Wedding Spotlight – Christine Cater

Another spotlight on one of our favorite wedding vendors!  Today I’m thrilled to talk about Christine Cater, an event and floral designer based in Carmel, California.  Christine is as sweet and endearing as she is talented!  

If you haven’t seen the amazing pampas grass ceremony install pictured below that she created then you’re missing out.  We see tons of other vendors trying to emulate it, but not coming quite as close…  Christine is always ahead of the curve with fun and new ideas, she keeps us inspired and on our toes!

 We can’t get enough of Christine’s amazing floral designs and her silly personality.  Whenever we do a photo shoot with her or an event she always blows our mind, this woman is pure talent!!  She always goes above and beyond with her work and we always have complete trust in her when we work together.  Keep reading to see how this lovely lady takes on the wedding world and makes it fun!  I’m sure she will inspire you just like she does with us…

All photos by Carlie Statsky

Tell us a little bit about you…. ( I mean this about your personal life – but you could tie it into your business as well)

Hmmm…Let’s see, where do I begin? I am a local girl, born and raised in Carmel Valley-graduated from Carmel High School. Went on to study ballet and danced in Los Angeles during the John Travolta-Staying Alive and Michael Jackson’s Thriller era. I passed John in the hallways of my Beverly Hills dance studio. My jazz teacher is in the Thriller video..haha-you can say I’ve been around the block a few times:) I consider these my college years.

My husband of 31 years is Kimble. He and I love to exercise, hike and road trip. He’s a golf fanatic, which frees me to be creative. I am a total romantic and every anniversary I wanted to marry him again. You know reinvent a romantic event, just for us. Well that never happened, after about my 10th wedding I realized that designing for others quenched my thirst to renew my vows with him-he’s glad I moved on.

How and when did you decide to become a florist?

 I have always loved nature….and I think that is primarily where I find inspiration. Nature and dance have really formed me. My design approach comes from the graceful lines of ballet and nature. I like to think the 3-D art form of dance and nature is translated into my floral design style. Pretty simple-haha:) 

What is your favorite part about working in the wedding industry?

 What part of the wedding industry keeps me coming back for more? Honestly, it’s the process of dreaming up designs and then seeing, hearing, and experiencing others appreciation for my efforts. We laugh about how when our clients are happy it’s almost part of the payment-feels so good to be loved-you know. 
What are some of your favorite Spring blooms to play with?
From time to time I get asked what is your favorite flower..that’s a hard one!! I have favorite flowers for different reasons, for example: gardenias-love the fragrance, king protea-exotic, peonies-color + fluffiness, lily of the valley-dainty, tulip tree-bloom size and color …I seriously could go on and on, but you get the idea. Guess you could say I’m wild about flowers!!
You are always coming up with new inventive ideas, how do you stay creative?
How do I stay creative…it’s just in me, like a spiritual gift:) When weddings are slow….I paint, being creative is part of me. I embrace it now and like to collaborate with others to see what we can come up with next. For example, I do a lot of photoshoots, which is my passion. This is where being creative with a team of like minded people transcends designs to another dimension. I like to stay in front of the design trend, actually creating trends instead of following, but good design is everywhere…I make sure to study hard.
What are your favorite things to do on an off weekend? – If that ever exists!
Weekend fun…well fashion is always fun. You can find me shopping in my free time (which is less + less). I like boutiques, antiquing, and high fashion. If we went to NYC I would drag you to SOHO, Madison Avenue, Zara and The Rack. I want all the designer stuff, but can’t afford it. High fashion inspires me, it’s where so much creativity exists…gotta love it:)
Can you name a few of your favorite Northern California wedding venues?
Big Sur has been good to me. Can’t beat the cliffs and the ocean views…and the redwoods are dynamic too:) I guess that is my favorite. Vineyards are good too…Holman Ranch is one of those places. Oh and Pebble Beach-truly spectacular!! I am blessed to be in a beautiful place…that’s for sure.
Do you have a dream destination or venue you’d love to style?
My dream destination is Italy. I am designing a photo shoot there this April-so excited!!! It’s just the beginning, I have my sights set on DTLA, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Avila Beach, Sicily, Venice, Florida, name a few. That’s whats next for me. I see myself working with others on photoshoots and weddings all over. I’m ready, after raising my son Caleb (now in college) I feel like its time to take this show on the road. Excited about what the future holds. 

Thanks Christine!  Can’t wait to see what you blow our mind away with next!!




