Shop Spotlight – Daydream Surf Shop

Do you ever come across an amazing local spot that you almost don’t want to share it’s so good?!  But then you realize you have to tell everyone about it because yes, it’s just that good?!  Well that’s me today!  When I first laid eyes on Daydream Surf Shop I fell in love.  I loved the look of the space, but mostly I loved the feel of it.  The shop has a calming Southern California vibe without trying too hard.  It feels communal and welcoming, just my style!

Owners Becca Mantei and Kyle Kennelly strive for a “space that serves to promote the overall intention of good vibes”, and I can vouch, it does.  From the people who gravitate inside to the overall aesthetic, the vibes are good.  They have everything from coffee, a surf club, home goods and clothing.  Their vintage collection, curated by Becca herself, is definitely some of my favorite eye candy in the shop.

Keep reading to hear more from Becca about Daydream Surf Shop and all that goes into making it one of my favorite spots in Costa Mesa…

Photos by Riley Starr

How and when did Daydream Surf Shop come about? 

Daydream opened in December 2016. I opened the shop with my long time love/partner/BFF Kyle, after we both were unsatisfied with our jobs. We had both moved to the Bay Area together to go to school. Kyle went to UC Berkeley and I went to the University of San Francisco. After graduating we both got jobs in industries we though would be fulfilling but ended up being the opposite. Kyle worked in the matrix for JP Morgan as an investment banking analyst and I was working as an interior design assistant and had a couple different meaningless retail sales jobs.

We had always dreamed of opening a shop together one day, but it was really more of a pipe dream, nothing that we saw coming to fruition in the near future. After a year of working for The Man, Kyle was fired. AKA the best day ever. When that happened we both said F*** It! Lets do it! Lets open a shop together! Lets work for something we both actually believe in! Lets do what makes us happy and fulfilled!

We spent 2 years saving as much money as we could and tried to gain as much knowledge as we could about how to open and run a successful shop. Fast forward to today, and we’ve just finished our first year in business. It’s more work than I could have ever imagined, but is also the most fulfilling thing I have ever been apart of. 

What is it about you and Kyle’s backgrounds that make your shop successful?

Kyle studied economics and I studied design and fine art. We have a pretty good Yin and Yang situation between the two of us. Kyle is much more analytical and detail oriented and I am more focused on the bigger picture and feeling of the shop as a whole.

We also work together really well. I think since we’ve been together for almost 8 years we have both gotten really good at knowing what the other person needs. If one of us is feeling drained and over worked the other one is able to pick up on it and take care of them. It’s the best thing in the world to be able to work with my best friend, I highly recommend it. 

What are some of your favorite items in your shop?

My favorite part of the shop is our vintage collection. I hand pick every piece that goes into it. I sift through mountains of dirty clothes to find the gems buried at the bottom. I love being able to give new life to clothes that would have otherwise been thrown into a landfill. The colors, patterns, and quality that clothes were made with ages ago have always been something I’ve been interested it. I’ve been religiously going to flea markets since I was in Jr High.

We love that you value purpose and quality in the items in your shop, talk to us about that…

Purpose and quality are important, there’s so much waste that goes along with modern day consumption habits and we want to give folks an option to minimize that by curating our space with high quality goods backed by ethical business practices. We handle all the work of sourcing and buying products from brands we’ve researched and know to be pushing the envelope of ethical practices in terms of social and environmental objectives.

For example, Sightglass our coffee roasters, practice direct trade with all the farms they’re partnered with and will even invest capital in order to improve some farms’ production facilities and garner long-term relationships that make both parties successful. One of our other most popular product categories is vintage clothing which aims to bypass any clothing production whatsoever in favor of recycling garments, many of which are found in landfills but are in near perfect condition. 

