DIY Pressed Flower Wall Art


Being in a new house, there is A LOT to do! Every room needs love and attention. A little nerve-racking, but along with that there is so much excitement; it’s a blank canvas for you to make your own.  I have been pinning ideas from Pinterest for what seems like a year of DIY ideas I wanted to TRY to do. One of the ideas that I saw a couple of years ago was from Chris Loves Julia blog. My husband believe it or not showed me this blog a couple of years ago, and I have been following them since. My husband secretly wants us to become this DIY couple. But if that were the case, you would see one project or two done once a year, ha. Chris and Julia have some great DIYs for your home. One that stuck out to me was an acrylic gallery wall filled with black and white photos of their family. I loved the idea of doing something with acrylic for my home. Along with my love for acrylic, I wanted to incorporate flowers as well. There was no other place then my daughter’s room to place this custom piece.

A while ago, my dear pal Meghann Miniello created a word phrase for me for my daughter, Dylan’s room that I was going to make a neon sign with. The prices of neon signs are kinda pricey, so I tossed out the neon sign idea and created this acrylic pressed flower art piece for above her bed.  I have to say I think it came out pretty cute! And even better, it was easy to make. No power tools needed! Although reinforced hanging is always a plus! 

Photos by Jessica Erickson


Vinyl Sticker Lettering or Calligraphy skills 
2 Acrylic Sheets (any size you want)
Flowers (Dried or Real or Both)
Gorilla Epoxy 
Picture Backing + Nails

Cameo Machine
Clamps or Heavy Objects

1st let’s discuss acrylic. You can order yours thru Amazon or go where I get all my acrylic thru Tap Plastics. Straight to the source. Remember the larger the piece, the more reinforcement you will need for hanging. I went with 18X24 sheets. Tap Plastics will deliver to your house, or if there is a nearby store, you can pick up that day.

Next up, the writing. I choose to use vinyl lettering since my calligraphy skills do not need to be seen around the world. Meghann Miniello created my phrase, and I took her file and created a vinyl sticker using the Cameo machine. This machine is a game changer if you do a lot of projects with lettering for stickers, shirts, signage, you name it. Definitely worth it! 

Lay the wording out on the acrylic sheet where you desire. Then once you have them in their desired spot, do each word at a time. You just peel back the backing and place the vinyl on the acrylic, and then SLOWLY peel the front clear sheet up, at the same time making sure the lettering is adhering correctly to the acrylic.

The fun part. The flowers! I used a mix of real flowers and silk flowers. I had a particular color palette in mind but had trouble finding the colors I wanted at my local market. This is where I added some silk flowers, and it helped me achieve the colors I was looking for. Also, another thing to remember is when you use real flowers they will become dried flowers so the color will change. Sprinkle and place your flowers where you desire.

Grab your other acrylic sheet, and begin placing the flowers on top of it. I just tossed them about and moved them around to cover some empty spots. Feel free to get creative and do some pattern or design with the flowers. You can also use greenery as well. I wanted the flowers to be the backdrop, so I went a tossed look. I did place my silk flowers in certain areas. 

*Tip- Place your acrylic that has your lettering on it and place it once in awhile on top of your other board with the flowers to see how it will look once you combine the two. You can adjust as needed. 

Pretty easy right? Ok, let’s get to the hard part. But you can do this!

Epoxy is something not to mess with once it’s mixed. So be cautious with this and its a good idea to do this part outdoors or in the well-ventilated garage. Follow the directions on the glue, and once mixed, place a thin line towards the edge on one of the sheets, the glue will dry clear. But if you use a lot, its ok, cause once it’s hung up, you really can’t see it. Place the other acrylic sheet on top and make sure its aligned correctly. Using clamps or heavy objects set on top of the layers and allow it to dry for an hour to set. I let mine sit overnight. Be sure all the corners and sides are pressed down with something substantial, or they will not seal properly. 

Finally, adhere the picture backing to the backside with either more glue or you can drill one in. Once thoroughly dried, you can hang it up! 

So cute right?! 








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A Boho/Mid Century Winter White Celebration to Ring in the New Year

We’ve got one last celebration for you before we say so long to 2017!  I’ve been wanting to do a winter white themed dinner party for some time now, and this was the year.  Furthermore, it was the perfect excuse to gather a few of our friends, make something pretty, and celebrate!  I teamed up with Carissa from JL Designs and our mid century/boho dreams came to life.

One of the best things about the holidays is gathering your friends and celebrating, we did just that.  A few of us ladies got together and ate and drank and just had fun, in a beautiful setting.  It was perfect and I wish we did it more often.  This dinner party is the perfect inspiration for a NYE bash as well!  

So get your pin button ready, because it’s about to get good…

Photos by the talented Mike Radford

This shoot is also featured on Inspired By This today!

