Celebrate Dia de Los Muertos With This Marigold Sangria


What a better way to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos then with a marigold sangria. Yesterday, we featured a Dia de Los Muertos bash for the littles, see it here. Today a little treat for the adults! The marigold flower is the traditional Day of the Dead flower; it is used with other brightly colored flowers to decorate during Dia de Los Muertos which takes place October 31 – November 1st.  I wanted to incorporate using marigold not only for decoration but also add it to the cocktail recipe itself. You can do this by infusing the sangria with marigold tea. Not only is this cocktail simple to make, but it is more fun to drink by adding dry ice! A great cocktail option for your upcoming Halloween bash as you can make as much as you like. All souls will enjoy sipping on this sangria!

Photos by Alyssa Onaka


I N G R E D I E N T S 

Marigold Tea
Red Sangria
Fresh Cut Citrus
(orange, lime, lemons)
Cinnamon Sticks
Fresh Orange Juice


Now, there are so many ways to make sangria. Everyone has their choice of method and ingredients. Do you like it super sweet, or just a touch of sweetness? There is no wrong way of doing sangria. It’s a personal preference. For this particular sangria, I wanted it to be fresh in taste, and fast to make since I will be serving this for a crowd or a couple of friends. I used a pre-mixed Sangria, like this Slices Sangria. It’s one of my go-to’s. 

Start by pouring your sangria into a pitcher, and adding in all your fresh cut citrus and cinnamon stick. Oranges, lemons, and limes are my chosen fruit, especially the oranges. Then add two tea bags of the marigold tea. Let the mixture sit overnight. Finally, add about 1 cup of fresh orange juice to each bottle of sangria you use. Fresh juice is critical here! Taste your sangria before pouring.  Give it a little taste test in the morning, just a sip or two! Nothing crazy that early in the morning! If I feel I need more tea flavor or citrus, this is my chance to add more. 

Time to serve! Grab yourself a tray or merely serve on your kitchen island. It is a must to involve brightly colored flowers for your Day of the Dead cocktail. 

We all know I love a pretty garnish, so I put in a cinnamon stick in each glass and a couple of wedges of citrus and flowers…

I just love a loose flower mess…

Now for the best part, adding the dry ice. Please, please read and be informed of how to deal with dry ice. You have GOT to use the right gloves and tools to handle the dry ice. Here are some tips and directions for using dry ice.


Protect yourself by dressing in a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, and closed-toed shoes.
Pick up the dry ice with tongs.
Use a chisel to break off smaller pieces from the block.
Use the dry ice in a well-ventilated area.
Store dry ice in an insulated container that is not airtight.
Melt the ice when you are finished with it by pouring warm water over it.


If you’re going to make your dry-ice beverages one drink at a time, you only need a tiny piece of the substance to create the desired effect. Drop them in right after you’ve poured and garnished the drink before you serve it to your guests. The dry ice will sink to the bottom of the glass and stay there, preventing the drinker from consuming it before it dissipates and the steam effect subsides.



So fun huh!! 

This marigold sangria is my favorite drink to make to date! 




















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Let’s Celebrate & Learn about Dia de Los Muertos with Beijos

One of the things I love about raising my kids is exposing them to different cultures.  I was raised by an immigrant, my dad was born in Portugal, and my sister and I were brought up immersed in that culture.  Along with that, my parents would try to expose us to as much diversity as possible, which I always appreciated and loved.  My best friend and business partner Leah is the same way, but was raised Mexican.  With the new Disney Pixar movie Coco,  which is based on the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos, we were even more inspired to introduce our kids to this tradition.  Leah, being Mexican, is much more familiar with it so her and her kiddos shared that part of their culture with us!  
The holiday, known to most Americans as the Day of the Dead, and the movie inspired a table I designed.  It was bright, colorful and full of life!  I teamed up with some amazing vendors like Wild Child, Rooted & Wild, Prim & Pixie, Sweet & Saucy, The Daydream Republic and The Confetti Bar to make it all come to fruition.  My favorite though, and I think the kid’s would agree, was having each child’s face painted.  Couture Paintings had everyone in awe with the intricate and beautiful creations on each little one’s face, they were each unique and equally amazing!
It was a fun party combined with learning and diversity.  Most of the kids are from different backgrounds, Mexican, Portuguese, Spanish, Moroccan, Irish, and German to name a few!  We looked at it as a way to teach and gather a group to make learning fun!  Thank you to Leah and her kiddos for sharing your culture with us!  We can’t wait for Coco and for our kids to learn more about the Mexican culture.