Your surf club is such a great concept and quintessential to our Southern California lifestyle, tell us about it…

Our Surf Club is centered around a shift that has been operating in the background of surf culture for a number of years now. We and a growing number of folks see surfing more as an academic study of surfing history and design theory than a “sport” which is how mainstream surfing has been defined. It’s a recreation that provides a graceful and beautiful way for friends and loved ones to interact with nature.

Each person has their own individualistic style and with this comes a wide variety of boards that suit each persons’ physical and mental make up. We provide a place to learn what style works for each individual and walk them through various designs based on what is working and not working well. Each interaction will be coupled with relevant historical information revolving around each boards’ design and sometimes we’ll even give out little homework assignments for those that are looking to go a little deeper… usually it’s just something as simple as watching a short video online.

As for the nuts and bolts of the club, we have about 45 boards from dozens of legendary and contemporary shapers that we’re always selling and replacing with new ones. We have three levels of membership, a $20 day pass, a $50 per month level that allows folks a 3 day holding period with each board of interest, and a $100 per month membership that allows folks a 7 day holding period. The latter membership is great for our LA and San Diego members while most folks that are located more closely to the shop usually opt for the mid-range membership.

Why did you decide to add a coffee shop into the mix?

We are both big coffee fans. Aside from just loving coffee, having the cafe has allowed for our shop to become a place for our community to come together. Having coffee also gives people a reason to come in everyday. People don’t buy surfboards everyday but they can buy a cup of coffee everyday.  I love how it makes our space the place for people to spend time and hang out with one another. This component of our shop has made Daydream a space that folks have on their radar as a daily destination.

You host a lot of events in the shop, what are some fun ones you have coming up?

On 1/11, we had a gong sound bath meditation. It was a really relaxing event with a great turn out. We’ve had a couple sound baths at the shop in the past, it’s definitely an event that we will continue to host, so if you missed out on this one, there will be more! But I think the next event we are having is a flower pop up on Valentine’s Day! We will have beautiful floral bouquets and handmade ceramic vases available for people.

One of my best friends is the owner of the most amazing ceramics studio right down the street from our shop called Costa Mesa Ceramics and she will be making a bunch of epic handmade ceramic vases. Another friend of mine is the most talented florist and she will be creating beautiful floral arrangements. Who doesn’t love fresh flowers and ceramics? 

What’s next for Daydream?

That’s a tough question to answer because its very grand and changing dramatically all the time. We have so many rad opportunities and people that our shop will seemingly randomly attract and pull into our circle, it’s really remarkable what falls into place if you know how to let it.

We can’t really get too specific but we can say this, we will be focusing on making Newport, Costa Mesa, and costal Orange County a place for like-minded people to connect, learn, and enjoy themselves. We have a lot of places on our list of destinations that have all the communal ingredients we see as imperative structures of Daydream and will definitely be scouting to connect with these communities both near and far in a deeper fashion in 2018. 

Thank you so much for sharing Becca & Kyle!

If you haven’t yet, you must check out this spot!



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Beijos Spotlight: Marisa Mason Jewelry

Us Beijos ladies are always on the hunt for new brands and stores to become obsessed with. And once we have found them, we share with our beloved readers in our Beijos Spotlight. Because we know if we love it, you are definetly going to too! Today’s Beijos Spotlight is with Marisa Mason Jewelry. She is one talented jewelry designer, and her pieces are like works of art. Marisa’s pieces are sold thru various stores among you, see where to find them, here. BUT! If you are lucky enough to live near or in Oakland, you can visit her at her store, and trust me you will want to. Let’s get to know Marisa Mason a little bit, and check out her shop and her unique and beautiful pieces she creates there. 

BTW, while I have been writing this, I have five pieces already in my shopping cart. 

Photos by Candiss Koenitzer

When did you start Marisa Mason?
I started my line in 2011- so I guess that is 6 1/2 years ago now.
Have you always been obsessed with jewelry making, how did decide to start this business?
I have always loved making things and started to get into making jewelry in about 2010.  I was never formally trained in any way, so it has been a work in process with my designs changing as new skills evolve.

