A 4th Birthday Party for Indy May with All of Her Favorite Things

When my friend Erin asked me to help with her daughter Indy’s 4th birthday party I said yes right away.  You may know Erin from her Instagram account, she is that super stylish mama of two that makes it all look so easy!  Indy goes to preschool with my son Court and I think she is the absolute cutest.  My one hesitation, Erin asked for my help a week before!  This was no easy task, but I was up for the challenge!  Erin’s main goal was to have a party that made Indy happy.  She wanted to incorporate all of this amazing girl’s favorite things and bounce ideas off of her.  Think fairies, glitter, cotton candy and unicorns.  It was a garden party with an Indy twist!

This party is also featured on 100LayerCakelet today

Photos by Alison Bernier

Let’s start with this, Erin and her husband Pat have an amazing home.  Their yard is like a park, and it’s the ideal space for a fun party!  They have these amazing trees on their property and right away we thought it would be perfect to set the kid’s table under them.  They also have a rad airstream which had to be showcased in some amazing way!  Erin sent me the ideas she had, I found a few of my own and created a mood board that of course Miss Indy had to approve.  She had a few requests for her birthday party we paid attention to and went from there!  Add in a couple amazing vendors and we nailed it.  The rest is honestly magic, just like Indy herself!

My friend Jolie, owner of Wild Child Party, helped me out big time!  Her balloon install on the airstream just made the party!!  She also added the pretty honeycombs over the kid’s table which added a sweet whimsical feel.  Another fun trick that Erin found herself was using golf tees to stick into the grass and tie balloons to.  We did that through-out the yard and it is definitely a trick I will use again!

Here’s another shot of the airstream, I seriously can’t get enough of it!!!  Serious birthday party goals right there!

Next up, the tables… Thanks to Meagan, owner of MV Florals, this party was decked out in gorgeous blooms.  Erin and I wanted to keep the kid’s table fairly simple.  We used Harlow & Grey’s newest plate collection, which fit in with the aesthetic perfectly.  Meghann Miniello’s beautiful calligraphy was at each place setting along with a wooden wand from Gunn & Swain.  We also used a mixture of napkins and glassware from The Little Market and Anthropologie.

For the adults we did a little lounge area with items Erin already had along with a pallet board.  Meagan added the most beautiful runner to it that was even prettier in person.  Later on Erin added a gorgeous charcuterie board from Colette’s Catering for everyone to nibble on.

Now, if the adults get a lounge then the littles better have one too!  Complete with their own fairy wings to wear, a coloring station and a day bed to lounge on, duh!  Birthday party necessities…

When Erin told me about which princesses were coming to the party I literally laughed out loud.  This was the funniest mix of ladies but they are Indy’s favorites so of course they all had to be there!  Cinderella, Elena, Moana and Wonder Woman.  Ok, we know that last one isn’t a princess but it’s pretty amazing she was included!  I love Indy’s sense of girl power!!

Last but not least are the desserts!  Indy must have been in heaven because she got what she really wanted… A Unicorn cake!!!  Great Dane Baking Company made all of her dreams come true on that one!  Erin also had the cutest cotton candy cart called Sugar Bouffant come out and I hear it was a big hit!!

How cute is Indy’s headband by The Daydream Collective?!  They just launched their new unicorn style and we are so obsessed!!

Like I said, it was a magical day!!  Little Indy looks pretty happy, good job Mama Erin!!  Here are a few more photos from the day!

Thank you to all the amazing vendors below who helped make this day so magical!  And thanks to Erin for trusting me in her vision, happy birthday Indy!!



Design/Styling/Planning – Jacquelyn Kazas of Beijos Events
Photographer – Alison Bernier 
Florist – MV Florals
Calligrapher – Meghann Miniello
Balloons & Honeycomb Hangings – Wild Child Party
Wooden Wands – Gunn & Swain
Unicorn Headband – The Daydream Republic
Kid’s Plates – Harlow & Grey 
Erin & Indy’s Outfit Details
Top & Skirt – Love Shack Fancy 
Sunglasses – Garrett Leight
Dress – Tutu du Monde

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A Birthday Bash by the Sea Full of Coastal Inspiration

When Julia reached out to us to plan her 25th birthday party we were thrilled.  She had recently moved from New York to Los Angeles and wanted to celebrate in a stylish yet intimate way.  Friends were flying in from all over, some visiting LA for the first time!  Her family owns a beautiful home on the beach and that was where we started with our inspiration.  

