A Rehearsal Dinner Inspired Table at Brick & Laurel

I recently teamed up with a really amazing group of vendors to create a rehearsal dinner inspired table.  It’s so often that so much focus is placed on the actual wedding that the rehearsal dinner becomes an afterthought.  From my own experience, the rehearsal dinner was one of the best parts of my wedding weekend.  It was intimate with the ones I love and more low key, but still a great party.

One of the main problems with the rehearsal dinner is finding the right place to host it.  Restaurants can seem like a good idea but the feel of them is often cheesy or not the style we desire.  That’s one of the many reasons I fell in love with Brick & Laurel, an amazing rental space in San Diego.  It is the perfect size for a small party and has the best vibe of brick industrial walls that are just asking to be prettied up!  I think it’s the perfect space to host a rehearsal dinner or even a birthday party or shower!!

Lucky for me Sarah, owner of Catalina Neal, also owns Brick and Laurel, so I was able to utilizee her amazing floral skills as well.  She even offers that as part of a package when renting out the space, genius right?!  Our vision was a pretty Winter to Spring tablescape that was as welcoming as it was sophisticated.  The feel is light and airy with some coziness oozing off of the brick walls.  I added in a few of our other favorite vendors and the party was complete!

Keep scrolling to see more of these beautiful images the Dulcet Creative ladies took of our rehearsal dinner inspired table.  You can also see it on The Fashionable Hostess Blog today as well!

First let’s show off what the lovely Taryn from Twinkle & Toast created for us…  Even though the wedding is the main event, that doesn’t mean the rehearsal dinner doesn’t deserve it’s time to shine!  She deserves a pretty invite too, and this one is just so good with all that combo of amazing colors!

That gorgeous combination of dark and light colors was the ideal contrast for our Winter to Spring inspiration.  I carried it over to the beautiful table.  It’s elegant but warm and inviting at once.  The perfect place to celebrate something so important but still having that relaxed vibe letting the actual wedding shine.

I especially love the softness of the vintage lace tablecloth compared to the industrial metal chairs and brick walls.  And can we take a second to talk about that greenery install Catalina Neal created?!  It really makes it feel like Spring is in the air!

The gold wire chairs are from Pow Wow Design Studio, can I have those in my home please?!

All of the gorgeous tabletop items are from my girl Farra at Hostess Haven.  She is always adding pretty pieces to her collection, and these new grey ceramic plates are brand spanking new!  Aren’t they the prettiest shade?!  They would make just about any table and color scheme look amazing!  And those pretty place cards are done by the talented Twinkle & Toast again!

Last but not least, I always love having One Hope Wine at any event I host and a rehearsal dinner would be no exception!  Their wines are so yummy and also give back to multiple charities which I of course love!

So much pretty in one place right?!  I love how this rehearsal dinner inspired table came to life.  Proof that the rehearsal dinner can be just as thought-out and gorgeous as the wedding, well almost ;)





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Stylish Oscar Hosting Ideas

It’s Oscar time! Gather your girlfriends, pass out the cocktails, and get ready for some red carpet action. A perfect girls night in. With the Oscars being its fancy self, you should too! This year, we made a stylish and relaxed setup for you to gather around. Enjoy some delightful nibbles (incredibly easy to make) while gossiping of who wore what, and who is going to take home the Oscar.

I got flowers from my local Whole Foods and made the arrangement myself.

Small Gio Tumblers

When it comes to a successful girls night in, it’s all based on two things: cocktails and food. It was all about citrus for this star-studded evening. For the food, I found this grapefruit and pickled radish salad that instantly made my mouth water. A fancy salad for an elegant evening with your girlfriends and your favorite A-list actors. Alongside, is beet chips served with a french onion herb dip. Not your ordinary chip and dip here. For the cocktails, my favorite part, I wanted to do two different ones. A classic rosé to serve to your girlfriends upon arrival, our go to is, of course, One Hope Wine. Served in a collection of mixed champagne flutes on a copper plated charger from Crate and Barrel.  Later as the show was about to start, a grapefruit gin cocktail garnished with grapefruit and a herb sprig will be served.

