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7 Different Ways to Wear Velvet Bows in your Hair

Remember a few weeks ago when I talked about my love for velvet style?!  Well this week I’m showing you how to wear it in your hair!  With the help of Erica Beukelman, owner of 1011 Makeup, of course!  Velvet is the fabric of the season and it doesn’t have to be limited to your body, there are tons of ways to style it on your do!  Erica is sharing 7, yes SEVEN, ways to wear velvet bows in your hair… So get your pin button ready, there’s tons of inspiration here!!

Photos by the lovely Corrie Lynn Photo

Let’s start with a few up dos, shall we?!  Erica kicked it off with this adorable bun on the beautiful Lyndee!  Her hair is a dream, but here is a tip from Erica on this style… 

“Don’t be afraid to have a messy bun, since you’re placing a pretty bow along side it. I think a little imperfection makes it perfection”

For the velvet bows we used The Daydream Collective, they have the cutest hair accessories for little girls, and now for us too!  There are tons of color options and they even have a sweet mommy/daughter set!!

Next up is yours truly with a simple ponytail that gets dressed up with a bow too!  It’s so amazing what a little bow can do to a hairstyle.  Another tip from Erica

“Try and hide Bobby pins and hair ties to have a more finished look.”

Next up, a few fun braided styles!  I love a good braid, and Erica is sharing three with us!!  This first one is on Heidi, another gal with gorgeous locks!  Erica did this pretty fishtail half up style and finished it off with a bow!  

What a fun way to make an already amazing braid even more fab!

We used a couple of long velvet ribbons as well to mix it up a bit!  Erica infused this long ribbon into a classic French braid, and it’s a game changer!  Here’s some more advice from the hair guru…

“When you get to the end of your braid, before you secure with a hair elastic, using your forefinger and your thumb pinch and pull each part of the braid to “pancake it out” giving a fuller more dramatic braid”

Last braided looks is this cute pig tail braid secured with some long ribbon.  Sort of nostalgic to me and totally works for a holiday party!  Such a fun way to dress up a playful hairstyle and give it a a fun detail…

Lastly we did a few half up styles!  I left her studio with this one below and got tons of compliments at pre-school pick up, ha!  “How cute is that bow in your hair?!”  It’s definitely something fun and different to do to add a little style to your hair!  Another tip from the pro…

Add some texture to your hair with some curls, spray with a dry wax or some sea salt spray to break it up.

Now if you’re really feeling the velvet bows, this one is for you!  Now this is a present with a bow on it that I can get behind!  Pretty hair all day every day thanks to 1011 Makeup!  Here is Erica’s last piece of advice, and I just love it…

Have fun with the bows, we say nothing is off limits

And there you have it!!

How will you be wearing velvet in your hair?!  Share with us in the comments or tag us on Instagram, we’d love to see!!



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4 Easy to Create DIY Braid Hairstyles with 1011 Makeup

Something I’ve been seeing EVERYWHERE are fun braid styles.  I myself am terrible at doing my hair.  Don’t even ask me to braid, because well, I can’t.  Luckily I have friends like Erica, owner of 1011 Makeup to teach me these things!  She helped me create 4 easy braided hairstyles – 2 that can be changed easily into another.  Doing your hair in a fun way is basically like adding a cute accessory to an outfit!  And, you’ll be the envy of all the ladies, because these braids, are real impressive!

Photos by Riley Starr

Here is what you’ll need….

A Curling Iron (Not Pictured)
Mini Rubber Bands
Bobby Pins
Teasing Comb
Sea Spray
Hair Wax
Volume Powder

Here is me before… Looking all sorts of dorky!  But I basically just blow dried my hair that day before getting going!

Braided Back

Choosing a hot tool of your size preference (larger the barrel, larger the curl), put some texture in the hair by curling the hair rotating the direction of the curls, always with the hair framing the face directed away from the face. Break up the curls and spray texturizing spray or a sea salt spray. For more fullness, you can add in a little texturizing/ volume enhancing powder at the roots and gently backcomb the hair.

Gather the hair at the top of your head, leaving a perimeter of hair out framing the face, and begin a dutch braid (inside out braid), keeping it fairly tight and directing it along the side and towards the back of the head as your braid. once you get to about the ear, finish the braid no longer gathering pieces.

Starting at the ends pull and tug on the hair to loosen it with your pointer finger and thumb and work your way up the braid until you have reached your desired size of braid, and secure with a hair tie. 
 Take the end of the braid and direct it across the back of your head and secure it with a hairpin. Tuck the end of the braid back and under the portion you have secured and pin. Spray with finishing spray.

