Styling your Home with Flowers for the Holidays

Christmas is this weekend and I want to make sure my homes (and yours!) is ready for all of the festivities!!  This year I’m styling my home with flowers for the holidays and teaching you how as well!  We often use flowers in events, it really is the easiest and prettiest way to beautify a space or setting.  What better way to make your home look amazing for the holidays than that?!  And I’m not just talking about your basic poinsettias people, I Beijo-fied these arrangements with the help of Honey Comb Affair.  I also threw in some fun LH Calligraphy goodies that are must haves any time of year!  Keep reading to see all of the pretty!

Photos by Megan Welker

The first place I floralized is the fireplace!  Now this is the focal point of the home, especially over the holidays.  I used this print from LH Calligraphy and framed it to add some merry cheer.  When thinking about the flowers I knew I didn’t want your basic Christmas florals.  I definitely wanted to think outside the box with a more bohemian feel, I sent Christy from Honey Comb Affair inspiration photos and she nailed it!!  Isn’t it refreshing to see something pretty and alive in your home like these gorgeous blooms?  Especially somewhere unexpected like the fireplace!

Here’s a little bit from Christy of Honey Comb Affair

“It was a fresh new twist on the Christmas color and texture, especially when it came to the greenery.
Instead of the standard winter greens, I used different varieties of eucalyptus, pods and birch twigs. The Flowers included red charm peonies, burgundy scabiosa, Amaranthus, and the protea flower for the ultimate boho feel. “

Next stop on our floral tour… The bar cart!!  Now, that’s my focal point, haha!  After being pregnant throughout the holidays last year you best believe I’m having some cocktails this year!  Having a little bit of a pop on your bar cart is important, it adds some color and looks pretty at the same time.  We love using loose blooms as well as arrangements when we style events, so take a couple and place them places in your home.  For the bar cart I placed some on a tray with glassware!  Add in some of our favorite One Hope Wine sparkly bottles and some LH Calligraphy accessories and you are good to go!

Loving the coasters and stir sticks for the holidays!!!

Last up, the coffee table!  Everyone gathers around this spot, so you better have it dressed up for the holiday season!  This is the no brainer of floralizing, the coffee table always needs some love…  Plus, they are pretty for you to have at home while you’re addressing all of those Christmas cards.  If you’re like me you are just getting them out this week, yikes!!  So when you’re feeling like you’re behind in the game it’s nice to have something pretty to look at!

Love these gorgeous cards!!

So there you have it, styling your home for the holidays has never been so easy!  Now go out there and have your home be the talk of the town this season!



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Macrame Christmas Tree

Continuing our holiday posts this week with some at home Christmas decor!  If you’re like us, you spent the first weekend of December decking your own halls with holiday cheer.  Each year we like to find fun and new ways to decorate our homes, ways that are festive and stylish.  I spotted these amazing macrame Christmas trees by Elizabeth McTague on her Instagram feed back in October and knew I had to have one in my home!  The other ladies agreed, these were something we each needed!  Abby even had her make one for an advent calendar which we posted last week here.  It’s a little too late to get one of these for yourself this year, but you know how the holidays always creep up!  So you better get your macrame Christmas tree soon for next year!

Here are ways we each decorated ours in our home!  I created a little winter wonderland over our piano. We spend lots of time as a family listening to my husband play for us, I see lots of Christmas carols being sang in this little nook this month!

img_0090 Leah chose to have her macrame tree hang over her fireplace, perfect spot since the fireplace is the ultimate hot spot for Winter!  Love the colorful stockings and the print from Land of Nod to accessorize it!

0012 Last but not least, Abby wanted to spread the cheer in her entry way, mixing the holidays with this fun Summer print!  We love the juxtaposition of the two!

img_4281 Hope this inspired your holiday decor!!



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Macrame Advent Calendar

It’s here!! The countdown to Christmas! We have so much pretty stuff for you this holiday season. Now our 1st Christmas post has to be all about counting down the days till the big guy gets here. The one, the only, the advent calendar. Each year, we try and find that perfect advent calendar that will fit perfectly into our holiday decor and home. Last year, Duo Studio created this wooden gem for us. You all know by now, us Beijos ladies love us some macrame. So when we discovered Elizabeth Mctague macrame holiday trees we became captivated and had to get our festive holiday hands on them. See more from Elizabeth and her macrame holiday decor soon on the blog. Till then, let’s stop and stare and this beauty.




I knew I wanted to have an advent calendar to be made out of macrame. Elizabeth’s large holiday tree was perfect! She customized it with an olive green dip dye color on the fringe ends. Now, I just need some Christmas stars to complete the calendar. With the help from pal, Meghann Miniello I got my Christmas stars that she made from a transparent white acrylic. Each star was labeled with their day, and they were ready for their debut.





I needed to make this macrame be present in the home and also kid friendly. This little corner of my house was perfect. It’s the 1st thing you see when you walk into our family room. Adorned with festive fern wreaths made by Jennifer from Busy Bee Florals, this space was almost complete. No corner in your home is ready without Boho Pillows. A must in each of our homes, well pretty much in every room in our homes. In addition to our ever-lasting love for Boho Pillows, we have a crush on Chaser Brand’s Fringe Pillow and Blanket for this holiday season. Now, if you are dying for one of these beauties you might have to wait for next holiday season from Elizabeth Mctague, BUT have no fear, you can always buy one of her pieces and add a holiday splash with your countdown pieces. Make some out of these ornaments, or label these ornaments. There is no limit as to what you can do! Best part, this little piece can be left up all year long way after the holidays are over.



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