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Beer Tasting with the Hubby at Fieldworks Brewery

To keep a marriage solid and healthy, it needs to be worked on, and the best way to do that is date your hubby! You gotta keep that spark alive, right?! These days, that seems nearly impossible with our schedules. Between traveling, and all the kid’s activities, where do you find the time? Plus, moving away and losing all our sitters, how the heck are we gonna do this!? What did we do to ourselves!! A day date is what we were able to work out. I wanted to do something that would excite my husband, and beer tasting would give me major wifey points. Luckily for me, there are a ton of craft brewery places around our new stomping grounds. I discovered Fieldworks Brewery on Instagram and fell in love with this fun hip place. 

Photos by Liz Zimbelman

Being spontaneous and skipping out on work creates this fun, romantic, and impulsive time spent together, kinda like it was before kids. I mean don’t make a habit of it, but once in awhile is totally doable. We headed to Midtown to see what kind of trouble we could get ourselves into. I immediately fell in love with Fieldworks Brewery. I mean cmon just look at that wall! Then, I discovered they had a tropical pale ale called Island Time, and I was sold! If I was gonna drink any kind of beer, this would be the place to do it at. 

Fieldwork Brewing Company is a craft brewery founded in Berkeley, CA with a focus on exceptional, honest beer-making. Fieldwork brews are served in Berkeley, Napa, Sacramento and San Mateo Taprooms, and at the finest craft beer-focused establishments in northern California.  If you are in the Northern California area, you will definitely want to stop by one of their taprooms, check out all their beers here.

We had the best time chatting with each other, tasting some new flavors, and getting to spend some alone time without being interrupted every 10 seconds. We made a promise to each other, to try to do this at least once a month.

Now, back to reality…








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Create Your Own Paradise Breakfast


Now, what would tropical week over here at Beijos be without some yummy food? When I get to go on vacation. Pause. Sorry, I just sat here for what seemed like 10 minutes trying to figure out when the last time I went on vacation. Eeks! Looks like that is in order soon! But when I do, my souvenir is indulging in all the food I can get my hands on. So in the mean time, I whipped up a little tropical breakfast by the pool to crave my indulgences. Plus, it’s keeping summer going since I’m in full denial of fall approaching. 

Photos by Candiss Koenitzer

This little setup is perfect for brunch with your besties or just a Saturday morning with the fam. Create your own paradise instead of day dreaming about it, and you can do it in no time!

I’m letting you in an on a little sneak peek here guys! Check out the blanket… this guy will be a part of our collab with Gunn & Swain coming soon! 

When I had this idea to do a tropical breakfast, so many breakfast items came to mind. Do I go with the popular acai or dragon bowl? No, cause I kinda already did that last year with my tropical papaya bowls. Or what about tropical chia seed pudding that I have seen all over Pinterest? No… maybe I will try that another time. I wanted something with pancakes and fruit. I got it! Mini flat cakes it is! This is a take on all the pretty avocado toasts you see but with mini pancakes and tropical fruit. And of course, you always need a big platter of tropical fruit! 

I got a little tropical with my place setting with custom palm frond placemats by Meghann Miniello. Add your tropical playlist to the mix and you are ready to party in paradise but in the comfort of your own home! 

Let’s face it. The tropics can be in style all year long, you don’t need to wait till its warm outside to bring out some paradise. With summer ending, I’m actually wanting more tropical in my house to keep those vibes occurring all year long. Shop my favorites below!

Happy Friday!






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1st Day of School Teacher Gift

This week is officially prep week for back to school. I can’t believe how fast this summer went; I’m a little bit in denial that fall is almost among us. The kids and I have spent this week so far getting school supplies, new clothes, and backpacks and lunch boxes. Of course, that is the best part of going back to school, all the new fun things. But what about those 1st-day jitters? We have a lot of mixed emotions for next week, as this will be a new school for them. I don’t know who is more nervous, the kids or myself? Being the new kid on the block, I wanted to do something for the teachers to show our appreciation for this upcoming year. 

Plus, I’m hoping this gift will even out any trouble my kindergarten may get himself into! 

This is a simple DIY that anyone can do! I filled the reusable tote bag with items I think any teacher or anyone for that matter would love. These are my favorite relaxing essentials, and we all know a teacher needs a little R&R after a long day with young kids!