STYLE 1 into 2
Braided Back and Pony

Take the remaining portion of hair that is down and gather a section of each side and cross the two sections, one over the other. Loop the hair into a knot and pull the knot tight. Take each side and wrap around to the back side of the hair that has remained down, and secure it with a hair tie. Take a small section of hair and wrap it around the hair to cover any hair ties and securing with a hair pin underneath.

While you wrap the hair around the pony tail, you can also loop the hair through the wrapped portion, placing the end of the hair under the rubber band, and pulling it through. This will hide the rubber band while also using it to help hold the hair secure. Spray with finishing spray.

Knotted Cozy “Braid”

Same first steps as the first style…

Choosing a hot tool of your size preference (larger the barrel, larger the curl), put some texture in the hair by curling the hair rotating the direction of the curls, always with the hair framing the face directed away from the face. Break up the curls and spray texturizing spray or a sea salt spray. For more fullness, you can add in a little texturizing/ volume enhancing powder at the roots and gently backcomb the hair.

Gather the hair at crown of your head, leaving any pieces that you prefer out,  and secure it a hair tie, that can later be broken. Use your fingers to tug on the hair at the crown to loosen the hair and add in texture. With the remaining hair, outside of the hair secured, separate it into two sections and cross them over each other, looping the hair to tie a knot, and tugging on each side to make it tight.

Add the ends of the knot to the other hair previously secured, creating two sections, and cross each section looping the hair to tie a knot.

Repeat as many times as you would like, and secure the ends with a hair tie. Take a small section of hair to wrap around the hair tie, looping the hair through the wrapped portion, and under the hair tie to secure the hair and cover the tie.  

Using your fingers, tug/pull on the hair to create larger knots. Break the band that you first secured the hair with. Spray with a finishing spray.

STYLE 3 into 4
Cozy Knotted Braid into a Night Out

 Taking the end of the pony tail, direct the hair up and slight roll the styled hair towards the back of the head. Secure the hair hair pins, slightly pulling the hair apart to create a fuller look.

Make sure to wrap the end of the pony tail up and under the hair and secure with a hair pin, to hide the ends. Spray with finishing spray.

And there you have it!  4 easy braided looks for you to try at home!  Let us know how it goes!!  And thank you Erica for being the best teacher!




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Wedding Spotlight – 10.11 Makeup

Can you believe it’s the last day of July?!  Well I couldn’t end the month without doing a spotlight on one of our wedding vendor friends!  This month’s is another great one in Erica Beukelman, owner of 10.11 Makeup.  I met Erica for the first time when she did my makeup for a maternity session through The Fox and the Sparrow Sessions.  Right away she felt like a friend and I could sense how genuine she is within a few minutes of being around her.  

Erica is extremely talented, honest and makes you feel at ease being around her, all things you want from your hair and makeup artist.  She is one of the first people we recommend to our brides for this reason.  She also has the best puns known to man, you literally can’t leave her presence without laughing your butt off.  I admire so many things about this woman including her drive in her business, her friendships and of course how she is as a mom.  Keep scrolling to learn more about this talented lady in our Q&A and to see her beautiful work! 

Tell us a little bit about you…

 I am a wifey to my hot baby daddy, and a mamma of three boys.  If you were to describe me based on the most common things people tag me in it would be : whales, puns and hallmark movies.  I think that really sums it up.  I have an admittedly weird obsession with humpback whales.  If I wasn’t doing hair and makeup, I would 100% be doing something where I could make puns for a living, like naming nail polish?  And I start listening to Christmas music and looking for Hallmark holiday movies starting in about May of each year.  I live for bad tv and movies that were made for 14 year old girls.  I love rosé out of a can and chips and salsa.  I’m kind of a homebody, and love lazy days and spending time with friends and family.  I also love to travel and explore, and I could probably write a book on how to eat your way through the coast of California and Hawaii.

How and when did you start your career in hair and makeup?

 I have always wanted to be a hairstylist. Like I lined up my barbies and styled them all, teaching myself to french-braid on a Barbie head. Right out of high school I wanted to go to cosmetology school, but my parents encouraged me to go to college first. So after completing my Masters program, I enrolled in a cosmetology program, and started 10.11 while in school.

I attribute a lot of my success to the amazing relationships I’ve established and the vendors that refer. I used twitter back when that was a thing (don’t tell my husband I said that because he loves the twitter) and I really put myself out their inorder to build my portfolio. I was very particular with who I worked with and began to define my niche in the industry.

