Fun Mama & Son Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Another day, another Valentine’s Day post!  Obviously, Valentine’s Day is a special day for you and your husband.  But what about the little men in your life?!  As a boy mom it’s my responsibility to raise them to be sensitive and loving, and obviously spoil their future wives for Valentine’s Day!  

We wanted to share a few fun mama & son Valentine’s Day date ideas with you.  Because it’s all about taking these holidays and making them special for our kids!!

My days as a boy mom consist of different super hero costumes, getting dirty, playing with nerf guns and farts.  That about sums it up!  But seriously I love this time with them and playing with them, I am definitely that mom that’s at the park in all the action.  One of our favorite day dates is going to Disneyland!  

Clearly we are big fans, who isn’t?!  It’s so fun to go for a few hours, see our favorite characters and go on all the rides we can.  Making it a Valentine’s Day date is even more special!  For this day I got us all special Valentine’s Day shirts to wear and I wore my Daydream Republic ears of course!  First things first though, gotta see that castle… It’s magic every single time!

Photos by Annie Vovan

Second, we head over to Tomorrow Land, obviously!!  It’s little boy heaven!  This little spot is sort of hidden, but the best spot to watch the rocket ships and get a run out!

Another must on the way to Toon Town is “The Wall”.  If you don’t stop and have a photo moment here, you’re doing Disney all wrong!

How about some balloons?!  We don’t get them on normal days, but on a special Valentine’s Day date, they’re a must!!

Lastly, whenever I go to Disneyland, special occasion or not, I’ve gotta get ice cream! I don’t know what it is, but it just tastes better there!!

And that’s a perfect Valentine’s Day date with my littles for ya!!  Now, for Abby & Jett….

Every Valentine’s Day I try to create new ideas to do with Jett that is our thing. Each child of mine has things they love to do with me. I mean, I’m a good time Sally so they love to do everything with me, but you know what I mean.

Photos by Kylie Compton Photography

Dylan loves to do anything crafty, and Jett loves to cook with me in the kitchen. When we started doing home delivery meals, he has been right by my side and ready to help mom make dinner. It is so cute, you guys, he gets his stool, his apron, and with such a big smile asking what he can do! The best part is he will try new ingredients since he is on hands-on with them. Great way to have the kids try new things.

Pizza right now is his favorite. So nothing better than heading to Target and getting everything we need for a little pizza date with my main man, Jett! And, yes, its all from Target! How easy is that? Now, not everything is from Target. My main gal, Meghann Miniello created the cutest heart pizza placemats for me, and I love love love them! 

Such a goofy boy, this one!

Very carefully together, it goes in the oven! This is his favorite part, mine not so much. Ha!

Since this is a date and all, I, of course, have got to have a little setup for him and me to dine on our perfect heart pizzas.

Those placemats are so cute, right?!!?

I love these times just him and me. 

Shop all the goodies from this post here! 


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She’s Magic, That One! – An All Glitter NYE Bash

In the midst of all this fun holiday content, we had to throw in some glitter for New Year’s Eve. Believe it or not, it will be here before you know it. We love throwing and creating magic when it comes to New Years Eve celebrations. And well, this one is pure magic. New Year’s Eve is all about celebrating the new year to come, and when it comes to little girls… the only way to celebrate is with lots of candy, sparkles from head to toe, and glitter dance parties. 

As we say goodbye to 2017, we are so excited to see what 2018 will bring us. We head into a full list of pretty we want to create, and we know that we can’t make any of that happen without the creative vendors we work with. A big thank you to all the vendors that we call dear friends and let us create and inspire. 2018, we are coming for ya! 

Want more glitter and sparkle? Head on over to 100 Layer Cake-let!

Photos by Julie Cahill

This little par-tay was all about glitter and sparkles, and it’s in every detail, cause what little girl doesn’t love sparkle? New Year’s Eve is all about letting it all out, and oh boy did these girls party it up! Every bash starts with the announcement to let you know of the fun headed your way. Our pal, Meghann Miniello created some magic of her own with this vintage vibe invite. And check out her mirrored signage as you read thru the post!

Now, let’s talk table decor, shall we? I had this idea about confetti filled placemats when I was dreaming up this shoot. The Confetti Bar, made exactly what I was thinking, and it makes the table sparkle, don’t you think! Confetti filled placemats for 2018? I think so!

If you’re looking for a place that you can create custom and personalized table decor and everything party wise all in one shop, then Beau-Coup is the place to find it all. I love this online store as they are very affordable and you can get large quanties.


