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Wedding Spotlight – Christine Cater

Another spotlight on one of our favorite wedding vendors!  Today I’m thrilled to talk about Christine Cater, an event and floral designer based in Carmel, California.  Christine is as sweet and endearing as she is talented!  

If you haven’t seen the amazing pampas grass ceremony install pictured below that she created then you’re missing out.  We see tons of other vendors trying to emulate it, but not coming quite as close…  Christine is always ahead of the curve with fun and new ideas, she keeps us inspired and on our toes!

 We can’t get enough of Christine’s amazing floral designs and her silly personality.  Whenever we do a photo shoot with her or an event she always blows our mind, this woman is pure talent!!  She always goes above and beyond with her work and we always have complete trust in her when we work together.  Keep reading to see how this lovely lady takes on the wedding world and makes it fun!  I’m sure she will inspire you just like she does with us…

All photos by Carlie Statsky

Tell us a little bit about you…. ( I mean this about your personal life – but you could tie it into your business as well)

Hmmm…Let’s see, where do I begin? I am a local girl, born and raised in Carmel Valley-graduated from Carmel High School. Went on to study ballet and danced in Los Angeles during the John Travolta-Staying Alive and Michael Jackson’s Thriller era. I passed John in the hallways of my Beverly Hills dance studio. My jazz teacher is in the Thriller video..haha-you can say I’ve been around the block a few times:) I consider these my college years.

My husband of 31 years is Kimble. He and I love to exercise, hike and road trip. He’s a golf fanatic, which frees me to be creative. I am a total romantic and every anniversary I wanted to marry him again. You know reinvent a romantic event, just for us. Well that never happened, after about my 10th wedding I realized that designing for others quenched my thirst to renew my vows with him-he’s glad I moved on.

How and when did you decide to become a florist?

 I have always loved nature….and I think that is primarily where I find inspiration. Nature and dance have really formed me. My design approach comes from the graceful lines of ballet and nature. I like to think the 3-D art form of dance and nature is translated into my floral design style. Pretty simple-haha:) 

What is your favorite part about working in the wedding industry?

 What part of the wedding industry keeps me coming back for more? Honestly, it’s the process of dreaming up designs and then seeing, hearing, and experiencing others appreciation for my efforts. We laugh about how when our clients are happy it’s almost part of the payment-feels so good to be loved-you know. 
What are some of your favorite Spring blooms to play with?
From time to time I get asked what is your favorite flower..that’s a hard one!! I have favorite flowers for different reasons, for example: gardenias-love the fragrance, king protea-exotic, peonies-color + fluffiness, lily of the valley-dainty, tulip tree-bloom size and color …I seriously could go on and on, but you get the idea. Guess you could say I’m wild about flowers!!
You are always coming up with new inventive ideas, how do you stay creative?
How do I stay creative…it’s just in me, like a spiritual gift:) When weddings are slow….I paint, being creative is part of me. I embrace it now and like to collaborate with others to see what we can come up with next. For example, I do a lot of photoshoots, which is my passion. This is where being creative with a team of like minded people transcends designs to another dimension. I like to stay in front of the design trend, actually creating trends instead of following, but good design is everywhere…I make sure to study hard.
What are your favorite things to do on an off weekend? – If that ever exists!
Weekend fun…well fashion is always fun. You can find me shopping in my free time (which is less + less). I like boutiques, antiquing, and high fashion. If we went to NYC I would drag you to SOHO, Madison Avenue, Zara and The Rack. I want all the designer stuff, but can’t afford it. High fashion inspires me, it’s where so much creativity exists…gotta love it:)
Can you name a few of your favorite Northern California wedding venues?
Big Sur has been good to me. Can’t beat the cliffs and the ocean views…and the redwoods are dynamic too:) I guess that is my favorite. Vineyards are good too…Holman Ranch is one of those places. Oh and Pebble Beach-truly spectacular!! I am blessed to be in a beautiful place…that’s for sure.
Do you have a dream destination or venue you’d love to style?
My dream destination is Italy. I am designing a photo shoot there this April-so excited!!! It’s just the beginning, I have my sights set on DTLA, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Avila Beach, Sicily, Venice, Florida, name a few. That’s whats next for me. I see myself working with others on photoshoots and weddings all over. I’m ready, after raising my son Caleb (now in college) I feel like its time to take this show on the road. Excited about what the future holds. 

Thanks Christine!  Can’t wait to see what you blow our mind away with next!!




