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At Home with Jessica Hetherington of She and Wolf

One of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow has to be Jessica Hetherington’s, She and Wolf.  Jessica is a mom of two who inspires me to live my life fully and with grace.  She had her second around the same time I had Cruz and I’ve loved seeing how her and her family adjusted so seamlessly to it.  Jessica and her husband Thomas lived in a beautiful home in Montana and recently moved this past summer.  Since then they’ve been living quite the nomadic life and loving it.  Before they left though they shot these photos and are sharing them with us today!  Keep reading to hear more from this beautiful Mama and her adorable family…

Tell us a little bit about you and your family…

We are a little family of four living in nature and close to the mountains in Montana. We’ve lived in San Diego and in NYC so we thought this spot would be a beautiful change. 

Following you and your brood on Instagram this past year you have lead a nomadic life, talk to us about that and why you love it!

I love being outside and it’s so good for our babies too. It instantly resets your mind, body and soul. I love that Goldie and River can see deer right out our window, catch fish in the River and roam in wide open spaces. We definitely love being on the go to experience other types of life too, beach life in San Diego and city life in NYc. The culture and diversity is a great learning experience for Goldie and I figure we have one more year to travel around until she starts kindergarten. So, we’re trying to live it up!

We know you recently moved out of your beautiful Montana home, why was that space so special to you?

The space was so amazing for us because we had just moved away from our teeny tiny apartment in NYC, we loved it there but we were really craving space and nature. We took a trip to Montana for Christmas and found this giant home for almost half the price of our NYC apartment. We were like….done! So many wonderful memories were made in that home. Goldie had her second birthday there, she finished potty training, learned how to fish in our backyard and we had sweet baby River there.  Those first few days there, those memories are priceless. 

River’s nook in your home was so adorable, talk to us about the design of it…

There was kind of this weird closet type space in our bedroom and I thought…a crib would fit perfect and it’s right by our bed. I wanted it to be earthy and bright so I found objects from outside, textured whites and mirrors. I loved it so much. Gosh I miss that little nook!

How has the past year been adding another baby to the family?  How did Goldie adjust?

Adding a second truly rocked my world at first. It was such a huge adjustment for Goldie and I. Goldie was definitely a little jealous and trying to find her place with the new dynamic. She acted out and I had a really hard time dealing with that because I was like…”Goldie don’t do that!” but I knew she was just having a hard time and couldn’t express her feelings in words. But now, now that he smiles, plays and looks at her like she’s the coolest sister on the planet the world seems just right and full of love again. It took a good 6 months though, totally worth the wait :) 

What is your favorite part about being a mom and what is the most challenging?

My favorite is watching River and Goldie love on one another. I feel like, we created these two beaming souls and there’s so much love!!! I want ten of them when I watch them be so sweet with one another, like right now until they fight or make each other cry then I’m like, two, two is good for now haha

The most challenging. Balance. Feeling like I need to give enough to the babies equally, Thomas and me. Let’s not forget me! I used to be the best at self care, now I think….when did I have time to even shave my legs last? It’s all part of the gig though. I think that’s why I love getting outside with my family

So much because we are together, running around, laughing on a natural high together. All the small stuff disappears. 

What is next for you and your family?!

Gosh, we really are not planners but I think we just found a really cool space to rent for the rest of the year. I’ll find out this week and I can’t wait to share. The space has always been a dream of mine!

Can’t wait to see it!!  Thanks so much for sharing with us Jess!



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Beijos Nursery – Cruz John

I can’t believe our little Cruz John will be 4 months in a few weeks, the time is going by fast and I’m really trying to take in each moment.  Today I get to share his nursery with you where him and I spend most of our time together.  My husband and I have been looking to move for the past year and I hadn’t really planned on designing a nursery for Cruz.  I just thought I didn’t really want to put the time and money into it if we were going to move.  But as time wore on and his impending arrival inched closer I had a change of heart.  I wanted him to have a room to come home to, and that was that.  So come June (two months before his arrival) I decided to go for it!!  I am so happy that I did, the outcome is everything I dreamed of and more.  Plus, Cruz has his perfect little nook in our home to call his own!

