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Pretty Little Deviled Eggs Recipe

Today, I’m chatting about one of my favorite appetizers. The pretty little deviled egg. Ever since I was little, I have been obsessed with deviled eggs. They are probably, no they are definitely my favorite appetizer. A little picky on the choices of what kind, but always down to try new ones, although no crab ones. Can’t do it. When it comes time for Easter Sunday, I know that I’m going to be munching on ALOT of deviled eggs. My family has figured out to make extra cause I usually inhale four right as I walk into my aunt’s house on Easter Sunday. The past couple years, I have been playing around with deviled egg recipes to create my ultimate favorite deviled egg. It has to have three things to be the best for this deviled egg lover. One, it has to be yummy, obvi! Two, there has to be some crunch to it, no one likes a soggy, mushy egg. Finally, it has to be one pretty little-deviled egg! You remember our feature a couple of days ago on the Easter tablescape right? Well, you might have seen those babies make an appearance. Today, I’m giving you all the details so you can make it this Sunday! Or any day. Is there a national deviled egg day? Hmm….

Photos by Erin Milink

Pretty Little Deviled Egg


1 dozen large eggs
6 tablespoons mayonnaise
3 tablespoons (or more) prepared horseradish
2 tablespoons sweet pickle juice from jar of sweet pickles
1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1/4 teaspoon salt
24 fresh parsley leaves
Pink food coloring
cayenne or paprika pepper
pickled red onion for garnish
chia or sesame seeds for garnish


Place eggs in large saucepan. Add enough cold water to cover by 1 inch. Cover pan; bring to boil. Remove pan from heat and let stand covered for 10 minutes. Drain. Let eggs stand in cold water until cold, about 30 minutes.

Peel eggs; halve lengthwise. Transfer yolks to the processor. Trim a small slice off the bottom of the egg white halves; place on tray, cavity side up. This allows the egg dish to not dance around the plate. Process yolks until smooth. Add mayonnaise, three tablespoons horseradish, pickle juice, pepper, and salt to yolks; process until smooth. Adjust seasonings, adding more horseradish if desired. Add several drops of pink food coloring to give you that pretty pink color. Add more if desired to achieve your perfect pink tone. Can be made one day ahead. Cover whites and filling separately and chill. Transfer filling to pastry bag fitted with a 1/4-inch plain tip. Pipe filling into cavities of egg whites. Garnish with chives, parsley, chia and sesame seeds, and pickled red onion. Dust with a little bit of cayenne or paprika pepper. 

Sunday can’t come soon enough to enjoy these bad boys. Maybe I need to do a test run tonight just to see if they need any tweaking? 

Happy Friday! 



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Easter Style

Easter is three days away and we’ve gone over everything style wise from eggs to kids and even our tables.  But have you got your own Easter style ready?  Ever since I was young my mom would always have me in a cute new dress on Easter and well, call me old fashioned, but I like to keep traditions alive.  I mean, I’m just doing my part over here.  

There are so many good dresses out there right now!  I think that is one of the reasons I love Spring so much, all of the pretty dresses start to arrive and my heart starts to flutter.  The colors are brighter and fresher and the prints are extra pretty.  That’s what I think of with an Easter outfit – a cute little dress that screams Spring!!  So Abby and I are sharing our picks of dresses for Easter style… Hope it makes your heart skip a beat like it does mine!

Photos by Danielle Gillett & Megan Welker

Jacquelyn’s Hair by 1011 Makeup

You can shop our looks at the bottom of our post!

First we have Abby wearing this flowy maxi from Free People.  It’s so effortless and easy breezy,  you could continue to wear this through Summer and nobody would want to stop you.  She pairs it with her favorite clutch and sandals, along with a pair of Wyeth lucite sunnies.  And is it just me or is the the perfect dress to eat Easter brunch in??  Room for some stretch right there….

Next up, I’m in this gorgeous slip dress by Spell that I found at Costa Cabana.  I love the blue color and the pretty floral print.  Spell is one of my favorite brands to shop, I always want everything… Still trying to figure out how to do that and not let the husband be the wiser…  

I am pairing this dress (and every dress forever and ever) with these cute new suede mules by Matisse.  They are soooo comfy and I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing these a lot this Spring.

Clearly we are loving prints this season because Abby found another one that is killer.  This Jen’s Pirate Booty kaftan is so pretty and that lace detail trim just makes it.  I love how she uses our favorite Cleobella Mexicana clutch to accessorize it.  This baby is sheer so it’s pretty sexy, maybe a good date night Easter outfit?!  Is that a thing?  Haha, we can make it one right?  I mean you know how bunnies like to do it…  Sorry, had to…

Speaking of Cleobella I visited their shop in Seal Beach recently and found this cute little number, the Carnival Dress!  I mean, I could have gone crazy in there so I’m lucky I used self control and only left with this one…  Deep breaths…

Embroidery is huge this Spring and I love the detail and colors that this dress has.  I paired it with my Matisse Mules and my Wyeth sunnies.  This dress is so light and easy, I am thinking I could definitely dress it down with flats and a denim jacket too.  But for Easter you gotta go the fancy route!

