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Beijos Bride- Bridal Fitness Routine

HI Friends!

Oh… my… goodness… I can’t believe my big day is almost here! Eek! I have exactly 17 days, 10 hours, 14 minutes, and 19 seconds till I become Mrs. Ajlouny. I’m just guessing… ha. I was chatting with you a couple weeks ago on my diet plan, and today I’m sharing with you the exact exercise routine that I do. It will have you in tip-top shape! If you stick with this routine, I guarantee you will see results, and you will feel so good. Results are obviously the goal here, BUT the ultimate cherry on the top is how you feel. Nothing feels better than to be the best healthy you before you become a Mrs. or Mr. Plus, it’s a stress reliever too. So here we go! Also, go at your pace if you don’t do this often.

Photos by Yasmin Sarai

Easy Circuit Workout Plan

This is a 5-day routine that is designed to burn fat and build muscle.

Useful tools:
Timer – Stopwatch, smart watch or mobile phone timer
Yoga/Workout mat
Weights (if you have them)
The beautiful outdoors



Day 1




Drink Water! Drink Water!

Day 2



You got this!

Day 3



Your feeling good, ladies! Remember drink water! and lots of it!

Day 4


Feel those thighs getting tight!

Don’t forget to stretch at the beginning!




Day 5


Best of luck ladies!



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Beijos Healthy Protein Shake

To follow up our staying healthy post yesterday, we thought we’d give you a yummy recipe to follow your hard workout.

 I’ve been drinking this easy one for a couple years now and it’s really refreshing and full of all the nutrients you need after you push your body to it’s limits.  Here are the simple ingredients…

Lean protein powder (I prefer vanilla flavor) One Scoop

Berries (strawberries, raspberries and black berries) Handful of each

 One Banana

Fruit punch (secret: use crystal light fruit punch, no sugar and only 5 cals per serving!) One cup

meganwelker-food-12 meganwelker-food-19

If you freeze your fruit it can take the place of adding ice, and you’ll have a thick rich taste to the shake. If you don’t freeze your fruit you’ll have to add ice, which is still good, just the consistency won’t be as thick.

Blend all the ingredients together and your done!

meganwelker-food-28 meganwelker-food-26 meganwelker-food-23

So good and refreshing.  Let me know how you like it…it’s one of my fave’s.

Xx Leah

Special thanks to Megan Welker for the Photos

and Flowers by Mae Mae for the Blooms

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Spotlight: Barre3 + Giveaway

Awhile ago thru mutual friends I met Megan Wilson, a Barre3 owner here in Willow Glen. I wasn’t a whole lot familiar with barre, but definitely heard nothing of good things of this butt kicking exercise class. Megan asked me in to try out the class. I finally got my non-firm tushy in there, and I will fully admit kinda scared for what was about to take place.

An hour later….

I have never felt so good! Barre is about nourishing your body and making connections in order to lead a more balanced and happier life. By focusing on whole-body health, they empower you to feel your best from the inside out. Its starts with the studio workout classes but it doesn’t stop there. They offer online subscrptions that will help motivate you not only with workouts but with healthy recipes that work together to help you energize, build strength, and feel good.

We got the chance to chat it up with Megan Wilson, owner of Barre3 in Willow Glenn. She gave her story on how she got started, and how Barre3 has changed her life in so many ways.

Lets check out this cool and modern studio! Barre30915_0019 Barre30915_0016 Barre30915_0010 Barre30915_0003 Barre30915_0002

Don’t stop reading, Megan has a great giveaway for all our readers just in time to get your summer body !

Take over Megan!

Photos by Jessie Salas

Tell us a little bit about you…

I was introduced to barre3 online by her college best friend, and barre3 Henderson studio owner, Jackie Edlund! I was 6 months post baby number two and out of the workout routine. I had done barre, yoga, and Pilates at different times throughout my life, but never found a workout community I felt connected to.  Skeptical and out of shape, but looking to reclaim her body post baby she dove in to barre3 online!

After two weeks into the barre3 Challenge online, I was hooked. The workout felt amazing for her body, I had gained a new sense of confidence in my skin, and I was seeing dramatic results. I immediately felt the warmth of the barre3 community through barre3 online and wanted to be a part of it. After spending time in Portland, I decided to bring barre3 to the Bay Area.

I live in Willow Glen with my family and love to share the joy of the balanced barre3 lifestyle. I opened barre3 Willow Glen because I was looking for more balance in my life as a busy mom, and wanted to help others do the same. Barre3 has allowed me to help others feel good, and lead happy, healthy, balanced lives. I have found some serious job love and can’t wait to share barre3 with you!