Cruz’s nursery was featured on Glitter Guide last week, but we are sharing all of the details today here on Beijos Blog.  So keep scrolling to read more and to see all the pretty photos by Megan Welker, who else would I have document my family?!  Love her!

We have Cruz’s nursery in what used to be our office nook.  It’s a small room that is an extension to our master bedroom, really the best place for him!  We currently live in a  2 story town home with 2 bedrooms upstairs and 1 downstairs.  Big brother Court is in the other bedroom upstairs and we use our downstairs room as a guest room for our parents and family when they visit from Northern California.  The office space was our only option really as we couldn’t have either of our boys downstairs and that far from us.  Honestly it turned out to be the perfect space to set up his nursery.  He currently sleeps in his bassinet right next to our bed but it’s nice to easily walk a few feet to change him or feed him in the middle of the night.

The first piece to the puzzle of this nursery was definitely the Palm Tree wallpaper mural from Kawaiian Lion.   I knew I wanted a statement wallpaper in the nursery and I tossed the idea around of a few others but this Too Palmy Wallpaper from Kawaiian Lion was just perfect for us.  We spend so much time as a family at the beach, our house is just about a half mile away so it’s really one of our favorite places.  Plus it creates the perfect scene to welcome our new guy into our home.  I love the colors and the calm and serene mood it sets in his room.

Next I had to have a great piece for the dresser/changing table.  For this I went with West Elm, who I also went with for my older son Court’s room.  I love this mid century style dresser and I know it is a piece he can have for years to come.

I also definitely wanted a good gallery wall, and had a few vendors in mind for it!  I love Daniella Manini’s amazing creations, she is such a talented artist.  I used quite a few of her prints in Cruz’s room, they have the perfect mix of a modern and beachy feel that I love.

Another piece to the gallery wall that I have really fallen in love with is the jersey macrame hanging from Robyn Parker.  I discovered Robyn from our home tour of Katie Stauffer earlier this year when I saw the piece she created for her.  Needless to say I fell in love and had to have one for myself!  I sent Robyn an image of the wallpaper and she matched the color perfectly!!  I also love to have things personalized so a brand like Woolf With Me who does personalized art prints, crib sheets and blankets was right up my ally!

I fell in love with the C Print that hangs over his crib from Alma Custom Designs early on and had to have it.  They had a couple of other prints that I added through-out his room as well.  All of the frames in Cruz’s room are from Framed & Matted.  They are so amazing, you just end them any measurement of frame and they build it for you and ship it to you!  Super convenient, which as a mom of 2 means the world!  I purchased quite a few art pieces from Australia who does completely different measurements than us, damn metric system, so that came in handy to do custom framing with them.

This Letterfolk board was a gift form Cruz’s Tia and Godmother, it was definitely a must have for the room!

The best pillows from Kawaiian Lion and Boho Pillow that create a little lounge on the floor for big brother and mommy to hang out with baby Cruz.

Something else essential to me was making Cruz’s room a sanctuary for my whole family.  It was important for me to make Court feel comfortable in the room as well and not have him feel left out in any way.  Becoming a big brother was a big transition for him and I recognize that.  I added a little area for him to be able to sit and play while I nursed Cruz in the rocker, I also have blocks in there for him to play with as well which he loves!  Obviously Cruz can use all of these things eventually when he’s older.  Lastly, I loved adding live plants to his room, I kind of got carried away adding plant after plant but I love the look and feel it adds to the room.  It’s nice having something that adds color and life to a room.

Here are a few photos of my delicious Cruz, I really can’t get enough!  He’s just the happiest guy who is so mellow and easy going.  We love him so much and can’t wait to watch him grow, although we definitely don’t want it to happen too fast!

Bringing Cruz home to this room was so memorable, having Court and seeing him change so much the past two and a half years I realize how quickly it all goes by.  We continue to soak each minute with him and love on him with all we have!  I am so grateful for having these photos to remember how special this time is.

