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Did you catch our home tour with animator and author Liz Climo last week?!  Well, if not, you can check it out here!  If you saw it, then you are probably still thinking about it like us!  If that’s the case, today is your lucky day!  Liz shared a few of the sources to the amazing pieces in her home and we are sharing them with you!

There were so many amazing details and pieces we love in her home.  We found pieces at Amazon, Target, West Elm, IKEA and Crate & Barrel!!  You can shop the post below!  Thanks again to Liz for letting us take a peek inside her home and sharing all of her amazing sources!





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Home Tour – Liz Climo

I’ve been so excited to share this home tour with you all, and today is the day!!  Today we are sharing the Los Angeles home of Liz Climo, a talented animator for “The Simpsons” and also an author and illustrator.  Liz’s home that she shares with her husband and daughter is full of life and color, just like her work, and the minute I saw it I knew we had to share it on the blog.  She was nice enough to let us into her home and to tell us all about her life and career.  I always love our home tours, they are sort of a look inside these creative and inspiring women that you normally don’t see.  Now let’s take a look at all the beautiful photos by the talented Heather Kincaid.

Tell us a little bit about you, your family and where you live!

I’m originally from the Silicon Valley, and moved to Los Angeles about 13 years ago when I got my job on “The Simpsons.” I’ve lived in a few different neighborhoods since moving here, but finally settled in a little LA suburb called Eagle Rock – a great neighborhood right at the edge of the city, with close proximity to all its amenities but with a small town feel. My family and I love it because there are tons of great restaurants and family-friendly activities, so we spend a lot of time walking around town to get pretty much wherever we need to go.

How did you get involved in animation?

Growing up, I always loved to draw and knew I wanted to do it someday for a living. I used to sit on my grandparents’ couch and read their  “The Far Side” desk calendar cover-to-cover whenever we had a family visit, and I’d keep sketch books where I’d do my own comics and drawings (I wish I still had those!) After high school, I went to San Jose State to pursue a degree in animation and illustration, but unfortunately my portfolio was rejected from the school’s program. Unsure of my next move, I applied for a job on The Simpsons, and miraculously was hired! I LOVED the show and was really familiar with the acting and drawing style, so I think that really helped. I even had a cardboard cutout of Homer in my bedroom when I was in college. I was a total super fan, getting a job on the show was a dream come true for me. I found out I was hired on a Friday and moved to LA that same weekend, on my 23rd birthday, and have been here working in animation ever since.

What’s it like working on a show as iconic as The Simpsons?

I still remember walking through the hall my first day of work and thinking “Is this really happening?” There are people there who have been working on the show since the first season (nearly 30 years ago!) I have to remind myself sometimes how special it is, since I’ve been there such a long time now. Whenever I watch an old favorite episode that I loved as a kid, or see my name in the credits, I’m still like – Oh yeah! I totally work on that show!

Tell us about being an author and illustrator and what inspires your work…

My career as an author and illustrator is very different from my work thus far in animation. I’m still pretty new to it and getting my footing. My particular job in animation (storyboard revisions) is pretty technical, and I’m mostly just making poses work and drawing the characters properly (or “on model”). I really enjoy it, but it doesn’t involve writing or creating new characters. As an author, I’m coming up with stories and worlds and it’s very challenging, but also really exciting. I’m constantly inspired by my friends and family, or just people out in the world. I love watching how people interact.

What is your favorite of the books you have written?

I am really proud of my first Rory the Dinosaur book. It was my first children’s book, and I honestly had no idea what I was doing when I wrote it. But in a way, it felt like a story that had been waiting to come out for a while and felt really natural to write. I certainly don’t look at it now and think “This is great! It’s perfect!!” but it feels very honest and special to me. My grandmother also wrote children’s books, and my mother was a very talented artist who encouraged me to pursue a career in art. I felt like this book would have made them proud, and the fact that it’s dedicated to my daughter makes it even more special to me.

How does your creative career reflect in the way you design your home?

I think my interest in interior decor started around the time that I started working from home, when my daughter was born. It was a combination of wanting to improve the look of my house (since I’m here all day!) and also create a space that makes me feel inspired. I need things to be neat and organized, or I feel really overwhelmed, and I think that influences my space a lot. It’s also really important to me that every corner/area of my house makes me happy. A lot of my friends tease me because my house is always pretty tidy (I’m basically Monica from “Friends”) but it really helps me to think clearly and feel happy.

What is your favorite room in your home and why?

