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Father’s Day Photo Album Box

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for Dad for Father’s Day, the only way is to aim straight for the heart. My hubby has the biggest heart in the world. Add patient, understanding, loving, and we got ourselves one big softie! And of course a hunka hunka, duh. Truly, the best Dad I could ask for! The kids and I try each year to aim higher in the tear scale. Last year, we went less teary and more practical with a fun leather catch-all for all his crap, to put it blunt. See it here, I highly recommend this DIY as its super cute, practical and makes any amount of coins or receipts look cool. The year before, had the bar set high. You might remember the wooden signs each of Beijos ladies did in which we had the kids tell us why they love daddy so much… see that here.

This year, since my husband has been living in a different city from us since January, the kids and I were certain that we wanted to incorporate pictures for him to look at. I picked out pictures starting from when they were babies to current. He has no idea what is about to come to him. That tear scale will be weighing heavy this year.

This simple wooden photo album is a great DIY that you can make with your kids! And also any important man in your life!

I do have to say the only thing to look out is that spray adhesive! I had a total Clark Griswold afternoon after using that stuff!

IMG_0158 IMG_0147



1 Wooden Box
1 sheet of  White Poster Board
1 Package of Full Sheet Label Paper or Printed Photos (cut to 3 inchs)
Metal Ruler
Double Stick Tape
Spray Adhesive
Washi Tape
X-Acto Knife

Walgreens is having a sale on all prints and ends today! If you enter code: PICSWITHDAD you get 40% off, how could you NOT take this up! Just remember you will have to cut your pictures down to 3X3.


S T E P  1
Using the ruler, mark off 3.5″ wide strips on the paper. You can cut as many as you like- you’ll connect them later to make the final accordion strip. Each photo square will be 3.5″ long so you can multiply that by the number of photos you want to put in your album to calculate the total length you need.

S T E P  2
Cut out each strip and mark 3.5″ squares down the length of each strip. Fold accordion-style, at each 3.5″ mark. You will have to press firmly since the poster board is heavy.

S T E P  3
Connect the strips to each other using a glue stick or double stick tape. Add a strip of tape  (your choice of color) down the center of the strip, leaving a little folded tab of tape at either end to make it easy to grab. This will give a seamless look if you are doing more then one strip.

S T E P  4
Put your choice of photos into a word doc and size them to be 3″ square. You should be able to fit 6 to a page. Or have them printed out at Walgreens in a 4X4 and cut down to 3″.

S T E P  5
Print out each page onto the label paper and cut out photo. Press the photos onto each square of your accordion strip. Place the strip in the box. Or you can print out at your local photo store and cut to measure 3″ and simply adhere with spray adhesive. Be careful, it is SUPER sticky! No one wants a Clark Griswold moment like me! Place all together in box. Meghann Miniello used her handy work and we labled this little box, “Life with Dad”.






Shop the post here and get it all in time for Father’s Day!



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Watermelon Papaya Rum Smoothie

With summertime around the corner and this weekend being a holiday, all I can think about is a cold frozen treat poolside. Who’s with me? With any holiday weekend, I like to get a little festive, and this watermelon and papaya smoothie is a crowd pleaser. Watermelon and stars are the first things that came to my mind when thinking about Memorial day. Well that and bbq, but I don’t think anyone wants me to try and make a pulled pork smoothie! With the weather being so darn hot, this is the perfect cocktail to cool down with and be festive all weekend long. Plus, I might have made a sneaky little treat out of those stars. 

Throwing a little Memorial Day bbq or just hanging poolside? Shop the post below for our favorite essentials to serve up this tasty fruity treat! I even went ahead and found it all on Amazon, so you could order today and get it in time! Your welcome! 

