A Boho/Mid Century Winter White Celebration to Ring in the New Year

We’ve got one last celebration for you before we say so long to 2017!  I’ve been wanting to do a winter white themed dinner party for some time now, and this was the year.  Furthermore, it was the perfect excuse to gather a few of our friends, make something pretty, and celebrate!  I teamed up with Carissa from JL Designs and our mid century/boho dreams came to life.

One of the best things about the holidays is gathering your friends and celebrating, we did just that.  A few of us ladies got together and ate and drank and just had fun, in a beautiful setting.  It was perfect and I wish we did it more often.  This dinner party is the perfect inspiration for a NYE bash as well!  

So get your pin button ready, because it’s about to get good…

Photos by the talented Mike Radford

This shoot is also featured on Inspired By This today!

Kicking it off with the invite of course…  River & Bridge created this beautiful suite for the menu and invite and A Fabulous Fete handled the calligraphy.  I love the simplicity and the modern feel of it all, and it complimented our winter white theme perfectly…

My sweet friend Carissa did the gorgeous flowers, using different blooms in white with pretty greenery.  This girl makes magic with florals!  Did I mention that she’s just one of the best people ever too?!  It’s always a good time with her!  Love her so much!!

Carissa and I used items from our own collections at home to set the table.  It’s amazing what a few designers can come up with together!  And it’s a good thing both of us have a love for white and gold!!  Most of the items are still available and I linked to them at the bottom of this post…

Every dinner should have long taper candles, it just makes it more magical!

I love the way the menus by River & Bridge and the place cards by A Fabulous Fete complimented the table.  We just added a sprig of Winter greenery to dress it up a bit!

Now, onto the best part… The food and drinks!!!

Colette’s Catering spoiled us yet again with a delicious holiday themed menu.  First they served a winter kale salad that had the most delicious vinaigrette.  In addition to that deliciousness, we had butternut squash tortellini and braised short ribs… YUM!!!

Of course we had the One Hope flowing this night!  Since it’s all of our absolute favorite!  Rosé and Champs are always a must for a celebration with the ladies!!

Finally, there has to be a dessert to finish it all off!  Beverly’s Bakery made the cutest mid century winter white themed cake, and it was as yummy as it looks!!

Such a fun night with such amazing friends!!!

Cheers to another amazing year!!!!  Can’t wait to share more in 2018!!!!



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A Cranberry Sparkling Rose For The Holidays

We have just 4 more short days until Christmas! It sure came up notably fast this year. I still have some holiday shopping to do! eek! Now, it wouldn’t be the holidays without a little Christmas cocktail. This year, I wanted to do something pretty classic and simple. And, this cranberry sparkling rosé holiday cocktail is a no fuss, just straight to the point kind of cocktail. Having people over for any holiday is stressful, so sometimes simple is the way to go. Fewer the ingredients, fewer chances of forgetting something, you feel me? Plus, I’m pretty sure you would have all these items already for your holiday feast. 

Photos by Erin Milnik

This 4 ingredients sparkling cranberry rose is the perfect holiday blush cocktail!


Fresh cranberries 
Organic cranberry juice
Organic orange juice
A good sparkling Rosé
(I love One Hope Wine)
sugar cubes (optional)


Now, the sugar cubes are an option, it adds some sweetness to the cranberry cocktail. Rosé can also be sweet, so I would recommend you do a trial cocktail to see how you like it before serving to your guests. 

Place one sugar cube in the bottom of 8 to 10 chilled champagne flutes. Pour 2 tablespoons cranberry juice into each glass. Next, fill each glass with sparkling rose wine or champagne. And then add a splash of orange juice. Lastly, garnish with a couple cranberries. Makes 8 to 10 servings.

Also, this is best when you can serve immediately.

Happy Holidays to you and all your loved ones! Wishing a safe and Merry Christmas!








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A Holly Jolly Christmas Playdate full of Fun for the Kids

We are on the one week countdown to Christmas my friends!!!  I can’t believe it’s come so fast!!  In the midst of the holiday madness we found time to have a Christmas playdate, you know how we roll…  This one is full of holiday cheer and cuteness from the little ones and lots of inspiration!!  With a little bit of Christmas nostalgia mixed with some modern fun it has holly & jolly written all over it!!

I have to say, this year has been a good one.  We’ve teamed up with so many amazing vendors, especially our friends at Wild Child.  These ladies have been so awesome to work and collaborate with.  We’ve made so much magic in 2017, I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings to the table!!  Now on to the Christmas fun…

This cuteness is also featured today on 100LayerCakelet

Photos by Alison Bernier

Tis the season for some FUN!  That’s what I want my kids to think this time of year!  With all of the stress the holidays bring to us adults, it’s nice to take out time and just have fun with our little ones.  Seeing their little eyes light up and get excited is what the holidays are about to me.  Poppy Jack nailed it with this invite, like she always does…

Now, on to the cuteness!!  Starting with this brother sister duo… Big brother Henley sure loves little sis Harlow!