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Shop Spotlight – Wild Child Party

You may have noticed that we have a major crush on Wild Child Party.  We have done quite a few photo shoots with them lately and can’t get enough.  They are the best when it comes to party goods and more in the Southern California area.  Today we’re sharing a tour of this amazing Long Beach, CA shop and an interview with owner Jolie Dionisio.  

All of the pretty photos are by Megan Welker.

How and when did Wild Child Party come to life?

It was kind of an accident … I knew from throwing my own kids’ parties that sourcing great stuff was so time consuming, but my thinking early on was more a website or etsy store.  An opportunity arose in 2015 to put together a ‘grab and go’ pop up shop in a local boutique.  I saw very quickly the demand was there so I shifted gears and found a space of my own … within one year we outgrew that space which led us to the amazing shop we have now..

What is the best part of owning a party store?

 Wow.  Lots of great things!  I love creating with my team.  It is so much fun to bring a theme or feeling to life for a customer’s event – being apart of these special occasions and sharing in the joy of others is really rewarding.  Everyday when I walk into the shop I feel proud of what our team has accomplished in such a short time.  

Wild Child is our go to shop for party supplies, talk to us about how you have such a well curated store…

 I live for the hunt.  Whether the local flea market or a boutique off the beaten path I am constantly searching for beautiful things.  For the shop I try to be very thoughtful of the products I would want to have at my own party and stock with that mindset.  We don’t have any filler product.  Everything in there we have picked to make our customers events memorable.

You are a fellow Mompreneur, give us some advice on doing it all!

 It was hard early on.  I transitioned overnight from a stay at home mom into a business owner running an event styling service, retail shop and now an event space. Not easy with 3 children.  I found balance in making sure that when I was home to be available and present to the family.   The other lifesaver is finding people you trust to pick up the ball and run when you can’t.  Wild Child is a team effort – I certainly couldn’t do this on my own, or with out the super support of my husband, he had my back so hard and non of this would be possible without him.

What are your favorite events to be a part of?

 We specialize in children’s parties, but any chance where we can create an experience of our own design – thats what gets me excited. A simple idea or feeling can lead me down the rabbit hole of inspiration and next thing I know we have a full blown party. Like I said earlier when we can be a part of bring people joy – well there is nothing better than that.

We obviously love your event space at the shop, give our readers more info on it…

 The 15’x22′ space is adjacent to our retail shop.  It has floor to sealing windows and beautiful daytime light so its very versatile for kids parties, photo shoots or small workshops.  We rent it out for a reasonable hourly rate and on occasion, for some larger events we will shut down the shop.  We recommend no more than 25 guests to keep it comfortable, but it is a great solution for locals looking to host a beautiful event or throw a party for their kids.
What’s next for Wild Child Party?
Right now we are just trying to keep our heads down and focus on making the company the best it can be. We have several events leading us into summer… hopefully a beijos event or two – wink wink! Oh! And we have begun to explore other locations and even our own line of goods – which could be a lot of fun!

Thanks so much Jolie!!

We can’t wait to see what you dream up next!



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Wedding Spotlight – Bloom Babes

I’m excited to continue our wedding vendor spotlight today with Bloom Babes!  Angie & Emily are two best friends that fell into the floral world and have taken it by storm.  These girls have become some of our favorite to work with.  Angie & Emily are incredibly talented and their work is consistently gorgeous, we can always rely on them to make anything beautiful.  They are also truly genuine and kind people and pretty darn hilarious!  Plus they really do live up to their name, they’re total babes, which is evident in the photos below.  Here’s more about these gorgeous girls, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with them just like me!

How did you two meet and become friends?

Emily and I have known each other since middle school! It wasn’t until after high school, though, that we became BFFs through a mutual friend. We traveled to visit my family in Argentina and hike the Inca Trail in Peru together early on in our relationship, and I think that was the trip that bonded us to sister status. Our biggest bonding moment was being deathly sick together with food poisoning in a tiny little town in Peru… but that’s for another time to tell ;)

How and when did you get started as florists?

We got into the florist industry because it was our destiny! Haha well at least I think thats the case. We both come from a background seeped in nature and art and floral design is a perfect combination of the two. Ditching our existing paths and choosing to work at local flower shops in 2013 was the stepping stone for us to becoming Bloom Babes. When we started helping our friends with their weddings, we began getting inquiries from other people and we just kind of kept rolling with it, we just said “yes” to everything and let the pieces fall into place. Everything snowballed so naturally and effortlessly that we realized we had to be in the right place doing the right thing.