All photos by the talented Alison Bernier

You can also see this shoot featured on Glitter Guide today!

Let’s start with probably my favorite invite ever by Prim and Pixie!  From the colors, to the lining and all of that detail, they just nailed it!  Not surprised, they do every time!  I just sprinkled some custom confetti from The Confetti Bar and it’s all sorts of cute!

How cute are these little ladies?!  Like I said, everyone loved having their faces painted by Couture Paintings!  Owner Sara Sanchez has studied Day of the Dead facial paintings and had something fun and different for each kiddo.  These little ladies are wearing dresses from Gunn & Swain and the prettiest headbands from The Daydream Republic!  I mean, how cute can you get?!

This is sweet Avalon, daughter of Carissa who owns JL Designs, The Daydream Republic and Little Style Collective

How cute is little Emerald?!  Youngest daughter of the one and only Jesi Haack!

Here’s pretty Annie, daughter of our favorite Jolie, owner of Wild Child Party

And here’s the three wild and crazy amigos!  Even the boys got in on the fun!  Edie is wearing a dress her grandparents brought her back form Mexico!

Loving my god daughter Edie Lola, she is growing up and getting better and better!  Leah, you’re doing a good job my friend!

Here’s my wild man Court being silly!  His favorite color is red so he got this fun style!

And sweet Reagan, son of Emily Sims, half the duo of Magic Kingdom Mamas!  This guy got along just fine with my Court, two wild boys!!

And now, for the set up…  I  have to say, I was really excited to do this party, and seeing it come to life made it that much more satisfying!  I love, love, love this set up!!  The colors are so fun and vibrant, it’s just so FUN!!!

If you haven’t been able to tell, we love a good balloon installation from Wild Child, I mean, who doesn’t?!  It just makes such a statement!  I don’t know when this trend is going to end, but I’m fine with it hanging around longer!  Rooted & Wild also killed it with the amazing florals!!  That girl just gets it right every time!  Also… That sugar skull pinata?!  It’s basically the cutest thing ever.

It never hurts to add some disco balls into the mix, every party could use one!

For the place settings I did terra cotta tiles and Prim and Pixie added each child’s name.  Wild Child has these adorable sugar skull plates by Meri Meri that were obviously perfect!  I sprinkled the custom confetti from The Confetti Bar again and some pretty petals and marigolds as well.

This girl!!!  I love her…

Look at these stirrers from Prim & Pixie!  I’m obsessed….

I love the combination for florals Rooted & Wild did, it’s just the best!

I don’t do kid’s parties without desserts… How else would we bribe them?!  Haha… But seriously… Sweet & Saucy Shop does it again!  They took my inspiration and what they did was magic, truly magic!  Prim & Pixie completed it all with the adorable sign – it’s all just so good!!!  Makes me giddy looking at it!

The best!!!

I’m all about these colors!!

I think it’s safe to say these kiddos had a blast!  And we learned and celebrated another culture while we were at it!  These moments are so special with our kids, watching them have fun and grow at the same time.  Even though this may seem silly and little, I know in the long run talking to them and exposing to them to these things will have an impact on them.  I know, because it did with me!

Thank you Leah, Edie & Isla for sharing this part of your heritage and culture with us!  We should all instill a love for our backgrounds with our kids!

How do you share your culture with your children?!  I’d love to hear!!



