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Baby Elle’s Sunny 1st Birthday Bash on the Beach

Well, another day, another beach party!  When you live in Southern California and it’s this gorgeous, it’s sort of what you do.  I had a great Summer with my friend Alatheia, we did three parties together!  One for her dinner club, then her daughter Scarlett and today I’m sharing her daughter Elle’s party!  Elle turned 1 exactly a week before my Cruz so Alatheia and I were in it together this past year for sure!

She came to me with the thought of having Elle’s party on the beach.  Their family lives steps away from the sand and with an August birthday, how can you not?!  Her idea was to have it reminiscent of the Italian Riviera, with striped towels and bright umbrellas.  The main inspiration was a fun and colorful Jonathan Adler invitation from Paperless Post.  We took it from there as what you will see below, and it’s good!

Photos by Alison Bernier
Also featured on 100LayerCakelet, Art of Being Female and Lauren Conrad’s Friday Favorites today!!

There’s that invite I was talking about!  How fun are all of those shapes and colors?!  The perfect invitation that just screams Summer!

We’ve gotta let all of our friends know where the party is at, so of course we had a welcome sign.  Poppy Jack Shop did all of the gorgeous calligraphy and signage, while Bliss Florals made magic with all of the blooms.  We used a lot of neutral colored flowers with pops of pink, along with pretty greenery and lemons!  Because, when I think of Italy and Summer they definitely come to mind!

Alatheia’s top priorities on her list for this party were cute umbrellas, striped beach club towels and to cater to the babies.  Since the party was for Elle she really wanted to focus on the little ones and not the toddlers.  So instead of setting a table we made things a bit more casual, I mean it was on the beach after all!  

There was an amazing lounge complete with retro yellow umbrellas from Adore Folklore for everyone to relax in.  Yellow striped towels for each family with an acrylic shape cut out to match the invite were the favors.  And we even had a ball pit for the babies to hang out in and play!  Check all of those items off of your list Alatheia!!

 Colette’s Catering never disappoints, this charcuterie bard was so yummy!!!

Another very important aspect to any party… The desserts!!!  Now, with a kid’s party, these are big time!  It’s almost the ultimate time to make your impressoin on your guests.  Bakeries like Great Dane Baking Co. (who Alatheia is always loyal to) are so creative now, they can do anything!  Well, they made that magic for Elle’s party also!  We went with a simple rustic cake adorned with florals from Bliss Florals, cupcakes with our adorable shapes as toppers, lemon cookies and cake pops!

How gorgeous is this party and all the guests on the beach?!  I have to say, beach parties are a TON of work, but when you see all this sunkissed beauty, it’s worth it!!

Happy Birthday Baby Elle!!!!

How cute is this video by Tahnei Roy?!  Videography may have to go on our must have list for a party….




Design/Styling – Jacquelyn Kazas of Beijos Events
Photographer – Alison Bernier 
Mama to Baby – Alatheia Hart of Art of Being Female
Calligraphy, Acrylic Cut Outs and Signage – Poppy Jack Shop
Florals – Bliss Fine Florals 
Rentals – Adore Folklore 
Desserts – Great Dane Bakery
Videographer – Tahnei Roy
Photo Booth – Foto Vibe 
Invite – Paperless Post 

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Sunset Paddle Board Session with the Littles to end the Summer

The end of Summer is here, but if you live in sunny Southern California, you know it’s just beginning.  We spend so much time at the beach all Summer that I thought, why not make one of these days pretty special?  My friend Alatheia who owns Art of Being Female is good friends with Mike & Lauren Roberts, the owners of VESL Paddle Boards, and decided we all needed to get together for just that.  We met up for a sunset paddle board session and had the best time soaking up as much of these Summer days as we could!

This shoot is also featured on Inspired By This today!

Photos by Alison Bernier

What is so great about paddle boarding is that you can do it as a family.  We got a few of our favorite little fam bams together for this outing, with a great group of kiddos.  Mostly groms and a few little ladies to round it out.  I sat back with the moms while the dads took turns taking the little ones out for rides.  Well, I shouldn’t say I sat back, I did do a really pretty table for the kiddos to hang at!  You know me, never sitting still ;)

The details on this table were my favorite!  Gorgeous greenery from Rooted & Wild Co, water color place cards and fun drink stirrers from Poppy Jack Shop and the best napkins ever from Hostess Haven.  The rest was either part of my own home collection or purchased on Amazon!  Pillows and blankets from Gunn & Swain, Kawaiian Lion and Boho Pillow were laid out as well to keep those cute little bums cozy.