How is it working with one of your best friends?

We jokingly call each other our wife — it’s just like being in a marriage. Learning to communicate our wants and needs and always looking out for the best interest of each other has been integral. We have learned to identify our strengths and weaknesses and fill in for each other when one of us falls short or is struggling. It’s a great feeling to know we’ve got each other’s back and that we’re in it together. I also love that we still choose to hang out as friends outside of the business. Our friendship brought the business together so making sure we put it aside at times and laugh and play together is really important to us.

What do you love most about working on weddings?

Every wedding we get to be part of is a huge honor for us. It feels like we are doing more than just a job — we are there in the beginning chapter of our clients’ lives, and that feels really special. The fact that they chose us to be part of that pivotal moment for them makes us feel so thankful for our work and gives us a huge sense of purpose. We live for the excitement of our brides’ faces when they get to see their bouquet for the first time. We seriously feel like we could do backflips every time our client feels really stoked on our work.

Tell us 3 words that describe each of you…

Emily is probably one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met. She get’s shit DONE! Her confidence is inspiring and she has a great vocabulary, haha! But she has a way of making you feel at ease and calm instantly which I think is rare to find. She will make you laugh within 5 minutes of meeting her so I suggest flossing also :).

As for me, this was tough to answer for myself so I asked Emily to do it. She said I was hands on, handsome, and humble. I think that’s pretty solid answer, so I’ll take it.

Tell us 3 things we may not know about you…

The first 3 things that come to mind about Emily… She was a talented track athlete in high school and college, and even trained for the olympic bobsledding team for some time. Her grandmother in her younger years was in a blue grass band called ‘The Moanin’ Lisas’. She has 2 of the most adorable dachshunds you’ve ever seen, and when they wrestle and play together she calls it “Weiner wars”. Also, she has a thing about textures so if you know whats good for you please keep all navel oranges and sandpaper at a far distance.

As for me.. I used to hypnotize my pet lizards as a child, I have 7 fur children (2 cats, a dog, and 4 chickens) that I love with all of my heart, and my husband and I will soon be living in a tiny house on wheels! We filmed an episode of “Tiny House Big Living” during the build which will air soon on DIY Network and HGTV. February 23rd at 6:30 pm PST on DIY Network to be exact haha!! (There’s drama that unfolds and I can’t wait to see)

What’s your favorite shoot or event you’ve ever worked on with Bejios?

WOW such a hard question because every bit of work we’ve done with Beijos has just been the absolute best. I think going back to one of our first shoots together which was our Cinco de Mayo photoshoot. It was effortless and it came together magically. We still see so much traffic on our website and Pinterest from this shoot. It was so innovative and different which made it so special!

Thank you for sharing ladies!!!  And I have to just throw in this pic, because I freaking love these girls and this is so them!

I feel lucky to get to work with these girls who are beauties both inside and out!!



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Wedding Spotlight – Megan Welker

This year we want to share some of our favorite wedding vendors with you!  You have probably heard most of their names as we are lucky enough to work with them regularly.  Our first vendor we will be talking about for 2017 happens to be my favorite… I don’t usually choose favorites but this girl has basically become a family member at this point.  We love her as a friend, love working with her and Beijos wouldn’t be Beijos without her.  She is talented, kind, supportive and just the best.  You guessed it, I’m talking about Megan Welker.

Beijos was fairly new when I came in contact with Megan.  She was recommended to me from a friend and once I met her I knew we would be friends.  She’s sarcastic and funny, totally gorgeous and plus she is Portuguese, what’s not to like?!  I began stalking, I mean asking her to work with us on a regular basis, and lucky for me she kept saying yes!  Haha!!  I even was able to style and coordinate her wedding, which was a complete honor!

Needless to say, we can’t recommend Megan enough as a photographer.  She is a true talent who cares so much about her work and it really shows.  We all know Megan is beautiful, but I can honestly say she is even more beautiful on the inside!  Ok, enough gushing, let’s get to our Q&A with Megan and learn more about her, from her!  Megan is also wearing the best camera straps from our buddies Gunn & Swain and Taryn Kent, you can check them out here!

Tell us a little bit about you… 

Well, for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Megan.  I’m a wedding and lifestyle photographer in Southern California.  I’m married to a pretty handsome dude and am the mama of two giant cats.

How and when did you get into photography?

