How to Style your Kitchen Shelves Like a Pro

You probably don’t remember, since it’s been so long I’ve written about it, but we bought a house last year and have been renovating since.  Last year it was all about new floors, taking down walls, and redesigning the kitchen.  This year we have been focusing on other projects, but our kitchen is basically complete!  

Today I’m sharing a little sneak peek of a DIY my husband did in a little corner of the kitchen.  It’s our floating shelves that he did all on his own and I styled!

Photos by Corrie Lynn Photo

Maybe you are saying, floating shelves, big deal!  But if you’ve ever renovated a house with your husband, then you know it’s not easy, haha!  With two small children, jobs, and just life, it’s really difficult to find time to do home projects.  Especially when you’re on a budget and trying to do as much as you can on your own.  Obviously, when something (even something small) is completed, you want to jump for joy! 

 I posted a video on our Insta stories not long ago and a few people dm’d asking where my shelves were from.  Well, these were all made by my hubby!  He went to our local lumber yard, bought wood, cut, sanded and stained it, then hung them up!  Not gonna lie, I feel like it took quite a while to get these bad boys up, haha, but once he did it he definitely scored some points!!

As far as styling, I of course wanted it to look great but be functional as well.  I love my glassware from The Little Market, we use it everyday so it’s nice that it’s easily accessible.  We also use the shorter glasses for wine, and you better believe I need that close!!  Next, the cutting boards, also from The Little Market, are something I use daily, so having them near is great, but also layered in a stylish way.

Of course I wanted to add some color, my kitchen is mainly white, black, wood and brass.  In order to do that I brought in some plants of course!  For the planters I turned to local designer Luna Reece Ceramics.  You may remember I used her planters for Court’s birthday party last year.  She has beautiful handmade creations and I love adding an artisan like that to my home.

While I love having cookbooks around, our new home is quite smaller than our last so we had to edit a lot of our “stuff”.  I only kept a few cookbooks, ones I actually used and these two by Gwyneth Paltrow made the cut.  Luckily they are also aesthetically pleasing!

To me, keeping things simple and functional is the best way to go with your open shelves.  You never want them to look too cluttered as they are visible to everyone!  Ultimately figure out what you and your family use the most and display it in a clean and minimal way.

I hope this helps you in your own styling at home!  Also, if you are in the same boat as me and working with you husband on renovating your home, just know you’re not alone!!  Let’s virtually drink a bottle of wine together, because it’s a long road, haha!!



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Fun Mama & Son Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Another day, another Valentine’s Day post!  Obviously, Valentine’s Day is a special day for you and your husband.  But what about the little men in your life?!  As a boy mom it’s my responsibility to raise them to be sensitive and loving, and obviously spoil their future wives for Valentine’s Day!  

We wanted to share a few fun mama & son Valentine’s Day date ideas with you.  Because it’s all about taking these holidays and making them special for our kids!!

My days as a boy mom consist of different super hero costumes, getting dirty, playing with nerf guns and farts.  That about sums it up!  But seriously I love this time with them and playing with them, I am definitely that mom that’s at the park in all the action.  One of our favorite day dates is going to Disneyland!  

Clearly we are big fans, who isn’t?!  It’s so fun to go for a few hours, see our favorite characters and go on all the rides we can.  Making it a Valentine’s Day date is even more special!  For this day I got us all special Valentine’s Day shirts to wear and I wore my Daydream Republic ears of course!  First things first though, gotta see that castle… It’s magic every single time!

Photos by Annie Vovan

Second, we head over to Tomorrow Land, obviously!!  It’s little boy heaven!  This little spot is sort of hidden, but the best spot to watch the rocket ships and get a run out!

Another must on the way to Toon Town is “The Wall”.  If you don’t stop and have a photo moment here, you’re doing Disney all wrong!

How about some balloons?!  We don’t get them on normal days, but on a special Valentine’s Day date, they’re a must!!

Lastly, whenever I go to Disneyland, special occasion or not, I’ve gotta get ice cream! I don’t know what it is, but it just tastes better there!!

And that’s a perfect Valentine’s Day date with my littles for ya!!  Now, for Abby & Jett….

Every Valentine’s Day I try to create new ideas to do with Jett that is our thing. Each child of mine has things they love to do with me. I mean, I’m a good time Sally so they love to do everything with me, but you know what I mean.

Photos by Kylie Compton Photography

Dylan loves to do anything crafty, and Jett loves to cook with me in the kitchen. When we started doing home delivery meals, he has been right by my side and ready to help mom make dinner. It is so cute, you guys, he gets his stool, his apron, and with such a big smile asking what he can do! The best part is he will try new ingredients since he is on hands-on with them. Great way to have the kids try new things.

