Mama’s Chat Night Reflecting on Self Care with Dr. Cassidy Freitas

Through-out the year I’ve posted about self care, and how important it is for us ladies.  It all started in January with a post I did with Dr. Cassidy Freitas, a licensed marriage and family therapist.  After having my second son last year I realized how us moms really lacked in the self care department.  I vowed to make adjustments and resolutions to that this year.  Fast forward and I have found different ways to care for myself this year.  From massages, to working out, to spending time with my girlfriends, it’s been eye opening.

Cassidy and I have been wanting to carry this discussion on with other mamas we know.  I reached out to my friend Julia of San Diego Songbird and owner of Gunn & Swain and Seaesta Surf.  As a busy mompreneur, she could completely relate.  Together, we decided to host a mama’s chat night and have Cassidy lead us in a conversation.  Self care was the main topic and how we sometimes lose our self in motherhood.  Cassidy helped us hone in on how we can make sure to practice self-care in big and small ways.  It lead to an insightful night full of support, love, thoughtfulness and camaraderie.  

I’m so excited to share the beautiful photos by Brooke Aliceon and have this party also featured on Glitter Guide today!  This was more than just a party to us, it was therapy…

When designing the table for this night I wanted everyone to feel close and comfortable.  So we did low tables to the ground with lots of blankets and pillows to get down and dirty and chat it up.  This was also easier for moms with little ones so they could be attentive to them and still join in on the talk.  The color scheme was soft muted pink tones which looked so pretty in that golden light at sunset.  We munched on the yummiest spread and drank rosé, the perfect addition to a night like this!  It was a great way to end summer and focus on a new season in the year to practice more self love and care.

The party was held in Julia’s amazing backyard and the light was beyond gorgeous.  Really, it was a magical night and looking at these photos makes my heart full.

Here is a little bit from Cassidy

Community and connection can bring us to a place of healing. This happened for participating moms through asking for help from family and friends, or finding a local support group. Allowing others “in” to care for us can be a vulnerable experience, but when the risk of being vulnerable is taken, the mom’s in our circle found that they were able to engage with more Self-Care and found themselves re-energized to engage in motherhood and their work.

The idea of “balance” is a unicorn, it’s a myth. In order for something to be “balanced” you need perfect weight on either side, and perfection is just not attainable. Also, perfectionism is typically externally driven, “what will others think?” If we get in touch with our internal values and use those values to make the tough decisions of prioritizing, our day to day lives can slowly become more aligned with what’s most important to us. Sometimes that means pouring ourselves into our families, sometimes it means saying yes to our work or projects, sometimes it means acknowledging that we are running on fumes and need to say yes to ourselves.

With any party you need good eats and drinks!  Lucky us were spoiled by A MIHO Experience, Butter & Crumbs and some good ol’ Trader Joe’s rosé…

We asked Cassidy to put together a few conversation starters for other mamas who wanted to throw a dinner party like this themselves…  I can’t encourage a night like this enough!  Grab your nearest girlfriends, a few bottles of wine and have these meaningful conversations…

Conversation Starters
1) What role does Self-Care have in your life right now?
2) What gets in the way of Self-Care? 
3)What are some of the messages you’ve received about Self-Care? (e.g., from family, discourses around gender and culture, social media?)
4) How might some of your personal values connect with caring for yourself?

5) Have there been times you’ve been able to overcome the Self-Care blocks? What allowed you to overcome those blocks?

Stay tuned for more Mama awareness and self care love events!  We can’t get enough of spreading this message…




Styling + Co-Host: Beijos Events 
Venue + Co-Host: Home of Julia Wheeler
Discussion Leader + Co-Host: Dr. Cassidy Freitas
Blankets: Gunn & Swain
Tables & Pillows: Pow Wow Design Studio
Tabletop Rentals: Hostess Haven
Half Moon Serving Trays: Dovetails + Darts
Placecards + Signage: Twinkle + Toast
Triangle Serving Tray: Rael Made

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Craft Beer Tasting with Beijos

Hope everyone is enjoying their Fall so far!!  We certainly are with our recent trip down to Booze Brothers for some very fun craft beer tasting.  So…we are aware of the craze for craft beer, but we just have never experienced it for ourselves, so we did just that.  We invited some of our favorite gals and had some much needed fun tasting some good beer and having a good catch up sesh. Here’s a little invite we whipped up with the ever so talented Twinkle and Toast.


