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New Years Brunch with Lulu & Georgia

Now that Christmas is officially over there’s only one way to deal with our heartache…. Start making New Years plans!!!!  That’s right, 2017 is coming up and we’ve got you covered this week with tons of inspiration!!  Starting with this amazing New Years Brunch with Lulu & Georgia.  I was lucky enough to style and design the first birthday party of Vivian Mae, the daughter of Lulu & Georgia CEO Sara Brenner earlier this year.  I loved working with Sara so much I had to reach out to see if she would be up for some fun styled shoots.  Lucky for me, she was!

The idea of a New Years Brunch with my girlfriends just makes me smile!  After a night out of debauchery, spending the day lounging with your gal pals drinking mimosas sounds like heaven!  I had the best team of vendors on this one and I’m thrilled to have it featured on Glitter Guide today!  Keep scrolling to see all of the pretty details and get inspired to host a fab New Years brunch of your own!!  You’re gonna flip over all of the amazing Lulu & Georgia goodies!!

Photos by the talented Heather Kincaid

What pieces and details brought this party to life? 

 I have been a huge fan of the Elodie collection from Lulu & Georgia and Glitter Guide since the minute I saw it.  I love the mix of colors and print and thought it would be the perfect inspiration for this gathering at home!  I mean, who wouldn’t love to have that rug in their home?!  All of the vendors involved had so much fun creating pieces inspired by the Elodie, I especially love the invite Twinkle & Toast created that used the print and colors perfectly!

We love the concept of a New Year’s Day brunch! What inspired this type of holiday celebration?

I love it too!  NYE is always an amazing celebration but I like to keep the party going and love the idea of having a girls slumber party with fun festivities to continue the next morning!  Plus, we all could use a little hair of the dog the day after such a fun filled cocktail infused night out :)  And lastly, you want to start the new year off right with close friends and fun times, so this is just how you do that!

How gorgeous are the flowers by Bloom Babes?!  They go with the whole color scheme so well and they are exactly what you want to see to kick off a new year!

Tell us about the menu! 

I love brunch foods, to me that’s the best meal of the day!  So for the menu I had to have something delicious but pretty as well!  There is an array of sweet and salty, which is also important to appease everyone’s taste buds.  Plus, some good hang over options for the ladies who had a little too much fun the night before

Custom menus, resolution cards, and really rad copper place cards by Twinkle & Toast.  Also, loving the custom cocktail stirrers from The Roc Shop!

What are three things every holiday party has to have? 

Good food, yummy cocktails and festive friends!

How did you settle on that pretty pink color palette for the party? 

I wanted something different for this NY celebration.  New Years tends to be all about black, gold and white but I wanted something different!  I love the idea of having a girls get together with these pretty hues and that soft pink really stole my heart!  The pretty pink Lulu & Georgia settee played off the colors of the Elodie rug so well and I just love the way it all turned out!

Now let’s get our models in here, who really know how to party!!  Especially when some One Hope champs is involved!  Bottoms up!

Best brunch playlist: go!

I’m really feeling the new Bruno Mars album and gotta have some Bieber!!

All of our models are keeping cozy in Show Me Your Mumu and looking pretty thanks to Fiore Beauty, and genetics of course ;)

Do you have any stress-free party-planning tips to share? 

Do as much as you can the day before… Pre prep food, set up your home for everything you can, all of that tedious stuff.  The less you have to do the day of the more you can enjoy yourself and have fun!  Which is what planning and throwing an event is all about.

What are your New Year resolution for 2017? 

Something I want to focus on is more time on myself, whether it’s working out, resting, reading more books.  Just finding time for me and taking care of myself!

Hope you enjoyed this New Years Brunch with Lulu & Georgia as much as we did!!  Now go out and plan that brunch and make it a dreamy affair like this one!




Design & Styling – Beijos Events
Furniture/Tabletop/Decor – Lulu & Georgia
Photographer – Heather Kincaid
Florals – Bloom Babes
Paper Goods – Twinkle & Toast
Hair & Makeup – Fiore Beauty
Wardrobe – Show Me Your Mumu
Champagne – One Hope
Cocktail Stirrers – The Roc Shop


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Styling your Home with Flowers for the Holidays

Christmas is this weekend and I want to make sure my homes (and yours!) is ready for all of the festivities!!  This year I’m styling my home with flowers for the holidays and teaching you how as well!  We often use flowers in events, it really is the easiest and prettiest way to beautify a space or setting.  What better way to make your home look amazing for the holidays than that?!  And I’m not just talking about your basic poinsettias people, I Beijo-fied these arrangements with the help of Honey Comb Affair.  I also threw in some fun LH Calligraphy goodies that are must haves any time of year!  Keep reading to see all of the pretty!

