Wedding Spotlight – Hostess Haven

Today is the last wedding spotlight of the year and it’s on one of my favorites, Hostess Haven.  It’s easy to fall in love with owner and curator Farra Miron.  She is one of the most genuine and creative people I have ever met.  Farra and I had both of our babies within months of each other so we bonded on that immediately, but what I really love about her is how she inspires me.  She inspires me creatively and in how she lives her life with purpose.  Farra is an incredible mother, wife, friend and business owner and I feel lucky to call her my friend.

Today she is sharing all about herself and her company.  With their amazing collection of textiles, glassware, cutlery and more, Hostess Haven is always our go to for any event.  Keep reading to learn more about this company and what Farra has to say about hosting for the holidays…

 Tell us a little bit about yourself and your amazing family...

I’m in process of living and speaking my truth. I am more vulnerable and I hear (not just listen to) my children, family and friends. I have one 3 yr old boy and one almost 1 yr old girl. My husband is co-owner at MIHO Catering Co. We do our best to honor all of our paths and create memorable experiences along the way. I know these years are gonna race by. My mom always told me they were the best years of her life and now I understand why. We’re pretty content at our home in San Diego. We make most of our meals at home and I sneak out after the kids are in bed for wine night with friends.

How and when did Hostess Haven begin?

 HH was inspired from Thanksgiving prep/ planning in 2012. It’s my favorite holiday and we have always hosted family + friends. That year we were almost 20 and I wanted to curate every piece of the setting instead of using what we had ;) Collecting and curating for entertaining has always been a passion from entertaining with my mom as a little girl.

I wanted Hostess Haven to be a gathering place for tabletop inspiration. The rental portion has always gone hand in hand in creating these real life moments of inspirations around gathering and celebration. I kept those original plates, glasses and cutlery and took on a wedding a few months later. It only takes one wedding to get another excuse for another collection.

Was curating and collecting your pieces difficult?  Or do you have fun with it?
This was and is the best part. There will always be classics and trends coming and leaving. Finding the balance between the two and making it our own is a really fun process.

Have you always had an eye for styling?

 I promise when I say that every meal at my home is served with purpose, it’s the truth. This is one thing I have absolutely been intentional with my whole life. Whether it’s a lunch, dinner, quick bite, I source pieces for my own kitchen that I absolutely love and make me happy just to use or look at them. 90% of our meals are used with a linen napkin and our kids use everything we use. To answer the question, I’ve always had an eye for making my meals or serving meals in a way that makes me happy and taking care with the details. 

Where do you find inspiration?

In fabric. I just realized I’m a fabric hoarder. I was in denial. A fabric pattern or texture will decide a whole tabletop for me. Full on vacations, though, too. Like when I’m really able to disconnect in a country. I used to use Instagram, a lot, for inspiration, and never wanted to leave social media because I was convinced I wouldn’t find anything at my fingertips like that. I left social media (@hostesshaven is directed by me and the account is ran by one of our team members) and ironically, I feel more inspired.

What are your tips for Holiday Entertaining?

Holiday entertaining….  Keep it simple. I have never liked this phrase because I like all the finishing details and I felt like this didn’t leave room for them. I’ve realized you can still keep it simple without losing the details. I’ve been styling and setting tabletops recently and then taking away when I’m done. It’s been an Interesting process because it actually shows off the details more. So style and set your tabletops and then ask yourself what you could take away! Trend wise, pussybows make me think of holidays and fancy attire and I love seeing them on a setting! Tie up your napkin and make it fancy or minimal. They both work!  

How is life as a business owner and mom? 

It’s lovely that I’m able to pop in and out from my day to make masa or share a bowl of soup with my peques. I don’t want to work full time away from my kids, right now. I’ve structured HH to support this flexibility and it’s working well for me! 
What’s next for Hostess Haven? 

We’re moving to retail soon and will have some of our exclusive items (like our bronze alloy cutlery) for sale. 

Thank you for sharing Farra!  I can’t wait to shop this retail side soon and to see what beauty you create in 2018!!



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Jingle All the Wine – Wine Pairings for the Holidays with Argaux

Tis the season… To drink some wine!!!  Some of the best parties of the year are during the holiday season.  Everyone is ready for a good stress free night of good food and good wine!  Today we teamed up with the ladies from Argaux to share wine pairings with our favorite Christmas songs!  How fun is that?!  Wow your guests with this fun list they created for our readers, and better yet you can purchase the set straight through them!  Another plus, each bottle is hand picked and amazing and under $35!

