Beijos Bride- Bridal Fitness Routine

HI Friends!

Oh… my… goodness… I can’t believe my big day is almost here! Eek! I have exactly 17 days, 10 hours, 14 minutes, and 19 seconds till I become Mrs. Ajlouny. I’m just guessing… ha. I was chatting with you a couple weeks ago on my diet plan, and today I’m sharing with you the exact exercise routine that I do. It will have you in tip-top shape! If you stick with this routine, I guarantee you will see results, and you will feel so good. Results are obviously the goal here, BUT the ultimate cherry on the top is how you feel. Nothing feels better than to be the best healthy you before you become a Mrs. or Mr. Plus, it’s a stress reliever too. So here we go! Also, go at your pace if you don’t do this often.

Photos by Yasmin Sarai

Easy Circuit Workout Plan

This is a 5-day routine that is designed to burn fat and build muscle.

Useful tools:
Timer – Stopwatch, smart watch or mobile phone timer
Yoga/Workout mat
Weights (if you have them)
The beautiful outdoors



Day 1




Drink Water! Drink Water!

Day 2



You got this!

Day 3



Your feeling good, ladies! Remember drink water! and lots of it!

Day 4


Feel those thighs getting tight!

Don’t forget to stretch at the beginning!




Day 5


Best of luck ladies!



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Beijos Shower- Tropical Brunch

My little sister is getting married!! Yay!!!! I could not be more excited for her, and not mention all the fun I get to have planning all the festivities! When it came to styling and planning her shower, I knew that I wanted to do something that was budget friendly and it had to be tropical. Since we were little, we always spent our summers somewhere tropical. Our family loves everything tropical so I knew this would be a hit for my sister and all her very special guests. Enough chit chat let’s get to it!

Photography by Yasmin Sarai

This tropical brunch is also being featured on Inspired by This today!





Throwing a shower can start to add up, and before you know it… well your broke. You don’t have to spend a fortune on design, stick to a couple of details. I used my budget on the main elements like flowers, food + drinks, and some decor details.

The biggest thing that you can’t put a limit on is flowers. This makes any party look good. It’s a must in our books. You can totally do it yourself, although with planning the shower yourself it sure does help when you have a florist in your corner. We had Ali from Wild Child flowers that came in and killed it!







The tables were a challenge for me. I wanted to keep with the budget but wanted them to look perfectly tropical. An easy and cheap way to add detail and color are placemats. Simply just get an image online and print on a thick card stock. On top of the placemats, I used a wooden charger and a clear plate that had each guest’s name on it. I used a food safe marker and bought the clear plates at the dollar store. Add a flower on each plate for a wow factor. Little details like this will go far with your guests.




All these ideas you can do yourself too! Ali used various clear bottles at each table and used tropical flowers, blush and coral hues of garden roses, and greenery. We used round tables which were a nice change of the usual rectangle tables you see a lot.


Another budget-friendly aspect was the signage. I used acrylic signs and white chalk marker, this way you can re-use the signs again.










Now food tables need some love too. Tropical fruit and flowers in wooden bowls were added to the food and dessert table to give the tables an organic tropical vibe. I just love this look!

Now for the yummy part… Dessert!









Hilary from The Sugar Studio did a passion fruit cream that was out of this world! Toasted coconut on top was the cherry on top! No party is complete without cake either. Our local bakery, Susie Cakes made a pink funfetti cake which is the bride’s favorite. I added flowers for a pretty touch.

Don’t forget, a mimosa bar is a must for a brunch shower. My dad built the bar, and he did such an impressive job! A fern garland was added to the bar to add some tropical detail.










No mimosa bar is complete without our favorite champs from One Hope Wine.









Rose gold pineapple tumbler from was perfect for this tropical party.




A special appearance from the cutest little flower girls!

It was such a special day for my sister and our family, and we can’t wait for the big day!


Styling/ Beijos Events 
Photography/ Yasmin Sarai
Passion Fruit la Creme/ The Sugar Studio 
Acrylic Signs/ Meghann Miniello  
Glassware + Flatware/ Danny Thomas Rentals
Napkins + Chargers/ Hostess Haven
Rose Gold Tumblers/ 



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Beijos Shower – Desert Cactus

Another Beijos sister is getting married this year, well all of our sisters are getting married this year…haha!  Us Beijos gals have been busy planning all their weddings and events.  Yeah, we know…lucky sisters right??  Well we really love planning for them because we love them dearly and we want them to have the best events possible.  The best decor, the best vendors and the best experience while it’s all going down. My sister is getting married in Santa Barbara in a little over a month, so we are getting close.  Together with my family and my sisters bridesmaids, we threw her a shower last month and they left the planning all up to me…I like it that way, full control to do whatever I wanted :) Her wedding is a Spanish rustic theme so I was leaning toward a fiesta theme, but wanted to stay away from that because it’s been done so much.  Somehow I came up with a desert cactus theme and ran with it. My first bit of inspiration was the colors for these invitiaions…

All photos by the talented Megan Welker

Also check out the shower featured on Green Wedding Shoes today too!!