I used the colors of the coast to create a pretty color palette reminiscent of the beach and ocean.  Julia is so stylish, she was easy to work with and bounce ideas off of.  The party turned out so pretty and I’m so excited to share it today!  Megan Welker took all of the beautiful photos, capturing all the fun so perfectly.  This party is also up on Inspired By This today!

We planned on having the dinner outside, but unfortunately it was quite windy that day!  So we brought it indoors, and luckily the walls were the perfect color blue to match our aesthetic!  Talk about good luck!.

The tables from Witty Rentals were neutral and airy, adorned with beautiful floral arrangements by Of the Flowers and pretty tabletop pieces of white, copper and mud cloth from Hostess Haven.  I’m so happy with how the modern pieces from Witty worked with the boho style of the florals and tabletop items, love it!

  A Fabulous Fete did the gorgeous calligraphy.  Each guest found their seat via a piece of sea glass that had their name on it.  We also had some fun signage and menus made to complete the look.

   The lounge area from Witty was the perfect spot to sit and relax with a cocktail from Pharmacie.  We made sure the birthday girl had custom cocktail stirrers from Jenn & Jules Designs to ring in her next year of course!  The cocktails seriously looked so yummy!!  Just their descriptions had our mouths watering…  

Also, I don’t know what I’m more jealous of, the cocktail or Julia’s abs!!

Guests enjoyed a delicious dinner from Colette’s Catering and the most delicious water color cake from Sheila Mae for dessert. That cake is almost to pretty to eat!

It was such a magical evening and we were so happy to be a part of making this pretty night come to life for the birthday girl!  Can we just take a moment though and appreciate how cute her and her boyfriend are?!  I mean seriously?  25 year old goals right there!  And seriously, Julia is as sweet as she is beautiful!

Loved working with all of the amazing vendors below on this one!

We even made it easy for you to re-create the look, just shop below!



Design/Styling/Planning – Jacquelyn Kazas & Leah Carriger of Beijos Events
Photographer – Megan Welker
Rentals – Witty Rentals
Florist – Of The Flowers
Tabletop – Hostess Haven
Calligraphy – A Fabulous Fete
Catering – Colette’s Catering
Bartender – Pharmacie
Cocktail Stirrers – Jenn and Jules Designs
Cake – Sheila Mae
Other Rentals – Town & Country LA
Julia’s Outfit – Nightcap Clothing



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Summer Solstice Dinner Party on the Beach

When my friend Alatheia who recently launched her blog Art of Being Female reached out to me asking if I’d help her style and design a party for her dinner club group I was on board in a second.  The story behind their ritual and the symbolism of their friendship really stood out to me.  Plus, when she said she wanted to do a Summer Solstice dinner party on the beach, well, I was sold.  Here is a little bit more from our host Alatheia on her dinner club ritual and why this night was so important to her…

“I really wanted to celebrate the 6 year anniversary of our dinner club in a special way. Not only was it clear to me that a special dinner on the beach was in order, but also that there was only one person to help me live out my Pinterest dreams and that would be my talented friend, Jacquelyn of Beijos Events.

“Dinner Club” was born out of a desire to spend less time out at restaurants and more time honing our entertaining and cooking skills as young couples. We rotate homes and whoever is hosting takes care of everything from music to decor, tablesetting, food, drinks, dessert and interesting conversation starters.

I wanted to host a special dinner on the sand to welcome in the start of our favorite season. We live a block from the boardwalk and walking distance from each other. We have spent many summers on this exact beach over the last six years dating, surfing, getting engaged and married,  being pregnant, nursing babies, laughing and laughing.

My aesthetic for the party was very neutral as I like most things. I told Jacquelyn I wanted to have a clean color palette even down to the florals which I wanted white with greens. We added pops of metallic flair from the rose gold speaker and flatware to the silver flecks in the moroccan wedding blankets. Jacquelyn nailed it as did all the vendors involved. I think my dinner club will agree that the night was magical and one to remember.”