Photos by Megan Welker

The first place I floralized is the fireplace!  Now this is the focal point of the home, especially over the holidays.  I used this print from LH Calligraphy and framed it to add some merry cheer.  When thinking about the flowers I knew I didn’t want your basic Christmas florals.  I definitely wanted to think outside the box with a more bohemian feel, I sent Christy from Honey Comb Affair inspiration photos and she nailed it!!  Isn’t it refreshing to see something pretty and alive in your home like these gorgeous blooms?  Especially somewhere unexpected like the fireplace!

Here’s a little bit from Christy of Honey Comb Affair

“It was a fresh new twist on the Christmas color and texture, especially when it came to the greenery.
Instead of the standard winter greens, I used different varieties of eucalyptus, pods and birch twigs. The Flowers included red charm peonies, burgundy scabiosa, Amaranthus, and the protea flower for the ultimate boho feel. “

Next stop on our floral tour… The bar cart!!  Now, that’s my focal point, haha!  After being pregnant throughout the holidays last year you best believe I’m having some cocktails this year!  Having a little bit of a pop on your bar cart is important, it adds some color and looks pretty at the same time.  We love using loose blooms as well as arrangements when we style events, so take a couple and place them places in your home.  For the bar cart I placed some on a tray with glassware!  Add in some of our favorite One Hope Wine sparkly bottles and some LH Calligraphy accessories and you are good to go!

Loving the coasters and stir sticks for the holidays!!!

Last up, the coffee table!  Everyone gathers around this spot, so you better have it dressed up for the holiday season!  This is the no brainer of floralizing, the coffee table always needs some love…  Plus, they are pretty for you to have at home while you’re addressing all of those Christmas cards.  If you’re like me you are just getting them out this week, yikes!!  So when you’re feeling like you’re behind in the game it’s nice to have something pretty to look at!

Love these gorgeous cards!!

So there you have it, styling your home for the holidays has never been so easy!  Now go out there and have your home be the talk of the town this season!



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Beijos Nursery – Cruz John

I can’t believe our little Cruz John will be 4 months in a few weeks, the time is going by fast and I’m really trying to take in each moment.  Today I get to share his nursery with you where him and I spend most of our time together.  My husband and I have been looking to move for the past year and I hadn’t really planned on designing a nursery for Cruz.  I just thought I didn’t really want to put the time and money into it if we were going to move.  But as time wore on and his impending arrival inched closer I had a change of heart.  I wanted him to have a room to come home to, and that was that.  So come June (two months before his arrival) I decided to go for it!!  I am so happy that I did, the outcome is everything I dreamed of and more.  Plus, Cruz has his perfect little nook in our home to call his own!

Cruz’s nursery was featured on Glitter Guide last week, but we are sharing all of the details today here on Beijos Blog.  So keep scrolling to read more and to see all the pretty photos by Megan Welker, who else would I have document my family?!  Love her!

We have Cruz’s nursery in what used to be our office nook.  It’s a small room that is an extension to our master bedroom, really the best place for him!  We currently live in a  2 story town home with 2 bedrooms upstairs and 1 downstairs.  Big brother Court is in the other bedroom upstairs and we use our downstairs room as a guest room for our parents and family when they visit from Northern California.  The office space was our only option really as we couldn’t have either of our boys downstairs and that far from us.  Honestly it turned out to be the perfect space to set up his nursery.  He currently sleeps in his bassinet right next to our bed but it’s nice to easily walk a few feet to change him or feed him in the middle of the night.

The first piece to the puzzle of this nursery was definitely the Palm Tree wallpaper mural from Kawaiian Lion.   I knew I wanted a statement wallpaper in the nursery and I tossed the idea around of a few others but this Too Palmy Wallpaper from Kawaiian Lion was just perfect for us.  We spend so much time as a family at the beach, our house is just about a half mile away so it’s really one of our favorite places.  Plus it creates the perfect scene to welcome our new guy into our home.  I love the colors and the calm and serene mood it sets in his room.

Next I had to have a great piece for the dresser/changing table.  For this I went with West Elm, who I also went with for my older son Court’s room.  I love this mid century style dresser and I know it is a piece he can have for years to come.

I also definitely wanted a good gallery wall, and had a few vendors in mind for it!  I love Daniella Manini’s amazing creations, she is such a talented artist.  I used quite a few of her prints in Cruz’s room, they have the perfect mix of a modern and beachy feel that I love.

