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Happy Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? Flew by too fast for me, as it always does. Last week, we did our Real Talk, and let you in on some fun news that Jacquelyn and I were getting to design our kitchens in our new homes this year. We are both so eager to start this process of creating our new space. It all starts with the most important room – the kitchen. The area where you gather around the most, where you entertain, talk about your day over dinner, the place you probably make the most memories. This was important for us to produce an atmosphere we would love to spend time in for years to come. Today we are giving you a little peek of what these rooms will soon look like. We can’t wait to show you the final product! Till then, we will share and document the process through our Instagram Story.

Let’s start with Jacquelyn’s Inspiration!

When we closed escrow on our new home earlier this year I was beyond thrilled but totally not prepared for all of the big decisions I was going to have to make.  We decided to redo our kitchen before moving into the house because we didn’t want to deal with all the mess while in there. We are also taking out a wall, which is a whole other story!

I’ve been pinning ideas for my kitchen for years, but when the time came to design my own, it was very daunting. My husband has had to bug me to make decisions or even go look at things; I think I was a little apprehensive about making such permanent decisions. Plus, I’m so busy with my day too, I guess I was worried about adding more to my plate.

At first, I wanted to go in the direction of doing more modern beach wood cabinets. I still love the idea and look, but ultimately a few things changed my mind. One, I was worried I would get sick of them and they would just be a fad. Two, they aren’t in stock and would take 8-10 weeks to deliver, this isn’t a huge deal but would slow down our moving process quite a bit. And three, I was worried they wouldn’t match the wood flooring we are doing, and once everything was installed, I would feel regretful.

Ultimately I decided on classic white cabinets, they’ll never go out of style, and my kitchen will always look nice and bright! Plus, they are in stock which is a huge factor! Haha! We are also doing a large island with leather bar stools. The island will be a granite with a Carrera marble look, and the countertops will be granite with a dark cement look. We plan on doing a white glossy subway tile backsplash and a Portuguese inspired tile behind the stove.

The main elements we love are clean white with some natural wood and blue Portuguese tile.  I’m really hoping it all comes together well and my vision works. It’s exciting and scary all at once, and I can’t wait to share the outcome with you!

Now for Abby’s Inspiration!

We are moving into a division in Rocklin, Ca that is called Whitney Ranch. This procedure is a tad bit different than buying a house already built, and even building a custom home on your terms. How it works is we picked the style of home from three different options. It ranges from classic to the Spanish style- which we picked. Inside the home, you already have the layout designed. It is your job to pick out all the design elements of the home in their design centers. We haven’t gotten to that part of the process yet, and I do have to say I’m a bit nervous if I’m speaking honestly. What if they don’t have the precise tile I want? Or what if I want the built in to go here and not there? It is so much to think about, and you want everything to be perfect. I mean this is probably one of the only times, well pretty much the only time that I will be able to design my home from top to bottom. March is when we start the process, so till then, I’m gathering all my ideas together.

The kitchen. The most important room in our home for our family. It is where we spend the majority of our time with each other. The kids are at the age where they have homework, so we are always at the kitchen table, soon to be island doing our homework. I love to cook dinner with them and have them hanging out near me. We always sit down together for dinner and take turns talking about our day. If one of us isn’t there and able to speak on the phone, we FaceTime them to include them. It’s something we have been able to keep going with my husband already up in Sacramento.

SO what is this kitchen going to be? For sure, I know that we will have all white walls. No doubt there. I didn’t want to do straight white cabinets cause that would just be too much white for me. We love the look of a cabinet with a little hint of grayish green in it. My husband was shocked when I showed him the color. I don’t actually play with any other colors in the house besides black and white. But this pop of color will be a great contrast to the rattan that I want to carry thru the house. I’m so in love with rattan. We will have rattan lighting above the dinner table and perhaps above the kitchen island. That is still out for debate. My husband isn’t a huge fan, so I have to pick and choose my battles. Shouldn’t he just say, “Do whatever you want love?” In a dream world, I suppose. Ha!

With the cabinets an off color, and white walls, we are going simple with the backsplash, a beautiful clean subway tile. The island will be a white stone top with hints of gray to bring out the cabinet color. We are doing light floors this time around. At our old home, we did a very dark color, and we didn’t like it at all. Once the kids and the pets were around, it was dust city. You could see everything, and I was finding myself sweeping at least three times a day. I’m excited to get some light blonde wood tile in there. We saw this wood like tile at one of the model homes, and it was durable, clean, and requires less maintenance than dark hardwood floors. Lastly, adding wooden elements into the mix with open shelving, and areas to display all my glassware and dishes. I have collected quite a lot through these years with the blog content. Don’t forget the bright colored runner that will make its way into the kitchen as well for that fun pop of color. I have been looking for the perfect one these days, quite the challenge to find it. I know she is out there somewhere!

