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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

One of my favorite holidays is right around the corner, Mother’s Day!  It’s the day to show your mama how much you love and appreciate her, and I can’t think of someone who deserves affection more.  Since we are mother’s ourselves we really look forward to this day to focus on family and reflect on what really matters.  I put together this Mother’s Day Gift Guide for you, because it’s never too early to start thinking about what to get her!  Plus, I made it super easy for you to shop these items at the bottom of this post!  So keep scrolling for all the details!

One thing that I always want as a mother myself is some good relaxing time… Some time to myself, even if it is just an hour!  So a massage from my friend Melody at Here & Now Massage is a definite must!  You can read more about her from our post earlier this week, but she is doing an amazing Mother’s Day special… A free upgrade to a 75 minute massage with the purchase of an 1 hour massage gift certificate.  Now that will definitely make Mama happy!!

Continuing with the relaxing trend, our friends at The Little Market have the prettiest and yummiest bath salts.  These are great to give along with the massage and encourage the busy Mom in your life to take a break.  They also have great spa gift sets if you want to really spoil her!  And this pretty robe by Eberjey is simple and sweet, something for relaxing time and something she will use day after day!

Other items for Mom?  Accessories are always a great and easy gift!  I don’t know about you but buying clothes can be tough with sizing and all, so accessories are just a no brainer.  I’m in love with this Mar Y Sol Tulum tote, the perfect Mom bag for Summer to fit all her “stuff”.  I’m a fan of anything blush and these Raen Torrey sunglasses along with the Cleobella Sevigny clutch gave me major heart eyes.

I just got this Brixton Small Plans Fedora and these Vanessa Mooney Astrid earrings myself and can’t recommend them enough!  Every one needs a good Summer hat, and when you’re a busy mom at the park with your kiddos it’s nice to keep the sun out of your eyes and your skin safe.  Plus, it’s super cute!  Statement earrings are big for Spring/Summer and these make a statement with out being obnoxious.  They are pretty, feminine and perfect for Mom.

Last but not least is this amazing book, Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe.  The older I get the more I want to take care of myself, especially my skin.  I’m sure most women feel the same way.  This book details how specific ingredients feed your skin, offering breakdowns of the vitamins and nutrients they provide.  Plus, the pink and rose gold on the cover are real pretty to look at!  Haha!  But seriously, my own Mom is always looking for new recipes to try so I know a gorgeous cookbook would be a great gift for her.

Now don’t forget to spoil that special Mom in your life this year, plan ahead because Mother’s Day will be here before you know it!





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Mama & Kiddo Tees for Spring with Chaser

Remember last week when I talked about my love for graphic tees?!  Well it has officially been passed down to our kids!  Each of us love our Chaser tees and we also love dressing our kids in them.  It’s even better when we can coordinate with them!  Because that’s one of the true joys of parenting, making your kids match you!!  Ha!  So here are a few of our favorite Mama & Kiddo Tees for Spring from Chaser….

Photos of Jacquelyn & Leah by Megan Welker

You can shop each of our looks below our photos!

Jacquelyn & Court

I love to have my two boys match outfits, but when I can get in on the fun it’s even better! The fun rainbow colors on these two tees just made me smile and I thought they coordinated really well.  Mine is a super soft sweatshirt with a fun California surf logo, perfect for our beach mornings.  Court’s tee says “Chillin” over and over again, and honestly I really wish he would learn a lesson from that tee…  It should say “No Chill” over and over again for this dude!  Us crazy kids are even matching in our shoes!!  We get stopped all of the time about that, and my husband is a little jealous I didn’t get him any…

Shop Jacquelyn & Court’s looks

Leah, Edie & Isla

Leah and her lady gang are ready for a sparkly sweet good time!  Edie’s love for unicorns is showing on her tank and Isla’s love for ice cream is all over her tank as well.  Edie loves adding sparkle to any outfit so matching her tee with a sequin skirt was a slam dunk, especially since she’s quite picky about her outfits these days!  Plus her daddy calls her his Unicorn, so the tee fits!!  Meanwhile, Leah is in her cozy sweatshirt that says “Hello Good Times”, a motto every parent should get behind.  They’re only this little for so long so let’s say hello to the good times with them as much as we can!  

Shop Leah, Edie & Isla’s looks

Abby, Dylan & Jett

Last up is Abby’s tribe with Dylan and Jett.  They are feeling green with their love for the outdoors.  Her kiddos are getting big and are always asking for an adventure, between climbing trees to camp outs, these tees were made for them!  Abby is sporting the palm tree tank, cute to pair with her mom jeans she’s rocking lately.  Jett has the “This Guy Loves Camping” tee and is proud to show it off.  And little Dylan, who is actually getting so big, looks too cute in her Wild & Free Tee.  This trio is ready to take on California this Spring and Summer, one adventure at a time!!

