Spotlight- Siesta For Fiestas

Today, we are doing a special spotlight on one of our favorite blanket companies. Our spotlights are a chance for us to gush about vendors that we have had the pleasure to work with and who have rad products. All of them have the biggest hearts, and they are just down right awesome people. With it being Cinco de Mayo tomorrow, we wanted you to fall in love with Chris and Jesenia. They are the power couple behind Siestas For Fiestas. You should remember their vibrant colored blankets complete with fun pom pom fringe from last year’s Cinco de Mayo tablescape and our awesome giveaway that we had this week! 

Meet Chris and Jesenia.

They are husband and wife team from Los Angeles who took an unexpected and serendipitous journey when they relocated to Cancun, Mexico. Upon their arrival, they were blessed to meet Pastor Arturo and his congregation at Fe, Amor y Esperanza.  He shared with them a uniquely personal and heartfelt mission; the church’s ongoing Christmas project to feed families living in poverty. They were inspired by his heart for this project and began brainstorming ideas on how they could help.

Siesta For Fiesta was born.

Keep scrolling for a Q&A with owner Jesenia

Photos by Yasmin Sarai and Chellise Michael Photography

How did you guys meet?

Chris and I are high school sweethearts. We were born and raised in Los Angeles but always had this desire to live in another country.

How did Siesta For Fiesta start?

In 2015, I was offered a job opportunity in Cancun, Mexico so we quit our 9-5’s and headed out. While living in Cancun, we were part of a church that had a yearly mission of providing Christmas meals to families living in poverty.

We were so inspired by Pastor Arturo’s heart to serve these people, and we wanted to help. During that time we were at a local market where I found this beautiful material called Cambaya. I fell in love with the prints and the bright colors and knew I wanted to make something out of it. Going to the beach every day inspired me to create beach blankets from the material. We decided for each blanket sold we would donate a meal for a family, to help our church. We bought enough to make 16 blankets and quickly sold out. 

Chris and I moved back to Los Angeles and officially started Siestas For Fiestas. The past two years have been lots of work but well worth it. Neither of us sew or know anything about manufacturing, so it’s been quite the learning process. We are so thankful that we can build Siestas For Fiestas together.

How is it working with your hubby every day?

The pros of working with your significant other are that you can easily schedule a business meeting with them since you are together all the time, being able to share successes as a family and that it brings you closer since you are constantly working towards the same goal.

The cons are when my husband doesn’t see my vision, for example, he didn’t believe we’d sell any of the 16 blankets we originally bought. Not because he doesn’t want to support me but because he’s not our market so he didn’t understand that people would buy them. I have some pretty crazy ideas for products and he never understands. As much as it is a pro, having meetings anytime can be a con too. Sometimes we are trying to fall asleep and we are still going over work. We’ve been working on separating work time and family time, especially as we bring a little one into our family this fall.

Growing this little business together has been such a great experience for us. The most rewarding part is being a part of the Christmas meals. This past December we took part in making the food, packaging it and delivering it to the families on Christmas Eve. 


 Please tell us all about this wonderful cause…

Siestas For Fiestas was born out of a desire to support our church in Cancun as they provide Christmas meals for families living in poverty. We work closely with Pastor Arturo from Fe, Amor y Esperanza to make this possible. With your help, Siestas For Fiestas was able to be a part of feeding 1,000 families in 2016. We are so thankful for your support of this ministry. For every blanket that’s purchased, a Christmas meal is provided to a family living in poverty.

Pastor Arturo arranges the deliveries months before with a local church located in the selected towns. In 2016, 10 towns received meals. Each church receives 100 tickets to distribute to the community. It’s not required that the families attend the church. On Christmas Eve each container is packed with food by volunteers from the church and loaded onto the trucks. The trucks then make their way to feed the awaiting families.

Each blanket purchased provides a family with a Christmas dinner. The dinners were designed to be packaged in a way that families could easily pick it up at the local church and take it back home to enjoy as a family on Christmas Eve. The meal includes a rotisserie chicken, 2 pounds of soup, 2 pounds of salad, a 2-liter soda, 4 dinner rolls, and paper goods (Utensils, plates, napkins). All is packed inside a reusable container with a sticker that, when translated says, “Jesus goes with me”.

 Who receives the meals?

Families living in poverty in Cancun, Mexico. Most live in homes that don’t have electricity or access to water making it hard for them to have a hot, homemade meal. Christmas is usually spent like any other day.

Could you tell us a little about the process behind the Christmas meal?