Design/Planning – Jacquelyn Kazas of Beijos Events
Concept – Leah Carriger of Beijos Events
Photographer – Alison Bernier
Venue/Balloon Install/ Tabletop/Decor – Wild Child Party
Florist – Rooted & Wild
Invite/Signage/Calligraphy/Stir Sticks – Prim & Pixie
Desserts – Sweet & Saucy Shop 
Face Painting – Couture Paintings
Headbands – The Daydream Republic
Dresses & Blanket – Gunn & Swain
Confetti – The Confetti Bar
Blanket on Chairs – Siestas for Fiestas


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Alicia + Bryan – San Luis Obispo Wedding

Leah and I have been dying to share this gorgeous wedding for a few months now.  In August we were lucky enough to be a party of Ali & Bryan’s San Luis Obispo wedding.  It brought us back to one of our favorite venues, Biddle Ranch Vineyard.  This place has upgraded since our last wedding there, they now have a gorgeous tasting room and the property’s greens have flourished.  It is such a gorgeous spot in one of the prettiest places in California.

Ali was a dream bride, organized, trusting and had a great eye for style.  We loved working with her every step of the way and her family and friends were equally amazing.  The day went off without a hitch and reliving it through Megan Welker’s stunning photos makes me nostalgic.  Think simple and clean style with a dash of rustic, keep scrolling to see it all, you’ll want to get your pin button ready!

Also featured today on 100LayerCake

One of the many things I love about working with Megan Welker is her attention to detail and the fact that she over shoots.  Meaning, you will not find one thing not shot by this woman on your special day… She covers EVERYTHING!  It’s honestly amazing!  And she gets multiple shots of it all, so you really feel like you’re in that moment.

I helped a bit on the styling, but she shot all of the details so perfectly for Ali & Bryan.  And what pretty details they were….

More on this piece of amazingness later… I am really loving that leather jacket trend for brides this year!

Getting ready for your big day is a big part of the fun!  These are where big memories are made.  All of those feelings of excitement are tingling in your body and all of the stress floats away.  This is your time to celebrate with your wedding party and enjoy the day!  Plus, it’s such a special time with your immediate family.  Ali had her mom and sister helping her get ready, their close bond can be felt through the photos of the day…

There’s something amazing about a groom and his groomsmen in tuxes… They just look so dapper!  Bryan played the part of the handsome groom quite well!

Aww, the first look.  Another aspect of wedding photography that Megan is a master of.  I love the way Bryan looks at Ali in these photos, he is in awe of her!!  We can’t recommend a first look enough, it’s so amazing to have that private moment with your soon to be spouse in private.  It always ends up being so special…

Clover & Branch is responsible for the breathtaking florals through-out the wedding.  Ali’s style was very classic and simple.  We did greenery along with white florals and the look is just so elegant.  This greenery trend is truly amazing, I wouldn’t mind if it stuck around for a while…

Here’s Ali and her beautiful bridesmaids!  

And can’t forget the groomsmen!  I always think groomsmen photos are so funny, guys can never make a straight face when they are all together.  They just are having too much fun!

On to the ceremony!  It was a really beautiful day, not too hot or cold at all, just perfect.  The scene was set with gorgeous garland and guests were given white rose petals for the big exit.  Which, when you see the photo below, you will definitely want to put in your back pocket for wedding ideas… Such an epic shot!

See what I mean!!!

The table design was made for Biddle Ranch Vineyard.  Doesn’t everything just flow so perfectly?!  The greenery, the clean whites, the rustic tables… It’s just dreamy!!  We loved the simplicity of the clear glassware, white china and the touch of metallic with the gold flatware.  Votives were scattered through-out the tables for that romantic touch.  Courtney from Poppy Jack did the calligraphy for the place cards and a sprig of olive branch was placed on each plate for a finishing touch!

