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Last week I styled and designed the prettiest shoot in Palm Springs!  It’s a little hush hush now, but you’ll get to see it very soon!  It definitely got me in the mood for a Palm Springs trip…  Spring is one of my favorite times to visit Palm Springs, so I thought I would dedicate today’s Beijos Best to a couple favorite’s in the desert.  This post is basically the itinerary for a special someone we styled a party for, keep reading to get really jealous!

For our photo shoot, we were at The Junipero, part of The Desert Collective.  It is so so beautiful there, the perfect combination of Mid Century and a calm serene vibe.  I’ve never been to Tulum, although I’m dying to go, but it makes me think of staying there.  It’s not a hotel, it’s actually an Air BnB, and you can stay there with a large group or book solo.  There is one main house that has two rooms, a living area and kitchen.  Then 5 smaller rooms that are separated and have little kitchenettes.  Everything surrounds the main pool area, such a fun spot to rent out for an event or party!

Next up is a spot that may look familiar to you, The Amado.  I got to visit this sweet spot with my fellow Beijos ladies last year and immediately fell in love!  It’s got the same set up as The Junipero and also part of The Desert Collective.  An Air BnB where you can rent out the entire property or separate rooms.  The Amado has more rooms, and goes off of a bright orange vibe that is really fun!  Both spots are equally Instagram worthy ;)

Something fun that is happening in the desert right now till the end of April is Desert X.  It’s an art exhibit that is taking over the Coachella Valley with 16 different exhibits stretching 45 miles.  All of the installations have been designed and constructed by almost 20 different acclaimed artists such as Rob Pruitt, Claudia Comte and Juliao Sarmento and curated by Neville Wakefield.  Such a cool thing to see while you are there, and some really great photo ops!!
A description of what Desert X is from their website: 


Another fun stop is the bright and colorful Saguaro Hotel.  I mean, it doesn’t get better than this in the color department, literal eye candy!!  We could spend all day taking photos here!!  They also have El Jefe which is a super fun spot to get a drink and have some tapas!

Last but not least is Workshop.  A beautiful restaurant with an industrial modern vibe designed by SOMA Architects.  The food is extra yummy and the drinks are extra delicious.  That’s a combo I can definitely get behind!  Our friends sat at the center table, how fun is that?! 

Ok, so now who’s ready for a trip to the desert with me!?



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Beijos Best

Spring is officially upon us friends, and I’m so excited about it! Yay! One of the 1st holidays in Spring is St. Patrick’s Day. It has always been a fun holiday to celebrate, especially with kids. This week I came across some fun stuff for St. Patrick’s Day, and I had to share my favorites. Let’s get our green on. 

In the mornings, I’m all for a fast and healthy meal. I try to do smoothies as much as time will permit. With two little ones in the morning, getting ready for school can either be a breeze or the opposite depending on what side of the bed those little ones woke up on. I love this Green Goodness Smoothie bowl, it contains lots of spinach + celery + frozen banana + pea protein + almond milk + coconut water + parsley + mint + chia seeds + spirulina. Pre-pack the fruit mixture and throw it in a Ziploc bag and you just saved yourself 10 minutes of prep work.

You gotta wear green on Thursday, and here are some of my favorite looks for the kids and myself! No one wants to get pinched!

I’m really into this Issa de’ mar Kirra Ribbed Dress from Revolve in the Mauka color. A great color for spring, it’s something you can wear all the time. Dress it up, dress it down. 

Treasure&Bond Oil Wash Cutout Tee

 FP One Sofiya Top

For the little rainbows in your life…

Not the normal “green” for St. Paddy’s but how could you not fall in love with this Embroidered Kimono from Zara?!?

Cute Floral-Print Tiered Swing Tank paired with some jeans and she is ready to go!

Peek Lucky Charm Graphic Tee

Now for those little leprechauns…

Let’s get groovy with this Splendid Tie Dye T-Shirt


Color-Blocked Pocket Tee

Can’t go wrong with a classic colored tee like this Tucker + Tate Slub Knit.

I saw this adorable 4-leaf Clover Ballon Stick DIY on Oh Happy Day! ‘s website this week. A perfect activity to do with your little ones.

I love to use my diffuser all throughout the day. This week it is all about the leprechaun blend, a fresh citrus-herb mix.

2 drops Rosemary
2 drops Lavender
2 drops Lemon
2 drops Lime

What’s St. Patrick’s Day without some green nibbles + cocktails?!

Drunken Leprechaun

Guacamole Cups 

St. Patrick’s Day Cocktail from Style Me Pretty 

Irish Cream Macarons


Don’t forget its Day Light Savings today! 



