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Kicking the Year off with a Healthy Start to Exercise

How many of you have made New Years resolutions to exercise?!  Raise your hands!!  Yup, me too!  I basically do every year…  This year I’m trying to make realistic goals, because let’s be honest, with two kids and my own business things aren’t exactly easy.  Without a doubt we can all agree that making the time for exercise is probably the hardest part, right?!  That sentiment could not be more true for me.

It’s not for lack of wanting or trying, it’s just impossible some days!  I have to put my kids and work first.  Although, I’m really making an effort to put me up at the top of the list more.  My favorite way to work out is running!  Most of you probably don’t know this but I was an athlete all of my life.  I played soccer growing up until college where I was recruited to play but decided against it.

Nevertheless, running has always been something I love.  It really is a love it or hate it thing.  But for me it’s the perfect and easiest way to work out and stay fit.  Keep scrolling to read about why I love it so much…

Photos by Alison Bernier
Clothing by Onzie
  Here are the reasons I love to run…

1. It’s free!  Yup, no gym membership or class fees!

2. You get to be outside!  Yes, you could run on a tread mill, but I love the feel of the air in my face and that it gets me out of the house and in the sun.

3. It works with any schedule!  I love taking classes for the social aspect and the fact that it pushes me, however having to be somewhere at a certain time can be difficult these days.  Running can work around my schedule, well actually my kid’s schedules.
4. It’s a great stress reliever!  I absolutely LOVE running, clearing my head and listening to music.  I definitely sleep better on days I go out for a run.

5. It challenges you!  Running has always pushed me, I don’t just do the same thing every time.  I like to mix it up with hills, time, pace, length.  You’re constantly challenging yourself which is a great motivator for me.

6. You can technically do it with your kids!  Truly, I don’t love taking my kids with me on a run, but if I need to I can.  And that’s an absolute win in my book!

My goals for these next few months are to make running a more consistent habit.  I’ve done pretty well so far by going 2-3 times per week, sometimes even more.  Eventually I’d love to mix in other types of exercise, like adding in barre, spin and doing circuit training.  For now, getting outside and running is working out well for me and I’m loving how I feel so far.

I’ve talked about body after baby on here before and it’s something I still struggle with.  Indeed most of the other moms I talk to are in the same boat.  Yes, I still fit into the clothes and sizes I wore before kids, but it’s just not the same.  Things don’t look or feel like they used to, and it can feel defeating.  However it’s sort of my new normal and I’ve gotta make the best of it.  

Plus, exercise isn’t just about how you look but also how you feel!

I always love to end my workouts with a good stretch, since I’m old now, waaaaa!!  But seriously, things don’t work like they used to so you’ve gotta be careful!  I always have a Gunn & Swain blanket in my car or my stroller just in case!

How do you fit in exercise with your daily routine?  Is this one of your biggest resolutions this year?!  Let us know in the comments below!

Shop some of my favorite workout gear too!



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Mama’s Chat Night Reflecting on Self Care with Dr. Cassidy Freitas

Through-out the year I’ve posted about self care, and how important it is for us ladies.  It all started in January with a post I did with Dr. Cassidy Freitas, a licensed marriage and family therapist.  After having my second son last year I realized how us moms really lacked in the self care department.  I vowed to make adjustments and resolutions to that this year.  Fast forward and I have found different ways to care for myself this year.  From massages, to working out, to spending time with my girlfriends, it’s been eye opening.

Cassidy and I have been wanting to carry this discussion on with other mamas we know.  I reached out to my friend Julia of San Diego Songbird and owner of Gunn & Swain and Seaesta Surf.  As a busy mompreneur, she could completely relate.  Together, we decided to host a mama’s chat night and have Cassidy lead us in a conversation.  Self care was the main topic and how we sometimes lose our self in motherhood.  Cassidy helped us hone in on how we can make sure to practice self-care in big and small ways.  It lead to an insightful night full of support, love, thoughtfulness and camaraderie.  

I’m so excited to share the beautiful photos by Brooke Aliceon and have this party also featured on Glitter Guide today!  This was more than just a party to us, it was therapy…

When designing the table for this night I wanted everyone to feel close and comfortable.  So we did low tables to the ground with lots of blankets and pillows to get down and dirty and chat it up.  This was also easier for moms with little ones so they could be attentive to them and still join in on the talk.  The color scheme was soft muted pink tones which looked so pretty in that golden light at sunset.  We munched on the yummiest spread and drank rosé, the perfect addition to a night like this!  It was a great way to end summer and focus on a new season in the year to practice more self love and care.

