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What’s in my pool bag for the summer?

You know those days when you are alone at the pool, kid free, with a drink in your hand, and the sun giving you that summer glow with those sweet tunes in the background? I know… few and far between these days.  But a mama needs some alone days, and when I do, I’m at the pool catching some sun rays (safely, of course). In our new town, we are close to a casino/resort. I know kinda crazy to say that right? However, after checking it out, the pool and spa are awesome! This spot will be my little getaway spot that I try to get once every couple months. Plus, they have a Michael Jackson slot machine! Regardless if I’m at the pool with the kiddies or by myself, I make sure my bag is fully prepped for everything I will need for a fun day in the sun. Today I’m sharing with you, all my favorite essentials that are in my bag currently. 

Photos by Megan Batista 

Let’s start off with not what’s in my bag, but my favorite suit right now that I’m wearing all time. I’m a huge Spell & The Gypsy Collective fan, so when I saw their Babushka One Piece in Lavender, it was a must for me! This little number is so soft, sweetest little pink tassels, and perfectly covers you. I will tell you the back is not a full coverage bottom. But if I can do it, you can do it! Plus my sunnies that I never leave the house without. 

At the beginning of summer, I was on the hunt for a new tote bag. The one I had currently was too small for my stuff and all the kid’s stuff. I saw this Giselle Ilaria Cream Bag, and I was in love! I mean the tassels just take this straw tote to the next level. Plus, it’s a great size that you can fit your pool items along with the kids as well. 

Also, the matching Spell & The Gypsy Collective Babushka Towel 
This towel is for mommy only! 

The heat during summer here is between 90-110 here, so my Brixton hat is a must to keep the beating sun off my face. I also rely on my favorite sunblock, Bare Republic to keep my skin protected and soft at the same time. I love this eco-conscious line. It is cruelty-free and combines antioxidant-rich oils and plant extracts to nourish and protect you and your family from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Their mineral line is my favorite; it makes you feel like you are wearing nothing and leaves your skin so soft. Being a blonde, you have to protect your hair from the sun and pool water. I use their dry shampoo and hair mist every day, even when I’m not at the pool. You can get it at Target too! I will never go back to those other lines that clogged your pores.

I keep a coin purse in my bag so I can access my money quickly instead of searching high and low in my bag and ditching that big clutch. Money and water should always be in your bag. I don’t leave the house without a couple of bottles of water. My favorite is the Fred Water. Cool packaging and fits easily into any bag. A must for this summer season! 

Catching some rays you need some tunes! Stelle Audio has a speaker that is perfect for poolside. Don’t be fooled by this stylish little guy; the go-go speaker packs a punch. The sound is incredible. I use this everywhere we go. 

I love my Mophie Battery Pack to keep me charged all day long!

Shop all my favorite items below! 




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Summer Beach Hangs with Seaesta Surf and Bink & Boo

My friends Julia and Bianca, owners of Seaesta Surf and Bink & Boo, are doing a series of Summer beach hangs.  There’s nothing better than spending a long day at the beach.  It’s what Summer is made for!  Especially for us moms who know that it’s the best thing for fun and to tire out our littles.  These ladies are mamas themselves and their brands are the epitome of Southern California cool.  So of course, they are the perfect hosts!!

When Julia sent me the photos of this fun day ( that I was so sad to miss ) it looked beyond cute and fun! So much so, it has inspired us to start a new series on our blog!  If you pay attention on social media we’ve been using the hashtag #thatssobeijos – and that’s exactly what this party is!  So Beijos!  

Going forward we will be taking submissions for parties, home tours, family sessions, etc that you think are “So Beijos” and sharing them here!  Please send your submissions to so we can see how you are inspired and living with Beijos in mind at home.

In the meantime, lets take a look at what these talented mamas put together for a few of their friends down in sunny San Diego! And if you’re interested, their next Summer hang is on July 21st!  So save the date!!

All photos by the talented Jennie Corti

Here’s a little bit from Julia…

We wanted to create a space for families to come hang at the beach for a mellow afternoon so we brought everything you’d need for a beach day with the kiddos! We had a bunch of shade, sand toys, beach blankets, healthy snacks, juice from Suja Juice and sunscreen from Sun Bum/Baby Bum. A ton of local families came to hang out and it was the perfect low key day to surf/eat/nap! Well, we’re hoping we wore the kids out so they’d nap on the drive home!

