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Spotlight: Obsessed With Essentials

This past holiday season I decided to take the plunge into the ever popular essential oils.  I have seen this little revolution happen all around me for the past 5 years and little by little it peaked my interest.  I never bought into it though until I started seeing for myself the incredible benefits that can be had from using these all natural resources.  Some of these stories include avoiding sickness altogether, most commonly the cold and flu virus, headaches, anxiety, allergies, receiving natural boosts energy, getting a good nights sleep and the list goes on!!  You mean I don’t have to medicate myself with over the counter drugs constantly when one of my family members or myself is experiencing these common ailments??  All natural did you say???  Ok I want to know more….and although I felt late in the game when I finally invested in this fabulous phenomenon, I felt the need to share all the knowledge that was at my fingertips.  This was all too good since we live in a world where we are constantly striving to use only the best to promote health and wellness for our loved ones.  It’s what it’s all about right??

All photos by the lovely Megan Welker

So like I said this past holiday season, I told the hubby I wanted some oils to jumpstart my collection.  He was all for it, so I went the guru herself.  She is a dear friend of ours here at Beijos and we recently visited her lovely home so she could educate us a little.  It’s the wonderful Melody Brandon, who also co- owns the ever popular  and yummy Sweet & Saucy Shop!! How does she have time for this being a bakery owner, a mama and investing her time into her newest passion with these essential oils?? Who knows…she’s what we call a super mom!! You need to follow her instagram feed over on Life on Loma to see this super mama in action.  Anyway, here is what she has to say…

How and when did you discover your connection with essential oils?
I started looking for more natural health solutions when I got pregnant with my daughter Blake about 5 years ago and started having to question why things like why best friend “Excedrin” weren’t allowed haha.  I always had grown up in a home that used modern medicine for everything and wasn’t really aware of all the side effects that it can have on you, so when it came time to prepare for having my own little one I quickly realized how helpless I felt and started to research natural health options.  I had never heard the words “essentials oils” until I was 28 years old and when I saw my sister in law using them on her kids and singing their praises I knew it was something I needed to look into more.  I found out that actually SO many people were using them and I made the jump and got my first kit with Doterra for a Christmas present and have been obsessed ever since!
How has this obsession affected your life and your family?
It has been the biggest blessing ever.  I rarely, if ever, have to go to the doctors office, pay co pays, worry about what to do when my kids are feeling sick, etc.  My son who is 2.5 years old has never even had to be on any type of over the counter medication…definitely a huge time and money saver!  They not only have helped with physical health issues but are amazing for mental health too.  I am a busy mom with two businesses and absolutely love using them daily for hormonal support, stress, energy, etc.  Helping my friends and family use essential oils has been such a joy too and now that I share my passion on my personal Instagram account I have even got to connect with people in other countries!  Getting a text, call or email from someone saying their children finally slept through the night, their allergies actually went away, they haven’t had the domino effect of sickness every month in their family, and on and on really does make me so happy to share my passion and love of essential oils with not only my family, but others as well!
Tell us more about these cute little roller bottles you make?
Well since I have an addiction for anything gold and I hadn’t found anything that I loved look wise for roller bottles and labels that didn’t break the bank I decided to make them myself.  I had Tina Yang from @missmultee custom write them, then get them printed at a local sign shop and then I adhere all of them myself…can we say labor of love haha.  I love spoiling anyone who wants to join this oil journey with me so they always get some for free and then can conveniently have them in their purse or bag so they can use their oils throughout the day.
Give a the recipe for a common blend…
One of my favorite daily perfume blends that not only smells amazing but is also great for anxiety, stress and mood is Balance and Wild Orange. It is so refreshing as well since all citrus oils smell so yummy! I do 10-20 of each oil in a 10 ml roller bottle and then fill up with fractionated coconut oil.  I apply it to my wrists, back of the neck, temples or behind the ears!  I also place these oils on diffuser jewelry when I wear them!   