There’s our Easter style picks, so now you have no excuse but to look your best on Sunday!!  So now go shopping, you’re allowed!



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How to Host an Outdoor Easter Brunch

With Easter just in a couple of days, I bet you need some help with your Easter table setting? If weather permits, an outdoor Easter brunch is a must! Easter is a holiday that I love to host for the family. It’s spring which means all the beautiful pastel flowers are in bloom, and your tablescape is going to be filled with lots of bright, colorful spring beauty. Today, I’m sharing with you tips and tricks on how to throw an outdoor brunch that won’t leave you questioning why you decided to host this year. I love hosting brunches because it allows time before guests coming, and once everyone has left you still have part of your day to enjoy with your little ones. We have partnered with Pottery Barn and a couple of our favorite vendors to create the perfect outdoor Easter table. And the best part is that you can do this yourself! So cmon, and let’s have some fun!

Photos by Erin Milink 

This brunch beauty is also being featured on Inspired by This today! Check it out, here.

Tip: To throw a perfect Easter brunch that your guests will love, it’s all about planning ahead. This is the most important thing! If you plan ahead, everything will be a breeze. Create your menu and guest list. I always find out from family members what time will work for them. Easter is one of those holidays where people are busy throughout the whole day. I love brunch cause it gives you time before family members arrive, and you will still have part of your Sunday after. Prep your food the night before, so all you have to do is garnish and set out before your guests arrive. The same goes with your tablescape. This will leave you time in the morning with your family to enjoy Easter baskets with the kids.

Creating a tablescape can be daunting for some people, in particular for a holiday occasion. You feel the need to go out and get all new things to wow your guest. But you don’t have to! Pottery Barn has beautiful everyday items that you can use for your festive decor. When adding festive decor to your table, you want to be limited on the amount. I know it’s exciting and everything is super cute but too much of a good thing and it can start to look crowded. You want pops of Easter throughout the table. I used The Emma Egg Cup which comes in a mixed set of seasonal pastel colors at each place setting. I placed fresh farmers market eggs into each cup. Another easter element among this pretty table is the pierced ceramic egg that was placed right beside the floral arrangement. 

Idea: A cute idea for your eggs is for you to write your guests name on each one for their place setting. A custom touch your guests will love. 

For the place setting itself, I went with natural colors so I can bring in the pops of pastel in the textiles and glassware. I fell in love with the plum tumbler that was accompanied with a white and red wine glass. It is sadly sold out, but you can add a pop of color with the outdoor Fresca Acrylic Drinkware. I love the Montego red wine glass cause you can either use of course for wine or even for water or juice. My everyday Au Naturale Stoneware plates set on top of a galvanized metal charger which the metal reminds me of summer days outside. For Easter, you have to have a pretty blush textile in the mix. I tied the napkin in a knot to add another fun element to the table setting. Gold flatware to top it off!

Tip: Have fun with your flatware placement, get creative and place it in new places. Placement of flatware and new ways of folding or placing napkins bring your guest’s attention to the table. People love to see things done differently, its refreshing and fun. Meghann Miniello created a simple yet elegant menu on vellum that was seated on top of the salad plate. She also created matching name cards and invite. I love for guests to know what they are having. If your table allows, serve family style. It’s an imitate way of spending more time with your family and enjoying each other instead of having people constantly be getting up and down from the table to get more food. As well, throw a couple bottles of your favorite wine on top of the table.

Now, one of the most important parts of the table. The flowers! This is where all your spring and pastel dreams come true. Have fun with it! Natasha Kolenko created a beautiful spring arrangement that consisted of out of this world huge ranunculus, poppies, fragrant pink jasmine, and mint. Nothing better than having an arrangement that smells as good as it looks. 

Last but not least the food! I created a spring filled menu that I think my guests will love. Nothing is more spring then a citrus salad, deviled eggs, baked eggs and arugula, and an amazing panna cotta that is out of this world. We will be sharing all these recipes with you! If you haven’t seen, here is the recipe for the egg dish. So yummy!

Tip: Premake all your food ahead of time. I created a spring menu that would allow me to prep the night before. All I had to do was garnish and prepare the baked eggs. 

Idea: Use the Montero red wine glass as a parfait glass and place among your glassware. Unique and unexpected detail.

Idea: If you place your table in back of a wall, adorn it with trailing pink jasmine to add another layer of decor to your setting. 


