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Valentine’s Day Card Ideas

One of the best things about being a parent is getting to relive all of the holidays with your kids.  This is my first year with Court being in pre-school for a holiday, Valentine’s Day!  One of my favorites!!!  My birthday is the day before Valentine’s Day so it has always held a special place in my heart.  I was especially excited for this holiday because I got to come up with some Valentine’s Day card ideas!!

When Ms. Sherri, Court’s teacher, told me he had to bring 24 Valentine’s Day Cards for everyone in his class I was so excited!!  Yay!!  It was finally happening, I was getting to do the mom things I’d always dreamed about!  I really love coming up with creative ideas for my kids, whether it’s birthday parties, every day activities or special treats for the holidays.  So in my case I take these kind of things as a challenge… Challenge accepted Ms. Sherri!!

We all know that candy is not really ok these days…  There are so many allergies out there so you have to be so careful!  That’s why I wanted to come up with some non candy Valentine’s Day card ideas to share with you.  I asked Leah & Abby to each do one as well so we could share some options with you!  Hope they inspire you!!

All cards by the uber talented Meghann Miniello

All photos by the amazingly sweet Ari Moyashedi

For Court’s card I wanted to do something with a beachy surf theme… Because he’s like totally a grom bro!  Just kidding!  But really, he loves the beach and I just thought these army surfer men & women were so amazing!!  They are the perfect fun little gift and totally unexpected.  I definitely think he will be unique at class and both boys and girls will love them!

How cute is his little face in this photo?!  I took it the other day right before we headed down for some playground time on the beach.  His card says “You make my heart SWELL” – a little beach pun!!

Leah decided to do a joint card for Edie & Isla, her two little girly girls!  She found these adorable heart stunner shades online and knew they would be such a fun Valentine’s Day treat.  They come in a variety of colors – not pictured are blue, so if you’re worried this is too girly don’t be!  Every kiddo has fun dressing up and we can just picture how much fun these would be at a Valentine’s Day party!

Meghann added two little mini hearts to put the shades into and you can give the cards like this below!  The caption says “All the Heart Eyes For You!”  So perfect!!  I think this one is my favorite!

Next up is the Guido kids… Abby used this super sweet photo of Dylan & Jett having a smooch fest for her Valentine Card.  Nothing like these kissing photos to show them when they’re older, or when they are fighting to remind them that they actually DO love each other!  Ha!  Abby used Glo-Sticks for her special treat, so fun, right?!  The perfect addition to that Valentine rave your kids are headed too, haha, or for just some fun because who doesn’t love a Glo-Stick?!

The caption says “You make my heart glow”, isn’t that the cutest?!  And you can stick the glow stick through the card, how adorable is that?!  We know these would be a hit at school!

Hope this inspired you with some fun non candy Valentine’s Day Card ideas!




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Fall Flower Arrangement

Morning Friends!

Are we getting excited for this week?!? Turkey day is one of my favorite holidays. You get to wear your stretchy pants and get after it. I have a strong weakness for mash potatoes and gravy! Total side note, but have any of you tried the new Starbucks turkey cranberry stuffing panini? Oh man, its been gearing me up for Thursday. Really good!

For my family, we switch each year and spend it with one side of the family. Often times, we still try to make our rounds to all three places. Can’t be mad at it sometimes, that’s three different times we are eating. Fat pants are needed for sure! I like to be the guest that is the best by bringing a dessert and some flowers. I like to make my own arrangement, it just means that much more to family. This year, I turned to Jennifer from Busy Bee Floral Design to give me some step by step directions to make the perfect fall arrangement. She is sharing it with you today too! You can make this arrangement a day before and store in a cool place, this way you are not rushed on Thursday. If you are hosting thanksgiving, this would be a perfect arrangement for your table. Head to your local flower mart, and get to picking. If you are in Nothern California, we suggest the SF Flower Mart or the United Wholesale Flowers (this is where I go).


