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Boho Eclectic Nursery and Big Boy Room for the Blashaw Family

My husband and my dear friends JD & Jaimee Blashaw welcomed their second son this past June.  They named him Nate James, which happens to be my husband’s name so he was of course over the moon!  Their older son Jude is just a few weeks younger than Court and JD is Court’s god father.  We’ve been friends long before babies and needless to say, this family is very special to me.

Jaimee was working on Nate’s nursery with her friend Raven Pugh, owner of Coral & Hide, leading up to his arrival.  I got a sneak peek of all the cuteness and fell in love!!  When the time came for newborn photos I recommended the talented Nea Nabayan to Jaimee, but had her promise I could use them for the blog!  When I saw it all I knew I had to share it with our readers so you could see Raven’s talent and be inspired just like me!

Keep scrolling for a little bit from both Jaimee and Raven, and of course all of the gorgeous photos by Nea Nabayan…

 From Mama Jaimee Blashaw…

Tell us about you and your adorable family… 

I don’t even know where to start in talking about my family because I could drone on and on and easily bore everybody reading this so I’ll keep it short(ish)and sweet. 

My husband and I married six years ago, we live in Mission Viejo and have two boys — Jude and Nate. 
We’re a family of goofballs and if anyone ever spent an entire day in our house watching our antics they’d likely find us crazy. We enjoy Saturday morning cartoon cuddles and donut runs, evening scooter walks and trips to Disneyland. 
Jude is 3 and is the sweetest, most strong-willed boy ever. He loves to sing and dance, play dinosaurs and is obsessed with horses. 
Nate is 12 weeks old and such a little nugget. I want to just squeeze him all of the time. He’s a pretty great baby and looks just like his daddy. He rolls already and is so strong. His smile is just the BEST.

How has it been welcoming another little man into your brood?

I was really apprehensive about baby No. 2 when I was pregnant. I was nervous I couldn’t love anyone as much as I love Jude. I was certain I’d have a favorite child right off the bat, and I felt guilty for that. Everyone told me your heart grows to make room to equally love both. In the back of mind mind, I thought that was impossible. 
Turns out, my mommy friends were right. It’s amazing! 

 I love, love, love being a mom of boys and I have yet to find anything that tops little boy bear hugs.

What is so special to you about capturing this time in your life?

It’s cliche because it’s true — it goes so fast. I roll my eyes at myself when I say it.  They’re only little for so long so I really try to soak it all in — except during those times my boys are being total nightmares.  I wish those moments away faster and hope to forget them. Ha!

What was your inspiration for baby Nate’s nursery?

I had no inspiration. None. That was my problem.  I found the print of the alpaca from Lila and Lola on Etsy and decided I loved it, and that’s where I stopped.  

Why did you decide to hire a designer to help with his room?

This pregnancy was different for me. I didn’t feel as excited the second time around and I didn’t get that nesting instinct I remember so vividly having with Jude. I knew I needed to get the nursery done and also get Jude his new big boy room, but I didn’t know where to start. 
I had started a wonderful new job and felt as if I had no energy left to focus on getting ready for the baby. Everything I had was going to spending quality time with Jude and making sure I was performing well at work. 
I felt frustrated, and the task of getting both of the rooms together seemed so daunting. And, even though I’d like to think I have good taste, I do not have an eye for design.
So, we hired Raven – owner of Coral and Hide
If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this process it’s that designers have a true gift. It’s an artistic talent to be able to envision a space and make it come to life. After seeing the process, I have so much respect for the profession. And it also made me never want to pick anything out by myself again!
I showed her the alpaca picture I liked for the nursery. For Jude’s room, there was a Kevin Russ horse portrait I bought (and it was completely the wrong size, by the way, but she made it work!) 
That was all Raven had to go off of. 
And, on top of that, she had to work with some pieces we wanted to keep because we didn’t quite have the budget to redo everything. Now that I think back, that is probably a challenge for a designer because they can’t execute the full scope of their talent when they have to work with some furniture that might be outdated or not the style they would prefer for the space. But it speaks to Raven’s talent that she can take the existing pieces and create something that looks like this. 
When Raven showed me the design boards for the rooms, I cried. And if you know me, you know I am NOT a crier. It felt like the greatest stress relief. Everything was so beautiful and perfect and exactly the feel I wanted. 

