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An Easy 4 Step Guide to Getting the Best Beachy Hair Waves

Something you may not know about me is, I’m terrible at doing my hair.  I, for the life of me, can’t curl my hair with a curling iron.  I know this may sound ridiculous but it’s true.  It may be the fact that I don’t have the patience, or it my be that I’m just terrible.  Am I the only adult woman with this problem?  Please tell me no!

My sister on the other hand is great in this department.  Lucky me (and poor her), since we lived together most of our lives, she always did my hair for me.  So I never really had to learn… Even though she begged me to, haha.  Now as an adult I can go get blow outs, or if I’m lucky again, have my friend Erica from 1011 Makeup help me out.

Well, I’m a grown up now and it’s time to learn, or at least try.  So I asked Erica to share her tricks with me and teach me how to achieve the best beachy hair waves.  Now, my hair is naturally wavy which is great.  Most days I don’t have the time so I just let it air dry.  But sometimes, to put it bluntly, it looks like crap.  So… It’s about time I learn!

Here are 4 easy steps to getting the best beachy hair waves from the guru herself, Erica.  PS, I did my own hair using these tips this past weekend… I’m not gonna say I fully mastered it yet but it looked pretty good!!!  Baby steps!!

Photos by Alison Bernier


Spray a heat protectant on your hair prior to using any hot tools on your hair. You can section your hair however you would like, pining some hair up and away while you work from the nape of your neck up, or you can just pull hair from the back and work your way to the front.

The size of the barrel you choose to use as your tool will depend on the desired size of the curl, or “looseness” of wave, you would like to achieve (bigger barrel, larger and looser the curl


Rotate the hair around the barrel until the hair is wound. Wrap hair in rotating directions (towards face and away from the face). Start the wrap with the hair close to the scalp working your way to the ends of the hair. Try to hold the ends of the hair with one hand as you curl with the other. This will help to control the hair and keep the hair taut as you work your way down. It will also keep the ends protected from too much heat.

Don’t be afraid to move the iron around so it makes it easier to control. You can direct the iron angled up or you can direct the iron angled down, depending on what side of the head you are working on, and what hand is your dominant hand.


The hair that frames the face should be directed away from the face. Once you have worked your way around the head, you can use your fingers to break up the curls leaving you with loose, tousled, curls.


Spray hair with beach/ sea salt spray and a light finishing spray.  You can also use a light spray wax to give you a more “piecey” look… just don’t overdo the wax or it can weigh down the curl.

Now let’s see if I can keep it up with doing my own hair… If not, good thing I have Erica on speed dial!



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Spring Floral Arrangement DIY

Yesterday we shared our love for wearing Spring Florals and today we are sharing an easy DIY floral arrangement!  Thanks to Meagan from MV Florals, our go to floral guru!  She created this gorgeous arrangement that, if you ask me, would look really pretty on the table this Mother’s Day.  Or even as a gift for the special Mama in your life!

This is another one of our items on the Beijos Spring To Do List, so be sure to tag us if you try this at home!  The steps from Meagan are simple and listed below, now let’s get to it!!

All Photos by Megan Welker

1.  Choose your foliage.  Remove any leaves at the very bottom of each stem. 

I used a mix of wax flower, ruscus, lisianthus,and bay laurel.  

2.  Choose the blooms you would like to use.  Remove any leaves at the bottom of your flower stems, and gently remove the guard petals and thorns on the roses (the guard petals are the outer petals on the rose to protect the inner, more delicate petals).

In this arrangement I used a mix of peonies, garden roses, ranunculus, veronica, sweet pea, and lisianthus.

3.  After soaking your OASIS foam, cut it to size in your container.  I like to have the foam stick out a bit of the container; for me its a bit easier to work with.  Fill the container with water.

 4.  Start by creating the line and shape you want with greenery.  Use a mix of greenery to give your arrangement more texture.  I start from the outside and work my way into the middle.

5.  After most of the Oasis is covered with greenery, you can start your placement of blooms.  The first couple blooms you place should determine the height and width of the arrangement.

 6. Place your bigger focal flower next.  In this arrangement I used the peonies and garden roses as my focal flowers.  After they were placed, it made it easier to fill in everywhere else with smaller blooms and greenery.

 7.  Fill in any holes and check if there is any Oasis showing.  Make sure to cover all oasis with pieces of greenery.  

Isn’t it gorgeous!!!  We can’t wait to create some magic like this soon!




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Fresh Faced Beauty with Herbivore Botanicals

One of our favorite beauty looks is that soft dewy look that is so pretty and effortless looking.  Our friend Julia, owner of Gunn & Swain, teamed up with Erica, owner of 1011 Makeup, to create one.  They used Herbivore Botanical products carried on Gunn & Swain that also hydrate your skin.  I’m in love with this fresh faced look that is perfect anytime of year.

I’ve been really trying to branch out and try new beauty products this year that are also more natural.  The older I get the less makeup I want to wear and the more concerned I am about my skin.  Especially these tired mama eyes, which need lots of love these days!!  Follow this tutorial below to achieve this clean look.  Erica also used neutral tones for a soft coppery toned eye across the lid and a brightener under the eye.