Buckets are cleaned – A few weeks before the volunteers start prepping by cleaning out the buckets, so they are ready to go the day of. Our day starts at 6 am when the volunteers arrive. Pasta and vegetables are cooked by the volunteers, and buckets are filled with the fresh pasta, vegetables, rotisserie chicken, bread, and utensils. The buckets are loaded onto the trucks and on their way to the families. The trucks arrive at the towns and families are lined up and ready for food. Our amazing volunteers give hugs and pass out the buckets, and the families take the warm meals home to their families to enjoy together. 

You can check out some of the videos here.

That is truly a Christmas miracle Jesenia!

What is Cambaya?

Our blankets are made from Cambaya, a traditional fabric made in Mexico. It’s crafted acrylic material with woven designs. We source the material in Mexico and the poms are added on in California.

 We can’t get enough of these two generous souls! 

The world needs more Chris’ and Jesenia’s. We are so thankful that we have had the pleasure of working with these two, and inspired and delighted to be a part of helping them spread the word on this wonderful mission to help families in need.

Do yourself a favor and get one of these fun blankets! They will not only brighten up your life but lives in need as well. Along with their full sized blankets, they also they have apparel. When you purchase any apparel item, portions of each sale will go towards providing a child in Cancun, Mexico an education. I don’t know about you, but I have my eye on the Afternoon Siestas Woman’s TankAlong with the full-sized blankets and apparel, they also make the CUTEST mini blankets for babies! See them here

Thank you Jesenia for sharing your journey with us, and creating such an incredible mission. 

Now, everyone go order a blanket and be a part of this journey! 





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Chicas de Mayo

Every year we style a Cinco de Mayo tablescape, and this year we did it again!  What can we say, it’s a holiday and we can’t help ourselves.  This week we’ve gone over style and food, now we have to add in the table of course!  The Otomi print was the main inspiration along with the perfect girl’s day out, what I like to call Chicas de Mayo!  

Lucky me got to shoot at the incredible Puesto in downtown San Diego, such a fun spot for Cinco de Mayo.  It’s the perfect spot to meet up with your girlfriends for some margaritas and delicious food!  Any chance I have to get out with my girlfriends, I jump at it!  It’s not often that we can all get our busy schedules together, it’s like finding a unicorn to make it work, but when we do it’s always amazing.  So for this shoot I knew I had to make it all about girlfriends and having fun with them for such a fun holiday.

Speaking of girlfriends, my friend Julia from San Diego Songbird and Gunn & Swain helped me plan this fun shoot and styled the wardrobe for our models.  Always fun collaborating with that babe!  Back to the Otomi…. I love that print and have been a fan of it since Leah’s wedding.  She got married in Cabo and had that print on her tables, so I will forever associate it with Mexico and how fun it is!

Let’s get started with the amazing photos by Amy Lynn Photography

Call me old fashioned, but I like to start these posts out with the invite.  This one is beyond gorgeous and I’m in love with all the color!  Taryn of Twinkle & Toast is one of the prettiest hand calligraphers I know, she designed this one.  It’s styled with the cutest Otomi cocktail stirrers and acrylic place cards by The Roc Shop, which you’ll see through-out the shoot.  These girls work so well together and everything they touch is magic!

There are so many things about this table that I love… The flowers by Wallflower Inspiration are beyond gorgeous, she had just the right amount of Mexican flair mixed with bohemian goodness.  The pops of color, the limes and those peonies are beyond amazing.  She even added little pots of succulents and brought some fun straw flowers for me to use, which I am now obsessed with!

Don’t you just love the way the Otomi is carried on with the place cards and the menu?  I’m so in love with them and would be so so happy to have a margarita at this place setting!!

Whenever I get ready for any gathering there are two online shops that I look to…  One is Gunn & Swain who has my favorite blankets and home goods.  I used their amazing Cocoa Beach blanket as a runner to anchor the table and their serape pillows.  I also love The Little Market, their amazing creamics, glassware and baskets are also a must have in my home.  They are great for entertaining and although they are printed, you can really make them work for any occasion!  We have used The Little Market for every Cinco de Mayo table we’ve designed and styled.  It’s really easy to see why when you see these images.

Again, these flowers!!!  Swoon….

Now let’s get this party started and get our lady friends involved!!  I love having shoots with people in them, especially FUN people like these gals!  Our beautiful models for this shoot were Bianca of Bink & Boo and Sunny & Cheer, Sam of Little Petunia Consulting, Merrill of The Melideos and Esther of Wallflower Inspiration (our lovely florist).

Julia of Song Bird San Diego styled the ladies in vintage dresses by Sunny & Cheer and the pink fiesta dress by Gunn & Swain.  All of the gorgeous jewelry is by Hand Meets Sky, are you as in love with that turquoise as I am?!  And the lovely Emily Holliday did the hair and makeup, making the ladies even prettier. 

