Reading with Bear & Bud Book Club

I recently discovered the best company with an even better mission.  Bear & Bud Book Club is a monthly reading subscription with a book and a craft for your kids.  Each month a new story is sent your way complete with activities to keep your little one engaged.  Their mission is to have your kids get excited about reading and be creative.  Now that’s something we can get behind!

Bear & Bud has a subscription for everyone.  It starts with Picture Books for the youngest readers, then to Growing Readers and lastly Tweens.  Each box comes with a book, “Can’t Wait” craft kit, activity and discussion guide, and  “After Reading craft kit.  Bear and Bud is offering kids a reason to connect, get excited about books, be creative, have fun, learn, and love reading for a lifetime!

Court and I were lucky enough to try a Picture Book box and Abby and Dylan got to test out the Growing Readers box.  We’re going to share our amazing experience but first, we want you to have a chance to win a box of your own!  Along with some other fun goodies… You can enter on our Instagram but extra entries can be made below.  Make sure you follow all of the brands once you get to their Facebook or Pinterest pages :)  The winner will be announced on Tuesday 3.7.17 at 9am PST on our original Instagram post.  Good luck!!!

Plus, our friends at Bear & Bud are offering our readers 15% off any single box, or the first month of their monthly subscription with code BEIJOS15.  Makes for the perfect gift too!

 Beijos x Bear & Bud Giveaway

Court was VERY excited to get a box in the mail.  He thinks every shipment we receive is for him, but this time it actually was!  He wanted to open it right away and read his new book.  This was already exciting for me, to see Court that excited to read.  We read every night before bed but to tear him away from his toys, games or the tv during the day was pretty amazing.  When we opened the box he literally said “Wooooowwwww!”  It was the cutest thing.

We read the book and opened the adorable crafts, Court had a lot of fun being involved.  It was special time with him and I to be creative together.  What was especially fun for me was to see him so involved and proud of his work.  Adding the crafts to the story really made it more fun for Court, it was really wonderful to watch.

Abby’s little Dylan is a big almost 7 year old and reading on her own!  She is the perfect candidate for the Growing Readers group. She had fun choosing her own book with her mom, and although she is busy with homework these days she still had fun with Bear & Bud.  Dylan was able to read the book aloud and even got her little brother Jett in on the fun!

Letting siblings play along makes it even more fun!  Being social and creative together is always good and it adds confidence by teaching others.  These two had so much fun interacting and exploring their new book, it really is the sweetest thing!

We really love Bear & Bud Book Club and know you would all love it as well.  Not only can you purchase the subscription for your own child but you can also gift to others!  We really can’t think of a better gift!  Don’t forget to use the code BEIJOS15 to save 15%!!!

Have fun with your little readers, it’s really the best to see them grow and learn and have fun doing it.



Photos by Ariane Moshayedi, Megan Welker and Yasmin Sarai



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SoCozy Products

Hey, Guys! Abby here, I have to tell you about one of my new favorite products for the littles that I discovered. I’m always on the look out for bath products that will accommodate my kid’s needs. Jett, my 4-year-old is super sensitive to bath products. He will often get a rash or hives that leave him with discomfort through the night. Alongside his chronic croup and asthma, we have to be careful with what we use on him. Poor bubba. I have to give it to him, though, he is always smiling and being silly even when he doesn’t feel well. It sure makes this mama feel a little bit better, but it breaks my heart he isn’t 100% healthy.

The other day I was at my solitude of peace, Target, getting something I “needed.” I remembered while aimlessly walking through the aisles that I needed to try another bath product for Jett. I immediately was drawn to a colorful bath product called SoCozy. I read the label and discovered that it has safe ingredients. No nasties; just good, clean, honest formulations with ingredients that perform at the highest level. Safe and effective, and completely non-toxic. Made without parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic color, and propylene glycol. Free of alcohol, gluten, wheat, peanuts and tree nuts was huge for me. So here we go.

Two months later, and we have had no rashes, hives, discomfort, struggles for bedtime cause we just itch so much. We laugh in our family because Jett always says I want to take a cozy bath tonight. Who knew in the end, the product that would work for this little man is called SoCozy. We use the Cinch 3 in1, Cinch Detangler, and Behave Styling Cream. In addition to Jett’s sensitive needs, we have our sassy 6-year old Dylan who needs one strong detangler to get through her wild locks. SoCozy detangler is the lion tamer we were looking for, and she can do it herself. Winner! One less thing for me to tackle at the end of the night.

Dear SoCozy,

I’m beyond grateful for your dedication in creating a product is uber safe for little ones and remaining super cool and smelling amazing at the same time. Most of all, you have helped this mama get through bathtime that was once filled with tears and screams to laughs and happy babies.


One Happy Mama

You can find SoCozy at Target, CVS, and Walgreens!