The party was held in Julia’s amazing backyard and the light was beyond gorgeous.  Really, it was a magical night and looking at these photos makes my heart full.

Here is a little bit from Cassidy

Community and connection can bring us to a place of healing. This happened for participating moms through asking for help from family and friends, or finding a local support group. Allowing others “in” to care for us can be a vulnerable experience, but when the risk of being vulnerable is taken, the mom’s in our circle found that they were able to engage with more Self-Care and found themselves re-energized to engage in motherhood and their work.

The idea of “balance” is a unicorn, it’s a myth. In order for something to be “balanced” you need perfect weight on either side, and perfection is just not attainable. Also, perfectionism is typically externally driven, “what will others think?” If we get in touch with our internal values and use those values to make the tough decisions of prioritizing, our day to day lives can slowly become more aligned with what’s most important to us. Sometimes that means pouring ourselves into our families, sometimes it means saying yes to our work or projects, sometimes it means acknowledging that we are running on fumes and need to say yes to ourselves.

With any party you need good eats and drinks!  Lucky us were spoiled by A MIHO Experience, Butter & Crumbs and some good ol’ Trader Joe’s rosé…

We asked Cassidy to put together a few conversation starters for other mamas who wanted to throw a dinner party like this themselves…  I can’t encourage a night like this enough!  Grab your nearest girlfriends, a few bottles of wine and have these meaningful conversations…

Conversation Starters
1) What role does Self-Care have in your life right now?
2) What gets in the way of Self-Care? 
3)What are some of the messages you’ve received about Self-Care? (e.g., from family, discourses around gender and culture, social media?)
4) How might some of your personal values connect with caring for yourself?

5) Have there been times you’ve been able to overcome the Self-Care blocks? What allowed you to overcome those blocks?

Stay tuned for more Mama awareness and self care love events!  We can’t get enough of spreading this message…




Styling + Co-Host: Beijos Events 
Venue + Co-Host: Home of Julia Wheeler
Discussion Leader + Co-Host: Dr. Cassidy Freitas
Blankets: Gunn & Swain
Tables & Pillows: Pow Wow Design Studio
Tabletop Rentals: Hostess Haven
Half Moon Serving Trays: Dovetails + Darts
Placecards + Signage: Twinkle + Toast
Triangle Serving Tray: Rael Made

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National Girlfriends Day – An Interview with The Beijos Ladies

Today is a very important holiday, National Girlfriends Day!!!  This is like the holy grail of those crazy weird holidays I never knew about.  I mean really, what would any of us ladies do without our girlfriends?!  For me life wouldn’t be half as fun, that’s for sure.  I can honestly say that I think one of the best things about being a girl is just that, having girlfriends!  Guys really don’t know what they’re missing out on!

In celebration of this day I thought it would be fun for us Beijos ladies to talk about our friendships with each other.  This lets you guys learn a little bit more about each of us and how we tick.  Because let’s face it, without our friendship Beijos wouldn’t be Beijos!!

Photos by Carlie Statsky


How did you meet Abby & Leah?

I met Abby my freshman year of high school, I was a public school transfer to high school and only had one friend coming into the school.  Lucky for me, her and her friends thought I was cool enough to hang out with, haha!  We’ve been friends ever since, going on over 20 years of friendship!  Leah and I met working at a boutique together right out of college.  She was actually my boss at first and sort of intimidating, but after one fateful night out we were fast friends.  Fast forward over 10 years later and we are god mothers to each others children!

Tell us something you admire about Abby…

There are lots of things I admire about Abby, one is that she is a really great mom.  She loves her kids more than anything and really tries to do her best every day for them.  Another thing I admire about her is how thoughtful she is to others.  It’s something that has stuck out to me since High School.  When we were younger she took care of a boy with special needs, which took a lot of patience and care.  She also always made an effort to visit me or keep in touch with me when I moved away for college which kept our friendship strong, something I’m really grateful for.

 What is something you know about Leah that may surprise people…

Leah is very mellow and down to earth when you meet her, but this girl has a wild side!  She does not shy away from a good time!!  Something I learned the very first time we went out together on that fateful night.  I had thought, oh this girl and I probably won’t be friends, she seems kind of quiet…. Boy was I wrong when I saw her in her element!!  Although we have calmed down with having kids, I know my bestie still has it in her to get a little crazy…. In a good way!