I don’t know what I want more… The turquoise ring or the margarita!

How bout’ these cuties at the bar?!  Heeeeeeyyyyy….

You know who is always invited to our events and shoots?!  The little chicas… And Miss Perry is the ultimate cutie!

Here’s some of her and her Mama…

Now, like I said, I’m traditional so I like to end with dessert… I basically like to end every day with dessert so may as well end this post!  Hey There Cupcake is one of the best in desserts, they have so much creativity and everything tastes really amazing.  I told them about my Otomi print inspiration and what they did really blew me away.  I mean, look at this spread!!

The cake is beyond amazing, and I love the flowers that were added!

How cute are these little llama cookies?!  I mean the fringe…  I think they’re my favorite cookie I’ve ever seen!

It’s just so good!!!

Now, you know these babes had to enjoy those sweet treats!!

Especially little Perry, seriously love this cutie!!

Enjoy the rest of your week!!

Viva la Chicas de Mayo!!!



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Cinco de Mayo Tostada Recipe

Jacquelyn and I had a debate on our favorite Cinco de Mayo food essentials. A big important topic for us this week. Is it the guac and chips? Is it a twist on the classic salsa like a tropical one with fruit in it? Or is it just the perfectly made street taco? Hmm… What’s your favorite? Mine is all three put together… the tostada! I love making these; there are so many combinations and a popular meal for my family. If you are throwing a little Cinco bash, then a tostada bar would be AMAZING! Move over taco bar; the tostada is the new kid on the block. I have been making this twist on the classic tostada for a few years now, and well it’s just plain yummy and a crowd pleaser. I had to share!

Abby’s Tostada


One package white corn soft tortillas
2 (16-ounce) cans black bean refried beans
Two ripe avocados, peeled, pitted and sliced
One pineapple cubed
(lots of leftovers to snack on)
2 jalapenos
(cubed or sliced, seeded or non-seed, your choice)
One small red onion, pickled (optional)
micro greens
crumbled queso fresco


First, you will need to pickle your red onion. You can do this by combining sugar, water, apple cider vinegar, and a sprinkle of salt. Slice your red onion and combine with pickling liquid and refrigerate for 4 hours or overnight. 

Next, fry up your white corn tortillas with coconut oil and brown each side. I like to use white corn tortillas and fry myself. Something new then the classic yellow corn tortillas. Set aside to cool. You can sprinkle a little salt on them as they cool down. Be sure to wait till they cool down to assemble cause no one likes a sad soggy tostada.

Finally, assemble these bad boys. One big spoonful of black refried beans on each tostada and spread out evenly. Then I like to slice my avocado and cube it, that’s just me. Call me crazy. Line the beans with your sliced avocado. Then, sprinkle with your cubed pineapple and cubed avocado, yes more avocado. Next, sliced or diced jalapenos, totally up to your spicy taste buds. Grab your pickled red onion, and chop it up and sprinkle over your tostada. Almost done! Then the queso fresco and micro greens, and don’t forget the cilantro! My favorite part! I love cilantro, so I put a TON on. Lastly, I like to squeeze fresh lime juice and grate zest over the pretty tostadas. Now, here is another item you can add if you are feeling super crazy, add some strawberries. Getting a little fruity around here. Serve immediately.

Serve with sliced limes and your favorite margarita. 

Here is the recipe for my favorite margarita! 

Strawberry, Honey & Jalapeno Margarita

Four strawberries, hulled and quartered
One coin-sized sliced fresh jalapeno, plus more for garnish
½ ounce honey syrup (See note below.)
2 ounces tequila
1-ounce lime juice, freshly squeezed plus more for garnish and zest
¾ ounce orange liqueur

* I like to de-seed mine, so I just get the spicy notes of the pepper and the actual heat. My husband loves all the heat he can get. Ask your guests what they enjoy.

In a cocktail shaker, place strawberries, jalapeno and honey syrup. Next, muddle until strawberries and jalapeno are crushed and juicy. Add ice, tequila, lime juice and orange liqueur. Shake until chilled. Pour into a rimmed glass of lime zest, sugar, and salt and garnish with a fresh strawberry, lime, and jalapeno. Serve immediately. This makes one margarita. Make a bigger batch for a crowd.
Note: To make honey syrup, mix one tablespoon honey and one tablespoon warm water.

Happy Eating!



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Cinco de Mayo Style

Like any other occasion Cinco de Mayo is another reason to get festive, and that includes our wardrobe!  When I thought of what I would want my Cinco de Mayo style to be I immediately thought of Santa Marguerite.  Have you seen this brand?  It has definitely become one of my favorites!  They have the cutest Mexican inspired clothing with the on trend embroidery look perfectly done.  And with their cute silhouettes you really can’t go wrong!