My daughter’s room is my favorite, and has been since the first time I saw the house. It has that cute little porch off the back, and when I saw it I thought – I would have loved having this when I was a kid! We spend a lot of time out there, it’s basically like an outdoor playroom. I had a lot of fun decorating her room, and actually the first item I bought for the house (once we found out we owned it) is hanging in her room – a little needlepoint with a bird saying “This must be the place.” It’s a line from a Talking Heads song that always reminds me of my mom, called “Home”.

Where are your favorite places to shop for your home?

TARGET. Oh, how I love Target! But I’m also a big fan of West Elm, CB2, Room & Board, and Design Within Reach (that last one’s mostly just window shopping, though!) There are also a couple little boutiques near our house that I love, called Acorn and Matters of Space. Also, we’re pretty spoiled because my father in law builds custom furniture, and we have a few beautiful pieces from him – like our gorgeous kitchen island, which he built using old barn wood.

How would you describe your style in three words

Eclectic, modern & rustic!

How do you and your family send most of your time at home together?

When it’s not too hot, we like spending time down on our porch. When we’re feeling like hermits, we like going down into the basement, which is our office area but also sort of like a den. We have a projector down there so we’ll watch movies on the weekends a lot. Right now, the Trolls Movie is on an infinite loop (my 3 1/2 yr old’s current favorite).

Talk to us about having a successful career and being a mom, the struggles and the triumphs

It’s hard. There’s always somewhere I feel like I should be putting more of my energy, like if I get good news about a book deal I wonder if I’m not focusing on my daughter enough, or if I make a choice to spend more time on myself or my family I worry I’m not doing everything I can to better myself in my career. It’s a balancing act, to say the least. And if you like your house tidy like I do, and also have a 3 1/2 yr old, well then it’s just impossible. But then I just remember not to put so much pressure on myself. I just want to do work that I’m proud of and be a good mom & friend/partner. I’m motivated by the idea that my daughter could be proud of me someday, the way I feel proud of all of the incredible, hardworking women I had as role models growing up.

Thank you so much for letting us into your beautiful home Liz!  

We have more home tours coming soon!



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Home Tour – Nycole Holwick

Our last home tour of the year will have you feeling all warm and cozy with the gorgeous and rustic home of Nycole Holwick.  Nycole is the owner of Helping Jewels which we spotlighted on our blog here. She is a talented mother of 3 who spends her days creating beautiful jewelry and giving back to children’s hospitals to help fight cancer.  Now that’s something we can get behind.  Her Central California home has the perfect mix of a rustic Spanish vibe with some boho goodness.  Let’s take a look inside and learn more about this amazing woman, her business and her family.

Photos by Brooke Borough

brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-262 Tell us a little bit about you and your family….

Well, my husband and I made it through the baby years and I love my kids’ ages right now; 8, 6 and 3. It is a busier schedule as far as driving them around but they are somewhat independent, comprehensive and we have fun experiencing life together. Not to say there aren’t tough moments…the sibling fighting is rough, the teenage attitude is starting to peak its ugly head in my 8-year-old son, and as they get older you deal with bigger issues than tantrums over food.

All in all, we are very blessed. Experiencing a hardship like having a child with a rare illness (our son was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms at 5 months) can put life into perspective. We realized we are not in control, and what use to be big problems are minor. So, for now, we appreciate everything and are grateful for the good and healthy times, and thank God for this season. For those going through a tough time, we pray for them and when its someone in our community, it is our prerogative to reach out a helping hand because we were there once too.

brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-322 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-315 Where do you live and why do you love your town?

We live in a small farm town near Ventura, California. We get the country feel but loads of things to do nearby. I love that we are a short drive away from Ojai, the beach, the mountains, and the city. Our kids have so much to do every weekend, although most of the time we are chilling at home with family and friends. The people are very friendly in our town and it is a tight community which is another plus.

brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-56 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-277 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-286 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-290 We love the rustic and Spanish feel of your home; how does it reflect with your own personal style?

Global and cultural influences inspire my personal style. My mom is from Argentina so my living room was designed around that culture. My husband and I have traveled to Europe a couple times and were enamored by the architecture and old world feel. Being born and raised in SoCal, it is undoubtedly a part of my style as well. I admire modern but I never get tired of Tuscan and Spanish/California design. Being a jeweler, attention to detail is a part of everything I do. So, when decorating, I focus on every wood color, material, pattern, table arrangement, etc. I can drive my husband and myself nuts sometimes. Every detail counts!

brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-47 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-51 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-91 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-21 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-18 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-48 What is your favorite room in your home and why?

