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Venue Hunt With A Beijos Bride

It’s always fun to step right in from the very beginning and help our brides from the first stages of planning her wedding.  We love helping out with the all the preliminary details like date setting and venue shopping especially.  We have a some amazing Fall weddings that we just recently sealed the deal on for venues and we wanted to share our tours of them with you.  We can’t wait to transition these event spaces into a stunning Beijos Event!

Our first stop in a hidden gem in Carlsbad, CA called Leo Carrillo Ranch. This venue speaks California Ranch slash desert like no other.  The beautiful grounds are full of succulent plants and amazing desert boho details without even trying.  The 27 acres was originally part of a working rancho and vacation retreat for Leo Carrillo himself, actor in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.  It is now considered a California historic state park, which Carlsbad has turned into an amazing educational and recreational resource.  The city had restored and preserved the beautiful hand crafted adobe buildings, hacienda, reflecting pool, cabana, cantina, carriage house, stable and barn.  Let’s take a look…


Here is the old hacienda house, where the weddings take place


The barn and stables leading up to the hacienda


The gated entrance, where a welcome drink area would be perfect


The other side of the gate where the welcome cocktails could be


The courtyard where ceremony is held


The beautiful reflection pool and cabana, great hanging place for cocktail hour


The grassy area for the reception.


The actual house is so cute with the most amazing character


The hacienda could be another great area for welcome drinks or cocktails


Such an awesome space for a California Ranch style wedding


Looking up into the ceremony space from the cantina


We love this space and  the best part is, it’s one of the most affordable out there!!


On to the next venue, nestled in the beautiful downtown Santa Barbara is the El Presidio Chapel and Casa de la Guerra reception space.  This old world chapel and reception space is also a California historical state park founded in the 1820’s.  The 18th century Spanish colonial fort that is Santa Barbara’s birthplace has been restored and reconstructed.  It’s about the size of a city block, and serves as an important opportunity as a living history site to interpret the city’s Hispanic heritage.  How cool is that for a wedding venue??


This chapel is to die for…so much history and character


We can’t wait to dress it with beautiful garlands and flowers


This is Casa de la Guerra, the outdoor reception space with strung lights and opportunities to hang flowers and lanterns.  We are picturing the great fiesta here now!!


We just love this space the the city!! So much you can do with it to make it a memorable day.  And some other good news…it’s an affordable one too!!   IMG_3843

We had fun showing you where we’ll be this Fall with our weddings, we can’t wait to take you along more of this journey and of course show you the finished product!!

Xx Leah

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My Mexican Heritage

I was recently asked by Glitter Guide to talk about my Mexican heritage and what it means to me.
I loved having the opportunity to share more about celebrating my heritage and how it reflects in my family with my husband and two beautiful girls.  Head over to Glitter Guide to read more, or just take a look below…

All photos by the lovely Megan Welker


First, a little bit of background about me. I’m a first-generation Mexican-American. My dad was born in Chihuahua, Mexico; he immigrated to the U.S. when he was 8. My mom is also of Mexican descent, but she was born in the U.S. (her family originated in El Paso, Texas). My dad is fluent in Spanish, but my mom couldn’t speak Spanish as well as he could, so growing up we spoke mostly English. However, my dad’s mom—my strong-willed abuelita, Juana Paulalived with us, and she spoke only Spanish. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t know conversational Spanish today. My childhood home was full of cultural traditions and flair. It was my comfort zone. I still deeply adore and appreciate it.

meganwelker-IslaJean-219 meganwelker-IslaJean-225

I love my mixed heritage. I feel American, but deep down, my heart is with Mexico. My love for creativity and design started with entertaining and interiors—I’m primarily drawn to the rustic, bright and colorful feel of Mexican and Spanish art. I also love the food, music and lifestyle in Mexico. I’m slowly but surely incorporating a modern Hispanic aesthetic into our ranch-style home.

I was really lucky to meet my husband in high school. We were always such good friends, and then later we fell in love and got married. Although he is Swiss, German and Irish, he has always supported my love of Mexican art and the way I incorporate it when I decorate or entertain at our house. Thankfully, our tastes are quite similar when it comes to design, although I may have been a bit a forceful at times.

When we were thinking about tying the knot, there was no place in the world we considered getting married in but Los Cabos, Mexico. We had spent some time there and fallen in love with it. It’s relatively easy to travel to, and it’s so relaxing and beautiful. Our beachy wedding décor was white with pops of bright colors. The colors were a nod to my love for Mexico and the arts—and the way I feel inside!


Fast-forward to today, and we have two beautiful little girls. My oldest daughter, Edie Lola, is almost 3 and a half. Wow, time flies even faster when you have little ones—I blinked, and suddenly she was a “threenager.” We have begun the conversation about our heritage with her—we tell her that we are Americans first but that our hearts also have roots in Mexico and Europe. We are committed to teaching the girls about where we came from and about the cultures surrounding our backgrounds.

My hope for my daughters is that they will feel their Mexican ties on my side and their European ties on their dad’s side. I hope that our first trip to Mexico together is special, and that they will share in my love for the culture, colors and design. I hope that when they see the bright, beautiful colors of Latin America, they are reminded of me as well as who they are and where half their roots lie. (After all, they are little Latinas, too!) I hope to make them proud of their heritage.




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