Edie Turns 5 with Tea & Belle

It has been a while Beijos Blog readers, and it’s feeling so good to write on here and share my daughters 5th birthday party with you all!  You can also find it here on 100 Layercakelet featured yesterday. 

As you know turning 5 is kind of a big deal, and even though I like to celebrate every year, this one had to be a memorable one. Adding to the pressure, Edie was insistent on a tea party!  She was also super excited to see the upcoming live action Belle movie that came out around her birthday, so she decided she wanted a tea party with Belle. Yeah, no big deal…make it happen mom!  Long gone are the days where mommy gets to choose the theme.  So  I had to put my Beijos hat on for this one and make it the way mommy wanted it, but also make her the happiest little girl in the world on her 5th birthday.  And it was pretty cool to see!! 

All photos by the lovely Heather Kincaid, at the cutest mama kiddo concept restaurant Au Fudge in Los Angeles.

Let’s start with the invites…

Meghann Miniello did an awesome job.  In fact, she knocked it out of the park with the doilies and the transparent yellow envelopes.  Man I’m a sucker for a good invite!!  Knowing Belle’s colors are red and yellow, I wanted to spin it up a little and make it a variety of pinks and yellow instead, haha.  I like the flow of those colors way better.  Plus they mix better with the metallics I was planning on integrating.  Then I found this magenta velvet ribbon and it added the perfect royal finishing touch! 

We had the party in the creative space at Au Fudge, which is a really pretty room! It connects to pretty cute tree house the kiddos were in most of the time, which allowed the mama’s to mingle and the kiddos to do their thing… get wild. I mean, I love this place, can one be open in every county??

Can we talk about this balloon install from Wild Child Party next please??  I called Jolie, because she’s been showing off her talents with balloon design and I asked her if we could do Edie’s name.  Let’s just say she’s pretty much amazing!

Jolie’s shop also provided the pretty pink table top. 

Loved tying in the magenta ribbon again here on the table.

Every little one had a personalized little tea cup at their place setting, hand written by Meghann Minniello


I wanted all the girls to have a little bouquet to take home and the boys an boutonniere of course!

Can we talk about these flowers?? Rekindle Creative is a pretty talented group!  I told them my vision and they got it plus added their own creative spin which I love!  All the shades of pink….heart eyes!!

The Cake was pretty and yummy might I add thanks to the pastry chef at Au Fudge

Cake topper by our girl Nic Roc Designs

More magenta ribbon on our little favors also integrating Belle’s hospitality “Be Our Guest”

This is my favorite picture of the birthday girl!!

The whole fam bam here to celebrate Edie!!


Little miss center of attention, and I think she liked it!

Now let’s get to tea time!

Cousin besties…

This avocado toast…let’s just say I dream about it!

These bouquets were killer… 

Then we surprised her with…Guess Who??!!??

The excitement on her face was magic!

She sang, did story time and painted their faces.  Belle was pretty much a must have at a princess tea party right??

BPIC (beijos partner in crime) and our Beijos family.

These girls are my heart…

All the little beauties doing their princess pose!! Yes, even Court and Levi!!

 It makes me so happy to see these little girls love each other like this.  Their mama’s have been friends for a lifetime!

Time to blow out the candles and call it another year Edie boo.

 Happiest 5th Birthday little love, I still can’t believe you are 5!!  Mama loves you will all of her being.

Xx Leah

Special Thanks to all of those who made Edie’s 5th Birthday nothing short of perfection!

Photography: Heather Kincaid Photo / Design & Styling: Beijos Events / Venue: Au Fudge / Flowers: Rekindle Creative Co. / Invitation & Calligraphy: Meghann Minniello / Cake Toppers: Nic Roc Designs / Balloon Install, Tabletop: Wild Child Party / Edie’s Dress: Little Ladies Boutique / Belle: Party Princess Productions

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Beijos Easter Baskets

It’s our annual Beijos kid’s Easter Basket post and we have some good ones for you!  Every year we try and come up with fun and new creative ideas for our little ones.  Well, now between the 3 of us we have 7 kids!!!  It’s getting tight up in here!  So instead of doing a bag for each of our kids, because seriously who wants to scroll through that novel, we did three categories.  We have a baby basket, a girl basket and a boy basket!  Simple and easy!