It is a toss-up between the master bedroom and the living room, but I think the living room. It is where we watch movies and the family gathers to snuggle. My husband and I both have big families and when they all come over we generally end up in the living room once we get everyone out of the kitchen! Lots of memories in that room. Also, it’s my favorite when it comes to style.

brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-337 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-42 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-44 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-334 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-303 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-20 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-10 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-15 You are a busy mom with three kids and a business, how do you manage to do it all?  Any tips?

Luckily women are very good at multitasking!! For this reason, I can accomplish a lot at the same time. Most days, I don’t get what I need done, therefore, Helping Jewels could be busier but I always put my family first and let’s face it the kid stuff gets busy! Nighttime and when the kids are at school is when I try to knock out Helping Jewels orders and designs. Tips I would offer a busy mom (both of which I’m constantly working on) with an online business is to have a concrete, focused agenda when it comes to your brand, product, and customers. Otherwise, it could spin to multiple directions and nothing gets accomplished to its full potential. Time management is also key!

brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-348 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-347 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-343  Your kids’ rooms are amazing!  How did you design them and what were your essentials for them?

I have the most fun decorating a kid’s room, especially my daughter’s! I always get inspiration from a picture and/or choose a general theme but my main goal is not to have everything match perfectly and be over-thought. Essentials include antiques/vintage pieces or handmade items which add charm and warmth. Another essential is storage and organization.

brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-137 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-132 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-127 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-128 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-206 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-147 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-145 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-144 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-152 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-149 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-209 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-151 For the game room, I wanted it to be for the kids and adults. My inspiration came from the beaches of Mykonos. My husband and I traveled there before children and I needed a space in the house that took me back. The cabinets were built to hide all the toys and games (I am a firm believer that toys should have a place to be stored or we shouldn’t have them). The Legos are on display but it’s confined and is a reminder of the stage we are at in life. For the wall collage, I had the kid’s paint an abstract painting, hung them with oil paintings and antlers my friend makes from Yarnbombed.

brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-243 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-247 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-61 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-70 How do you and your family spend most of your time at home together?

It is different every week but when we do have down time from the kids’ crazy schedule…movie night is huge with homemade popcorn. Also, we do lots of barbeques with friends and family. Summer time we spend mostly outside and in the pool.

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

If we are referring to interior design: rustic, ethnic, evolving

If we are referring to my clothing style: bohemian, functional, detailed

brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-159 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-212 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-215 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-72 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-95 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-110 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-97 What’s next for Helping Jewels?

Right now, I am starting to think of colors and doing sketches for the Spring/Summer line which is crazy but the fashion world is so fast. Looking to boost my Instagram game by featuring woman, mothers, and creatives that inspire strength and love. Also, will be reaching out for collaborations that fit my brand. Lastly, getting ready for the Holidays, lots of events coming up! Gradually Helping Jewels will become what its meant to become, and I will continue to make a small difference one jewel at a time to support those little warriors at CHLA and Mattel Children’s Hospital.

brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-259 Thanks for sharing your beautiful family, home and story with us Nycole!



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Home Tour – Lisa Scheuermann

Get ready for a fun and eclectic home tour today that just screams boho!!  Sometimes in this industry you are lucky to meet people and really connect and become friends with them and that is how we feel about Lisa Scheuremann, owner of St Eve Jewelry!  We have styled events for her and been to events with her and over the past few years we have fallen in love with how driven she is and how dry her sense of humor is, haha!  This talented lady is an amazing business woman and mom who really makes it all look easy and does it with a smile.  Her home is full of vibrant colors, lots of greenery and a jewelry room that will blow your mind!!  Plus, her daughter is just about the cutest thing we’ve ever seen!  Keep scrolling to see the beautiful photos of her home and a glimpse into her life and business.

Photos by Kelsey Albright

st-evejewelryhometour-10 Tell us a little bit about you and your family and where you live…

My name is Lisa Scheuermann and I own and run St. Eve Jewelry. Based out of Orange, California, I live with my husband Steve, daughter Everly, and my pups Walter and Lucy. My husband Steve has always supported me and my dreams and back in 2009 we started our jewelry company. Because of all of his support I ended up naming the company after him. St. Eve = Steve… get it? Our beautiful daughter Everly Eve is super sweet, a little sassy and loves jewelry just like her mamma.

photo-aug-23-3-22-51-pm st-evejewelryhometour-192 st-evejewelryhometour-207 st-evejewelryhometour-254 How and when did St Eve Jewelry come to life?

