!

Xx Leah

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Baby Spotlight – Babee & Me

Hi guys!  Back to baby land over here…this week it’s all about baby brands and how Jacquelyn and I found the cutest stuff to spotlight for all you new mamas. Or… you could be looking to find the perfect yet unique gift for a loved one having a babe…we got ya covered!  Today we are talking about Babee & Me, a handmade designer label for babies and kids quality toys and homewares out of Australia.  After having her two baby boys, Rachel realized how special it was for a child to have something unique, fun and handmade to play with. Based on her love of design, hand printing and wooden toys, she founded Babee & Me in 2010.

All photos by Megan Welker

First of all here are her amazing baby mats and softies…

Find Cruz’s mat here, and bear softie here.

They provide such a cute little back drop for baby to play on.

Find Henry’s baby mat here and fox softie here.

We just love these little softie’s, they are adorable for our son’s to grow up with and hang onto for life.  Plus…they make for a super cute decor piece!

These faces are just too good not to share…

Here’s a little Q&A from Rachel…

How and when did Babee & Me come to life?

Babee and Me started 6 yrs ago and was initially called Babee Blocks as my first products were soft baby blocks. This was just after the arrival of our second son and when I really wanted to make some handmade toys for him. So one thing led to another and before too long I had a website to sell them from and was running as a little business – I really discovered that being creative made me happy and gave me beautiful personal satisfaction. I also didn’t fancy those brightly coloured toys and merchandise type products you could get in all the department stores and loved to see my own children and eventually many others enjoying my original creations.

Tell us a little bit about you…

I am originally from New Zealand and after meeting my Aussie husband in Canada I moved here to a beautiful place called Byron Bay at the most easterly point of Australia. I am also a qualified biomedical scientist and personal trainer but by far enjoying having my own creative business the most – regardless of how hard it is at times! I love the outdoors, nature and a bit of fitness.

We love that your products are organic and ethically sourced, talk to us about why that is important to you?

I really think our babies deserve the best – they come from a place of such sterility inside us I only think it’s fitting we give them products that are as natural as possible and to keep as many chemicals away.

It’s so refreshing to find a play mat that has such a great design, where do you come up with your prints?

Thankyou! While I am inspired by trends – I like to do my own take on them or just do my own thing. So I only design and make products that I’m 100% happy with. I have to consider the unique fact that I hand print every one of my products in my home studio which can be quite labour intensive and stressful but worth it for the vibrancy of the print.

What is your favorite product that you make?

My gosh that’s a hard one – I love my playmats as I really feel they aren’t babyish so will grow with baby and end up being a feature in a room or used in different areas of a house once a little one has finished lying on them – they are also great for taking out and about as they are machine washable.

Here’s a little example how Jacquelyn uses it in Cruz’s room layered on the area rug, making it really stand out.

What’s next for Babee & Me?

2017 is going to be big for me as I start to move to mainly off shore manufacturing…. I simply have found all the hand printing stressful at times. It will mean every single one of my products will be GOTS organic certified, independently safety tested to worldwide standards and only made fair trade/ethical. This will also mean I will be able to have product stocked in many more stores around the world. I will still have a few locally handmade products available exclusively on my site only. I am super excited for the future!

We also love her wooden decor and blocks!

Check out her wooden toys here.

And more decorated on Henry’s reclaimed shelf…all the blocks, cactus and snow capped mountains from Babee & Me.

We just love how modern this line is, we hope you love it as much as we do! And thank you Rachel for sharing your creativity and designs with us!

Xx Leah

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Holiday Pajamas – 2016

We’re at it again!  Choosing our holiday pajamas for 2016, and you know us, we have to be stylish and so do our little ones on Christmas morning!  As our families grow we have more and more little ones to dress and this year it was us three ladies along with 7 kids, wow!!  This Beijos family is growing and we are loving all of the extra cuddles it brings!  For the mamas we went with our always favorite, PJ Salvage, they know how to create fun designs while keeping it cozy.  For the kiddos we went with Pottery Barn Kids, they had something for every size and the prints were beyond adorable!  Lastly, we each are wearing our favorite Minnetonka slippers, gotta keep those toes warm on these chilly nights!

Spending time with our littles reading Christmas stories and eating cookies and treats while cuddling is the absolute best!  It’s almost as though that is what these holidays were made for!  And that’s just what we did, and we truly hope we can do it forever!

Here I am with my cute boys, Court and Cruz!  You can get cozy like us via the links below… Cruz clearly loves his, look at that smile!  Jacquelyn’s photos are by Ari Moshayedi.

Jacquelyn Pajama Top, Bottom & Slippers / Court Pajamas & Slippers / Cruz Pajamas & Slippers

Love those little baby feet!!

Extra cuddle time with boy of my boys!!

Leah’s littles have their bed head and she’s ready with her coffee to start the day with snuggles and a good Christmas story!  You can shop each of their styles below…

Leah Pajamas & Slippers / Edie Pajamas & Slippers / Isla Pajamas & Slippers / Henry Pajamas & Slippers

Wild hair don’t care with Edie & Isla! Loving our Mom so Hard mugs from Chels Pots!