Photography sort of just fell into my lap.  I was gifted a camera in college and started to take photos aka bribe my best friend to “model” for me.  Apparently the bribing paid off because soon after people wanted to hire me for family sessions and in 2008 I shot my very first wedding.  Since then my hobby sort of spiraled into a business and in 2010 I went full-time with Megan Welker Photography.

What do you love most about shooting weddings?

I love shooting weddings so much. I love the connection I have with each and every couple and the fact that they are trusting me to document one of the happiest times in their lives. That’s huge! I love that I get to experience new places with so many weddings and the friends I’ve made in the process. My favorite part of a wedding is when the couple walks up the aisle as husband and wife. It always is SUCH a happy moment!!

What’s your favorite thing to shoot with Beijos?

Does me saying all of the things count?  I really love the weddings and styled parties we shoot together.  It’s so fun seeing their vision come to life and being able to shoot all the pretty they made is the best.  Oh, and I love photographing their babies because they make the cutest littles ever!!

What’s your favorite shoot or event you’ve shot with Beijos?

I was going to say My Wedding!!  But then I remembered that I didn’t shoot it, thank god.  Besides the weddings we’ve shot together (because I legit love each and every one of those) I think my favorite might be the Thanksgiving table we did a couple years ago.  The location, the table, the everything!  It was so gorgeous

Tell us 3 words that describe you…

Loyal, Independent, and my husband says I’m funny.

Tell us 3 things about you we may not know…

I love fruit.  Especially in sweet things.  I’d take a strawberry tart over a cupcake any day!  My favorite color is forever and always white.  I’m 10 minutes early everywhere I go.  I blame it on my Mom.

On an ideal weekend off, where would we find you and what would you be doing?

A weekend off??  What is that??  My husband and I love going to antique stores and flea markets so we’d probably be there and meet up with some friends after for lunch.  Oh, and ending the night with butter cake from Nicks.  AH so yummy!! 

Ok, you had us at butter cake… Love you so much Megan!!!



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Spotlight – WYETH Eyewear

We have a secret…  We’ve found something new that we’ve been wearing every. single. day. and it’s time to share!  We are obsessed with WYETH Eyewear and we know you will be too!  Each of us girls got a pair and we can’t stop wearing them, lucky us it’s been 90 degree weather in November here in California (WHAT?!) and we can wear our sunnies all year long!  Not sure if that’s necessarily a good thing, but we’ll take it…  These glasses are so well made and come in really great styles that look good on every face shape.  Our friends at WYETH are so rad, they are giving our readers something special… An amazing 25% discount!!  Just use the code BEIJOS25 – it’s good till 1.15.17.  Get some for yourself, or gift them!  We think that they are the perfect Christmas present!!  But keep reading to find out more on this amazing brand and why we had to put the spotlight on WYETH Eyewear

Photos by Kayla Adams & Yasmin Sarai

How did WYETH come to life?

Wyeth came to life from the constant travel from city to coast.  Our designs are inspired by the creative, driven and forward thinking individuals who are always on the go.  Whether it is hustling to and from meetings, or jet setting to that next vacation spot, we cater to the trend-conscious, yet independent women and men who appreciate high-quality everyday classic sunglasses with a fun modern twist.  Setting them apart from the everyday usual.

Here I am in the Calyer in Dark Havana

WYETH EYEWEAR-1 WYETH EYEWEAR-2 WYETH EYEWEAR-3 What sets WYETH apart from other sunglass brands?

We’re and independent brand born and operated in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  A big part of the excitement of being located here, is that Greenpoint is a creative mecca.  We’re inspired every single day by the talent that surrounds us, and it motivates us to design conversation pieces.  We’re small, and choose our designs carefully.  You’re not going to find our shades everywhere or on everyone.  Which makes it a bit more unique to own a pair of our sunglasses.

 Here is Abby in the Dilworth in Matte Tortoise

WYETH EYEWEAR-4 WYETH EYEWEAR-5 WYETH EYEWEAR-6 What can we look froward to seeing from WYETH in 2017?

In 2017 we will be rolling out a few new styles that continue to stay true to the classics and timeless styles, mixed in with some playful colors and silhouettes.

 And here is Leah in the Dobbin in Dark Havana

WYETH EYEWEAR-7 WYETH EYEWEAR-8 WYETH EYEWEAR-9 We are really in love with these sunnies and know you will love them too!!  Make sure you head over to WYETH and don’t forget your code – BEIJOS25 – for a 25% off discount!



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