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Beijos Babies turn 6 Months

Can you believe the Beijos babies turn 6 months this month?!  Henry turned 6 months on the 9th and Cruz will be 6 months on the 22nd.  We recently shot some snuggly photos of them in the cutest brand – Cheerily.  We love how soft these tees are and the adorable sayings on them.  Keep reading to find out what’s going on from Mama Jacquelyn and Mama Leah…

Photos of Cruz by Meg Perotti


Wow, time really flies when you have a baby on your hip!  I can’t believe my little Cruz is almost 6 months old.  This time has gone by so much faster than it did with Court.  I’m really trying to not take it for granted.  I love the 6 month stage so much, you really see their personality and they are nice and chunky!

Court was in a lot bigger of a hurry to grow and try new things, which at the time I loved.  Cruz however is taking his time a bit more, and I’m really ok with it.  In comparison, Court was nearly crawling at 6 months, Cruz is close to sitting up but still not there.  I’m so glad he has decided to slow things down because it forces me to do so as well.

Having a second child puts things into perspective.  The first you are just trying to survive and make it through.  With the second you can actually enjoy things as you’re more confident and at ease.  Cruz is such a happy baby, which doesn’t hurt either.  Currently he loves being tickled, watching his big brother, being outside and playing in his bouncer.  He is also dying to try food!  He keeps reaching for ours so we are going to try that really soon!

The hardest thing we’ve gone through in his first 6 months was having him get sick with croup.  He was around 4 1/2 months and we had to take him to the ER!  It was pretty scary but he is doing much better now.  Other than that, it’s been pretty smooth sailing!

I’m excited for him to keep growing and changing, but also sentimental and not wanting to rush it.  This could be my last baby!  We aren’t quite 100% sure on that yet, but you never know!




Since my Henry boy is my last babe, I know how fast this time files, it did with Edie and even faster with Isla.  I mean it whizes by…With this one I’m crazy busy but I have to take time to stop and smell his roses.  He is different because he’s my boy and yes mama’s it’s different when you have a boy, I can’t put my finger on it but it’s pretty special.  My husband teases me and tells me I have a favorite. I can see how he could think that, but it’s not true.  All my kids are my favorite, they are all so special in their own quirky ways, but anyway back to the boy of the hour…

He’s half a year now and a bruiser, he’s really living up to the name Hank the tank! He’s a big boy and working hard to sit up, grab anything in sight and he’s always hungry!!  He’s had the sweetest disposition since he was born and that still holds true, he loves when his big sisters stop and play with him, nothing makes him happier.

These days I’m noticing how different baby boys are than baby girls.  Henry is so rough and gruff when he plays, talks, even down to his manly little cry haha! My girls were more gentle I guess….

I’m enjoying his age so much, I want him to stay a little baby holding on to the months that turn into years….although It would be nice if he slept through the night, haha.  Since I’m definitely not having any more babies because we are beyond busy in this house, there is something inside of me that is sad that he is my last…must be the crazy mama in me, who knows why I get that feeling?? I can only attribute it to how fast this time goes by!!

Love you Henry Grant…Stop growing!!

Xx Leah

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Girly Galentine Playdate

You know we couldn’t let a holiday go by without throwing a par-tayyyyyyy!!!  Valentine’s Day deserves lots of love and that’s what this girly Galentine playdate is about!  I gathered up the ultimate girl squad for this shoot and the cuteness enthused.  The best part was that all of these girls had the best time together and it was so fun watching them play!

 The adorable clothing line Stella Phoenix is what inspired me to throw this little party.  I saw an image of their amazing collection and knew it would be the perfect attire for Valentine’s Day.  The pieces were even cuter in person, I swear!!  Being a mom to two boys this was my chance to go all out girly and I loved every second of it!

This party is also featured on 100LayerCakelet today!

All photos are by Dulcet Creative

Now are you ready for the ultimate girliest playdate you’ve ever seen??  Because I don’t know if you can handle the cuteness…  Let’s start with the amazing balloon install from Wild Child Party complimented by the beautiful flowers by Of the Flowers and the gorgeous rentals from 6th and Detroit…  Giving me all the Valentine’s feels…

Meghann Miniello created the sweetest invite that would make any heart flutter… I carried on the cute acrylic heart theme to the table as well.  Playing with all of this pink was way too fun!!  We threw floral confetti by The Confetti Bar around and the girls had the best time doing it!

The table had a mix of wooden plates from The Little Market, amazing paper tabletop goods from Wild Child Party, and the pop of acrylic pieces from Meghann Miniello.

I layered bright pink Gunn & Swain blankets and pillows with some white mud cloth Boho Pillows

Now for the cutest girl squad you have ever seen… I seriously want to be them when I grow up!  These girls have more sass and more confidence than most adults I know!  We could all learn from their girl power!

Iris & Zooey

Perry & Edie

Rylie & Lucca

And of course this cutie, Avalon

I think I was just more in awe of how adorable these girls were and how much fun they had together.  Aren’t our girl friendships the best?!  And you can see how evident that is at even this young age!  Makes me so grateful to be a girl and get to share this love with my fellow ladies!!