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Wedding Spotlight – Bloom Babes

I’m excited to continue our wedding vendor spotlight today with Bloom Babes!  Angie & Emily are two best friends that fell into the floral world and have taken it by storm.  These girls have become some of our favorite to work with.  Angie & Emily are incredibly talented and their work is consistently gorgeous, we can always rely on them to make anything beautiful.  They are also truly genuine and kind people and pretty darn hilarious!  Plus they really do live up to their name, they’re total babes, which is evident in the photos below.  Here’s more about these gorgeous girls, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with them just like me!

How did you two meet and become friends?

Emily and I have known each other since middle school! It wasn’t until after high school, though, that we became BFFs through a mutual friend. We traveled to visit my family in Argentina and hike the Inca Trail in Peru together early on in our relationship, and I think that was the trip that bonded us to sister status. Our biggest bonding moment was being deathly sick together with food poisoning in a tiny little town in Peru… but that’s for another time to tell ;)

How and when did you get started as florists?

We got into the florist industry because it was our destiny! Haha well at least I think thats the case. We both come from a background seeped in nature and art and floral design is a perfect combination of the two. Ditching our existing paths and choosing to work at local flower shops in 2013 was the stepping stone for us to becoming Bloom Babes. When we started helping our friends with their weddings, we began getting inquiries from other people and we just kind of kept rolling with it, we just said “yes” to everything and let the pieces fall into place. Everything snowballed so naturally and effortlessly that we realized we had to be in the right place doing the right thing.

How is it working with one of your best friends?

We jokingly call each other our wife — it’s just like being in a marriage. Learning to communicate our wants and needs and always looking out for the best interest of each other has been integral. We have learned to identify our strengths and weaknesses and fill in for each other when one of us falls short or is struggling. It’s a great feeling to know we’ve got each other’s back and that we’re in it together. I also love that we still choose to hang out as friends outside of the business. Our friendship brought the business together so making sure we put it aside at times and laugh and play together is really important to us.

What do you love most about working on weddings?

Every wedding we get to be part of is a huge honor for us. It feels like we are doing more than just a job — we are there in the beginning chapter of our clients’ lives, and that feels really special. The fact that they chose us to be part of that pivotal moment for them makes us feel so thankful for our work and gives us a huge sense of purpose. We live for the excitement of our brides’ faces when they get to see their bouquet for the first time. We seriously feel like we could do backflips every time our client feels really stoked on our work.

Tell us 3 words that describe each of you…

Emily is probably one of the hardest workers I’ve ever met. She get’s shit DONE! Her confidence is inspiring and she has a great vocabulary, haha! But she has a way of making you feel at ease and calm instantly which I think is rare to find. She will make you laugh within 5 minutes of meeting her so I suggest flossing also :).

As for me, this was tough to answer for myself so I asked Emily to do it. She said I was hands on, handsome, and humble. I think that’s pretty solid answer, so I’ll take it.

Tell us 3 things we may not know about you…

The first 3 things that come to mind about Emily… She was a talented track athlete in high school and college, and even trained for the olympic bobsledding team for some time. Her grandmother in her younger years was in a blue grass band called ‘The Moanin’ Lisas’. She has 2 of the most adorable dachshunds you’ve ever seen, and when they wrestle and play together she calls it “Weiner wars”. Also, she has a thing about textures so if you know whats good for you please keep all navel oranges and sandpaper at a far distance.

As for me.. I used to hypnotize my pet lizards as a child, I have 7 fur children (2 cats, a dog, and 4 chickens) that I love with all of my heart, and my husband and I will soon be living in a tiny house on wheels! We filmed an episode of “Tiny House Big Living” during the build which will air soon on DIY Network and HGTV. February 23rd at 6:30 pm PST on DIY Network to be exact haha!! (There’s drama that unfolds and I can’t wait to see)

What’s your favorite shoot or event you’ve ever worked on with Bejios?

WOW such a hard question because every bit of work we’ve done with Beijos has just been the absolute best. I think going back to one of our first shoots together which was our Cinco de Mayo photoshoot. It was effortless and it came together magically. We still see so much traffic on our website and Pinterest from this shoot. It was so innovative and different which made it so special!

Thank you for sharing ladies!!!  And I have to just throw in this pic, because I freaking love these girls and this is so them!

I feel lucky to get to work with these girls who are beauties both inside and out!!



