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Get Ready for Valentine’s Day with this easy DIY flower arrangement

I think one thing we can all agree on, is everyone loves flowers.  Truthfully when we have nothing to post on Instagram, we always turn to those pretty flowers.  Well when it’s Valentine’s Day you’ve gotta have some flowers, no questions asked!  Of course when thinking of pretty flowers I think of my friend Mackenzie owner of Rooted & Wild.  Not only is she beyond sweet but she’s also beyond talented.  She was the perfect person to ask for a DIY flower arrangement.  One of the reasons I love to work with her is that her style is always so organic and flawless, which you’ll see here…

Photos by Corrie Lynn Photo

Here are some of the flowers Mackenzie used…

Garden rose, ranunculus, sweet peas, tulips, desert amaranths, and gardenia foliage

She also uses oasis (that’s that foam green stuff), a vase of your choice, scissors and her handy dandy pocket knife!

From Mackenzie…

Start by prepping everything, soaking the oasis and cutting it to fit into the vase.  Then I green the arrangement and intentionally think about the lines I want to create for it.

Then the fun stuff…. flowers!!! Each flower has a unique shape and line to it. I have a little wild flair to my style, but also love depth and focal flowers (hence Rooted & Wild ;) )

I got to use some of my favorite flowers for this one: ranunculus, sweetpeas, garden roses & tulips. When you have pretty product like that, there is no right or wrong way to do flowers and flowers are a direct representation of you.

I always think of it this way: any flower “rule” you’ve ever been taught… break it, it comes from the heart, listen to what your heart is telling you.

Don’t you love Mackenzie?!  She’s the best…

So surprise that special someone with a gorgeous flower arrangement this Valentine’s Day… And who says it has to be for your a dude?!  I think your best Galentine would love this surprise as well!  Be sure to add a little pretty next week with this DIY flower arrangement, you can’t go wrong…



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A DIY Fall Floral Arrangement with all the Deep Colors we Love

Something I often say to clients is: florals make the event.  And, it’s true!  There’s just something about a pretty floral arrangement that makes everything better!  Today I’m sharing a DIY floral arrangement from Lily of Olive & Blooms.

 I mean, it is November 1st so you know Thanksgiving is just around the corner!  We will be sharing tons of hosting tips this month and adding a DIY Fall floral arrangement to your home definitely makes you the hostess with the mostest!

Keep reading to see how you can create this beauty on your own with this easy step by step DIY…

Photos by Lindsey Yeomans

Let’s get started!  Here are the easy steps…

 First, grab some chicken wire, a pair of shears and your favorite vase! 
Choose your foliage… make sure you select a variety 2-4 different types in order to introduce texture and different shades to your arrangement. I chose seeded eucalyptus, camellia leaf, pampas grass and some fall foliage. A lot of this you might be able to find in your own backyard! ;)

Next, choose your blooms! Pick a variety of colors and sizes to make your arrangement unique and attractive. I had a lot of fun picking these fall colored blooms from my local flower mart. I chose caramel antik garden roses, burgundy dahlias and ranunculas.

Have fun picking some funky fillers to bring texture and dimension to your arrangement. For this piece I chose viburnum berries and millet. 

 Cut the chicken wire into a small square and shape it in a round fashion so that it fits in the vase. Once secured in the vase (like a net) pour some water to the top! 

Start shaping your arrangement by filling it with foliage! Start by shaping the sides and then adding foliage to fill the middle.

Once you are happy with the shape the greens have given your arrangement start with flowers! I like to add a few big blooms first to determine my focal points. For this piece I used the garden rose as my focal flower.

Then I added a few smaller blooms in order to give my arrangement some height. Have fun adding the variety of blooms!

When you are happy with the positioning of your blooms fill any holes with filler. Have fun playing with different heights to give your arrangement dimension! 

Thank you Lily for sharing your special talent with us!  This arrangement is so gorgeous, would be so pretty on any table!!



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A Fall Wreath DIY That is Beautiful and Easy to Create

As we continue with all the Fall fun, we’ve gotta have more DIY’s!  Today’s DIY is all about getting your front door ready for visitors.  You may remember this DIY from last year, but we’re ready for an update!  This Fall wreath DIY is beautiful and easy to create, thanks to Olive & Blooms.

Photos by Lyndsey Yeomans

Owner Lily Roden designed and created this boho goodness that would look good on any door.  What I love most is the peace sign wreath, because everything is better with a peace sign!  Keep scrolling for all of her easy steps!

 Grab your shears, floral wire and a fun twig wreath! 

Pick some foliage… make sure you select a variety 2-4 different types in order to introduce texture and different shades to your wreathe. I chose seeded eucalyptus, acacia and some fun fall foliage. 