What is your most used blend?
One of my most used blends is my “sanity” blend aka my “hotmess blend” for when I feel stressed out and am losing it!
It is 5-7 drops of these 6 oils…
Clary Sage
What is your advice to the essential oil beginner?
I say the most important thing is to be plugged into a essential oil community that can help you learn, answer your questions at 12am when you are freaking out over what to do for a fever, and offer you lots of continuing education so that you actually use your essential oils and don’t let them sit in a box in your cupboard!  That is my I love our private Facebook group, Obsessed with Essentials, because I found that having a support group was the main thing lacking for the essential oil community at large and it really is the deal breaker in your essential oil journey I feel like!
What is the best kept secret about this oil revolution?
That there really is an oil for EVERYTHING!  No joke…from bug bites, to panic attacks, fevers, immune support or just a replacement for that toxic candle in your home, essential oils really are so versatile and once you start, you really can’t stop!  As far as a specific oil that is most underrated I would have to agree with my girlfriends Jesi Haack and Carissa Jowett and say that Vetiver oil is AMAZING and they wish they had known about it earlier!  The smell is so unique and earthy and both of them are addicted to diffusing it.  It is also the top oil for ADHD, great for anxiety, mood, and sleep among other things.
What is your favorite blend?
I absolutely love the “Anthro blend” for diffusing during the day in my house instead of candle. It is White Fir, Citrus Bliss, and Grapefruit! 
Can you believe all of this amazing information???  Well it’s only a snippet so if you want to more and get plugged in with an essential oil community or watch a intro to essential oils webinar you can email Melody at

So we can’t share this amazing info with out telling you about some other amazing things like making an all natural face toner!!

Recipe for a 10ml spray bottle:
1 tsp witch hazel
1/4 tsp apple cider vinegar 
1/4 tsp rose water
2 drops Rosemary EO
2 drops Lavender EO
Or making some amazing all natural bath salts…
Aaaaannnndddd last but not least…. a GIVEAWAY!!  Yes go to our instagram to learn how to win this…
a set of 4 roller bottles with custom labels that you can put your own essential oil blends in.  Melody will let you choose the words you want from her list
Make sure you are following us @beijosevents, Megan Welker @meganwelker and Melody Brandon @lifeonloma to win!!
Hey we hope if you didn’t already know that we educated you a bit from Melody’s plethora of knowledge here and enticed you to be thirsty for more like us!! Don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY, the winner will be announced this Saturday (11th) night!!  Good Luck :)
Xx Leah


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Beijos Best

This week we ran into an old friend of ours- the sun. Yay! I can’t wait to soak up all the sunshine.  This week’s Beijos Best is all about you guessed it- Spring! From pastel-colored tops to warm weather accessories and spring beauty products, this week’s Beijos Best is bursting with pretty spring products we are itching to use this coming spring. So if you’re looking to start transitioning your closet for the upcoming season, and updating your beauty game then scroll on down…

Amuse Society Sheer Bliss Dress in Black Sands

Off the shoulder tops and dresses is all the rage right now, and I love it. I have started collecting some of these beauties, and can’t wait to start to wear them.

I love the color combination as we are transitioning from winter to spring. Wear it now with a denim jacket and booties, and once it gets warm trade in those booties for some fun nude sandals.

 Late Night Love Bodysuit is a fun boho off-the-shoulder bodysuit featuring a lightweight, semi-sheer fabrication. Perfect flirty top for a date night out or even a girls night out!

I’m obsessed with anything olive green right now, and this Blue Life Aphrodite Maxi Dress is a goody!

Transitioning from winter to spring, you gotta get yourself some new denim. I recently saw these GRLFRND Karolina High-Rise Skinny Jeans, and I want them NOW. I love the light denim color and vintage vibe to pair with pastel colored tops.

I got this Cult Gaia handbag for Christmas, and it is everything! If you do one thing for spring, you have to get this. It goes with everything!

When it comes to makeup, I like to keep my routine pretty minimum. This Illuminate highlighter palette from Sephora is a perfect palette for that sun kissed glow and pink cheeks that I love so much. All in one spot is a winner in my book.

