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Beijos Spring To Do List

And just like that, it’s Spring!! We’re so excited for this change in season, it seems like Spring is always the one you wait longest for.  But now that Spring is here it means warmer sunny days ahead and lots and lots to do!  We’ve compiled our seasonal list of fun things we plan on creating, doing, making, and wearing.  Don’t forget to follow along on Instagram with the hashtag #beijosdoesspring or #beijosspringtodolist.  

We’re kicking it off today with a pretty beauty tutorial…  What are your plans for Spring?!

Graphic by our friend Meghann Miniello



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Bright Floral Spring Salad Recipe

It’s been quite the past two weeks in our home. Along with the rain, the wind, and one little hail session, we have had the whole family under the weather. This week we are finally back to normal, and the best part is the sun is shining! With a to-do list a mile long, all I can think about is making spring salads. Spring is peeking its sweet little self into all this rain action, and it’s finally time to munch on all those yummy spring greens! With the family back on the mend, I was sure to stuff those sweet little faces with as many greens as they would allow. Starting spring off right, with one pretty edible flower spring salad. 

 Bright Floral Spring Salad  


spring greens 
a handful of edible flowers
One bunch of radishes
4 carrots
Two green onions
half a radicchio
olive oil and vinegar – apple cider or your choice (for dressing)
fresh squeezed lemon juice or Do Terra lemon essential oil


This couldn’t be easier!

 Thinly slice all veggies, and use a vegetable peeler to make carrot ribbons (fancy pants). Throw all ingredients into a large bowl and add a splash of olive oil + vinegar on top for dressing. I like to mix the dressing together in a small glass bowl or mason jar and make extra save in the fridge.
 Now, we gushed about the world of essential oils yesterday. If you haven’t seen it, see it here, and get ready to be obsessed! I have been using them for a couple of years now, and just recently have been consuming my lifestyle with them. I like to put a drop of lemon oil in the salad dressing. 
**When mixing the salad dressing, use a glass container with the essential oil option. It will eat away at plastic, plus no no on using plastic! 
Happy Spring!


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Ladies who Easter – Easter Brunch

This week it’s still all about Easter and although last week was all about how to throw the ultimate playdate for the little people, today it’s all about the ultimate adult playdate!!  We call this one, “Ladies who Easter” because sometimes you and your girlfriends (and guys for that matter) deserve an amazing brunch with amazing food and drinks and an all around amazing time!  When thinking of this boho Spring/Easter shoot I was inspired by the colors yellow and pink that I saw in a few modern geometric Art prints, those colors just scream the welcoming of Spring to me!!  The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming!!  And the sharp lines in the Art prints was the perfect juxtaposition to the boho style we were also trying to achieve.  We worked with an amazing team of vendors to achieve this beauty all captured by the talented Megan Welker.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we do, but be careful, there is some really yummy food that you will about to see… Avert your eyes if you are a drooler ;)

You can also see this beautiful shoot featured on Green Wedding Shoes today!

How pretty and fun is the invite by Taryn of Twinkle & Toast?!  She always gets it and never disappoints!!

meganwelker-ladieseaster-320 Rachael of Siren Floral Co created the most beautiful floral arrangements and we were also thrilled to shoot in her amazing new space, The Romantik Studio.  How amazing is that acacia floral backdrop behind the table?! That stuff is growing like crazy in Spring so if you want to create it at home it’s very easy to do!!  Just make sure you bring some shears whenever you’re driving so if you see some you can pull over and grab it, haha!!  There’s a great DIY for ya!

meganwelker-ladieseaster-27 meganwelker-ladieseaster-55 How beautiful is that table arrangement?!  Swoon….

meganwelker-ladieseaster-26 meganwelker-ladieseaster-30 The table was decked out with Hostess Haven’s lovely glassware and china, we always love mixing and matching with her insanely good collection…

meganwelker-ladieseaster-44 meganwelker-ladieseaster-68 meganwelker-ladieseaster-60 Gotta have cocktails, am I right?!?  One Hope always takes care of us with the prettiest bottles for the best cause!!  These ladies knew how to get the party started!!!

meganwelker-ladieseaster-87 meganwelker-ladieseaster-94 meganwelker-ladieseaster-99 meganwelker-ladieseaster-103 But you can’t have brunch with out amazing food and drink and boy did we!! A Miho Experience created the yummiest and most gorgeous food I’ve ever laid eyes on!!   Seriously guys, get ready to drool… I mean just looking at this menu created by Twinkle & Toast will have your tummy growling!

meganwelker-ladieseaster-197 meganwelker-ladieseaster-119 meganwelker-ladieseaster-126 meganwelker-ladieseaster-139 Image-2 meganwelker-ladieseaster-152 meganwelker-ladieseaster-186 Image-1 Isn’t it all so pretty?!  And I’m not just talking about the food… Our guests were gorgeous as well!