What do you guys think? We would love to hear your thoughts!



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California Elopement- Beijos E-Celebrate Board

We love designing our e-celebrate boards for our clients. It’s so fun to see the boards come alive for their special day. When our pal, Meghann Miniello came to us and wanted an e-celebrate board to design a very special elopement, we were all in!

We love that Inspired by This has tied in 10 tips for the morning of your special day along with this feature, see it here.

Photos by Brooke Borough

Let’s start with our e-celebrate board we helped design with Meghann.


We came up with a sunny Southern California morning. A morning filled with bright light, wooden elements, cactus, geodes, bougainvillea, turquoise jewelry, and our favorite morning attire, Jen’s Pirate Booty Kimonos.

Let’s see how Meghann and a dream team of vendors brought this to life, and created tips for your special morning.


Meghann says, Whether you’re on the Mediterranean sea, a tropical island, or, like us, on the California coast, you can create a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing space to primp + prep like a rockstar, with just a few tricks in your suitcase. Brooke Borough Photography captured the day with tons of light, attention to detail, and all around gorgeous photos.

The laser-cut leather invitation that I designed set the tone for the vibe and aesthetic for the shoot. Natural and casual, Californian, and a little different than the norm, it effortlessly complements all the details. The laser cut place-mats also took brunch to the next level.





Meghann says, “Florals were kept minimal (if you can’t take them with you, who wants to waste such beauty!?) but packed a huge punch with one gorgeous arrangement that could be seen from multiple angles and thus could be photographed in a couple different areas of our bridal suite, perfect for a hotel room or an AirBNB that you’ll be enjoying for a few days. Caitlyn of Fleur de Rye also brought some greenery and extras for the bride’s hair, flower girls, and to spruce up some dark corners of the room.”

highlights016 highlights007



Jens Pirate Booty was clearly the only option for this bride… just perfect for an elopement with no need to iron, steam, or have an extra set of hands to hold your dress in the bathroom. White, flowing, and packable – the dress meets all the checks on our list.


highlights090 highlights071




About making a statement with your jewerly, Meghann says, “Since our dress was more about versatility than making a statement, we really wanted to make a splash with the gems adorning the bride. Helping Jewels, designed by Nycole Holwick not only perfectly accompanied our look, but 30% of the their proceeds to straight to helping children fighting rare illnesses at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital.”

highlights076 highlights092

Meghann advises.. “Even if you’re away from home, and it’s just you and your love… hair and makeup are a must. Not only will you feel radiant and take pictures like a pro, but you can just sit back and enjoy your day sipping mimosas. Jacklyn Oram of Hair by Jacklyn is the sweetest and created an utterly gorgeous, loose boho style that will last through the day and night. Kasey Russell Makeup highlighted the bride’s natural beauty without her feeling too done-up for an intimate beach ceremony. The bride also opted for semi-permanent false lashes by Darling Lash Studio, to last through the honeymoon.”







One of the best tips any bride should get is EAT! Meghann agrees, saying, “You mustn’t forget to eat on your big day, so we called in a local chef to whip up a healthy, low-bloat brunch to enjoy as you prepare for the day’s events, or with your hubs to be. Liza Saragosa made our mouths water with her colorful and vitamin packed spread.”








Lastly Meghann saves the day with this tip on gifting, “And last but not least, your wedding day wouldn’t be complete with out a few little gifts. The groom wrote our bride a sweet card and gifted her a bracelet to match the necklace she chose (someone might want to remind the groom about this tradition). The bride received some fresh pineapple from the ladies in her life; we all know it makes your skin sweet for, ahem, “activities,” later. Our bride gifted her groom natural grooming products made by our gal Urb Apothecary and a handy all in one surf/man tool by Ventana Surfboards.”

Such a fun and special day for any bride!


Styling/Creative Direction/Leather invitation and laser cut placemats:Meghann Miniello
Photography:Brooke Borough
Florals:Fleur de Rye
Hair:Jacklyn Oram 
Makeup:Kasey Russell
Lashes:Darling Lash
Model: Megan Cameron
Jewelry:Helping Jewels 
Dresses: Jens Pirate Booty
Brunch:Liza Saragosa
Grooms Gifts: Urb Apothecary+Ventana Surfboards 
Styling Inspiration:Beijos Events 

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The Beijos Service – ECelebrate

Happy Monday Everyone!  It’s a new week and we have some fun stuff for you today, talking about our E-Celebrate package we offer with our services.  We get a lot of inquiries on this one and it’s really fun watching it come to life.  Here’s what it all entails…

E- Celebrate!!