I’ve always had a love and passion for vintage jewelry. Jewelry holds a specific meaning to everyone and this is why I started my jewelry shop. It all started with a vintage pendant necklace. The chains on these necklaces were old and outdated and needed a fresh look. So I did just that and re-invented them. Thus, St. Eve was born. I started out selling to local boutiques, then slowly grew over the next four years, into selling our brand to amazing retail stores such as Free People, Swell, and Cleobella.

st-evejewelryhometour-150 st-evejewelryhometour-133 st-evejewelryhometour-127 st-evejewelryhometour-225 st-evejewelryhometour-124 Your jewelry room is insane!!  How many pieces of jewelry do you own? What are your must have pieces?

 My jewelry room is my pride and joy…besides miss Everly of course. It is my happy place. I see our journey of our small business right there on that wall. It’s pretty cool to see how much the style has changed and what pieces used to be our best sellers. Trends have come and gone but my love for jewelry is timeless. To be honest, I own so many pieces of jewelry that I have lost count. But if i had to guess I would say at least 500 pieces. That sounds like a lot but it’s true! My must have pieces are my turquoise squash blossoms and turquoise cuffs and rings. I have always loved turquoise before I started selling it and I still think it’s the best jewelry out there.

st-evejewelryhometour-162 st-evejewelryhometour-160 st-evejewelryhometour-118 st-evejewelryhometour-114 st-evejewelryhometour-111 What is your favorite thing to do at home with your family?

Working from home is a tough balance. So when I actually do sit down and relax (which is a rare occassion) I love to watch a movie with the family. Everly just started getting really into TV and movies so her current favorites are Winnie the Pooh and Finding Nemo. We have watched each of these at least 25 times.

st-evejewelryhometour-178 st-evejewelryhometour-191 st-evejewelryhometour-186 st-evejewelryhometour-176 How would you describe your style in three words?

Bohemian, vintage, modern.

We are in love with your patio!!  Talk to us about how you designed and styled it and the time you spend as family there…

Thank you! It is one of my favorite places in my house next to my jewelry room. Me and Everly love to sit out there and just swing in the hammocks during the day. Plus it’s always nice to have something pretty to look at when we are sitting at our dining room table. When I go in to style a particular area in my home I always want it to look eclectic with a modern touch. I recently added that amazing carved screen from World Market to our patio and it really helps complete the look with my amazing Hammocks from Gunn and Swain. The hanging windows are from my wedding that I thrifted from the Long Beach Flea market. I didn’t know what to do with them after our wedding so my sister and dad suggested that we hang them in our backyard to cover up that big empty wall and I’m so glad I did. I have a thing for antlers and macrame which can be seen all over my house so naturally they made their way outside too. And last but certainly not least….plants! They make everything better! Plants give life to your space and that pop of greenery will always make your space feel lived in.

st-evejewelryhometour-11 st-evejewelryhometour-16 st-evejewelryhometour-1 st-evejewelryhometour-21 st-evejewelryhometour-41 Is there any piece in your home that just screams Lisa?

 Yes! I have a couple favorites but my most coveted piece in my home is my dinning room light fixture. My dad helped me design and build it. I got the lights fixtures from Anthropologie when I used to work there as a merchandiser and I had them for years before I did anything with them. But I love the modern look of it with the vintage light fixtures.

st-evejewelryhometour-81 st-evejewelryhometour-88 st-evejewelryhometour-83 st-evejewelryhometour-84 st-evejewelryhometour-90 st-evejewelryhometour-91 Where are your favorite places to shop for your home?

West Elm and HD Buttercup never disappoint. Those two places are where we get our big investment pieces from. I also love HomeGoods and World Market. Boho Pillow is where most of my textile pieces come from because the owner Monica loves to make all my textile dreams come true. She is the BEST! Also, Target and IKEA are great places where I’ve found some more affordable home accessories.

st-evejewelryhometour-77 st-evejewelryhometour-78 st-evejewelryhometour-75 st-evejewelryhometour-104 st-evejewelryhometour-106 How does your creative job reflect in your home design?I mean, if you didn’t notice its pretty much everything! You should have seen this place when I moved in with Steve. It was walking into Pirates of the Carribean at Disneyland. Literally decked out in all things Pirate! I’m talking a life size Pirate statue just standing there in the corner of the kitchen and a pirate ship hanging from the dining room ceiling. I can’t even. And now its like a gypsy den with textiles all over the place, macrame wall hangings and multiple plants in every room. I owe it all to Steve for letting me literally get rid of almost everything he used to own and turning it in to a vintage boho chic home.

st-evejewelryhometour-45 st-evejewelryhometour-51 st-evejewelryhometour-63 st-evejewelryhometour-218 What are the greatest challenges and rewards to owing your own business and being a mom?