Last but not least are Abby and her crew…  Dylan and Abby are happy to snuggle with each other but want to get rowdy with Mommy!  Good thing she has some yummy cookies to ease those pillow fight wounds!  Click the links below to shop their looks…

Abby Pajama Top, Bottom & Slippers / Dylan Pajamas & Slippers / Jett Pajamas & Slippers

Big kisses for Mommy!!

And then there’s this….  Ha!

Don’t forget to be ready for Christmas morning with your holiday pajamas & slippers too!



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Holidays with Chaser

This past year we have been sporting our beloved Chaser brand tees a lot, from Summer to Fall.  Now it’s winter and who better to spend our holidays with than Chaser?!  We love the soft feel of these tees and that we can shop the same site for our littles and for us!  Hint, hint to anyone out there doing some Christmas shopping, this is the place to get most of your shopping done in one swoop!  They have the cutest holiday themed tees this year and we plan on sporting ours around town and to all of the fun holiday festivities!  Take a look at our favorite picks and be sure to pick some up for you and your little ones too!

Here’s me and my wild guy Court in our tees!  I went with this super cute fair isle sweatshirt and Court is already a little liberal tree hugger like his mama ;)  Luckily he still has lots of hugs reserved for me!

Here are our looks below…

Jacquelyn, Court img_0005-1 img_0004-1 img_0006 Next up is Abby and her clan, they are all about peace and love this holiday season!  Love the boy and girl version on this brother and sister team!

Shop their looks here!

Abby, Dylan, Jett img_0011 img_0009 img_0012 Last, Leah has her and her girls in THE holiday color, red!!  They are feeling the “Holidaze” and dreaming about all the presents under the tree!

Here are each of their items…

Leah, Edie, Edie’s LeggingsIsla

img_0132 img_0133 img_0135 Now don’t you want to be this stylish for the holidays?  Head over to Chaser to pick up some cute & cozy tees for yourself!



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Beijos Little Girl-Friendsgiving

Leading up to Thanksgiving, you find yourself giving a lot of thought of what you are thankful for. If you were to ask any female what they are thankful, pretty confident, the top three answers would be their close girlfriends. No matter what age you are, your girlfriends are some of the most vital people in your life. So this year, we threw our little ladies a girl-Friendsgiving complete with sweets and a perfectly styled fall tablescape with the help from our friends at Wild Child Party and Meghann Miniello. It doesn’t get much more adorable than this! Such a sweet tradition to start with your little ones. Plus, it made them feel so special and who wouldn’t be thrilled with all those treats at your fingertips! They had no problem indulging in all the sweets! Can you blame them?

Hey, big girls! Did you see our Friendsgiving too? Check it out here.

Photos by Julie Cahill Photography

Every gathering starts with an invitation. You remember when you were little, and would be so thrilled that you got something in the mail. YASSS! It was the highlight of the week! I just love the denim-inspired invite that our girlfriend, Meghann Miniello created.


1st thing on any little girl’s mind…. what am I going to wear? These little ladies came dressed to boho perfection in Little Baberham. If you haven’t, you MUST check out Little Baberham. I have become quite jealous of my daughter’s wardrobe with these beautiful pieces in it.

4__hr_friendsgiving2016beijosevents 3__hr_friendsgiving2016beijosevents

I just can’t. Too cute!





Dylan loves to twirl in her Ariel Dress. I would too!


Oh, my fringe! This Aspen dress was made for Esme!



The perfect little scene for a girl-Friendsgiving. Make yourself comfy and cozy up with your besties with this little fall picnic. You can’t get more comfy and cozy for a fall picnic without the Abyss blanket from Gunn & Swain.

Wild Child Party has the cutest fall tabletop products this year. We are smitten over the rose gold platescups, and straws. Paired with the mini wooden cake stands that were a perfect holder for some yummy treats. They have the coolest kid tabletop essentials for any party you could imagine. With Christmas around the corner, you will be sure to find their holiday tableware on our tables. Check it out here, and get some fast! Still looking for some Thanksgiving decor, run into their store in Long Beach.








We were thankful for a lot this year!

Each little lady let us know what they are thankful for this year. We couldn’t wait to hear what they would say! Priceless and so sweet! Meghann Miniello created square wooden charges including what each little one is thankful for.

Meghann went one step further and created some fun fall acrylic leaves that were sprinkled along the tablescape, and also acted as name cards for our little ladies. Let’s not forget the gobble stir sticks for the little ones to feel like big girls!










Oh, Frankie James! The best little model for her mama’s fun signs!



A perfectly styled tabletop is not complete without our two favorite things: flowers and sweets. A girl’s best friend right?! Our friends over at Petite Petal created a perfect fall colored floral arrangement that made itself perfectly at home in between all those yummy treats.





I can give you one guess on how long it took those little hands to reach for that pumpkin pie slices and mini pies from Whole Foods.



It took about a whole 3 seconds until this cutie got a hold of that pumpkin pie.


Oh, my gourd! Just too much cuteness today!

 Let’s all be thankful for our close pals and give them an extra squeeze when you see them next!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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