What are your favorite aspects of his nursery?

I love how light and bright the nursery is. That wallpaper – what?! It’s to die for. Obsessed. The bright colors in the rug against the neutral palette of everything else is just amazing. 
Jude’s room feels so rich to me, and I love that. It has a subtle western feel to it that I think is unique for a toddler’s room.  The rug is definitely a feature to boast about. It’s a vintage rug from Turkey, and there is only one rug like it in the world. There’s something very cool about that. 
I feel happy when I walk into both rooms every day and I think that should be the goal of room design, right?

It can be hard on big brother when a new sibling comes along, how did you make his new big boy room special?

I tried to get him really excited about the idea of graduating to a big boy bed and that seemed to work. He also is pretty obsessed with horses so I picked a horse portrait that I knew he would love and showed it to him before moving him into the room. I showed him where it would go on the wall and told him we’d hang it when his room was ready for him.  

When the rooms were finished, he was confused at first because we had him physically move rooms. (His dad and I really didn’t want to disassemble a bed and a crib to switch them around. High-five for lazy parenting. Ha!) I was a little worried it would be too much change for him, but he actually handled it really well. By night two, he was loving his big boy room! 

From Designer and Owner of Coral & Hide, Raven Pugh…

Tell us a little bit about you and your company…
 I’m also the mama of two little boys and have a pretty amazing husband to go along with them. My youngest son just started preschool and I’ve found that to be a complete game changer in this thing called parenting. Hello solo grocery runs, walking the aisles of Target with a hot coffee, and a quiet backseat! 
I had the amazing opportunity of working for Kathryn Miller Interiors and Design for several years. Working with her was hard work but also a lot of play! She made design exciting and fun. She was an amazing mentor and taught me so much about the nitty gritty of owning a business. 
After taking some time off to be with my youngest before starting school, I was contacted by friends who wanted help with little things around their homes. I’d get a text with a picture of a couch asking if I liked it or asking if I could help accessorize a room. Of course I wanted to help my friends and I began realizing I still had an itch for design! With the encouragement of those friends and my family I decided it was time to start my own design company. The referrals started coming in and I was off. The timing was perfect and I’ve had so much fun getting my business started! 
We love baby Nate’s nursery!  How did you and Jaimee work together on it?
Jaimee bought the adorable alpaca print and I immediately knew it was going to be fun working with her. There were a few pieces she wanted to use from her first son’s nursery and besides those I had free rein! Which is the best for letting a designer do their thing. I knew she wanted a bright/neutral room with some pops of color so that’s the direction I took on the room.

Where do you begin when designing a room?

 It changes with every client. After meeting with my clients I take everything they talked about wanting or liking and start sourcing those pieces. Sometimes a client wants to add cool art, a vintage rug, or tons of PILLOWS! That’s where I start, then the room comes together while making those special pieces the star of the show. 

Can you give us any of the sources of some of the amazing pieces you chose?

 Molly Wood Garden and Designs. If you ever get a chance to visit one of her shops in Costa Mesa or Laguna Beach you will fall in love! She sources amazing accessories, plants, and art to name a few that are all one of a kind. She is also one of the nicest people. The  pieces I find at her shop always make a room come together and are usually some of my favorite aspects.

What do you find to be the greatest difficulty and triumph with being a designer?

 Every job is very personal to a client. Sometimes the client may want to change my favorite part of the design but remembering the way it feels coming home to a place you love is important when making these changes. In the end, when a client tells you how much they loving walking in their doors that is all that matters. 

We love how both boy’s rooms flow together but are unique to each little man, how did you approach Jude’s room to be different and cater to an toddler?

The transition from a nursery into a big boy room can be stressful on everyone involved. Making it fun for Jude was the main goal. His love for animals really helped in selecting items for his room. We used a few things Jaimee already had that worked in nicely with the design. The vintage rug is colorful and at the same time so grown up. Everything I selected for his room will transition with him as he continues to grow. I just love how it turned out! 

What was the best part about designing these rooms?

 The tears. I do it for the tears. Haha! When Jaimee told me she cried I knew I captured her vision and I had all the feels with her. I also loved getting pictures of sweet baby Nate in his room when he came home from the hospital. Nothing was better than those moments. 