I loved seeing my son Court brave going out into the water, at first he was hesitant but then we couldn’t get him off of the board!  This Summer he started swim lessons, he still is mostly using his floaties though.  He felt safe with his arms held tight around my husband’s legs, and after seeing the big boys do it on their own, he was inspired!  Each of the boys wore the cutest Seaesta Surf shorts that day and frolicked in the water.  

Meanwhile, the parents kept their eyes shaded from the Summer sun with SALT sunnies, one of our favorite local brands.  And that cute little romper I’m wearing is from Beach Riot, another local favorite.

As usual we had an awesome playlist and used our Stelle Audio speaker… This thing has definitely been our number one Summer essential!

It was the perfect Summer day where it felt like it lasted forever and the sun was sparkling on the water.  The kiddos worked up an appetite so they dug into the acai bowls from Colette’s Catering, while the parents snacked on some sashimi.  Each were as delicious as they were pretty, Colette’s never disappoints!

All of the families had so much fun and I think we can all say for sure that we definitely need a VESL paddle board in our inventory!  Cheers to the Summer and the fact that ours tends to last through Fall ;)




Concept/Design/Styling – Jacquelyn Kazas of Beijos Events
Concept – Alatheia Hart of Art of Being Female
Photographer – Alison Bernier
Paddle Boards – VESL 
Calligraphy – Poppy Jack Shop
Florals – Rooted & Wild Co
Catering – Colette’s Catering
Napkins – Hostess Haven
Boy’s Shorts – Seaesta Surf
Blankets – Gunn & Swain
Pillows & Peace Sign Flag – Kawaiian Lion
Mud Cloth Pillows – Boho Pillow
Sunglasses – SALT
Jacquelyn’s Clothing – Beach Riot


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Create Your Own Paradise Breakfast


Now, what would tropical week over here at Beijos be without some yummy food? When I get to go on vacation. Pause. Sorry, I just sat here for what seemed like 10 minutes trying to figure out when the last time I went on vacation. Eeks! Looks like that is in order soon! But when I do, my souvenir is indulging in all the food I can get my hands on. So in the mean time, I whipped up a little tropical breakfast by the pool to crave my indulgences. Plus, it’s keeping summer going since I’m in full denial of fall approaching. 

Photos by Candiss Koenitzer

This little setup is perfect for brunch with your besties or just a Saturday morning with the fam. Create your own paradise instead of day dreaming about it, and you can do it in no time!

I’m letting you in an on a little sneak peek here guys! Check out the blanket… this guy will be a part of our collab with Gunn & Swain coming soon! 

When I had this idea to do a tropical breakfast, so many breakfast items came to mind. Do I go with the popular acai or dragon bowl? No, cause I kinda already did that last year with my tropical papaya bowls. Or what about tropical chia seed pudding that I have seen all over Pinterest? No… maybe I will try that another time. I wanted something with pancakes and fruit. I got it! Mini flat cakes it is! This is a take on all the pretty avocado toasts you see but with mini pancakes and tropical fruit. And of course, you always need a big platter of tropical fruit! 

I got a little tropical with my place setting with custom palm frond placemats by Meghann Miniello. Add your tropical playlist to the mix and you are ready to party in paradise but in the comfort of your own home! 

Let’s face it. The tropics can be in style all year long, you don’t need to wait till its warm outside to bring out some paradise. With summer ending, I’m actually wanting more tropical in my house to keep those vibes occurring all year long. Shop my favorites below!

Happy Friday!






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Ending Summer with a visit to the Orange County Fair

One of my absolute FAVORITE things to do during the Summer is visit the Orange County Fair.  My husband and I have been going for years and now we take our little ones.  We even shot a few of our engagement photos there!!  It’s turned into a family tradition and sort of an end of Summer hurrah!  Growing up in Northern California the fair wasn’t something we really did that often, but down here in Orange County it’s a must!!

