She’s a Gem – 1st Birthday Party

Us Beijos ladies have become quite accustom to planning and designing 1st birthday parties and quite frankly, we love it!  First of all, our clients have the absolute cutest babies and secondly, we love celebrating something so fun and memorable with them.  Plus, each party is so unique and different with their themes that we get to play and really get creative which is extra fun!  This one was easy because Aveline’s mama Misherr was so sweet and gave us a new theme we had never tackled before – a she’s a gem 1st birthday party that we know you will love!  This party is also featured on 100LayerCakelet today and you just can’t miss it!  Keep scrolling here to see all of the gorgeous photos from Heather Kincaid and all of the fun details that made this party shine!

unspecified-11 Let’s start with the invite, shall we?!  Aveline’s daddy does graphic design and we had no problem putting him straight to work, haha!  Let’s just say it’s a plus to have a dad who is talented and can create anything our little hearts desire!  How cute is this invite?!  And how amazing are these cocktail stirrers and cupcake toppers created by The Roc Shop?!  More on these later…

unspecified-3 We styled the tables with Cheeky for Target by Design Love Fest’s collection of paper plates, napkins, flatware and cups. This collection is so amazing and we have used it before and we can’t recommend it enough!  Not only is it cute but it’s also cost effective and practical, I mean who wants to do THAT many dishes after throwing a party?!  Totally exhausting , right?!  They dress up a table immediately and their design is easy to use with multiple themes…  And how absolutely amazing are the florals by MV Florals?!  That garland with touches of jewel toned flowers is so gorgeous, we can’t get enough!

unspecified-23 unspecified-6 unspecified-19 unspecified-4 For chairs we used ghost chairs from Stephanie’s Linens and were so happy with the decision on these!  They added a fun and modern feel to the party that flowed perfectly with the aesthetic.

unspecified-9 unspecified-2 Wanna see more pretty flowers from MV Florals?!  Ya, us too…

unspecified-24 Another fun detail?!  Custom confetti to add a personalized little touch around the party with the birthday girl’s name by The Confetti Bar!

unspecified-7 Our girl Blot & Dot did all of the beautiful signage… We love everything she does!  Gotta have a photo sign like this one behind Aveline’s high chair, love this one that she created for us!

unspecified-5 unspecified-17 unspecified-3 Here’s a little bit from our lovely client and mama Misherr…

We went with gem theme as Aveline’s middle name is Jemma and that sparked some wordplay inspiration for her 1st birthday party. We opted to throw in some brighter colors on top of jewel tones as we are in Los Angeles and September here does not resonate Fall yet and actually still feels like Summer! Jacquelyn from Beijos Events came up with the most amazing details for the theme that made the party feel really special and personal. We are lovers of details!

Every party needs a lounge space for people to kick back and enjoy themselves, and 1st birthdays are no exception!  They are also utilized as a space for parents to relax with their little ones, hold them or even let them play on a soft space like a rug.  Lucky us the venue the party was held at, The Forge in Los Angeles, has an indoor and outdoor space.  Southern California weather stays warm well into the Fall so we thought the lounge would fit perfectly outside so families could enjoy some sunshine.  Circa Rentals had the perfect pieces to really make this lounge pop and blend well with our overall decor with some pinks and pops of metallic!  But first, how cute are our clients and baby Aveline?!

unspecified-25 unspecified-27 unspecified-3 unspecified-4 The entire time we were dying over this little cutie!!  I mean her outfit and that face?!  Such a gorgeous babe!

unspecified And don’t forget fun little toys for all of the babies and kiddos to play with!  We love these neutral wood toys that any baby would love and they go with every party!

unspecified-2 unspecified-1 Now… One of the best parts everyone… THE DESSERTS!!!  I’ll let Misherr tell you a little bit more…

We asked our friend Sarah from SarieCakes to create these pretty watercolor cakes and super cute gem shape cookies. Aveline loves to eat and she sure did not disappoint as she ate half of her smash cake in under a minute!