Thank you for sharing ladies!!!  Those two boys are beyond lucky!!  Can’t wait to see what you do next Raven!




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Home Tour – Lauren Peelman

Home tours are probably my absolute favorite posts we do, and this one is a goodie!!  Lauren Peelman is a gorgeous mama living in Northern California with a real swoon worthy Instagram feed.  I love following along and seeing her family and their adventures and I’ve sort of gotten a girl crush on her and her style.  Her home is seriously amazing and this babe of a mom can’t do any wrong when it comes to fashion either.  Keep scrolling to read all about Lauren and her little family with tons of gorgeous photos of them and their home, plus shop some of Lauren’s picks at the bottom of the post!

Photos by Erin Northcutt

Tell us about you and your gorgeous family!

Well, we’re a pretty tight little bunch! I’m Lauren, a stay-at-home mama, living in a small farm town in Central California, with my husband Kenny, and our tractor obsessed son, Holden (4).  He’s our little sunshine boy.

Our days here are simple—usually spent cruising through our family orchards (daily tractor rides for the babe, of course!)  or splashing in the pool!

Your home is so gorgeous!  Where do you find inspiration for it?

 When we [very suddenly] made the decision to move back to my hometown last year, we had actually just finished a new build where we lived previously. Naturally, I took a lot of design attributes of that house and carried them into this home, such as the kitchen design. Because we will be building our forever home on our family ranch in the next few years, we opted to make small changes to the aesthetic design of this house, rather than do a major remodel. We’ve checked a few projects off the list, but we still have plenty of fun ones to  complete. 

As far as outside inspiration, Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors is definitely my designer crush. I love her use of vintage furniture and textiles. Her style is everything! 

What is your favorite room in your home and why?

I think our breakfast nook & informal living room is my favorite space. Not only because that is where we spend most of our time together as a family, but also because I’m a big sucker for natural light, and that area is flooded with it. The slew of french doors was one of the selling points when we bought our home! Gimme all the windows!

You and your husband’s love for each other is undeniable!  How did you two meet?  

We actually met in college! In the Fresno State agriculture department…I was an incoming freshman, he was a [6.5 year…haha] graduating senior.  We were both Agriculture Business majors and had a class together… I asked to borrow a pen, he made fun of me for being a farmer’s daughter [super smooth] and the rest was history! 

We can also tell you and Holden have a very special bond, tell us all about that cutie!!

 We really are attached at the hip.  I’ve been lucky enough to be able to stay at home with him since the he was born, so he really has become my miniature best friend.  He is the happiest little boy, outgoing and strong willed,  but also incredibly sweet. To know him truly is to love him.  He’s a total farm boy, and there’s nothing that makes him happier than a day on the ranch with Daddy.  He can name every piece of farm equipment, and currently insists on wearing a John Deere shirt and jeans, EVERY single day… much to my dismay! ha! 

Something most people don’t know about him is that, he was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis when he was 9 months old and underwent major skull reconstruction surgery the day before his first birthday. Besides the [super cool] zigzagged scar across his head, you’d never know it though. He’s our little craniobaby warrior, and we couldn’t love him more.

One of my favorite rooms in your home is Holden’s!  Tell us about how you designed it…

 Well, I wanted him to have a room that he could grow into and love for years to come [with a few tweaks of course].  I started with the Oeuf Sparrow bed, and his kilim rug from his previous room, and designed from there.  I have always loved mudcloth, so I thought why not have a mud cloth inspired accent wall? I went on to add some vintage pillows, fun artwork, and lots of baskets for toy storage! Actually, since these photos were taken, his room has evolved a bit.  The rest of his furniture came in [nightstand & dresser] that had been backordered for months… I will have to update y’all on Instagram. It’s easily one of my favorite rooms too!

Where are your favorite places to shop for your home?

 I really love small shops, and I try my hardest to support them whenever I can. Boho Pillow is my absolute favorite shop to score beautiful pillows!  I also love to collect things from our travels and incorporate them into our home.  They serve as fun souvenirs of the places we’ve been, while also playing a functional role in our home. I make it a point to head to the Alameda Flea Market whenever I get the chance.  You never know what treasures you’ll find! Of course, it’s not always realistic to shop that way though— World Market, West Elm and Restoration Hardware are some of my go-to big box stores. 