Pizza right now is his favorite. So nothing better than heading to Target and getting everything we need for a little pizza date with my main man, Jett! And, yes, its all from Target! How easy is that? Now, not everything is from Target. My main gal, Meghann Miniello created the cutest heart pizza placemats for me, and I love love love them! 

Such a goofy boy, this one!

Very carefully together, it goes in the oven! This is his favorite part, mine not so much. Ha!

Since this is a date and all, I, of course, have got to have a little setup for him and me to dine on our perfect heart pizzas.

Those placemats are so cute, right?!!?

I love these times just him and me. 

Shop all the goodies from this post here! 


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A Stylish Super Bowl Party Gathering with Friends

The Super Bowl may as well be a national holiday as far as I’m concerned!  It’s a day where we get together with our friends and family and celebrate and eat… Sounds like most holidays to me!  Therefore I like to treat it as something special and style it up.  Who says you need to have brown footballs all over the house as decor?  Not me!
I recently styled this party for friends that would be the perfect atmosphere for that special Sunday coming up!  We’ll even let a few of the guys join, if they’re lucky!
Photos by Corrie Lynn Photo
This party is also featured on SMP Living today!

The first thing I think of for the Super Bowl is the food!!  I teamed up with our favorite local caterers Colette’s Catering and asked them to make some fun party food with a healthy edge… They delivered and everything was delicious!  We munched on things like a 7 layer Mediterranean dip, Brussel sprout chips, and chicken stuffed jalapeño poppers.  It was all so tasty and we didn’t feel guilty afterwards!  It was seriously perfect!

The next thing I think about are drinks of course!!  We had beer and champagne out because well, you have to! One Hope Wine always has the fun shimmer bottles we love so much.  But we also made a fun signature cocktail – Beermosas, and let’s say they were a hit!!

As far as tabletop, when I have an event like this I try to keep things as easy as possible on myself.  Lately I’ve been using the amazing L’Entramise, a gorgeous single use tabletop line.  Everything they have is great quality and also looks amazing.  They have multiple options so you can customize your table for any event.  I especially love their glassware options, good disposable glassware is so hard to find!  And it’s so easy to clean up after, just toss everything!

Next, you need to add florals… We’ve said this before but they make an event!  Yes, even for a Super Bowl party…  You don’t need much but if you have a few stand out arrangements like these from Rooted and Wild you are set!  Get your coffee table, kitchen table and possible mantle styled up and you are good to go!  Now after that, don’t forget the details.  My friend Courtney from Poppy Jack Shop created fun signage pieces for us to play with and football cocktail stirrers.  Plus she made the cutest invite for our guests!

Now as you can see, having a stylish Super Bowl party is pretty easy!  The only other thing you need to worry about is having fun with your guests and rooting for your team!



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A Healthy Ladies Lunch & Recipe with True Food Kitchen

With the start of a New Year most of us are in the mind set to be healthy.  Of course, it’s always a challenge, especially when going out into social gatherings.  Finding a yummy yet healthy place to eat out and get together with friends can be tricky, except if you go to True Food Kitchen!  This is one of my favorite spots to eat because of their fresh and healthy menu and their vibrant atmosphere.  I even have their cookbook in my arsenal at home and often turn to it for inspiration!

My friend Julia Wheeler and I wanted to get a few of our friends together to have a healthy ladies lunch and immediately thought of True Food Kitchen.  They have an amazing private room for events that was the perfect space for us to host!  It’s picturesque and colorful, we just had to add a few personal touches to the table to make it even better!  We wanted the colors of the table to reflect the vibrance of the food!  Special thank you to our talented friends Twinkle & Toast, Wallflower Inspiration and Hostess Haven for making this table come life!

Beautiful Photos by Dulcet Creative
This lunch is also featured on Style Me Pretty Living today!

Not only was it great to catch up with friends after the hustle and bustle of the holidays, but also none of us had to feel guilty with their delicious and healthy menu.  Plus, we even had a private tutorial on how to make the best guacamole.  In fact, it’s the best I’ve ever tasted!  And that’s saying a lot, because I LOVE guacamole!!  Lucky for you True Food is sharing the recipe with you today!  You may be saying, big deal, guacamole?!  But this one is a great way to add leafy greens and comes with a citrus twist!  Trust me, you’ll want to try it!!