Photos by Erin Milnik and Megan Welker

Don’t forget to shop the post at the end!

It’s always so hard to choose what you want to wear – a top or a dress… I go through this all the time.  I have to say, I generally go with a dress, for me it’s just easier because you don’t have to think about what you wear on bottom, haha!  Ultimately it’s less to think about or fuss with.  Abby on the other hand likes to do tops a lot!  Although she loves dresses, she finds it easier to do tops with her mom life.  She loves doing a fun top with denim for a complete look and it works out well with her 7:30 am carpool schedule, I mean who wants to wear a dress that early?! Besides me, haha!  So that is just what we did, her with a top and myself with a dress… 

Here is Abby’s cute look below… She went with the San Andres Top, which is more like a tunic.  Abby paired it with her favorite Levis’s cut offs.  So fun because it can definitely be casual, but Abby dresses hers up with fun accessories.  I love her Vanessa Mooney Astrid earrings (so much so that I have them in green!), adorable Sole Society clutch, Target black sandals and D’Blanc lucite sunnies.  Perfectly accessorized and ready for some chips and guac!!

Now, like I said, I love to go the dress route.  I did their super cute San Juan Tunic Dress.  I loved the vibrant colors and that it was a little mini, perfect for a night out with my husband and some margaritas!  If I ever get to go out with him, haha, anyone want to pay for a babysitter?? 

I accessorized with our favorite Cleobella Mexicana Clutch in this fun mustard yellow color.  It’s such a great accent color that you can pop in with any outfit – a neutral but not, if that makes sense!  And I’m loving these sandals I just got at Target!  I have to admit, I’m a Target shoe virgin, but Abby has been talking up their shoe selection lately and finding the cutest pairs!! When I checked it out I ended up buying two pairs!!  Seriously you gotta check them out!

Oh, and another must have accessory for Cinco de Mayo – bougainvillea, duh!!

We’re just getting started with our Cinco de Mayo fun!!  With a holiday this good, you know we’ll have more for you this week!  Shop the post below babes!



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Cinco de Mayo Giveaway

Cinco de Mayo is coming up and we’ve got the perfect giveaway to have you ready to fiesta all day!!!  It’s been a while since we’ve had a giveaway and with a fun holiday like this, we thought it was the perfect time!  I personally don’t know what I like most about Cinco de Mayo… There’s the food, the margaritas, the fun colors and the mariachis!!!  It really is one of the best!  Well this giveaway will really have you all set for all the fun!  Keep scrolling to read more about each item and how to enter!!

Photos by Megan Welker

 Cinco de Mayo Giveaway

Here are the details…

Do you remember our love for Shop Leo Kids for our Easter playdate?!  Well owner Julie Howard is at it again creating this gorgeous colorful weaving that will be fun for Cinco de Mayo and all year long!!

If you’ve been following us then you know they’re our favorite…. The Mexicana clutch from Cleobella is a must every day, not just Cinco de Mayo… And this one is the color of the moment – yellow, we can’t get enough!!

Siesta for Fiestas is an amazing company that gives back.  They have these vibrant blankets complete with pom pom fringe, perfect accessory for your home or table on this festive day!

Our pals The Duo Studio recreated the Hola sign we had in our Cinco de Mayo shoot a few years ago, to a mini version you can display anywhere in your home!!  So excited about this one, it’s the cutest!!!

Embroidery is a big trend this Spring and The Bee & The Fox has the sweetest Mamacita tee that is just begging to be worn on Cinco de Mayo… We love how subtle yet festive it is!

Lovebirds LA is a fun brand we’ve loved partnering with over the years.  They gave us these amazing Mexican blanket inspired camera straps and one for you too!  Perfect for all the fun Summer adventures ahead you’ll need to capture!

We’ve had a major crush on Santa Marguerite for some time now, their clothing is so cute, we love every piece!!  This tunic is even prettier in person and would make for the cutest outfit to fiesta the night away, with a margarita in hand of course!

Any excuse to wear a hat is good in our book!  Brixton always has some of our favorites, including this woven cap is such a fun Summer accessory that will go with any outfit!

Last but not least… Our favorite candle EVER!!  The Little Market’s Churro candle is just the best!  We gave it away last year for our Cinco giveaway and had to bring it back we loved it so much… It’s just that good!

There you have it!!  So fun, right?!  Don’t forget to head to our Instagram to enter too!  Winner will be announced Monday 5.1.17 at 9am PST on our original Instagram post…



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