We are huge fans of your personal style too!  Where do you like to shop for yourself?

 Free People, Nordstrom, Madewell & Revolve are probably where the majority of the things in my closet are from.  There is nothing quite like a good boutique though. I run to San Francisco every chance I get!

What are you and your family’s favorite thing to do together on the weekend?

 We spend the majority of our weekends hanging around home or cruising around the ranches.  Bike rides, swimming and long walks are our jam.  We love the lake, so in the summer we run up to our family lake house every chance we get!  Our little town is only about an hour and a half away from the bay area also, so we definitely love the fact that we can escape the valley and go explore San Francisco as often as we like. Go Giants!

What’s next for the Peelman klan?  

 You know, that’s a good question! Right now we’re just enjoying each other and this chapter of our lives.  Whatever the future holds, I guess we’ll have to wait and see :)

Thank you Lauren for letting us take a peek inside your beautiful home Lauren!!  Shop the post below!




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Beijos Best

Did you catch our home tour with animator and author Liz Climo last week?!  Well, if not, you can check it out here!  If you saw it, then you are probably still thinking about it like us!  If that’s the case, today is your lucky day!  Liz shared a few of the sources to the amazing pieces in her home and we are sharing them with you!

There were so many amazing details and pieces we love in her home.  We found pieces at Amazon, Target, West Elm, IKEA and Crate & Barrel!!  You can shop the post below!  Thanks again to Liz for letting us take a peek inside her home and sharing all of her amazing sources!





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Home Tour – Liz Climo

I’ve been so excited to share this home tour with you all, and today is the day!!  Today we are sharing the Los Angeles home of Liz Climo, a talented animator for “The Simpsons” and also an author and illustrator.  Liz’s home that she shares with her husband and daughter is full of life and color, just like her work, and the minute I saw it I knew we had to share it on the blog.  She was nice enough to let us into her home and to tell us all about her life and career.  I always love our home tours, they are sort of a look inside these creative and inspiring women that you normally don’t see.  Now let’s take a look at all the beautiful photos by the talented Heather Kincaid.

Tell us a little bit about you, your family and where you live!

I’m originally from the Silicon Valley, and moved to Los Angeles about 13 years ago when I got my job on “The Simpsons.” I’ve lived in a few different neighborhoods since moving here, but finally settled in a little LA suburb called Eagle Rock – a great neighborhood right at the edge of the city, with close proximity to all its amenities but with a small town feel. My family and I love it because there are tons of great restaurants and family-friendly activities, so we spend a lot of time walking around town to get pretty much wherever we need to go.

How did you get involved in animation?

Growing up, I always loved to draw and knew I wanted to do it someday for a living. I used to sit on my grandparents’ couch and read their  “The Far Side” desk calendar cover-to-cover whenever we had a family visit, and I’d keep sketch books where I’d do my own comics and drawings (I wish I still had those!) After high school, I went to San Jose State to pursue a degree in animation and illustration, but unfortunately my portfolio was rejected from the school’s program. Unsure of my next move, I applied for a job on The Simpsons, and miraculously was hired! I LOVED the show and was really familiar with the acting and drawing style, so I think that really helped. I even had a cardboard cutout of Homer in my bedroom when I was in college. I was a total super fan, getting a job on the show was a dream come true for me. I found out I was hired on a Friday and moved to LA that same weekend, on my 23rd birthday, and have been here working in animation ever since.

What’s it like working on a show as iconic as The Simpsons?

I still remember walking through the hall my first day of work and thinking “Is this really happening?” There are people there who have been working on the show since the first season (nearly 30 years ago!) I have to remind myself sometimes how special it is, since I’ve been there such a long time now. Whenever I watch an old favorite episode that I loved as a kid, or see my name in the credits, I’m still like – Oh yeah! I totally work on that show!