Check out all of the AMAZING desserts and the fun details that really made this party stand out, and there are those cute cupcake toppers from The Roc Shop

unspecified-6 unspecified-16 unspecified-1 unspecified unspecified-15 unspecified-13 unspecified-5 How cute is Aveline and her smash cake?!  This is one of our favorite parts of every 1st Birthday!!  Gotta have some extra details like the florals by MV Florals on the high chair to dress it up a bit too!

unspecified-11 unspecified-10 Hope you liked this one as much as us!  We’re a little biased but we think it was pretty amazing… And this family couldn’t be cuter!  Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day!



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Viva la Vivi – 1st Birthday Party

We’re so thrilled to share this gorgeous 1st birthday party we were so lucky to be a part of!!  When Sara Brenner, the owner of Lulu & Georgia, asked us to help style and design her daughter Vivian’s birthday party we were over the moon excited!  We are huge fans of Lulu & Georgia and all of their gorgeous inventory, so needless to say, this was a match made in heaven!  Sara had a few brilliant ideas for what theme she wanted to do and we ended up with this beautiful Italian “Viva la Vivi” theme and we are so happy with how it turned out!  It’s also featured today on My Domaine and Style Me Pretty Living… Scroll down for all of the photos by Ala Cortez and our Q&A with My Domaine!

alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1008 How would you describe the theme of the event?  Which colors/patterns did you choose to convey the theme?

Sara had a gorgeous vision for her Vivian Mae’s 1st birthday party of the Italian countryside/riviera that we absolutely loved and just went with!  The colors we used were pretty hues of blue, white and yellow from images of the ocean and beach with the amazing yellow and white umbrellas strewn along the sand.  We used greenery that reminded us of walking through a Tuscan villa with some blush blooms, just to add that girly touch for a lovely lady’s first birthday!  We really loved that it wasn’t your typical 1st birthday party, much more chic!  What tied it all together was the prettiest blue and white floral print that we used throughout the party on the invite and with pretty placemats at each guest’s place setting.

alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1077 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1002 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1013 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1017 Planning a party that both adults and children will love is a challenge. What elements should readers consider to make sure it appeals to both age groups?

As a mother myself I totally understand this problem…  You want to make sure the kids have a fun time but also make sure the adults are taken care of and comfortable themselves!  It’s not easy bringing a toddler to a party, it can actually be pretty stressful!  Luckily Sara herself is extremely thoughtful and thought of every detail for her guests, down to making sure the bathrooms had every essential a parent would need to for a quick diaper change!  To please both the little and big guests we ensured there was plenty of shade with pretty umbrellas (the party was held in August, so it was hot!), lots of lounge space to relax comfortably and rugs so our littlest guests could move about easily!  There was also entertainment with the Beat Buds that both the babes and their parents could enjoy, along with fun music playing throughout the event.  Another important aspect to us is the food and drinks, Room Forty put together a perfect menu that was both kid and adult friendly and of course, cocktails are necessary for us adults at these parties!

There’s the cute little birthday girl herself!!

alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1128 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1126 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1193 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1198 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1156
And here’s some of that yummy food we were talking about from Room Forty! alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1122 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1169 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1168 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1167 Can you tell me a bit about the flowers and greenery used, and how they contributed to the overall theme?

With the Italian countryside inspiration I really wanted to have as much pretty greenery as possible, but to tie in Vivian being a pretty little girl we had to have some florals so we went with blushes and whites!  Flowers are so important to events, I always find that once I have the florals in place it just all comes together and looks gorgeous no matter what.  We had pretty greenery and blooms around all of the main wooden signs to dress them up and each centerpiece was full of pretty florals that complimented the party.  Florals can be a pricey part of a party, but like I said they definitely are a wow factor that ties the entire party together!

alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1014 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1026 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1120 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1084 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1054 What are some simple ways readers can personalize party decor?

