Another Beijos Bundle

Last week you heard all about the exciting news that the Carriger clan had to share and today I’m sharing some more!!!  My husband Nate and I have been enjoying life with our little Critter, aka Court James, I can’t believe he will be a big 2 year old in just one month!!  He is all boy, a ball of energy going non stop all day long and chatting it up learning new words every day.  We are so in love with this little guy and wanted to add another to our little family, so last Fall we decided to try… And lucky for us, it only took once!  Haha, it happened a lot quicker than we had planned but we were thrilled to say the least!  I wouldn’t mind having a big family with lots of kids, my husband says he’s happy with two… We’ll see what happens next… In the meantime, let’s hear more about this little bundle!

Court’s “Everybody Loves a Big Brother” t-shirt is from Hatched Baby

meganwelker-beijosmarch-30 When I was pregnant with Court we had a really fun gender reveal party with just close family and friends.  It was intimate and so exciting!  I had never been to one before and everyone loved the anticipation of it all, when my husband and I cut the cake I was completely shocked!  I was sure I was having a girl, and at the time a little scared to be honest!  I had grown up with just my sister and I, so I had no idea how to handle a boy, but of course, I love it!!  Court is so in love with his Mama and obviously, I feel the exact same way.

This new baby didn’t exactly give me the opportunity to have a gender reveal… Unlike Court who was shy to show his “goods”, this little booger was ready to show everything off!  I had big plans to make it all a surprise and have the ultra sound technician write the sex down, but when she asked me “Did you want to know the sex?” I said to her “Well… I think I already know by the looks of it”  and she replied “Yup, pretty obvious!”  There HE was, another boy!!!

I’m not going to lie, I was sort of hoping for a girl this go around, but I am really excited for the idea of Court to have a brother, and my husband is extremely excited for all the surfing and golf the three of them will be doing together!!  I loved having a sister growing up and I’m thrilled for Court to experience the same type of relationship with his little brother.  Plus, I’ve been told I am “totally a mom of boys” so I guess it works!!

Here are some fun photos we took with “Auntie Megan” showing Court that he was having a baby brother… I don’t think he fully understands the concept quite yet, but he really loves balloons!  Btw, don’t you love how you get SO much bigger with the second baby so much quicker?!!? It’s just… Awesome ;)

meganwelker-beijosmarch-43 meganwelker-beijosmarch-39 meganwelker-beijosmarch-59 meganwelker-beijosmarch-61 meganwelker-beijosmarch-70 Can’t wait for 2 new Beijinhos to make their debut this year!!  Pretty exciting to be pregnant and due just 10 days apart from your Bestie!!  Lots more baby boy posts to come!!



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A Beijos Gender Reveal

Not much has happened in the Carriger household since we welcomed our little Isla Jean last May.  We’ve been living our lives and enjoying our new little bundle of fun.  Edie has enjoyed being a big sister, although she hasn’t gotten the art of sharing down just yet.  And Damon and I have become accustomed to juggling these two little miracles we have in tow everyday.  We thought we would throw some real fun into our family picture by the ultimate surprise!!  We found out we were pregnant again last December…AHHHH!  We had been going back and forth about the idea of having another baby, although, this was a little too soon…haha.  Damon came from a big family and has never wavered on the idea at all, he definitely wanted three.  For me I was ok just having two, but liked the idea of throwing another little one into the mix.  I thought about Edie and Isla having another life long playmate and partner and that made everything ok in my mind.  Not going to lie, I was stressed!!  I would have liked to put another year in between Isla and this new little one, but hey that’s life right, full of surprises and we got behind this one with joy and ran with it.

Since we were on the subject of surprises, I thought it would be fun to have a little intimate gender reveal with this one.  With Edie and Isla we found out their gender at about 16 weeks via ultrasound, which is fun and exciting, but this time I wanted to get our whole little family involved and capture our surprised faces when we found out the gender.  After it was all said and done, I was really glad we had this experience. I think everyone should go through this amazing surprise, whether you have a gender reveal during your pregnancy or wait until the end of the prego road to find out what you have (by the way I really admire the people who can do that…I never could).

In the days leading up to the reveal, Damon and I would talk about what we thought we were having and we were both just convinced it would be another little lady.  That is just what was in the plan for us and we were both ok with that….Damon and Leah and their 3 little girls.  All I could think about was the drama that I was about to endure with a house full of estrogen…eekk!

Just a little background before these pictures…Damon wanted to kill me through this whole process…apparently he hates surprises, haha, and he didn’t like that I was making him wait a couple extra days on top of the fact that I wanted it documented.  He was a good sport though and it’s his priceless reaction you will soon see.

I wanted to do our intimate little reveal at the cutest and best little bakery in Newport Beach, Sweet and Saucy Shop.  We’ve worked with co owner Melody Brandon a ton with Beijos and she was happy to house our little party.  She helped me come up with the cake concept, with the light blue and pink watercolor streaks and of course the HOORAY cake topper from Little Cat Design Co.   Melody has tons of cute toppers from them for any occassion!!




And now onto the good part…we let Edie do the honor of cutting the cake and she was so excited!! She couldn’t wait to find out if she was going to get another sister or a brother.  Her prediction was a boy! meganwelker-carrigerreveal-10 meganwelker-carrigerreveal-11

Damon closing his eyes, and turning away because he couldn’t deal with the suspense…haha.

meganwelker-carrigerreveal-13 meganwelker-carrigerreveal-17

It turned out Edie needed a little help, so Damon helped her and took over…


meganwelker-carrigerreveal-20 meganwelker-carrigerreveal-23

And then we saw it…BLUE!!

meganwelker-carrigerreveal-26 meganwelker-carrigerreveal-28

We couldn’t believe it…we were shocked!!


And then I realized how much Damon wanted a son, haha.  He never said how bad he wanted one, just in case we were going to have another girl, but these pictures revealed his genuine joy.


meganwelker-carrigerreveal-33 meganwelker-carrigerreveal-37

And there you have it, we were shocked and so happy to be adding a little boy into our crazy little family.

meganwelker-carrigerreveal-40 meganwelker-carrigerreveal-50 meganwelker-carrigerreveal-45

meganwelker-carrigerreveal-51 meganwelker-carrigerreveal-53 meganwelker-carrigerreveal-57 meganwelker-carrigerreveal-62

Special thanks to Megan Welker for documenting our sweet little moment, and to Sweet and Saucy Shop for letting us party in your pretty and yummy bakery!

With more baby posts to come…

Xx Leah

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