I felt so honored that Alatheia asked me to help out.  Selfishly though, I have always wanted to style a table like this, the beach is such a special place to me so my mind ran away with so many ideas.  Knowing Alatheia and her style I knew to keep it simple, classic and pretty with details, all things I know she cares about, along with myself. 

Designing this table and putting this dinner together was so fun, but also really easy, anyone can do it!  There are a few key things to making sure your dinner party goes off without a hitch, and I’m happy to share them with you!  Also, you can shop items for your own dinner at the bottom of the post!

This party is also featured on Glitter Guide today and all of the pretty photos are by Meilani Cottrell.

Let’s start with the tips to a successful Summer Solstice Dinner Party…

1.  Send an Invitation

In this crazy world of technology things tend to become so last minute and impersonal.  Sending an invite in the mail is a perfect way to let your guests know that you are thoughtful and paying attention to detail.  It sets the tone for the whole evening and who doesn’t like to get something pretty in the mail? 

I even like to use a stamp that goes along with the theme.  I’ll head to my local post office and see what they have to offer and either choose something that goes along with my color scheme or theme.  If I think enough ahead of time I’ll order pretty stamps off of Etsy or personalize them on  Paying attention to little details like that are what will really knock your guests socks off.  Speaking of invites, Courtney at Poppy Jack Shop sure made a pretty one for us here!

 2. Create a Beautiful Table

For a Summer Solstice on the beach theme I wanted to keep things casual but also pretty.  The scenery itself is amazing, so the other details could be simple.  The tabletop items were pretty basic, white plates with bronze flatware, clear floral glassware and cream napkins.  Some of those items may already be in your inventory at home!  Adding little details like place cards and menus are always a great idea and pretty up your table immediately. 

Courtney from Poppy Jack Shop created all of our pretty pieces but you can easily recreate something similar at home.  One of my favorite napkin tricks is tying the napkins in a knot rather than the plain fold… It makes it a bit more interesting.  You simply fold the napkin in half to create a triangle and take either long end and tie in a knot.  I’ll usually fluff it a bit after to make sure it looks good, but this is a tie I use often because I like the non fussy look it achieves.  These napkins are form The Little Market.

3.  Invest in Florals

I can’t say it enough, florals just make everything prettier.  Although it’s an investment, adding fresh flower arrangements to any event are key.  If you can have a florist that’s great, these beauties by MV Florals are what made the table so pretty.  We went with greenery and creams with a touch of blush to add a little bit of color.  I love the way they look on the beach with the sand. 

If you can’t invest in a florist you can go to your local market for florals.  Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods have a great selection.  And if you can’t invest in florals, simple greens or even fruits can beautify a table easily.  We used bud vases for this table that I placed on wooden boards on top of the table to add some layers, which adds a little more detail.

4.  Set the tone with a great Playlist

Music makes every party more fun, and having your guests enter with it playing is key.  For this outdoor soiree we used Stelle Audio’s amazing portable pillar speaker.  The sound was amazing and our hostess with the mostest had a playlist she had already planned in advance.  It had the perfect balance of dinner music with a beachy flair that we loved!  You can see it here.


 5.  Great Food & Wine is Memorable

Choosing what to serve your guests can make or break your dinner party… Let’s be honest, if you go out to eat the ambience and service can be amazing but if the food is just so so, you probably won’t go back.  With that being said you want to think of your guests, make sure you know of any allergies or dislikes in your group. 

What I loved about this party was our idea for the long charcuterie board!  We basically had it run the length of the table and it was an easy way for our guests to interact while enjoying some really tasty treats.  It was honestly one of the highlights of the party and I’m so grateful Colette’s Catering made my vision come to life!  Plus, Alatheia’s husband participated by making the board (gotta get the husband’s in there somehow!)

Also, I’m a huge advocate of having more than what you think you need when it comes to having food and wine, you never ever want to run out of anything like that.  For this party we had a variety of delicious wines from One Hope, I especially love their rosé.  So make sure when you buy for your party to get a few more bottles just in case, plus, who doesn’t like to have extra wine around?!