Mood Board and Links Package –  Email us for pricing

Creative and Inspiration theme and assistance

Unlimited phone and email communication

Establish a design board with a cohesive aesthetic

Recommendation of vendors

Organic Sprinkle E-Celebrate

This summer we’ve done some good ones so we wanted to share them with you from start to finish.  Here’s the one we did for Jacquelyn’s sister Janna when she planned her sprinkle last month.  Janna gave me some hints of details like the fern greenery and integrating her favorite color…yellow when she came to me.  We took some inspiration from baby Cruz’s nursery, so we knew Jacquelyn would love it.  Here’s a peek at the vision board I made. I went natural, organic, simple, and used greens and blacks for this precious boy we are all waiting for.

jacq's sprinkle board

From the board to the party…

All photos by Ala Cortez

Rentals by Hostess Haven

Florals by MV Florals

Now a peek at the actual party to see the vision board come to life….We loved the idea of the vintage vases all down the middle of the table mixed with different types and ferns, adding our own styled twist and pop of yellow.




The invite, menu and signage was well thought out as we knew we wanted to integrate watercolor ferns and a thicker masculine black font.

Signage by Meghann Miniello


And the cake / dessert details…we wanted a small textured cake with doughnuts and of course added the color on top!

Sweets by Beverly’s bakery & Sidecar Doughnuts

lifestyle-babycruz-1067 lifestyle-babycruz-1066


Tropical E-Celebrate

Here’s more vision boards from another party we did for an awesome client a couple months ago.  It was her daughters first birthday and we knew how special this one had to be!!  She wanted a pretty, colorful tropical theme, heavy on the pink.  Here’s the pictures and color palate Jacquelyn started with …

Piper 1st Birthday

Jacquelyn also made a rentals board for our client so she could visualize more areas of the party.

Piper's 1st Birthday - Rentals

Now here is this beauty that came to life…There is so much pretty to show with this one, we’ll start with the flowers!  MV Florals pretty much killed it!!

All Photos by Dulcet Creative



This floral arch as guests walked in…so good.


The planned detail on the balloons


_dulcetcreative-1443 _dulcetcreative-1440

The lounge furniture come to life by our gals at Adore Folklore


Fun details like stir sticks & cake toppers are a must!!

By Nic Roc Designs

_dulcetcreative-1301 _dulcetcreative-1234-2

Place mats, signage, and invite all done by the talented Meghann Miniello


And we can’t forget about these sweets…

Sweet and Saucy Shop never disappoints


These flamingo macs…. _dulcetcreative-1057

So there you have it.  E-Celebrate is easy if you know your direction and a few details, but have a hard time putting cohesive design details together, this is the package for you!!  We’ll give you the vision and tell you how to get it to make it come to life!!  Please email us about it if you have any more questions!!

Have a great week!

Xx Leah

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Beijos Events Presents E-Celebrate!

It’s time to celebrate!

(cue the pink confetti)

When we 1st started Beijos, it was an outlet to use our creativity and create pretty stylish celebrations for our family and friends. I remember our 1st party, it was my daughters Dylan’s 3rd birthday party. We had so much fun doing it, we thought to ourselves, “Hey, you think we can do this as a side hobby?”  Turn the page two years later, and here we are! A calendar full of weddings and celebrations, and can’t forget our new baby, the Beijos Blog. We still pinch ourselves that we are getting to do this everyday. We had two goals that we wanted to do right off the bat…. one start a blog. Check! Our second goal was to allow every bride or hostess to be able to have the perfect celebration. So we thought to ourselves, how can we have a bride of any kind of budget and location to get the look they want?

We are so excited to announce we are starting e-celebrate. This is much like the fab e-decor services out there. Which happens to be part 2 of our online services we will be starting in the next year! We know that staying on budget is hard, and not everyone can afford a stylist/coordinator for your special day.  As a bride that did it all herself, and not to mention a 3 month old at the same time, I had only wish that I had this service available to me.

So what is e-party you ask!?!

e-celebrate is an affordable way to get your dream wedding/celebration without retaining Beijos Events for full-service design styling + coordination.

We design an inspiration board from your dream thoughts, and then you take our ideas and create the special day . Each e-celebrate is completely individualized and created to fit your style, location, and budget.

Are we loving this idea!?!? We sure are!

As soon as you purchase your desired e-celebrate package you will receive an email with a questionnaire. When we receive your complete questionnaire, followed by some other details, we will put together some questions we may have and some design examples that we will email to you. Once we’ve worked together to establish the budget + design direction we will create a styled design plan that includes our inspiration board and links page.

More details will be on our website!

Lets take a little peek into what this all will look like.

more about this fun bright boho table at the reach workshop later next week….


 Here is an example of the board you would receive from us. Your color palette is on the left side, and how that all ties into your tablescape on the right hand side. Super cute huh!?! Now lets see how we turned this board into the real deal….






How perfect are those flowers by Christine Cater? AMAZING! see how the terra cotta was tyed into the table? so so good…

Pictures by Carlie Statsky

So who is excited for this new venture?!?

More details will be up on our website soon! Till then if you have any inquiries please contact us at



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