DIY Rose Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub with Doterra Essential Oils

One of my favorite things about working in the event industry and having this blog is the relationships I make.  I met Melody Brandon, owner of Sweet & Saucy, a few years ago and liked her right away!  Obviously I admired her savvy business sense but she’s also kind, thoughtful and funny!

This talented lady is also the owner of Obsessed with Essentials and Life on Loma, which you may follow as well.  She’s my guru of essential oils and has gotten me hooked.  Not to mention, she’s my neighbor!  We moved into her neighborhood a little under a year ago and it’s the BEST!  Each holiday we get together with all the other families and it’s just so fun!!

Photos by Corrie Lynn Photo

Back to Melody being my essential oil guru… Occasionally I will text her for advice when I need it and she’s always there to help.  As a matter of fact, a few weeks ago Cruz was pretty sick and she even dropped off some oils and other goodies for him!  Now that’s a good friend!

Today Melody is sharing an easy DIY Rose Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub with her favorite Doterra Oils.  She came over to my house to share it with me, and it smells amazing!!  Plus, it’s just so easy!!!  Keep reading for her recipe!


3 tbs Coconut oil (can sub almond oil) 

1/2 a cup Himalayan  fine Salt

5 drops Geranium Essential Oil (the natural botox)

5 drops ylang ylang essential oil

5 drops of rose essential oil

Rose petals 

Melt the coconut oil gently and then mix all the ingredients together.  Apply to face and body

Thank you Melody for sharing your essential oil guru ways!!  Make sure you follow her for more fun tips!



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Let’s Diffuse! – Daily Essential Oil Blends

Crazy hippie oil lady here again! Last night, my husband and I were watching Entourage, Season 1. I know random, we couldn’t find a movie that we both agreed on, so the only logical thing to do was to binge-watch, Entourage. Do you remember the episode, where they went to Gary Busey’s art show? My husband turns and looks at me, and says ” You are so Gary Busey”. True story. I wasn’t sure if I should ask how many martinis he had, or take it as a compliment? I mean, he is a pretty weird dude, but in a free-spirit and creative way. But it was, in fact, a compliment. Where am I going with this, right? Well, after he explained how Gary B. and I are similar in the creative, free- spirit, all-natural outlook on life, it got me thinking of new diffuser blends I needed to try. I know, this is how my mind works!  I’m always on the hunt for new diffuser blends to try. I wanted to come up with some blends that would be good for getting back into the swing of things with school starting. End of the summer night blends, making dinner blend, citrus blends… you feel me? I got my essential oil pro on speed dial and hit her up for some ideas. You remember Melody right, well turns out she had the same thoughts too! So we came up with some diffuser blends and bestowing those onto you today. 

And, don’t forget about the Essential Oil Giveaway, be sure to enter! It ends this Thursday. You can become a crazy hippie oil lady too, just like me. Haha! 

Recipes by Obsessed with Essentials



grapefruit. passion. wild orange 

such refreshing and invigorating helps to inspire and uplift you, and great for times of creativity
peppermint & citrus bliss
All citrus oils are great for an uplifting aroma and for mood.  Citrus bliss is a blend that has a ton of citrus oils in it.  Peppermint is known for its invigorating smell so great for morning times to give you energy.
lime.  elevation. tangerine 
This one is for the citrus lover!  This combo smells amazing and these oils especially help those of us that are a little cranky in the morning!
balance. serenity. clary sage
When I asked all the people in my private essential oil Facebook group what oils they loved for mood almost all of them said serenity and balance.  Both of those oils are powerhouse oils at calming down emotions and stress which I think are both very high at dinner time.  I added in clarysage as well for an extra added calming benefit to help unwind before bedtime and then it also helps balance hormones which almost all of us moms could use!
white fir. citrus bliss. grapefruit. 
Instead of using a candle which almost all have toxic ingredients try diffusing this blend that smells amazing and has great benefits for your health and mood…plus it will save you a ton of money!  
white fir, citrus bliss, grapefruit
Instead of using a candle which almost all have toxic ingredients try diffusing this blend that smells amazing and has great benefits for your health and mood…plus it will save you a ton of money!  
frankincense. wild orange. balance 
Balance is the grounding blend which is the top for anxiety, frankincense, helps with inflammation in the body so if you tend to get stress and tension headaches it is a great one and then wild orange is a mood uplifter and great for anxiety as well. “In studies, orange oil reduced anxiety when it was inhaled and when applied topically, it slowed down participants’ pulse rates and breathing rates, while they also reported feeling more cheerful and vigorous.  So it’s not a sedative or a stimulant but helps to balance our your mood.
Happy Monday! 