meganwelker-october-113 meganwelker-october-116

We were all pretty excited, some of us frequent breweries and some of us had never been…imagine that!!  So the seasoned few taught us a few things about why craft beer is so special and some of the fun rituals that go with it.  Here they are lined up all pretty with their name tags of course! The difference in glass has to do with the alcohol content, the higher it is graduates it into the glass with no stem.

meganwelker-october-119 meganwelker-october-128 meganwelker-october-127 meganwelker-october-124

We all had our favorites, I think we all leaned more toward the ciders, blondes and ambers.  The stouts and IPA’s were a little too intense…


One of the best things, sorry guys was going just girls, especially to a brewery because this is something dudes are just inherently invited to.



Taryn taught us a lot about beer that day, she definitely knows her stuff!!


meganwelker-october-154 meganwelker-october-152 meganwelker-october-147


Here we are as first timers taking it all in…



This was totally out of the box for us and a fun thing to do with our girls if you are looking for something fun to plan this Fall. We were so curious to know what the big deal was with this craft beer craze, and now we get it.  Fun times, especially in a beautiful brewery like Booze Brothers down in Vista.  If you haven’t been you must go.

meganwelker-october-138 meganwelker-october-136

Bottoms up!! Hehe


Xx Leah

All photos by Megan Welker

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Relax Spotlight – The Now

We are always scouting out new places to try and this one was a no brainer!!  We are so excited to tell you about The Now and our amazing experience there.  I mean, who doesn’t love to get pampered?  Especially at this beautiful place and at a time when pregnancy has taken over our bodies and is just putting it through the ringer!! Our pal in LA recently told us about this gem and when we looked it up, we were smitten, we had to see what all the buzz was about!!  The space is gorgeous, let’s take a look…

Photos by Megan Welker

meganwelker-thenow-1 meganwelker-thenow-5 meganwelker-thenow-4

This place has a such a beautiful relaxing aesthetic, right when you walk in, there is a sense of calm.  This is where you check in, and you can get a refreshing glass of water.

Photos provided by The Now, Neustatd


As you walk into the waiting room to await your massage, you can sit on one of these comfortable chairs. The decor in this place is insane….

neustadt-32 neustadt-33

Photos by Megan Welker

meganwelker-thenow-13 meganwelker-thenow-21 meganwelker-thenow-14


Then they slide through the amazing barn door and call you to your room.

Photo provided by The Now, Neustatd


We had to find out the inspiration, vision behind The Now, so here’s a little bit about it…

The NOW reinvents the way people think about and experience massages by creating a luxury service in a convenient, affordable, and accessible way.

The NOW design aesthetic incorporates raw elements and natural materials that conjure nostalgic smells and scenes from remote and exotic hideaways. Natural wood surfaces, cement, exposed beams coupled with kilim pillows, skins and rawhides – everything aligns with nature, allowing guests to be transported. An oasis in the middle of the city, the boutique is a blend of bohemian chic and tranquility, evoking a soothing environment to unwind in and take a moment for you.

The NOW is designed to feel like a luxurious spa destination and a sanctuary from the bustling city.Whether someone comes in for a 25-minute massage after a long day on their feet or an 85-minute massage to nourish their soul, The NOW strives to ensure all guests leave feeling rested and recharged.

With a carefully curated menu consisting of aromatherapy and add-on options, there is truly something for everyone – including kids. Pricing starts at $35 for a 25-minute massage. Services are available in two rooms – The Journey Room that is communal and focuses on the head and feet while The Moment Room is a private room for full-body massage. With expansion plans on the horizon, The NOW will soon be available to a wider audience who will have the opportunity to experience what the buzz is all about.

The NOW was conceptualized by Amy Krofchick, Erica Malbon and Gara Post. Today, Erica and Gara are working to spread the brands core values and mission to uplift as many people as possible though massage.

meganwelker-thenow-25 meganwelker-thenow-33 meganwelker-thenow-30

At The NOW We Believe The Power of Touch Can Transform

We Support
We Massage
We Inspire

We Believe a Good Life is When You Assume Nothing
Do More
Need Less
Smile Often
Dream Big
Laugh a Lot
Realize How Blessed You Are

At The NOW We Believe
We Believe Silence is Luxury

Restore Your Body
Reset Your Soul

You Are The Master of Your Destiny
Be Unapologetic
Be Brave
Be Authentic
Be You




This is us nice, sleepy and relaxed after our massage, so worth it!!  We are definitely headed back soon!!

meganwelker-thenow-44 meganwelker-thenow-48 meganwelker-thenow-47 meganwelker-thenow-46

At The NOW we offer a moment.
We are a new concept in how you experience massage.
We offer a space to disconnect from the outside world
and connect within, to nourish the body, mind and soul.
We restore with touch.