Canvas Tote
Chalkboard White Marker


Coffee Mug
Herbivore Coconut Milk Bath
Herbivore Calm Bath Salts



Tape off a rectangle in the desired location you want to put the name. You can also get creative and do different shapes like a circle or a triangle. Make sure the tape is tight and press firmly to assure its on there good! You don’t want the paint to bleed thru.

Next, with your brush lightly start to paint the inside of your taped shape. I did two coats. After the second coat, slowly and carefully take the tape off. Let the paint dry for about an hour. 

I used Martha Stewart Paint in Terra Cotta.

Probably, this last step is the hardest. An alternative to hand writing the name is to use stickers. I wanted to give it a try and see how it would turn out. I first used a pencil and wrote the name to my liking. Mine is nowhere near perfect, but that’s the fun in gifting hand made gifts. Now if you mess up, the best part is you can easily paint over it! Using my chalkboard marker, I went over my pencil draft. Let it dry and give it a couple more coats to make sure you don’t see the pencil marking anymore. 

There you go!

I’m sure any teacher would love to receive a little R&R gift on the 1st day of school. I know I want one for it being the end of summer… hee hee!







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Wedding Spotlight – 10.11 Makeup

Can you believe it’s the last day of July?!  Well I couldn’t end the month without doing a spotlight on one of our wedding vendor friends!  This month’s is another great one in Erica Beukelman, owner of 10.11 Makeup.  I met Erica for the first time when she did my makeup for a maternity session through The Fox and the Sparrow Sessions.  Right away she felt like a friend and I could sense how genuine she is within a few minutes of being around her.  

Erica is extremely talented, honest and makes you feel at ease being around her, all things you want from your hair and makeup artist.  She is one of the first people we recommend to our brides for this reason.  She also has the best puns known to man, you literally can’t leave her presence without laughing your butt off.  I admire so many things about this woman including her drive in her business, her friendships and of course how she is as a mom.  Keep scrolling to learn more about this talented lady in our Q&A and to see her beautiful work! 

Tell us a little bit about you…

 I am a wifey to my hot baby daddy, and a mamma of three boys.  If you were to describe me based on the most common things people tag me in it would be : whales, puns and hallmark movies.  I think that really sums it up.  I have an admittedly weird obsession with humpback whales.  If I wasn’t doing hair and makeup, I would 100% be doing something where I could make puns for a living, like naming nail polish?  And I start listening to Christmas music and looking for Hallmark holiday movies starting in about May of each year.  I live for bad tv and movies that were made for 14 year old girls.  I love rosé out of a can and chips and salsa.  I’m kind of a homebody, and love lazy days and spending time with friends and family.  I also love to travel and explore, and I could probably write a book on how to eat your way through the coast of California and Hawaii.

How and when did you start your career in hair and makeup?

 I have always wanted to be a hairstylist. Like I lined up my barbies and styled them all, teaching myself to french-braid on a Barbie head. Right out of high school I wanted to go to cosmetology school, but my parents encouraged me to go to college first. So after completing my Masters program, I enrolled in a cosmetology program, and started 10.11 while in school.

I attribute a lot of my success to the amazing relationships I’ve established and the vendors that refer. I used twitter back when that was a thing (don’t tell my husband I said that because he loves the twitter) and I really put myself out their inorder to build my portfolio. I was very particular with who I worked with and began to define my niche in the industry.

We are more known for a natural beauty style, so I intentionally aligned myself with those I thought would have clients that would prefer that look. I don’t advertise, so all of our business comes from word of mouth and referrals from those relationships with vendors. It’s been pretty incredible to see the growth and evolvement of my company and team. I’m extremely particular with my Artists and have been so thankful to have such a professional and talented group of girls.

What do you love most about working with brides on their big day?

 Honestly, I think it goes for any of our clients (bridal or not),  I love helping them recognize their beauty. Watching a client feel comfortable in their own skin, not needing to look like someone else, but seeing their natural features highlighted and brought out, is a beautiful thing. I love the emotion in weddings, the excitement, and it’s special getting to be a part of one of the biggest moments of their lives. Sometimes I get back in my car after a wedding and I’m a little emotional because it’s over and that client feels more like a friend.

I also think that because the majority of our clients come as referrals they trust us to do what we do. Plus I’m kind of a crazy person when it comes to being on time, so I think they really appreciate that as well, and it’s fun for us to get to enjoy the day with them.

What advice do you have for bride’s out there who are looking for a hair and makeup artist for their wedding?