Photos by Riley Starr

Here’s a little bit from the ladies behind Argaux, Arden & Margaux…

Here at Argaux, when we think “Holiday Wine” we think versatility.  Whether you’re hosting a dinner party and need wine pairings or looking for a hostess gift, it’s important to have a variety of good quality, affordable wines to choose from.  In this case, we’ve paired some of our favorite holiday vines with some of our go-to holiday jingles!  

Pairing wine with music is a unique spin on your holiday party.  The right song can drastically change how each wine tastes in your glass and it’s an easy way to elevate your next party no matter what time of year…

Each wine is paired with a song based on the mood and personality the song and the wine convey.  High tone vs. low tone, brass instruments vs. the piano…  these sort of elements in any given song contribute to the way the song feels… or… the texture of the wine… see for yourself!

You can purchase the Beijos Holiday Pack here!!

How cute are these gift boxes?!  Who wouldn’t want the gift of wine?  I know I would!!  They really make a great gift for the holidays and would be such pretty presentation for your guests!

How cute is this set up?!  I think any guest would be excited to join this party!  Keep reading for a little more about each wine pairing…
NV Henri Goutorbe Champagne Rosé: I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas – Lake Street Dive 
Delightful • Jovial • Bubbles dancing on your tongue

This wine is striking. Pretty on the nose with layers of red fruit aromas and violets. On the palate this wine is velvety and energetic. 75% pinot noir and 25% chardonnay. This champagne is refreshing and classic. The Goutorbe family had been producing estate-bottled champagne since the 1940’s. Today the family owns 25 hectares planted with pinot noir, chardonay and pinot meunier. 

2013 Château de Brézé Clos David: Run Run Rudolph – Chuck Berry 
Bright • Friendly • Classic  

This is the wine that turned her onto Chenin Blanc! Coming from arguably some of the best vineyards in Saumur, Château de Brézé was once coined Chenin de Brézé. These are wines that were once poured among the royal courts of Europe. Margaux and I were able to meet winemaker Arnaud Lambert in 2016.  Arnaud poured an outstanding lineup of still white and red in addition to Château de Brézé and Domaine de Saint Just Crémant de Loire.

What stood out the most during our visit was how Arnaud talked about the wines. When he talks about the wine he’s really talking about the geology of the land that makes up the clos of Brézé. I asked him how he knows when to pick the grapes for harvest. He told me, “When you start to make wine, you make wine to make wine.” For the past two years during harvest he has tasted the berries every day, twice a day, imagining what the wine will be.

2015 Wonderland Project White Queen Chardonnay: Santa Baby – Gwen Stefani
Familiar • Sultry

The Wonderland Project founded by sommelier Matt Ahern is filling a void. Finally, there’s a high quality chardonnay made from high quality fruit at an approachable cost. The White Queen was previously available at a mere few restaurants. Now, Argaux represents The White Queen and Two Kings Pinot Noir. Both are top selling wines year round!

2014 Amy & Peter Made This Pinot Noir: Baby It’s Cold Outside – Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
Baking Spice • Traditional • Cozy

Amy & Peter are the dynamic duo behind Black Sheep Finds, producing this Pinot Noir among other notable red blends under labels such as Hocus Pocus and Genuine Risk. Together they manage everything from harvest to managing their tasting room in the Wine Ghetto. There’s a beautiful balance to this wine. Think refreshing, classic pinot noir with a hint of spice.

2015 Salcheto Chianti Colli Senesi: Cool Yule – Louis Armstrong
Snazzy • Charming 

Part of being sustainable means being innovative. Salcheto, a winery based in Montepulciano, Tuscany, is making delicious wines all while respecting Mother Earth and the land their grapes come from. Not to mention, the value is incredible. What is “Natural” wine?

Essentially, a natural wine minimizes the carbon footprint by eliminating the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. The Salcheto vineyards are all certified organic and even more impressive…the winery is entirely powered by solar. You’ll notice a calculated label on each bottle illustrating the carbon footprint of the wine. 

2014 Hendry Block 28 Zinfandel: Blue Christmas – Elvis Presley & Martina McBride 
Romantic • Comfortable • All-American 

This is a moderately jammy Zin with an herbal quality and fine-grained tannins. This wine pairs wonderfully with blue cheese and peppered beef tenderloin.

Now do these girls know what they’re talking about or what?!

Enjoy these wine pairings!!  Jingle all the wine!!