Tell us about being an author and illustrator and what inspires your work…

My career as an author and illustrator is very different from my work thus far in animation. I’m still pretty new to it and getting my footing. My particular job in animation (storyboard revisions) is pretty technical, and I’m mostly just making poses work and drawing the characters properly (or “on model”). I really enjoy it, but it doesn’t involve writing or creating new characters. As an author, I’m coming up with stories and worlds and it’s very challenging, but also really exciting. I’m constantly inspired by my friends and family, or just people out in the world. I love watching how people interact.

What is your favorite of the books you have written?

I am really proud of my first Rory the Dinosaur book. It was my first children’s book, and I honestly had no idea what I was doing when I wrote it. But in a way, it felt like a story that had been waiting to come out for a while and felt really natural to write. I certainly don’t look at it now and think “This is great! It’s perfect!!” but it feels very honest and special to me. My grandmother also wrote children’s books, and my mother was a very talented artist who encouraged me to pursue a career in art. I felt like this book would have made them proud, and the fact that it’s dedicated to my daughter makes it even more special to me.

How does your creative career reflect in the way you design your home?

I think my interest in interior decor started around the time that I started working from home, when my daughter was born. It was a combination of wanting to improve the look of my house (since I’m here all day!) and also create a space that makes me feel inspired. I need things to be neat and organized, or I feel really overwhelmed, and I think that influences my space a lot. It’s also really important to me that every corner/area of my house makes me happy. A lot of my friends tease me because my house is always pretty tidy (I’m basically Monica from “Friends”) but it really helps me to think clearly and feel happy.

What is your favorite room in your home and why?

My daughter’s room is my favorite, and has been since the first time I saw the house. It has that cute little porch off the back, and when I saw it I thought – I would have loved having this when I was a kid! We spend a lot of time out there, it’s basically like an outdoor playroom. I had a lot of fun decorating her room, and actually the first item I bought for the house (once we found out we owned it) is hanging in her room – a little needlepoint with a bird saying “This must be the place.” It’s a line from a Talking Heads song that always reminds me of my mom, called “Home”.

Where are your favorite places to shop for your home?

TARGET. Oh, how I love Target! But I’m also a big fan of West Elm, CB2, Room & Board, and Design Within Reach (that last one’s mostly just window shopping, though!) There are also a couple little boutiques near our house that I love, called Acorn and Matters of Space. Also, we’re pretty spoiled because my father in law builds custom furniture, and we have a few beautiful pieces from him – like our gorgeous kitchen island, which he built using old barn wood.

How would you describe your style in three words

Eclectic, modern & rustic!

How do you and your family send most of your time at home together?

When it’s not too hot, we like spending time down on our porch. When we’re feeling like hermits, we like going down into the basement, which is our office area but also sort of like a den. We have a projector down there so we’ll watch movies on the weekends a lot. Right now, the Trolls Movie is on an infinite loop (my 3 1/2 yr old’s current favorite).

Talk to us about having a successful career and being a mom, the struggles and the triumphs

It’s hard. There’s always somewhere I feel like I should be putting more of my energy, like if I get good news about a book deal I wonder if I’m not focusing on my daughter enough, or if I make a choice to spend more time on myself or my family I worry I’m not doing everything I can to better myself in my career. It’s a balancing act, to say the least. And if you like your house tidy like I do, and also have a 3 1/2 yr old, well then it’s just impossible. But then I just remember not to put so much pressure on myself. I just want to do work that I’m proud of and be a good mom & friend/partner. I’m motivated by the idea that my daughter could be proud of me someday, the way I feel proud of all of the incredible, hardworking women I had as role models growing up.

Thank you so much for letting us into your beautiful home Liz!  

We have more home tours coming soon!



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Interior Mood Board- Project Kitchen

Happy Monday! How was everyone’s weekend? Flew by too fast for me, as it always does. Last week, we did our Real Talk, and let you in on some fun news that Jacquelyn and I were getting to design our kitchens in our new homes this year. We are both so eager to start this process of creating our new space. It all starts with the most important room – the kitchen. The area where you gather around the most, where you entertain, talk about your day over dinner, the place you probably make the most memories. This was important for us to produce an atmosphere we would love to spend time in for years to come. Today we are giving you a little peek of what these rooms will soon look like. We can’t wait to show you the final product! Till then, we will share and document the process through our Instagram Story.

Let’s start with Jacquelyn’s Inspiration!

