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All You Need Is Love + Donuts Valentine DIY


OK, we are back at it with Valentine’s Day content! We are always trying to come up with new ways to send valentines out. We love using food, candy, small toys like soldiers or even sunglasses. Check out last year’s loot, here. This year, I wanted to hop on the donut train. I feel like I see donuts everywhere now, but I don’t see anyone complaining, do you? With the help of my pal, Meghann Miniello, we created heart valentines for any donut lover. And of course, packaged with love, Beijos style. I think they are pretty damn cute if you ask me!

And, there are ones for everybody. A mudcloth print for the little boys to give out, and for the little ladies, a floral print. You can’t forget about your teacher or loved one. Scroll down to the bottom to download the PDF! 

Photos by Ashley Baumgartner 


W H A T  Y O U  N E E D!

heart cutouts
clear favor boxes


1st you will need to decorate your donuts if you so desire. Nothing better than a pretty donut. Next, place loose flower petals on the bottom of the clear favor box. Take your donuts and put them on top of the pretty little floral mess. 

Make sure when getting your donuts that they fit inside your clear box. The ones I used were a mini size and were from Whole Foods. 

Close the boxes up, and tie them up with a ribbon. Check out Target’s dollar section; you can’t beat that price! Lastly, place your heart card under the ribbon, and you are all set! 

Donut know about you, but these are pretty cute!


Make sure to resize them, so they are a 4X4 if you use them for the small favor boxes. You could also print them out and use a bigger card! Print on card stock for extra durability. 

valentines_BOY valentines_DONUTANDBACK valentines_GIRL valentines_JELLY valentines_TEACHER







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DIY Pressed Flower Wall Art


Being in a new house, there is A LOT to do! Every room needs love and attention. A little nerve-racking, but along with that there is so much excitement; it’s a blank canvas for you to make your own.  I have been pinning ideas from Pinterest for what seems like a year of DIY ideas I wanted to TRY to do. One of the ideas that I saw a couple of years ago was from Chris Loves Julia blog. My husband believe it or not showed me this blog a couple of years ago, and I have been following them since. My husband secretly wants us to become this DIY couple. But if that were the case, you would see one project or two done once a year, ha. Chris and Julia have some great DIYs for your home. One that stuck out to me was an acrylic gallery wall filled with black and white photos of their family. I loved the idea of doing something with acrylic for my home. Along with my love for acrylic, I wanted to incorporate flowers as well. There was no other place then my daughter’s room to place this custom piece.

A while ago, my dear pal Meghann Miniello created a word phrase for me for my daughter, Dylan’s room that I was going to make a neon sign with. The prices of neon signs are kinda pricey, so I tossed out the neon sign idea and created this acrylic pressed flower art piece for above her bed.  I have to say I think it came out pretty cute! And even better, it was easy to make. No power tools needed! Although reinforced hanging is always a plus! 

Photos by Jessica Erickson


Vinyl Sticker Lettering or Calligraphy skills 
2 Acrylic Sheets (any size you want)
Flowers (Dried or Real or Both)
Gorilla Epoxy 
Picture Backing + Nails

Cameo Machine
Clamps or Heavy Objects

1st let’s discuss acrylic. You can order yours thru Amazon or go where I get all my acrylic thru Tap Plastics. Straight to the source. Remember the larger the piece, the more reinforcement you will need for hanging. I went with 18X24 sheets. Tap Plastics will deliver to your house, or if there is a nearby store, you can pick up that day.

Next up, the writing. I choose to use vinyl lettering since my calligraphy skills do not need to be seen around the world. Meghann Miniello created my phrase, and I took her file and created a vinyl sticker using the Cameo machine. This machine is a game changer if you do a lot of projects with lettering for stickers, shirts, signage, you name it. Definitely worth it! 

Lay the wording out on the acrylic sheet where you desire. Then once you have them in their desired spot, do each word at a time. You just peel back the backing and place the vinyl on the acrylic, and then SLOWLY peel the front clear sheet up, at the same time making sure the lettering is adhering correctly to the acrylic.

The fun part. The flowers! I used a mix of real flowers and silk flowers. I had a particular color palette in mind but had trouble finding the colors I wanted at my local market. This is where I added some silk flowers, and it helped me achieve the colors I was looking for. Also, another thing to remember is when you use real flowers they will become dried flowers so the color will change. Sprinkle and place your flowers where you desire.

Grab your other acrylic sheet, and begin placing the flowers on top of it. I just tossed them about and moved them around to cover some empty spots. Feel free to get creative and do some pattern or design with the flowers. You can also use greenery as well. I wanted the flowers to be the backdrop, so I went a tossed look. I did place my silk flowers in certain areas. 

*Tip- Place your acrylic that has your lettering on it and place it once in awhile on top of your other board with the flowers to see how it will look once you combine the two. You can adjust as needed. 