Next choose some flowers and fun fillers. For this wreath I chose Caramel Antik garden roses, millet and berries! 

Start by grouping some foliage with your fingers… almost making a tiny bouquet of different heights. Lay it flat on your wreathe and begin to attach it by wrapping the base of your mini foliage bouquet with wire. Repeat this step a few times by overlapping foliage groupings until you fill the desired portion of your wreathe. For this piece, I only filled the left part of the wreath because I loved the natural look of the twigs.

Next cut the stems of blooms at the very top and attach it to your wreath with floral wire. You can puncture the base of the head of the bloom with wire and wrap the wire around your wreath to make sure it stays in place. 

You can then add some fun filler by feeding it through the groupings you have already attached! 

Last step, hang it up on your door!  And wait for all the compliments ;)

Hope you can make your front door this cute too!




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Bring the Tropics home with this DIY Floral Wreath

Next up on our visit to the tropics is a DIY that I know you will love!  With this dang heat wave going on it really feels like the tropics so we may as well bring them home.  I asked the lovely ladies of Palms and Petals to help make a tropical inspired wreath and they are sharing the easy steps to it today!  It’s a modern take on a wreath with a tropical twist that will look cute on any front door, and make Summer last a little bit longer!

  I love a good DIY and one that makes my home look cute is even better… Keep scrolling to see all of the pretty photos by Riley Starr Photography.

From the Palms and Petals ladies…

Creating this tropical wreath was quite simple. We first went to Michael’s aka the hub of DIY materials. In their floral section, we got a 14” silver metal hoop, grabbed some floral tape/wire, a hot glue gun, and clear hanging command strips. We then jammed to our local farmers market and got a bunch of flowers that had a tropical feel to it. There are many different tropical flowers that you could use, but we decided to use, the signature monstera leaf, pincushion proteas, mini calla lilies, freesia, sword fern and a king protea. 

Once we got home to our work station, better know as our kitchen, we first laid out the flowers and set them on the border of the hoop to visualize what it would look like. Then we put our ‘Green thumb’ to work by cleaning all the leaves off the stems and cutting them to the length as shown in the photos.

After, we started wiring the stems to the hoop.  Also, for extra support we put floral tape over the wire..  We worked our way from the side of the hoop to the middle and repeated the process on the other side. We saved the main statement flower for last, the almighty King Protea.

We cut a sliver of the Monstera leaf off from a other stem and wrapped it around the bottom of the hoop so we could hide our work on the bottom and secured it with hot glue.  Once that felt stable we hot glued the protea.  Finally, we put one command strip on our front door and whala, we got ourselves a beautiful tropical wreath!

The tropical wreath is so easy to make and all it takes is 20-30 minutes. So go drop off your kids at school, take a quick run to Michael’s and the market, and create a memory of your past summer with a tropical wreath!

Thank you ladies for teaching us some of your tricks!  Can’t wait to try this one out myself!!!


Happy Creating!


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Spring Floral Arrangement DIY

Yesterday we shared our love for wearing Spring Florals and today we are sharing an easy DIY floral arrangement!  Thanks to Meagan from MV Florals, our go to floral guru!  She created this gorgeous arrangement that, if you ask me, would look really pretty on the table this Mother’s Day.  Or even as a gift for the special Mama in your life!

This is another one of our items on the Beijos Spring To Do List, so be sure to tag us if you try this at home!  The steps from Meagan are simple and listed below, now let’s get to it!!

All Photos by Megan Welker

1.  Choose your foliage.  Remove any leaves at the very bottom of each stem. 

I used a mix of wax flower, ruscus, lisianthus,and bay laurel.  

2.  Choose the blooms you would like to use.  Remove any leaves at the bottom of your flower stems, and gently remove the guard petals and thorns on the roses (the guard petals are the outer petals on the rose to protect the inner, more delicate petals).

In this arrangement I used a mix of peonies, garden roses, ranunculus, veronica, sweet pea, and lisianthus.

3.  After soaking your OASIS foam, cut it to size in your container.  I like to have the foam stick out a bit of the container; for me its a bit easier to work with.  Fill the container with water.

 4.  Start by creating the line and shape you want with greenery.  Use a mix of greenery to give your arrangement more texture.  I start from the outside and work my way into the middle.

5.  After most of the Oasis is covered with greenery, you can start your placement of blooms.  The first couple blooms you place should determine the height and width of the arrangement.

 6. Place your bigger focal flower next.  In this arrangement I used the peonies and garden roses as my focal flowers.  After they were placed, it made it easier to fill in everywhere else with smaller blooms and greenery.

 7.  Fill in any holes and check if there is any Oasis showing.  Make sure to cover all oasis with pieces of greenery.  

Isn’t it gorgeous!!!  We can’t wait to create some magic like this soon!




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