I seriously can’t get enough of the olive trees…

Ali’s dad made this escort display board!  Isn’t that amazing?!  He loves both of his daughters so much… Leah and I were so excited for his speech and it proved to be a tear jerker like we thought.  There’s nothing like that father/daughter relationship.  Poppy Jack did the calligraphy again here…

Ok, if you ever plan on getting married in the San Luis Obispo area you MUST use Paper Cake Events for your desserts.  This girl is beyond talented and we loved everything that she created, plus it was delicious!  I mean, those cookies… they are the prettiest!!

Kicking off an incredible night with some amazing toasts and lots of love and laughter!

Sunset photos are key to any wedding, you get such pretty shots!!  And the bride and groom are a little bit more relaxed and ready to party!  Remember that amazing custom black leather jacket?!  Well, here it is in all it’s glory!  Ali could not look more beautiful!

And now for the dance party!!!  Dart DJ’s had everyone dancing all night!!

Such an amazing wedding!  We are so lucky to be a part of these momentous occasions!!  Thank you Ali & Bryan for sharing this day with us!!




Design & Planning – Beijos Events
Photographer – Megan Welker
Venue – Biddle Ranch
Florist – Clover & Branch
Calligraphy – Poppy Jack Shop
Caterer – Zest It Up
Desserts – Paper Cake Events
Videographer – Reeh TV
Photo Booth – SLOtography
Bartenders – Bottles & Ice

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Visiting the Farm with the Littles and Planting Seasonal Veggies

The first item I’m checking off of our Fall to do list is visiting the farm with the littles!  A few weeks back the boys and I drove down to San Diego to visit our friends.  We visited City Farmers Nursery, recommended to us by Julia Wheeler.  It was the perfect play date where the kiddos learned about and planted seasonal veggies.  The nursery is such a hidden gem and they provided the perfect setting for our get together as well as the guidance for the seasonal plantings. 

For anyone interested in throwing their own fall planting party, the nursery gave us a list of seasonal veggies to plant.  Some of which include carrots, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, radishes and peas.  Your local nursery should be able to provide some other tips for other veggies that will work in your particular climate.

Now keep scrolling for all of the cuteness with photos by Jennie Corti

This shoot is also featured today on 100 Layer Cakelet

We started out or day with these adorable littles all styled to perfection by Bianca of Bink & Boo and Sunny & Cheer.  She has the perfect eye for vintage and I love the pieces she found for this shoot.  

Now can we talk about the talent that is Brittany, owner of Studio BDR?!  She created this gorgeous invite, the adorable place cards and did all of the calligraphy.  I love her refreshing style and the look of her lettering.

The setting couldn’t be more perfect at City Farmers, that tree is so incredibly beautiful!  It’s an eclectic space with cute little spots around every corner.  We found this little table to hang out at, and set it up for the little ones.  With tabletop from Hostess Haven and gorgeous flowers by Rooted & Wild it couldn’t get much prettier…

Nothing like some pies and donut holes for a little brunch…  Sugar high can commence in 3, 2, 1….

Thank you Butter & Crumbs for so much yum and for keeping our littles on their toes ;)

Now time to plant!!  The kids loved getting their hands dirty and planting their seeds. We bought the seeds at the nursery and had them let us know which veggies would grow best in our climate.  Each little one got their own personalized planting box, how fun is that?!

After we were done planting, it was time for some play!  The nursery has a little play area complete with a see saw, swings and a play house.  It was the perfect way to wind down after all that hard work planting of course!

Kicking off fall in the best way with our kids, can’t wait to keep this list going!!!



Thank you to everyone below!!!


