Wedding Spotlight – Carlie Statsky

I’m excited for this month’s wedding vendor spotlight because I just had the pleasure of hanging out with this beautiful lady.  Carlie Statsky was one of the first photographers we worked with.  Right when we started, our first styled shoot!  I reached out to her because I had admired her work for sometime and considered her one of the best.  Lucky for me, she was excited about our mood board and concept we had for our shoot.  At the time I was so new in the industry I was just so excited she said yes to us!

Now years later we are all lucky to call Carlie a friend.  We’ve done some really fun projects with her, big occasions for her family and amazing trips for us.  The best part is getting to know her incredible family along the way!  At our first shoot when she strolled in with her husband Gabe, all of us were in awe of this beautiful couple.  We have since dubbed her husband Gabe the Babe.  Her kids Myles and Kaia are beyond cute and sweet and just as talented as their Mom & Dad.Carlie’s work is nothing short of beautiful every single time, and I really think it’s because she takes so much pride in it.  Working with her I see her take time to get each and every detail, something I so appreciate as a stylist as so much time is put into each project or wedding.  She’s easy to work with, always patient and handles everything with a smile.  We truly can’t say enough good things about this talented lady, so we just had to share her with you today.  I know you will fall in love with her like we have, and her whole family.  Keep reading for our Q&A with this talented woman.

Tell us a little bit about you…

I’m a wife to Gabe, a mama to Myles, (who’s almost 13) and Kaia, ( who’s 10) and a photographer and workshop host living out in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I was born in San Francisco to an artist and an entrepreneur, both of whom have hippy hearts and aren’t afraid to take risks in life. Our family moved to Australia when I was in elementary school and I spent all of my high school years there, as well as some post-college years too, so I consider myself both American and Australian. Growing growing up in both of those countries, plus my time spent living in Barbados and New Zealand, have shaped who I am…  Someone obsessed with travel, family, good humor, good design, people’s stories, moments of joy, documenting meaningful moments, new experiences, and all things personal growth related.

You can usually find me editing photos in the rad little office that my husband Gabe built for me while listening to This American Life, The Good Life Project , Jess Lively or Ted talk podcasts, going for runs along Westcliff with Gabe while our kids bike beside us, traveling to some of Northern California’s most beautiful spots to photograph weddings with Gabe as my amazing second shooter, making beds and cleaning up after my kids because clutter and messes hurt my eyes, making time for girls’ night out, or dreaming up some new idea for a photoshoot, a workshop or a trip away. I feel incredibly grateful that I get to have a creative and fulfilling career, while raising our family close to our family and lots of nature. Life feels both grounded and expansive, which is what I crave on the daily.

How and when did you get into photography?

 I first fell in love with photography when I was a teenager growing up in Australia, because my babysitter, (who I thought was the absolute coolest) was into all things creative; especially photography. She taught me the basics and then took me on my first overnight backpacking trip to Wineglass Bay in Tasmania. It was such a beautiful and inspiring experience for me, and I loved how my photos from that trip kept all of those special memories and positive feelings so alive and tangible for me.
Then shortly after that trip my brother and I were home for Christmas holidays, (our summer vacation) and this huge hail storm hit, so the cold ice hitting the hot earth created a huge layer of steam all over the ground, so I grabbed my camera filled with sepia film and ran all over our country property taking photos of my brother silhouetted in the steam. I’ll never forget the feeling when I went to pick the film up, and the photos somehow completely captured the magical, eery and enchanted feeling of that day.

From that moment on I knew that I wanted to be a photographer, so when I left Australia for college in the US I applied to do an independent bachelor’s degree in photojournalism, combining all of the photography from the art department with all of the journalism, social documentation and anthropology courses that I could, with dreams of telling stories with my photos for a living.

What do you love most about shooting weddings?

I am still so obsessed with witnessing and documenting the total joy and love shared between people in such intimate moments, in such beautiful places on a wedding day. I think that positive and powerful energy is contagious and my husband and I always leave a wedding on a high that leaves a real impact on our daily lives. We always end up getting to see the most beautiful sides of people, their families and their relationships, and those characters and connections often leave us feeling inspired to be better partners, parents and friends ourselves. How do you stay creative outside of photography? We love to travel as a family, (everything from little stay-cations to big international trips) and that always provides a fresh perspective, but I also just love to document the small, beautiful and meaningful moments of raising our family in Santa Cruz just using my phone. I like to think of each photo as a little declaration of gratitude, and I think that most of my art is really inspired by the moment of love, beauty and connection in the world around us.