Doesn’t this look like so much fun?!  I love their set up!  It’s colorful, eclectic and fun for everyone!!  Can we talk about this umbrella?!  I’m in love with it!! And there are just so many cute little faces I can’t stand it!!

These boys are so cute in their Bink & Boo and Seaesta shorts!!!  This is what my boys live in all Summer long, seriously the best!!  The little guy right here with his tongue sticking out is having the best day ever!

It looks like it was such a fun day for everyone!  They will be hosting future Summer beach hangs so stay tuned… We may even be in on one of them coming up!!!

More fun Summer posts coming at you the rest of the week!  Stay tuned…



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Beijos Best

Happy Sunday!  I put together another Summer themed Beijos best for you today, and it’s all about swimwear!  If you’re like me then you have a million swimsuits.  I don’t know why, but I just love to buy them.  When we moved recently I had to get rid of a ton.  Let’s just say after two babies the suits from my 20’s just didn’t fit the same…

But that’s ok, because there are new trends that are so cute and I am ready for some new ones!!  I never thought I would be a one piece kind of gal but now I can’t get enough.  I bought my first one last Summer when I was pregnant and I wore it like crazy.  I’ve already invested in two more this year too!  They cover up some spots that I still want to work on before I brave the bikini… Still trying to get that body back!

My friend Julia and I have been talking a lot about how hard it is to find swimwear that supports the girls when they are bigger.  Since I’m still breastfeeding that is an issue for me.  I think I did a pretty good job of finding something for everyone here.  Even something that can support those tig ol’ bitties – haha, had to!

As far as bikinis… Like I said, not sure if I’m completely ready yet.  But the other day I wore an older one I have and Court told me he really liked my swimsuit.  How does he know to say all the right things?!  Definitely gave mommy a confidence boost!  I love all of the ones I chose, so I may be convinced into getting one this year after all…  Maybe after a few more sit ups ;)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

You can shop all of my favorites below!!





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Beijinhos Easter Baskets

We had so much fun curating Easter baskets for our littles last year that we decided to do it again, and hey we’ve begun a tradition! Find last years, because they are still so good here.  It’s so fun to search for the new cool basket and all the items that will create huge warm smiles on our kiddos faces.  This year we collaborated with the talented Eliza Gran, check her out here.  Her baskets are just so cute!!She has so many colors and even color combinations to choose from.  They are great to use for your kids room after Easter for storage, a plant in your living room or even blankets. I can’t wait for you to scroll down and see how cute her baskets are paired up as Easter baskets for the littles.  We picked our own colors to match our littles style and adorned them with name tags from Courtney, the talented gal at Poppy Jack Shop.

We are starting off with Critter Courts basket.  Jacquelyn went with a cool California Camping theme.  Here’s what inspired her this year and what she had to say about it…

For Court’s basket I was inspired by camping along the California coast, something I’m hoping to do with him this Summer and many more Summers!! I can picture him using any of these items, playing guitar with daddy around the camp fire, reading a book in our tent, or even searching for bugs around our campsite! I know he’ll love this!!

meganwelker-easterbaskets-1 meganwelker-easterbaskets-3 meganwelker-easterbaskets-4 meganwelker-easterbaskets-6


Here’s a flat lay of all the goodies and click on them for links so if you see something you like, you can have it for your little too!

Lunch box 
Nature Collector 
Back Pack 
Twig wooden toy camera 

Sticking with the dudes, lets have a look at how Abby was inspired by Jett’s Cool Dude Cali themed Easter basket… For the boy who loves the bright blue ocean and the thrill of skateboarding.

meganwelker-easterbaskets-57 meganwelker-easterbaskets-55 meganwelker-easterbaskets-58 meganwelker-easterbaskets-60 meganwelker-easterbaskets-63

Here is his flat lay so you can see all the goodies and don’t forget the links, so if you see something you want for your little guys it’s right at your finder tips!!