Another thing we try to do is find unique baskets, and I think this year’s are the best yet!  We asked our dear friend and soul sister Monica of Boho Pillow to create some boho-dreamy baskets…. And boy did she come through!  Check them out below!!  For more baskets, and just overall amazing stuff, head to her site here!!

Let’s get started with the baby basket I curated!  So, I really tried with all my might to go gender neutral here, but as a true boy mom, it definitely reads more boy…. What can I say, those boys have completely taken over my life, and now my mind!!!  Haha!!  I think the basket is perfectly gender neutral though and would also make a great gift for a baby shower!  You can stuff it full of goodies and the mama to be can place it in her nursery for storage!

Let’s talk about some of my baby Easter picks!  I went with a sort of Lion theme after being inspired by the cutest art piece by my favorite Daniella Manini.  That lion art would look adorable in any kid’s room!  And when I saw the sweet little hand knit lion doll from The Little Market I knew that was where I wanted to go!  Now, every baby needs a good swaddle and Modern Burlap’s are the best.  I love the cloud one because it is cute for both a boy and a girl!  

Cruz is teething like a wild man and I knew I wanted to include a teether.  I could spend hours shopping on Noble Carriage’s site because everything is so darn cute, but what really draws me in is the attention they pay to things being organic and sustainable.  I thought the pretzel teether was the cutest thing ever and the fact that it has natural antibacterial properties is pretty amazing.

Two of my go to brands as a mommy since having both of my boys are Bink & Boo and Wee Vintage Baby.  So it was a no brainer including both of them!!  Bink & Boo has the most adorable little baby booties in all sorts of colors and fabrics.  These striped pair are called the Smith and the retro 70’s vibe of them just caught my eye immediately.  For Wee Vintage Baby I thought her bloomers would be perfect for the upcoming warmer days and I must say, Cruz’s thighs have never looked more delicious.

Lastly, I think taking care of baby’s skin is always a priority so I got a few products from Zoe Organics to toss in.  Bath time is one of my favorite times of the day so I did their baby gift set which includes bath wash, a baby oil and a diaper balm.  All definite essentials for any baby & mama duo!! 

All photos by Ari Moshayedi

Next up, our little Girl Basket!  Abby curated this one for her daughter Dylan… I can only dream of the fun stuff behind a little girl’s basket, still working on the husband on that idea!  But anyhoo…  How cute is the pink basket by Boho Pillow?  I love the fabric she used here!  Now this basket is fully stocked, I think the Easter bunny is going broke this year!! I mean Dylan is one lucky girl!  

Let’s start with the sweetest little bunny doll from Noble Carriage.  Every little girl needs a stuffed bunny on Easter and this one by Hazel Village is the ultimate!!  Did you catch our Easter playdate feature yesterday that had tons of Shop Leo Kids goodies in it?!  Well Abby must have because she is adding a cute little weaving and garland in Dylan’s basket for her room!

Another Easter must have are floral bunny ears from JL Designs.  These are the ultimate Easter accessory!  Speaking of accessories, this little girl’s basket is set with a cute pair of sandals for Spring, heart shaped sunnies, a new raffia bag and cute bracelets (here and here) from our girl Julia at Gunn & Swain.

Abby didn’t stop there, one of our favorite brands to shop for ourselves is Jen’s Pirate Booty so why not match our little ladies by gifting them their own kaftan?  Let’s keep going shall we??  The Easter bunny can’t stop now, he’s on a roll!  A swimsuit is a must have for Spring/Summer, and this cute one piece is so adorable, and also on sale!  To round up this loot, you’ve gotta have a good bunny book!  Definitely an Easter essential!

Now, in my next life I’m coming back as Abby’s daughter, holy moly!

Last up we’ve got the big boy basket that Abby curated for her son Jett!  This basket by Boho Pillow might be my favorite, I love the olive color!  I could definitely see this being used in any home because it’s really such a neutral color!  But my first thought for a boy… Lego storage!!!

Ok, let’s jump right in!  Speaking of Lego’s, Abby found the coolest wooden legos on Amazon!!  Now these are some Legos I wouldn’t mind being left all over my floor and stepping on… Hmm… Maybe I take that back…  Let’s keep going with big boy essentials and add some fun retro cars! Both of these are so cute to put on display or to play with, check them out here and here.