Another piece to the gallery wall that I have really fallen in love with is the jersey macrame hanging from Robyn Parker.  I discovered Robyn from our home tour of Katie Stauffer earlier this year when I saw the piece she created for her.  Needless to say I fell in love and had to have one for myself!  I sent Robyn an image of the wallpaper and she matched the color perfectly!!  I also love to have things personalized so a brand like Woolf With Me who does personalized art prints, crib sheets and blankets was right up my ally!

I fell in love with the C Print that hangs over his crib from Alma Custom Designs early on and had to have it.  They had a couple of other prints that I added through-out his room as well.  All of the frames in Cruz’s room are from Framed & Matted.  They are so amazing, you just end them any measurement of frame and they build it for you and ship it to you!  Super convenient, which as a mom of 2 means the world!  I purchased quite a few art pieces from Australia who does completely different measurements than us, damn metric system, so that came in handy to do custom framing with them.

This Letterfolk board was a gift form Cruz’s Tia and Godmother, it was definitely a must have for the room!

The best pillows from Kawaiian Lion and Boho Pillow that create a little lounge on the floor for big brother and mommy to hang out with baby Cruz.

Something else essential to me was making Cruz’s room a sanctuary for my whole family.  It was important for me to make Court feel comfortable in the room as well and not have him feel left out in any way.  Becoming a big brother was a big transition for him and I recognize that.  I added a little area for him to be able to sit and play while I nursed Cruz in the rocker, I also have blocks in there for him to play with as well which he loves!  Obviously Cruz can use all of these things eventually when he’s older.  Lastly, I loved adding live plants to his room, I kind of got carried away adding plant after plant but I love the look and feel it adds to the room.  It’s nice having something that adds color and life to a room.

Here are a few photos of my delicious Cruz, I really can’t get enough!  He’s just the happiest guy who is so mellow and easy going.  We love him so much and can’t wait to watch him grow, although we definitely don’t want it to happen too fast!

Bringing Cruz home to this room was so memorable, having Court and seeing him change so much the past two and a half years I realize how quickly it all goes by.  We continue to soak each minute with him and love on him with all we have!  I am so grateful for having these photos to remember how special this time is.

Links to all of the goodies in Cruz’s nursery are below.  Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them!



Hand Knit Stuffed Animals:

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Macrame Christmas Tree

Continuing our holiday posts this week with some at home Christmas decor!  If you’re like us, you spent the first weekend of December decking your own halls with holiday cheer.  Each year we like to find fun and new ways to decorate our homes, ways that are festive and stylish.  I spotted these amazing macrame Christmas trees by Elizabeth McTague on her Instagram feed back in October and knew I had to have one in my home!  The other ladies agreed, these were something we each needed!  Abby even had her make one for an advent calendar which we posted last week here.  It’s a little too late to get one of these for yourself this year, but you know how the holidays always creep up!  So you better get your macrame Christmas tree soon for next year!

Here are ways we each decorated ours in our home!  I created a little winter wonderland over our piano. We spend lots of time as a family listening to my husband play for us, I see lots of Christmas carols being sang in this little nook this month!

img_0090 Leah chose to have her macrame tree hang over her fireplace, perfect spot since the fireplace is the ultimate hot spot for Winter!  Love the colorful stockings and the print from Land of Nod to accessorize it!

0012 Last but not least, Abby wanted to spread the cheer in her entry way, mixing the holidays with this fun Summer print!  We love the juxtaposition of the two!

img_4281 Hope this inspired your holiday decor!!



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Home Tour – Nycole Holwick

Our last home tour of the year will have you feeling all warm and cozy with the gorgeous and rustic home of Nycole Holwick.  Nycole is the owner of Helping Jewels which we spotlighted on our blog here. She is a talented mother of 3 who spends her days creating beautiful jewelry and giving back to children’s hospitals to help fight cancer.  Now that’s something we can get behind.  Her Central California home has the perfect mix of a rustic Spanish vibe with some boho goodness.  Let’s take a look inside and learn more about this amazing woman, her business and her family.

Photos by Brooke Borough

brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-262 Tell us a little bit about you and your family….

Well, my husband and I made it through the baby years and I love my kids’ ages right now; 8, 6 and 3. It is a busier schedule as far as driving them around but they are somewhat independent, comprehensive and we have fun experiencing life together. Not to say there aren’t tough moments…the sibling fighting is rough, the teenage attitude is starting to peak its ugly head in my 8-year-old son, and as they get older you deal with bigger issues than tantrums over food.