6.  Have great Ambience

Things that you normally don’t think of like lighting, candles, and just an all together pretty set up make the evening so much better.  For an outdoor party especially, you have to think about lighting.  This party was planned to take place at sunset and we knew we had to have lighting, you can’t leave your guests in the dark, literally!  So Alatheia invested in battery operated string lights and battery operated candles, perfect to have for those chilly beach winds and to create a pretty atmosphere. 

Another investment is in your rentals.  For this gathering we wanted to have a low to the ground table, something not everyone has in their home inventory. I reached out to my friends at Adore Folklore who had all of my needs answered with a bunch of pretty rentals.  Using a specialty rental company is a bit more expensive than a basic rental company but well worth the investment.  They have pieces that are unique and original and create the perfect ambience you desire.  

7.  Make sure your Guests are Comfortable

No matter where you hold your party, whether it’s on the beach, at the park or even in your own home, your guests need to come first.  Thinking of them and making sure they are comfortable should be your most important thought.  Since this party was outdoors we made sure to have blankets in case it got too cold. 

We also wanted the look of the low to the ground table, but didn’t want our guests to suffer from it.  So we were sure to have several pillows and poufs for them to use and sit on.  You can use pretty pillows or blankets from your home, we got ours from Boho Pillow and The Little Market.

Like I said, you can easily do this on your own!  And as promised, I’ve made it even easier, just shop the post below!


Thank you to all of the amazing vendors mentioned below for making this a reality!



Design/Styling – Jacquelyn Kazas of Beijos Events
Host/Concept – Alatheia Hart of Art of Being Female
Photographer – Meilani Cottrell 
Florals – MV Florals
Catering – Colette’s Catering  
Calligraphy – Poppy Jack Shop 
Wine – One Hope Wine
Audio Pillar – Stelle Audio  
Glassware/Napkins/Blankets – The Little Market
Pillows – Boho Pillow
Charcuterie Board – Hart Concrete Design

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Shine On You Crazy Diamond Birthday Party

Another year, another year older for Dylan and Jett. Where does the time go?!? Last year, I told myself  low key parties next year. That lasted two minutes. Ha! Although I was reminded of what I said several times by the hubby. But who am I kidding! Being an event planner, you want to design the best party for your children. I’m sure many people think it’s a bit overboard… it might be, it might not be. Either way, I love doing it, and I would do anything for those two to put a smile on their face, and a day they will love. The past years, I have picked the themes for the party, but this year it was all about what they wanted.. with a touch of Beijos of course. 

Photos by Erin Milnik

It was around March that I took the kids to dinner and I told them they could pick the theme of the party and to tell me everything they wanted at their birthday party. Did I regret just saying anything you want?! Gulp! With much excitement, they were calling the shots and the requests started pouring in.

My daughter, Dylan, who turned 7 wanted a princess party that included: pinks and purples with glitter, princess crowns, purple princess jewels, butterflies, a live mermaid that can do face painting, and just rice and beans to eat. My son, Jett, who turned 5 wanted a black rockstar party that had everything black (obviously his favorite color), ninja turtle jumpy house, Easter egg hunt, and chocolate milk. With this want list, I definitely had a challenge, wouldn’t you say? 

I came up with the theme “Shine on You Crazy Diamond”. This is where Rockstar meets princess. Get it?!? Classic rock song and gems. I came up with the color palette of hues of pinks, hints of purple, black, and natural colors to make it all tie in. I wanted to keep it with natural vibe and pops of both pinks and blacks. 

The invite is probably one of my favorite parts of this party. My talented pal, Meghann Miniello designed this holographic gem invite. On blush paper with black holographic, it couldn’t had come out any cooler. She is amazing as I can give her a couple ideas, and she always surpasses my expectations. She also created acrylic signage that was among the party, and the cutest cake toppers for each kids cake. Her handwriting is on all the custom tableware too! 

The table settings were a combination of gemstone and rock details. Meghann Miniello created these black and white rock on paper placemats. This is an easy and cheap way to add detail to your tables. You can surely do this yourself.



Beau-Coup is a great resource for party goods. I love that you can do custom work on a ton of items. I had them create  “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” napkins, cups, and favor bags for each place setting. They even carry the brand Meri Meri partyware which I adore.  This was a great resource for a kids party. I did a mix of metallics and blush for the plates and paper cups. Its fun to mix up the plates at each place setting.