Photos by Yasmin Sarai

Step by Step Instructions by Jennifer from Busy Bees Floral Design





Sumac- greenery
Dinner Plate Dahlias- burgundy flower (upper left)
Peach David Austin Garden Rose (center)
White Ranunculus
Snowberries (lower left)
Blackberries (upper left)
Carnations (light pink color)
Chocolate Queen Anne’s lace (lower left below the Dahlia)
Amaranth (upper right)

Other Items

Floral Foam
Floral Tape (taped down the floral foam)

Step 1 

Proper preparation makes flowers last much longer.

Prep the flowers by cutting off the bottom half of the leaves on each stem of all the flowers. Removing the leaves before placing flowers in water decreases the chance of getting harmful bacteria.  Bacteria will significantly reduce the lifespan of your flowers. I also made sure to cut the bottoms of each stem at an angle to allow the flower to drink more water.

Step 2

Don’t underestimate the important of the vase

You will need to choose a vase based on the types of flowers you will be using. The vase is an important part of the overall aesthetic of the arrangement. We used a gold pedestal vase here.

Step 3 

Use a floral foam

To stabilize the flowers in the vase, I use a floral foam which stays at the bottom of the vase. Floral foams keep your arrangements in place.



Step 4 

Add Greenery…we are getting close!

I start by placing the Sumac greenery in the vase to build a base for the arrangement.

yasminsarai_beijosevents_fallflorals-13 yasminsarai_beijosevents_fallflorals-14






Step 5

Add Flowers to bring to life

Add the flowers! This is when the arrangement really starts coming to life.  Choose a focal point and arrange a clutter of mixed flowers. First I begin by using the Dinner Plate Dahlias since they are the focal point of the arrangement. I then began adding the roses and the Amaranth to fill in the empty spaces. Then begin using the other flowers in empty spots.







Step 6

Make sure there are no holes

Fill in the holes. Make sure each of the flowers are represented throughout the arrangements and have a nice flow throughout. Too many of one flower will over power the arrangement. To finish, I always like to add more greenery and fill in the empty spots.

Thanks Jennifer!



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Fall Wreath DIY

To kick off the Fall season we thought a Fall wreath DIY was in order!! Why not share with everyone that you are ready for this festive season to begin right on your front door?!  Our Fall to do list has so many fun ideas, and this is just the beginning!!   If there is any way we can decorate or jazz up our home we get excited, so this was right up our alley!  Our friend Meagan from MV Florals was kind enough to share her tips of the trade and teach us these two amazing Fall wreath DIY’s!  Something simple and something a little more ornate, and we can’t get enough of each of them!  Scroll down to see how you can get in the Fall spirit by dressing up your front door and decking it with leaves!

Photos by Megan Welker

Fall Foliage Wreath

meganwelker-sept8-22 1.  Choose your desired products to use.  For this wreath I wanted to use natural elements and foliage that dried, creating something that can be used the whole season.

From left to right in the picture I used feathers, dried mushrooms, wheat, birch branches, bittersweet, lotus pods, and pampus grass.

meganwelker-sept8-2 2.  Supplies Include:

-ribbon or twine to hang wreath
– wire
-glue gun (not shown)
-scissors(not shown)

meganwelker-sept8-5 3.  Start with cutting birch branches to the length and thickness of your desire.  Secure the branches together with wire on each end.  This is your base for the wreath.

4.  Start placing your larger foliage over the birch branches, securing with the wire.

meganwelker-sept8-9 5.  Start adding more foliage or blooms.  You may need to play and adjust as you go.  I did!

6.  After a few larger items are placed how you like, take your ribbon and tie on the back and front of the branches.  Hold it up to make sure it stays even and doesn’t fall forward.

meganwelker-sept8-12 7.  After your ribbon is tied, place your remaining products on the wreath.  I used a glue gun to secure the dried mushrooms and pods.

meganwelker-sept8-13 8.  Hang on your door and enjoy! =)

 Pampas Grass Wreath


This pampas grass wreath is super easy to make!  If you live in Southern California you can easily pick your own pampus grass wild (but you didn’t hear that from me!)  or its available at your local nursery or flower shop.