No party is complete without flowers. We love them; you love them. They are a must. And, Jennifer from Busy Bee’s Floral Design created her own magic with this natural color toned arrangement for the table. 

Every party needs SUGAR! The table and floors were filled with it! You bet they got their hands on all that Marini’s taffy and gemstone rock candy from Lucitini Cakes. And the sugar doesn’t stop there. Fresh caramel apples from Marini’s Candies were the cherry on top for these ladies. All this sugar naturally led to a dance party!

Tu-tu cute!

A little girl needs a little sparkle right? Madison from Beauty by M, came and dolled up these girls, and I have to say I was a bit jealous I didn’t get any glitter. Every little girl’s dream wardrobe right here! A wardrobe rack filled with endless glitter dresses and rompers from Rainey’s Closet for the girls to pick from. Totally jealous again! These TuTu de Monde dresses are so dreamy, but they can be a little bit of an investment for you. But, Rainey’s Closet rents out all this pretty plus more for any special occasion. Genius idea!

I mean CMON! Dying! 

Gunner + Lux Disco Dance Club Necklaces and Custom Headbands from David and Leanna completed this New Year’s party attire. 


We ended our little bash like every New Year’s Eve party should end, in full floral + glitter bomb. I think these girls could have spent all day throwing glitter and flowers in the air. So fun! And kinda hilarious, when we told them they could do so. All girls looked straight to their moms for confirmation that this was ok. 

“So you are saying its ok to make a mess?”

Yes, little one. It is! 

She’s magic, that one! 







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A Boho and Sparkly Friendsgiving for the Girls

Oh, you thought we were done with Thanksgiving posts?!  Boy were you wrong, we’re just starting!  Yesterday’s Friendsgiving was for the adults, today’s is for the little ladies!  I designed and styled this boho sparkly Friendsgiving with the help of a few of my talented friends like Wild Child Party and Blot & Dot.  I had my adorable god daughter Edie as inspiration of course, and let her enjoy with a few buddies!  Keep scrolling to see all of the pretty photos by Meredith of Zoom Theory and see more on 100LayerCakelet today

Let’s start with the invite, because, well, I always do!  I sent Cindy from Blot & Dot my mood board for this shoot and she just nailed it!  I love the copper she used on the invite and how it pairs well with the Erika tabletop collection from Harlow & Grey.  And how cute is little Parker showing it off?!

Let’s start with that balloon installation… I know, I know, it’s kind of becoming a thing with us, but I just can’t resist!  Wild Child Party is just so fun to work with and their balloon installations just make a party!  And when you mix in pampas grass, one of my absolute favorites, it takes it next level!

When I saw this collection from Harlow & Grey, I knew I wanted to make something pretty with it.  A girly friends giving was just the fit.  Here Come the Blooms played off of the pinks and the copper with the florals and they complimented the setting perfectly!  Blot & Dot did the abstract shaped place cards, and we even added more macrame with mini pieces made by Robyn Parker.

Ahhhhh, that pampas!

And the Fall leaves!!!  I love this time of year!

Now, on to the cutest little girlies!!!  These girls are decked out in cute outfits from Sweet Threads, mainly Paush Mini – an in house brand that we can’t get enough of!  Hey Girl!  I’m Thankful!  And like most best girlfriends, we’re all thankful for cute clothes, duh!  Check out all of their cute outfits, seriously I die and want to be them…

You can find Mikaela’s pretty dress here

Freyja’s adorable jumpsuit here…  Which may be my favorite!

Little Parker’s cute romper here

This little jumpsuit is by Harlow & Jade, comes in mommy sizes too… I may have to invest!! But I think it’s probably cutest on Miss River….

And last but not least is Edie’s stunner of a dress here

These girls had such a fun time playing dress up and just being girls together!  Can I do this with my friends?!  Jeez!

Now, you know I didn’t forget about the desserts!  And these are next level, specifically that stunner of a cake!  Beverly’s Bakery created something so beautiful, we really didn’t want to touch it!  But of course, we did!  And the cookies were adorable with our copper and navy detail continued and wording like “friends” and “thankful”.  Needless to say, the girls went nuts!

These cuties are just too much, and it got a little chilly, so obviously they needed their furs…

I need a beret in my life, but will never look nearly this cute!

And that’s a wrap! So much fun with these little ladies!!