Watermelon Papaya Rum Smoothie

1 1/2 cups watermelon cubes, frozen
1 cup coconut milk
1/2 cups fresh pineapple
1/4 cups fresh yellow kiwi
1/2 cup tropical nectar juice 
1/4 cup papaya, frozen 
One tablespoon agave
2 oz white rum
Star Cookie Cutters


1st things first, boozy stars. You gotta get festive for this weekend, and fruit soaked in booze is the only way to go. Take your papaya and cut out multiple stars and place them in a shallow bowl. You can even do this with your kiwi as well. Pour rum over them and freeze. Yeah… I went there. You could also mix in some of the tropical nectar to tone down the rum. Might be a good idea, we aren’t 21 here anymore, and trying always tends to end poorly.

Now, you might not be able to find yellow kiwi at your local market. If you can’t, you can totally omit or use the good old green ones. I just thought these were a fun touch since you don’t see these around a lot. 

Everyone in the pool! No ice here! Your frozen fruit will act as your thickening agent. Who likes a watery smoothie? Not me! Simply throw everyone into the blender and mix until well blended. Add more juice if you need it to be thicker, or more rum if you are feeling crazy. But remember your boozy star friends, so careful on the amount of rum. 

Pour into your outdoor glassware; I’m using the Acrylic Glass Set from World market. A great set of classic glassware to have on hand for the summer coming up! Garnish with your boozy stars and slice of kiwi and mint. Now… your boozy stars don’t have their floaties on so they may very well sink to the bottom. Some may have their life together and know how to stay afloat as well. Either way, a little surprise for your guests! Also, this drink can be made with no booze as well for the kids or a mama to be! 

Shop the post below to be Memorial Day ready! 







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Lana & Michael’s Historical Spanish Wedding

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!  I couldn’t think of a better day to feature my sisters beautiful Spanish inspired wedding, also featured on Green Wedding Shoes today too by the way.  Check out the feature here.

Photos by Megan Welker

Starting with moments after their first look in this pretty historic hacienda

Her bouquet was bananas, but what would you expect from The Bloom Babes??

I’m flashing back to last Fall when I was helping my sister plan her big day looking through all of these beautiful pictures.  Back then we were meeting on a regular basis dreaming up all of the fun details.  Even though I do this for a living and manage multiple weddings at a time, it’s pretty special to see your little sisters vision come to life.  A time of planning and executing I will never forget, only to get a perfect day as the end result.  Plus a happy new couple and a new member to our family.

Some of my favorites of the pretty flower girl…but I’m a little biased!

Bloom Babes did a perfect job with the florals as per usual…love working with those babes!

They got married at the coolest chapel in Downtown Santa Barbara. El Presidio de Santa Barbara Historic Park.  So much history in the prettiest little town.   Just what my sister had been envisioning for her day.  Here’s our dad waiting to walk his last daughter down the isle.

This is the coolest picture, I just love Mariachis!!

Let’s parade over to cocktail hour, shall we??

And the escort signage from Blot and Dot, one of the favorite details…

And some more killer reception details…

This is my favorite part of designing, the TABLE!!  From picking the flowers to the table number detail, the signature wine glass to the place card and don’t forget the favor…and wait the napkin!!  All of these little things are carefully thought of, and rightfully in it’s place.  It’s a beauty to see it all come to life.  These table essentials all work together creating a story of uniqueness and beauty,  and all the while going along with the theme of the event.

These paper flowers hanging along side the lights came out so good!!

Maracas at the table for the celebration.

And little tequila shot favors for the guests to take home.

Circa Vintage Rentals helped us design this cute lounge

Guestbook table

And the history of two families becoming one

On to the sweet heart table…

These florals!!

Now on to invite suite details… Um Meghann Miniello, your so good!

Her details…

The gorgeous bride

And his details…

The handsome groom

Let’s jump back into these two for their killer couple shots during cocktail hour, these are some of my favorites!!

I think these two will make cute babies….

Congratulations you two, now let’s meet the fam…

All of the adorable nieces and nephews.

And our little fam bam

One day I’ll tell you the story behind this outfit my dad chose.  Let’s just say he likes to stir the pot!! haha

Now let’s party!!