 Hire a professional, this is an investment in your wedding. Specifically, hire a professional that specializes in weddings. Skill matters just as much as understanding the importance of timing on a wedding day. Also trust the person you hire and the advice they give. But be honest if you don’t care for something, and don’t overthink it- what you want matters more than what other people want to tell you you want ;) 
Do a trial with the person, make sure they have a contract, and if you’re going to be making any changes (hair color, length, etc) plan for that prior to the trial date. 
Lastly, be prepared. Have an idea of what you want or don’t want for your wedding look, and then allow your artist to create something for you. 

Talk to us about setting goals for you and your business… I know you set a big goal this year and achieved it!

 At the end of /beginning of each year my hubs and I have a conversation just reflecting on the year prior and then I always say out loud one goal that seems totally crazy that I have for the year to come. One year I said I wanted work on TV, one year it was to be published in a national magazine, and this year it was to have work up on a billboard… every year I have hit that goal.

I think it places a fire inside to say it out loud and it is motivating.  I have to talk myself out of doubt and discouragement, but it’s almost like saying it out loud resets focus and makes dreams come alive. If you tell yourself you are capable, I think you can achieve anything. I have always loved goal setting, I used to make giant poster-size dream boards haha.

 What is your favorite project you’ve done with Beijos?

 All of them, duh! But really, I love all of the shoots we do. I love the tutorials. But I would say my fave was probably when we did the “If I were to get married now what would I choose” hair and makeup looks for some of my favorite mamas in the industry!

What are your top 3 beauty tips?

 Take care of your skin. Honestly I think when it comes to skin, less is more. I don’t understand big nightly routines of using 85 products. I think the less you put on your skin, making sure the products are pure and clean, the better. So I’d say for skin and face:  cleansing your skin daily, washing your pillows consistently, and changing out your mascara every month will help keep bacteria away.
For hair, I love hair masks for hydration and clarifying shampoos to get out any buildup. I would say don’t overwash color treated hair- invest in some dry shampoo, and use a heat protectant in order to help maintain the integrity of your hair.

What are your top 5 beauty products you can’t live without…

Well personally, if I named 5 products that would be my personal makeup bag in its entirety haha. 

 Mascara, always. 
Beauty blender 
Facial oil- I love jojoba oil, as well as Beauty Counter’s facial oils.
Rose water spray
Sea salt/ ocean spray

Bonus, lip gloss also from Beauty Counter. Its THE best gloss I have ever tried… and no I dont sell it :) 

You have made some amazing friendships through this industry, talk to us about that and why they are so important to you… 

 I have made lifelong friendships in this industry and I am so grateful. I think its so important to have healthy, non-competitive, friendships with others that share in the same passions as you. I love that quote “comparison is the thief of joy”, because it’s true.  It’s hard, but it’s a major truth bomb.  There is so much work to go around, there is no room for cattiness, but always room for celebrating others’ successes and victories. Surround yourself with people who can be cheerleaders as well as teachers. So I have a lot of incredible makeup artists/ hair stylists friends that I value so much.

I also think its incredibly important to surround yourself with people who will challenge you and inspire you to become a better person (we always have room for growth). For instance, I know I am a better businesswoman because of some of the women I have surrounded myself with that have strengths I did not. Relationships are a big thing for me, genuinely caring for people on a personal, not just business, level, and I am so grateful for this industry and the lifers I have made :) 

Thank you Erica for being so inspiring and sharing your story with us!



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Monica Vinader – An Interview with our own Jacquelyn Kazas

I recently got the amazing honor of modeling Monica Vinader jewelry in honor of their pop up shop in Orange County, or as it’s so lovingly referred to – The OC.  I met up with a few of their amazing representatives at one of my favorite spots in Orange County, Lido Marina Village.  We drank some wine and talked about everything under the sun and took some photos.  

They shared them on their site a few weeks ago, you can see the interview on their site here, but I wanted to share the interview with all of you!  Keep reading to hear all about how I got started in the events industry and a few of my favorite pieces from their beautiful collection.  I’ll give you a hint, it’s EVERYTHING!!!

You are the go-to for event planning in the OC, how did you start out? 

I started doing event design & planning after my own wedding in 2012.  I fell in love with the design and planning process.  After my wedding I was almost depressed that the planning was over, haha!  I also had a great planner for my wedding, Tori Hendrix of Sitting in a Tree, who helped pave the way for me.  She advised me when getting into the industry and introduced me to great vendors and contacts.  Tori passed away last year and I’m forever grateful to her for inspiring me to take a jump into this field.  She continues to inspire me every day.