What is something you have a girl crush on Leah for?

Well, she looks like Eva Mendes which is a huge girl crush thing right there!!  I’d also say her legs, Leah has great legs and should probably show them off more!  I also love her hair and am always envious of her clothing collection!

If the three of you were attacked in a dark alley, who would you all hide behind?

Well definitely not Abby because she’s like 5 feet tall, haha!  I think I’d be the most feisty and probably get shanked because of it.  I’m gonna have to go with Leah here because she would probably be the most level headed but also the most mama bear out of the three of us!

Who’s the Monica, who’s the Rachel and who’s the Phoebe?

I could have gone a lot of different directions here but I’m going to say Abby is the Monica – she is pretty crazy when it comes to anything she does and totally over thinks things.  I could also see Abby as a former fatty and chef because she loves food, haha!  Leah is Rachel because she has great hair, loves clothes and is super loyal.  She would be the one to work for Ralph Lauren and have a haircut everyone tries to copy.  I’m Phoebe because I think I’m the most free spirited believe it or not, and I could definitely picture myself singing Smelly Cat to a crowd… And I think I’m kind of the weirdest, haha!  One thing though, I would never run like Phoebe does, hahahahahaha!


How did you meet Jacquelyn & Leah?

    I have known Jacquelyn since our freshmen year in high school. Been good buds ever since. I met Leah thru Jacquelyn during our college years (their college years, I pretended I went to college, ha! JK I did!) and became closer with her when we started Beijos. 

What is your favorite memory of Jacquelyn from High School?

Loaded question! How can I possibly pick one favorite memory! I’m sure you could only imagine the trouble us two got into. Well.. I’ll 1st let you in on that we are members of the BHB club, a prestigious club we started in high school. It was a group that would gather weekly to watch and discuss a very important and groundbreaking television show… it’s called Beverly Hills, 90210. :) One of the best memories that I will let out of the vault, is that Jacquelyn has a full dance routine choreographed by herself to the popular early 2000 dance jam, the thong song. 
If you could describe Leah in 3 words what would they be? Oh Leah, this girl can’t be described in three words. She is one of the best people I’m proud to call a friend. She is extremely kind, a natural perfectionist, and very reliable for always sharing a bottle of wine or two with. 

 What is one thing you have a girl crush on Jacquelyn for?

   I have two, her hair cause it grows so freaking fast and it has a natural curl, and her lips! I have no upper lip, and she has herself a full pout that only non upper lippers could only dream about. 

 If you were all at a nude beach who would be the first to take the plunge?

 Oh definitely Jacquelyn! Hands down. Duh. 

 Who’s the Brenda, who’s the Kelly and who’s the Donna?

 Oh tough one. I’m gonna say I’m Brenda cause well she is has tendencies to over analyze things (guilty), and also is up for a good time! Good time Sally! Jacquelyn is totally Kelly… always thinking she is the popular one ;) , and Leah is Donna. Everyone loves her, not crazy, and always a friend you can rely on.  She basically evens outs the craziness that Brenda and Kelly can create. 


How did you meet Jacquelyn & Abby? 

I met Jacquelyn working at a clothing boutique in Newport when I was a youngster in my formative 20’s.  We hit it off pretty quickly and it’s been history ever since.  I met Abby through Jacquelyn, since they went to school together.  We are all pretty normal and easy going with a lot in common as far as design and taste go, so there you go… a fun loving little trio!

What is something you know about Jacquelyn that may surprise people? 

She’s a total tomboy.  Yup, not afraid to play with the boys, and she’s actually better than most of them.

If you could describe Abby in 3 words what would they be?Creative, thoughtful, and an easy target for us to make fun of hehe, love you Ab!!

What is one thing you have a girl crush on Abby for?

Her ability to style food.  My god is she great at that or what?? One of the best I’ve seen right there!!

Out of the three of you, who is most likely to get lost while driving?I think Abby! haha

Who’s the Kim, who’s the Kourtney and who’s the Khloe? 

I’m gonna say I’m the Kourtney, Jacquelyn is Kim and Abby is Khole.  

And there you have it!  A little bit more about us, our friendship and how we tick!  Make sure you call your best girlfriends today and tell them you love them! Better yet, toast to them with a glass of wine!!  Because National Girlfriends Day is definitely Beijos approved!