Wilder Salad Plate | Ridge Flatware | Champagne Napkin

Here is the recipe for that A-list salad!

Pickled Radish And Grapefruit Salad
Serves 3-4

Two small ruby grapefruit, peeled and segmented
Two blood oranges, peeled and segmented
2 cup watermelon radishes, thinly sliced (follow this recipe for pickling)
1/2 cup feta cheese, crumbled (optional)
2 cups watercress and micro greens
edible flowers, to garnish (optional)

Arrange the grapefruit, pickled radishes and greens on a platter. I used Little Market’s handmade olive wood board for my tray. Sprinkle with feta cheese. Decorate with edible flowers. Drizzle the pickling liquid just before serving. This salad couldn’t be easier to prepare ahead of time.

Lastly, a fun touch is having Oscar ballots for the ladies to fill out. I found this printable one here from Sugar and Charm.

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Cheers to a magical night!









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I’m here for the commercials- Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl is this Sunday, believe it or not. Who says that Super Bowl parties have to be based around football and men? For a couple years now, my husband and his friends have been gone on an annual snowboard trip which includes being gone on Super Bowl Sunday. And while I’m not into football, you know that I wouldn’t dare miss the commercials, food, and particularly the halftime show. The answer was clear, a girls only Super Bowl party. I assembled all my close pals who’s husbands were also on the same trip, and this was when “I’m here for the commercials” party was born. You know you only watch the game to see the new commercials and that half time show that everyone has been talking about.
Photos by Meg Perotti
This touchdown celebration is featured on Inspired by This, see it here.
A girls only gala starts with the invite and my close pal Meghann Miniello threw it in for the touchdown with this leather invite.
 The main attraction for a girls only Super Bowl party is hands down the table. It is where you gather, eat, drink, laugh, discuss commercials and will the halftime show be the winner or loser? Speaking of the halftime show, are you psyched to see what Lady Gaga has in store for us this year? Nic Roc nailed it with these wooden cut-outs to help your friends rate the commercials and half time show.
There is no better place for your table then to be in front of the action. Lose the chairs, and lay down some pillows, and let’s get comfy!
Pillows from Boho Pillow 
Stripes, wood details, and leather made up this girly tablescape. The Little Market has fabulous olive wood round boards that I used as plates, and joining in are my everyday glassware and flatware. Hosting a Super Bowl party and don’t want to go out and buy serving ware? Make it simple and use some white plates or even bamboo reusable plates, see here.
 Let’s take a quick time out, to stare at these beauties from Christine Cater. She created a perfect girly table arrangement, but then she went ahead and gave the tv and fireplace a little makeover. Love Christine! You can do the same at home by gathering greenery from your backyard.
Ready. Set. Eat! (Vinyl sticker by The Roc Shop) I took the infamous Super Bowl essentials and gave them a modern twist for this girls only gala. Wine + Food pairing was a must for this day. A twist on the classic chips and dip was stuffed avocados with beet hummus, chickpeas, and balsamic glaze. To die for! Organicopa wowed us with one beautiful deconstructed cheese platter. Forget that bagged popcorn and kick it off with rosemary truffle popcorn. Fried chicken sliders with arugula and watermelon radishes and one delish citrus salad were here to win! Lastly, a glass of One Hope Wine to tickle your taste buds.
Hostess Tip + Wow Factor: When serving water, serve with grilled citrus. I promise you will not go back to natural citrus again. Simply just sit on your burner or broil in the oven. 
Happy Sunday Funday!
Sometimes, it just needs to be about the girls.
Check out the all girl power MVP roster:
Styling + Design
Invite + Name Cards + Menu
Cocktail Stirs, Wooden Cut-Out Rating Signs, Ready, Set, Eat! Vinyl Sticker on Table, Cocktail Acrylic Sign
Glassware, Napkins, Wooden Chargers, Serveware

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Holiday Cocktail – Vanilla Cran Pom Mimosa