Now, we’ve gotta make sure our boys are looking cute this Spring so let’s talk clothes!  We mentioned our love for Bink & Boo and their baby booties, but you know we also love their Ankle Biters!  The raddest little pant for Spring and Summer!  You might remember from last Summer that our favorite board shorts for our kiddos are by Seaesta Surf, so we had to include them!  Stay tuned, she’s dropping some new prints very soon!!  You can pair each of these bottoms with a rad tank like Abby did!!  And don’t forget the shoes, we always love a good pair of Vans.

Last but not least, some good reading material.  I don’t know about you, but my boys are wild and the one time of day they actually sit and cuddle with me is when I read to them… So, books are a must!!  Abby picked out these three for her little man…  Horton Hatches an Egg, Mr. Tiger Goes Wildand Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?

There you have it!!  Another Easter wrapped up for our kiddos, pretty luck ones right?  Now… Let’s start saving for next year’s baskets now, shall we??



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Kid’s Easter Craft

Let the Easter fun begin!  Easter is less than 2 weeks away and I am getting excited!  It really is one of my favorite holidays.  I obviously always try to make the holidays fun for my kids, and Easter is no exception.  Court’s amazing pre-school teacher, Ms. Sherri always does the best crafts with the kids.  Whenever I pick him up his hands are full of his projects from that day and he is excited to show me each and every one of them.  That’s why I thought a fun Easter craft would be perfect for him!

I’ve bought Court these wooden Easter eggs since his very first Easter, which happened a few days after he was born!  You can buy them on Amazon, but I also saw them in the dollar section at Target.  My idea was to have him decorate these wooden eggs so we could keep them and have them as a keepsake!  I liked that idea because you put so much effort into decorating the real eggs and never get to keep them, this way I could capture his little almost 3 year old creative mind forever!

Photos by Ala Cortez

I went to my local craft store and bought all kinds of goodies.  Paint pens, glitter, pom poms, stickers, puff paint, you name it.  At a recent Easter playdate (which I will be sharing very soon!) I let him and a few of his pre school friends go to town!  The best part was telling the kids about the Easter craft… They all got so excited to do it!!  Thank you Ms. Sherri for instilling this amazing sense of creativity into them!!  Here’s a little glimpse of the fun….

Nothing too fancy, just lots of fun stuff kiddos would like.  I’m being a real mom on this one and doing things that aren’t as pretty, but definitely fun!!!  I also think most of these are great for their fine motor skills and learning about shapes and colors!

Here they all are going at it!  I was really surprised with how excited they were for this!  Note to self, don’t let them wear their fancy clothes for this one… I thought I was being good by buying paint pens instead of actual paint, but it was still a mess!

Look how proud Rowan is of his finished product!!

There you have it… This is a great little craft to do with kiddos of any age.  I think the little toddlers had a lot of fun with it but the older they get the more intricate and detailed they can be!! It’s a great thing to do as a tradition and then keep each year’s egg, it would be so cute to look back on when they’re older!!

Stay tuned for more Easter posts coming your way!!





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Mama & Kiddo Tees for Spring with Chaser

Remember last week when I talked about my love for graphic tees?!  Well it has officially been passed down to our kids!  Each of us love our Chaser tees and we also love dressing our kids in them.  It’s even better when we can coordinate with them!  Because that’s one of the true joys of parenting, making your kids match you!!  Ha!  So here are a few of our favorite Mama & Kiddo Tees for Spring from Chaser….

Photos of Jacquelyn & Leah by Megan Welker

You can shop each of our looks below our photos!

