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I am currently in beautiful San Luis Obispo, CA with my bestie Leah.  We just finished a gorgeous wedding at Biddle Ranch Vineyard and it was such an amazing day.  Tomorrow we will be getting up and driving back to Southern California, but what I’d really like to do is go wine tasting with my bestie.  So, since I can’t actually do that, I’ll just dream about it and what I would wear!  Here are some of my picks for great wine tasting outfits.  So go shopping, and plan a wine tasting date with your bestie, for me… Please?!

Loving this Free People Maxi, the colors are the perfect transition from Summer to Fall.  Just throw on a denim jacket when it gets chilly!

I don’t know about you, but I love rompers.  They are flirty and fun and a great alternative to a dress!  This romper by Faithfull the Brand is so stinking cute and I love the color.  Again, so good to go into Fall!
Now this is an outfit for me… It’s basic but chic and will never go out of style.  You could add some really fun accessories to this amazing romper or just keep it simple.  No matter how you style it I guarantee it will look good!

I just tried this Spell maxi dress on and I may have to go back and buy it… The print is really pretty and the colors are so fun, I love that pop of pink!  You could wear this one casual or dress it up.  Would be great with a big hat and sunnies out wine tasting!

Ummmmm…. Totally just found this dress today and I’m kind of obsessed… Cleobella has some really amazing new dresses for Fall and this dress is just one of them!!!

Last but not least, this simple chambray dress would be so cute for a wine tasting trip!  It’s cute and sexy and you could definitely jazz it up with some fun jewelry!!  

Now go shop these babies below!!  And also, go drink some vino for me!!



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Going Crazy for Gingham this Summer

One of the biggest trends this Summer has been gingham.  I’ll admit, at first, I wasn’t that into it… Us Beijos girls consider ourselves a little more boho and the thought of gingham is somewhat preppy.  But, as the Summer has gone on it definitely grew on me!  

Gingham isn’t just for the country clubbers anymore.  No, no, no, it’s for all of the fashionistas and I had to jump on the bandwagon.  There are so many fun options out there to add it into your wardrobe.  Here are just a few that have made it into my closet.  I also added a few other pieces I am coveting at the bottom of the post!

Photos by Nea Nabayan

First up is the classic print with a twist on this fun dress by MLM label, and it’s now on sale!!  I love the feel of this dress, it’s flowy and fun!  Plus the off the shoulder adds a little sex appeal, and who doesn’t love that!  In all honesty, my husband isn’t a fan of this one.  But truly, what girl only dresses for her husband?!  Not me!  I dress for myself and my girls, because we are the ones who know what’s up!

My shoes and sunnies are by two local brands I love.  Beek makes the most comfortable sandals and SALT always has the coolest sunglasses.  I also shot these photos at one of my favorite local spots, Lido Marina Village.  How cute is this place?!

I also invested in this really cute Rebecca Minkoff top this Summer.  Literally every time I wear it I get complimented on it.  It’s flowy and fresh.  The color isn’t your typical gingham, which is refreshing to me.  I pair it a lot with white shorts or jeans, it’s just one of those no brainer tops that goes with anything.  Here I’m wearing my favorite Target sandals, Wyeth pink sunnies, James Michelle coin necklace and my Summer bag from a few years ago.

Just a couple cute gingham piece I fell in love with this Summer!  And here are more for you to shop below….  Happy Tuesday!




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Back to School Style for the Little Guys and Gals

Can you believe we are already uttering the words “Back to School”?!  It’s crazy to me that this time is already upon us!  I also don’t really understand the school schedules these days.  It always used to start in September but now it’s any time between early August to early September!  August is still Summer people!!!

This week will be dedicated to the school season and prepping your kiddos for going back to school.  Now, I don’t have an elementary school kiddo quite yet, but Court is heading into his first full year of Preschool this year!  Meanwhile, Abby has big girl Dylan going into second grade and both her and Leah have Kindergartners in both Edie and Jett!  How did these kids get so big?!

Either way we’ve gotta get these kids ready for their years ahead and one of the most important things is their back to school style.  When I was younger back to school shopping was always a big deal!  My mom would take my sister and I and we would shop till we dropped.  We would also get to go with my grandma who would treat us each to an outfit or two.   It was a special time and definitely got me excited for the upcoming year.  There’s something about a new outfit and backpack that have you feeling all sorts of confident!

Photos by Megan Welker

Let’s start with my little guy Court!  Like I said, this is his first real year of Preschool.  Last year he started mid year and now I think he’s finally getting the hang of it.  He loves his teacher and his little friends, which makes me so happy!  I recently got him this little outfit for his first day back, even though he will get it messy in less than 5 minutes!  Haha!  At our Preschool fun comes  first and that is another thing that makes me happy!

I went to my go to for both of my boys, Zara.  I love what they have for kids and the price point, it’s always on trend and doesn’t break the bank.  His cute little shirt and pants are both from there.  The backpack and shoes are both from J Crew.  Court is obsessed with his new shoes, he calls them his “fast shoes”.  He needed a pair of shoes like this because they go on hikes daily at school and I thought these were perfect!

My favorite part of his outfit is his Preschool sweatshirt from Hatch for Kids!  They also have a Kindergarten sweatshirt that would be cute for the older kiddos!!  Both come in t-shirt versions as well!

And here are these little buddies!  I can’t believe how big they are getting.  They get so excited to see each other, it makes my heart so happy!

