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The Modern Bridal Beauty Kit with Project Juice

Our Beijos Bride Janna is back with a little insight into getting ready for her big day, which happened just a few weeks ago!  See what she did that last week to make sure she was fit, ready and happy!!

Photos by Megan Welker

Hi Friends – long time no blog!  I am now a happy newlywed, but am rewinding a bit to let you know about this awesome cleanse from our friends at Project Juice :)  Stay tuned for more on my GORGEOUS wedding in the coming weeks.  I know I’m biased, but it was a stunner!

I’ve done a couple 1 day cleanses in the past, and have always wanted to do a longer one, but was a tad intimidated. In the 3 months leading up to my wedding, I did a 1 day cleanse each month as an attempt to keep myself in check, and stick to some semblance of a bride diet.

meganwelker-projectjuice-1 When I heard about the Project Juice Modern Bride Beauty Kit, I was so excited because I had never come across a 2 day cleanse.  It’s a genius idea to market a cleanse to brides – It was literally exactly what I was looking for!  Having done it, 2 days is the perfect amount of time for a cleanse, and even better – YOU CAN EAT DINNER!  That’s the most amazing thing about this cleanse; you can eat actual food!  Really, anyone can do this cleanse.

meganwelker-projectjuice-3 You start and end the day by taking 2 of their “shots”.  These shots are super easy to get down, and I really liked the idea of having something smaller and more concentrated, rather than pounding an entire juice as soon as I wake up or right before bed.

meganwelker-projectjuice-8  The first juice, the breakfast juice, is right up my alley – ginger, grapefruit, and cayenne – DELICIOUS!  Since I am a greyhound drinking, red pepper flake obsessed, ginger lover, this juice was perfect.  And I love that it’s not too sweet, something I have encountered while doing juice cleanses in the past.

meganwelker-projectjuice-6 The D-Tox “mid morning snack”, is the next juice.  Let me tell you, if you put vodka and a straw in this thing, I could drink it by a pool alllllll day!  And not really feel that bad about it since ingredients like coconut water keep you hydrated.  This juice was a delight.

meganwelker-projectjuice-15 Up next – with lots and lots of H20 in between – was the #GetYourGreens juice.  If you are a green juice newb, this one may not appeal to you at the outset.  It does taste very green, but again, I love that it isn’t overly sweet.  I chose to have this one over ice, and found it quite refreshing. I should also mention that all Project Juice cold pressed juices are organic!!  Not all juices are created equal, and the fact that these or organic put it far above the rest.

  meganwelker-projectjuice-20 The afternoon snack is the Beta Bomb which has great citrus flavor and some cinnamon spice.  This was a perfect pick me up in the afternoon. A great counter to the bitter greens of the previous juice, and I wouldn’t be mad at making a cocktail with the one either :)

meganwelker-projectjuice-35  Each night of the cleanse I returned home and made hearty, healthy salads with my fiancé (now hubby).  I really do love that you can have dinner on this cleanse – we were so busy leading up to the wedding that I didn’t want to miss a rare night sitting down at the dinner table (or on the couch watching “The People vs OJ Simpson) with Sean.  In the week leading up to the wedding we tried to make connecting over dinner a priority, and the fact that this cleanse afforded me that is amazing.

meganwelker-projectjuice-25 I couldn’t recommend this cleanse enough for brides, or anyone looking to try out a cleanse.  It’s delicious, simple, and convenient – really what more could you ask for!  Thank you Project Juice!  I can’t wait for my next cleanse – pre-honeymoon perhaps???

Project Juice is so rad, that they are offering our readers 15% off to try this cleanse with the code beijosbride15 which is good till May 31st 2016!!  So hurry up brides and get yours now!!

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Boho Coastal Bridal Inspiration

When you think of California you think about that beautiful coastline, and that itself was the inspiration behind this intimate styled shoot we designed.  The scenery played a part in making this day as gorgeous as it looks, and it really was a beautiful day with the sea sparkling and the light shining just right on our beautiful couple.  We used the serene soft colors of the beach as the color palette, and although we shot this in the Fall of 2015, the colors ended up going really well with the beautiful ethereal Pantone colors of the year… There was so much talent behind this shoot and we love how it turned out, we are so excited to finally share it with you and thrilled to have it featured on Style Me Pretty today as well.  Keep scrolling and reading for all the stunning photos and details.