Lastly, the last thing I updated for spring is my shoe collection. Being a mama, I live in my sneakers and t-shirts. These Puma Exotic Skin Platform Sneakers will be getting good use soon. Once the rain is gone, I’m gonna be wearing these guys everyday all day. Pair with your favorite denim jeans or joggers with a t-shirt and you have yourself the mom spring uniform.

Shop Abby’s Spring Edit



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Beijos Best

We’re starting a new series here on Beijos Blog today – our favorite internet finds of the week.  Little things here and there that we thought were the best of the best this week!  Let us know what you think in the comments or if there are more things you’d like to see!

Here we go….

I’m really feeling the embroidery trend that is going on right now… I saw this sweatshirt on Ascot & Hart a few weeks ago and have been thinking about it ever since.  Time to order this sucker!

My gal pal and fellow creative Taryn of Twinkle & Toast launched these amazing Year of the Woman totes this week.  We love this message!!  10% of every sale of tote bag will be donated to National Organization for Women Foundation (NOW) which focuses on a broad range of women’s rights issues, including economic justice, pay equity, racial discrimination, reproductive rights, marriage and family formation rights of same-sex couples, global feminist issues and more.  Get one now for all your gal pals, it’s the perfect gift!

These open faced sandwiches with the bright edible florals caught my eye this week.  They are really inspiring me to host a Spring brunch and excited for the next season to come.  I just can’t get over how pretty those flowers look, we should add edible flowers to everything!!  You can find the Cream Cheese & Chive Sandwich recipe here and the Nordic Open Faced Smoked Salmon Recipe here.  Give me all the yummy!!

When I saw the sneak peek of Tina Yang’s floral styled maternity session on Instagram I knew I had to keep an eye out for it on the blog circuit…  I mean, that bath situation with the Jen’s Pirate Booty dress and all the florals?!  Has me wanting to get knocked up again just to recreate this!!  And I have a 5 month old!!  It’s THAT good!

Last but not least… Did you see the Super Bowl party we threw this past week?!  Well since today is the big day I had to include it!!  To be honest I couldn’t care less about who wins, but I’m dying to see Lady Gaga’s half time show!  Hope we inspired you to have fun with your lady friends today!

Happy Sunday!

Enjoy the rest of your week!



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NYE Cocktail- Champagne Cocktail aka Disco Flower


Happy New Year!

Cue the confetti and bring on the bubbly!

No New Years’s celebration is complete without close pals and some bubbly. Am I right?!? When it comes to picking out cocktails for the most glittery gold spectacular event of the year, there is only one main ingredient… the bubbly! Of course, we only use One Hope Wine Brut, and we have stocked up on all the gold glitter bottles we could get our little hands on. I like to keep it classic with the Champagne Cocktail that I renamed the Disco Flower Cocktail. It just way more fun to say. The Disco Flower Cocktail is super easy to make with only a couple ingredients. Who wants to spend all night mixing up cocktails, keep it simple and classic for NYE!

The Disco Flower Cocktail

Makes 1 cocktail

1 sugar cube
2 dashes Angostura bitters
One Hope Wine Brut Champagne
Sliced Fruit
Edible glitter

 Place a sugar cube into a Champagne coupe.
Add 2 dashes of Angostura bitters to the sugar cube.
Fill glass with Champagne.
Garnish with a sliced fruit and LOTS and LOTs of edible glitter and flowers. This is the Disco Flower Cocktail after all.

Happy New Year Friends!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more NYE inspiration!





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Beijos Winter To Do List

Here it is!  The first day of Winter, and lucky for us we are actually feeling a bit of a change of seasons in California… Even it was 70 degrees in Southern California while I was waiting in line for Santa yesterday!  Well, Winter isn’t just about the holiday season, the official start of Winter is today, the 21st. So we are here to show you what is fun to do all Winter long with our Beijos Winter To Do List; from visiting the snow to making the perfect winter cocktail.   The fun will start after the first of the year here on Beijos Blog, so stay tuned!!

Graphic by Amanda Apgood



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