Design/Styling – Jacquelyn Kazas of Beijos Events
Photographer – Zoom Theory
Balloon Installation & Macrame – Wild Child Party
Tabletop – Harlow & Grey
Invite/Calligraphy – Blot & Dot
Desserts – Beverly’s Bakery
Florals – Here Come the Blooms
Girl’s Clothing – Paush Mini & Sweet Threads
Mini Macrame – Robyn Parker 

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Let’s Celebrate & Learn about Dia de Los Muertos with Beijos

One of the things I love about raising my kids is exposing them to different cultures.  I was raised by an immigrant, my dad was born in Portugal, and my sister and I were brought up immersed in that culture.  Along with that, my parents would try to expose us to as much diversity as possible, which I always appreciated and loved.  My best friend and business partner Leah is the same way, but was raised Mexican.  With the new Disney Pixar movie Coco,  which is based on the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos, we were even more inspired to introduce our kids to this tradition.  Leah, being Mexican, is much more familiar with it so her and her kiddos shared that part of their culture with us!  
The holiday, known to most Americans as the Day of the Dead, and the movie inspired a table I designed.  It was bright, colorful and full of life!  I teamed up with some amazing vendors like Wild Child, Rooted & Wild, Prim & Pixie, Sweet & Saucy, The Daydream Republic and The Confetti Bar to make it all come to fruition.  My favorite though, and I think the kid’s would agree, was having each child’s face painted.  Couture Paintings had everyone in awe with the intricate and beautiful creations on each little one’s face, they were each unique and equally amazing!
It was a fun party combined with learning and diversity.  Most of the kids are from different backgrounds, Mexican, Portuguese, Spanish, Moroccan, Irish, and German to name a few!  We looked at it as a way to teach and gather a group to make learning fun!  Thank you to Leah and her kiddos for sharing your culture with us!  We can’t wait for Coco and for our kids to learn more about the Mexican culture.

All photos by the talented Alison Bernier

You can also see this shoot featured on Glitter Guide today!

Let’s start with probably my favorite invite ever by Prim and Pixie!  From the colors, to the lining and all of that detail, they just nailed it!  Not surprised, they do every time!  I just sprinkled some custom confetti from The Confetti Bar and it’s all sorts of cute!

How cute are these little ladies?!  Like I said, everyone loved having their faces painted by Couture Paintings!  Owner Sara Sanchez has studied Day of the Dead facial paintings and had something fun and different for each kiddo.  These little ladies are wearing dresses from Gunn & Swain and the prettiest headbands from The Daydream Republic!  I mean, how cute can you get?!

This is sweet Avalon, daughter of Carissa who owns JL Designs, The Daydream Republic and Little Style Collective

How cute is little Emerald?!  Youngest daughter of the one and only Jesi Haack!

Here’s pretty Annie, daughter of our favorite Jolie, owner of Wild Child Party

And here’s the three wild and crazy amigos!  Even the boys got in on the fun!  Edie is wearing a dress her grandparents brought her back form Mexico!

Loving my god daughter Edie Lola, she is growing up and getting better and better!  Leah, you’re doing a good job my friend!

Here’s my wild man Court being silly!  His favorite color is red so he got this fun style!

And sweet Reagan, son of Emily Sims, half the duo of Magic Kingdom Mamas!  This guy got along just fine with my Court, two wild boys!!

And now, for the set up…  I  have to say, I was really excited to do this party, and seeing it come to life made it that much more satisfying!  I love, love, love this set up!!  The colors are so fun and vibrant, it’s just so FUN!!!

If you haven’t been able to tell, we love a good balloon installation from Wild Child, I mean, who doesn’t?!  It just makes such a statement!  I don’t know when this trend is going to end, but I’m fine with it hanging around longer!  Rooted & Wild also killed it with the amazing florals!!  That girl just gets it right every time!  Also… That sugar skull pinata?!  It’s basically the cutest thing ever.

It never hurts to add some disco balls into the mix, every party could use one!

For the place settings I did terra cotta tiles and Prim and Pixie added each child’s name.  Wild Child has these adorable sugar skull plates by Meri Meri that were obviously perfect!  I sprinkled the custom confetti from The Confetti Bar again and some pretty petals and marigolds as well.

This girl!!!  I love her…

Look at these stirrers from Prim & Pixie!  I’m obsessed….

I love the combination for florals Rooted & Wild did, it’s just the best!

I don’t do kid’s parties without desserts… How else would we bribe them?!  Haha… But seriously… Sweet & Saucy Shop does it again!  They took my inspiration and what they did was magic, truly magic!  Prim & Pixie completed it all with the adorable sign – it’s all just so good!!!  Makes me giddy looking at it!

