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Turn A Corner Of Your Home Into A Stylish + Functional Drop Zone


Do you have a corner of your home that just isn’t functional for your family? I did. You might remember we moved into our new home about five months ago. Man, has it been that long already? Since then, my hubby and I have been working around the clock doing projects to have our house reflect us. One of the 1st projects that I wanted to be done was a functional drop zone for all the kid’s “stuff.” Having two young kids in school and sports, well, there is a lot of “stuff.” Yes, I mean crap. There is crap everywhere! I’m a neat freak, so when they would throw their backpacks and sport’s bags on the ground, my left twitches a little bit. Ha! (I’m not serious, but the clutter is annoying!)

We had this cabinet next to the garage as you walk into our home. This was the perfect spot for the drop zone. Come in from school, and throw your backup up. Whoo hoo, not on the floor where I was bound to trip over it. Which happens at least 3 times a week. I handed my hubby a pic of what I wanted, and within a couple of weeks, I got my drop zone! Thank god for husbands who can make your dream a reality. But, I did the painting and hardware placement, so he can’t have all the credit. 



Our walls and cabinets throughout out our house are all white. So you can imagine, the house needed some color. The tones of the house are turning out to be white, blacks, and natural colors mixed in with them. I wanted a statement piece when you walked in, and black ship lap and cabinets were the answer. I used the color, Nightfall by Benjamin Moore, and I’m so in love it. It’s not black, but a very deep dark gray. We are using Nightfall for our kitchen island too as we speak. Excited to see how that turns out! I’m telling you that honey to do list is long! 

Now, the most critical part of this dropzone is it looking cute. Yes, functionality is important, blah blah, but it’s gotta be looking right at the end of the day. I turned to my pillow dealer, Monica from Boho Pillows to start pulling new textures and prints for the house. This was our 1st area to work with. My last house had a TON of her pillows, but we needed new ones to go with the black and white palette. She created a custom cushion, and corresponding pillows to go with it. Pretty cute, huh?

I got these vintage-inspired hooks on Amazon, and you can’t beat the price. I had been searching high and low for some hooks that wouldn’t break the bank. About 15 bucks for six hooks, quite the deal! I also got pulls for the bottom cabinets, but they are on backorder. All in all, this little drop zone is not only stylish but its functional for all that crap those kids require. Sheesh! 

Just a little sneak peek into our new home! Can’t wait to show you all the other projects we currently have going on. Can you say bar, breakfast nook, and backyard kitchen? Yay!







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3 Ways To Put A Little Love In Your Home For Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start to bring all the pinks and hearts into your home. Of course, this means the holiday decorations have been put away, right? Ok, kind of a funny story, but Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday. Give me all the hearts, mushy movies, and pink inspired food + cocktails. I bet you probably think I’m one mush pot of emotions and a sappy, sensitive, and a warm-hearted soul, right? Nope, I just like all the pink in the house. Ha! (wink, wink)

When it comes to decorating for any holiday especially an all pink themed holiday like Valentine’s day, I like to have it flow with the rest of my house. And, it is effortless to do! I took three interior pieces that you all may have in your home and geared them towards Valentine’s Day. See three ways how you can add a little love to your home just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

Photos by Jessica Erickson

Ok, let’s start with my favorite! You might remember our spotlight on Gather & Mill located in Grass Valley, Ca. You could see it here if you missed it. One of the things I was so in love with was black and white weaving that Cassidy Fisher from The Northern Craft made. I needed one ASAP in my house. I had the perfect spot for one of her pieces too in my entryway. This is where you can use tones of blush, pinks, and creams and still have it flow with the rest of your house. As you can see it fits right at home! Doesn’t it just scream, “I’m the perfect Valentines Day piece!”. That’s what mine says at least! So to recap, incorporate the colors of Valentine’s Day into wall decor, whatever that be weavings, art prints, or even your children’s art drawings. 

The second way to bring the love into the home is to add some heart (the symbol that is). This can be thru art prints you style on your bookshelf, or even replacing some photographs you have on your wall already. Another idea is to frame an adorable card that you love and set that on top of some stacked books. Little touches around the house make a more significant impact then you think. For me, I added a heart plate from The Little Market into my cutting board display on top of my kitchen counters. See how a little touch can make the difference? Add some flowers next to it, and you have yourself one sweet little kitchen counter situation. 

Lastly, let’s talk kitchen towels. This is probably the most common way to incorporate holiday decoration into your home. My mother and grandmother always gave us holiday towels ever since I moved out in college. This still sits with me as part of my decoration routine. Change out the kitchen towels. You can get crazy and change out your bathroom towels. But one step at a time.

The Little Market has the best collection of hand and bath towels. I fell in love with their towels and they have made their way into my kitchen and even my bathrooms. And yes, as decorative towels! If you aren’t on team decorative towel, there are plenty of towels that you can touch and use for its sole purpose that are super cute as well! See some in my shopping guide below.

Shop all my favorite ways to add a little love to your house for Valentine’s Day. 