I also really love to collaborate with other creative professionals in the wedding and event industry to do inspirational shoots each and every year, so that we can dream up new ideas and try new things. I’ve also been shooting a lot of film again on my medium format Contax camera, because that feeling I get when fresh scans arrive in my inbox totally reminds me of those same feelings I got when I first started loving photography.

You are a busy mom of two, how do you balance having your own business and being a mom?

 Oh that ever-elusive work-family life balance! If that actually exists, I don’t think that I’ve found it yet, but I think that we can all find our own sweet spot somewhere close to it. :) Having an office that’s separate from my house has really helped me to be more focused and productive when I’m at work, and more present when I’m home with the kids. I also schedule one weekend off a month so that I don’t miss out on all of the weekend fun with the kids, and we never do back-to-back weddings anymore.
I have to say I couldn’t do it all without the amazing support and help from the 4 grandparents who are actively involved in our kids’ lives. Having them around means that I can be away for weddings and not be riddled with mom-guilt because I know that they’re in such good hands, and when we miss sport games etc we’re getting play-by-play texts, photos and videos sent to us so we feel like we’re almost there too. I’ve found that it’s so important to ask for help when needed, to delegate tasks that don’t inspire me and slow me down, to set boundaries for myself on when it’s time for me leave work behind, and to keep working on myself as both a business owner and a mom. Some days I’m in that sweet, almost-balanced spot, and some days I’m not and just have to try again the next day. 

What’s your favorite shoot or event you’ve shot with Beijos?

 Oooh that’s a tough one …. if I’m allowed to count one I didn’t shoot but one that we worked on together it would definitely have to be my 40th birthday party in Palm Springs! That was a weekend I’ll never forget and you ladies went above beyond to make it such a perfect evening for us all!
Then I have so many favorites that I’ve shot, but 2 are tied for the top spot: One was the Reach workshop that I hosted with Allison from Engaged and Inspired at Holman Ranch. It was so rad to have all of the attendees sitting down and enjoying a meal together at the beautiful, colorful fiesta-inspired table that you ladies helped design, and then head up the hill for a sunset styled shoot with the most inspiring couple, wedding-day details, and Carmel Valley views to capture.
The second was our recent Beijos Girls’ getaway trip to Guerneville. It was so much fun to explore all over that cute town with you 3 and then stay up late drinking wine and talking by the campfire outside our Autocamp airstreams. I love how you ladies continue to innovate and create such inspiring and beautiful content for your readers, and how you’re all hard-working and creative mamas. All 3 of you can effortlessly whip up the prettiest tablescape, outfit or cocktail recipe, all while holding a baby on your hip and looking like a babe! I’m already looking forward to our next photoshoot adventure together…  What 3 words describe you best? Sentimental, (aka sappy AF) excitable, and adaptable

What are 3 things that people may not know about you?

 1. I have very eclectic music taste, from folksy girl power type artists to full on gansta rap. My friends would make fun of me for knowing all of the lyrics to both the Indigo Girls and Eazy E. :)

2. After college I drove all the way around Australia by myself with my camera and my surf board in an old 4 wheel drive Land Cruiser that had a sofa that converted into a bed in the back. I’ve had close encounters with sharks, crocodiles, stonefish and crazy people. I’ve also have close encounters with some of the most beautiful people and places too, and I’m just happy to be alive to tell my kids the stories!

3. I was actually living in Sydney, Australia when I met Gabe. We met through mutual friends at a graduation party and we were inseparable for the next 5 days. After only 5 days of knowing him, I decided to move country for him. I’ve done some crazy things in my life, but that was probably the craziest – I’m so glad that my intuition proved me right and that things worked out, as we’ recently celebrated 13 years of marriage!

On an ideal weekend off where would we find you and what would you be doing?

 Any weekend off is an ideal weekend in my book, but I love going on little trips with my family and close friends to all of the amazing places where we usually work, like Big Sur, Carmel Valley, Napa or Tahoe, and just enjoying all of the good food, wine, views and pools/hot tubs that they have to offer. I’m not one to sleep in, as I’m always too excited to see all of the pretty places and do all of the fun things. I usually need a weekend off after my ideal weekend, because they’re kinda exhausting, but you won’t find me complaining one bit. I’m always down for some quality family time and an adventure…

We feel so honored to have worked with Carlie and to call her our friend.  Thank you for sharing a little bit more about you and all of these gorgeous photos!