Kicking it off with the invite of course…  River & Bridge created this beautiful suite for the menu and invite and A Fabulous Fete handled the calligraphy.  I love the simplicity and the modern feel of it all, and it complimented our winter white theme perfectly…

My sweet friend Carissa did the gorgeous flowers, using different blooms in white with pretty greenery.  This girl makes magic with florals!  Did I mention that she’s just one of the best people ever too?!  It’s always a good time with her!  Love her so much!!

Carissa and I used items from our own collections at home to set the table.  It’s amazing what a few designers can come up with together!  And it’s a good thing both of us have a love for white and gold!!  Most of the items are still available and I linked to them at the bottom of this post…

Every dinner should have long taper candles, it just makes it more magical!

I love the way the menus by River & Bridge and the place cards by A Fabulous Fete complimented the table.  We just added a sprig of Winter greenery to dress it up a bit!

Now, onto the best part… The food and drinks!!!

Colette’s Catering spoiled us yet again with a delicious holiday themed menu.  First they served a winter kale salad that had the most delicious vinaigrette.  In addition to that deliciousness, we had butternut squash tortellini and braised short ribs… YUM!!!

Of course we had the One Hope flowing this night!  Since it’s all of our absolute favorite!  Rosé and Champs are always a must for a celebration with the ladies!!

Finally, there has to be a dessert to finish it all off!  Beverly’s Bakery made the cutest mid century winter white themed cake, and it was as yummy as it looks!!

Such a fun night with such amazing friends!!!

Cheers to another amazing year!!!!  Can’t wait to share more in 2018!!!!



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Beijos Spotlight: Marisa Mason Jewelry

Us Beijos ladies are always on the hunt for new brands and stores to become obsessed with. And once we have found them, we share with our beloved readers in our Beijos Spotlight. Because we know if we love it, you are definetly going to too! Today’s Beijos Spotlight is with Marisa Mason Jewelry. She is one talented jewelry designer, and her pieces are like works of art. Marisa’s pieces are sold thru various stores among you, see where to find them, here. BUT! If you are lucky enough to live near or in Oakland, you can visit her at her store, and trust me you will want to. Let’s get to know Marisa Mason a little bit, and check out her shop and her unique and beautiful pieces she creates there. 

BTW, while I have been writing this, I have five pieces already in my shopping cart. 

Photos by Candiss Koenitzer

When did you start Marisa Mason?
I started my line in 2011- so I guess that is 6 1/2 years ago now.
Have you always been obsessed with jewelry making, how did decide to start this business?
I have always loved making things and started to get into making jewelry in about 2010.  I was never formally trained in any way, so it has been a work in process with my designs changing as new skills evolve.

 Tell us what your favorite piece is? 
My current favorite is probably the Santos necklace which is a made of leather and wood (of all things).  I have a couple of new beautiful jewelry pieces I am excited about as well…I have not named or photographed any of them yet though so check back in on those.
You recently became a new mom, how is it challenging children and being a business owner?
It has been an excellent transition for me- tough but great.  I had built my business on sweat equity, working a ton of hours and often just doing things myself instead of bringing my employees into the loop more.  Once I became pregnant, I knew that would have to change.  It has been amazing to see the ladies who make up our team take over and help run the business better than I ever could have.  It took my adorable baby girl to teach me how to have a better work/life balance.
Can you tell us about your monthly pop up designer you feature in your store?
Every month we feature a different designer in a portion of our store.  They come in, set it up how they want, and create their space.  They make the majority of the money from the sales and get to present their whole vision which can be hard to do as a designer when you don’t have a physical space of your own to show your work.  It is fun to get to know other designers and to get to promote their work differently.
What is your jewelry made out? Tell us a little bit about your pieces? 
I work primarily in brass and silver but am beginning to work more in gold and am excited to grow my fine collection over the next year.  I carve the original designs from wax, and then we cast and hand polish the pieces.  We do a lot of work with leather, turquoise, and various braided fibers as well. 
Your store is amazing Marisa, and I can’t wait to get some of these pieces in my hands. 
Never too late for hints for the 25th! Hint! Hint! cough… cough… Hendrix… hehe!


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A Holly Jolly Christmas Playdate full of Fun for the Kids

We are on the one week countdown to Christmas my friends!!!  I can’t believe it’s come so fast!!  In the midst of the holiday madness we found time to have a Christmas playdate, you know how we roll…  This one is full of holiday cheer and cuteness from the little ones and lots of inspiration!!  With a little bit of Christmas nostalgia mixed with some modern fun it has holly & jolly written all over it!!

I have to say, this year has been a good one.  We’ve teamed up with so many amazing vendors, especially our friends at Wild Child.  These ladies have been so awesome to work and collaborate with.  We’ve made so much magic in 2017, I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings to the table!!  Now on to the Christmas fun…

This cuteness is also featured today on 100LayerCakelet

Photos by Alison Bernier

Tis the season for some FUN!  That’s what I want my kids to think this time of year!  With all of the stress the holidays bring to us adults, it’s nice to take out time and just have fun with our little ones.  Seeing their little eyes light up and get excited is what the holidays are about to me.  Poppy Jack nailed it with this invite, like she always does…

Now, on to the cuteness!!  Starting with this brother sister duo… Big brother Henley sure loves little sis Harlow!