 Tell us what your favorite piece is? 
My current favorite is probably the Santos necklace which is a made of leather and wood (of all things).  I have a couple of new beautiful jewelry pieces I am excited about as well…I have not named or photographed any of them yet though so check back in on those.
You recently became a new mom, how is it challenging children and being a business owner?
It has been an excellent transition for me- tough but great.  I had built my business on sweat equity, working a ton of hours and often just doing things myself instead of bringing my employees into the loop more.  Once I became pregnant, I knew that would have to change.  It has been amazing to see the ladies who make up our team take over and help run the business better than I ever could have.  It took my adorable baby girl to teach me how to have a better work/life balance.
Can you tell us about your monthly pop up designer you feature in your store?
Every month we feature a different designer in a portion of our store.  They come in, set it up how they want, and create their space.  They make the majority of the money from the sales and get to present their whole vision which can be hard to do as a designer when you don’t have a physical space of your own to show your work.  It is fun to get to know other designers and to get to promote their work differently.
What is your jewelry made out? Tell us a little bit about your pieces? 
I work primarily in brass and silver but am beginning to work more in gold and am excited to grow my fine collection over the next year.  I carve the original designs from wax, and then we cast and hand polish the pieces.  We do a lot of work with leather, turquoise, and various braided fibers as well. 
Your store is amazing Marisa, and I can’t wait to get some of these pieces in my hands. 
Never too late for hints for the 25th! Hint! Hint! cough… cough… Hendrix… hehe!


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Holiday Gift Giving with Maven Market


Gift giving is one of my favorite things to do during the holiday season. I love to seek high and low for that perfect gift for family and friends. Seeing thier face fill up with joy and excitement when they open up the gift, is one of the best feelings. I’m pretty sure I got this trait from my mom. She is always seeking out the best and unique gift for family and friends.

This year, I discovered Maven Market, and she is my little christmas angel. Maven Market is a collection of gift boxes that were carefully curated by founder Jillian Gorman. They contain a wide range of quality handmade products made by local artist and artisans. Even the box itself supports a small business! Maven Market provides you with the convenience of selecting a thoughtful, meaningful, luxury gifts for your loved one (or yourself! wink, wink) in the comfort of your own home. 

This is a perfect way to support small local businesses! Maven Market just launched the mini boxes, and they are beyond adorable. I want them all! One gift for you, One for me… right? 

Best part…

Jillian, owner of Maven Market explains her passion behind Maven Market.

Gifts are meant to invoke joy and well-being, and we rally behind those who use their own gifts to bless others. These boxes promote creative expression. intentionality and community. To pay it even more forward, a portion from all sales go to City of Refuge in Sacramento. 

On May 6th, 2017, they launched a Kickstarter campaign that was fully funded by 138 generous backers.

Above all, this project was meant to honor the life of our daughter Norah. Her fifteen minutes in this world had an incredible impact on our lives. Remembering her life, and death, as well as the invaluable gifts that we received from our creative community that brought so much healing, is the motivation to make this business a success. We hope in turn that it blesses others as much as it’s blessed our family.

I introduce to Maven Market…

T H E   M I N I   B O X E S


O H ,  B A B Y 


+ Camel knot bib by Happy Hadley Handmade

+ Teething ring by Chewable Charm

+ Essential oils roller by The Willowfield Apothecary

+ Air plant sourced from The Airplant Hub 


C H R I S T M A S   V A C A Y


+ Room spray by P.F. Candle  – amber and moss

+ Essential oils roller by The Willowfield Apothecary

+ Chicago Pebble Pouch by Studio Fig (exclusive to Maven Market!) – olive green

+ Air plant sourced from The Airplant Hub


C O M F O R T   &   J O Y


+ Wooden scoop by Four Leaf Wood Shop

+ Jam by Lemon Bird Jams (flavor options available!)

+ Spice by The Allspicery (flavor options available!)