We are more known for a natural beauty style, so I intentionally aligned myself with those I thought would have clients that would prefer that look. I don’t advertise, so all of our business comes from word of mouth and referrals from those relationships with vendors. It’s been pretty incredible to see the growth and evolvement of my company and team. I’m extremely particular with my Artists and have been so thankful to have such a professional and talented group of girls.

What do you love most about working with brides on their big day?

 Honestly, I think it goes for any of our clients (bridal or not),  I love helping them recognize their beauty. Watching a client feel comfortable in their own skin, not needing to look like someone else, but seeing their natural features highlighted and brought out, is a beautiful thing. I love the emotion in weddings, the excitement, and it’s special getting to be a part of one of the biggest moments of their lives. Sometimes I get back in my car after a wedding and I’m a little emotional because it’s over and that client feels more like a friend.

I also think that because the majority of our clients come as referrals they trust us to do what we do. Plus I’m kind of a crazy person when it comes to being on time, so I think they really appreciate that as well, and it’s fun for us to get to enjoy the day with them.

What advice do you have for bride’s out there who are looking for a hair and makeup artist for their wedding?

 Hire a professional, this is an investment in your wedding. Specifically, hire a professional that specializes in weddings. Skill matters just as much as understanding the importance of timing on a wedding day. Also trust the person you hire and the advice they give. But be honest if you don’t care for something, and don’t overthink it- what you want matters more than what other people want to tell you you want ;) 
Do a trial with the person, make sure they have a contract, and if you’re going to be making any changes (hair color, length, etc) plan for that prior to the trial date. 
Lastly, be prepared. Have an idea of what you want or don’t want for your wedding look, and then allow your artist to create something for you. 

Talk to us about setting goals for you and your business… I know you set a big goal this year and achieved it!

 At the end of /beginning of each year my hubs and I have a conversation just reflecting on the year prior and then I always say out loud one goal that seems totally crazy that I have for the year to come. One year I said I wanted work on TV, one year it was to be published in a national magazine, and this year it was to have work up on a billboard… every year I have hit that goal.

I think it places a fire inside to say it out loud and it is motivating.  I have to talk myself out of doubt and discouragement, but it’s almost like saying it out loud resets focus and makes dreams come alive. If you tell yourself you are capable, I think you can achieve anything. I have always loved goal setting, I used to make giant poster-size dream boards haha.

 What is your favorite project you’ve done with Beijos?

 All of them, duh! But really, I love all of the shoots we do. I love the tutorials. But I would say my fave was probably when we did the “If I were to get married now what would I choose” hair and makeup looks for some of my favorite mamas in the industry!

What are your top 3 beauty tips?

 Take care of your skin. Honestly I think when it comes to skin, less is more. I don’t understand big nightly routines of using 85 products. I think the less you put on your skin, making sure the products are pure and clean, the better. So I’d say for skin and face:  cleansing your skin daily, washing your pillows consistently, and changing out your mascara every month will help keep bacteria away.
For hair, I love hair masks for hydration and clarifying shampoos to get out any buildup. I would say don’t overwash color treated hair- invest in some dry shampoo, and use a heat protectant in order to help maintain the integrity of your hair.

What are your top 5 beauty products you can’t live without…

Well personally, if I named 5 products that would be my personal makeup bag in its entirety haha. 

 Mascara, always. 
Beauty blender 
Facial oil- I love jojoba oil, as well as Beauty Counter’s facial oils.
Rose water spray
Sea salt/ ocean spray

Bonus, lip gloss also from Beauty Counter. Its THE best gloss I have ever tried… and no I dont sell it :) 

You have made some amazing friendships through this industry, talk to us about that and why they are so important to you… 

 I have made lifelong friendships in this industry and I am so grateful. I think its so important to have healthy, non-competitive, friendships with others that share in the same passions as you. I love that quote “comparison is the thief of joy”, because it’s true.  It’s hard, but it’s a major truth bomb.  There is so much work to go around, there is no room for cattiness, but always room for celebrating others’ successes and victories. Surround yourself with people who can be cheerleaders as well as teachers. So I have a lot of incredible makeup artists/ hair stylists friends that I value so much.