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California Elopement- Beijos E-Celebrate Board

We love designing our e-celebrate boards for our clients. It’s so fun to see the boards come alive for their special day. When our pal, Meghann Miniello came to us and wanted an e-celebrate board to design a very special elopement, we were all in!

We love that Inspired by This has tied in 10 tips for the morning of your special day along with this feature, see it here.

Photos by Brooke Borough

Let’s start with our e-celebrate board we helped design with Meghann.


We came up with a sunny Southern California morning. A morning filled with bright light, wooden elements, cactus, geodes, bougainvillea, turquoise jewelry, and our favorite morning attire, Jen’s Pirate Booty Kimonos.

Let’s see how Meghann and a dream team of vendors brought this to life, and created tips for your special morning.


Meghann says, Whether you’re on the Mediterranean sea, a tropical island, or, like us, on the California coast, you can create a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing space to primp + prep like a rockstar, with just a few tricks in your suitcase. Brooke Borough Photography captured the day with tons of light, attention to detail, and all around gorgeous photos.

The laser-cut leather invitation that I designed set the tone for the vibe and aesthetic for the shoot. Natural and casual, Californian, and a little different than the norm, it effortlessly complements all the details. The laser cut place-mats also took brunch to the next level.





Meghann says, “Florals were kept minimal (if you can’t take them with you, who wants to waste such beauty!?) but packed a huge punch with one gorgeous arrangement that could be seen from multiple angles and thus could be photographed in a couple different areas of our bridal suite, perfect for a hotel room or an AirBNB that you’ll be enjoying for a few days. Caitlyn of Fleur de Rye also brought some greenery and extras for the bride’s hair, flower girls, and to spruce up some dark corners of the room.”

highlights016 highlights007



Jens Pirate Booty was clearly the only option for this bride… just perfect for an elopement with no need to iron, steam, or have an extra set of hands to hold your dress in the bathroom. White, flowing, and packable – the dress meets all the checks on our list.


highlights090 highlights071




About making a statement with your jewerly, Meghann says, “Since our dress was more about versatility than making a statement, we really wanted to make a splash with the gems adorning the bride. Helping Jewels, designed by Nycole Holwick not only perfectly accompanied our look, but 30% of the their proceeds to straight to helping children fighting rare illnesses at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital.”

highlights076 highlights092

Meghann advises.. “Even if you’re away from home, and it’s just you and your love… hair and makeup are a must. Not only will you feel radiant and take pictures like a pro, but you can just sit back and enjoy your day sipping mimosas. Jacklyn Oram of Hair by Jacklyn is the sweetest and created an utterly gorgeous, loose boho style that will last through the day and night. Kasey Russell Makeup highlighted the bride’s natural beauty without her feeling too done-up for an intimate beach ceremony. The bride also opted for semi-permanent false lashes by Darling Lash Studio, to last through the honeymoon.”







One of the best tips any bride should get is EAT! Meghann agrees, saying, “You mustn’t forget to eat on your big day, so we called in a local chef to whip up a healthy, low-bloat brunch to enjoy as you prepare for the day’s events, or with your hubs to be. Liza Saragosa made our mouths water with her colorful and vitamin packed spread.”








Lastly Meghann saves the day with this tip on gifting, “And last but not least, your wedding day wouldn’t be complete with out a few little gifts. The groom wrote our bride a sweet card and gifted her a bracelet to match the necklace she chose (someone might want to remind the groom about this tradition). The bride received some fresh pineapple from the ladies in her life; we all know it makes your skin sweet for, ahem, “activities,” later. Our bride gifted her groom natural grooming products made by our gal Urb Apothecary and a handy all in one surf/man tool by Ventana Surfboards.”

Such a fun and special day for any bride!


Styling/Creative Direction/Leather invitation and laser cut placemats:Meghann Miniello
Photography:Brooke Borough
Florals:Fleur de Rye
Hair:Jacklyn Oram 
Makeup:Kasey Russell
Lashes:Darling Lash
Model: Megan Cameron
Jewelry:Helping Jewels 
Dresses: Jens Pirate Booty
Brunch:Liza Saragosa
Grooms Gifts: Urb Apothecary+Ventana Surfboards 
Styling Inspiration:Beijos Events 

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Big Sur Boho Styled Shoot- Ventana Inn

Starting your Monday off… well pretty damn good! Get ready for one dreamy boho California coast wedding inspiration shoot by a couple of fabulous gals we get to call friends. Carlie Statsky and Christine Cater came to us to help style a wedding shoot at the beautiful Ventana Inn. Of course, it was a YES! With Big Sur being the backdrop we knew we wanted our design concept to consist of a neutral color palette that would be made up of copper, marble, and earthly elements. We wanted the landscape to be the show stopper. Christine and her team took it to the next level, and they took our ideas and turned them into this magical boho scene that only Christine could do.