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Spotlight: Obsessed With Essentials

This past holiday season I decided to take the plunge into the ever popular essential oils.  I have seen this little revolution happen all around me for the past 5 years and little by little it peaked my interest.  I never bought into it though until I started seeing for myself the incredible benefits that can be had from using these all natural resources.  Some of these stories include avoiding sickness altogether, most commonly the cold and flu virus, headaches, anxiety, allergies, receiving natural boosts energy, getting a good nights sleep and the list goes on!!  You mean I don’t have to medicate myself with over the counter drugs constantly when one of my family members or myself is experiencing these common ailments??  All natural did you say???  Ok I want to know more….and although I felt late in the game when I finally invested in this fabulous phenomenon, I felt the need to share all the knowledge that was at my fingertips.  This was all too good since we live in a world where we are constantly striving to use only the best to promote health and wellness for our loved ones.  It’s what it’s all about right??

All photos by the lovely Megan Welker

So like I said this past holiday season, I told the hubby I wanted some oils to jumpstart my collection.  He was all for it, so I went the guru herself.  She is a dear friend of ours here at Beijos and we recently visited her lovely home so she could educate us a little.  It’s the wonderful Melody Brandon, who also co- owns the ever popular  and yummy Sweet & Saucy Shop!! How does she have time for this being a bakery owner, a mama and investing her time into her newest passion with these essential oils?? Who knows…she’s what we call a super mom!! You need to follow her instagram feed over on Life on Loma to see this super mama in action.  Anyway, here is what she has to say…

How and when did you discover your connection with essential oils?
I started looking for more natural health solutions when I got pregnant with my daughter Blake about 5 years ago and started having to question why things like why best friend “Excedrin” weren’t allowed haha.  I always had grown up in a home that used modern medicine for everything and wasn’t really aware of all the side effects that it can have on you, so when it came time to prepare for having my own little one I quickly realized how helpless I felt and started to research natural health options.  I had never heard the words “essentials oils” until I was 28 years old and when I saw my sister in law using them on her kids and singing their praises I knew it was something I needed to look into more.  I found out that actually SO many people were using them and I made the jump and got my first kit with Doterra for a Christmas present and have been obsessed ever since!
How has this obsession affected your life and your family?
It has been the biggest blessing ever.  I rarely, if ever, have to go to the doctors office, pay co pays, worry about what to do when my kids are feeling sick, etc.  My son who is 2.5 years old has never even had to be on any type of over the counter medication…definitely a huge time and money saver!  They not only have helped with physical health issues but are amazing for mental health too.  I am a busy mom with two businesses and absolutely love using them daily for hormonal support, stress, energy, etc.  Helping my friends and family use essential oils has been such a joy too and now that I share my passion on my personal Instagram account I have even got to connect with people in other countries!  Getting a text, call or email from someone saying their children finally slept through the night, their allergies actually went away, they haven’t had the domino effect of sickness every month in their family, and on and on really does make me so happy to share my passion and love of essential oils with not only my family, but others as well!
Tell us more about these cute little roller bottles you make?
Well since I have an addiction for anything gold and I hadn’t found anything that I loved look wise for roller bottles and labels that didn’t break the bank I decided to make them myself.  I had Tina Yang from @missmultee custom write them, then get them printed at a local sign shop and then I adhere all of them myself…can we say labor of love haha.  I love spoiling anyone who wants to join this oil journey with me so they always get some for free and then can conveniently have them in their purse or bag so they can use their oils throughout the day.
Give a the recipe for a common blend…
One of my favorite daily perfume blends that not only smells amazing but is also great for anxiety, stress and mood is Balance and Wild Orange. It is so refreshing as well since all citrus oils smell so yummy! I do 10-20 of each oil in a 10 ml roller bottle and then fill up with fractionated coconut oil.  I apply it to my wrists, back of the neck, temples or behind the ears!  I also place these oils on diffuser jewelry when I wear them!   

What is your most used blend?
One of my most used blends is my “sanity” blend aka my “hotmess blend” for when I feel stressed out and am losing it!
It is 5-7 drops of these 6 oils…
Clary Sage
What is your advice to the essential oil beginner?
I say the most important thing is to be plugged into a essential oil community that can help you learn, answer your questions at 12am when you are freaking out over what to do for a fever, and offer you lots of continuing education so that you actually use your essential oils and don’t let them sit in a box in your cupboard!  That is my I love our private Facebook group, Obsessed with Essentials, because I found that having a support group was the main thing lacking for the essential oil community at large and it really is the deal breaker in your essential oil journey I feel like!
What is the best kept secret about this oil revolution?
That there really is an oil for EVERYTHING!  No joke…from bug bites, to panic attacks, fevers, immune support or just a replacement for that toxic candle in your home, essential oils really are so versatile and once you start, you really can’t stop!  As far as a specific oil that is most underrated I would have to agree with my girlfriends Jesi Haack and Carissa Jowett and say that Vetiver oil is AMAZING and they wish they had known about it earlier!  The smell is so unique and earthy and both of them are addicted to diffusing it.  It is also the top oil for ADHD, great for anxiety, mood, and sleep among other things.
What is your favorite blend?
I absolutely love the “Anthro blend” for diffusing during the day in my house instead of candle. It is White Fir, Citrus Bliss, and Grapefruit! 
Can you believe all of this amazing information???  Well it’s only a snippet so if you want to more and get plugged in with an essential oil community or watch a intro to essential oils webinar you can email Melody at

So we can’t share this amazing info with out telling you about some other amazing things like making an all natural face toner!!