1.  Supplies needed:

-Metal Frame

meganwelker-sept8-39 2.  Cut your pampas grass down.  I used one piece and got about 2-3 pieces from it.

3.  Cluster the pampas grass and secure to the frame, without cutting the wire and leaving it long.

meganwelker-sept8-43 4.  Place another cluster of pampas grass over the first piece, making sure there is no frame showing.  You don’t need to cut the wire; by keeping it attached to the paddle it will create a stronger and tighter hold.

5.  Continue this pattern until you work your way to the first piece.  You may need to adjust the pampas grass on the last cluster to hide any stems.  Cut the wire and secure to the back.

meganwelker-sept8-46 6.  Hang up on your door!

*Tip- to get your pampas grass to dry and not shed as much, spray it with hair spray*

Thanks Meagan for sharing all of your tricks!

We love these wreaths so much and how festive they are for Fall!

Stay tuned for more fun Fall ideas and activities we will be sharing from our list!



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Herb Floral Soap- DIY

Today we have an easy and cute DIY that will leave you feeling oh so clean! I have seen these DIY all over Pinterest. I thought to myself these look so cute, and would make a great hostess or bridal shower gift. So I gave it a whirl, and it was incredibly easy and fun to do. Now, that I have the method down, my family and friends might be getting soap bars for every celebration. Ha! Let’s see how we do it…


Photos by Yasmin Sarai


Unscented Soap Bars (clear)
Scented Soap Bars (whatever scent you enjoy)- optional
Coconut Oil
Herbs + Flowers
Essential Oil
Soap Molds or plastic Tupperware
Parchment Paper




1st, take your wax or parchment paper and place in your mold. With some of your coconut oil, spread over the parchment paper. This will help with getting the soap out of the mold once it hardens. Set aside.

Now, melting the soap can be tricky. I tried in the microwave, and it just dried out. Using a double broiler worked best for me.

Using your double broiler, cut the unscented soap into chunks. It melts much better this way. Place in the double broiler with a tablespoon of coconut oil. Stirring consistently at a very low heat, add a little bit of water to help it thin out. Be sure not to add a lot of water if you do, you will have just made liquid soap.


Once you have it melted down to a pourable consistency, pour into your molds. If you want to add essential oils, place a couple of drops into your hot mold and stir around. If you have a scented soap bar you want to use, simply cut into small chunks and place into hot soap molds. This gives it hints of color. Once cooled a bit, place your herbs and flowers on top. I discovered that if you pour hot soap on top of the herbs and flowers, they will wilt and turn a dark, gross color. I used rosemary and chamomile, perfect soap bar for a nice warm bubble bath!

Place in fridge to cool down and harden. Allow to harden for a couple of days to ensure its hard all the way through. Finally, wrap in wax paper or parchment paper, throw a cute ribbon on and gift away. These would  be cute in your bathroom as decoration.


Pretty easy huh!? Limitless options. Next, I’m gonna try lime and coconut! Yummy!

Kids will love to help out with this fun DIY. Just be sure to be cautious of the HOT soap.

Let’s see what you come up with!



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DIY- Palm Frond Cocktail Stirrers

We have a fun and super easy DIY for you today! With summer still here and tropical themed parties all around us, it was only fitting to show how you can make these cute palm frond cocktail stirrers for your next party. One of the most important entertaining tips we have for you regardless of the size of your bash is to make it unique and fun. It could be a simple cocktail party for 4 or a tropical themed wedding; this cute palm frond cocktail stir will be a crowd pleaser. It is all in the details friends. No cocktail should be left undressed.

Photos by Yasmin Sarai






You will need a mini indoor palm or pick some branches off a tree around your neighborhood. You will be surprised that they are a pretty standard tree. Bamboo skewers cut to the length of your cocktail glass, scissors, and finally washi tape (I used white).



Cut off a few palm fronds and use the washi tape to attach the stem to the top of the skewer.

That’s it! It’s so easy; you should never have an excuse to have a naked cocktail again! Go further and top your cocktail off with a fruit garnish and fresh flowers.




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