Hosting should be fun! I hope this gave some beautiful inspiration for your Easter Sunday! 


Design + Styling: BEIJOS EVENTS
Photography: ERIN MILNIK



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Beijos Easter Baskets

It’s our annual Beijos kid’s Easter Basket post and we have some good ones for you!  Every year we try and come up with fun and new creative ideas for our little ones.  Well, now between the 3 of us we have 7 kids!!!  It’s getting tight up in here!  So instead of doing a bag for each of our kids, because seriously who wants to scroll through that novel, we did three categories.  We have a baby basket, a girl basket and a boy basket!  Simple and easy!

Another thing we try to do is find unique baskets, and I think this year’s are the best yet!  We asked our dear friend and soul sister Monica of Boho Pillow to create some boho-dreamy baskets…. And boy did she come through!  Check them out below!!  For more baskets, and just overall amazing stuff, head to her site here!!

Let’s get started with the baby basket I curated!  So, I really tried with all my might to go gender neutral here, but as a true boy mom, it definitely reads more boy…. What can I say, those boys have completely taken over my life, and now my mind!!!  Haha!!  I think the basket is perfectly gender neutral though and would also make a great gift for a baby shower!  You can stuff it full of goodies and the mama to be can place it in her nursery for storage!

Let’s talk about some of my baby Easter picks!  I went with a sort of Lion theme after being inspired by the cutest art piece by my favorite Daniella Manini.  That lion art would look adorable in any kid’s room!  And when I saw the sweet little hand knit lion doll from The Little Market I knew that was where I wanted to go!  Now, every baby needs a good swaddle and Modern Burlap’s are the best.  I love the cloud one because it is cute for both a boy and a girl!  

Cruz is teething like a wild man and I knew I wanted to include a teether.  I could spend hours shopping on Noble Carriage’s site because everything is so darn cute, but what really draws me in is the attention they pay to things being organic and sustainable.  I thought the pretzel teether was the cutest thing ever and the fact that it has natural antibacterial properties is pretty amazing.

Two of my go to brands as a mommy since having both of my boys are Bink & Boo and Wee Vintage Baby.  So it was a no brainer including both of them!!  Bink & Boo has the most adorable little baby booties in all sorts of colors and fabrics.  These striped pair are called the Smith and the retro 70’s vibe of them just caught my eye immediately.  For Wee Vintage Baby I thought her bloomers would be perfect for the upcoming warmer days and I must say, Cruz’s thighs have never looked more delicious.

Lastly, I think taking care of baby’s skin is always a priority so I got a few products from Zoe Organics to toss in.  Bath time is one of my favorite times of the day so I did their baby gift set which includes bath wash, a baby oil and a diaper balm.  All definite essentials for any baby & mama duo!! 

All photos by Ari Moshayedi

Next up, our little Girl Basket!  Abby curated this one for her daughter Dylan… I can only dream of the fun stuff behind a little girl’s basket, still working on the husband on that idea!  But anyhoo…  How cute is the pink basket by Boho Pillow?  I love the fabric she used here!  Now this basket is fully stocked, I think the Easter bunny is going broke this year!! I mean Dylan is one lucky girl!  

Let’s start with the sweetest little bunny doll from Noble Carriage.  Every little girl needs a stuffed bunny on Easter and this one by Hazel Village is the ultimate!!  Did you catch our Easter playdate feature yesterday that had tons of Shop Leo Kids goodies in it?!  Well Abby must have because she is adding a cute little weaving and garland in Dylan’s basket for her room!

Another Easter must have are floral bunny ears from JL Designs.  These are the ultimate Easter accessory!  Speaking of accessories, this little girl’s basket is set with a cute pair of sandals for Spring, heart shaped sunnies, a new raffia bag and cute bracelets (here and here) from our girl Julia at Gunn & Swain.

Abby didn’t stop there, one of our favorite brands to shop for ourselves is Jen’s Pirate Booty so why not match our little ladies by gifting them their own kaftan?  Let’s keep going shall we??  The Easter bunny can’t stop now, he’s on a roll!  A swimsuit is a must have for Spring/Summer, and this cute one piece is so adorable, and also on sale!  To round up this loot, you’ve gotta have a good bunny book!  Definitely an Easter essential!

Now, in my next life I’m coming back as Abby’s daughter, holy moly!

Last up we’ve got the big boy basket that Abby curated for her son Jett!  This basket by Boho Pillow might be my favorite, I love the olive color!  I could definitely see this being used in any home because it’s really such a neutral color!  But my first thought for a boy… Lego storage!!!