Cute XOXO balloons from North Star Balloons

Like we said, Stella Phoenix is what really inspired the shoot with their adorable collection, but our buddies at Little Style Collective styled the girls up right!  They threw in some fun sunnies, jewelry, bags and shoes that completed each little gal’s get up.  We also had fun with some tumblers, party straws and sunnies too!

There’s that amazing acrylic magic from Meghann Miniello – All the Heart Eyes!!

The girls got spoiled with the sweetest cookies from Parchment.  We love everything she creates because she puts so much detail into each delicious cookie!

All I know is these girls were made to party… They had so much fun sitting around acting like grown ups, whilst stuffing their faces, haha!  My kind of girls!!!

So we loved this peacock chair from 6th and Detroit so much, along with the insanely gorgeous floral garland Of the Flowers added to it we dubbed it the Princess Chair!  Each girl got to sit in the chair and do their own Princess pose… I can’t make this stuff up people… Please god, let me talk my husband into having a girl!!!  I was the biggest tomboy ever growing up but I love seeing this stuff!!

Avalon marches to the beat of her own drum!  And since she was the littlest at the shoot, she wanted the littlest chair… And trust me, you don’t want to argue with this one!

Here’s just a bunch more photos because, well, the cuteness…  The adorable princess star wands are a new addition to Gunn & Swain’s site and they’re only $10 a pop!  Trust me, big hit!!

And that’s a wrap!  I’ll seriously be dreaming about living in this pink girly wonderland the rest of the day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!



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Star Wars Sleepover

So… What’s going on with this California weather lately?!  It’s raining, like a lot, and I am not used to it!!  When you add kids to the rainy day equation there can be some major cabin fever!!  These Winter months can do that to us all, right?  So we looked into some ways to relieve that with an indoor playdate with Pottery Barn Kids, and we got to check it off from our Winter to do list!

This particular playdate turned into a fun Star Wars themed sleepover!!  If you have a little boy then you know, this is pretty much the ultimate idea.  Even if the guests don’t really “spend the night” it’s fun for them to pretend!  My husband, like any boy who grew up in the 70’s/80’s, loves Star Wars.  Therefore our son Court is already obsessed with it too.  Being a jedi is a real high priority in our house…

So excited to share all of the adorable Star Wars gear that Pottery Barn Kids has to offer!  This playdate is full of yummy treats, fun activities and lots of cute little jedis…  All photos by the Jedi Master Megan Welker.

This playdate is also featured on 100LayerCakelet and Pottery Barn Kids Blog today!

I always like to start any party I throw with the ultimate invite.  I mean, this is a Beijos playdate after all.    We can always count on Meghann Miniello to create some magic for us.  This theme was just so fun and these invites could work for any “space themed” party.  I’m really loving the metallic touch!!  So good, right?!

This sweet set up had all of our guests smiling!  Pottery Barn Kids has the cutest Star Wars themed sleeping bags that you can have monogrammed!  We had them set up for our little friends complete with Star Wars PJ’s to get cozy.  Lots of silver mylar balloons from North Star Balloons were tossed around the room for the boys to go crazy with as well!

Court loves his Chewie toy, and how clever is Meghann Miniello with her tags for each kiddo?!  I also love the font for the monogramming, very retro Star Wars!!

Han Yolo!!!!  This one has to be my favorite!!

The table looks out of this world, right?!  Meghann did these amazing space placemats and place cards.  Pottery Barn Kids has the best tabletop that we love for our little ones as well!  Then I scattered the table with custom confetti from The Confetti Bar… I mean, I scattered it all over really… And wait till you see the adorable chairs!!  They thought of everything over at PBK!

We had puzzles and coloring too!!

These boys seriously crack me up… Such goofballs!  They look so cute in their jammies and loved their new sleeping bags!  Popcorn is an essential at any sleep over, so we asked Meghann to make these amazing cones.  Popcorn it is!

Cheers Bro… That’s a serious cheers right there…

We asked Beverly’s Bakery to help us out with some desserts and they blew our minds!!  Apparently Star Wars brings out the creativity in us all!  Wait till you see the hand painted cookies, they are real art!  We called our dessert set up “The Dessert Side”, not to be confused with “The Dark Side” (unless you’re trying to lose some baby weight like me, waaa!)

You guys, the detail is AMAZING!!

I have to say these space themed cupcakes were my favorite!  And they were BEYOND yummy!

Ummm… Death Star cake pops?!  Yes please!

These crazies had so much fun!!  But really, they just couldn’t wait to get into those desserts, haha!

  It was such a fun day and so fun seeing these little guys so happy!  Gotta make some fun happen inside, even if they do tear up the house… And trust, they did, haha!  But these memories are definitely worth it!!  Shop the post below!



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