Let’s not forget the disco ball details. The disco tumblers from at each place setting was secretly chosen for me. Ha! Jk! I like to include objects like the tumblers that can be used during the party and taken home as a favor at the end of the party. The kids also took home princess crowns for the princesses and black ray bans for those rockstars.

The Confetti Bar made custom confetti that had pieces like, “shine in your crazy diamond,” “ Dylan is 7”, “Jett is 5”, and “Rock On!”. Lucitini Cakes makes these SUPER cute gemstone sugar candies that we used on the table as a rad detail and on Dylan’s cake. These were a hit with the kids! The parent’s not so sure after I sent them home with rock sugar. Sorry! All these fun details were placed on these cool concrete park picnic tables. Gunn & Swain blankets at each table setting to give a little soft cushion, and of course, add a cool factor.

Now, I couldn’t pull off butterflies or a real mermaid that did face painting, but I did have princess crowns, and with the help from David and Leanna, we nailed it! Leanna created wire floral princess crowns with a black satin ribbon for all the little girls. It couldn’t have been more of a mix of rockstar and princess. She also created a unique gemstone princess crown for the birthday girl Dylan and myself to wear. I died when I saw it! Who would not want to wear this everyday, all day! I like to do laundry in it :)


We had this party at a park in Los Gatos, where there are so many pretty trees among the tables. I had this vision to have hanging dessert shelves in the trees with greenery and flowers hanging from them. One tiny problem, the trees were way to thin, the limbs would break in a heart beat. So the night before, my dad and I went to Lowes. About an hour later, he whipped up this ladder shelf. He wouldn’t let my dreams be crushed, or maybe it was the sad face I made. Either way, he was there and made it happen right then and there. 


Christine Cater created magic on this day. Flower arrangements that were so pretty you just wanted to stare. I loved that feminine vibe it added to the tables. She took that shelf and transformed it! People kept coming by and asking what time does the wedding start. Ha! Can we talk about those paper lanterns she added flowers too!?! 

Christine Cater and Laura from Cultivate Rentals made this area into one magical little corner. I’m obsessed with this lounge area, I want it in my new home just to sit and relax in. A mix of vintage rugs and disco balls are my jam. 

Having a shared party with a sibling, you gotta have two cakes. I mean what kid would be ok with sharing their cake with their sister or brother and taking turns blowing out the candles? Plus, I think it just makes it special for each of them to have something of their own. Hilary from Sugar Studio whipped up these yummy cakes and treats. From gem stone chocolates to tiny little tarts, and of course those cakes. Heart eyes all around. Too add into the mix, Nancy from I Dream of Cookies created these princess and Rockstar cookies that literally put the cherry on top to this dessert shelf. More of those sugar gem rocks from Lucitini Cakes  sprinkled in.  A little One Hope Wine for the adults with their desserts. 



All in all, I think I accomplished the wish list. The kids spent the afternoon in the ninja turtle jumpy house, and all sugared up on treats, and of course the rice and beans! We rocked out but politely cause we are princesses too after all! 

Huge smiles were on their face all day, so I was one happy Mama. 

Shop the party here!


Styling + Design: Beijos Events
Photography: Erin Milnik Photography
Florals: Christine Cater
Glassware + Lounge Area Rentals: Cultivate Rentals & Design
Sugar Cookies: I Dream of Cookies
Cakes + Chocolate Gem Chocolates + Mini Tarts: The Sugar Studio
Gem Stone Sugar Candy: Lucitini Cakes
Invite + Signage + Placemats + Handwriting: Meghann Miniello
Floral Wire Princess Crowns + Gem Stone Crown: David and Leanna
Custom plastic tumblers + Napkins + Favor Bags + Paper Plates + Paper Cups + small white geometric vases + honeycomb balls: Beau-Coup
Disco Ball Tumblers:
Mexican Blankets: Gunn & Swain
Wine: One Hope Wine
Dylan’s Dress
Sold Out but this skirt is perfect
Jett’s Shirt
Jett’s Shoes











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Super Hero David Bowie 3rd Birthday Party for Court

I can’t believe another year has gone by and I am writing this post.  It seems like just yesterday I was writing about Court’s 2nd birthday, back then Cruz was still in my belly!  I have known what I wanted to do for Court’s 3rd birthday for some time now… A super hero birthday party!!!  This boy is obsessed with being a super hero!  One of the things I love most about Court is his imagination and that he loves to dress up.  Each day is a costume and a character.  This past year we went from a pirate to a ninja turtle, to batman, to spider man and I don’t even know what else!  But really his favorites have been super heroes for quite a while.