Photos by This Girl Nicole

thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-5 thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-22 Like we said, it was a gorgeous day…

thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-1 thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-11 thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-12 thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-14 We are still swooning over this absolutely gorgeous bouquet created by Milieu Florals.  The colors and textures were so stunning and we loved how they were a nod to the coastline.  Plus, any time we get to have protea in a bouquet we are happy!!

thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-152 thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-153 thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-141 We are in love with this ethereal Sarah Seven dress from The Dress Theory and the soft pretty hair and makeup by Erica of 1011 makeup.  That dress captured blowing in the light winds near the sea… just wow…

thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-159 thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-35 thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-29 thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-36 thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-38 On to the pretty paper goods… Prim and Pixie designed this stunning seaside inspired suite with soft grays and light pinks, calligraphy by Yours Truly Calligraphy and even wrapped with some pretty vintage ribbon for that extra special detail.  We loved the mixture of textures and the water color aspect to it all, really reminded us of the ocean and all it’s beauty.

thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-117 thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-112 The Mrs. Box is always the perfect touch for any bride’s rings and these Love Tatum rings would be such a beautiful alternative to a boho bride… Plus, how perfect are her other sea inspired jewels for you beach brides?!

thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-110 thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-109 There are those pretty jewels on our pretty bride… How about this peacock chair from Found Rentals?  We had Milieu Florals adorn it with some of her magic just to jazz it up a bit… It’s the prettiest piece for some before ceremony portraits.

thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-47 thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-53 thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-49 And can we talk about these shoes??  Ya… BHLDN you just get us….

thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-51 Now for the sweetheart table… We really adore how this one turned out.  We started with the most beautiful (and heaviest) glass and driftwood base table from Found Rentals, which was absolutely perfect for this beach shoot, right?!  On top we used borrowed BLU’s pretty Russel Wright plates in sea foam and an amazing mixture of white and gold glassware and flatware.  The Duo Studio created the light wood Mr & Mrs for our lovely couple and Milieu Florals did another knock your socks off floral arrangement.

thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-63 thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-67 thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-70 thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-76 thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-151 thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-149 No wedding, or event for that matter, is complete without the desserts and these ones with the rocky beach backdrop are just gorgeous.  The cake from Susie Cakes was adorned with florals and spare rocks we picked up along the shore and those delightful watercolor macarons were made by Le Mignon Macaron.  Everything was placed on a teal vintage table from Found Rentals and we used the brass and glass cake stands from borrowed BLU for presentation.

thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-90 thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-91 thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-96 thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-98 thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-100 thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-103 thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-101 The shoot ended with lots of love and a beautiful sunset… Just the way every day should end!  We hope you loved this romantic shoot as much as we did.

thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-132 thisgirlnicole_danapointstyledshoot-45 xx


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Diary of a Beijos Bride – What to wear – Bridal Events

Hi, Blog Buddies!  I’m back at it, and here to talk about finding cute looks for all the fun occasions leading up to the Big Day.

I am right in the midst of all the pre-celebrations, and have been scouring my favorite online shopping sites for the perfect looks.  The main events to consider are the Bachelorette Party, Bridal Showers, and the Rehearsal Dinner.
As you may have seen on Ruffled, or here on the Beijos Blog, my lovely sister and mama threw me the most gorgeous rosé themed shower last fall at our family home in San Jose.  It was so nice to celebrate with family and friends in my home town.
 The shower was held outdoors, and the details were flowery, feminine, and elegant.  I wanted a dress to go with that vibe, and found a Nanette Lepore dress at Anthropologie which was the perfect fit.  The lace detail is soooooo pretty and it fit like a glove.   From what I can tell from a quick Google search, this dress is no longer available, but I found a similar one on the Nanette Lepore website you can find at the bottom of this post.
 I was lucky to have my Bachelorette Party in beautiful Austin, Texas last October.  The weather was perfect, and the city offered everything I ever wanted and more for my bachelorette bash – great food, music, shopping, fun on the lake… I can’t recommend it enough!  For the Bachelorette, I wanted my looks to be fun and flirty.  I was immediately drawn to this shift dress from Lovers + Friends x REVOLVE (Revolve and Shopbop are my favorite sites; I rarely buy things from an actual store.  Who has the time?!!).  I loved the texture and the color (it’s slightly more pink in person), but what really sold me was the super fun hem detail.  This dress was so comfortable and I got a ton of compliments.  I can’t wait to wear it again!
My second shower, which you may have seen as sneak peek of if you follow me on social, was recently thrown by my beautiful bridesmaids and MOH.  The inspiration was Southern California, and it was seriously the cutest shower I have ever seen!  I was completely blown away by what my girls pulled off.  I can’t wait for you all to see it!!
Once I received my invite in the mail, and had a better idea of what the theme was, I set out to find a look that would compliment it. I looked to my old stand by, Revolve, and found this super cute dress, again from Lovers + Friends.  I was drawn to this dress because it was a bit boho, and different from anything I had worn for previous events.  Even better news, it was on sale!!
 For my next shower at the end of this month (Yes, I am having 3 showers. What can I say, I’m a lucky gal!), I’m planning on recycling a dress that I wore in Austin and absolutely love.   d.RA isn’t a line I was familiar with, but I stumbled upon it while looking for cute white dresses. After finding such a great dress at such a reasonable price, I’ll be looking to them again in the future.   It was the neckline that initially drew me to this dress.  I consider my dainty shoulders one of my best physical features, and keep an eye out for outfits that highlight that party of my body.  This dress is casual, yet cute, and totally comfortable.  It’s definitely one that I’ll be wearing again and again.
That leaves us with the final event leading up to the wedding – the Rehearsal Dinner.  I’ve got to admit, I am a bit stumped here.  I am currently on the hunt for the perfect look!
I’ve considered everything from lace fit and flare dresses, to slinky maxi dresses, to tailored jump suits.  I’m not married (pun intended) to wearing white, so I am currently looking at floral patterns. The one thing I do know, is that I want to wear something flattering, something fun, and something that differs from what I’ll be wearing at the wedding.  Stay tuned to find out how it goes!
To shop all of Janna’s looks, just use the links below!!