Pretty easy right? Ok, let’s get to the hard part. But you can do this!

Epoxy is something not to mess with once it’s mixed. So be cautious with this and its a good idea to do this part outdoors or in the well-ventilated garage. Follow the directions on the glue, and once mixed, place a thin line towards the edge on one of the sheets, the glue will dry clear. But if you use a lot, its ok, cause once it’s hung up, you really can’t see it. Place the other acrylic sheet on top and make sure its aligned correctly. Using clamps or heavy objects set on top of the layers and allow it to dry for an hour to set. I let mine sit overnight. Be sure all the corners and sides are pressed down with something substantial, or they will not seal properly. 

Finally, adhere the picture backing to the backside with either more glue or you can drill one in. Once thoroughly dried, you can hang it up! 

So cute right?! 








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Confetti Placemat DIY


You remember these little confetti placemats from our She’s Magic, That One! Styled New Year’s shoot we featured last week? So cute right?!? We thought we would show you how to do it! While designing this shoot, I wanted to create something different, and the thought of confetti-filled placemats came to mind. I could only think of one lady that could take my vision and roll with it, the one and only Jessica from The Confetti Bar. She, of course, was all over this idea, and I must say, I”m kinda obsessed with how they turned out. She is giving you the step by step on how to create these pretties. So grab your confetti, and let’s get to filling! 

Here’s how to make your own:

DIY Confetti Placemats DIY Confetti Placemats DIY Confetti Placemats DIY Confetti Placemats


Clear vinyl (I like four gauge) – Something like this will work, or you could even get a little crafty and re-purpose a clear tablecloth protector.
Sewing machine/thread

Start by cutting your vinyl into smaller pieces, a little larger than 14″x18″ rectangles. (This will give you some room to work while sewing)

Put two pieces of vinyl together and trace a 14″x18″ rectangle in the center. (Creating a cardboard template is helpful for this!)

Then sew down three sides of the outlined rectangle, leaving one of the shorter sides open. (You can trim the excess vinyl from the sewn sides.) Have fun with different colored threads and styles of stitching!

DIY Confetti Placemats DIY Confetti Placemats DIY Confetti Placemats DIY Confetti Placemats

Next, add your confetti inside the “pocket” you’ve created. While how much confetti you add comes down to personal preference as to how full you like it, I found about 1 cup of confetti per 14″x18″ placemat was a right amount to have some clear space, 2 cups if you want it filled out.

Once filled with your desired amount of confetti, sew the last side closed and trimmed any excess vinyl from the edge.

DIY Confetti Placemats

Such a fun idea! And, let me tell you, those girls were so excited about them. They were amazed how there was confetti inside! Create these for any holiday, birthday party, or just for everyday use for meals or even a children’s playroom. With it being winter break right now, this is a fun activity to do with your little ones to keep them entertained. 





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An Asymmetrical Holiday Wreath DIY + Giveaway!

We got a little giveaway today, yay! We are a bit obsessed with Leanna from David and Leanna and her creations that we wanted to share the love with our beautiful readers! You all know her; she is the DIY queen. Any idea we come up with, and she is game. Today, its all about holiday wreaths. This year, Leanna and I came up with a little twist on the usual round Christmas wreath. We went for an asymmetrical look, and of course, it had to have some macrame + flowers. As much as we love the real flowers, those don’t last more than a couple days. And no one wants sad flowers hanging in their house for the holidays. Silk flowers are the way to go here, and they look so real!

Leanna is spilling her secrets on how she made this pretty little number for all of you to make just in time for the holidays. Plus, the colors on this wreath will allow you to leave up past Christmas and right on into the rest of winter. And, if you add a couple more flowers from the pink family, you have yourself a little valentine’s day decor.

Let’s chat about the giveaway fast! To enter, just like + follow @beijosevents and @davidandleanna. Then, tell us your favorite holiday DIY on the giveaway Instagram post. The winner will be announced on Monday, December 18th. Please, only the US location, as we would like to get it to you before the holiday season.

Also, if you are looking for the cutest printable tags, check out Leanna’s Etsy page here. I’m using these for my gifts this year.

Let’s get to that DIY now… 

 Back at it again with the ladies from Beijos Events to bring you an awesome DIY! So a lot of the time when people say “oh my gosh how did you make this?!” and I say “oh this!!? It’s easy, let me show you!!” … well, this is one of those projects that I’ll say is a little more complicated ;) BUT individually each piece is super approachable for the average crafter so if you’re up for a little bit of a challenge, then follow along!!

Otherwise, you can also just buy one here or here ;)

There are three significant steps to this project: 1. floral swag 2. macrame hanging 3. combining


Your favorite Christmas greenery (I got mine at Michaels, and it’s ALL ON SALE)
Green florist wire
Hot glue + hot glue gun



Choose your base floral – a simple pine is what I chose because it had a lot of structure to build off of and wasn’t the “feature” color.