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At Home with the Miniellos

It was, a sunny weekday morning where I met Meghann Miniello for the 1st time at Peets coffee to chat about working with her. We had a love for rose gold hair and wine, and it was instant friends from there. This lady is crazy talented, beautiful, and she has so much love for her friends and family, and you can see that in the way she is with her little mini, Franki James and her cool hubby, Matt. They are the coolest family around, and they are expecting another mini in a matter of days. I can’t get enough of this family and want them to be my parents! She is sharing her feelings on becoming a family of four, and how her world will change with another mini on the way. Meg, Matt, and Miss Frankie did a little photo session in their cute Santa Cruz bungalow to capture moments of the last day as a family of three. There is so much love with this family, and I’m so excited to share with you!  I hope you fall in love with this family as much as I have. 

 Meg, you have the biggest heart in the world, and I’m so honored to not only work with you all the time but call you a friend. I can’t wait to see what this little mini will be. 

Pictures by BFF, Natalie Dressed 

Baby #2, nervous, scared, not real yet, how are you feeling?

 Not so much nervous or scared, but it’s starting to feel real as the due date approaches (July 12th).  I’m not anxious quite yet because I am still finishing up projects- but I know the nesting bug is coming!  I’ve got a LONG list of house DIYs and Daddy-dos.
  I know you guys are waiting to find out the gender of this little mini, do you find it hard not knowing?
I LOVE not knowing.  The anticipation and lead up to finding out the best news ever is the best part. We waited with our daughter too, although we totally knew she was a girl.  It was so much fun to drive our family and friends nuts guessing!
We know you have something up your sleeve for the baby’s room, you gonna let us in on the deets?
We’ve created a little spot in our room for babe while he/she is tiny and we are still in the continuous feeding phase.  But after a few months, if we are ready to transition, Mini 2 will be sharing a room with Frankie girl.  So, if the baby is a girl, we are good to go, but if mini is a boy I am definitely going to have to remove some of the pink. Luckily I started with a neutral palette of whites, tans, natural textiles and woods so it shouldn’t be too hard.  I would like to stay with the California, eclectic, artsy and sentimental vibe with pops of fun color.  Frankie will be getting a big girl bed soon and baby will move into the crib when we’re ready.  I shared a room as a kid, so I am ok with having my kiddos develop that same bonding time while they are little.  Just a little terrified about how bedtime will work… open to any and all suggestions or advice!!
How does Frankie feel about all this?
Frankie seems to be excited about having a new baby sister or brother.  We read “The New Baby,” a book given to me as a kid when my little sister was added to our family, and she loves it!  She loves babies but is not a fan of when I hold the other babies… so that should be interesting.  I think there will be a major transition period, but ultimately I think she’ll love having a built in playmate!  She gives my belly kisses and talks about “baby seeser” so I think that’s her prediction!
Do you have reservations about being a family of 4 and still being able to juggle family and work?
I have reservations about having even more on my plate, but I know it will all work out, and things will naturally align and prioritize themselves!  Somehow, more time always surfaces, and I can keep up the juggle. It’s not always pretty and clean, but people get fed, dogs get walked, and work gets done. The house is not always clean though, but you win some, and you lose some!  I had a little break down the other day about losing my alone buddy time with Frankie girl because I cherish it so so much, but everyone tells me your heart just grows and it works.  So I am trying to spend as much time with her now and make really special memories while I can.
 Any names picked out yet, any hints?
We THINK we’ve decided.  The middle name is still up in the air, but we are close!  Ok, so the one hint I’ll share is that we have ONE name that works if the baby is a boy or girl!
How has this pregnancy been different than with Frankie?
Chasing a toddler has made this pregnancy a little harder. I don’t have the luxury of all the naps I took when I was pregnant the first time.  Physically it’s about the same though.  I don’t experience morning sickness but I have heartburn like woah.  Pineapple is my ultimate nemesis!!  Frankie girl is a good eater, so she has some junk in her trunk and its getting really hard to lift her and of course she wants to be held all the time right now. Funny how those things work like that.

I can’t wait to meet mini #2! Thanks for sharing these special moments with us Meg!







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Life with Two Boys and Winter Water Factory

Most of the time when people see me out and about with my two boys they say “Oh, you have your hands full!”  I must admit, they are right.  Having two kids is a big jump from one, anyone will agree I’m sure.  But having two boys is a whole other ball game.  Other moms I talk to with boys can relate.  Don’t get me wrong, girls can be tough too I’m sure, and it of course depends on the child.  But my two are full of tons of energy and wildness which makes life with two boys very interesting.