This Summer was one for the books!  When we moved earlier this year we moved a few miles inland and closer to the fair grounds.  Our new neighborhood has really easy access to the fair so our visits multiplied by quite a lot!  I wouldn’t put us on carnie status quite yet, but we definitely made the rounds!

Court especially enjoyed the fair this year and keeps asking to go back.  There’s something magical and quintessential Summer about it all.  From the corn dogs to the funnel cakes.  The pig races, the games and the rides, there’s just nothing like it.  We decided to take our kiddos for one last trip and brought along our girl Alison Bernier to take photos.  Each photo she captured is just pure joy and fun!!

Here are those little crazies!!  The girls are wearing the cutest clothing line Wil + Frida with the most adorable accessories from Henny & Coco.  Meanwhile the boys are looking fresh in their get up from Whistle & Flute.  They had me at pizza tank and red shorts… I mean, come on…. I definitely need both in my size!

Now, you may think, wow, they’re crazy for going to the fair with all of those kids and taking photos!  Yes, yes we are.  But you know what, these photos are really cute and in the end it was really fun!!!  Plus, look at these cute faces!!

We played loads of games and went on tons of rides… We decided we should go big or go home for our last shot at the Fair!!

Love these shots of the cute little bums….

I loved watching these kids make memories and getting excited going from ride to ride and game to game.  It was non stop but so fun.  Summer memories are the best and it’s fun seeing it through their eyes!

Even the littlest ones had to join in on the fun!  This was Cruz and Henry’s first Summer at the Fair and they had to get in on the fun too!!

Can you believe it’s been a year since we had these two?!  So crazy how fast it goes by… A year ago I was chowing down and REALLY pregnant at the Fair!!

Well, my many trips to the fair this Summer must have paid off because I was the big winner… I played two games and won both Court and Edie a huge prize!!  Pretty proud of myself, so proud that I had to share it here.  So there you go!  It’s not every day you are a hero, I was that day… Don’t be jealous…

And that’s a wrap!!  Now that kids are getting started at school it really does feel like Summer has come to an end.  Thanks for the last hurrah OC Fair!!  See you next year!!!



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Visiting Tony’s Fruit Stand in Marysville, Ca.

When we moved to the Sacramento area, I started a list of places that I wanted to visit that would be exciting for the kids and even a couple of locations for just mom and dad. Sacramento is the farm to fork capital, and I’m sure you can imagine my list is hugely long by now. I’m a huge foodie, so this pretty much makes me a kid in a candy store. Farm-to-Fork isn’t a fad or a marketing slogan in the Sacramento region – it’s a lifestyle. This lifestyle is something that I have been doing for some time now, pretty much since I had my son, five years ago. In the Sacramento region, there is an abundance of farmers markets, farm to fork restaurants, fruit stands, local craft breweries, and of course wineries. Not to mention all the festivals that happen year round here. Pretty much heaven for me! 

Photos by Aria Photography

1st on my list was to take the kids to Tony’s Fruit Stand in Marysville, Ca. This produce stand is not your typical side of the road fruit stand. Tony’s Fruit Stand grows a wide variety of California peaches, pluots, persimmons, pomegranates, lemons, mandarins and other seasonal fruits and vegetables. Since 1993, Tony’s Fruit Stand has been a local landmark for the community and travelers alike. They offer the finest seasonal fruits, veggies, nuts, honey and much more.

Driving up to Tony’s, it is surrounded by beautiful peach orchards. With its, peach colored umbrellas, its modern vibe, and bounty of locally grown products, this gourmet fruit stand set itself high above their competitors. 

I had to restrain myself from getting everything there. The jams, honey, dried fruits, homemade pies, lemonade mixers, fresh eggs, the list just goes on. Once you buy your produce from a local stand like Tony’s, there is no going back to grocery store produce. 

We got a chance to go into their peach orchards and pick some of the peaches. Having a peach right off the tree doesn’t get any better. The true taste of summer! I can’t wait to head back in Fall to get my hands of more of their yummy produce. 

And, if you aren’t local to the Sacramento area, they offer some of their yummy products online! I highly recommend the honey! See it all here.

See it all here.

So come along on this adventure with me as I discover this yummy farm to fork region, I can now call home. Stay tuned on Friday as I used those delicious peaches for a mouth watering grilled peach salad. A perfect side kick for end of summer bbqs. 





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