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Hosting a Bright & Fun Bagel Brunch

We’re just over here living Spring to it’s fullest guys!  Remember our Spring list we are working on?  Well today I am checking off hosting a bright & fun brunch… with bagels!!!  I love any reason to entertain and with Spring in the air, that’s as good a reason as any.  And well, when you add in bagels, it’s all pretty good to me!!  I had so much fun teaming up with some amazing vendors to create this spread, and seriously wait till you see the spread of all the food!!!  These are the kind of shoots I will never say no to!  This shoot is also on Inspired By This today!!

My talented friend Kayla Adams (who is in Bali right now, and I’m SO jealous) let us use her beautiful home to shoot in.  She did all of the photography and the graphics/paper goods.  This girl is beyond talented!!  But first, let’s just start with her gorgeous kitchen that she let us invade… 

Photos by Kayla Adams

Love an invite that’s straight to the point.  Also love stuffing our faces and eating like we mean it, duh!  FYI, we take brunching really seriously…

But seriously, how amazing is Kayla’s home you guys?!  Love it, I’ll host a brunch here any time!  It was made extra pretty with florals by Rekindle Creative, I love the bright Spring poppies that add a pop to the table.

Another thing I love, a table that has food on it!  What can I say, I’m easy to please!  Something nice about having some of the food on the table is it makes things more communal  I love the idea of a table full of people talking and sharing food and just enjoying themselves.  The beautiful glassware is from our friend Lisa who owns Boheme Rentals and the plates are from Bash Party Goods.  I love the fun prints from Bash and the fact that they are paper and easy to clean, I would definitely say yes to that!

Here are some of our tips to hosting a Spring brunch…

1. Play with color – It’s Spring, flowers are blooming and color is bursting everywhere!  This is the time to have fun and get creative with color.  Forget neutrals, you can play with pops of color from the table to the flowers or even the food and drinks!
2. Use fresh seasonal ingredients – One of our favorite things about cooking during Spring and Summer are all of the delicious fruits and veggies that are in season.  Cooking for guests this time of year can be fun and festive by visiting your local Farmer’s Market to get inspiration.  Plus, guests will love the idea and appreciate the color and freshness of what you serve.
3. Bring in the outside – Like we said, the flowers are blooming and some of our favorites do so during Spring.  Especially with the super bloom happening right now in California, there are so many flowers right outside your door!  Make beautiful arrangements with seasonal florals, it doesn’t matter if you buy them at the store or pick them outside, just adding color and life to your table makes a statement.

How fun and easy is that place setting… And all that yummy food is just a short reach away….  More on all of that delicious food from Colette’s Catering if you scroll down a bit!

All the pretty flowers and all the pretty glassware…  Give them to me forever and ever!  Thank you Rekindle Creative and Boheme Rentals for bringing the pretty!!

So, about that spread…. Colette’s Catering really brought it you guys, this is real life!!!  I think my jaw actually hit the floor when I saw all of this yumminess!  And yes, that is bacon right there on the top, yup….

We asked Colette’s to do some delicious bagels for this brunch and they again, did not disappoint…

Lucky you they even included some of the recipes for these bad boys… You can thank us later ;)

Nueske Bacon

Bacon with maple syrup, chopped toasted pecans, black pepper / made in oven

Add onto bagel over a thin layer of whipped cream cheese

Under Pressure Bagel

1 Sous Vide egg cooked at 75 C for 15 minutes 

Add spinach, fresh cracked pepper, sliced heirloom tomatoes and prosciutto over a thin layer of fresh whipped cream

Beet Hummus

Hummus Ingredients – roasted beets , chick peas, cream cheese, salt, pepper, lemon, tahini and garlic… Puree in blender… 

Add roasted beets & strawberries as a topping 

Last but not least, you’ve gotta have some cocktails!!!  Colette’s did it again with these tasty treats, and I love how Kayla spiced it up with the signage!!
Now you have no reason to NOT host your own vibrant and colorful Spring brunch!!  So go get your hosting pants on and don’t forget to share your work by tagging #beijosspringtodolist or #beijosdoesspring!
Happy Brunching!!