Now my pretty god daughter Edie!  I can’t believe she is a big kindergartner as of this Wednesday!!!  Her first day of school is coming up fast and I think we’re all kind of in denial about it.  Edie is really excited for her big first day, but I kind of want her to slow down, just a little bit!!

Best friends tend to think alike, and Leah also loves Zara!  Jeez, who doesn’t?!  So Edie is of course looking pretty in a sweet little dress from our favorite store.  Edie really likes pink, and by that I mean she doesn’t really like to wear anything else!  Haha!  I love the cute booties Leah got her from Old Navy, so stylish for Fall!  I want them in my size!!  They have so much cute stuff right now you guys, and the price is again, amazing!!  And of course, her cute kitty cat backpack completes the look, Leah got it at Zara on sale last year.  I found this one that they have now though that I thought was adorable.

More fun back to school ideas and inspiration coming the rest of this week!




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Beijos Best

Every little girl at some point dreams of being a ballerina or tiny little dancer. We posted earlier this week about Giselle’s ballerina inspired birthday that was filled with pretty and pink details that every ballerina would love. I mean how could you not want to be a little ballerina twirling around all day? I know I do sometimes. Inspired by this week’s tiny little dancer, I have rounded up my favorite outfits that will have any little girl or grown adult giddy for today’s Beijos Best.

Just a heads up, there is a lot of cuteness ahead!

My 1st pick is from Paush. My daughter wore this to her 6th birthday party which was also a ballerina bash. Every ballerina needs a tutu floral romper, and this one from Sweet Threads is the answer. Get it fast, there is only one left! 

Sweet Threads has a ton of tutu inspired dresses that will have you bursting with heart eyes all day. 

Desert queen tutu dress in mink by tutu du monde

This one dosen’t need any explanation. If it could come in adult size, I would totally wear this out. Not sure where… maybe just around the house doing laundry. I can’t with those bloomers. These are the little numbers that have me aching for another little girl in our family. Darn you, really really really cute outfits. 

Toy maker onesie in biscotti by tutu du Monde

Now, these little tutus are perfect for your little ballerina to continue her dancing all the way thru school. 

Girl’s Popatu Gold Star Tutu Skirt

More ballerina inspired school outfits…

Infant Girl’s Tucker + Tate Terry Tutu Dress

Tutu crazy cute! … I warned you right…
Do you know a little ballerina turning one soon? This little number is tutu cute!
Some more Tutu Du Monde numbers, cause really… they are the best! 
Pair those two singlets with this eyelet skirt!
I could go on all day… Shop all my favorites below!

Happy Twirling!



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Sundresses for Summer – Jacquelyn’s Picks for Staying Stylish in the Heat

Are you guys melting away like me this Summer?!  I can’t believe how hot it has been!  We moved a few miles inland from the beach and the change in temperature is about 10-15 degrees warmer… And no AC!  Definitely putting that on the must have list for next Summer!!  I couldn’t imagine it last year when I was pregnant, this year is way worse!!  

With these hot days I love to wear something easy and breezy, enter the sundress!  A Summer essential.  Of course I always love my tank or tee and cut offs, but sundresses are so light and you look just a bit more put together.  Add some sunnies, a hat and some sandals and you are set!  

I have a few cotton sundresses I love, but even those can make a girl sweat.  What I really love are light weight fabrics that aren’t tight and just flow on you.  Those are the dresses you will find me in for the beach, the park, shopping or even a night out.  So here are some that I love and have been wearing so far this season… More of my picks at the end of the post for you to shop too!

Photos by Ariane Moshayedi

Let’s start with my favorite… This gorgeous midi dress by Birds of Paradis… The tassel detail is amazing and the cut and fabric are great.  I just love how it’s lightweight and casual, but you still look very chic.  It also has pockets… I mean, who doesn’t love that?!  Really, it’s the perfect mom dress!  You are covered perfectly can can still chase those kiddos around.  This dress’ price tag is a little high, but well worth the investment.

For all of these outfits I’m wearing my favorite Wyeth Leona sunglasses, Target sandals, James Michelle necklaces, Madewell Tassel earrings and for this one my new favorite Brixton straw hat

Next up, something a little more flirty and fun!  The blue color on this dress by 6 Shore Road is sweet but eye catching.  I love the halter too!  This is definitely one of those day to night dresses.  I would totally wear this as a swim cover up or out on a date – with my husband of course!  When I typed that out and read it to myself it sounded funny, haha!  Which by the way, I’ve been seeing that hashtag #dateyourhusband a lot lately and I love that – now will someonte totally normal come over and babysit?  Haha!

Last but not least, I’ve got my sexy dress on!  The dress that shows all of my boobs, haha!  If you want to know why those things are so prominent in these pics, it’s because of that cute little guy right there!  It’s amazing what our bodies can do, I still think of it while I breastfeed Cruz.  

But real talk!  Mom to mom?  This little guy was screaming crying towards the end of these photos so he had to be in them!  Poor guy is so patient while Mama takes photos, or maybe he just wants to be in them.  Future blogger?

My sexy dress (shhh don’t say, but it’s really called the Elisa dress)  is by Ale by Alessandra – oh you know, that Victoria’s Secret model…  Now we know why it’s a sexy dress…  I’m showing a little bit more cleavage then I normally would, but hey, sometimes you’ve got to!!  

Now if you don’t have AC like me and are sweating while reading this, you really should shop some sundresses below…  Trust me though, I’m not complaining, Summer is the best!!




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