 Finding TIME! I mean, let’s get real the days fly by and then all of s sudden it’s the end of the day and I’m exhausted and the last thing I want to do it work for another 3 hours. But somehow I manage to do it at least 4-5 days out of the week. Owning your own business is awesome because you can make your own schedule and work whenever you can. However, having a toddler and wanting to entertain her during the day definitely put a hold on the work front. It’s definitely a balance but I feel like I manage it pretty well. Plus, I love being my own boss!

st-evejewelryhometour-213 st-evejewelryhometour-209 st-evejewelryhometour-202 photo-aug-23-3-43-48-pm Thanks Lisa for letting us into your beautiful home!!!



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Home Tour – Katie Stauffer

Are you sometimes Instagram stalkers like us?!  It’s ok, you can admit it…  Well if you have stumbled upon Katie Stauffer’s instagram account you have probably fallen down the rabbit hole like us with her gorgeous feed, adorable family and impeccable style!  Lucky us, she is letting our readers take a look inside her gorgeous home with our latest home tour!!  Once finding Katie via social media we fell in love but after emails back and forth we can say she is just as beautiful inside as her beautiful photos.  Her home is beyond gorgeous with 7600 Sq Ft full of her bohemian modern style decor.  Let’s take a look as to how this busy Arizona mother of 5 makes it all look so stylish and effortless, get ready for a whole lot of pretty!

Matt and Tish Photography299Matt and Tish Photos by Matt and Tish Photography 

Tell us about you and your beautiful family of 7!

Well There is Charley my husband and he is an Internal Medicine Physican.  Then there is Me, Katie and I am an Escrow Officer..basically real estate stuff…lol!  Then we have Kaitlin who is 13, Chales 9, Finn 7, and Emma and Mila are almost 2.

Matt and Tish Photography263Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography269Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography271Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography280Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography260Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography259Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography285Matt and Tish Where is your home located and what is your favorite part about where you live?

Our home is located in Gilbert, Arizona And my favorite part about Arizona happens to be my least favorite thing too if that makes any sense….the warm weather, lol!!

Matt and Tish Photography231Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography240Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography239Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography229Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography230Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography228Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography99Matt and Tish What are your favorite things to do at home with your family? 

As a family we literally love to watch movies, cook, and laugh together.  We do a lot of joking around…pretty much non stop.

Matt and Tish Photography298Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography250Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography247Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography246Matt and Tish

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset image1-2 On an average weekend where would we find your family and what would you be doing? 

We would be at home swimming or hover boarding around the house…lol!  Not kidding.

Matt and Tish Photography125Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography133Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography119Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography110Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography107Matt and Tish Where are your favorite places to shop for your home? 

Home Good, West Elm, Land of Nod, Target and Thrift Stores

Matt and Tish Photography68Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography71Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography74Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography81Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography86Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography93Matt and Tish We love your eclectic yet simple style to your home, we wish we could pull that off! What inspired you with the design?

Literally I like a lot of different styles so if I find one major piece I like and I have a spot for it, I design the whole room around that piece. I go to pinterest type in for example Green bed and go from there until I find a pic or two I like.  I draw inspiration from those pics and viola.

image6 image5 image1-2 Matt and Tish Photography2Matt and Tish Your kid’s rooms are amazing… Talk to us about the design to them…

Again I started with the beds for each room, then I went to Pinterest and searched the style of bed and looked at all the pictures that had them in it until I found a style I liked.  That is what prompted the striped throw blankets in the boys room.  Sometimes if I get stuck on something, for example in the boys room I was stuck on what color the dresser should be.  I will look at Pinterest as well to see what color dressers are paired with the color bed I have…it can kind of get overwhelming because I end up seeing a lot of stuff and going in a lot of different directions, but eventually I stop and say “okay that looks good.”  I mean I can Pinterest all the way to dresser display boys room…for ideas lol!!!

Matt and Tish Photography16Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography25Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography21Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography24Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography38Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography37Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography27Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography17Matt and Tish In the girls room I Pinterested antique poster bed bohemian the perfect picture came up and knew it was just what I wanted for their room.   I am in love with antique rugs and simple white bedding and that was just what this picture was.  I take a little from each picture I find during my search and it just kind of all comes together.