I also think its incredibly important to surround yourself with people who will challenge you and inspire you to become a better person (we always have room for growth). For instance, I know I am a better businesswoman because of some of the women I have surrounded myself with that have strengths I did not. Relationships are a big thing for me, genuinely caring for people on a personal, not just business, level, and I am so grateful for this industry and the lifers I have made :) 

Thank you Erica for being so inspiring and sharing your story with us!



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Wedding Hair & Makeup Ideas with 1011 Makeup

When planning a wedding one of the very first things a bride thinks about is her entire look…   From the dress, to the hair, to the makeup.  Sometimes she has had the vision of herself that day for as long as she can remember, sometimes she is surprised by the direction she goes.  No matter what, if you ask us, a bride always looks gorgeous because she radiates so much happiness on that special day.

Your hair and makeup are a huge part of your wedding, not only do they make you look great, but they also make you feel great!  It’s your day to shine and having that extra help from a professional can make all the difference.  But how do you decide which route to go?!  Hair up?  Hair down?  Bold Lip? Sultry Eye? Au Natural??  So many tough decisions that sometimes you can wonder after your big day… What if?

What if I would have gone a different route??

One of our favorite hair and makeup gurus in the business is Erica of 1011 Makeup, not only is she unbelievably talented but she is also fun, witty and as sweet as can be.  We are lucky enough to call her a friend.

We recently teamed up with her and a few of our wedding industry friends to ask that question… What if you could get married all over again, what would you do?  The results are gorgeous and the comparisons are really fun, and in some cases funny, haha!

Erica told each of us while doing our makeup and hair, it’s your day!!  Haha, it was fun to relive the “bridal treatment”… Take a look at what she created!!

Photos by Megan Welker and Ashley Keleman

Our own Leah Carriger looked like a classic beauty on her wedding day in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. She will be celebrating 5 years with her hubby Damon this October.  She had her up and beachy and beautiful makeup.  For an updated look she did a boho braid to go with her bob and a sultry eye with a light lip for her makeup.  Totally different looks, and either way she looks gorgeous if you ask us!!

Leah Wedding-422_AlecT-Picks leah wedding-086_AlecT-Picks

leah-meganwelker-10.11-4 Image-1 Melody of Sweet & Saucy Shop, just the best and most beautiful darn desserts you will EVER find, also came and played dress up with us!!  She is married with two seriously cute kiddos and went a little funkier this time around!  After having her hair down on her wedding day she tried a gorgeous updo and kept the makeup simple and light… The outcome is seriously stunning and we love that she stepped a bit outside her comfort zone for it!

Melody Wedding-1929342_141022980580_3392770_n Melody Wedding-1929342_141025185580_1066461_n

melody-meganwelker-10.11-93 Image-2  Photographer Ashley Keleman recently celebrated her 10 year anniversary to her husband so this was especially fun for her!!  She had to dig up these photos to send to us :)  For her updated look she went with a fun braided up do which looks amazing on her gorgeous red hair and a smokey eye and sexy lip… So different from her first look, both equally beautiful!

ashwedding5 ashwedding4

ashley-meganwelker-10.11-22 IMG_3736 Our newest bride is our bestie Megan Welker!!  She got married to her love Adam just 3 months ago, they just got back from their Cabo honeymoon yesterday!!  She was a knock out on her wedding day with long flowing hair and natural makeup… She went with a similar look for makeup, I mean, why change a good thing?  But a low chignon for her hair.  This girl can’t take a bad photo, so we don’t know what to say!!  Stay tuned for a look at her wedding next week…

Megan Wedding-IMG_3369 Megan Wedding-258_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House megan-meganwelker-10.11-16 Image-3 Now for insanely talented florist, Carissa Jowett of JL Designs… She is married to husband Brian and they have the two cutest kiddos you ever did see… You may have stalked her Instagram to see them like we do, I mean seriously those kids dress way better than me!!  She did the opposite of Megan, she had a beautiful updo on her big day so she tried it down with a pretty braid to make it a bit more boho.  Erica accentuated her gorgeous blue eyes on the makeup… Another beauty inside and out! PS, Carissa says she doesn’t like the camera… Well it loves her!!

carissabrian15 carissabrian24

carissa-meganwelker-10.11-67 Image-4 For our own Jacquelyn Kazas who will be married for 3 years this September, she wanted to try something completely different for her hair… She went with a half up, somewhat retro look on her wedding day with fairly natural makeup.  On her wedding day she kept going back and forth with her hair up or down… It was a tough decision!  This was her perfect opportunity to try that updo and needless to say Erica got it right!!  She also went with a more dewy makeup look, which is usually a no-no when it comes to photos but it turned out quite stunning…