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Wedding Spotlight – Twinkle & Toast

This month’s wedding spotlight is on the amazingly talented Taryn of Twinkle & Toast.  She is one of my favorite vendors to collaborate with and you will see why!  Whenever we do an event or shoot together I can honestly say I fully trust her with everything she creates.  Taryn is honest and sincere with her thoughts on each project and always willing to try something outside the box.  She is beyond creative and I seriously am in awe of her talent.  Keep reading to hear more about her and the advice she has for all of you brides!

Photos by Society House, Amy Lynn, Whiskers & Willow and Megan Welker

Tell us a little bit about you and your family…

I’ve been married to my husband Justin for four years.  We didn’t start dating till after college but we first met 20 years ago, growing up in the same neighborhood here in San Diego!  We now have a 1.5-year-old blonde-haired, blue-eyed tiny little daughter named Avery.  We enjoy brewery trips, zoo visits and backyard picnic nights together.

How did you discover your talent for calligraphy?

I’ve always been somewhat of an artist, exploring through mostly 2D art, painting and drawing.  Hand lettering was always a hobby, but I had no idea it could be a career.  I started dabbling in weddings during an internship with an event planning company in college and learned about all the niche business in the industry.  Once I discovered stationery and calligraphy, I was hooked and found my happy place. 

When and how did you decide to start Twinkle & Toast?

I’ve wanted to work in the wedding industry for a long time, but my career path slowly took me in another direction.  Once I was planning my own wedding I realized how much I really wanted to be part of it all again and started Twinkle & Toast as a side hustle around the same time. 

What are your favorite pieces to design for clients…

My absolute favorite thing to do – and huge bulk of my business – is to create a full custom invitation suite.  I love collaborating with my clients to set the tone of their wedding.  This is the first taste their guests will see, and it’s up to me to get that just right.  I love pulling paper swatches, suggesting printing processes, and adding surprise elements to get it just right.  We work together for months and it is so rewarding to see it all come together.

Where do you find inspiration for new designs?

Obviously we all love dive down the rabbit holes of Instagram and Pinterest, I could get lost for days!  But as far as paper goods go, I try to draw inspiration from other places besides actual completed invitation suites from other designers (or even my own past designs).  I look to textures, venues, atmospheres, feelings, colors and try to convey a story into the invitation.  I think we limit ourselves if we just try to replicate a finished product and it loses authenticity if you don’t experience the process fully.

What is the best and worst part of working in a creative field?

The best part is that there is always a new challenge or idea to tackle.  Each client has a different vibe, making every project refreshing and exciting.  I thrive on coming up with new solutions and perspectives to create a unique piece of art.  I suppose I’d say the worst part of working specifically in the wedding-creative industry is I don’t always have the ultimate say on the final product, the bride does, which sometimes can be restrictive.  But if she’s happy, I’m a happy lady too!

How is life as a business owner and mom?

As anything in life, it has its ups and downs.  There are days where I cry and think I can’t handle it all and am ready to call it quits.  There are other days when I’m off with my girl in the middle of the week that I am so grateful for both the flexibility of a parent while having a successful and rewarding career.  Becoming a mom has showed me what is most important. Every day I have a choice to dedicate my time to what matters the most: whether that is a big wedding job, a passion project or a Saturday off enjoying time with my family.  Having a child puts things in perspective and makes me a little less guilty when I need to say “no”.  As hard as it may be to balance, I want my daughter to see I worked hard to follow my dreams and set an example for her own future path.

What is your favorite project you’ve ever done with Beijos?

I don’t think there has been one project with Beijos that I didn’t love.  Every project is so festive, darling and vibrant.  And although they have a signature style, no two projects are ever the same.  If I had to pick, I’d say our bridal shower with Kimberly from Eat Sleep Wear with a ton of gold pineapples and tropical vibes, and our colorful Cinco de Mayo shoot in collaboration with The Little Market.

What would you recommend to a bride and groom just starting to plan their invitations?

There are plenty of talented designers out there, but I would recommend booking someone who is knowledgeable, patient and eager to answer any questions and make suggestions you might not have considered.  Stationery and print terminology can be very overwhelming and there are so many factors involved that can affect price, timeline, design, etc.  But there is always an option for every style and budget, and we are here to guide!  The custom process can take longer than ready-to-ship invites, so you’ll want to factor in plenty of time for this.  I usually plan for two months – this allows for initial design, revision rounds, print production, envelope calligraphy, assembly, etc.   It’s also wise to send your invites our two months prior to the wedding date, so to be safe, aim to book your wedding stationer about six months in advance to secure availability and design time.