Matt and Tish Photography61Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography56Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography49Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography50Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography54Matt and Tish Same for Kaitlin’s room…she told me she wanted a green bed do I searched for green bed ideas. In all of my searches I always added bohemian or modern.  I love searching for rooms that mix modern and antique.

Matt and Tish Photography3Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography1Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography12Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography9Matt and Tish What is your favorite room in your home and why?

The playroom because at this moment it is everything I want it to be and I don’t think I need to change one thing.  I am ALWAYS changing things up…the house is already different since the shoot.  The Day Dream Believer piece is now in our Family/Living room and we have new pictures above our bed…lol!

Matt and Tish Photography192Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography185Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography186Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography204Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography201Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography213Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography214Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography221Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography225Matt and Tish Is there any piece in your home that just screams Katie? 

My antique Rugs!!!  If I could I would have one in every room.  I love them so much but it is pretty hard to find a good size affordable one.

Matt and Tish Photography167Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography154Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography148Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography149Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography145Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography142Matt and Tish Matt and Tish Photography158Matt and Tish What advice do you have for our readers on tackling a project like the design of their home? 

Pick one expensive or quality piece per room and build around it.  Search Pinterest for pics of that piece for ideas and the fill in with Home Good, Target, Pinterest and even Goodwill finds.

Thank you Katie for sharing your amazing home with us!!  You have given us so much inspiration!!  And if you need any sources for Katie’s beautiful finds, please see below!



Study Room – Light Blue Rug: Ecarpet Gallery, Leather Chair: Four Chairs Furniture, Arrow Wall Decals: Urban Walls, Wishbone Chairs: Rove Concepts, Table: Wayfair, Letter Board: Letter Folk, Prints on Wall: Bulletin, Birth Posters: The Birth Poster, Poufs: Flea Market Fab, Food Print: Urban Outfitters, Dresser: West Elm, Computer Cabinet: In the Family

Playroom – Rug: West Elm, Play Table: Land of Nod, Pillows on Sofa: Loom Goods, Hammock: Clover & Birch, Large Elephant: Bla Bla Kids, Silohette Prints: Dapper & Darling, Art In Spare Room: Minted, Media Unit: Ikea, Sofa: Ikea, Play Kitchen: Ikea, Leather Chair: West Elm, Wooden Robot: Monroe Workshop

Kaitlin’s Room – Wallpaper: Hygge And West, Happy Girl Sign: Jaxn Blvd., Mud Cloth Bed Pillows: Sew and Cloth, Day Dream Believer Sign: Sugarboo and Co., Young Heart Old Soul Print: Oh Leander Shop, Large Floor Pillows: The Citizenry, Bed: Antique Store, Rug: Overstock, Chair: Goodwill find

Boys Room – No Girls Allowed Sign and #5 sign: Jaxn Blvd, Rug: Rugs USA, Striped Stuffed Animal: Bla Bla Kids, Wooden Calendar: Textured Home, Beds: Antique store, Bed Side table and Dresser: Ikea, Desk: In the Family

Twins Room – Animals on Ledge: Hazel Village, Animals on Bed:  Bla Bla Kids, Wall Hanging: Robyn Parker, Beds: In the Family, Rug: Antique Store, Dresser: Craigs List

Master Bedroom – Wall art and Ledge: Minted, Marble Tray: Rove Concepts, Large Sailing Print: Eventide Collective, Above the Bed Wall Hanging: Robyn Parker, Indigo Pillow on Bed: Boho Pillow, Print Above Crib: Minted, Bed: Made by my husband, Lamps: Target, Side Tables: Pier One, Round Mirrors: World Market

Master Bathroom – Wall Hanging: Pineapple Phi, Cleaning Spray: Murchison Hume, Little Stool: Home Goods

Living Room – Marble Table: Rove Concepts, Art Wall: Minted, Wall Hanging: Robyn Parker, Sofa: Potato Barn, Coffee Table: Old Ikea, TV stand: Good Will find, Pillows on Sofa: Sew and Cloth, Club Chairs: World Market

Small Family Room – These are the Good Ole Days Sign: East Plum, Sofa: World Market, Rug: Ebay, Bench: Home goods, Chairs: West Elm, Gold Table: Old Target

Kitchen – Dot Art Above the Cabinets: Minted, Cleaning Products: Murchison Hume,  Kitchen RugsKitchen Baskets 

Hallway bathroom – Light:  Roanoak, Mirror: Target


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