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Back to School with Essential Oils

You all might not know, but I’m a big believer in essential oils. Those that do know, probably call me the crazy oil lady behind my back, which I’m cool with. My love for oils started a couple of years ago, and my essential oil game became pretty serious about a year ago. My son, Jett gets chronic croup since he was born. In the beginning, not having a lot of knowledge about croup, we gave him what the doctor advised us each time. Well, you could only imagine how many steroids that little man received. Finally, about a year ago, I had enough and did some research on my own. Turns out steroids, are horrible for you, shocker. Now, of course, they helped him, there is no debate in that. But I didn’t want to give him them forever. This is where essential oils came in. Since that day, I can happily say we have had not to give him one steroid treatment since. On that very day, I changed our families lifestyle and started to use all natural, non-toxic, organic, granola, call it what you want, products in every part of our life. 

Tune in tomorrow for a pretty rad giveaway with all my favorite essential oil goodies! 

With school approaching, I had to get my weaponry of essential oils ready for action. I love to do roller and diffuser blends for both my kids and myself. For back to school, I wanted to create some blends that will help all of us get thru the school year, and especially those 1st-day jitters. We are at a new school this year, and I think we all are pretty nervous about that. 

With the help from Melody, my essential oil guru, she came up with some excellent blends for back to school. Melody has helped me with knowledge of oils for a couple of months now, and she is the best! You might remember we did a feature on this super mom this past year. Read it here to learn how she started with oils, and some her favorite blends. Any question, any concern, small or large, she has the answer for it. If she dosesn’t, she will research it and have the answer in a flash. She is pretty much the shit. Melody just started an Instagram account that is all about oils, check it out! 

 If you want to get more and get plugged in with an essential oil community or watch an intro to essential oils webinar, you can email Melody at
Before we go thru all my favorite back to school blends, I have to gush about my favorite diffuser and rollers. This essential oil world is huge right now, and there are a TON of great products out there. I am OBSESSED with the Vitruvi white stone diffuser. A hand crafted porcelain diffuser that you can diffuse essential oils with their ultrasonic technology that keeps the oils in their full integrity, plus its super quiet. This diffuser makes any space look great. I want one in every room. Along with a diffuser, roller bottles are another fun product you can become obsessed with. You starting to get the idea here, this essential oil world will get you hooked! There are a ton of custom rollers you can find on Etsy, and I mean a ton. But for me, my favorite ones are from Whimsy and Wellness. You can customize up to 11 characters, and choose from different color rollers and font colors. And, she has gemstones that you can put in your rollers to elevate the energy in your blends. Plus, they make your rollers look pretty! See them here.
You will get to see more of my favorite products tomorrow for our fun essential oil giveaway! 
Here are the blends that will get you and your little ones thru school this year. Everything from the 1st-day jitters which I call the Super Hero, to Peace Out and Chill Dude, some blends too well… chill out and go to bed little one. For diffusing, put a couple of drops of each one into your diffuser. 
Blends by Melody from Obsessed with Essentials
Rollers from Whimsy and Wellness
Wakey Wakey Blend
a morning blend that you will have you feeling refreshed to start your day!
Citrus Bliss is a combo of all the citrus oils which is such a refreshing smell to wake up to and then an extra dose of bergamot helps calms with some of the morning moods that we can all wake up with. 
Super Hero Blend
a calming blend that will help your little super hero become brave and fight any nerves he/she may have
These oils are great for calming emotions, nerves, and providing an overall uplifting mood.
Study Blend
a concentration blend that will help with focus and mental clarity
This blend enhances the senses and sustains focus, so it will definitely help your kiddos stay on task when they are trying to study or concentrate.

Chill Dude
a peaceful blend that will mellow out those nasty tantrums 
The Peace blend has oils in that are perfect for calming an upset or restless kiddo and roman chamomile and lavender have been used by so many moms to calm the temperament and mood of kiddos for years!
Now for us Mamas! School can be just as stressful, if not more for us. These blends help me get thru those long weeks!
AM Madness
de-stress your morning with this yummy smelling blend
The International Journal of Neuroscience published a study that rosemary helped people become more alert. Peppermint and citrus oils are a go to combo for energy so combined this trio is great for mornings plus they smell great!
Get It!
procasation free blend that will have you be a super mom in no time!
Motivate blend is a Doterra blend that has taken the guess work out of blending oils for you since they already have the perfect blend of mint and citrus oils in one bottle to give you that boost you need during the daytime slump.
3:00 PM
Need a mid day boost? this blend will inspire and give you a little energy to finish your day strong
Addicted to this blend, it has citrus and a little spice! It helps picks you up during the midday slump and gets your creative juices flowing!
Happy Mama Blend
Peace. Joy. Happiness. Positive energy 

Balance is a blend by Doterra that has their top oils in it to help with grounding of the emotions and also anxiety. Citrus oils in general smell amazing and are great mood uplifters, energizing, and refreshing.

Peace Out Blend
a blend for both mama and little to calm, relax and get ready for bed
My go to sleep combo which works like magic! Serenity is Doterra’s “restful blend” of oils but the personal favorite is the boost of vetiver which is great to help relax the mind and balance and ground you after a crazy day!
You are all set for the madness of back to school!
You got this!
See ya tomorrow for a fun essential oil giveaway!


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