I find that with any party it’s all about the little details and that is what can really impress your guests…  For Vivian’s party we used the pretty paper placemats that aren’t expensive and make an impact.  Another way we love to add a nice touch is by personalizing things…  This can be with cocktail napkins, cocktail stirrers, cake toppers or even signage!  We usually turn to The Rock Shop for her amazing designs, but you could easily find companies online that will make these for you through easy or just by googling it!  And every 1st birthday party needs touches like a “1st birthday stats sign” with all the details about the guest of honor and photos of that little person through-out their first year.

alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1030 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1117 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1082 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1178 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1152 How would you describe the table setting?  What are the key elements readers should consider to replicate this look?

The table setting was classic with pretty touches.  We used simple china, flatware and glasses that any of your readers most likely have at home but added pretty details like yellow napkins tied in a knot, that can easily be replicated.  The paper placemats were designed by Sara’s graphic designer, if you have a friend that is handy with something like that you could always ask them or hire someone and print at your local Kinkos.  And of course adding amazing florals doesn’t hurt either!

alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1019 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1004 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1034 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1020 Tell me a bit about the food and sweets served!  Were they all child and adult-friendly, or did you cater with each age group in mind?

Sara definitely wanted each guest to be happy with the menu selection, she thought of both the adults and kiddos while also keeping our Italian theme in mind too…  With any child’s party you have to have something they will love to eat, so buttered noodles and pizza were a must!  Haha!  Luckily pizza is an overall party pleaser so it was definiltey the way to go.  Add a couple light salads for the adults as well and you have the perfect Summer party set up.  For desserts we continued keeping the Italian theme in mind and included an assortment of Italian biscotti, cookies, and cannolis – and no birthday would be complete without a cake!  For Vivian we had a simple two tiered white cake, added some gorgeous blooms and of course a personalized cake topper!

alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1206 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1045 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1051 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1043 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1049 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1058 How important was it to create social seating areas throughout the party?  What are the key accents readers should introduce to do this?

This party had the ultimate lounge selection for guests to enjoy, thanks to our amazing Lulu & Georgia connection ;)  I personally think that a lounge area is really key to a kid’s party, parents need a place to relax and play with their children that is comfortable and easily accessible.  Soft pillows and cushions are important to have for little ones to be able to sit and play, but you also want to steer clear of sharp edges if possible so they don’t bump their heads.  Rugs are also a key aspect, at this age kids are all over the place crawling and walking with the occasional spill so you want something soft for them to land on!  Plus it’s easier for parents to get down on the floor to play as well.  Having these areas makes the party flow easily and lets your guests mingle while also having fun with their little ones!

alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1096 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1098 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1097 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1108 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1118 alacortez-lifestyle-vivalavivi-1119 It was such a pretty party and we can’t thank Sara enough for letting us be a part of it!  Here are all of the amazing vendors that made this one possible…

Styling/Design – Beijos Events
Photography – Ala Cortez
Lounge FurnitureLulu & Georgia
Venue – The Fig House via The Venue Report
Catering – Room Forty
Band – The Beat Buds
Signage – Prim & Pixie
Calligraphy – Calligraphy Nerd
Invite – Paperless Post
Florals – MV Florals
Rentals – Choura Events
Napkins – Hostess Haven
Cocktail Stirrers & Cake Topper – The Roc Shop
Ice Cream Cart – Carmela Ice Cream
Viva la Vivi Sign – The Duo Studioxx

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Beijinhos Birthday – Dylan’s Ballerina Birthday

Its seems just like yesterday, I was planning Dylan’s 4th birthday, and now this little lady is 6! Where does the time go? I swore each year goes by faster then the last. This year, this little lady wanted to get her tutu on and spend it twirling with her close gal pals. Near our house is the cutest little ballerina studio called The Tutu School located in Willow Glen. This is a little girl’s dream! Purple and pink walls, tutus galore, and plenty of room to twirl their little hearts out. Dylan had two requests for this party…. jewelry and lots of treats for all of her besties. She is the sweetest little girl who wanted to make sure that everyone was treated like it was their birthday, and we did just that! So excited to show you all the fun details with you today. Don’t miss it on 100 Layer Cake-let as well.