*Note: I almost always lay out my entire piece without gluing/connecting to begin just to make sure I have the balance right.

Using your florist wire, wrap two long pieces together, so they are facing opposite directions.


Add your next layer of “base” using the same method as above.


Next, I added my large “focus” pieces – the large flowers. I cut them from their original stems, but left about an inch of original stem to use to wrap around my “base.”


I reinforced the connection between the flowers and the base using florist wire.


Next, I then added my larger filler elements (these gold twigs) – again using the same florist wire method.


Next came smaller filler elements – these velvety green leaves. I hot glued these in place. With these I entirely removed them from the “base” they came on – they should just pop right off with a good tug.


Medium pink flowers were next. These came in a “bunch” so I cut each flower, leaving a small stem to work with. These were hot glued in place.


Even smaller flowers were added using the same method. All up, I used seven different types of florals in this piece – 2 base green stems, one large focus flower stem, two small flower stems, one medium flower stem of an accent color, and one structural stem in an accent color.

Phew! Next section: Macrame!!


Macrame thread
Metallic Acrylic paint


1 dowel.jpg

Cut your dowel to your desired length and paint with your choice of acrylic metallic paint (or leave natural) – set aside to dry.


Cut between 30 and 35 strands of macrame twine at 26″ in length.

larks knot

We are going to start with a “Larks Knot”: fold one of your lengths of twine in half and wrap over your dried dowel. 

larks knot how to macrame

Pull the tail through the loop and pull tight.

larks knot introduction to macrame

Repeat until you reach your desired width for you macrame hanging.


Here is where things get a little dicey – pull your furthest left strand apart from the rest of your hanging. Try to think of this strand from here on out as your new dowel. This is no longer a string – it is the “dowel” you are tying your other strings onto. If you pull on this string as though you are tying your shoes – pulling each strand evenly, you will not get the results you want.


Pull the leftmost string all the way across your piece – remember it’s your new dowel. We will do double half hitch knots all the way across.


Grab the next leftmost string – this is the string you will be knotting first – make a “four” (the same made by the two strings crossing) with the leftmost string on top.


String the second most left strand through the loop of the four made by the leftmost string. WHEW – you got that? Slowly synch them both up together – at the top remember you are knotting the second leftmost string ONTO the left most string – ideally you’ll be pulling tightly on the second string while simply holding the leftmost string in place.


Do this TWICE with each string. The second leftmost string is done after it has knotted onto the leftmost (aka “new dowel”) string. Repeat with the next string in line making your way left to right. Your “dowel string” stays the same – this is the string you will knot all the rest of the strands onto.


This took me many many tries to get right when I first started doing macrame so don’t be discouraged!! It takes practice and patience!! The beautiful thing is you can ALWAYS pull the knots out and try again – which I have done countless times.


add your leather strap for hanging to the ends of the dowel.


Place your swag on top of your macrame hanging to get an idea of where you want to attach.


Flip over and attach using your florist wire and a dab of hot glue.


Hang somewhere front and center and enjoy the endless compliments on your fantastic creativity and skill.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Another amazing DIY! Thanks, Leanna!

Remember to enter the giveaway today on Instagram!






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An Easy and Simple DIY Keepsake Christmas Ornament

Today’s post is an easy DIY for you that can last as a family keepsake.  It’s a simple ornament that is affordable and fun to create with your kiddos.  This year my son Court is 3.5 and he is excited about all things Christmas.  It’s so much fun to see his reactions and how he soaks it all in.  I’ve been keeping him busy with different crafts and he really loved this one so I thought I would share!

Keep scrolling, it’s just so easy and looks pretty on the tree or even as a decor piece on the mantle!

Photos by Riley Starr
  Let’s start with what you will need!  I got everything for this DIY at Michaels, or as Court likes to say “the craft store”.  We make a trip there every few weeks and stock up on fun things to do.  Plus, they always have a “sale” and things are usually 40-50% off!  So it’s easy on the wallet…

I used these simple clear plastic ornaments, there are some similar here.  We also shopped around the fake flower area, we picked some fun pieces that both Court and I thought would be pretty.  Court especially loved the pine cones!  Then we picked up some glitter and confetti and we were golden!

Next step is writing on the ornaments.  I am lucky and have a few talented friends, so Cindy from Blot & Dot took care of this step for me!  We had her write Court, Cruz and Christmas 2017.  Now, the easy part… Just fill up each ornament to your liking and then hang on the tree!  It’s as easy as that and your kiddos will love it!

Aren’t they pretty?!  And I love the way they look hanging on the tree.  Court had so much fun picking things out and creating these ornaments.  He’s so proud showing them off to anyone who will listen!

Hope you are enjoying the holiday season so far!  Only 2 short weeks till the big day!!



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