+ Turkish towel by Bersuse

+ Small air plant sourced from The Airplant Hub

H O L I D A Y   C H E E R


+ Candle by P.F. Candle Co.

+ Natural wood matches with copper tree feature by Studio Portmanteau

+ Peppermint lip gloss by The Good Hippie

+ Small air plant by The Airplant Hub

Along side thier mini holiday gift boxes, they have bigger boxes curated everyone in your life!

T H E   D W E L L


UMMM… handmade velvet pouch?!? Oh yes! Hint! Hint!

F I R S T   B L U S H

For all you coffee lovers!



If you have a new mama in your life, this is the box to do! So cute!



good for the soul this one!


Last, but not least, travel. I’m obessed with that black pouch. Everything you need for your travels.

Now, if you are in the Sacramento area, you can add SEASONAL FLORAL BOUQUETS arranged by Mignon Floral Co. They are available with a gift box purchase and of course for local delivery orders only. 

Put a smile not only on your loved one’s face but yourself knowing you found the perfect cureated gift plus making a difference in the world by proceeds going to the City of Refuge in Sacramento. 

Get your box while you can! Only a certain amount available… I’m off to buy mine right now!





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Beer Tasting with the Hubby at Fieldworks Brewery

To keep a marriage solid and healthy, it needs to be worked on, and the best way to do that is date your hubby! You gotta keep that spark alive, right?! These days, that seems nearly impossible with our schedules. Between traveling, and all the kid’s activities, where do you find the time? Plus, moving away and losing all our sitters, how the heck are we gonna do this!? What did we do to ourselves!! A day date is what we were able to work out. I wanted to do something that would excite my husband, and beer tasting would give me major wifey points. Luckily for me, there are a ton of craft brewery places around our new stomping grounds. I discovered Fieldworks Brewery on Instagram and fell in love with this fun hip place. 

Photos by Liz Zimbelman

Being spontaneous and skipping out on work creates this fun, romantic, and impulsive time spent together, kinda like it was before kids. I mean don’t make a habit of it, but once in awhile is totally doable. We headed to Midtown to see what kind of trouble we could get ourselves into. I immediately fell in love with Fieldworks Brewery. I mean cmon just look at that wall! Then, I discovered they had a tropical pale ale called Island Time, and I was sold! If I was gonna drink any kind of beer, this would be the place to do it at. 

Fieldwork Brewing Company is a craft brewery founded in Berkeley, CA with a focus on exceptional, honest beer-making. Fieldwork brews are served in Berkeley, Napa, Sacramento and San Mateo Taprooms, and at the finest craft beer-focused establishments in northern California.  If you are in the Northern California area, you will definitely want to stop by one of their taprooms, check out all their beers here.

We had the best time chatting with each other, tasting some new flavors, and getting to spend some alone time without being interrupted every 10 seconds. We made a promise to each other, to try to do this at least once a month.

Now, back to reality…








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Visiting Gather & Mill in Grass Valley