Poppyjack Shop really killed it with these invites.  When I gave her the inspiration and color scheme she executed on point!



meganwelker-cactusshower-1 meganwelker-cactusshower-4

This little lounge I put together for my sister to open her gifts at was really cute…with the help of the gals at Adore Folklore, it came to life!

meganwelker-cactusshower-13 meganwelker-cactusshower-12

The tables…I had to have these copper chairs from Adore Folklore as well.  They were key!!


meganwelker-cactusshower-121 meganwelker-cactusshower-118 meganwelker-cactusshower-117

Can we talk about these flowers by MV Florals….these arrangements were bananas.  So unique and definitely a show stopper. We put a pretty big arrangement at each table and then lined the middle with pots of different cacti.

meganwelker-cactusshower-95 meganwelker-cactusshower-93



The glassware and napkins were none other than Hostess Haven. I used her copper tumbler with a yellow vintage glass and her blush napkins.  All tied with twine by a Poppyjack place card.

meganwelker-cactusshower-115 meganwelker-cactusshower-100

Can’t get enough of these tables…

meganwelker-cactusshower-75 meganwelker-cactusshower-74

meganwelker-cactusshower-50 meganwelker-cactusshower-48




Now on to the dessert…Beverly’s Bakery with this herringbone cake and cookies.  Not only was it pretty, but it was delicious!!



meganwelker-cactusshower-38 meganwelker-cactusshower-37 meganwelker-cactusshower-36 meganwelker-cactusshower-34

meganwelker-cactusshower-25 meganwelker-cactusshower-23 meganwelker-cactusshower-20

Here she is the Bridezilla…just kidding :) Love you Lana!!

Hehe, wouldn’t be your sisters blog if she couldn’t include a little tease…just like the old days!

Can’t believe you are getting married!! I’m beyond happy for you and Mike.  I truly wish you all the happiness in the world, take it all in and enjoy this time.





Cheers!! Hope you enjoyed some Desert Cactus Bridal Inspiration.  I sure had fun making it come to life!!

Xx Leah

Styling Beijos Events @beijosevents
Photography Megan Welker @meganwelker
Desserts Beverly’s Bakery @beverlysbakery
Invite & paper goods Poppy Jack Shop @poppyjackshop
Rentals Adore Folklore @adorefolklore
Flowers MV Florals
Glassware & Napkins Hostess Haven @hostesshaven
Cocktail Stirrers Jen and Jules Designs Etsy @jenandjulesdesigns

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Beijos Bride- Bridal Diet Plan

Hello again! This is the bride to be Ally coming at you with the good, the bad and the ugly of wedding preparations. I think any bride would agree that looking good for your big day is at the top of your to-do list. When I got engaged, I knew that this would be a priority, and I thought it would be one of the easier items to check off my list, considering I am a certified personal trainer. Wrong!! What most people won’t tell you ladies is that Champagne becomes a food group during your wedding planning season. Also, I have done some dessert tastings, food tasting and general snacking while planning sessions. If only cheese and crackers and some champs could really be a quality meal, one could wish.

So here I am 6 weeks out from my big day with several dress fittings in my near future and a dress that leaves no room for error. It is time to buckle down and make some magic happen. I put together a simple, easy to follow bride to be plan and I thought I would share with all of my fellow brides to be.

Step 1- Prepare. Fail plan, plan to fail. Planning your week around exercise, grocery shopping and meal prepping is the key to success.

Step 2- Do not deprive yourself. No one likes a “hangry” bride (hungry & angry)

Step 3- DRINK WATER. This is easily one of the most important steps in any diet regimen. Try to drink more water than usual, especially if you are increasing your workouts. Pro tip: Drink one glass of water right when you wake up. Not only does it start your water consumption early but it wakes up all your organs and will naturally energize you. Put a glass right by your bed so you can drink it right when you wake up.

Step 4- Be nice to yourself & make obtainable goals.

Here is an easy to follow Diet! Stay tuned for a workout plan!


Meal 1
½ cup of oats, ½ cup of berries and 1 cup of egg whites
One piece of Ezekiel toast, 1 cup of egg whites and ¼ avocado

½ Apple with 2 TBS of Peanut Butter

1-2 cups of green vegetables
½ cup of brown rice OR 3 ounces of sweet potato
4 ounces of Chicken, white fish, shrimp or ground LEAN turkey
¼ avocado


A favorite recipe of mine is the Sweet Potato quinoa patties from the House in the Hills.