What keeps you going in such a hectic industry?

I have always been a hard working and determined person.  I’m also quite competitive, I played soccer competitively for years and it’s just in my nature a bit… Almost to a fault because I can be pretty hard on myself.  So that definitely keeps me going.  I also think my family drives me, especially my husband and my sons.  I want to do my best for them and be successful to inspire them as well.

What about for those of us just wanting to throw a fabulous party? What are the key elements to a memorable event?

It definitely depends on the event, I’d say the most important thing is being true to your own vision and style.  The next is to make a plan, don’t leave things to the last minute.  You want to enjoy yourself at the party and make it easy on yourself and be attentive to your guests.  Good food and drinks are always memorable, along with gorgeous florals and great music!

Surprise is an element we often associate with parties, can you share with us a surprise you helped engineer to perfection?

Well, I’m actually working on a surprise 30th birthday party that will take place this weekend!  This is a special one as it’s for one of my favorite photographers I’ve had the privilege to work with.  She has definitely become a close friend now.  I’m really excited for this one as we have some sentimental surprises, which of course are the best kind!  When you’re planning a party for someone you know, the key thing is to think about them, not yourself.  You want to wow them and make it their style, something they would love and plan for themselves.  I think this one is going to knock her socks off!!

What’s your perfect party outfit in the Orange County (for both the planner and party goer) and what jewelry do you incorporate?

When I first arrive to an event to set up I love wearing something comfortable and easy to move in.  Also, pockets are key!!  Lately I wear my Lulu Lemon pants with pockets, they are my favorite.  While the event is going on I’ll change into a dress.  Most of the time I love a good maxi dress, but I’ll definitely do something short if it’s comfortable as well.  Again, pockets are nice to have to carry anything I may need. 

For guests I think the best thing to wear is something fun and colorful.  Don’t get me wrong, a good classic is always nice, but we live in sunny Southern California, so embrace it and go bold!!  I guarantee, the photographer at the event is more likely to notice you that way as well!  As far as jewelry, I love wearing rings no matter what I’m doing, whether I’m working or attending.  They are functional and as a mom of a 10 month old, they don’t get tugged or pulled on!

Since becoming a mom, you’ve made children’s birthday parties your forte. What do you enjoy most about planning these and has there been a party that stands out in your mind?

I do everything from weddings to corporate events to showers or adult birthday parties, you name it.  But kid’s birthday parties have to be one of my favorites!  What I especially love is that there is always a different and fun theme to play with.  Sometimes they are a challenge, which I love, but it’s not just your average event.  Plus, they are a bit less stressful in the sense that everyone is just so darn happy to celebrate those kiddos.  It’s hard to pick one that stands out, but I would have to say planning my friend Tori’s daughter’s mermaid themed birthday was the most special.

If we are planning on celebrating in the OC, where is a great place to kick up our heels or sink in the sand?

There are so many fun spots to celebrate in the OC!  I love Lido Marina Village, there are some great restaurants and the views are great being right on the water.  It’s a great place to go with your family or on a date night.  I also love Laguna, there are so many great places to eat and grab a cocktail there!  Basically anything by the water is good in my book!

What jewelry style do you think is synonymous with your Californian style?

There are so many Monica Vinander pieces I love, especially the pieces you can layer.  I try to keep my style looking effortless.  I love the idea of having my jewelry be pieces I never take off, like they are a part of me.  Something I can wear from day to night, from the beach to an event.  Layering the friendship bracelets with any of the siren pieces, specifically in amazonite or rose quartz would be my favorites.  I love the color in the siren pieces, they make them pop and I love that the friendship bracelets are casual but luxe.

If you could plan a party for all your friends and give Monica Vinader gifts as party favors, what piece would you choose and what would you engrave on it?

I’m a huge rose gold fan! I love the Fiji Friendship Bracelet, I’d do it in rose gold for all my best gals and I’d probably do something specific to each person.  Something that reminds me of them so they know I thought of them.

What would you engrave on your own Monica Vinader bracelet and why?

For my own bracelet I’d probably engrave my husband and my wedding date or the coordinates for where we got married.  We are celebrating our 5 year anniversary this year and I feel like all of my recent engravable purchases have been about my kids.  It’s time to give him some love!  

You need to check out Monica Vinader ASAP!  I love their pieces because they are feminine and delicate but also have so much personality!  I know you all will love them!  And if you are in the OC area be sure to check out their pop up shop!

Happy Friday guys!!



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