And how about these cuties?!  All of the girls are in the most darling clothing line, Numi Kids!  I can’t get over how sweet their collection is… And accessorized to a T by The Daydream Republic, with velvet bows, necklaces, bracelets and rings!  We have Reyna, Avalon, Edie and little Harlow again…

My little guys Court & Cruz had to make an appearance of course!  Harlow thinks Cruz is her baby, she never passes a chance to pick him up… Not to sure how he feels about it, haha!

For the table, like I said, I wanted a mix of vintage nostalgia with a modern twist.  Wild Child has the most beautiful iridescent plates by Meri Meri that were so fun to play with!  They also have an amazing collection of bottle brush trees that are very festive!  We added Shop Bando’s disco ball cups, some fun iridescent confetti, greenery and florals, and there you have it!

Seriously, give me all the bottle brush trees!!

The beautiful wreaths and garlands were created by Olive & Blooms, she added that quintessential Christmas touch that we needed.

On to the amazing desserts by Sweet & Saucy Shop…  It doesn’t get much more festive than this!  A Reindeer cake, wreath macarons and Christmas tree cupcakes!  The sweetest sweets!

Now back to the fun!  All the little ones at the party had a blast munching on treats and gabbing away!  I love how this age they just talk, talk, talk… The things they say are seriously hilarious and you see them becoming little people!!

I had to add this totally awkward photo because I think it’s hilarious, haha!!  Court with his arms around two ladies, and Harlow looks really comfortable with it, haha!!

We ended our playdate with reindeer ears for each little lady by The Daydream Republic.  Such a sweet parting gift for the girls for them to wear all season long!!

And this last photo just doesn’t get any sweeter!

Yay for Christmas and all that comes with it!  Especially the sweet times with our little ones… 



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Gingerbread Tree Decorating With My Little Lady

This time of the year can get crazy… like real crazy. It seems like anything, and everything will occur, and all at the same time. I always say, next year I’m gonna be more prepared. But, tis’ the season, right? But one thing that must always occur during the holidays is BAKING! I started this tradition with my daughter last year, and I sure hope she will allow it to continue through her older years. My husband will take my son and go do “boy” stuff, and it leaves us ladies with a peaceful, quiet house for gingerbread tree decorating and girl chat. Side note, when did the boy crushes start so early??! Second grade?!?!! I’m so in trouble with this little one. 

Photos by Erin Milnik Photography

Here are the essentials that I used for decorating our gingerbread trees!


Gingerbread Cookie Mix
Rolling Pin
Fondant Cutter Set

Edible Paint 
Edible Glitter
Fondant Cut Outs

I used fondant cause I wanted a clean white background to allow all the sparkle and glitter to show up. I played around with without it, and you couldn’t see anything on the gingerbread cookie surface. 


To make the day, even more, fun, I got Dylan and I new fun aprons that I’m obsessed with! Especially the colors, and the best part… on Amazon and Etsy! Check them out here and here.

Now, for the fun part! I created tree shapes in various sizes, and then baked the dough according to the package. When cooled, I took my sharp knife and created a more sharp-edged cookie by trimming off the sides. Next, I rolled out the fondant and placed on top of the cookie. I set the fondant on a clean hard surface and then put the cookie on top. Take your knife and cut along each edge. This creates a perfect layer on top of your cookie. 

Oh, and please ignore my root situation. It has been resolved thanks to my favorite sister. :) 


Now for the fun part! There is no rhyme or reason for decorating, this is all you! This, of course, is my daughters’ favorite part. Use your glitter, edible paint, crushed up gingerbread cookie, and fondant flower cut-outs! 


A morning filled with so much laughter and silliness is just what the holidays are about! And of course, sneaking in a few bites of gingerbread yumminess. 

Here are the final results! I do have to say they came out pretty darn cute!

Get it all here!









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An Asymmetrical Holiday Wreath DIY + Giveaway!

We got a little giveaway today, yay! We are a bit obsessed with Leanna from David and Leanna and her creations that we wanted to share the love with our beautiful readers! You all know her; she is the DIY queen. Any idea we come up with, and she is game. Today, its all about holiday wreaths. This year, Leanna and I came up with a little twist on the usual round Christmas wreath. We went for an asymmetrical look, and of course, it had to have some macrame + flowers. As much as we love the real flowers, those don’t last more than a couple days. And no one wants sad flowers hanging in their house for the holidays. Silk flowers are the way to go here, and they look so real!