Hard-boiled egg and 1 oz (about 23) almonds

1-2 cups of green vegetables
½ cup of brown rice OR 3 ounces of sweet potato
4 ounces of Chicken, white fish, shrimp or ground LEAN turkey
¼ avocado

Non-fat, plain Greek yogurt and a ½ cup of your favorite berry

Another favorite recipe of mine is the Warm Berry Compote with Greek Yogurt and Chia Seeds from Lau Sunday Cooks


Condiments that you can use for any meal:

Cooking Spray ( olive oil or coconut)
Mrs. Dash seasonings
Hot sauce (read labels. You want to use something low in calorie)
Fresh squeezed lemons and limes
Stevia natural sweetener

Black coffee (stick to stevia for flavoring)

 *don’t skip any meals. Life can get busy, but anytime I skip a meal I turn into the hangry women I referred to above and head straight to the box of Girl Scout cookies that I tried to hide from myself.

*Consistency is key. Stick the plan consistently. It may be an adjustment at first, but after a few days and some results it will become easy.

Best of luck ladies!



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Diary of a Beijos Bride – Engagement Session

Hi my name is Lana, and I’m one of the lucky Beijos brides getting married this Fall in Santa Barbara, CA. Here is the start of my story, hope you enjoy!!

meganwelker-palmsprings-5 meganwelker-palmsprings-11 (1) meganwelker-palmsprings-120 meganwelker-palmsprings-164

Mike never likes to say that we met at a bar, but the truth is…..we did. My best friend Natalie, and his best friend, Neil, who briefly dated each other at the time, actually played the matchmakers. We owe everything to them, since we probably wouldn’t have made the effort to meet each other being such homebodies ourselves. We needed that extra little push.  My best friend has always been the eternal optimist of love, and I was always the complete opposite who had, at that point, swore off men. She was convinced we were the perfect match! She was so persistent, and I was so stubborn at that point that she realized the only way that I would meet him is if she secretly set up a date for us. So, for my birthday, she took me to a John Legend concert and after it was all over I expected to go home, but my friend had other plans. “Why don’t we go out and have a couple of drinks in Huntington beach to celebrate,” she said innocently. “Sure, why not,” I said. So, I obliviously drove up to Main Street in Huntington Beach. We ended up at a bar called Black Bull, and low and behold, there he was. It sounds cheesy, but we were pretty smitten with each other right from the start. He was the perfect gentlemen and he had the cutest green eyes. The only thing that worried me a little was his shoes. He was wearing white snakeskin loafers.  They were atrocious, but not a deal breaker by any means. Fast forward to almost six years later, his shoe collection has greatly improved thanks to my help. We took it pretty slow, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. We got to really know each other and be by each other’s side during our highs and lows. We’ve traveled, got through school, changed careers, and bought our first home together. I couldn’t be any more ready to marry my best friend.

meganwelker-palmsprings-58 meganwelker-palmsprings-129

Megan Welker, our photographer, came highly recommended by Leah. She makes it so easy to fall in love with her work. There is a very light, airy, and romantic feel about her photographs that is so unique. It makes her a great fit for how we want our wedding to look. Not to mention, she is a joy to work with. She made us feel so at ease.

meganwelker-palmsprings-195 meganwelker-palmsprings-206 meganwelker-palmsprings-219 meganwelker-palmsprings-227 meganwelker-palmsprings-247

When we were first looking for wedding locations, Palm Springs was one of our top picks, but since our good friends are having there wedding there the weekend after ours, we decided to head up north to Santa Barbara. Every year we try to make mini vacations to Palm Springs. I feel like it’s our home away from home. We just love the relaxing and stylish vibe. Mike is a sun worshiper. The hotter the better for him. He is also obsessed with golf. I love relaxing by the pool, and Im a sucker for the mid century modern style. It seemed only natural that if we weren’t going to have our wedding there, engagement photos would be the next best thing. My parents also loaned us their beautiful classic Corvette to add a bit more style and edge to the photos. We loved the way they turned out!

meganwelker-sanddunes-48 meganwelker-sanddunes-80 meganwelker-sanddunes-92 meganwelker-sanddunes-108 meganwelker-sanddunes-186

We almost didn’t make it to Glamis due to the 30 mile an hour winds that day, but Megan was so encouraging, and I new we would regret it if we went home. When we arrived, it was so windy that I could barely get out of the car and walk. At times, the sand hit your body like a ton of bricks. We couldn’t even open our eyes with the sand blowing in our face every five seconds. We literally had to walk backwards to get to the shooting location. Megan and Adam were such troopers. They were so encouraging and positive through it all. I don’t even know how they opened their eyes to take a photo! I must admit that it crossed my mind more than a handful of times how we would get even one good photo. Now, when I look at the finished product, I was clearly wrong. You can’t even tell we were struggling. She’s pretty amazing. Photographs that are so simple, yet so breathtaking. I loved the idea of being in the middle of nowhere. Just us.

Stay tuned for more wedding fun and planning!

Xx Lana

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