Moving to a new city, you get to discover new places to shop! I discovered Gather & Mill on Instagram and immediately fell in love with the store and most of all the two sweet owners.  Gather & Mill is not only a place to shop all handmade products made by artisans, but also a studio, rental company, and a place to get your creative juices going with workshops and events. I got a chance to stop by the shop and well… shop and chat! If you are in the Grass Valley area, you definitely need to stop by Gather & Mill
Photos by Katie White
Tell us about how Gather & Mill began…
Gather & Mill began very suddenly and organically.  We were both a part of the building prior to taking over the lease, because we were members of the wedding collective that used to occupy the space (Erica has a rental company, Tin Roof Farmhouse, and I own a photography business, Katie White Photography).  When the owner of our wedding collective decided to move locations, Erica realized she’d have to move her rental storage space or take over the lease; but the timing wasn’t ideal and she reached out to me in desperation.  After reassuring her that everything would work out, we both realized this may be the perfect opportunity to fulfill some goals we both had only dreamed of: owning a retail space!  Neither of us expected it to happen the way it did, but when a door opens, sometimes you just have to walk through and see what happens…  when we started brainstorming ideas for our shop, we were surprised at how similar our visions aligned.  We both wanted to showcase and support local artisans who used sustainable materials & valued quality and beauty.  We also wanted to host gatherings and creative workshops to bring our community together.  The more we talked about our business, the more we realized it was truly meant to be… and that simple realization pushed us to accomplish our dreams.
How did you two meet ?…
We met at a wedding we were both hired to work, and immediately hit it off!  We exchanged phone numbers, and planned a styled photo shoot together.  In that first collaborative effort, we realized how well we worked together, and a friendship quickly blossomed.  Erica and I almost seem to read each other’s minds…  it’s always seemed as if we’ve known each other forever.  We feel very fortunate for this sweet connection.
Now, not only do you both own Gather and Mill, but you also own separate creative businesses, could you brag about those for a second! And how do find time to do it all?
Yes, we do!  As I mentioned before, Erica owns Tin Roof Farmhouse Rentals and I own Katie White Photography.
Erica has collected special items and vintage pieces for as long as she can remember, and has an amazing knack for re-purposing old and undesirable things into masterpieces.  She also has a natural ability to style any ordinary space into a dreamy set-up; so, after receiving her MBA in Sustainable Business, she decided to turn her fun hobby into a career, bringing all her creative talents together!  She loves working with couples and making their dream wedding a reality.
As for me (Katie), I’ve always been immersed in the arts, but found my passion grow for photography once my children were born.  After being asked repeatedly to photograph friend’s family portraits, I realized I might actually have a chance to turn my hobby into a career, so I went to school and also shadowed an amazing wedding photographer (Megan Clouse Photography) who took me under her wing and mentored me.  From there, I built my portfolio and started my business.  The rest is history!
We both feel that you make time for the things you’re most passionate about–  sure, it’s hard to balance everything and sometimes we both feel like we’re going crazy trying to keep up with everything, but we LOVE what we do, so it just works!
Tell us how this beautiful space is just not a storefront, but also space for creative people to gather…
Well, we have a huge warehouse space that connects to our retail shop…  part of it is used for Erica’s rental showroom, and we offer the rest of the space for events, creative workshops, pop-up shops/trunk shows, and anything else you can dream up!  Plus, we style our events using Erica’s rentals!  It’s a really inspiring space, with an industrial feel and big, beautiful windows along one side that looks into our private backyard space, which we also make available for events.  It’s amazing how the spaces can transform depending on the look and feel of the occasion.
Tell us about some fun workshops you have coming up!…
I’d love to!  We just announced our Fall workshops which include an indigo dyeing workshop, a weaving workshop, an up-cycling jeans/clothing workshop, an embroidery workshop, and a “Soul of Creativity” Workshop that incorporates yoga, creative writing and art.  We also have some fun events on the schedule, including yoga classes every Tuesday morning (beginning 9/19), Pop-Up Shops, and an evening of poetry reading and wine tasting….  and we’ll be adding more to that list soon!!

You also have some mini sessions coming up for the holiday right?
Yes we do!  Erica and I love styling and photographing mini-sessions together.  In previous years, we’ve used different locations around Northern CA to host our mini-sessions, but this year we’re using our own space.  We’ll be doing Fall Themed and Holiday Themed sessions.  For more info on how to schedule a session with us, you can visit our blog at
 What’s next for Gather and Mill…
We have so many different ideas and plans for the space, and can’t wait to watch Gather & Mill evolve.  Without spilling too many secrets, we’re working on expanding into another room to accommodate more products; specifically, more home goods.  We also have some fun things in the works for the holiday season, as well as community events for next summer… but we can’t quite dish the details YET.  You’ll just have to stay tuned!!
Can’t wait to see what you ladies have in store! 


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