Shop Abby, Dylan & Jett’s looks

Matching with your kiddos doesn’t have to be cheesy and it’s so fun! Hope we inspired some fun ideas for you!!  




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Beijos Real Talk – Life With Three

When Edie made me a mama 4 and a half years ago, it was the most magical thing.  I couldn’t believe I hadn’t become a mom sooner, the feeling was overwhelmingly amazing.  When the time came to have another we were fortunate to give Edie a sister and call ourselves a complete family of four with Isla.  I wasn’t super sure I would ever have another little babe until we were surprised last December.  This past year being pregnant has been a little harder with an active one year old and at times it made me sad to think that Isla didn’t have equal one on one time with us like Edie did. Nevertheless, we were excited to become a family of five a little sooner than we had planned, especially since we found out we were having a boy!


And then he was here!! Edie loves being a big sister to Isla and Henry.  I tell her she’s lucky to have both a sister and a brother!  Isla is a little obsessed with baby Henry, she just loves her new baby brother.  She  always wants to be next to him for kisses, although she can be little rough since she’s still a baby herself.  As I watch Edie and Isla grow they play together well for the most part.  Isla loves playing with Edie and all of her toys, while Edie is still learning how to share it all with her…haha.


It’s been six weeks that we’ve had this little love join our family and we can’t imagine it without him.


Damon and I are still working out the kinks with having 3 kiddos.  It’s all good except for the fact that Isla and Henry are only 14 months apart, so that is the biggest challenge.  It’s having 2 babies and giving them all they need requires us to get creative most of the time.  Edie is pretty easy at this stage, but she’s our sensitive one and we don’t want to hurt her little feelings.  Keeping up her special role as big sis and giving her our time is still really important to us.


Morning and Bedtime are the most hectic.  Henry wakes up the earliest and then Isla.  Although sometimes they wake up at the same time and it’s a hectic juggling act.  I’m feeding Henry and Isla is crying in her crib waiting to be picked up, changed and fed, and my sensitive toddler Edie is crying because she doesn’t want to wear what mama picked out for her to wear to school.  Hopefully daddy is home to help, but when he’s not…haha, let’s just say the morning goes by really fast!  It goes from 6am to 12pm in the blink of an eye and all I have felt like I’ve done is change 10 diapers!!


Since Edie is in preschool 4 days a week, and baby Henry is still in the lovely newborn stage of sleeping most of the day, our crazy little Isla wins for exhausting mommy and daddy.  She can’t help it, she’s 15 months and ALL over the place!!  An active little one that doesn’t like to be confined is hard to keep track of when you have multiples.  This is the danger age for her and she needs our constant attention.  Since we can both make our own schedules we figure out who will be taking care of who and at what time.  We have been out as a family of 5 one time, and it was pretty easy since it’s been to grammy’s house, but we haven’t done it alone just yet.  The thought of having all three of them out with just one parent seems too hard right now… and forever, haha!  We’ll eventually get it…It get’s easier right??


It’s all about routines and managing them to make sure you stay on track is what has helped me stay sane. Like bedtime starts with Isla at 7:30pm and then there is a calmness in our house, haha.  Then we hang with Edie a little bit before we read her bedtime stories and she’s down for the count.  But we still have one more, but he doesn’t really count yet because he still wakes up every 3 to 4 hours!


One thing I do know is that these little girls love their new baby brother and it’s the sweetest thing to watch.  I’m trying to stop time, because they grow up too fast and I’m soaking it all in. They will only all be this little once…




Henry Grant Carriger, our Carriger family bookend.  Life with three is not a walk in the park and very stressful at times, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

All photos by Megan Welker

Xx Leah

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Beijos Maternity Session – The Kazas Family

Wow, what a year this has been so far!  I found out I was pregnant right before Christmas of 2015, so 2016 has been all about planning for baby #2, and he will be here in 10 short days!!  Well that’s if everything goes as planned, haha!  This pregnancy has been somewhat of a whirlwind; being pregnant with your second is so very different from being pregnant with your first.  You don’t have as much time as you did before to prepare or to really grasp everything that is happening and changing.  When I was pregnant with Court I would send my family a weekly photo of what fruit or vegetable the baby was along with a photo of my growing belly, no time for that this go around!  I was too busy chasing after a wild 2 year old!!  That’s why it was so important for us as a family to take the time for a maternity session with our favorite photographer friend, Megan Welker, and capture our family now before we turn into a family of four!!

meganwelker-kazas-132 Our maternity session is also featured on Inspired By This today!!

