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A Pretty and Pink Adorable First Birthday Party for London

This birthday party may have happened a few months ago, but we’ve been saving it for a good reason.  Obviously, from the very first photo, there’s a whole lot of pink!  This pretty and pink first birthday party was just so perfect for Valentine’s Day!

When London’s mama Danielle reached out to us that she wanted to make her birthday extra special, we knew we were going to have fun!  We came up with a pink ombré theme and carried it through-out the party.  From balloons to flowers, you have to see the pretty to believe it!

This party is also featured on 100LayerCakelet today!

Beautiful photos by Lyndsey Yeomans

Let’s just start with this gorgeous ombré balloon backdrop by Wild Child Party…  I think this is my favorite they’ve ever done!!!

For the tables we had Felisa from Of The Flowers create more ombré prettiness.  Together with the beautiful tabletop from L’entramise, it was really quite a stunner.  I love the way it all came together, so simple yet feminine and eye catching.

And how about those copper chairs from Found Rentals?  Look familiar?  We love them so much we used them in our shoot last week!  They really are a great addition to any event….

Next up, the most adorable little birthday girl you’ve ever seen!

Good looks obviously run in the family!  And they are just as beautiful on the inside…

Of course our friend Courtney from Poppy Jack Shop had to put her touch on this party!  She created all of the beautiful signage pieces for the event.  No first birthday is complete without a milestone and photo sign!!

I think this has to be the lounge of all first birthday party lounges… Found Rentals has so many amazing rental options, it’s alway fun to play with their collection.

Another thing a first birthday party deserves?!  A bar!!!  Truly this is for the parents, because they definitely deserve a big old drink!!!

Lastly, the desserts at this birthday party were insanely good.  So good, I am about to share about a million photos of them, haha!  Sweet & Saucy Shop does it again…

As long as we’re talking about desserts, we’ve gotta look at the smash cake!  This is such a fun tradition for a first birthday, and I love to make it special.  Each child is different with their cake, and London was of course incredibly sweet.  Hers was set in front of the prettiest backdrop from Foto Vibe Photostation.

Hope you liked this one as much as I did!



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Fun Mama & Son Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Another day, another Valentine’s Day post!  Obviously, Valentine’s Day is a special day for you and your husband.  But what about the little men in your life?!  As a boy mom it’s my responsibility to raise them to be sensitive and loving, and obviously spoil their future wives for Valentine’s Day!  

We wanted to share a few fun mama & son Valentine’s Day date ideas with you.  Because it’s all about taking these holidays and making them special for our kids!!

My days as a boy mom consist of different super hero costumes, getting dirty, playing with nerf guns and farts.  That about sums it up!  But seriously I love this time with them and playing with them, I am definitely that mom that’s at the park in all the action.  One of our favorite day dates is going to Disneyland!  

Clearly we are big fans, who isn’t?!  It’s so fun to go for a few hours, see our favorite characters and go on all the rides we can.  Making it a Valentine’s Day date is even more special!  For this day I got us all special Valentine’s Day shirts to wear and I wore my Daydream Republic ears of course!  First things first though, gotta see that castle… It’s magic every single time!

Photos by Annie Vovan

Second, we head over to Tomorrow Land, obviously!!  It’s little boy heaven!  This little spot is sort of hidden, but the best spot to watch the rocket ships and get a run out!

Another must on the way to Toon Town is “The Wall”.  If you don’t stop and have a photo moment here, you’re doing Disney all wrong!

How about some balloons?!  We don’t get them on normal days, but on a special Valentine’s Day date, they’re a must!!

Lastly, whenever I go to Disneyland, special occasion or not, I’ve gotta get ice cream! I don’t know what it is, but it just tastes better there!!

And that’s a perfect Valentine’s Day date with my littles for ya!!  Now, for Abby & Jett….

Every Valentine’s Day I try to create new ideas to do with Jett that is our thing. Each child of mine has things they love to do with me. I mean, I’m a good time Sally so they love to do everything with me, but you know what I mean.

Photos by Kylie Compton Photography

Dylan loves to do anything crafty, and Jett loves to cook with me in the kitchen. When we started doing home delivery meals, he has been right by my side and ready to help mom make dinner. It is so cute, you guys, he gets his stool, his apron, and with such a big smile asking what he can do! The best part is he will try new ingredients since he is on hands-on with them. Great way to have the kids try new things.

Pizza right now is his favorite. So nothing better than heading to Target and getting everything we need for a little pizza date with my main man, Jett! And, yes, its all from Target! How easy is that? Now, not everything is from Target. My main gal, Meghann Miniello created the cutest heart pizza placemats for me, and I love love love them! 

Such a goofy boy, this one!

Very carefully together, it goes in the oven! This is his favorite part, mine not so much. Ha!

Since this is a date and all, I, of course, have got to have a little setup for him and me to dine on our perfect heart pizzas.

Those placemats are so cute, right?!!?

I love these times just him and me. 

Shop all the goodies from this post here! 


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All You Need Is Love + Donuts Valentine DIY


OK, we are back at it with Valentine’s Day content! We are always trying to come up with new ways to send valentines out. We love using food, candy, small toys like soldiers or even sunglasses. Check out last year’s loot, here. This year, I wanted to hop on the donut train. I feel like I see donuts everywhere now, but I don’t see anyone complaining, do you? With the help of my pal, Meghann Miniello, we created heart valentines for any donut lover. And of course, packaged with love, Beijos style. I think they are pretty damn cute if you ask me!