meganwelker-ladieseaster-169 meganwelker-ladieseaster-164 Image-3 meganwelker-ladieseaster-160 meganwelker-ladieseaster-168 meganwelker-ladieseaster-198 After you stuff your faces with that delicious spread, you need a little break… So we made sure our guests were taken care of with a lounge and a bar of course!!  Witty Rentals brought over some of their crazy good pieces, including the shelving set up we used for the bar… We are OBSESSED with it!!  It’s so perfect for weddings you guys, we can see it used so many ways!!  Desserts, Bar, Escort Display, you name it!!  Don’t you love it?!

meganwelker-ladieseaster-303 meganwelker-ladieseaster-296 Another adorable sign by our girl Taryn, owner of Twinkle & Toast

meganwelker-ladieseaster-307 Gotta love those sparkly bottles!!!  One Hope, you guys are genius!!

meganwelker-ladieseaster-314 And don’t forget to have something to keep your guests cozy, this is in the morning!!  Stay tuned for a fun collab we have coming up with Gunn & Swain… It’s gonna be all kinds of good…

meganwelker-ladieseaster-316 meganwelker-ladieseaster-318 Now for some good down time with the girls!!!  Love this lounge set up from the Witty Rentals girls, their mix of modern and boho will always have a place in our hearts!

meganwelker-ladieseaster-256 meganwelker-ladieseaster-262 meganwelker-ladieseaster-272 meganwelker-ladieseaster-264 meganwelker-ladieseaster-260 meganwelker-ladieseaster-275 meganwelker-ladieseaster-276 meganwelker-ladieseaster-287 And last, but certainly not least, gotta have some dessert!!!  We were so so SO excited to finally work with Stevi Auble, owner of Hey There, Cupcake!  I have admired her work for some time now and thought that this project was the perfect time to do it!!  I love what she created for us, and PS, everything was sooooo yummy!

meganwelker-ladieseaster-212 meganwelker-ladieseaster-214 meganwelker-ladieseaster-226 meganwelker-ladieseaster-217 meganwelker-ladieseaster-220 Image-4 meganwelker-ladieseaster-232 And that’s a wrap!!!  I hope this bright and colorful feature inspired you for your own brunch plans with your bunny friends!!



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A Littles Easter Play Date

We have a beautiful little post for you today, with a bunch of beautiful little people in it…

Easter is right around the corner and as per usual, it’s all about the kiddos, and why not?!  They are the ones who make it fun!!  This little playdate was inspired by our favorite Gunn & Swain and their amazing new blankets for Spring; the beautiful pastel striped Seychelle’s blanket and the Pantone colors of the year blankets, Rose Quartz and Serenity.  We love love love the colors and they remind us of flowers and ice cream cones, two things we just can’t live without!!  Once we saw these blankets we knew we had to create something pretty with them, then our buddies at Hatched Baby got involved with all of their adorable Spring attire and voila, this cute photo shoot playdate was born!  It wouldn’t be complete with out our girl Megan Welker shooting all of the littles and their fun, so sit back and take a scroll… We hope you get tons of inspiration for your own Easter egg hunt and fun with your families!!  This shoot will also be on Mini Style Blog tomorrow!

Stay tuned for an Epic Easter Basket Giveaway with some of our favorite vendors at the bottom of this post!!!

meganwelker-easterkids-63 Every party starts with an invite!  Ours was done by the super talented Kelli Murray, we love her style and this little bunny was the perfect announcement for lots of Easter fun!!

meganwelker-easterkids-5 Now on to the fun!!!  How cute is this set up?!  We love cacti, and a park full of it is basically our dream!  It made the perfect backdrop for this little get together… We always love what Land of Nod has going on for the holidays and their Easter collection was just the cutest.  There’s so much color and cuteness you really must head over, wait till you see all of their egg hunt fun!

And don’t you just love those Gunn & Swain Blankets that our kiddos could play on?!  The colors really do make our hearts happy!

meganwelker-easterkids-52 Oh, and those cute plush unicorns?!  They were quite the rage with all the little ladies in the shoot!  Land of Nod does it again!!

meganwelker-easterkids-58 meganwelker-easterkids-68 The insanely beautiful florals were created by Sarah of Catalina Neal, she knocked it out of the park with the perfect amount of whimsy for a kid’s playdate while also keeping it fresh and pretty for us mamas!!  Love her!

meganwelker-easterkids-72 meganwelker-easterkids-81 Don’t you just love these baskets by Eliza Gran?!  We are obsessed and used them for our Easter Baskets for our kids this year… She also did a really great collaboration with Gunn & Swain, go check it out!!!

meganwelker-easterkids-87 You guys, how good are these yarn wrapped Easter eggs from Twine and Braids?!  We fell in love the minute we saw them and new they would be perfection with this shoot.  We’ll be sharing more love for them next week!!  The kiddos loved how soft they were and us mama’s love the colors and look of them!!

meganwelker-easterkids-13 meganwelker-easterkids-17 meganwelker-easterkids-8 Remember how we said the Gunn & Swain blanket colors made us think about flowers and ice cream?!  Well we asked Sarah of Catalina Neal to create just that, and we are DYING over the outcome, and so were our little models!!!

meganwelker-easterkids-33 meganwelker-easterkids-180 meganwelker-easterkids-170 meganwelker-easterkids-169 meganwelker-easterkids-45 And our littles were treated to yummy gourmet Rice Crispies treats from Bliss and Baker, lucky them right?!?!