Jacquelyn Wedding-0891_JN_wed Jacquelyn Wedding-0864_JN_wed

jacquelyn-meganwelker-10.11-43 Image-5 Our last and favorite transformation comes from our girl Jesi Haack of Jesi Haack Design… She is the most creative of them all so of course she would have the BEST wedding look… We love how adventurous she is!!!  We almost didn’t recognize her when she sent us her wedding photos, dark hair and all… This time she had Erica make her hair big and do a really amazing berry lip.  We are seriously obsessed with how it turned out, very Roxie Hart a la Chicago, don’t you think?  Love her hair so much and love how Erica made her blue eyes shine!

jesiwedding jesiwedding5

jesi-meganwelker-10.11-77 Image-6 Thank you so much Erica for creating these amazing looks!!!

We hope we inspired you with some fun hair and makeup options for your big day, maybe even got you to step outside your box, and maybe even got you to laugh at a few of these photos :)

Happy Weekend!!!

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Boho Braids- Hair Tutorial

We are always looking for fun new ways to style our usual air-dried, no- fuss, beachy locks. A straightener, whats that? :) Let’s admit it…. being a full time working mama, your hair just is the last thing, if at all to get beautified. But when we do have that one minute, if your lucky two minutes, the braid is our go to style. The cool thing about braids is that it goes with any style you are going for that day. So jump out of bed, and try out these three fun boho braids!

We met up with our favorite lady Erica, owner of 1011 Makeup, to show us some easy boho braids that anyone can do.

The 1st braid is the Topsy Tailed Braid, which we love for any occasion. This sassy firecracker wears this braid perfectly.


 Jacquelyn started off by gathering hair where she would like your style to begin, then takes a horizontal section of hair and secures with a hair tie (making a small pony tail). Gently pull the secured tie away from your head, leaving a little room to part the hair between the rubber band and the scalp.
Once the hair is parted, flip the hair in the pony tail up and over the hair tie, through and down the parted hair, and pull the hair tight to secure creating a “topsy tail”.
Gather your next horizontal section (making these as large or small as you desire… larger sections will result with less topsy tails than smaller sections) include the ponytail hair from the previous topsy tailed section and repeat the previous steps. The tighter and smaller you make each section will result in your style looking more or less like a “braid”.
Once you have your style to the desired look, secure with a hair tie and wrap the end of the hair tie with hair to cover with hair, securing with a hair pin. We love that Erica showed us to tease the ends of the braid for that boho touch. Spray with a finishing spray.

 Thanks Jacq!

Our second braid style is the Macrame Braid. We did this on my blonde locks so you can see the detail of the macrame, and that I love a good macrame! 

This braid woks best with medium to long hair, as you can see mine is falls at chest level. The macrame braid works well with uncleaned hair, this will allow you to achieve that “macrame” braid.
Gather your hair to the side you would like the braid to be placed, braid your hair using a three-strand braiding technique.
This part can be a little tricky, but as soon as Erica showed me, it as so easy!
Once you complete the braid, prior to securing with a hair tie, take two of the three strands and hold tight between your fingers, then take the remaining single strand and hold tight with your other hand.
Take the two strands in your one hand and slide upwards while hold the single strand tight. With the single strand you can then wrap or interweave it through the “macramed” piece, or you can repeat the same technique with the reaming piece as well- get creative.
Once you have completed the style you desire, secure with a hair tie and spray with a finishing spray. You can take some pieces out near the frame of face to make it more of a loose style braid.
And there you have it, The Macrame Braid! We love this look! Once you learn and master it, you will be doing it all the time.
Our third and final boho braid look is done by our own Leah, who just had her second girl, Isla Jean, this past week! Yay!! More baby boho braids in our future!
This look works great for ladies with shorter hair.
Meet Dutch aka partial crown braid
Gather your hair on the side you would like the braid to start (the top front of your hair, near the hair line / fringe area). Leave out some fringe framing pieces if desired, or you can pull some out once you complete the style.
You will gather the hair, using the dutch braid technique (inside out braid) you will braid the hair back and around starting from the the front down and across the nape of the neck.
Once you complete the braid, secure the end with a hair tie.
Fold the hair back towards the completed braid, tucking the secured end into the braid and securing with hair pins.
Finish with your choice of finishing spray, and you are all set!
We also love to add flowers into the braid for all these three styles! Simply just walk out your front door and add.
Big thank you to Erica for showing us Beijos ladies how its done!
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