And, there are ones for everybody. A mudcloth print for the little boys to give out, and for the little ladies, a floral print. You can’t forget about your teacher or loved one. Scroll down to the bottom to download the PDF! 

Photos by Ashley Baumgartner 


W H A T  Y O U  N E E D!

heart cutouts
clear favor boxes


1st you will need to decorate your donuts if you so desire. Nothing better than a pretty donut. Next, place loose flower petals on the bottom of the clear favor box. Take your donuts and put them on top of the pretty little floral mess. 

Make sure when getting your donuts that they fit inside your clear box. The ones I used were a mini size and were from Whole Foods. 

Close the boxes up, and tie them up with a ribbon. Check out Target’s dollar section; you can’t beat that price! Lastly, place your heart card under the ribbon, and you are all set! 

Donut know about you, but these are pretty cute!


Make sure to resize them, so they are a 4X4 if you use them for the small favor boxes. You could also print them out and use a bigger card! Print on card stock for extra durability. 

valentines_BOY valentines_DONUTANDBACK valentines_GIRL valentines_JELLY valentines_TEACHER







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Pre-Super Bowl Hangout With Dad

There surely is nothing more American than walking to the park and tossing the old football around with dad. Now, add chili, chips, beer, and your besties, and you have yourself one father/son tradition that any little boy and the big boy (Dad) for that matter would love to do on any given weekend, but especially Super Bowl Sunday.  Plus, it provides us moms some time to get the house ready for having friends over for a little grub, JT,  and commercials, I mean the game. Of course, the game! If you need any last minute ideas for throwing a little get-together, check out yesterday’s feature on throwing a stylish Super Bowl gathering, here

Photos by Kylie Compton Photography

Headed down to the park, these lads were ready for a fun boys only afternoon! 

These boys were game day ready with Chaser’s fun football tees! 

1st up, a little game of Guido’s vs. the Quintals. 


Bringing in the kicker! A little pep talk from dad 1st.

The little ones, of course, lost interest after a half hour or so, just the big “kids” played.

Wyeth Eyewear is one of us Beijos ladies favorite eyewear company. And I have even gotten my hubby hooked on these babies. He loves that they are super lightweight and cool colors like a matte tortoise and a matte slate.  Always fun to mix in new colors with the usual black pairs.

Half Time! 

Now, when it comes to men, I think we all know that they don’t need a lot to have a good time. But if I had to pick, I’m pretty sure food + beer would be top 3. So when I packed them up, I included the essentials: a pigskin, my Stellé Audio go-go speaker, a couple IPA’s, and some nice hot + spicy chili with some chips to scoop the chili, cause men don’t need utensils apparently.

Any activity outside where I bring along food, I always use my Miir containers + tumblers. Once you use one of these bad boys, you will never need another insulated container, cup, or growler again. Not only are they sleek looking, but they are also BPA free, and it’s Thermo 3D double wall vacuum installation will keep your food or drinks at their desired temperature. 

My husband loves a good IPA, so I’m always on the hunt for ones that he hasn’t tried yet. So I snuck some newbies in our Hango cooler,  and I was dying to know what he thought when he got back. Along with the suds, a couple sparkling apple juices for the little boys. 

Of course, you can’t have any picnic without your trusty Gunn & Swain blanket. 

It was a great day at the park, and now its time to head back for the big game!

Shop all the goodies below!





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Cuddle Up this Winter with the Family in Chaser Brand

During the winter months there’s lots of time to get cozy and cuddle up with your loved ones.  With the cold weather there is no better excuse to stay inside, eat some popcorn and watch a movie.  One thing I know about cuddling is you need to be wearing something super soft, and my boys agree.  

As a matter of fact I think we can all agree that we all want to wear the softest fabrics on our skin, and have our kids do the same.  My favorite brand to turn to for soft clothes is Chaser.  They have something for everyone in the family, and it’s all so damn cute.

What’s also cute?!  Cruz loves playing with his belly button as you can see below…

Photos by Alison Bernier

Another thing I love about the winter are the lazy days.  This really isn’t like me, I am a go go go type of person.  However, those days when it’s raining or foggy and cold out and you just feel like doing nothing, that’s when it gets to me.  Those are the days where I just want to take these cute boys, and that hunk of a guy, and cuddle all day long.

If I’ve learned one thing living in a house of boys, as far as clothes go, it’s all about comfort.  The softer the tee, the more it’s loved.  Therefore my boys love them some Chaser…  When we got our last shipment I got Court quite a few things, he was so excited he literally put everything on… The kid had 5 layers of clothes on!  Now that’s love!

On days like this I’ll usually start with making waffles or pancakes.  Of course our favorite movies will be playing most of the day, but we’ll also have tickle fights, wrestling matches and a baseball game in our house.  Surely there will also be lots of Gunn & Swain blankets to snuggle with and to make forts.  But most of all there will be lots of love and cuddles.

How do you stay cozy at home in these winter months?

Shop my family’s looks below!



Tank / Sweater / Leggings
Tee / Sweatshirt
Sweatshirt / Pants / Tee

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