All in all, we are very blessed. Experiencing a hardship like having a child with a rare illness (our son was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms at 5 months) can put life into perspective. We realized we are not in control, and what use to be big problems are minor. So, for now, we appreciate everything and are grateful for the good and healthy times, and thank God for this season. For those going through a tough time, we pray for them and when its someone in our community, it is our prerogative to reach out a helping hand because we were there once too.

brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-322 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-315 Where do you live and why do you love your town?

We live in a small farm town near Ventura, California. We get the country feel but loads of things to do nearby. I love that we are a short drive away from Ojai, the beach, the mountains, and the city. Our kids have so much to do every weekend, although most of the time we are chilling at home with family and friends. The people are very friendly in our town and it is a tight community which is another plus.

brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-56 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-277 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-286 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-290 We love the rustic and Spanish feel of your home; how does it reflect with your own personal style?

Global and cultural influences inspire my personal style. My mom is from Argentina so my living room was designed around that culture. My husband and I have traveled to Europe a couple times and were enamored by the architecture and old world feel. Being born and raised in SoCal, it is undoubtedly a part of my style as well. I admire modern but I never get tired of Tuscan and Spanish/California design. Being a jeweler, attention to detail is a part of everything I do. So, when decorating, I focus on every wood color, material, pattern, table arrangement, etc. I can drive my husband and myself nuts sometimes. Every detail counts!

brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-47 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-51 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-91 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-21 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-18 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-48 What is your favorite room in your home and why?

It is a toss-up between the master bedroom and the living room, but I think the living room. It is where we watch movies and the family gathers to snuggle. My husband and I both have big families and when they all come over we generally end up in the living room once we get everyone out of the kitchen! Lots of memories in that room. Also, it’s my favorite when it comes to style.

brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-337 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-42 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-44 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-334 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-303 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-20 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-10 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-15 You are a busy mom with three kids and a business, how do you manage to do it all?  Any tips?

Luckily women are very good at multitasking!! For this reason, I can accomplish a lot at the same time. Most days, I don’t get what I need done, therefore, Helping Jewels could be busier but I always put my family first and let’s face it the kid stuff gets busy! Nighttime and when the kids are at school is when I try to knock out Helping Jewels orders and designs. Tips I would offer a busy mom (both of which I’m constantly working on) with an online business is to have a concrete, focused agenda when it comes to your brand, product, and customers. Otherwise, it could spin to multiple directions and nothing gets accomplished to its full potential. Time management is also key!

brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-348 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-347 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-343  Your kids’ rooms are amazing!  How did you design them and what were your essentials for them?

I have the most fun decorating a kid’s room, especially my daughter’s! I always get inspiration from a picture and/or choose a general theme but my main goal is not to have everything match perfectly and be over-thought. Essentials include antiques/vintage pieces or handmade items which add charm and warmth. Another essential is storage and organization.

brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-137 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-132 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-127 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-128 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-206 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-147 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-145 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-144 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-152 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-149 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-209 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-151 For the game room, I wanted it to be for the kids and adults. My inspiration came from the beaches of Mykonos. My husband and I traveled there before children and I needed a space in the house that took me back. The cabinets were built to hide all the toys and games (I am a firm believer that toys should have a place to be stored or we shouldn’t have them). The Legos are on display but it’s confined and is a reminder of the stage we are at in life. For the wall collage, I had the kid’s paint an abstract painting, hung them with oil paintings and antlers my friend makes from Yarnbombed.

brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-243 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-247 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-61 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-70 How do you and your family spend most of your time at home together?

It is different every week but when we do have down time from the kids’ crazy schedule…movie night is huge with homemade popcorn. Also, we do lots of barbeques with friends and family. Summer time we spend mostly outside and in the pool.

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

If we are referring to interior design: rustic, ethnic, evolving

If we are referring to my clothing style: bohemian, functional, detailed

brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-159 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-212 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-215 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-72 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-95 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-110 brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-97 What’s next for Helping Jewels?

Right now, I am starting to think of colors and doing sketches for the Spring/Summer line which is crazy but the fashion world is so fast. Looking to boost my Instagram game by featuring woman, mothers, and creatives that inspire strength and love. Also, will be reaching out for collaborations that fit my brand. Lastly, getting ready for the Holidays, lots of events coming up! Gradually Helping Jewels will become what its meant to become, and I will continue to make a small difference one jewel at a time to support those little warriors at CHLA and Mattel Children’s Hospital.

brookeboroughphotography_helpingjewels-259 Thanks for sharing your beautiful family, home and story with us Nycole!



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