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Wedding Spotlight – Megan Welker

This year we want to share some of our favorite wedding vendors with you!  You have probably heard most of their names as we are lucky enough to work with them regularly.  Our first vendor we will be talking about for 2017 happens to be my favorite… I don’t usually choose favorites but this girl has basically become a family member at this point.  We love her as a friend, love working with her and Beijos wouldn’t be Beijos without her.  She is talented, kind, supportive and just the best.  You guessed it, I’m talking about Megan Welker.

Beijos was fairly new when I came in contact with Megan.  She was recommended to me from a friend and once I met her I knew we would be friends.  She’s sarcastic and funny, totally gorgeous and plus she is Portuguese, what’s not to like?!  I began stalking, I mean asking her to work with us on a regular basis, and lucky for me she kept saying yes!  Haha!!  I even was able to style and coordinate her wedding, which was a complete honor!

Needless to say, we can’t recommend Megan enough as a photographer.  She is a true talent who cares so much about her work and it really shows.  We all know Megan is beautiful, but I can honestly say she is even more beautiful on the inside!  Ok, enough gushing, let’s get to our Q&A with Megan and learn more about her, from her!  Megan is also wearing the best camera straps from our buddies Gunn & Swain and Taryn Kent, you can check them out here!

Tell us a little bit about you… 

Well, for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Megan.  I’m a wedding and lifestyle photographer in Southern California.  I’m married to a pretty handsome dude and am the mama of two giant cats.

How and when did you get into photography?

Photography sort of just fell into my lap.  I was gifted a camera in college and started to take photos aka bribe my best friend to “model” for me.  Apparently the bribing paid off because soon after people wanted to hire me for family sessions and in 2008 I shot my very first wedding.  Since then my hobby sort of spiraled into a business and in 2010 I went full-time with Megan Welker Photography.

What do you love most about shooting weddings?

I love shooting weddings so much. I love the connection I have with each and every couple and the fact that they are trusting me to document one of the happiest times in their lives. That’s huge! I love that I get to experience new places with so many weddings and the friends I’ve made in the process. My favorite part of a wedding is when the couple walks up the aisle as husband and wife. It always is SUCH a happy moment!!

What’s your favorite thing to shoot with Beijos?

Does me saying all of the things count?  I really love the weddings and styled parties we shoot together.  It’s so fun seeing their vision come to life and being able to shoot all the pretty they made is the best.  Oh, and I love photographing their babies because they make the cutest littles ever!!

What’s your favorite shoot or event you’ve shot with Beijos?

I was going to say My Wedding!!  But then I remembered that I didn’t shoot it, thank god.  Besides the weddings we’ve shot together (because I legit love each and every one of those) I think my favorite might be the Thanksgiving table we did a couple years ago.  The location, the table, the everything!  It was so gorgeous

Tell us 3 words that describe you…

Loyal, Independent, and my husband says I’m funny.

Tell us 3 things about you we may not know…

I love fruit.  Especially in sweet things.  I’d take a strawberry tart over a cupcake any day!  My favorite color is forever and always white.  I’m 10 minutes early everywhere I go.  I blame it on my Mom.

On an ideal weekend off, where would we find you and what would you be doing?

A weekend off??  What is that??  My husband and I love going to antique stores and flea markets so we’d probably be there and meet up with some friends after for lunch.  Oh, and ending the night with butter cake from Nicks.  AH so yummy!! 

Ok, you had us at butter cake… Love you so much Megan!!!



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Wedding – Helpful Tips From Photographers

We think it’s pretty fun to plan a wedding, but we also know how over whelming it could be.  We also belive that photography is one of the most important vendors you’ll hire to document this uber special day you will remember for the rest of your life!  To help us all out we contacted some of our favorite gals out there in the photography biz to give us some tips to help smooth over the process of your wedding day, so listen up, what they have to say is pretty good!