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Interior Mood Board- Project Kitchen

Happy Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? Flew by too fast for me, as it always does. Last week, we did our Real Talk, and let you in on some fun news that Jacquelyn and I were getting to design our kitchens in our new homes this year. We are both so eager to start this process of creating our new space. It all starts with the most important room – the kitchen. The area where you gather around the most, where you entertain, talk about your day over dinner, the place you probably make the most memories. This was important for us to produce an atmosphere we would love to spend time in for years to come. Today we are giving you a little peek of what these rooms will soon look like. We can’t wait to show you the final product! Till then, we will share and document the process through our Instagram Story.

Let’s start with Jacquelyn’s Inspiration!

When we closed escrow on our new home earlier this year I was beyond thrilled but totally not prepared for all of the big decisions I was going to have to make.  We decided to redo our kitchen before moving into the house because we didn’t want to deal with all the mess while in there. We are also taking out a wall, which is a whole other story!

I’ve been pinning ideas for my kitchen for years, but when the time came to design my own, it was very daunting. My husband has had to bug me to make decisions or even go look at things; I think I was a little apprehensive about making such permanent decisions. Plus, I’m so busy with my day too, I guess I was worried about adding more to my plate.

At first, I wanted to go in the direction of doing more modern beach wood cabinets. I still love the idea and look, but ultimately a few things changed my mind. One, I was worried I would get sick of them and they would just be a fad. Two, they aren’t in stock and would take 8-10 weeks to deliver, this isn’t a huge deal but would slow down our moving process quite a bit. And three, I was worried they wouldn’t match the wood flooring we are doing, and once everything was installed, I would feel regretful.

Ultimately I decided on classic white cabinets, they’ll never go out of style, and my kitchen will always look nice and bright! Plus, they are in stock which is a huge factor! Haha! We are also doing a large island with leather bar stools. The island will be a granite with a Carrera marble look, and the countertops will be granite with a dark cement look. We plan on doing a white glossy subway tile backsplash and a Portuguese inspired tile behind the stove.

The main elements we love are clean white with some natural wood and blue Portuguese tile.  I’m really hoping it all comes together well and my vision works. It’s exciting and scary all at once, and I can’t wait to share the outcome with you!

Now for Abby’s Inspiration!

We are moving into a division in Rocklin, Ca that is called Whitney Ranch. This procedure is a tad bit different than buying a house already built, and even building a custom home on your terms. How it works is we picked the style of home from three different options. It ranges from classic to the Spanish style- which we picked. Inside the home, you already have the layout designed. It is your job to pick out all the design elements of the home in their design centers. We haven’t gotten to that part of the process yet, and I do have to say I’m a bit nervous if I’m speaking honestly. What if they don’t have the precise tile I want? Or what if I want the built in to go here and not there? It is so much to think about, and you want everything to be perfect. I mean this is probably one of the only times, well pretty much the only time that I will be able to design my home from top to bottom. March is when we start the process, so till then, I’m gathering all my ideas together.

The kitchen. The most important room in our home for our family. It is where we spend the majority of our time with each other. The kids are at the age where they have homework, so we are always at the kitchen table, soon to be island doing our homework. I love to cook dinner with them and have them hanging out near me. We always sit down together for dinner and take turns talking about our day. If one of us isn’t there and able to speak on the phone, we FaceTime them to include them. It’s something we have been able to keep going with my husband already up in Sacramento.

SO what is this kitchen going to be? For sure, I know that we will have all white walls. No doubt there. I didn’t want to do straight white cabinets cause that would just be too much white for me. We love the look of a cabinet with a little hint of grayish green in it. My husband was shocked when I showed him the color. I don’t actually play with any other colors in the house besides black and white. But this pop of color will be a great contrast to the rattan that I want to carry thru the house. I’m so in love with rattan. We will have rattan lighting above the dinner table and perhaps above the kitchen island. That is still out for debate. My husband isn’t a huge fan, so I have to pick and choose my battles. Shouldn’t he just say, “Do whatever you want love?” In a dream world, I suppose. Ha!

With the cabinets an off color, and white walls, we are going simple with the backsplash, a beautiful clean subway tile. The island will be a white stone top with hints of gray to bring out the cabinet color. We are doing light floors this time around. At our old home, we did a very dark color, and we didn’t like it at all. Once the kids and the pets were around, it was dust city. You could see everything, and I was finding myself sweeping at least three times a day. I’m excited to get some light blonde wood tile in there. We saw this wood like tile at one of the model homes, and it was durable, clean, and requires less maintenance than dark hardwood floors. Lastly, adding wooden elements into the mix with open shelving, and areas to display all my glassware and dishes. I have collected quite a lot through these years with the blog content. Don’t forget the bright colored runner that will make its way into the kitchen as well for that fun pop of color. I have been looking for the perfect one these days, quite the challenge to find it. I know she is out there somewhere!

What do you guys think? We would love to hear your thoughts!



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