The best!!!

I’m all about these colors!!

I think it’s safe to say these kiddos had a blast!  And we learned and celebrated another culture while we were at it!  These moments are so special with our kids, watching them have fun and grow at the same time.  Even though this may seem silly and little, I know in the long run talking to them and exposing to them to these things will have an impact on them.  I know, because it did with me!

Thank you Leah, Edie & Isla for sharing this part of your heritage and culture with us!  We should all instill a love for our backgrounds with our kids!

How do you share your culture with your children?!  I’d love to hear!!



Design/Planning – Jacquelyn Kazas of Beijos Events
Concept – Leah Carriger of Beijos Events
Photographer – Alison Bernier
Venue/Balloon Install/ Tabletop/Decor – Wild Child Party
Florist – Rooted & Wild
Invite/Signage/Calligraphy/Stir Sticks – Prim & Pixie
Desserts – Sweet & Saucy Shop 
Face Painting – Couture Paintings
Headbands – The Daydream Republic
Dresses & Blanket – Gunn & Swain
Confetti – The Confetti Bar
Blanket on Chairs – Siestas for Fiestas


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A Bright & Colorful Unicorn 5th Birthday Party for Alex

I get so excited when a mom reaches out to us for their child’s birthday.  You can sense the excitement in their voice and you know they want it to be so special.  I relate completely because I want to do the same for my kids!  Alex’s mom Karen, a friend of mine and Leah’s, had been planning Alex’s birthday but was so busy with her three kids she needed some help.  We were happy to oblige!  Especially when she told us the theme – Unicorns!

It’s a theme that we haven’t tackled yet and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on!  Especially since Karen’s number one priority was having a real life unicorn there!  Keep scrolling to see all of the amazing photos by Alison Bernier.

Also featured on Inspired By This today!

It was fun playing with a rainbow color scheme, but we obviously had to go heavier on the pink because it’s so much fun and the birthday girl loves it!

The tabletop had unicorn plates and unicorn wands for each guest, along with the most beautiful flowers by Rooted & Wild.  We had the birthday girl sitting in a pretty peacock chair also adorned with gorgeous flowers.

Courtney from Poppy Jack created rainbow placemats and bright pink signage used through-out the party that added the prettiest pop!

We love setting up fun things for kiddos to do at parties.  I mean, you’ve gotta keep them busy and happy so the parents can enjoy themselves too!  Courtney also created these custom coloring pages for Alex and her guests.  Having something custom and simple like this adds such a great detail, it may not seem big but your guests will notice!
Remember how we said the parents should have fun to?!  Well let me introduce you to the bar… A kid party essential!  Poppy Jack created the unicorn stir sticks and funny signage.  Add in some pretty florals by Rooted & Wild and some delicious margaritas and you’ve got yourselves some happy parents!

Now it wouldn’t be a kid’s party by Beijos without our friends from Wild Child Party!  I swear, this has been the year of the balloon installations!  And we’re not mad about it one bit.  This one just makes me smile, the colors have the best pop!  Pun intended… 

We framed the dessert set up with these bad boys, and wait till you see all of the desserts.  They’re displayed on the most amazing shelf from Witty Rentals also!!

Ok… So, Sweet and Saucy Shop really blew my mind on this one!  They created all the magical treats any kid’s heart would desire!  Major eye candy for you all right here…

More fun details!  A pretty welcome sign by Poppy Jack adorned with the prettiest blooms from Rooted & Wild.  Even more balloons, oh, and a unicorn…

We love Alex’s headband from The Daydream Republic!  She is our go to for all little girl’s parties!!

Baby sister needs to get in on the fun too!

The rest is all just cute things that I can’t get enough of! I mean, just so much cuteness, so so much…

These girls!  Living the life and looking good doing it!

Happy Friday!!




Design/Styling/Planning – Beijos Events
Photographer – Alison Bernier
Florals – Rooted & Wild
Rentals – Witty Rentals
Signage/Stir Sticks/Cupcake Toppers/Place Cards/Placemats (basically everything, ha!) – Poppy Jack Shop
Balloons – Wild Child Party
Desserts – Sweet & Saucy Shop
Banana Cart – Hannah’s Bananas
Tabletop – Talking Tables
Napkins – The Little Market
Headband – The Daydream Republic
Unicorn Wands – The Wishing Elephant
Catering – Taco Dudes
Unicorn – Netties Party Pals

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