Megan’s sister Gillian is also her Co-Owner for the Los Altos studio! Bunch of babes right there!
 What challenges did you face when bringing your studio to life?
 There have been times when we are short staffed and that can be draining and feel unbalanced.
How you do balance being a mama and a barre3 owner?   What is an average day like for you?
 This is something I am always working on as a business owner. I opened barre3 because my life felt unbalanced. I was a stay at home mom (which was such a gift to spend with my babies) but I was feeling a bit lost. I needed to find myself again, feel good in my skin, and make meaningful connections outside of my home. I wanted to find a career that was inspiring and surround myself with people who brought joy into my life. If I was going to be away from my kids, I wanted my job to be meaningful. When I started doing barre3online, I knew I had to reach out and make barre3 part of my lifestyle. The community of health and support was just what I was looking for.
Barre3 is a happy place for me. Most days you can find me in either barre3Los Altos or Willow Glen. My day usually involves some combination of teaching classes, connecting with clients, coaching staff, or meeting with team members or other local businesses owners. I try to be home by 3pm most days, so I can connect with my family. Fridays are my day for preschool/drop off pick up and hanging with the kids. I am able to take my daughter to dance, watch my son play t-ball, or just enjoy a glass of wine with my husband while making dinner. The evening is a big time for me to unwind and recharge. We enjoy spending time with our neighbors and their families, so you will often find us barbequing or just chilling on the weekends watching the kids play.
What would you say is the most challenging aspect to being a business owner and the most rewarding?
The most challenging aspect of business ownership is turning my brain off at the end of the day to get a good night’s rest. I am constantly thinking of new ideas, was to inspire, or things I need to add to my to do list for the next day (Whole foods, because we need milk and berries!). Some nights I’m so physically tired that I fall asleep tucking my little ones in at night. Other nights I find relaxation in a chamomile tea, soak in the tub, or a good book.
The most rewarding part of barre3 ownership is watching others grow. Helping others to find balanced, healthy, happy lives.
 What can you tell someone that isn’t familiar with barre3 and why they should try it?
Barre3 delivers a deep muscle burn, a rewarding endorphin high, and feels good in the joints. We are in the business of helping others get fit, feel good, and lead happy, healthy, balanced lives.
Now for the icing on the cake! After hearing how Barre can change your life for the better, you gotta try it out right!
Well we got a little giveaway for ya!
 One lucky winner local to the Bay Area only please, please click on the link below to enter!

Barre 3 Giveaway

 1 month of unlimited classes at either barre3 Willow Glen or barre3 Los Altos!

 Beyond Yoga pants/top
Barre3 signature marble tank
 Because Megan is so passionate about what she does she is gifting everyone a free 15 day online trial!
Barre3 15 Day Online Subscription:
 Get access to over 200 barre3 online body-shaping workouts. Classes range from 10 to 60 minutes, and we add new classes every month.
Included in your subscription are tons of seasonal recipes curated by Founder Sadie Lincoln and her team of chefs. All recipes are made up of whole foods and include a balance of healthy fats, fiber, and protein to keep you full, tone your body, and sustain energy levels.
Our guided exercise and nutrition programs are free with your subscription too. These are great if you’re looking to hit the reset button and shed weight.
Redeem by using code b3beijos at
Thanks so much ladies!


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The Fitness Comeback – Beijos Fitness Style

I have always really loved to work out.  Growing up I was always playing sports, soccer was my main love, and with it came lots of running and exercise.  I took that passion for running with me as I became an adult and still to this day love to run, I love to have my own time listening to my iPod and run along the beach near my house.  I am definitely the girl who likes a good hard workout that gets you sweaty and has you aching the next day, that’s when you know it was a good one!  When I was getting married I worked out like a crazy woman!  I did spin, pilates, barre, ran and loved working out with my amazing trainer Cam.  I was a bit extreme, but hey, it was crazy bride diet time!!

Fast forward 3 years later and now I have a toddler, work like crazy, and it’s very hard to find some me time.  It seems like as a mom everyone comes first, your kids, your husband, your job, I even usually put our dog’s needs before my own!  Working out is something I truly love, I love the way I feel when doing it and I love the satisfying way I feel afterwards, but needless to say, I’m doing a lot less of it lately.

Right after Court was born I was able to work out a bit more, I obviously waited until my Dr. gave me the ok, but as soon as she did I was back at the gym with Cam.  It was so much easier then!  Court was a newborn so he would just sleep while I worked out with her, but as he got older it got a lot more difficult, and with how active he is now, it’s impossible to bring him with me.  So now working out requires a babysitter, which is usually my mom or mother in law when they are in town, or my husband.

But my goal for the Summer is to get back in shape and to really make an effort to make more “me time”.  Cozy Orange gifted us the cutest new workout clothes to help motivate me and get me going!!  I am dusting off that jogging stroller I made my husband buy me and taking Court on a few runs a week and re-visiting my old buddy Cam.  Since we are talking about health and fitness this week on the blog I thought I would introduce you to her and show you some of the workouts she does with me!