Kale Guacamole 

Serves 4-6



½ cup Blanched and chopped kale 
1/3 cup Poblano peppers, roasted and peeled seeds removed
1/8 cup Cilantro chopped
1/8 cup Green onions chopped 
1/3 cup Grapefruit segments 
1/3 cup Orange segments
½ teaspoons sea salt 
4 Avocados, lightly smashed 



Remove stem from kale and blanch leaves in boiling lightly salted water until tender (approx 45 seconds). Shock in ice water till chilled, squeeze dry, finely mince and set aside. Roast poblano pepper until charred on all sides, peel skin, remove seeds, finely mince and set aside in a large bowl, lightly smash avocado. Mix in blanched kale, poblano, cilantro, onions, citrus and salt until well incorporated. Serve with pita chips and enjoy! 


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My Two Favorite Ways to Detox With Lemon

This week it’s all about being healthy. If I was to ask you, do you consider yourself a healthy person? What would you say? If you were to ask me, I would say, yes for sure. I find myself to eat great, but everyone’s opinion about what is healthy food is out for debate, so I’m not gonna go there. To each it’s own, right? I use clean products in my house, I take a mix of vitamins and Chinese herbs, and I’m a big believer in bone broth, essential oils, you name it. But in my mind, I’m telling myself there is always something you can do more to better yourself. These days there is so much going on in the world, who the hell knows what we are consuming. I try to find little ways to detox my body naturally. 

Photos by Kylie Compton Photography

One of the new ways I have been detoxing is by drinking pink salt and lemon water. Yes, pink salt isn’t just used for just cooking anymore! I am horrible at drinking the daily amount of water that you need. For me to achieve that, I’m always infusing my water. Every couple of days, I will make a batch of infused water with what citrus or fruits I have handy. This pink salt lemon water has made its way into the routine, and lately, I have been only doing this.

So what does the combination of pink salt and lemon do for you? Well…it does a lot! It aids in digestion, and not only will this combination relieve indigestion, but it will also help flush you out. Natural cleansing qualities of lemon help reduce harmful bacteria. The juice of ½ organic, all-natural lemon can be mixed with purified water to help with liver cleansing, as well as respiratory problems, sore throats, and healthy skin. And, Himalayan pink salt is packed with over 84 trace minerals and elements that make it incredibly nourishing for your body. Pink salt has numerous benefits from helping the body detoxify to boosting energy to improving digestion by promoting healthy hair, skin, and nails. 

I did a little research about pink salt and found some more fun facts on how this pretty salt helps your body out! It strengthens bones, lowers blood pressure, and improves circulation. It also helps to protect the balance of minerals in your cells, avoid excess water retention, and prevent premature aging. Adding this with the compelling benefits of lemon, and you have one powerhouse helping out your body! 



Fill a pitcher with a lid or container about ¼ of the way with pink salt. Add filtered water to the container, leaving a bit of space at the top in case you need to add more salt later. Put a lid on the container and shake. Leave it on the counter overnight to give the salt time to dissolve. The next day you should still see some salt at the bottom of the container that can’t be absorbed by the water.  (If you don’t see any salt at the bottom, just add a couple teaspoons more and let it sit for another day.) When your ready to use your water, add up to 1 tsp of the salt water to another glass of filtered infused lemon water first thing each morning. 

It may be a little bit of process making it, but its benefits will surely make up for it! 

My second way of using lemon to detox is thru bath salts with making detox baths. Again, Himalayan pink salt has made its way into the mix again! This stuff is good for you guys! Buy it in bulk that is what I do. You can find it here. Detox baths are a natural way to remove toxins to refresh and awaken your body. For myself and my children, I will do a detox bath at the first sign of illness, but if you do it once a week, it will help you eliminate some of the toxins that you have accumulated and built up.

Lemon juice is naturally rich in fruity acids and naturally occurring sugars.  It will help with many problems from removing dead skin cells to reducing age spots.  It will also help boost your skin’s collagen production. The Himalayan pink salt will eliminate toxins, and soothe open sores or blemishes. Just to name a few, there are ways this detox bath will benefit you…

Promote relaxation
Promote better sleep
Relieve water retention
Soothe sore muscles
Balance skin
Increase circulation
Accelerate wound healing
Improve skin hydration


1-2 cups Epsom salt 
1/2 cup pink Himalayan salt
10-15 drops lemon and lavender essential oils
Glass of red wine

Combine all ingredients, and run a warm bath and sprinkle salts into the warm water. Grab yourself a glass of wine, and soak and relax while the salts do all the work for you! 

Get your detox on!






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