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Easter Style

Easter is three days away and we’ve gone over everything style wise from eggs to kids and even our tables.  But have you got your own Easter style ready?  Ever since I was young my mom would always have me in a cute new dress on Easter and well, call me old fashioned, but I like to keep traditions alive.  I mean, I’m just doing my part over here.  

There are so many good dresses out there right now!  I think that is one of the reasons I love Spring so much, all of the pretty dresses start to arrive and my heart starts to flutter.  The colors are brighter and fresher and the prints are extra pretty.  That’s what I think of with an Easter outfit – a cute little dress that screams Spring!!  So Abby and I are sharing our picks of dresses for Easter style… Hope it makes your heart skip a beat like it does mine!

Photos by Danielle Gillett & Megan Welker

Jacquelyn’s Hair by 1011 Makeup

You can shop our looks at the bottom of our post!

First we have Abby wearing this flowy maxi from Free People.  It’s so effortless and easy breezy,  you could continue to wear this through Summer and nobody would want to stop you.  She pairs it with her favorite clutch and sandals, along with a pair of Wyeth lucite sunnies.  And is it just me or is the the perfect dress to eat Easter brunch in??  Room for some stretch right there….

Next up, I’m in this gorgeous slip dress by Spell that I found at Costa Cabana.  I love the blue color and the pretty floral print.  Spell is one of my favorite brands to shop, I always want everything… Still trying to figure out how to do that and not let the husband be the wiser…  

I am pairing this dress (and every dress forever and ever) with these cute new suede mules by Matisse.  They are soooo comfy and I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing these a lot this Spring.

Clearly we are loving prints this season because Abby found another one that is killer.  This Jen’s Pirate Booty kaftan is so pretty and that lace detail trim just makes it.  I love how she uses our favorite Cleobella Mexicana clutch to accessorize it.  This baby is sheer so it’s pretty sexy, maybe a good date night Easter outfit?!  Is that a thing?  Haha, we can make it one right?  I mean you know how bunnies like to do it…  Sorry, had to…

Speaking of Cleobella I visited their shop in Seal Beach recently and found this cute little number, the Carnival Dress!  I mean, I could have gone crazy in there so I’m lucky I used self control and only left with this one…  Deep breaths…

Embroidery is huge this Spring and I love the detail and colors that this dress has.  I paired it with my Matisse Mules and my Wyeth sunnies.  This dress is so light and easy, I am thinking I could definitely dress it down with flats and a denim jacket too.  But for Easter you gotta go the fancy route!

There’s our Easter style picks, so now you have no excuse but to look your best on Sunday!!  So now go shopping, you’re allowed!



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Easter Cards

Yes, you read that right, Easter Cards!!  You send Christmas Cards, Birthday Cards, even Thank you Cards (if you’re polite) so why not Easter Cards?!  We thought it would be such a fun touch to let our families know we were thinking about them.  And let’s be honest, the colors for Easter are much more fun to play with then Christmas!!  

We asked our friend Kayla Adams, a super talented graphic artist and photographer, to create something for us.  We gave her some color inspriation and wording, and asked her to do what she does best – graphics instead of calligraphy!  Clearly we love calligraphy but sometimes it’s nice to do something a little different.  What she created is so darn cute and playful, we think you’ll love them!

Photos by Kayla Adams (multi talented lady!!)

Let’s start with Abby’s kiddos – Dylan and Jett!  They are getting so big!!  Dylan turns 7 today and Jett is 5 in a few months.  This whole idea was Abby’s, she loves sending cards to her family for Valentine’s Day and thought Easter would be nice this year for a change.  Her card has a simple “Happy Easter” with a yellow border, which goes against those pretty green hills so well!

Next up are my two little bunnies, Cruz and Court!  I asked for a blue border, since duh, two boys!!  And I’m loving the “Some Bunny Loves You” wording with the two of them cheesing with their bunny ears on!  Court will be 3 a few days before Easter and Cruz will be 8 months the following week.  Where does the time go?!  Court’s first Easter was when he was just a few days old and just like that it’s Cruz’s!