First we are hearing from Megan Welker…

#1. DO have an engagement session, even if you feel like you don’t need one. I love to do them for my couples because I feel like it gives us all a chance to get to know each other better. It’s a great opportunity for them to see how I shoot and the poses I use and it’s great for me to see how they interact together, which makes us all so much more comfortable together when the wedding day rolls around. And who doesn’t love extra photos during such a fun and exciting time? meganwelker-engagement-270 meganwelker-engagement-330

#2. DO get ready in a well lit (and tidy!!) room. Getting your dress on in a room with a lot of natural light makes for great photos. If a room is dark (like, cave dark) I usually try to open doors, windows, anything I can. If that isn’t an option I will ask my brides come outside instead. It’s worth it ladies!

meganwelker-gettingready-142 meganwelker-swansongettingready-26

#3. DO a first look! I never, ever pressure my couples into doing a first look but I do like to give them all of the pro’s to doing one. First of all, you get to spend more time with your guests instead of taking photos during cocktail hour (and who doesn’t want to drink more with all of the people you love?). You get to spend time together, just the two of you, you will have time to do all photos with your bridal party and family. And best of all, it’s NOT rushed at all because we’ve scheduled the right amount of time for it all and not rushing to get back for your grand entrance. Best of all, you both still get that fuzzy feeling and cry happy tears when you see each other down the aisle.




#4. DO an unplugged ceremony. An unplugged ceremony means your guests are not to use their cameras, phones, iPads (dear God, no iPads please) during your ceremony. It takes their focus away from “getting the shot”…for Facebook? and instead being present during your vows. No one wants to look out at their guests and see devices. It’s hard as the photographer to get a nice, clean shot of the bride coming down the aisle when others are blocking the view…


#4. Talk to your photographer about lighting at your venue and what time is best for your ceremony to take place. Typically, two hours (or less) before the sunset is prime. It makes a HUGE difference.



If you must have your ceremony at a certain time and the light is less than ideal, think about getting married until a canopy for better (diffused) light. It’s so much better than the sun in your face because, you know, squinty eyes and all.

Here’s what Meg Perotti had to say…

Tip 1 : Do an engagement session or at the very least, grab  drink/dinner with your photographer before your wedding day. A photographer is with you all day- with a camera a few feet from your face- you’ll want to feel comfortable with each other and get a sense of their work style ahead of time so you can set your insecurities aside and feel 100% at ease with your photographers ability to document your big day.
Tip 2 : Get a pretty hanger for your dress. A $4,000 gown hanging on a plastic hanger is criminal.
Tip 3 : This one isn’t always totally feasible but if possible, get ready in a location that is bright and airy! – and have your bridesmaids keep their belongings all tucked away in a closet or in an adjoining room .. nothing looks worse than a bride in a gorgeous gown surrounded by yesterdays lunch leftovers and dirty socks.

Tip 4 : After you’ve decided to trust the photographer of your dreams? Trust the rest of your team. No one photographs better than a relaxed bride- and no bride is more relaxed than a bride with a killer vendor team. Surround yourself with people you know will pull through to execute all of your wildest dreams and then do your absolute best to forget about all of those wildest dreams when your wedding date arrives. Your photographer will capture you best when you’re at ease and are enjoying yourself fully.

2015-08-18_0011 2015-08-18_0014 2015-08-18_0016

Tip 5 : Make plenty of time for getting ready photos. Some of the best shots during the day are caught during those moments of anticipation. Front load your coverage …. dancing photos are fun but can be adequately covered in one dance set.. most of the guests who are going to dance, will dance right away and in my opinion, the sweatier people get the worse they photograph. :)
Here’s what Yasmin Sarai had to say…
Say yes to the dress! My biggest tip to brides is this: Don’t be afraid to choose a dress that suits your personal style. It’s sometimes easy to go with the dress that everyone else loves but don’t be afraid to choose something different! The photos that stand out to me most are often ones where a bride has chosen a dress that is a super classy, timeless look or one that oozes personal style. So often it can feel like I’m seeing the same dress wedding after wedding. Strapless dresses aren’t for everyone so my advice is don’t shy away from something with sleeves or a higher neckline. When a bride feels beautiful, comfortable, and confident, it really shows in the images!
Give yourself enough time! Delays usually happen at the beginning of the day, when the bride is getting ready. This can create issues with the timeline for possibly the rest of the day. Communicate with your vendors, especially the photographer, about how much time they recommend. Be realistic and take travel time, traffic delays, hair and makeup adjustments, and so on into consideration. If the timeline is delayed earlier in the day it may lead to less time for photos, unhappy waiting guests, and unneeded stress for the bride and groom, so it’s safest to give yourself lots of buffer time!
Tell the officiant to move it! One of the biggest pet peeves of photographers (other than the guest with the iPad standing in the middle of the aisle trying to take their own artistic photos), is when the officiant stands in the center of the couple just as they’re about the share their first kiss. Give your officiant the heads up and ask them to step aside as they make the pronouncement of “You may now kiss the bride!” so you can get an amazing photo of your smooch without the officiant grinning widely in between the two of you. It’s a small thing that can make a huge difference!