Photos by Nea Nabayan

Clothing by Winter Water Factory

Every day is an adventure with these two.  Court is now three, and well, he’s definitely a three-nager.  He loves to dress up and pretend, his imagination is endless.  Most days we play super heroes, he never tires of it.  There is a different costume he is obsessed with and won’t leave the house without every day, right now it’s Spider Man.  

His energy seems to never run out!  I’m embarrassed to admit, but sometimes, (like last night) he doesn’t fall asleep till around 10pm.  He’s our little energizer bunny!!  He loves life fully and whenever I ask “what do you want to do today” I get the same answer – “PLAY!”  Court is strong willed and determined in everything he does.  Which also makes for some interesting days, and sometimes tantrums.  My husband and I are trying to manage those as they come, but wow, they can really turn you upside down!

With all of the craziness, he’s also extremely loving…  That’s something most boy moms I know say.  Yes they are wild and crazy, but boy do they love hard.  I get lots of hugs, even if they do start as tackles, and kisses.  So in that way, life with two boys can be pretty amazing.  Last night he told me I was his favorite person to play with, and the cuddles and “I love you”‘s are abundant.  He still asks me to carry him to bed, and sometimes I have both of them in my arms at once.   This is not easy going up and down stairs considering I found out today he weighs 37 lbs and Cruz has to be around 20!  

I’m trying to soak in all of the good stuff so it out-weighs the hard toddler stuff.  Plus, if I can pocket it all up and have it stored in my memory it will help dealing with him when he’s a teenager and doesn’t want anything to do with me.  Am I the only mom who thinks about things like that?  I think about my sons as adults and how I won’t be able to hug and kiss them like I do now, it’s depressing… Maybe I’m a weirdo, haha!

Now Cruz… Cruz started out as such a mellow guy, and well, he’s not!  I thought, wow, this time I got an easy one!  No, this guy is such a love but he’s busy like his brother.  I guess it may be a little bit of monkey see, monkey do over here.  He is very mobile, crawling and walking along everything.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he started walking within the next month or so.  He will be 9 months next week!  Court started walking at 9 months too…  I don’t wish early walkers on anyone!

He’s at the age where everything is going in his mouth, so we have to be extra careful!  Big brother has an affinity for legos, which is just awesome (emoji eye roll).  Cruz still doesn’t sleep through the night, however I’m still breastfeeding him… Maybe that’s why, but both of my boys weren’t good sleepers ever.  The one thing Cruz is doing well at?!  Eating!  Court is still tough with eating, Cruz however loves it!  That has been a relief and lots of fun to see him try new foods and actually like them!

Another Cruz thing… He gives hugs!!  Like really good and long ones, they are the best!  Plus, can you believe that blonde hair?!  Like what in the world?!

Cruz loves his brother so intensely, it’s amazing to see the way he looks in awe at him.  I can’t wait till they are big enough to play together!!  We did their first bath together the other night, mostly because I can’t bathe Court without Cruz getting into some type of trouble while I do!  It’s so fun to see them interact with each other, I can only imagine the type of trouble these two will cause… They are both just too smart for their own good.

When I was young I used to say that I only wanted boys – two boys to be exact.  I don’t know why I said that, maybe because I was a bit of a tomboy.  I know I thought life with two boys would be fun, which it definitely is!  I’ve been saying I want more… I’m not so sure these days.  Life with these two is keeping me awfully busy!  I love the idea of adding a girl to our tribe, but I would probably have another boy.  Which in all honesty, I wouldn’t be upset about.

Another great thing about having two boys is making them wear matching outfits, haha!  This is something I NEVER thought I’d get excited about.  Now I know why my mom did it to my sister and I, it’s addicting!  Winter Water Factory has been one of my favorite brands for my boys, even when Court was a baby.  

They have the best prints, great boy and girl options, and it’s all made in the US.  Their prints are like amazing art work that I would have in my home, I love them!  They even make cute dresses for moms, so I can get in on the fun too!  Everything is an organic cotton and it’s so yummy and durable.  They wash well and stay in great condition wear after wear.  I can’t recommend them enough!

 To sum it up, with all of the craziness, adventuring with these two is my favorite thing ever.  Add in their daddy and it’s even better.  Life with two boys seems hectic now, and I’m sure it will get even crazier.  I think the lack of sleep is tough these days, but I manage!  I’m excited for new adventures with them and to watch them grow.  Seeing our little one’s minds and personalities develop is just the best, I am lucky I get to watch these two!



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