Last up is Leah’s brood!  Edie, Isla & Henry… Edie just turned 5, Isla will be 2 soon and Henry will be celebrating his 1st Easter at 8 months old!  So we decided to celebrate that milestone with a card saying “My First Easter”. His big sisters look pretty proud showing him off for it!!  These three have so many fun Easters ahead of them, I can’t wait to watch them grow!

There you have it! Some fun ideas for how you can add some Easter fun to your resume!



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Spring Break Style

Spring Break is happening, it could be this week, next week, or maybe it was last week, but it’s here!  Don’t get me wrong, I love all Of the seasons but the warmer weather is where my heart is.  Spring Break is sort of the beginning of sunnier days, and such a good excuse to go shopping for a wardrobe update.  Time to store those sweaters and bust out the tank tops!!

I shopped at one of my favorite local boutiques, Costa Cabana, to get some inspiration.  Owner and buyer Lauren Flores has such a great eye.  She brings in only the best brands and the store is so well curated.  They have such a good variety of dresses, sunglasses and swimwear.  So bring on the bright colors and everything else involved with Spring Break style.

Since I was little Spring Break and Summer Break always invoke a sense of fun!  That’s what I think of with Spring Break style, just having fun with it!  Playing with color, wearing things that are easy breezy!  That’s one of the reasons I love these Beach Riot overalls.  They truly bring me back to my childhood.  I would wear them over a swimsuit to the beach or with a tank and sneakers to Disneyland!  Another piece I love in this outfit are the Raen Sunnies, the shape and the color are just the best!!

I get so much inspiration from seeing people’s flat lays.  Something about having the outfit all set out for me to see together, I even do that for myself when I’m getting ready for an event.  With the help of the lovely ladies of Costa Cabana I created a little Spring Break essentials flat lay for y’all.  

It’s got everything you need for the sun; a super cute swimsuit, denim cut offs, a tank, a hat, sunnies, sandals and my favorite sea hair spray…

Another Spring Break style essential is a cover up.  You can’t be walking around in your bikini all day long, well unless your Gigi Hadid, then you can do whatever the hell you want.  But seriously, I found the cutest little coverup at Costa Cabana by Amuse Society.  I love the black and white floral print, it’s light weight and covers just enough.  You could totally wear this out as a dress too because it isn’t too sheer…

There you have it!  Now you are all set for Spring Break and all you need is to have some fun!  You can shop all of these looks here:




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A Simple Spring Wreath DIY

Keeping up with our Spring to do list, today we’re sharing a simple Spring wreath DIY.  I love adding a little color to my front door and Spring is the perfect time for that!  There are so many beautiful flowers blooming right now, especially with the super bloom, that your door is just begging for some love!  I asked the girls at Rekindle Creative to help make my vision come to life.  They’ve created an easy step by step guide so you can make your door as pretty as this one.

All photos by Kayla Adams, and that pretty pink door is hers too!!!

From the talented Hannah Choi of Rekindle Creative

To create this springtime DIY, start with 3 sturdy branches (we found ours just in the front yard!).  Use twine wire to secure the ends together to make a triangle shape.  Once we decided on the top and bottom of the wreath, we added our greenery, such as acacia, italian ruscus, and laurel, to various areas using floral wire.

Now it’s time to pick your favorite blooms and get creative!  We like to work in odd numbers, so we set aside 3 blooms for the top and 5 blooms for the bottom right.  Some flowers we used for this DIY were poppies, ranunculus, and garden roses, but any of your favorites will do!

 Cut each stem to about 2 inches and use floral wire to secure them on the branches.  As we attached the blooms, we focused on balancing the colors and shapes around the wreath.  Fill in any empty spaces with fillers or greens, and your springtime wreath is ready to be hung!

Isn’t it the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?!  I love all of the pops of color, and thank you again to Kayla for letting us use her perfectly colored door!  I love that pale pink!  If you make any of your own wreaths at home don’t forget to share the photos and the hashtag #beijosspringtodolist or #beijosdoesspring.  We want to see your beautiful work too!!

Happy Spring!



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