yasminsarai-sherbertstyledshoot-126 yasminsarai-sherbertstyledshoot-40

 And last but definielty not least….We have some tips from Carlie Statsky
1. Schedule a 1-2 hour engagement session with your wedding photographer
Absolutely everyone feels awkward when they first have the dark barrel of a camera lens pointed at their face, so engagement sessions are a really great opportunity to get comfortable with your photographer and that camera lens. I love to use each engagement session as a time to learn a little more about each couple, like how they met, what their style is, if they have any insecurities that we should know about when photographing them, (like if they dislike their profile, or big smiley expressions etc) and if they have any specific image requests, so be open to sharing that kind of information with your photographer. I also use that time together to show my couples how to pose in a way that looks natural, so that they can more easily fall into various poses on their wedding day when there’s much less time to explain and show things. By the end of your engagement session your photographer will feel less like a stranger and more like an old friend, which will only help you feel more relaxed and look more photogenic and in love in all of your wedding photos!
2. Create a pinterest board with inspiration images to share with your photographer, but give your photographer the creative freedom to create something unique for you
I find pinterest a really helpful tool for getting an idea of the look and feel that a couple are hoping to create for their wedding, so I always ask to see a couple’s wedding-related boards, and I’m always inspired by what I see there. I think it’s equally important to avoid asking a photographer to copy a certain image for you, since each artist needs the freedom and creative control to be able to do their best work in any given environment. When you trust your photographer and follow their lead towards good light and great locations, (even if that means getting your dress or shoes a little dirty) your photos will always turn out better!
ashvi&dan   100
3. Work with your photographer on the timeline and be sure to include some time for sunset photos
I always like to look over the wedding timeline before it’s set in stone to make sure that there’s enough time for photos of everything, with nice little time buffers so that no one gets stressed even if things runs a little late, (which they often do.) I also recommend trying to do as many of the bridal party pictures and family portraits before the ceremony as possible, and to keep the post-ceremony group photos to a minimum so that my couples can go and enjoy some of their cocktail hour instead of spending it all posing for formal photos. I also try to schedule in time to capture important ceremony and reception details before guest are invited into those spaces too, since there’s nothing worse than jackets on chairs and bags on tables in the photos. I also really encourage my couples to take about 20 minutes away from the reception to enjoy a few quiet moments together to get some beautiful shots just before sunset when the light its at its best. Those golden hour photos are the ones that couples usually end up loving the most and are the ones that get blown up and framed on the walls of their home because they remind them of how magical that day felt, so don’t miss out on that little sunset session with your photographer!
Hope this was helpful to all the future brides out there planning their weddings… there were a couple eye openers for us as well.
Xx Beijos gals

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Beijos Interior – Nursery For Miss Isla Jean

The fun little nursery for my new babe Isla Jean is complete and beautiful.  I couldn’t be happier walking into the space everyday, playing with her on the floor and rocking her to sleep.  Here is a peek into the space we love so much,  photos by my gal Megan Welker. Also featured on Glitter Guide today!

meganwelker-IslaJean-1 meganwelker-IslaJean-3 meganwelker-IslaJean-6

One of the first pieces I picked out was this mobile from Dot & Bo, I love it!!


This cute little mix in her crib is my favorite.  Stuffed Cats from Sweet Threads, Pillows from Urban Outfitters, West Elm and Etsy.


This rug is what I was inspired with first from West elm

meganwelker-IslaJean-11 My favorite song to sing to my girls, decal by Shanna Murray meganwelker-IslaJean-15 meganwelker-IslaJean-17 Pretty little shelves with trinkets from Anthropologie, Land of Nod, and World Market


In Love with this light box, another must have for her room.


My husband build these honeycomb shelves. He loved building something special for her room.  Find them on Etsy here.


Special little pieces hanging from these Land of Nod Elephant hooks


Gotta have Freshly Picked moccs for my little lady too!


Flamingo print from The Animal Print Shop


My vintage dresser my parents kept all these years.  It was mine when I was young.  So special to have it in Isla’s room.