meganwelker-easterkids-19 Now for more playtime… Check out these cuties in action!!  And aren’t their outfits from Hatched Baby so adorable?!  Our little models are Marley, Lennix, Lucca, Court & Edie…

meganwelker-easterkids-90 meganwelker-easterkids-94 meganwelker-easterkids-96 meganwelker-easterkids-106 meganwelker-easterkids-101 Even the little little ones got in on some fun!  There’s Isla & Golden…

meganwelker-easterkids-114 Did you see those adorable bunny ear floral crowns on the girls?! They were made by our buddy Carissa from JL Designs, she is so talented!!!  They are even cuter in person and the girls LOVED them!!  Hurry and get a pair in time for the holiday!!!

meganwelker-easterkids-132 meganwelker-easterkids-141 meganwelker-easterkids-157 meganwelker-easterkids-160 Now, what kind of Easter party is it without an egg hunt?!?!  Like we said, Land of Nod killed us with cuteness when it came to the hunting madness… It’s all so good!!

meganwelker-easterkids-190 meganwelker-easterkids-183 meganwelker-easterkids-215 meganwelker-easterkids-222 meganwelker-easterkids-232 meganwelker-easterkids-246 meganwelker-easterkids-251 And now for the giveaway…..

We are giving away the most Epic Easter Basket for your special little love!!! Check out all of the details and enter below!!  It really is the best of the best involved, the winner will be announced Monday!!!

Epic Easter Basket Giveaway

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Step into Spring- Easter Style

Do you feel like spring crept up on ya, just like us? I mean, totally not complaining. I love me some spring. What is not to love about spring? Blooming flowers, days stay golden longer, and pastel colors everywhere you turn. Beijos heaven.

One of the best things about stepping into spring, is you will need to start to add some spring staples into your closet. Yay! Easter is literally right around the corner. With any holiday, I try to get myself something new. Being a mom of two, that NEVER happens. I end up in the kids stores and totally space on getting myself something. Happens more then I will admit. Those little clothes are just to hard to pass up. So when a holiday like Easter comes up, I spend some time + mula on ME! Crazy huh?!? Its the perfect time for those spring staples.

In my family, we have alot of family and friends that we visit for the holidays. So majority of all our holidays turn into a two day, even three day extravaganza. With so many places to go, you can’t just wear one outfit. DUH. hehe. I turned to my favorite stores to get me styling for Easter. I’m loving all the pretty spring numbers out there right now.

Let’s start with this white cotton ikat Azara dress by Cleobella. I got this fun flowly number at one of our favorite boutiques, The Hidden Jewel in Costa Mesa. This dress is a great staple for spring. It definitely has a cool factor to it. This is a perfect look for Sunday Easter brunch.

All Photos by Megan Welker


I love how this could easily be the alternative all white dress. A repeat dress for sure. I love the ikat detail, and that slit and back…. yeah its good. Really. Good.



I paired this dress with tan leather wrap up sandals and of course some sunnies. I’m a huge fan of D’Blanc sunglasses, and these tortoise minor panic sunglasses are keeping the vibe cool and natural.


You might be thinking its a smige to low cut, but not the case. Hugs you perfectly, and you can adjust with the adjustable tie in the back.


I’m a sucker for round sunglasses.


The next look, I fall in love with it more and more everyday. Being 5″2, I’m sorta limited to things I can wear off the rack. I thought a romper would be to long and make me look childish. But not the case at all. 1st, this fabric is incredibly light and soft. Not your normal romper that creeps up your backside. 2nd.. this chambray blue striped print reminds me of when I was little and my mom use to dress all of us girls in matching stripe numbers for Easter. It just screams Easter lunch with family and friends, but way cooler. And 3rd… its by Tularosa. Enough said. You need this Amelia Romper.



The back detail is hands down my favorite part of the romper.



I paired with the Dolce Vita Sadey Heel that I got from Show Me Your Mumu. Wood platforms are in this spring, so grab a pair to wear into summer! You can wear these with just about anything.


Plus it adds height… we all know I need some inches.

I added this leather mumu belt and it really completes the look. Loving this belt. ALOT. I add it to mumus, maxis, minis, you name it. Of course lastly, don’t leave home without your clear D’Blanc Sunnies.



The third and final look, a more low key vibe that is perfect for that Easter egg hunt. But if you are like me, take off the heels, so you can grab all the eggs!


We love anything Show Me Your Mumu, and this new spring pattern is one of my favorites that they have. Check out their new collection here.


Don’t be upset, its sold out. But the romper and Selena Top are great alternatives to achieve the same look. Paired with a pair of cut off jean shorts and those wooden heels, and there you have it.


Now we don’t leave the house without our Cleobella clutches, a Beijos staple. I’m loving this fringe rose gold clutch for spring.

and you guessed it… sunnies. I guarantee you will be outside majority of Easter Sunday, so sunnies are just as important as your top in my opinion.


Raen, makes a really pretty pink pair. You will see more of these beauties later soon!

I hope this brought some pretty and stylish inspiration for your Easter.



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