Cheers to you Mr. & Mrs. Beal!!

We can’t forget about these gorgeous and yummy cakes from Beverly’s best!!

Let’s boogie..

Best dancer of the evening hands down…

It’s been a pleasure to share this special day with you.  Hope you enjoyed peeking into it!!

Xx Leah

Venue: El Predidio Chapel & Casa De La Guerra  // Photographer:  Megan Welker @meganwelker // Design & Coordination Beijos Events @beijosevents // Videographer:  Amari Productions  @amariproductions // Hair & Make Up: HIkari Murakami @hikarimurakami  // Floral:  Bloom Babes @bloombabes // Rentals: Circa Vintage Rentals @circarentals  // Classic Party Rentals @classicparty // Letter & Grain @letterandgrain // Otis & Pearl  @otisandpearl // Music: Mariachi Camarillo // DJ: AMS Productions  // Dessert:  Beverly’s Best Bakery @beverlysbakery // Photobooth:  Anna Delores Photo Booth @annadelores // Signage:  Blot & Dot @blotanddot // Invitations:  Meghann Miniello @meghannminiello // Bridesmaid Dresses: Show me your Mumu @showmeyourmumu // Flower Girl Dresses: Posh Peanut @poshpeanut // Groom Suit: Macy’s // Wedding Gown:  Marchesa @marchesafashion // Paper Flowers: Paperwhite Designs Etsy  // Favor: Viva La Press Etsy  // Paper Table Numbers: Calavera Press Etsy // Bride & Groom Sign: Duo Studio @theduostudio

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Pretty Little Deviled Eggs Recipe

Today, I’m chatting about one of my favorite appetizers. The pretty little deviled egg. Ever since I was little, I have been obsessed with deviled eggs. They are probably, no they are definitely my favorite appetizer. A little picky on the choices of what kind, but always down to try new ones, although no crab ones. Can’t do it. When it comes time for Easter Sunday, I know that I’m going to be munching on ALOT of deviled eggs. My family has figured out to make extra cause I usually inhale four right as I walk into my aunt’s house on Easter Sunday. The past couple years, I have been playing around with deviled egg recipes to create my ultimate favorite deviled egg. It has to have three things to be the best for this deviled egg lover. One, it has to be yummy, obvi! Two, there has to be some crunch to it, no one likes a soggy, mushy egg. Finally, it has to be one pretty little-deviled egg! You remember our feature a couple of days ago on the Easter tablescape right? Well, you might have seen those babies make an appearance. Today, I’m giving you all the details so you can make it this Sunday! Or any day. Is there a national deviled egg day? Hmm….

Photos by Erin Milink

Pretty Little Deviled Egg


1 dozen large eggs
6 tablespoons mayonnaise
3 tablespoons (or more) prepared horseradish
2 tablespoons sweet pickle juice from jar of sweet pickles
1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1/4 teaspoon salt
24 fresh parsley leaves
Pink food coloring
cayenne or paprika pepper
pickled red onion for garnish
chia or sesame seeds for garnish


Place eggs in large saucepan. Add enough cold water to cover by 1 inch. Cover pan; bring to boil. Remove pan from heat and let stand covered for 10 minutes. Drain. Let eggs stand in cold water until cold, about 30 minutes.

Peel eggs; halve lengthwise. Transfer yolks to the processor. Trim a small slice off the bottom of the egg white halves; place on tray, cavity side up. This allows the egg dish to not dance around the plate. Process yolks until smooth. Add mayonnaise, three tablespoons horseradish, pickle juice, pepper, and salt to yolks; process until smooth. Adjust seasonings, adding more horseradish if desired. Add several drops of pink food coloring to give you that pretty pink color. Add more if desired to achieve your perfect pink tone. Can be made one day ahead. Cover whites and filling separately and chill. Transfer filling to pastry bag fitted with a 1/4-inch plain tip. Pipe filling into cavities of egg whites. Garnish with chives, parsley, chia and sesame seeds, and pickled red onion. Dust with a little bit of cayenne or paprika pepper. 