Leanna is spilling her secrets on how she made this pretty little number for all of you to make just in time for the holidays. Plus, the colors on this wreath will allow you to leave up past Christmas and right on into the rest of winter. And, if you add a couple more flowers from the pink family, you have yourself a little valentine’s day decor.

Let’s chat about the giveaway fast! To enter, just like + follow @beijosevents and @davidandleanna. Then, tell us your favorite holiday DIY on the giveaway Instagram post. The winner will be announced on Monday, December 18th. Please, only the US location, as we would like to get it to you before the holiday season.

Also, if you are looking for the cutest printable tags, check out Leanna’s Etsy page here. I’m using these for my gifts this year.

Let’s get to that DIY now… 

 Back at it again with the ladies from Beijos Events to bring you an awesome DIY! So a lot of the time when people say “oh my gosh how did you make this?!” and I say “oh this!!? It’s easy, let me show you!!” … well, this is one of those projects that I’ll say is a little more complicated ;) BUT individually each piece is super approachable for the average crafter so if you’re up for a little bit of a challenge, then follow along!!

Otherwise, you can also just buy one here or here ;)

There are three significant steps to this project: 1. floral swag 2. macrame hanging 3. combining


Your favorite Christmas greenery (I got mine at Michaels, and it’s ALL ON SALE)
Green florist wire
Hot glue + hot glue gun



Choose your base floral – a simple pine is what I chose because it had a lot of structure to build off of and wasn’t the “feature” color.

*Note: I almost always lay out my entire piece without gluing/connecting to begin just to make sure I have the balance right.

Using your florist wire, wrap two long pieces together, so they are facing opposite directions.


Add your next layer of “base” using the same method as above.


Next, I added my large “focus” pieces – the large flowers. I cut them from their original stems, but left about an inch of original stem to use to wrap around my “base.”


I reinforced the connection between the flowers and the base using florist wire.


Next, I then added my larger filler elements (these gold twigs) – again using the same florist wire method.


Next came smaller filler elements – these velvety green leaves. I hot glued these in place. With these I entirely removed them from the “base” they came on – they should just pop right off with a good tug.


Medium pink flowers were next. These came in a “bunch” so I cut each flower, leaving a small stem to work with. These were hot glued in place.


Even smaller flowers were added using the same method. All up, I used seven different types of florals in this piece – 2 base green stems, one large focus flower stem, two small flower stems, one medium flower stem of an accent color, and one structural stem in an accent color.

Phew! Next section: Macrame!!


Macrame thread
Metallic Acrylic paint


1 dowel.jpg

Cut your dowel to your desired length and paint with your choice of acrylic metallic paint (or leave natural) – set aside to dry.


Cut between 30 and 35 strands of macrame twine at 26″ in length.

larks knot

We are going to start with a “Larks Knot”: fold one of your lengths of twine in half and wrap over your dried dowel. 

larks knot how to macrame

Pull the tail through the loop and pull tight.

larks knot introduction to macrame

Repeat until you reach your desired width for you macrame hanging.


Here is where things get a little dicey – pull your furthest left strand apart from the rest of your hanging. Try to think of this strand from here on out as your new dowel. This is no longer a string – it is the “dowel” you are tying your other strings onto. If you pull on this string as though you are tying your shoes – pulling each strand evenly, you will not get the results you want.


Pull the leftmost string all the way across your piece – remember it’s your new dowel. We will do double half hitch knots all the way across.


Grab the next leftmost string – this is the string you will be knotting first – make a “four” (the same made by the two strings crossing) with the leftmost string on top.


String the second most left strand through the loop of the four made by the leftmost string. WHEW – you got that? Slowly synch them both up together – at the top remember you are knotting the second leftmost string ONTO the left most string – ideally you’ll be pulling tightly on the second string while simply holding the leftmost string in place.


Do this TWICE with each string. The second leftmost string is done after it has knotted onto the leftmost (aka “new dowel”) string. Repeat with the next string in line making your way left to right. Your “dowel string” stays the same – this is the string you will knot all the rest of the strands onto.


This took me many many tries to get right when I first started doing macrame so don’t be discouraged!! It takes practice and patience!! The beautiful thing is you can ALWAYS pull the knots out and try again – which I have done countless times.


add your leather strap for hanging to the ends of the dowel.


Place your swag on top of your macrame hanging to get an idea of where you want to attach.


Flip over and attach using your florist wire and a dab of hot glue.


Hang somewhere front and center and enjoy the endless compliments on your fantastic creativity and skill.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Another amazing DIY! Thanks, Leanna!

Remember to enter the giveaway today on Instagram!






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