Boom Box Lunch Box
Baja hoodie
Ankle Bitters

Indi Surf Book
Robo Sauce Book
Pizza Dude Shirt
Slyfox Threads White Hat

On to the Girlies!!  Abby chose a Palm Springs theme for her little babe Dylan.

meganwelker-easterbaskets-32 meganwelker-easterbaskets-33

meganwelker-easterbaskets-30 meganwelker-easterbaskets-29


Here are the details and links to all of Miss Dylan’s Easter goodies


Little Butterfly Book

Neon Coloring Book
Catcus Clips


SandalsTie Knot headbands- Jumpyjackjack from etsy

Gunn Swain Yellow Blanket


For my SASSY little Edie girl I went with a Mermaid Under the Sea theme.  She just loves mermaids, especially the Disney Princess.  Since mommy likes to get her things more on the unique side, see how I can still get her what she wants and make us both happy.

meganwelker-easterbaskets-15 meganwelker-easterbaskets-17 meganwelker-easterbaskets-19 meganwelker-easterbaskets-22 meganwelker-easterbaskets-26

Here are all the goodies and links


Starfish Earrings

Bathing Suit



Color Book


Bunny Ear Headband

And last but definitely not least is my baby boo Isla. I had a lot of fun putting her baby Easter basket together.  It was a little tough thinking of a theme for her since she’s still such a baby, but these are things I know she’ll look cute in and love playing with.

meganwelker-easterbaskets-41 meganwelker-easterbaskets-42 meganwelker-easterbaskets-44 meganwelker-easterbaskets-45 meganwelker-easterbaskets-54


Bunny Rattle

Bathing Suit






 We hope to have inspired you for your little ones Easter Basket.  It’s coming up really quick here and have you gotten everything you need to fill it??  Don’t forget your eggs and grass to complete the look…and some candy!!

All photos my Miss Megan Welker and the adorable little leather tags on all the baskets by our friend Courtney at Poppy Jack Shop Callligraphy

Special thanks to all of our vendors who helped fill our baskets this year especially…

Sweet Threads in Long Beach

Shop Pigment in San Diego

Petit Harper


Old Navy


Shop Minikin

Ladedah kids

Barnes & Noble

Slyfox Threads

Twig Co

Gunn & Swain

Bink & Boo

Gunner & Lux

Kortni Jeane Swim

Westerly Commons 

Jumpy Jack Jack 

Hope you all have a very very Happy Easter. Love this time of year with family and friends…Enjoy it!!

Xx Leah

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Swimwear Obsession- Beijos Picks

summer, summer, summertime
Time to sit back and unwind…..

Yay! its that time of the year to get yourself in some new suits + coverups for a summer filled with lots of fun+sun!

Here are my top picks for my summer swim wardrobe. You will definitely find all of these in my closet currently, and every piece can be used in multiple ways, which is always a must for us Beijos Ladies.

Truth Fact: As a mama…my body is not anything like it was prior to having my little beijinhos! But I have found some fun ways to feel more comfortable in a suit. I’m loving to pair crop tees with bottoms, kimonos over a swim suit, and wearing shorts over a one-piece. Adding that extra layer makes me feel a little bit more confident in prancing around in a bikini.


This year, I’m obsessed with anything white and crocheted. Luckily, there are so many options just for that, in fact so many its overwhelming. But hey, who’s complaining they are all so good!

She Made Me makes great options for crocheted bikini this year. I’m in love with the Gathered Bralette Bikini Top and Bottom. These suits have the cool fringe tassels on their suits to give you that boho vibe that we love. The high waisted bikini bottom covers my insecurities. If the cheeky bottoms aren’t for you, then simple throw on a kimono like this Gold Dahlia Hitch Hiker by Novella Royale. Kimonos are an awesome coverup option as you probably already have some in your wardrobe you wear everyday.

Truly Troublemaker Hourglass Bandeau  is completely seamless, and has a sporty fit which will make this one of your staple bikini sets this summer.

This is where I would pair one of my crop tees over my bandeau. Current favs include this Embroidered Chiffon Top I found at H&M! Here are some other fun crop tees that have us running to buy for this summer!


Living Easy Tee| Prism Boutique


Chill Babe Crop Top | Prism Boutique


Ivory Palmita Halter Top | Prism Boutique

Lastly, the one piece! These aren’t your mamas one pieces. These include fun cheeky bottoms, pretty patterns, and fun details. Here are our favorite picks this year! Pair any of these with a fun kimono or wear under your favorite pair of jean shorts.


Cream Skye Eyelet One Piece | Prism Boutique


Poppy One Piece | Revolve Clothing


Lovers + Friends No Secrets One Piece | Revolve Clothing


Buttons Resort One Piece in Bone | Revolve Clothing

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