What’s next for Twinkle & Toast?

What a great question!  2017 has been about big, quiet moves for me.  I am focusing on quality over quantity and not getting FOMO when I can’t make every single event, shoot or wedding.  I’m elevating my invitation suites aesthetic and taking on projects I am passionate about.  I’m working on strategic collaborations with other brands and always open to exploring new paths.  I love where I am today, but ready to go with the flow with where some new opportunities might take me in the future.

Thank you for sharing your talent with us Taryn!!



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Fall Family Session Advice with Alison Bernier

This past year I met Alison Bernier, a local Orange County photographer who specializes in children and family.  I had admired her work from afar for a while and luckily we became connected!  Doesn’t hurt that we are new neighbors as well, so I stalked her till she was my friend, haha!  Her work is always incredible and I have been lucky to work with her for a few kid’s birthday parties this past year.  

She has such a way with capturing emotion and those priceless moments that you never want to forget.  Plus, she is so incredibly easy to work with, she’s honestly a dream!  Court is definitely quite smitten with her which is evident in the way he tackles her constantly… Sorry Alison!!!  But truly, if anyone can captivate your little ones and get them smiling during a session, it’s her!

Alison is helping us today by giving advice on Fall family sessions… Yes, that time of year is upon us!!  It’s time to start thinking of your yearly family photos so you can be ready for the holiday season.  She’s giving all of her advice on the matter and also sharing about her upcoming mini sessions!  So get ready for your photos with Alison and I’m sure you’ll want to book with her too!!  My family and I just did a session with her and I’m sharing the photos with you today, along with a little bit of my own advice.  Keep reading for all the details!

All photos by Alison Benier
Jacquelyn’s Hair by 1011 Makeup

When is the best time to book your family session?

The Fall is definitely my busiest season so it’s best to book as early as possible if you want to get pictures done in time for a holiday card. For newborn sessions the best thing to do is contact me while your’e pregnant to let me know you’re interested and then book the specific date the week baby arrives.

What advice do you have for parents taking photos with little ones?

 Have fun with your kids and let them be kids. Sometimes this means letting them behave in a way you wouldn’t normally but usually that means they will be enjoying themselves and be smiling. Throw them in the air, tickle them and tell them silly jokes. Those are the moments that feel most genuine and candid.

How long is a typical session?

 I have two different sessions available. A Mini or a Full Session. The Mini is 45 mins and the Full is for 1 to 1.5 hours. 

I also do special Holiday Mini Sessions that are short and sweet at 20 minutes. 

I know I have to shoot fast with kids and I like to mix it up and keep things moving. If kids don’t want to sit still then, we do walking shots. If they are feeling snuggly then seated ones with Mama. I try to let them dictate the flow of the session to avoid meltdowns as much as possible.

Where are your favorite spots to shoot families?

 One of my favorite spots is the beach, lately in particular Newport Beach where there are open expanses of sand to play with and gentler waves rolling in for kids to play in at the end of a session. I also love any park that has big beautiful trees for the light to peep through and create pretty sun flare in the lens.

How should we dress as a family for photos?

 If you’re having a hard time picking out outfits for the family an easy way to make everything come together is to select 2 or 3 colors for everyone to work with in combination with denim and neutral colors. It pulls everyone’s outfits together without making you all look like you’re in uniform.

 One thing to avoid is tee shirts with large graphics or text on them as they can become distracting.
Also if Mama is going to be in a print then keep everyone else’s outfits in solid colors or prints that don’t conflict with each other. For example a bold plaid shirt on Dad will likely clash against a bright floral dress on Mum. The same goes with multiple plaid and check patterns on Dad’s and little ones.

Most importantly wear something that you can move around in and play with your kids in. The whole point is to capture your family having fun together, playing around and interacting, try not to let your clothes get in the way.

What are your favorite moments to capture at these sessions?

 I love being able to capture the interactions between each of you. The natural way a Mother will fix her child’s hair or the way a Father can so casually throw their toddler over his shoulder. It is nice to have those classic portraits of everyone looking at the camera but the beauty for me, really lies in the little details. The little things you want to remember later on when your kids are big and grown.

Give us your top 3 advice for family’s going to their session?

 1. Make sure everyone has full bellies before your session. If we are doing a Full Session feel free to bring some snacks for a little break during the session
2. Bribery doesn’t hurt. You’re happy to come out and have your photo taken because you’re getting rewarded with pictures that you will treasure afterward. Give your kids ( and husband if need be! ) a treat to look forward to at the end.
3. Be yourselves and try not to stress too much. I know that’s easier said than done but kids feed off our moods. Begging a kid to look at the camera and smile doesn’t usually work, it’s better to play games and be silly with them to try and coax out the natural smiles and giggles.