 Photos by Yasmin Sarai

Let’s begin with the invitation. I wanted the colors to flow with the venue so I kept with an ombre color palette of pastel pinks, purples, and denim blue. The style was of course a little boho.


Gal pal Megann Miniello created this pretty watercolor beauty. So cute right!?





Every ballerina needs her own tutu romper. I found this pink number at Sweet Threads, and immediately knew this was perfect for her special day. Don’t forget the gold ballerina slippers.




Twirling and dancing can get exhausting so a little lounge area for the ballerinas to hang in was much appreciated. I used Gunn & Swain blankets and paired them with my favorite Boho Pillows. Adding in a belly basket fill of protea flowers and pastel snap dragons to complete the cozy feel. Adding florals and greenery will go so far in the design area, its brings it all to life. Plus it makes the area so pretty! A wooden sign saying “just dance” by Megann Miniello also made itself at home in the lounge area.







One of the birthday girl’s requests is that she could give her friends treats galore. And it had to be picnic style. I took that request and ran with it. Still keeping with the color palette theme of pinks, purples, and denim blues. Flower guru, Natasha Kolenko created this amazing pastel arrangement that was absolutely stunning. That girl creates magic! Look at those proteas! Love! The Little Market heart shaped wooden plates were placed on top of an ombre colored placemat and accompanied by some denim blue mud cloth napkins by Boho Pillow. I found the perfect ombre cups and plates from Land of Nod that screamed ballerina party! Placemats are such a fun way to create more design into your tablescape, and its so easy to do and affordable! Simply just find or create an image of your choice and make a color copy on cardstock. Voila!



Each place setting had a favor personalized with their names on it. Inside was a swan Gunner & Lux necklace to remind them of all the ballerina fun they had that day. Just the beginning of the gift giving!







After lots of dancing and crafting, these little ballerinas were itching for some treats! Keeping my word, they got some treats! A whole bookcase full of sugary ones!




Sugar! Sugar! made by Megann Miniello



Remember those flowers that were on Dylan’s romper? There they are on the wooden cupcake and cake tray. Its all in the details.


The yummiest glittery cotton candy by The Fluff Factory!



Bows and bracelets for my friends!

yasminsarai_beijosevents_dylans6thbday-61 yasminsarai_beijosevents_dylans6thbday-58

The second request from the birthday girl was to spoil her besties, so lets just do that! Along with the swan necklace, they needed bracelets and hair bows to complete their look. Hudson and Isla have the cutest boho textile hairbows that were perfect for this party. No better then giving out friendship bracelets, these cuties were made by The Fair Line.

yasminsarai_beijosevents_dylans6thbday-117 Miss Stella Bella sneaking in some of The Fluff Factory’s cotton candy. That girl sure loves her sweets!



Tutus on little ones! Adorable! These two cuties stuffing their faces with cupcakes!



Ending the party with of course signing Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday my sweet Dylan! Hope your day was magical!

Let’s see what 7 brings us next year!

Big Thank You to all the wonderful vendors!

Styling: Beijos Events /Photography: Yasmin Sarai /Florals: Natasha Kolenko /Invites + Signage + Cake + Cupcake Trays + Favor Boxes: Meghann Miniello / Cupcakes + Cake: Susie Cakes / Ombre Paper Cups/Paper Plates: The Land of Nod / Cotton Candy: The Fluff Factory/ Wooden Heart Plates: The Little Market / Napkins + Pillows: Boho Pillow / Blankets: Gunn & Swain / Dylan’s Ballet Outfit : Sweet Threads /Swan Necklaces: Gunner & Lux  / Hair Bow Ties- Hudson & Isla / Friendship Bracelets- The Fair Line



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The Beijos Service – ECelebrate

Happy Monday Everyone!  It’s a new week and we have some fun stuff for you today, talking about our E-Celebrate package we offer with our services.  We get a lot of inquiries on this one and it’s really fun watching it come to life.  Here’s what it all entails…

E- Celebrate!!