I love working out with Cam for so many reasons; she’s inspiring, she’s motivating, she’s reassuring, she’s knowledgeable, and she’s a major hottie… She basically kicks some serious butt.
I started working out with Cam almost 10 years ago!  I fell in love with her right away and now consider her a very close friend.  She has the perfect gym set up in her house and always has a fun new workout for me to try.
What I love most is that Cam is always challenging me and having me work out different parts of my body that I would never do on my own.  We focus mainly on circuit training and weights and I have truly seen her transform my body and other clients as well.  One major thing she has taught me is that muscle has memory, so I plan on working out a lot with her before I have baby #2, so bouncing back afterwards is that much easier!

We start every session with 5 minutes of cardio!  And a little gossiping ;)

meganwelker-beijosworkout-2 Next is usually a few ab workouts, this is one of my favorites that really works that lower belly… IMG_2705 I love doing this side lunge, it works the outer and inner thighs, which could definitely use a little work these days! IMG_2707 Next we focus on my back with the lat pull downs, gotta look good in those tank tops ladies!! IMG_2706 Now we do arms… We do biceps and one arm rows… IMG_2714 Cam is great at pushing me, even when I’m being lazy… we try and move up in weights so I’m getting a real good workout… No “sissy la la’s” as she would say! IMG_2716 Next squats!!  Anything I can do to lift my butt, consider it done!!  We add a medicine ball in for that extra burn… Usually after doing a few sets of these it hurts to sit down the next day, yikes! IMG_2715 We’ll generally do 3 sets of these moves with some sort of cardio mixed in between… jump rope, running, elliptical, spinning or rowing to get my heart rate up… And last we’ll end with another ab… This one is a killer – the dreaded  can opener!!!  Don’t be fooled by the smile on my face, these are basically torture… And notice how Cam seems to be enjoying said torture ;)

IMG_2719 Thank you Cozy Orange for the amazing new workout gear!!  There’s nothing like feeling good after a work out, but looking good while doing it is a definite win!!  How cute is their sports bra too!?  And it definitely held the girls in well!  Love the fun colors!!

meganwelker-beijosworkout-43 Here is what I wore for my workout…
Bra, Shirt, Shorts

And don’t forget to stretch after your workout… Or you’ll definitely pay for it the next day!

IMG_2722 Here’s to looking good and taking care of ourselves this Summer, but most importantly feeling good!
I’m excited to get back on the workout wagon and stay motivated!!  And thanks to Cam for always helping me stay fit!!


All photos by Megan Welker

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The Fitness Virgin- Beijos Fitness Style

I don’t know if you are like me, but this mama just doesn’t have the time for working out every day. And I will fully admit, any free time, working out isn’t 1st on my list. Unless you consider reaching for my glass of wine at night after the kids go to bed, then YES! I do workout! Ha… gotta make jokes at yourself every so often.

A few months ago, my younger sister started her own online fitness program called, A Fit Doll. Discussing with her on how her program works, I decided that maybe 33 could be the age I start to tone this bod of mine. It’s not too late right?

This program is perfect for the busy full time working mama like myself, or anyone that struggles with finding time or just doesn’t know what to do. She evaluates your lifestyle + goals you want to achieve and provides you with both a fitness and nutrition regimen. Couldn’t be easier right? Check out her program here.

Luckily, my personal trainer is related to me so I get checkups and consultations at the house. Sometimes this is great, other times I just want to hide under the couch so she can’t find me. But I do love a good yoga + stretching session with her. I get a little zen time from my hectic schedule and working on my bod all in one. The most important thing for me each day is to take about 15-30 minutes to myself, and now I have incorporated fitness (slowly) into that time. If you know me, you are shaking your head and saying umm hmm…. Abby is working out.


yasminsarai-beijos-workout-17 yasminsarai-beijos-workout-28


Yes! Yes, I am! Baby steps… baby steps.

And of course you have to look good + feel comfortable while doing that. I love wearing my favorite eco-friendly hoodie + pants from Cozy Orange. Their mission is to Live Balanced, Live Eco, and Live Cozy. Pretty great mission to live by.


I’m not the type that prances around in just a sports bra and shorts, I like to keep it covered. Hello two children later, that tummy stays under wraps. I’m sure if I would have worked out before the ripe old age of 33 I could speak differently. Oh well! I love the Alter top as it’s so light weight and has a sheer look to it. I pair it with the Milla Sports bra underneath. This sports bra gives you a ton of support, LOVE! Lastly, I pair with any of their leggings. Here I’m wearing Hanna Crops, I love the colorblocking detail of plum at the bottom gives you that pop of color.


yasminsarai-beijos-workout-24 yasminsarai-beijos-workout-16

Lastly but the yummiest part.

 I’m a loyal juicer. I have one every morning + afternoon at work. Since I have started my zen time, I have been incorporating some healthy smoothies into the mix. We will be sharing some recipes later this week that I love to make. Also,kid friendly too!



It’s never to late to start working on yourself!

Wish me luck!!



The fitness virgin

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