Bedding and Wallpaper by Serena & Lily, blanket from Land of Nod. Also the amazing name printed wood piece by Twinkle & Toast


Rocking chair from Land of Nod, Pillow from Urban Outfitters, Moroccan Pouf from Amazon


Find the deer clock here and print here



Ikea diaper cart for nursery essentials


Now onto the sweet photos of my girls…

meganwelker-IslaJean-60 meganwelker-IslaJean-62

Introducing Isla Jean…

meganwelker-IslaJean-91 meganwelker-IslaJean-123

My husbands grandma made these little shoes for his sister over 40 years ago.  They’ve been passed down to every little girl in the Carriger Family ever since.


This picture is my fave of them



I think I have the balance of having two down for now.  It takes twice as long to do anything but so worth the joy they bring me everyday!!



My Edie loves her new baby sister


Hope you enjoy the space as much as I do.  Stay tuned for more Carriger family photos.

Xx Leah

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Diary of a Beijos Bride – Engagement Photos

As you may know, Sean and I got engaged in January.  So roughly February 1st, I started planning outfits and locations for our engagement photos… needless to say I was excited!

I remember helping Jacquelyn pick out the outfits for her engagement photos a few years ago. She had picked each outfit to perfectly fit each location, and the pics turned out stunning.

When my best friend (and bridesmaid!), Stephanie, took her engagement photos, I went down to San Diego to help do her hair and pick out outfits…and of course, drink loads of champs. We had the best time during her shoot, so I sort of knew what I was in for.

From the get go, we had a photographer in mind for all of our wedding needs – paging Miss Megan Welker! Having known Megan for a while, and seeing all of her great work with Beijos, it was a no brainer.  The girl is talented!  We emailed for a bit about e-sesh locations and looks, and we were good to go :)

The first dress I bought was a Beijos approved baby blue and white floral Joie dress.  You may remember Jacquelyn wearing it for shoot earlier in the spring.  It is cute, comfortable, and I thought it would be great for the pics.

The next dress I bought was a cream Cleobella mini dress (and I mean mini!).  I found it when I attended Leah’s super cute baby shower, and couldn’t get it out of my mind. I went back and snatched it up because I had to have it.  I originally bought it for Steph’s baby shower, but thought it would be perfect for engagement photos.  I’m a regular Kate Middleton, re-wearing my dresses again and again (my Dad would be proud). An extra perk of this dress is that Sean loves it too :)

The last dress I wore was something I bought for an upcoming trip to Cabo – I thought the color was fun, and the fit was comfy and flirty, so why not wear it for the pics? I can’t wait to sport it again soon, but by the pool with a marg in hand!

Sean put thought into his looks as well.  We hit up the old stand by, J Crew, and bought him a couple new things.  We also picked up his cute straw fedora on our recent trip to Charleston – I insisted he wear it for the shoot.  He looks so handsome in all the pics, it’s almost irritating!

We had been thinking a bit about places that would be great to photograph, but it was also important that each place meant something to us.

Last winter, Sean and I volunteered through my work to plant trees and shrubs at Malibu Creek Park with my best friend (and bridesmaid!), Amber.  We were blown away with how beautiful it was, and I made a mental note that it would make a great place to take our photos. Turns out Megan has shot there before and was a pro when it came to finding gorgeous locations (and convenient parking).

meganwelker-engagement-281 meganwelker-sneaks-29 meganwelker-sneaks-39 Sean loves Malibu.  He loves it so much, that he often drives there after work to surf, and endures truly shitty traffic on the way home.  One of our favorite things to do when we are both off on the weekends, and staying in LA (which is incredibly rare), is take a drive to Malibu and hit up the beach.  It’s so relaxing and beautiful!  We love any beach, really, but we really love Malibu. It was very important to take some beach photos, and we were so happy we were able to squeeze them in before the sun went down!

meganwelker-sneaks-49 meganwelker-sneaks-54 meganwelker-sneaks-52 Our final location, in our home and around our neighborhood, ended up giving us some of my absolute favorite pics.  Having been long distance for over 3 years, it was important to us to capture our time in our first home together.  Our little 1 bedroom apartment is nothing to brag about, but it’s ours and we love it.  We poured some vin verde, and Megan encouraged us to be natural and have fun.  We took photos inside the apartment, and in our courtyard. We ventured around the block a bit and got some really fun pics that I love!

meganwelker-sneaks-2 meganwelker-sneaks-5 meganwelker-engagement-86 meganwelker-sneaks-20 meganwelker-sneaks-21 meganwelker-engagement-39 meganwelker-engagement-38 I couldn’t be happier with our engagement photos and can’t wait to see what magic Megan pulls off at our wedding :)

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