Recipe for a 10ml spray bottle:
1 tsp witch hazel
1/4 tsp apple cider vinegar 
1/4 tsp rose water
2 drops Rosemary EO
2 drops Lavender EO
Or making some amazing all natural bath salts…
Aaaaannnndddd last but not least…. a GIVEAWAY!!  Yes go to our instagram to learn how to win this…
a set of 4 roller bottles with custom labels that you can put your own essential oil blends in.  Melody will let you choose the words you want from her list
Make sure you are following us @beijosevents, Megan Welker @meganwelker and Melody Brandon @lifeonloma to win!!
Hey we hope if you didn’t already know that we educated you a bit from Melody’s plethora of knowledge here and enticed you to be thirsty for more like us!! Don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY, the winner will be announced this Saturday (11th) night!!  Good Luck :)
Xx Leah


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Beijos Best

This week’s Beijos Best is all about a recent trip I took to Ojai, CA!  Now, I’ve been to Ojai with my Beijos babes before but this trip was with my mom and sister.  Believe it or not we have never been on a trip just the 3 of us!  It was beyond fun and I had to share a few of our favorite spots and things we came across…

Let’s start with where we stayed!  My sister treated my mom and I to a stay at the AMAZING Ojai Valley Inn & Spa.  You guys, this place is gorgeous… I can’t recommend it enough!  We loved walking the grounds, hitting up the jacuzzi and all of the amazing amenities they offered.  I would love to go back with my family because I think it would work well for kids and I know my husband would love to golf here…

Ok, so this next spot is my new favorite Ojai spot… Tipple & Ramble.  They have a cute shop along with some yummy treats and delicious wines.  The shop is small but packed with SO many good finds.  There is also the absolute cutest outdoor area to sit with friends and mingle, along with a little bar in a camper that I must have in my backyard someday.  If you visit Tipple & Ramble make sure to get the Mediterranean board and Lambrusco… YUM!

Another favorite pastime that we took part of in Ojai?!  Wine tasting of course!  We went to two spots, the first was The Ojai Vineyard.  They have a cute little tasting room right in the heart of town.  So you can do a tasting and then walk and shop around!  Sounds pretty perfect, right?!

Next spot was Topa Mountain Winery.  We really loved this place.  When we went there weren’t many people there so we felt like we had the place somewhat to ourselves.  The wines were delicious and the scenery was gorgeous.  I could have literally spent all day there!  I can’t wait to go back with my little family, they have plenty of room for the kids to run around and they are even dog friendly, yay!

I learned that “pixies” are the thing in Ojai – basically like cuties – you know, the little tangerines.  They grow abundantly there and sell at the farmer’s market.  I’ve heard there are some pretty good pixie margaritas around town… Also, April is Ojai Pixie Tangerine Month, may be a reallllly good time to head out there for all the fun!

Knead is an Ojai staple and the perfect spot for breakfast or lunch in my opinion!  It’s also right in the mix of town and walking distance to lots of great places to shop and hang out.  Great pastries and coffee, and their outdoor patio is really enjoyable!

Last but not least I learned about the pink moment… That’s what they call the sunset in Ojai, and you can see why…

I love this town and can’t wait to go back!  You guys will love it too :)




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Beijos Best

A fresh start to a new week is just what I need!  This rain has been KILLING me.  I know we need it but to be honest I’m ready for it to stop and embrace Spring.  But in the meantime, here are some rainy day ideas for you!

Has anyone watched Big Little Lies?!  I’ve heard it’s amazing and I can’t wait to watch it!  I have had the book for about the year but haven’t read it.  Should I read it first?!  What do you think, I need some advice on that.  But it seems like the perfect rainy day viewing or reading material!

What better to have while watching a movie or reading a book then a cozy blanket?!  My buddy Julia, owner of Gunn & Swain, just released a new blanket color.  The Trestles blanket is the prettiest army green shade, right on trend with the Pantone color of the year!

When it’s cold out all I can think about is eating soup.  Actually, that’s usually all I can think about even when it’s hot out.  I love soup!  Well, here is a link to a bunch of bright and colorful soups that Domino shared.  They are pretty and delicious, that’s a win/win!

Another thing I like to do when it’s yucky out?!  Some online shopping… Yaaaaassssss!!!  Well since it’s President’s Day weekend there are tons of good sales going on.  Lulu & Georgia is having a 20% off rug sale and I’ve definitely been browsing for the new house.  Now if I could just talk my husband into the one I want…

Last but not least, if you’re like me and trying to keep your little ones busy I have an app for you!  Sometimes when I’m stuck inside I feel a little guilty about all the tv we are watching.  How about a really fun educational app?!  I discovered Endless Alphabet a few months ago and Court loves it!  Plus he’s learning his ABC’s, if you haven’t heard of it go get it now!  It’s interactive, fun and even I think it’s hilarious!

Stay warm and stay cozy!!



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