Links to all of the goodies in Cruz’s nursery are below.  Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them!



Hand Knit Stuffed Animals:

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Beijos Nursery – Henry Grant

Another year, another nursery for the Carriger family…haha.  We welcomed our Henry Grant this past August 9th, so this one for a boy which made me excited, but felt challenged all the same.  I have 2 little girlies and this is a whole new world for me.  My theme was all over the place at first, but came together nicely in the end.  I wanted it a little modern with rustic, wild and free touches. We moved our little Edie into her big girl room, so this room was a little sentimental to work in since it was hers when she was a newbie.  Taking apart her baby room as I was decorating a new boy nursery, all the feels come back and now I look at my pretty little 4 and half year old and gasp with admiration and blessings. They grow so fast right before our eyes, so keeping that in mind I wanted to make Henry’s nursery a special little sanctuary for him to grow in.

Captured perfectly by Megan Welker

At first I was set on an all white wall nursery, but then I fell in love with this matte light grey paint you can find here.  I wanted it light and bright, so it was nice to find a grey that still brought the brightness into the room, and added a slight background color at the same time.



Here he is…



This blanket by Woolf With Me was absolutely needed, Lindsay’s collection is so unique and so soft!!  Along with the name blocks by Little Born.


This romper by Misha and Puff is to die for…had to show you the back side too!!


Big sister Isla loves her new baby brother so much…she can’t get enough just like the rest of us.  She loves playing in his space and helping mama watch over the baby.



Edie loves her little brother too.  She loves singing to him, which gives him the biggest smiles ever!

meganwelker-carriger-39 meganwelker-carriger-43

meganwelker-carriger-23 meganwelker-carriger-21

Daddy and his little boy.  So awesome to see them together since we were convinced we would be blessed with another little girl.

meganwelker-carriger-73 meganwelker-carriger-64

Henry has been the perfect addition to our family.  He is the sweetest boy, with his smiles from ear to ear, and his adorable little baby chuckles.   His easy and happy disposition adds a little peace to our lives so we can stop and smell the roses in this crazy little house from time to time.



Here is the other side of the room.  His gallery wall, which I love the mix of the frame colors, gives this side a little depth in a sea of light.


I also love the hint of copper used in his room.  This Land of Nod pendant in here is striking.


This little piggy I just couldn’t pass up!!



His little reading nook is also my fave.  Daddy built all the wood shelving in his room.



meganwelker-carriger-316 meganwelker-carriger-314

More small details on his reclaimed shelves…

meganwelker-carriger-306 meganwelker-carriger-308


I knew I wanted to integrate his copper initials into his room, and added a little rustic western touch with the cowboys and indians.


Sleepy Hank…


He actually slept for a bit during his session.  My girls were wide awake during theirs… meganwelker-carriger-111

These tiny feet and toes…


I had a lot of fun designing Henry’s nursery, hope you enjoyed a peek at it.  All the amazing vendors and links listed below.

Xx Leah

Photography: Megan Welker / Styling: Leah Carriger of Beijos Events / Tree stump side table: West Elm / Pillows: Boho Pillow / Wood blocks, cactus, and mountains: Babee and Me / Wild and Free banner: Letters and Laurels / Henry blocks: Little Born / Toy trucks, copper letters, and pendant: Land of Nod / Copper mobile: CB2 / Buffalo print, grey blanket, bear rattle, and plush monkey: Land of Nod / Succulent prints: Edyta Szyszlo / Rug: Rugs USA / Crib sheet, changing pad cover, & Henry print: Woolf with Me / Fox softie: Babee and Me / Hamper and trash can: Anthropologie / Planter: West Elm / Wild Thang sign: Letterfolk / Ottoman: Lulu & Georgia / Mountain Print: Tessa Neustadt / Elvis Print: / Bronco Print: Leslee Mitchell / Frames: Framed and Matted / Dresser & crib: Babyletto for Honest Co. / Diapers & wipes: Parasol / All shelving units: Dad / Leah’s dress Free People / Henry’s knit jumper Misha and Puff / Girls’ dresses Little Trendsetter

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