We want all the details about your upcoming Mini Sessions!!

I will be holding my Holiday Mini Sessions for 2017 on October 7th and 8th at a couple different locations around Orange County.
Holiday Mini Sessions are $200 and include 4 retouched digital images for you to make cards and gifts with.  Additional images will also be available for purchase from your online gallery.

You can email me for more details,

As far as my advice… 

Mamas, treat yourself and get a blow out or your makeup done.  I went to my amazing friend Erica from 1011 Makeup.  It relieves the stress of having to do it yourself and when you feel like you look good you are much more comfortable in front of the camera!  So have daddy watch the little ones and go get pampered!Don’t get the kiddos dressed until you get to the location.  The last thing you want is for them to get their perfectly chosen outfits dirty for their photos!  So wait until the last possible minute and throw those cute clothes on!!  Crisis averted!

Bring extra outfits, for the kids and for you!!  I was so lucky the day of our shoot that I had a backup dress in the car!  It was so windy for us and I had a wrap dress on… The last thing you want is your hoo-ha making an appearance on the Christmas card, so make sure to have extra clothes… Mother Nature can be crazy sometimes!!

This may sound crazy, but when I am planning our outfits I make a mood board… I know I’m not the only one guilty of this because Abby is also just as psychotic.  Here was my board for our shoot with Alison…
Now, our outfits didn’t exactly end up like this but they were close…  It’s good to have a color scheme and have a sort of theme with colors.  I’m a visual person so doing something like this really helps me!!

Couldn’t agree more with Alison about coming with full bellies and bribery… This goes for husbands too!!  Because lets face it, they can be divas too…

Lastly, have fun!  If you’re stressing about each and every thing it sets the tone for the whole shoot.  You’ve gotta go with the flow and enjoy yourself.  Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get that one shot where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling.  In my opinion the better photos are of you all looking happy and loving each other, capturing moments which Alison does so well.

Thanks again Alison for sharing all of your wisdom and making it easy on all of us!!




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Wedding Spotlight – 10.11 Makeup

Can you believe it’s the last day of July?!  Well I couldn’t end the month without doing a spotlight on one of our wedding vendor friends!  This month’s is another great one in Erica Beukelman, owner of 10.11 Makeup.  I met Erica for the first time when she did my makeup for a maternity session through The Fox and the Sparrow Sessions.  Right away she felt like a friend and I could sense how genuine she is within a few minutes of being around her.  

Erica is extremely talented, honest and makes you feel at ease being around her, all things you want from your hair and makeup artist.  She is one of the first people we recommend to our brides for this reason.  She also has the best puns known to man, you literally can’t leave her presence without laughing your butt off.  I admire so many things about this woman including her drive in her business, her friendships and of course how she is as a mom.  Keep scrolling to learn more about this talented lady in our Q&A and to see her beautiful work! 

Tell us a little bit about you…

 I am a wifey to my hot baby daddy, and a mamma of three boys.  If you were to describe me based on the most common things people tag me in it would be : whales, puns and hallmark movies.  I think that really sums it up.  I have an admittedly weird obsession with humpback whales.  If I wasn’t doing hair and makeup, I would 100% be doing something where I could make puns for a living, like naming nail polish?  And I start listening to Christmas music and looking for Hallmark holiday movies starting in about May of each year.  I live for bad tv and movies that were made for 14 year old girls.  I love rosé out of a can and chips and salsa.  I’m kind of a homebody, and love lazy days and spending time with friends and family.  I also love to travel and explore, and I could probably write a book on how to eat your way through the coast of California and Hawaii.

How and when did you start your career in hair and makeup?

 I have always wanted to be a hairstylist. Like I lined up my barbies and styled them all, teaching myself to french-braid on a Barbie head. Right out of high school I wanted to go to cosmetology school, but my parents encouraged me to go to college first. So after completing my Masters program, I enrolled in a cosmetology program, and started 10.11 while in school.

I attribute a lot of my success to the amazing relationships I’ve established and the vendors that refer. I used twitter back when that was a thing (don’t tell my husband I said that because he loves the twitter) and I really put myself out their inorder to build my portfolio. I was very particular with who I worked with and began to define my niche in the industry.