Mood Board and Links Package –  Email us for pricing

Creative and Inspiration theme and assistance

Unlimited phone and email communication

Establish a design board with a cohesive aesthetic

Recommendation of vendors

Organic Sprinkle E-Celebrate

This summer we’ve done some good ones so we wanted to share them with you from start to finish.  Here’s the one we did for Jacquelyn’s sister Janna when she planned her sprinkle last month.  Janna gave me some hints of details like the fern greenery and integrating her favorite color…yellow when she came to me.  We took some inspiration from baby Cruz’s nursery, so we knew Jacquelyn would love it.  Here’s a peek at the vision board I made. I went natural, organic, simple, and used greens and blacks for this precious boy we are all waiting for.

jacq's sprinkle board

From the board to the party…

All photos by Ala Cortez

Rentals by Hostess Haven

Florals by MV Florals

Now a peek at the actual party to see the vision board come to life….We loved the idea of the vintage vases all down the middle of the table mixed with different types and ferns, adding our own styled twist and pop of yellow.




The invite, menu and signage was well thought out as we knew we wanted to integrate watercolor ferns and a thicker masculine black font.

Signage by Meghann Miniello


And the cake / dessert details…we wanted a small textured cake with doughnuts and of course added the color on top!

Sweets by Beverly’s bakery & Sidecar Doughnuts

lifestyle-babycruz-1067 lifestyle-babycruz-1066


Tropical E-Celebrate

Here’s more vision boards from another party we did for an awesome client a couple months ago.  It was her daughters first birthday and we knew how special this one had to be!!  She wanted a pretty, colorful tropical theme, heavy on the pink.  Here’s the pictures and color palate Jacquelyn started with …

Piper 1st Birthday

Jacquelyn also made a rentals board for our client so she could visualize more areas of the party.

Piper's 1st Birthday - Rentals

Now here is this beauty that came to life…There is so much pretty to show with this one, we’ll start with the flowers!  MV Florals pretty much killed it!!

All Photos by Dulcet Creative



This floral arch as guests walked in…so good.


The planned detail on the balloons


_dulcetcreative-1443 _dulcetcreative-1440

The lounge furniture come to life by our gals at Adore Folklore


Fun details like stir sticks & cake toppers are a must!!

By Nic Roc Designs

_dulcetcreative-1301 _dulcetcreative-1234-2

Place mats, signage, and invite all done by the talented Meghann Miniello


And we can’t forget about these sweets…

Sweet and Saucy Shop never disappoints


These flamingo macs…. _dulcetcreative-1057

So there you have it.  E-Celebrate is easy if you know your direction and a few details, but have a hard time putting cohesive design details together, this is the package for you!!  We’ll give you the vision and tell you how to get it to make it come to life!!  Please email us about it if you have any more questions!!

Have a great week!

Xx Leah

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Piper’s Paradise – 1st Birthday Party

We love ourselves a tropical soiree, they’ve become somewhat our specialty since styling these beauties here, here and here!  So when Kristen, Piper’s sweet mama, enlisted us to style and design her daughter’s big 1st birthday we were thrilled to say the least!  This theme is alway so fun, and it’s crazy how different and unique you can make each event.  Kristen was an amazing client and working with her was a breeze considering she had such amazing taste!  The party was held in her and her husband’s backyard on a beautiful summer day and Piper was the perfect birthday girl for all of the photos!  Without further ado, let’s get down to all the pretty details!

Photos by The Dulcet Creative

This party is also featured on 100LayerCakelet Today!

Let’s start with the invite!  You know how we feel about paper goods and signage, to us it’s one of the most important details!  When you send the invite you are setting the tone for the party, and we set the tone for lots of fun, sun and good times with these pretty invites by Meghann Miniello!