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Rosé All Day – Bridal Shower Inspiration

When your sister is getting married, you’ve gotta come in hot with a styled bridal shower, and that’s the situation I am in this year!!!  My sister Janna, our Beijos Blogging Bride, got engaged last January and is getting married April 2016!!  I couldn’t be happier for her, and as the maid of honor was beyond excited to start planning all of her fun festivities!!!  I mean I had to return the favor since she was so amazing to me while I was getting married!!  Without getting all gushy, she is my best friend and I love her beyond measure, so needless to say this has been a special time.

yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-102 For her first shower (yes, I am throwing her two!!) we were in Northern California at our parent’s home.  Janna and I both live in Southern California, her in LA and myself in Orange County.  My mom and I wanted to throw a shower for her family and friends up there so they could celebrate this beautiful bride.  We had to do the shower somewhat early due to the possibility of wet winter weather, so we decided on October (my favorite month in Northern California) and we scored with a beautiful sunny day!

As far as the theme for the wedding, well, my sister loves her some rosé, so I thought why not!?  Let’s go all the way rosé and have some fun!!  I liked the idea of sitting back in the French countryside enjoying a nice glass of rosé on a hot summer day… Doesn’t that sound divine!?! The outcome was oh so pretty and I’m excited to share it with you here today, it can also be seen on Ruffled blog as well!

All photos by the delightful Yasmin Sarai

For the invite we chose this beautiful gold floral print from Minted, we love turning to them for paper goods!  They have such an amazing selection, I was so pleased with how these turned out, they fit with the design of the shower perfectly!

yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-3 For the florals we had the lovely Katie of Wylie Weddings create these beauties for each table and a few for the food and dessert display.  I fell in love with these vases from Anthropologie and knew I wanted to use them for a project, why not the French garden Rosé themed shower for my sister?!  I love what she did, the flowers looked like we had picked them straight from the French countryside…

yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-78 yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-71 yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-69 yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-72 The tables were adorned with glassware and china from Borrowed Blu, we chose a mixture of golds, soft pinks and whites.  Taryn of Twinkle and Toast was kind enough to do all of the place cards and signage.  My husband cut and stained the wood for them, gotta put those husbands to work sometimes ;)  We tied each ombre napkin with a strand of leather and added a sprig of rosemary from my parent’s yard.

yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-66 yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-67 yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-62 yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-103 yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-75 yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-77 One of my favorite parts of this shower was playing with these fun sayings on the signs, which Taryn from Twinkle & Toast wrote so beautifully… Janna loves a good glass of rosé just like any other lady, so I feel like these signs will definitely get some good use!!

Yes Way Rosé!!

yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-55 yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-49 and of course, Rosé All Day!!!

yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-35 We got the Rosé and this lovely Rose & Elderflower sparkling drink from World Market, they have such a great selection and aren’t the labels pretty!?

yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-24 yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-164 yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-41 We love the little details, and you may have seen us use these types of cocktail napkins before… What can we say, we like to add a personalized and special touch!

yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-53 yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-58 yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-37 So, my mom was in charge of the food, and boy did she deliver!!  Can you believe this spread!? That cheese plate had my sister’s name written all over it!!

yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-7 yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-8 yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-12 yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-23 yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-15 yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-18 Last, but certainly not least, are the absolutely stunning desserts by our girl Hilary from Sugar Studio Bay Area… You guys, these desserts were literally the talk of the town!!  Our family and friends could not stop raving about them!!! If you are in need of any special treats for any event, she is your girl!!

yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-113 This lemon flavored petal shaped naked cake was an absolute hit!!!  My parents are still saying “that cake”!! Ha!  Also, loved the cake topper I picked up at Anthropologie!

yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-131 yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-133 Then there were these rose petal shortbread cookies, ummm hello gorgeous!

yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-127 yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-138 Now these… These are Rosé Gelee, one of the guests referred to them as “rosé jello shots”, and let me tell you, there wasn’t one left over ;)

yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-145 These gorgeous works of art are Ispaphans, they were decorated macarons filled with lychee, rose and raspberry… YUM!

yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-150 yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-149 And of course, one of my personal favorites, mini lemon and ganache tarts with beautiful edible flowers!

yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-120 yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-123 It was a beautiful day for my beautiful sister and what’s most important is that she enjoyed herself and all of the guests did as well!  Hope we were able to give you some fun shower inspiration!!

yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-57 yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-168 yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-170 yasminsarai-beijosevents-jannasbridalshower-173



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Spotlight: Erin Cole

You may have read in our post yesterday that our Beijos Bride Janna recently purchased her wedding gown from Erin Cole, an upscale bridal boutique in Costa Mesa, CA.  It also happens to be where our own Leah Carriger found her dress 5 years ago for her big day!  Needless to say we have some love for this place and it is pretty special to us… Janna had such an amazing experience at Erin Cole that we wanted to share more about it!  We asked Tara Picquelle, the bridal specialist who helped Janna so well, a few questions and for some advice for you brides out there…  Here is what she had to say!

All Photos by the lovely Ariane Moshayedi

ErinCole-63 Tell us a little bit about Erin Cole

Erin Cole is a couture accessory designer. She started her line 20 years ago, and is a huge influence and trend setter in the accessory market. It was her dream to have a store so after 8 years of just doing wholesale she decided to open her Flag ship store. The store started out as accessories only but after just 2 years she decided to introduce the top designer bridal gowns. The store has been around for 12 years and continues to be recognized as one of the most elite full service salons around. Our goal at Erin Cole is to give each bride the best experience from start to finish. We dress only the bride and focus on every detail of what she will wear on her wedding day. We also offer in house alterations from our couture seamstress who is well known in the industry.

ErinCole ErinCole-3 ErinCole-14 Is there a favorite designer in your shop that you have?

At Erin Cole we carry the best of the best, with designers Vera Wang, Monique Lhullier, Oscar De La Renta,  Carolina Herrera, Jenny Packham, Naeem Khan, and Zuhair Murad.  These lines are what makes us a couture boutique being the best quality, cuts and designs in bridal. Our styles range from classic to innovative and cutting edge. Any Bride who is looking for a one of a kind look with the name to back it knows to visit Erin Cole.

ErinCole-15 ErinCole-80 ErinCole-10 What do you do to make each bride’s experience special?

We focus on giving brides a very personal experience, an experience that they will never forget. Whether it’s the private appointment or the expert advice on everything wedding we can assure each bride they can trust us throughout their bridal experience. All brides want to feel special, beautiful and unique and at Erin Cole we want to fulfill their wedding day dreams.

ErinCole-20 ErinCole-43 How long have you been in the wedding industry and how did you get involved?

I started in the Bridal industry when I was 19. I was in college at the time and always a fashion lover so I wanted to find some type of fashion related job while putting myself through school. A friend of mines older sister was about to buy a bridal store and asked if I wanted to work for her. I immediately fell in love with dressing the brides. Not long into me being there we became business partners. I quickly became involved in all aspects of the business, and of course my favorite part was going to New York twice a year for the Bridal apparel show to select the dresses and accessories for the store. I knew I had a true passion for the business but wanted more then what we were doing at the store. We sold the business and from there I went on to working as a buyer, store manager and sales manager for many well know boutiques. I worked for Vera Wang for a few years and it was then that I knew I only wanted to be in couture bridal. I was starting a family so I needed to be closer to home, Erin Cole Couture Bridal was the place for me. All of the top designers under one roof sounded like a perfect fit and it was. I have been working for Erin for years now and have been in the bridal industry for a total of 15 years. Anyone who works in this industry knows you have to have a passion for it and I definitely do. I style each and every one of my brides to look their absolute best on their wedding day. Each bride has her own look and unique taste and it is very important to me that I capture that.

ErinCole-70 ErinCole-73 What is the best part at working at a wedding dress boutique?  What are the greatest challenges?

My favorite part of working with the brides is being able to bring them out of their comfort zone and have them fall in love with something that they themselves have never imagined, I want it to be that special. It can be challenging at times because you need to build that trust. All brides come in with an idea of what they want but that may not be what looks best on them. As a stylist I want them to have the best fit and style. I want them to walk out on their wedding day and see jaws drop.

ErinCole-37 ErinCole-49 ErinCole-83 Any other advice that you have to future brides?

Our advice is to come into this experience with a fresh, open mind and let us figure out the rest. We create nothing less than  an absolutely stunning bride every single time!

Thanks for sharing Tara!!
For all you future brides, be sure to head over to Erin Cole for the best bridal experience!!



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