I wanted to try a fresh take on the Super Hero party.  My husband and I are David Bowie fans (who isn’t?!) and the lyrics “We can be heroes, just for one day” kept coming to mind when I was planning this party.  So that took on a life of it’s own and added a little flair to this party, which I loved.  It was such a great day full of all of Court’s favorite things and people, let’s just say it was pretty SUPER!!

This party is also featured on 100LayerCakelet today!!

Photos by Nea Nabayan

Well, let me start by telling you that this party was very close to not happening!  We bought our house in January and had been working on it since, my husband doing a lot of work himself.  I had to postpone the party once as we were planning on having the party at our new house.  On the week of the party Nate mentioned to me that we should cancel…. Ummmm… You don’t tell a mom who is also a party planner anything like that, got it buddy?!  This party was happening!!!  And I’m so glad it did because Court is still talking about it!

Let’s start with the tables!  I don’t know what I would do without Meghann Miniello, she is so darn talented and she always gets my vision.  She created the amazing placemats with our lightning bolt and super hero words like “Pow” and “Zap” in the color scheme of the party.  Meghann also made the acrylic names for each kid’s place setting.  I used Bash Party Goods for all of the tableware.  I love their modern designs, they have a new collection coming out that I can’t wait to get my hands on!  Seriously, who knew paper plates could be so fun!  And, I love how easy it is to clean up… No brainer there!

I added custom confetti from The Confetti Bar with sayings like “Super Court” the number “3” and lightning bolts.  Along with that I went simple with succulents but the planters are one of my favorites!!  They are by Luna Reece Ceramics and they are called the “Bowie” planter!! It was so perfect!!  Then I just threw some mini disco balls and called it a day!  Haha, if it were only that easy…

Each kiddo got a mask and personalized cape so they could be super heroes for the day too!  The talented Courtney from Poppy Jack Shop personalized the capes for me and did such an amazing job!  I had looked into having them embroidered or iron’d on but I love what she did the most!!  But seriously, anything looks good in her writing!  A few of the parents told me that their kids continued to wear their capes and masks for days and days after the party!

The modern table and chairs are from Witty Rentals, one of our favorite for adults and kiddos!

Let’s check out the big birthday boy!!!  Here is in all his birthday glory!!  Meghann Miniello nailed it with all of the cute signage… Yipee!  I’m 3!  And Court is wearing the cutest lightning bolt tank by Chaser Kids.

Ok, so the other star of the party…  The balloon 3 by Wild Child Party!!!  Now I’m convinced every party needs a balloon installation…  I love those girls so much and they made my vision a reality with this sucker!!  So happy with how it turned out!! 

Also, disco balls and honeycombs make everything better…

Next up has got to be desserts!  I turned to my friends at Sweet & Saucy for that of course!  First on the list was a cake, I like my cakes pretty simple so there’s that!  Then a bunch of fun treats to go with it!  Laura at The Creative Muster did the amazing acrylic cake and cupcake toppers.  I love the way the layered cake toppers look!!  Note to self, next year put the desserts on a higher table, out of reach of little hands!

That SUPER HERO sign was a gift from Court’s Nina, fellow Beijos babe Leah :)  She found it at Target and knew it would be perfect for the party!  I got the lightning bolt wall decals off of Amazon and they were such an easy and fun way to add some decor!

Last but not least, the guest of honor and the person Court is STILL talking about…  Spidey!!!!

Nate thought I was crazy for having him at the party but he MADE Court’s day, maybe even year!!  The kids loved him and he entertained them for an hour, teaching them Spiderman moves like somersaults :)

It was such a fun and special day!!  Here’s another look at all the fun!

I hope you liked my version of a Super Hero party!  As a boy mom it’s so fun coming up with different ways to blow my little guy’s minds, haha!  

You can shop some of the items I used below if you want to throw a party of your own!!



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