_dulcetcreative-1181 Guests were greeted upon arrival with a lei and a cocktail!  The bar stood near the entrance of the party and we had lots of fun details added like custom napkins & cups with graphics by Meghann Miniello and cocktail stirrers by The Roc Shop.  Meghann also did the pretty pink signage that is used through-out entire party…

_dulcetcreative-1273 _dulcetcreative-1286 _dulcetcreative-1275 _dulcetcreative-1301 Here’s the bar in all it’s glory!!  This bar is from Adore Folklore where we got all of the rentals, wait till you see the rest!!

_dulcetcreative-1292 Kristen wanted a way to display Piper’s first year photos so we found this simple hoop DIY and had MV Florals add some pretty florals, didn’t it turn out so cute!!  Kristen printed the photos via Artifact Uprising, our go to place for these special occasions!

_dulcetcreative-1265 To enter the party guests walked through an amazing installation on the family’s archway to their backyard done by our talented pal MV Florals… We love how the guests felt like they were entering a tropical paradise, Piper’s Paradise to be exact….

_dulcetcreative-1313 _dulcetcreative-1318 There’s mommy and the birthday girl right there!!

_dulcetcreative-1574 Pineapples and palm fronds were an inspiration through-out the party that we carried on to the table!  We had Meghann design paper placemats using two different motifs from the invitations, we love using placemats at events, they add such a fun detail and paper ones don’t break the bank!  The plates we used were by leafware which go perfectly with the theme, glassware is from Ikea, flatware from Etsy and the napkins fare from Hostess Haven.  Just add a flower detail and you are set!

_dulcetcreative-1234-2 How about those florals again by the super talented MV Florals… I mean they are such a HUGE wow factor, it’s unreal!!

_dulcetcreative-1490 _dulcetcreative-1629 _dulcetcreative-1250 And then there’s these amazing chairs…  We are obsessed with these pink beauties and how they complimented the entire party from Adore Folklore

_dulcetcreative-1429 _dulcetcreative-1563 _dulcetcreative-1423 Moving on to our lounge area…  When you have a party with really little ones a lounge area is a must!  A place for them to crawl and play and for the parents to party like pineapples!!  Check out all of the fun pieces by Adore Folklore, umbrellas by Kerry Cassill and blankets by Gunn & Swain

_dulcetcreative-1399 _dulcetcreative-1413 _dulcetcreative-1357 Fun little items were in baskets for the kids to play with, like these cute flamingo masks by Opposite of Far

_dulcetcreative-1479 A few other fun details… Big balloons with palm leaves attached, yes please!!

_dulcetcreative-1500 Gotta have pink flamingos around the party!

_dulcetcreative-1420 Shave Ice, a definite essential from Kona Ice!

_dulcetcreative-1796 We also had these pretty lattice that were spray painted pink and adorned with MV Florals beautiful arrangements…

_dulcetcreative-1440 We seriously can’t get enough of these beautiful arrangements!!!

_dulcetcreative-1443 The adults were given a fresh pineapple as a thank you and the mini guests were given pineapple maracas to say let’s party & thank you for coming!!

_dulcetcreative-1872 Last but certainly not least is the dessert table!!!  Always the crowd pleaser and this one will knock your socks off!!  Sweet & Saucy created most of these beautiful and yummy desserts except the jello cups created by Sheila Mae.  And we can’t forget the cake toppers by The Roc Shop!

_dulcetcreative-1110 _dulcetcreative-1101 _dulcetcreative-1081 _dulcetcreative-1057 Can you even with these flamingo macarons?!

_dulcetcreative-1063 _dulcetcreative-1088 Here’s our favorite little birthday girl enjoying her smash cake!!

_dulcetcreative-2022 It was a special day filled with lots of love and the prettiest tropical details!!  We feel so honored to have helped in a small way to create the perfect party for Miss Piper!



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