A couple weeks left guys and I’m here today to help you push through with this yummy Holiday Cocktail! The Vanilla Cran Pom Mimosa…I had to shorten it a bit, the name was way too long. In fact, when I was  searching for one to share with you, I knew I wanted it to be red and festive, but also good!!  Then I stumbled upon this one and man do I have deep love for mimosas, so I was willing to try this one and it’s very yummy, believe me!  It’s a very nice and refreshing spritzer.  Just a small warning… one of them will make you feel all the warm and fuzzy’s inside so if your not looking forward to the Christmas family small talk, just drink one of these and you will be the life of the party…haha! Then on the other hand if your all about the gatherings this a beautiful, festive cocktail the will definitely please your crowd!


Vanilla Vodka

Cranberry Pomegranate Juice


It’s very easy… all you do is mix the ingredients in a shaker with some ice and top off with some champagne.  So mix 1 1/2 oz vanilla vodka, 1 1/2 cran pom juice with some ice.  Pour it into the flute and top off with the champs.  Add some cranberries for garnish and don’t forget to “wow” your crowd with a Nic Roc Designs stir stick!  She’s got some great festive ones you can check out here!  I used the Christmas tree and the antler which is a great mix.

Well I hope you guys taste this baby and make it your “go to” after a long week and for your holiday gatherings!

I love this time of year…Happy Holidays Everyone!!

Xx Leah

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Beijos Friendsgiving

Fact of the matter is people that Thanksgiving is in a week!!  What are you all doing??  Whether you are going to someones home or hosting it we have some fun inspiration for you today. Which by the way is also featured on Inspired by This blog today too!! The collaborators on this one were amazing too!!  We always work with the best, most talented people and for that we are so Grateful!! The inspiration for this almost came out anti traditional when you see the colors, but it wasn’t on purpose. It came out just perfect for a feminine and playful friendsgiving. We are just always trying to bring in some new fresh ideas and looks for y’all!!  Hope you like…

All Photos by the lovely Megan Welker

We shot in the beautiful Woodshed Venue down in Vista.  This place is so stunning for events.


We loved this set of table and chairs, along with the side table dessert cart all by Witty Rentals.  The small circular table was fun and different with the wood top and brass bottom, which was perfect for the intimate setting we were trying to pull off.  And we had to add in these modern chairs with the white and wood mix.  It had the right fun and funky mix we were going for.


Now for these table details…first of all these flowers were kind of insane.  When we work with the bloom babes we are pretty much in awe of the beautiful creations they bring to the table every time!! The soft whites and pinks mixed with the foliage is just perfection!! And how cute are these little persimmons??



Next up is the the table top by our favorite store in the world Target!!  We went with the lighter charger adding some texture with the jute mixed in with some gold stitching in there making it fun and fancy.  A simple white plate is next, with a textured but muted yellow plate on top.  Accented of course with some gold flatware and a light pinky/orange napkin. Oh and we can’t forget the gold tumbler, we loved that little guy!!


Then we had Taryn of Twinkle and Toast pull off something really pretty. We went with a black to fully stand out on this table.  The traditional place cards and the fun little cards stating what we are thankful for off to the side of the plate.


meganwelker-october-19 meganwelker-october-25

And this invite…so good!!

meganwelker-october-92 meganwelker-october-95 meganwelker-october-100

Love, love, love!!

Now onto the sweets…Sweet and Saucy, yeah we know another heavy hitter!! Never disappoints…The beautiful arrangement and candles from Target add the perfect balance to this dessert display too.

meganwelker-october-15 meganwelker-october-16

These pumpkin macarons!!  So yummy too.


meganwelker-october-41 meganwelker-october-43

Now onto some more of my favorite images…

meganwelker-october-52 meganwelker-october-45 meganwelker-october-47 meganwelker-october-50

meganwelker-october-67 And this pretty over head view…love how all the flowers pour onto the place settings.


Well, we hope we’ve given you some fun and different Thanksgiving inspiration today. Now hurry and get to work, you have a week to go!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Xx Leah

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