And how about these cuties?!  All of the girls are in the most darling clothing line, Numi Kids!  I can’t get over how sweet their collection is… And accessorized to a T by The Daydream Republic, with velvet bows, necklaces, bracelets and rings!  We have Reyna, Avalon, Edie and little Harlow again…

My little guys Court & Cruz had to make an appearance of course!  Harlow thinks Cruz is her baby, she never passes a chance to pick him up… Not to sure how he feels about it, haha!

For the table, like I said, I wanted a mix of vintage nostalgia with a modern twist.  Wild Child has the most beautiful iridescent plates by Meri Meri that were so fun to play with!  They also have an amazing collection of bottle brush trees that are very festive!  We added Shop Bando’s disco ball cups, some fun iridescent confetti, greenery and florals, and there you have it!

Seriously, give me all the bottle brush trees!!

The beautiful wreaths and garlands were created by Olive & Blooms, she added that quintessential Christmas touch that we needed.

On to the amazing desserts by Sweet & Saucy Shop…  It doesn’t get much more festive than this!  A Reindeer cake, wreath macarons and Christmas tree cupcakes!  The sweetest sweets!

Now back to the fun!  All the little ones at the party had a blast munching on treats and gabbing away!  I love how this age they just talk, talk, talk… The things they say are seriously hilarious and you see them becoming little people!!

I had to add this totally awkward photo because I think it’s hilarious, haha!!  Court with his arms around two ladies, and Harlow looks really comfortable with it, haha!!

We ended our playdate with reindeer ears for each little lady by The Daydream Republic.  Such a sweet parting gift for the girls for them to wear all season long!!

And this last photo just doesn’t get any sweeter!

Yay for Christmas and all that comes with it!  Especially the sweet times with our little ones… 



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Casey + Erik – Palm Springs Wedding

We did a ton of weddings this year, and we couldn’t be more grateful.  Each wedding we do I have a little pinch myself moment, it’s usually during the vows or during a speech.  Being a part of such a special day and seeing families so happy never gets old.  This is the beautiful Palm Springs wedding of Casey and Erik.  Their wedding really stands out to me because of their amazing family.  Everyone was so kind and gracious and you could really feel the love for these two.

Casey came to us early on in the planning process and had a pretty clear vision of what she wanted.  A touch of glam old Hollywood mixed with a moody modern vibe.  She made it pretty easy being the stylish girl she is!  Plus, they are a gorgeous couple, so that doesn’t hurt!  

Everything came together beautifully as captured by Andria Lindquist.  Keep scrolling to see this Palm Springs beauty full of bougainvillea, glamour and romance.

Also featured today on Junebug Weddings

Let’s start with the details… The wedding took place at the gorgeous La Chureya Estate in Palm Springs.  It had everything your heart would desire from a gorgeous pool, tons of bougainvillea and tons of pretty corners to take photos.  Casey’s simple yet stunning dress took center stage below and we loved her velvet heels she chose.

Could she look more beautiful?!  This old Hollywood glamour look really got us!  So beautiful inside and out!

The first look took place in the estate and couldn’t have been sweeter.  I love how excited they both are, you can feel the giddyness in the photo!!

Bloom Babes handled all of the florals and Casey’s bouquet.  I love how dramatic and romantic it is, and that black ribbon just made it!!  Also, that alter install they made will go down as one of our favorites of all time!

In my opinion, there’s never enough bougainvillea, NEVER!!!

Cocktail hour was amazing with lots of yummy apps and drinks.  Not only was the wedding party drop dead gorgeous but all of their guests were too!  And so well dressed… How cute is Casey’s dad double fisting?!  Love that shot!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

The reception continued with the moody glam vibe of the day.   Colors of black, white and deep burgundy looked gorgeous against the rustic wood tables.  Plus, that lounge from Adore Folklore makes my heart so happy.  It was the perfect spot for guests to gather and rest and kick up their feet.  I just love how well it all flowed together!!

Andria captured these two so well…  And I love all of the extra shots she did of the property, it just makes you feel like you are there.  Seriously, I could frame some of those as art in my home.

The cakes were gorgeous and made by Casey’s friend!  Can you believe that talent?!  Bloom Babes prettied them up even more of course!  Loved this whole set up, and they were delicious too….

I always love seeing the “sunset photos” after a wedding we do… We aren’t there to see them usually because we are busy at the reception.  So it’s really fun to see what the photographer captured after the fact.  Of course Andria didn’t disappoint!

The night got even better!!  How pretty does the pool look with all the candles and lighting?  Quintessential Palm Springs… The party got moved inside for “Club Myhros” the couple’s last name.  Their friend dj’d all of their favorite jams and the dance party went off!  The night ended with a sparkler exit for this amazing couple!!

Such an amazing day for an amazing couple!!  Cheers to many more years of happiness!



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