We are more known for a natural beauty style, so I intentionally aligned myself with those I thought would have clients that would prefer that look. I don’t advertise, so all of our business comes from word of mouth and referrals from those relationships with vendors. It’s been pretty incredible to see the growth and evolvement of my company and team. I’m extremely particular with my Artists and have been so thankful to have such a professional and talented group of girls.

What do you love most about working with brides on their big day?

 Honestly, I think it goes for any of our clients (bridal or not),  I love helping them recognize their beauty. Watching a client feel comfortable in their own skin, not needing to look like someone else, but seeing their natural features highlighted and brought out, is a beautiful thing. I love the emotion in weddings, the excitement, and it’s special getting to be a part of one of the biggest moments of their lives. Sometimes I get back in my car after a wedding and I’m a little emotional because it’s over and that client feels more like a friend.

I also think that because the majority of our clients come as referrals they trust us to do what we do. Plus I’m kind of a crazy person when it comes to being on time, so I think they really appreciate that as well, and it’s fun for us to get to enjoy the day with them.

What advice do you have for bride’s out there who are looking for a hair and makeup artist for their wedding?

 Hire a professional, this is an investment in your wedding. Specifically, hire a professional that specializes in weddings. Skill matters just as much as understanding the importance of timing on a wedding day. Also trust the person you hire and the advice they give. But be honest if you don’t care for something, and don’t overthink it- what you want matters more than what other people want to tell you you want ;) 
Do a trial with the person, make sure they have a contract, and if you’re going to be making any changes (hair color, length, etc) plan for that prior to the trial date. 
Lastly, be prepared. Have an idea of what you want or don’t want for your wedding look, and then allow your artist to create something for you. 

Talk to us about setting goals for you and your business… I know you set a big goal this year and achieved it!

 At the end of /beginning of each year my hubs and I have a conversation just reflecting on the year prior and then I always say out loud one goal that seems totally crazy that I have for the year to come. One year I said I wanted work on TV, one year it was to be published in a national magazine, and this year it was to have work up on a billboard… every year I have hit that goal.

I think it places a fire inside to say it out loud and it is motivating.  I have to talk myself out of doubt and discouragement, but it’s almost like saying it out loud resets focus and makes dreams come alive. If you tell yourself you are capable, I think you can achieve anything. I have always loved goal setting, I used to make giant poster-size dream boards haha.

 What is your favorite project you’ve done with Beijos?

 All of them, duh! But really, I love all of the shoots we do. I love the tutorials. But I would say my fave was probably when we did the “If I were to get married now what would I choose” hair and makeup looks for some of my favorite mamas in the industry!

What are your top 3 beauty tips?

 Take care of your skin. Honestly I think when it comes to skin, less is more. I don’t understand big nightly routines of using 85 products. I think the less you put on your skin, making sure the products are pure and clean, the better. So I’d say for skin and face:  cleansing your skin daily, washing your pillows consistently, and changing out your mascara every month will help keep bacteria away.
For hair, I love hair masks for hydration and clarifying shampoos to get out any buildup. I would say don’t overwash color treated hair- invest in some dry shampoo, and use a heat protectant in order to help maintain the integrity of your hair.

What are your top 5 beauty products you can’t live without…

Well personally, if I named 5 products that would be my personal makeup bag in its entirety haha. 

 Mascara, always. 
Beauty blender 
Facial oil- I love jojoba oil, as well as Beauty Counter’s facial oils.
Rose water spray
Sea salt/ ocean spray

Bonus, lip gloss also from Beauty Counter. Its THE best gloss I have ever tried… and no I dont sell it :) 

You have made some amazing friendships through this industry, talk to us about that and why they are so important to you… 

 I have made lifelong friendships in this industry and I am so grateful. I think its so important to have healthy, non-competitive, friendships with others that share in the same passions as you. I love that quote “comparison is the thief of joy”, because it’s true.  It’s hard, but it’s a major truth bomb.  There is so much work to go around, there is no room for cattiness, but always room for celebrating others’ successes and victories. Surround yourself with people who can be cheerleaders as well as teachers. So I have a lot of incredible makeup artists/ hair stylists friends that I value so much.

I also think its incredibly important to surround yourself with people who will challenge you and inspire you to become a better person (we always have room for growth). For instance, I know I am a better businesswoman because of some of the women I have surrounded myself with that have strengths I did not. Relationships are a big thing for me, genuinely caring for people on a personal, not just business, level, and I am so grateful for this industry and the lifers I have made :) 

Thank you Erica for being so inspiring and sharing your story with us!



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