When we closed escrow on our new home earlier this year I was beyond thrilled but totally not prepared for all of the big decisions I was going to have to make.  We decided to redo our kitchen before moving into the house because we didn’t want to deal with all the mess while in there. We are also taking out a wall, which is a whole other story!

I’ve been pinning ideas for my kitchen for years, but when the time came to design my own, it was very daunting. My husband has had to bug me to make decisions or even go look at things; I think I was a little apprehensive about making such permanent decisions. Plus, I’m so busy with my day too, I guess I was worried about adding more to my plate.

At first, I wanted to go in the direction of doing more modern beach wood cabinets. I still love the idea and look, but ultimately a few things changed my mind. One, I was worried I would get sick of them and they would just be a fad. Two, they aren’t in stock and would take 8-10 weeks to deliver, this isn’t a huge deal but would slow down our moving process quite a bit. And three, I was worried they wouldn’t match the wood flooring we are doing, and once everything was installed, I would feel regretful.

Ultimately I decided on classic white cabinets, they’ll never go out of style, and my kitchen will always look nice and bright! Plus, they are in stock which is a huge factor! Haha! We are also doing a large island with leather bar stools. The island will be a granite with a Carrera marble look, and the countertops will be granite with a dark cement look. We plan on doing a white glossy subway tile backsplash and a Portuguese inspired tile behind the stove.

The main elements we love are clean white with some natural wood and blue Portuguese tile.  I’m really hoping it all comes together well and my vision works. It’s exciting and scary all at once, and I can’t wait to share the outcome with you!

Now for Abby’s Inspiration!

We are moving into a division in Rocklin, Ca that is called Whitney Ranch. This procedure is a tad bit different than buying a house already built, and even building a custom home on your terms. How it works is we picked the style of home from three different options. It ranges from classic to the Spanish style- which we picked. Inside the home, you already have the layout designed. It is your job to pick out all the design elements of the home in their design centers. We haven’t gotten to that part of the process yet, and I do have to say I’m a bit nervous if I’m speaking honestly. What if they don’t have the precise tile I want? Or what if I want the built in to go here and not there? It is so much to think about, and you want everything to be perfect. I mean this is probably one of the only times, well pretty much the only time that I will be able to design my home from top to bottom. March is when we start the process, so till then, I’m gathering all my ideas together.

The kitchen. The most important room in our home for our family. It is where we spend the majority of our time with each other. The kids are at the age where they have homework, so we are always at the kitchen table, soon to be island doing our homework. I love to cook dinner with them and have them hanging out near me. We always sit down together for dinner and take turns talking about our day. If one of us isn’t there and able to speak on the phone, we FaceTime them to include them. It’s something we have been able to keep going with my husband already up in Sacramento.

SO what is this kitchen going to be? For sure, I know that we will have all white walls. No doubt there. I didn’t want to do straight white cabinets cause that would just be too much white for me. We love the look of a cabinet with a little hint of grayish green in it. My husband was shocked when I showed him the color. I don’t actually play with any other colors in the house besides black and white. But this pop of color will be a great contrast to the rattan that I want to carry thru the house. I’m so in love with rattan. We will have rattan lighting above the dinner table and perhaps above the kitchen island. That is still out for debate. My husband isn’t a huge fan, so I have to pick and choose my battles. Shouldn’t he just say, “Do whatever you want love?” In a dream world, I suppose. Ha!

With the cabinets an off color, and white walls, we are going simple with the backsplash, a beautiful clean subway tile. The island will be a white stone top with hints of gray to bring out the cabinet color. We are doing light floors this time around. At our old home, we did a very dark color, and we didn’t like it at all. Once the kids and the pets were around, it was dust city. You could see everything, and I was finding myself sweeping at least three times a day. I’m excited to get some light blonde wood tile in there. We saw this wood like tile at one of the model homes, and it was durable, clean, and requires less maintenance than dark hardwood floors. Lastly, adding wooden elements into the mix with open shelving, and areas to display all my glassware and dishes. I have collected quite a lot through these years with the blog content. Don’t forget the bright colored runner that will make its way into the kitchen as well for that fun pop of color. I have been looking for the perfect one these days, quite the challenge to find it. I know she is out there somewhere!

What do you guys think? We would love to hear your thoughts!



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