Jacquelyn & Court

I love to have my two boys match outfits, but when I can get in on the fun it’s even better! The fun rainbow colors on these two tees just made me smile and I thought they coordinated really well.  Mine is a super soft sweatshirt with a fun California surf logo, perfect for our beach mornings.  Court’s tee says “Chillin” over and over again, and honestly I really wish he would learn a lesson from that tee…  It should say “No Chill” over and over again for this dude!  Us crazy kids are even matching in our shoes!!  We get stopped all of the time about that, and my husband is a little jealous I didn’t get him any…

Shop Jacquelyn & Court’s looks

Leah, Edie & Isla

Leah and her lady gang are ready for a sparkly sweet good time!  Edie’s love for unicorns is showing on her tank and Isla’s love for ice cream is all over her tank as well.  Edie loves adding sparkle to any outfit so matching her tee with a sequin skirt was a slam dunk, especially since she’s quite picky about her outfits these days!  Plus her daddy calls her his Unicorn, so the tee fits!!  Meanwhile, Leah is in her cozy sweatshirt that says “Hello Good Times”, a motto every parent should get behind.  They’re only this little for so long so let’s say hello to the good times with them as much as we can!  

Shop Leah, Edie & Isla’s looks

Abby, Dylan & Jett

Last up is Abby’s tribe with Dylan and Jett.  They are feeling green with their love for the outdoors.  Her kiddos are getting big and are always asking for an adventure, between climbing trees to camp outs, these tees were made for them!  Abby is sporting the palm tree tank, cute to pair with her mom jeans she’s rocking lately.  Jett has the “This Guy Loves Camping” tee and is proud to show it off.  And little Dylan, who is actually getting so big, looks too cute in her Wild & Free Tee.  This trio is ready to take on California this Spring and Summer, one adventure at a time!!

Shop Abby, Dylan & Jett’s looks

Matching with your kiddos doesn’t have to be cheesy and it’s so fun! Hope we inspired some fun ideas for you!!  




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Reading with Bear & Bud Book Club

I recently discovered the best company with an even better mission.  Bear & Bud Book Club is a monthly reading subscription with a book and a craft for your kids.  Each month a new story is sent your way complete with activities to keep your little one engaged.  Their mission is to have your kids get excited about reading and be creative.  Now that’s something we can get behind!

Bear & Bud has a subscription for everyone.  It starts with Picture Books for the youngest readers, then to Growing Readers and lastly Tweens.  Each box comes with a book, “Can’t Wait” craft kit, activity and discussion guide, and  “After Reading craft kit.  Bear and Bud is offering kids a reason to connect, get excited about books, be creative, have fun, learn, and love reading for a lifetime!

Court and I were lucky enough to try a Picture Book box and Abby and Dylan got to test out the Growing Readers box.  We’re going to share our amazing experience but first, we want you to have a chance to win a box of your own!  Along with some other fun goodies… You can enter on our Instagram but extra entries can be made below.  Make sure you follow all of the brands once you get to their Facebook or Pinterest pages :)  The winner will be announced on Tuesday 3.7.17 at 9am PST on our original Instagram post.  Good luck!!!

Plus, our friends at Bear & Bud are offering our readers 15% off any single box, or the first month of their monthly subscription with code BEIJOS15.  Makes for the perfect gift too!

 Beijos x Bear & Bud Giveaway

Court was VERY excited to get a box in the mail.  He thinks every shipment we receive is for him, but this time it actually was!  He wanted to open it right away and read his new book.  This was already exciting for me, to see Court that excited to read.  We read every night before bed but to tear him away from his toys, games or the tv during the day was pretty amazing.  When we opened the box he literally said “Wooooowwwww!”  It was the cutest thing.

We read the book and opened the adorable crafts, Court had a lot of fun being involved.  It was special time with him and I to be creative together.  What was especially fun for me was to see him so involved and proud of his work.  Adding the crafts to the story really made it more fun for Court, it was really wonderful to watch.

Abby’s little Dylan is a big almost 7 year old and reading on her own!  She is the perfect candidate for the Growing Readers group. She had fun choosing her own book with her mom, and although she is busy with homework these days she still had fun with Bear & Bud.  Dylan was able to read the book aloud and even got her little brother Jett in on the fun!

Letting siblings play along makes it even more fun!  Being social and creative together is always good and it adds confidence by teaching others.  These two had so much fun interacting and exploring their new book, it really is the sweetest thing!

We really love Bear & Bud Book Club and know you would all love it as well.  Not only can you purchase the subscription for your own child but you can also gift to others!  We really can’t think of a better gift!  Don’t forget to use the code BEIJOS15 to save 15%!!!

Have fun with your little readers, it’s really the best to see them grow and learn and have fun doing it.



Photos by Ariane Moshayedi, Megan Welker and Yasmin Sarai



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