Step 1

Combine the foundation of your choice with Herbivore Jasmine Hydration Oil, using a 3 to 1 ratio (three of the foundation and one of the oil) and mix together on the back of your hand or on a mixing palette with a spatula.

Step 2

Wet your Beauty Blender so that it is damp, ringing out any excess water, and apply your foundation by using a stipple/ dabbing motion to apply the foundation to your skin.

Step 3

Repeat step two to add a little color to the apples of your cheeks or your cheek bones using your favorite cream blush (I like mixing it in with a little foundation if you want just a flushed look). Flip the blender over to the clean side, and dab to blend in or smooth out the blush.

Step 4

Using Herbivore Coco Rose Lip Conditioner, mix it with a little of your cream blush and apply to your lips with a brush for a DIY tinted lip conditioner.

Step 5

Set your look using Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist, by gently and lightly misting your face to leave your skin with a fresh and dewy finish.

Hope you liked this quick and easy tutorial!  Thanks for sharing it with us Julia & Erica!!



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Perfectly Pastel – Pantone’s 2016 Colors of the Year

Each year we wait in anticipation to see what the notorious Pantone Color of the Year will be… This year they surprised everyone and went with TWO amazing colors!!  Rose Quartz and Serenity…  We are loving these pretty soft colors so much and can’t wait to mix them in with our events, we think they are a perfect combo for a Spring wedding, or even a lovely ladylike bridal shower!!


There are so many ways to utilize these pretty pastels and we are sharing one of our favorites… with makeup!  Last year we teamed up with our friend and makeup artist Kierra Scheffer to share our favorite ways to incorporate their color of the year (marsala) into our makeup, and this year we are doing the same.  Check out all of the loveliness that Miss Kierra did to create these looks that you can easily create yourself!

All photos by Anthony Grippa

Let’s start with Rose Quartz…

Creating a soft and pretty palate is so sweet and delicate, we just love the way this turned out!

What Kierra used:

Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc – Pink Mosaic
MAC Lip Color – Girl About Town
Laura Mercier Palette – Morning Dew, Espresso Bean, African Violet and Noir

Beijos-007 Kierra first used the Pink Mosaic Shimmer Bloc for a wash of a shimmery rose quartz color on the cheeks and eyes.  She then used this amazing Laura Mercier Palette (that is now on our list of must have makeup items), she specifically used the Morning Dew as the base color on the eyes, Espresso Bean for the brow color, the African Violet in the crease of the eyes and the Noir as the eyeliner.

Beijos-001 Lastly she used the Mac Lip Color in Girl About Town for the lips, which adds a nice POP, don’t you think?

Beijos-006 Beijos-002 Next, Serenity… For this we had to go with a little fun and a little glam!

Here’s what Kierra used:

Mac Lip Color – Hug Me
Laura Mercier Palette – Morning Dew, Espresso Bean, Bronze Glow
Laura Mercier Baked Eye Color – Lagoon
Ardell False Lashes

Beijos-015 Kierra used the Laura Mercier Palette again with Morning Dew as the base color and Espresso Bean as the brow color.  She next used the Bronze Glow on the eyelids and the Baked Eye Color in Lagoon as the “serenity” eye liner smudged into the lash line on top and bottom.  The bronze and blue complement one another without overpowering the look, just a hint of glam color!

Beijos-010 Beijos-009 She finished it off with the nude lip color from MAC in Hug Me and her favorite Ardell false eyelashes!  Doesn’t Leah look oh so sexy!?  Meow…

Beijos-011 And there you have it!  Using the Pantone Colors of the year in your makeup is as easy and gorgeous as that!



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It’s Beginning to Smell a lot like Christmas…

It’s almost here… Literally just 2 more days till Christmas!!!!  Can you believe it?!?!  Call us crazy, but doesn’t just the smell of Christmas make you excited?  I mean, when I smell a pine tree it’s the first thing I think of, or if I smell cinnamon I immediately think of the holidays… It’s crazy how our senses effect us!

I was seeing a lot of posts on Pinterest about “making your house smell like Christmas” and I had to try one, but with a Beijos twist of course!!  This was super easy and just as pretty as it was yummy to smell!  And this isn’t your Grandma’s potpourri, this is a new modern twist on the classic!!

beijosgift-44 Ingredients

Fresh Cranberries

Cranberry Juice

Fresh Oranges

Pine Needles



Cinnamon Sticks

Image beijosgift-43 After trying this, I was so so glad I did!  The house smelled divine, even my neighbors were asking what I was doing!
And the best part is, it was so easy!!

Another added plus, most of us have these ingredients in our cupboard already!  I just simply trimmed a few pieces off of my tree for the pine needles as a matter of fact!  You can interchange the ingredients as well, for example, I used a little bit of cranberry juice but you could definitely try orange or pomegranate!  And if you don’t have all of these ingredients on hand just throw in what you think would work!  I loved the addition of the citrus, vanilla and cinnamon myself :)

beijosgift-40 Instructions

Combine all of the ingredients into a sauce pot, fill the pot about 3/4 of the way with water and bring to a boil.  Then reduce to a simmer and enjoy!!!  You can continue to use if you add more water as needed!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We wish you the best with all of your loved ones!


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