Unlike traditional spas that offer a time out we offer a time in.

We deliver a luxury service at an affordable price, in an idyllic space.

We hope you enjoyed seeing and learning a little about this amazing place, no go see for yourself, you will not be disappointed!!

Xx Leah


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Yes Way Macramé!!

A few weeks ago we had a fun lady date with some of our So Cal favs and we are so excited to share it with you today!!  There is so much goodness involved and we really got to work with so many great ladies to create this fun day filled with lots of laughter and lots of champagne!!  This party is also featured on Glitter Guide today!  Without further ado…. Let’s check out our little “Fake it till you Macra-make it” soiree!

All photos by our gal Megan Welker

meganwelker-macramakeit-10 meganwelker-macramakeit-135 We always love having our lady dates, you may have seen our last few here and here…  For Valentine’s Day we wanted to incorporate another fun activity like we had in the past, which lead us to Elsie Goodwin.  We came across her company Reform Fibers and fell in love with her designs and had to reach out, since she is so talented and also offers teaching lessons at parties!  It’s always fun to learn something new especially when you’re with a great group of girls and drinking a couple of cocktails!

Next we hit up our buddy (and idol) Jesi Haack, we have loved her since the day we met her, she’s so humble and down to earth and were dying to do something fun with her!!!  Jesi was nice enough to jump on board and her husband let us use his space for the party at Wolf Camp, which is just the best blank slate of a venue ever!!  It was so fun to team up with someone like Jesi who admire and bounce ideas off of each other, she really is so talented, we just basked in her glory ;)

meganwelker-macramakeit-104 meganwelker-macramakeit-79 For the decor we wanted something fun, girly, boho and pink… Basically all the things we love in this world!  Without going too over the top Valentine’s-ish we added some royal blues which, we loved!!  Hostess Haven supplied all of the pretty tabletop items, from the gorgeous textiles to the amazing cobalt blue tumblers and it all flowed together seamlessly!  Plus, those copper chairs from Found Rentals are just the best, like can someone please get me those for my own house??!!  Let’s take a look at more of this tabletop goodness…

meganwelker-macramakeit-91 meganwelker-macramakeit-103 meganwelker-macramakeit-48 The fun place cards and all the other pretty signage was done by Courtney of Poppyjack Shop, we just adore this girl!  You may remember when our own Leah Carriger took her calligraphy class!  We highly recommend learning from her, not only is she uber talented but also so so sweet!  She even made little fliers for each place setting letting everyone know who helped make this fun party possible, thanks Courtney!!

meganwelker-macramakeit-75 meganwelker-macramakeit-107 meganwelker-macramakeit-69 We also adorned each place setting with a lovely wooden mini heart from The Little Market, which was part of an amazing swag bag each guest received… But more on that later ;)  We just love that little wooden heart, it’s the sweetest touch for any Valentine event!

Now, let’s talk florals… When we get to work with Carissa of JL Designs we’ve basically hit the jack pot!  We worked with her for our booth at The Cream last year, our gal Megan Welker’s wedding and now got to have some fun with her for our lady date too!  She always bring so much pretty floralizing every where she goes, but watch out if she has a bottle of champagne!  She won’t let you get away with out having a few glasses!!

meganwelker-macramakeit-72 meganwelker-macramakeit-42 meganwelker-macramakeit-26 meganwelker-macramakeit-73 Now with any party, you’ve gotta have yummy food and drinks!  And this party, was of course, no exception!  We reached out to our friends from Whoa Nelly Catering who we worked with at this fun kids event last year, and they created the yummiest vegetarian menu ever!!!  I am still dreaming of the delicious vegan sandwich I devoured that day!!  And our favorite sparkly bottle is always One Hope Wine, they supplied some yummy champagne and white wines that we all maybe had a little too much fun with ;)  It did make for some fun macrame moments though!

meganwelker-macramakeit-124 meganwelker-macramakeit-125 meganwelker-macramakeit-162 meganwelker-macramakeit-118 meganwelker-macramakeit-116 How cute are those X’s & O’s that Jesi Haack whipped up for the decor?!  Love them!!