Sunday can’t come soon enough to enjoy these bad boys. Maybe I need to do a test run tonight just to see if they need any tweaking? 

Happy Friday! 



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A Sprinkle for Baby Grady James

We have a little special treat for you today. A 90’s rap song inspired sprinkle I threw for a very dear friend. Yes, ha ha we threw a sprinkle based off E40’s, Sprinkle Me hit. The 90’s are in right?!?  Just kidding. My friend Stephanie was expecting her second boy, and we wanted to shower her with lots of love and donuts. She wanted something small and intimate, and not over the top. When throwing a sprinkle for a friend, I think it is only fitting to include some of their favorite things. She is a lover of donuts and really good food. So that’s exactly what she got! Let’s dive right in shall we…

 Being the hostess, I wanted to make sure that the food was on its A-game. So the only logical decision was to taste test multiple dishes at various restaurants. Hard job but someone’s gotta do it. The fried chicken and waffles with honey mustard syrup was the winner at the Blue Door in Saratoga. Its a cute little restaurant in the San Jose area. They had the perfect patio outside to host this sprinkle. Now, I couldn’t just show up with some confetti and call it day. What kind of host would I be? The nursery for Grady James is going to be a black and white theme. We carried that into the decor of the sprinkle. Along with the black and white theme, we thought it would be cute to have sprinkles be a part of the fun. This is where E40 comes in, but we will chat about that in a bit. The lady of the hour is also a HUGE fan of donuts, so of course we had those as the dessert for the brunch. I have been seeing these donut walls all over Pinterest and had to have one. With the handy help from my dad and the penmanship from Meghann Miniello, the donut wall was achieved. Christine Cater came and did her magic and created a beautiful floral garland that just put the donut wall on a whole new level. That lady is crazy talented.


It is really easy to make! Here is how we did it. I went to Home Depot and got a large sheet of plywood. We drilled holes in the bottom portion and placed wooden dowels thru the back side. There you go! The best part the wooden dowels can come out, which makes it very handy for storage. Never know when you are going to need a donut wall again. Place a couple yummy donuts on each dowel in an order that is attractive to the eye. With the theme being black and white, I used glazed, chocolate, coconut, and maple. We couldn’t forget some sprinkled donuts as well. 

The guests were seated all together in a family style table. Down the middle of the table were these beautiful multi-shaped geometric terrariums that Christine filled with proteas and other florals. I loved the simplicity; it created such a fun look. I’m definitely going to be doing this look for summer. How fun would that be for your outdoor table? I found some similar ones at Cost Plus. They even have little ones you can hang! See them here. Among the terrariums, were beautiful boho protea arrangments. Even though it was a baby boy sprinkle, we still had to include lots of pinks. Having a white plate on white table cloth was not gonna work for me. I brought in round fiber chargers that I purchased at Cost Plus. They are all out of the round ones, but you can find some square ones still, or you can even do a natural wood charger as well. On top of the plates, I used a fun black and white triangle geo embroidered napkin. Cost Plus was my best friend for this sprinkle. The Roc Shop created sprinkled colored inspired cocktail stir sticks that each guest had at their place setting. Cute little favor as well! 

Also included was custom confetti from The Confetti Bar that was sprinkled on top of the table. The confetti consisted of a mix of fun colors, the baby’s name, his initials, and actual cake sprinkles. So cute!


A wooden sign that Meghann Miniello created for us, that added an extra touch of comical fun to the mix. Yes, this is where E40 comes in. The majority of the guests were family members, so it made for a great icebreaker to explain to them who E40 was and why we used a rap lyric for a baby sprinkle decor. 

It was a beautiful day to shower a beautiful lady we love so much! Grady James was born last Friday, and I can’t wait to snuggle with him again soon! 



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