Event Styling & Design: Jacquelyn Kazas from Beijos Events

Creative Direction: Julia Wheeler

Outfits: Bink & BooSunny & Cheer VintageGunn & Swain Mexican Dresses

Photos: Jennie Corti 

Florals: Rooted & Wild

Invite & Calligraphy: Studio BDR

Table top rentals: Hostess Haven

Desserts: Butter & Crumbs

Venue: City Farmers Nursery


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Mama’s Chat Night Reflecting on Self Care with Dr. Cassidy Freitas

Through-out the year I’ve posted about self care, and how important it is for us ladies.  It all started in January with a post I did with Dr. Cassidy Freitas, a licensed marriage and family therapist.  After having my second son last year I realized how us moms really lacked in the self care department.  I vowed to make adjustments and resolutions to that this year.  Fast forward and I have found different ways to care for myself this year.  From massages, to working out, to spending time with my girlfriends, it’s been eye opening.

Cassidy and I have been wanting to carry this discussion on with other mamas we know.  I reached out to my friend Julia of San Diego Songbird and owner of Gunn & Swain and Seaesta Surf.  As a busy mompreneur, she could completely relate.  Together, we decided to host a mama’s chat night and have Cassidy lead us in a conversation.  Self care was the main topic and how we sometimes lose our self in motherhood.  Cassidy helped us hone in on how we can make sure to practice self-care in big and small ways.  It lead to an insightful night full of support, love, thoughtfulness and camaraderie.  

I’m so excited to share the beautiful photos by Brooke Aliceon and have this party also featured on Glitter Guide today!  This was more than just a party to us, it was therapy…

When designing the table for this night I wanted everyone to feel close and comfortable.  So we did low tables to the ground with lots of blankets and pillows to get down and dirty and chat it up.  This was also easier for moms with little ones so they could be attentive to them and still join in on the talk.  The color scheme was soft muted pink tones which looked so pretty in that golden light at sunset.  We munched on the yummiest spread and drank rosé, the perfect addition to a night like this!  It was a great way to end summer and focus on a new season in the year to practice more self love and care.

The party was held in Julia’s amazing backyard and the light was beyond gorgeous.  Really, it was a magical night and looking at these photos makes my heart full.

Here is a little bit from Cassidy

Community and connection can bring us to a place of healing. This happened for participating moms through asking for help from family and friends, or finding a local support group. Allowing others “in” to care for us can be a vulnerable experience, but when the risk of being vulnerable is taken, the mom’s in our circle found that they were able to engage with more Self-Care and found themselves re-energized to engage in motherhood and their work.

The idea of “balance” is a unicorn, it’s a myth. In order for something to be “balanced” you need perfect weight on either side, and perfection is just not attainable. Also, perfectionism is typically externally driven, “what will others think?” If we get in touch with our internal values and use those values to make the tough decisions of prioritizing, our day to day lives can slowly become more aligned with what’s most important to us. Sometimes that means pouring ourselves into our families, sometimes it means saying yes to our work or projects, sometimes it means acknowledging that we are running on fumes and need to say yes to ourselves.

With any party you need good eats and drinks!  Lucky us were spoiled by A MIHO Experience, Butter & Crumbs and some good ol’ Trader Joe’s rosé…

We asked Cassidy to put together a few conversation starters for other mamas who wanted to throw a dinner party like this themselves…  I can’t encourage a night like this enough!  Grab your nearest girlfriends, a few bottles of wine and have these meaningful conversations…

Conversation Starters
1) What role does Self-Care have in your life right now?
2) What gets in the way of Self-Care? 
3)What are some of the messages you’ve received about Self-Care? (e.g., from family, discourses around gender and culture, social media?)
4) How might some of your personal values connect with caring for yourself?

5) Have there been times you’ve been able to overcome the Self-Care blocks? What allowed you to overcome those blocks?

Stay tuned for more Mama awareness and self care love events!  We can’t get enough of spreading this message…




Styling + Co-Host: Beijos Events 
Venue + Co-Host: Home of Julia Wheeler
Discussion Leader + Co-Host: Dr. Cassidy Freitas
Blankets: Gunn & Swain
Tables & Pillows: Pow Wow Design Studio
Tabletop Rentals: Hostess Haven
Half Moon Serving Trays: Dovetails + Darts
Placecards + Signage: Twinkle + Toast
Triangle Serving Tray: Rael Made

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