And obviously we’ve gotta have some yummy dessert!!  Thanks to Hannah’s Bananas, nobody’s sweet tooth went hungry!  I mean, this has got to be the BEST party trick ever, bringing in a frozen banana cart?!  Yes please!!

meganwelker-macramakeit-212 meganwelker-macramakeit-216 meganwelker-macramakeit-217 meganwelker-macramakeit-220 And definitely needed a lounge spot for all the girls to relax, pillows courtesy of our favorite, Boho Pillow of course!!!

meganwelker-macramakeit-156 meganwelker-macramakeit-160 Now, on to the macrame!!!  Elsie is a wonderful and very patient teacher, because let me tell you, this is much harder than you think!!!  We had fun creating a little mini hot pink dyed macrame hanging, but even the little mini took us about an hour to create!!  This macrame business is some hard work!!!  But oh so fun and rewarding, because let’s be honest, the outcome is just the cutest darn thing ever!!

There’s our lovely macrame guru herself, Elsie!

meganwelker-macramakeit-142 meganwelker-macramakeit-175 meganwelker-macramakeit-185 meganwelker-macramakeit-193 meganwelker-macramakeit-211 There’s Amber Thrane from the Dulcet Creative who was just way too good at her macrame!!

meganwelker-macramakeit-201 And there’s Leah and I trying our best to keep up with learning, haha!!

meganwelker-macramakeit-196 We seriously had the best group of ladies, love everyone who came and helped to make this such a fun day!!!  We really do love any excuse to have a lady date with our gal pals, but since Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays it just made it that much easier!

meganwelker-macramakeit-167 meganwelker-macramakeit-174 Stay tuned for that giveaway I was talking about!!



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Get Yo Wreath On

In celebration of the holiday season, us Beijos ladies thought it would be fun to have a little get together with some of our close girl friends, we like to call it a Beijos Lady Date!

We teamed up with our wonderful friends at DIG Gardens in Santa Cruz, CA who were kind enough to host and to give us all a lesson in wreath making!  The event was in the morning, and really, what better way to start your day off than with some good company, a little coffee and getting your hands dirty?!

Meg Perotti came along to play and to capture all of the fun!
This party is also featured on Style Me Pretty Living today!

IMG_9159 We can start off with the prettiest water color invite by Twinkle and Toast, along with all of the other fun signage!

IMG_9015 Each guest was greeted with a personalized mug and their choice of Verve Coffee or Tea, along with lots of yummy treats!

IMG_8975 Loving our Boho Pillow Napkins!!

IMG_8971 IMG_8962 IMG_8964 So yummy!!!!

IMG_9028 IMG_9061 Aren’t these mugs the best?!  Simple and sweet!

IMG_9026 IMG_8985 IMG_8989 The grounds at DIG are so amazing, we got to have our little wreath making fun in this amazing gazebo surrounded by tons of pretty plants!

IMG_8982 The table was full of fun items to add to our wreaths, and everyone was encouraged to “Get Yo Wreath On”.

IMG_8998 IMG_9023 Of course there was time for some yummy scones and coffee whilst we were wreathing away!

IMG_9063 IMG_9073 IMG_9074 Things got a bit dirty, but that was ok and definitely encouraged!!

IMG_9085 There’s cute little Carlie Statsky with her pretty wreath!

IMG_9095 IMG_9103 IMG_9113 Nothing wrong with a little dirt on the floor!

IMG_9110 And Mrs. Abby Guido is showing off her work of art!

IMG_9119 There are a few of us ladies displaying our final products!!

IMG_9122 Pretty Leah Carriger with her pretty wreath!

IMG_9128 And Natalie of Natalie Dressed looking adorable and ready for Winter with her new wreath!

IMG_9142 This is Cara, owner of DIG Gardens, finished product… What can we say, she’s a professional!

IMG_9160 We have to share some of the beautiful photos of DIG, they have an amazing selection of Holiday goods, we were pretty obsessed!

IMG_9166 IMG_9163 IMG_9182 IMG_9185 IMG_9184 IMG_9179 IMG_9176 Hope you all have time to get together with your favorite people and enjoy the holidays!!



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