When deciding where to do our maternity session I wanted it to be a place that was obviously beautiful but also meaningful to our family… I was a little opposed to shooting at the beach because well, it’s been done, but it’s such an influential place for my family it just made sense.  We live about a half mile from the beach, and it may not be for long as we are looking to move to a bigger house soon, but we spend tons of time at the beach.  My husband and I love the beach.  We would always go when we were dating, then as newlyweds, soon after we were bringing our dog Dolly there consistently and now our son Court!  A week doesn’t go by where we aren’t down there enjoying each other and running wild in the sand.  So why not do our photos at the beach?!  Especially when the beach is as pretty as this one and we are lucky enough to have a friend like Megan Welker as a photographer to capture it all.

meganwelker-kazas-108 meganwelker-kazas-111 meganwelker-kazas-131 meganwelker-kazas-89 meganwelker-kazas-92 meganwelker-kazas-103 meganwelker-kazas-118 We decided to go to Crystal Cove State park which isn’t too far from us and offers both pretty landscape shots and the beach, best out of both worlds!  I’m a bit obsessed with cactus like everyone else right now, so we had fun posing in front of the prettiest prickly pear plant and then moved down to the ocean.  During most of the shots of me by myself Court was digging like crazy in the sand loving life!  It was the perfect little outing to play and celebrate our final days as a family of 3 in the anticipation of being 4 very soon.  I’ve gotten a bit sentimental lately thinking that our alone time with Court is coming to an end but I know it is just going to get better for us!  We can’t wait to welcome our next son Cruz John to the family.

meganwelker-kazas-11 meganwelker-kazas-13 meganwelker-kazas-68 meganwelker-kazas-38 meganwelker-kazas-45 meganwelker-kazas-84 And now a few love letters to my boys….

Dear Court,
You are amazing, being your mom has fulfilled me in ways I never knew!  You are bright and happy, determined and strong, outgoing and silly, and the most loving little person I know.  This year has shown me what a great person you will be and what an amazing big brother as well.  You are always the first to ask “You ok Mommy?” when you think something is wrong, you offer to kiss any “owie” anyone may have and you also love to see your brother (Mommy’s tummy) and have your hand on it every chance you get.  You love hard and are passionate, just like your Mom and Dad, and I’m so happy that is something you have taken from us.  I am so proud of how much you have grown and learned and I can’t wait to see what the world has in store for you and what you have in store for the world.  These next few months may be hard for you, and for me, but I know you will grow from being a big brother and it will make you into an even more amazing person than you are now.  I love you with all of my heart!

meganwelker-kazas-77 Dear Cruz,
I already love you so much, I can’t wait for you to be a part of our wild and crazy family… If you are as wild out here as you seem in my belly then I know you will fit right in!  You have a big family waiting for you to show you love and to support and cherish you.  Your big brother has so much to show you and teach you, along with your Daddy and your Mommy.  We are excited to meet you, even though I already feel like you are with us.  This world is big but we will always hold your hand and show you the way if you need us to, and we will always be there to shower you with kisses and love.  Thank you for giving me such an amazing gift and being such a trooper in this pregnancy, you have mommy’s heart forever!

meganwelker-kazas-37 Dear Nate,
Thank you for everything you do for our family and for being such an amazing role model for our two boys to follow.  This year you have worked so hard and so much to make sure you will be everything to our sons and more.  I am so lucky to have a husband as amazing as you and our sons are so lucky to have a father who shows them so much love, patience, compassion and belief.  Being a dad isn’t easy, especially when you have to spend time away for work, but know that nothing you do goes unappreciated or unnoticed and that we love you more than words.
meganwelker-kazas-125 meganwelker-kazas-138 Can’t wait to share photos of our new addition when he arrives!!  It’s been an amazing ride so far, can’t wait to see what two wild boys have in store for me!



Style Sources:
Jacquelyn’s Dress – Auguste
Nate & Court’s Shirts – J Crew

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Beijos Maternity Session

We are so excited to welcome our son Henry Grant in 8 short days!!  Let me tell you… it’s been a busy time in the Carriger house.  We are still adjusting to adding our little firecracker Isla to our family, who just turned 14 months last week!  She is all over the place, exploring every corner possible.  We have known this time would come for months now, it’s gone by pretty fast and now it’s here!! We are anticipating crazy, but hey we are used to it…so we’ll see how it goes.

Last month we decided to meet our talented friend Megan Welker so she could document our little chaotic family for the last time before Henry comes at Thomas Riley Wilderness Park  in Coto de Caza.  This park is so beautiful.  I love the grass and the light over the hills.  Megan just captures it magically!!


I love Isla’s expressions, she’s such a happy little one.  Edie has graduated from a threenager to a fournager and decides when she would like to smile, it’s not an automatic thing anymore..haha.










Isla is such a silly little one, she’s definitely going to me the spunk in the fam, Edie is my serious, sensitive one in comparison.




They love their daddy the spoiler…


My favorite part about this park…this light!!!







I love watching the relationship between these two grow everyday.  They already have their moments, but for the most part their love shines bright for each other. It’s the best thing to watch.




This was about the time we need to wrap it up…Isla was being Cryla here, but you can’t tell because I was tickling her.



We can’t wait to meet you baby boy…our Carriger family bookend.


Xx Leah

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