Ok, let’s jump right in!  Speaking of Lego’s, Abby found the coolest wooden legos on Amazon!!  Now these are some Legos I wouldn’t mind being left all over my floor and stepping on… Hmm… Maybe I take that back…  Let’s keep going with big boy essentials and add some fun retro cars! Both of these are so cute to put on display or to play with, check them out here and here.

Now, we’ve gotta make sure our boys are looking cute this Spring so let’s talk clothes!  We mentioned our love for Bink & Boo and their baby booties, but you know we also love their Ankle Biters!  The raddest little pant for Spring and Summer!  You might remember from last Summer that our favorite board shorts for our kiddos are by Seaesta Surf, so we had to include them!  Stay tuned, she’s dropping some new prints very soon!!  You can pair each of these bottoms with a rad tank like Abby did!!  And don’t forget the shoes, we always love a good pair of Vans.

Last but not least, some good reading material.  I don’t know about you, but my boys are wild and the one time of day they actually sit and cuddle with me is when I read to them… So, books are a must!!  Abby picked out these three for her little man…  Horton Hatches an Egg, Mr. Tiger Goes Wildand Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?

There you have it!!  Another Easter wrapped up for our kiddos, pretty luck ones right?  Now… Let’s start saving for next year’s baskets now, shall we??



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Easter Playdate with Pottery Barn Kids

We are on the countdown to Easter, it’s less than a week away!  I am so excited for this weekend’s festivities and this shoot will get you just as excited I’m sure.  This year I styled an Easter playdate with Pottery Barn Kids that’s full of vibrant color and tons of fun.  I especially liked this shoot because my son Court got to celebrate and play with his pre-school buddies.  It was so great watching them get excited for Easter, holidays with kids are the best!

This shoot was featured on Pottery Barn Kid’s blog yesterday and it’s also featured on Inspired By This today!   You can also shop this post at the bottom!

Photos by Ala Cortez

This kid’s Easter playdate was inspired by fun and bright colors!  I wanted to steer away from the usual pastels and go eclectic and playful!  I was really inspired by the weavings and creations of Julie Howard, owner of Shop Leo Kids.  I used her pom poms and weavings through-out the shoot and the color palette really formed after drooling over her beautiful creations. 

Most of the items I used were from Pottery Barn Kids, they really anchored the entire shoot.  I loved using their industrial style chairs with this shoot to set off the whimsical look a bit.  They also have such great pieces for Easter, I had so much fun choosing the baskets and table top pieces from them!  I threw in a few pieces from one of my favorite websites, The Little Market.  Their napkins, coasters and baskets complimented the rest of the table so well.

Another stand out has to be the gorgeous florals from MV Florals.  Her and I talked about using poppies, we both love them and they are such a quintessential Spring flower. 

An invite and signage are always necessary for a party and Leanna Retterath really took my vision and ran with it.  I love the mustard yellow floral invite she created and really love all of the hand painted eggs with each kid’s name on them as place cards.  The kids had so much fun finding their names and showing them off.   She also hand painted this gorgeous “Happy Easter” sign that would be such a pretty greeting on any front door!

Another thing the kids absolutely LOVED were all of the desserts!  I sent Natalie from Great Dane Baking Co. a few ideas and she created such amazing cupcakes, macarons and cookies all anchored by the prettiest little naked cake.  Let’s just put it this way, nothing got left behind on this shoot!

Lastly, I was looking for some cute clothing for the kids.  It’s hard to to take out the cheese factor when you’re shopping for your little ones over the holidays, any holiday really.  The girls wore the CUTEST dresses from Sadie Then Ty and I can’t stop getting compliments on those!!  The prints, the cut, the fabric, everything was just dreamy.  We accessorized each girl with some JL Designs bunny ears (the absolute cutest things ever!!) and some jewelry from Henny and Coco

The boys wore some neutral button ups and pants but had the ultimate bow tie accessory by Stag Handmade.  They looked so handsome with them on, we loved the floral print, perfect for Spring!!

The kids had so much fun at their special table and with their Easter baskets!  Like I said, watching them was the best part of this whole day… Oh, and that all of us moms got to drink some wine together :)  How cute are the hand knit bunnies from The Little Market?!  Hurry up and grab one for your kid’s Easter baskets!!

We can’t forget about the babies that were in attendance!!  Baby Elle, Baby Landin and Baby Cruz!!  All on our favorite Gunn & Swain Blanket!

We ended the day with an Easter egg hunt, of course!  The kids loved it of course!!  These are the days that I live for, seeing my kids smiling and happy about life.  And I’m so happy I can be a part of making their days exciting and fun!!

This was such a fun shoot and the kids actually got to have so much fun!  It really was a playdate this time, the kids had a blast!  Even all of us parents did too!  Thank you Ala for putting up with the madness and being amazing!!

Hope you have a happy Easter with your littles!!




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