This Big Sur boho beauty is also featured on Magnolia Rouge, check it out here!

The Ventana Inn is one of those magical hidden venues in Big Sur that you must go to. Its beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views among the venue’s luxurious low-key vibe was hands down the perfect location.

Let’s just get right to it!








 “The whole day felt like a dream, as the sun moved in and out of the fog, and deer roamed through the fields. Big Sur has to be one of the most stunning locations on earth, and a perfect place to get married and share the beauty of California with all of your favourite people.”  – Carlie Stastsky




















 “Growing up in Carmel Valley and spending many moments in Big Sur – the highlight of which was getting engaged there, the area never fails to get my full attention. The beauty is unmatched. We set out to design a shoot that would complement this incredible landscape in a meaningful way.” – Christine Cater












“Carol Hannah’s caftan gown seemed a perfect fit for our Bohemian Luxe vibe whilst the blues of the Ocean mirrored our edgy custom suit by Franco UomoDie-cut details in the Christian Louboutin shoes and charger complemented the lacy landscape all around. Soft quartz name tags, crystal geodes and marble accents represented the rugged landscape and as the perfect finishing accent we used vintage art deco inspired pieces from Fourtane Jewelers

Funny how Big Sur speaks to the juxtaposition of life. Rolling hills and rugged landscape do indeed remind us all of graceful times and challenging moments. Big Sur is reflective of how the difficult, jagged edges that interrupt the smoothness of life are natural happenings that make life truly beautiful. Embracing every experience of life fully makes us who we are.”  – Christine Cater




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Beijos Wedding- Tamara and Medhi

We are so excited to gush about this beautiful ranch wedding for Tamara and Medhi. When I 1st meet Tamara and Medhi, I knew instantly that there was endless amount of love for each other and it was going to shine bright on their special day. Oh boy did it! Being their second wedding, they wanted something intimate yet fun for their close family and friends. Tamara wanted to focus on celebrating becoming one joined family, and making it just as special for their children.

More gushing over on the Ruffled Blog

Beautiful Images by our gal Carlie Statsky


This beautiful couple were married at Radonich Ranch in Los Gatos hills. The Radonich Ranch is a little gem that is tucked away in the Los Gatos hills. The whimsical trees and the historical original house on the property make a perfect landscape to say your I dos.




0007 A floral covered pergola with the french words “bienvenue”(meaning welcome) to welcome guests as they arrived.







Alison the talented lady behind Wild Child Flower used blush colored dahlias mixed in with bright orange and yellow wild flowers that stole people’s hearts.


You had us at tiny tiny flowers, Ali!



1st look… always a special moment for our couples.

I said a beautiful couple right?!?


Even more special, a 1st look with her son. Cue the tears!








One beautiful family!







A fun boho mid century lounge by Pieces of Violet  accompanied with a collection of Boho Pillows for guests to relax and take in the breath taking views



Geometric heart escort sign by The Duo Studio with Brown Fox Calligraphy





Italian soda was offered at the bar along with french wines and beers. A twist on usual wedding bar options




Picnic tables were used to create a relaxed organic feel but still intimate and romantic for their family and friends




One heart. One love.

This pretty little geometric heart was the theme for this wedding and we incorporated it in the escort sign, table numbers, and keychain favors that were also used as name cards for the guests.







The tables were set with Frances Lane vintage pink goblets and Borrowed Blu’s pink dip dye napkins on top of vintage crocheted dollies table runners.

Marky Carr the sweet lady behind the scenes at Radonich Ranch has an amazing collection of vintage finds including the vases and table runners. Just wait to see the dessert setup with her goodies.








The kid table was a fun place to sit! Each little one had a special treat as their name card. If they got bored after eating all those sweets, they could play games that was setup right next to their table to keep them entertained all night long!



Kid lounge area is the new adult lounge area


Tamara and Medhi getting in on the kid fun!







Can you say YUMMY!

Hand made Italian desserts by family and Cake by The Buttery



Euclayptus and bougainvillea chandeliers were hung above the dance floor along with bistro lights to create one romantic dance party

One pretty wedding huh! Let’s take a final look at this good looking couple

Congrats Tamara and Medhi!





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