South of the Border – Mexico Style Picks

Summer is right around the corner and after a recent trip to Mexico I am in the mood for dressing the part!!  I just got back from Cabo and thought I would share a few of my favorite style picks and what I wore while hanging out south of the border…

All photos by the new Mrs. Bravinder aka Megan Welker

Starting with my new favorite dress!

I’m pretty obsessed with this Auguste maxi from Prism Boutique, and my husband is quite the fan too ;)  I have to admit, I was a bit concerned about the no-bra status as this is the first time I’ve gone braless since having Court, but it totally supports you with the empire cut.
IMG_2624 I love the bright colors, they were perfect for Mexico and for those hot Summer nights…

meganwelker-Beijos-56 meganwelker-Beijos-52

Throw your hair up in a top knot and pair it with your favorite sunnies, huaraches and Cleobella clutch and you’ve got the perfect day to night dress!!  I wore it to the most amazing restaurant in Cabo we were introduced to – Flora Farm – seriously THE yummiest!

meganwelker-Beijos-50 meganwelker-Beijos-43

This next outfit is a bit more casual and good for exploring during the day on your vacation, and really for any day time fun!  The top is from Madewell, I loved the embroidery detail and the neckline… And it just went on sale!! Go grab it quick!!

meganwelker-Beijos-7 IMG_2620

I paired it with my favorite One Teaspoon denim shorts and my go to travel bag from J Crew… If you look closely I had it monogrammed in gold with my initials, fun right!?


Gotta have your shades on vacation!  These are from Madewell a few seasons ago, however there are smiler Sunglasses here…

meganwelker-Beijos-15 meganwelker-Beijos-2

This last little ensemble is light and airy, yet stylish and sweet.  I’m really loving how comfy this Show Me Your Mumu dress is, and with the pretty detail along the collar bone, it’s a for sure stand out!

meganwelker-Beijos-32 meganwelker-Beijos-39

I love any white dress, really all of us Beijos girls can’t get enough LWD’s, they are super fun to pair with bright colors, I did here with this fun striped clutch, an old favorite from J Crew, another current option here!

meganwelker-Beijos-30 meganwelker-Beijos-37

And why not elongate those gams with some fun wedges, hey you’re on vacation!  Kick up those heels!!

meganwelker-Beijos-23 IMG_2627 Hope we gave you some fun vacation style inspiration!! Let’s kick Summer off in style!!!



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Boho Braids- Hair Tutorial

We are always looking for fun new ways to style our usual air-dried, no- fuss, beachy locks. A straightener, whats that? :) Let’s admit it…. being a full time working mama, your hair just is the last thing, if at all to get beautified. But when we do have that one minute, if your lucky two minutes, the braid is our go to style. The cool thing about braids is that it goes with any style you are going for that day. So jump out of bed, and try out these three fun boho braids!

We met up with our favorite lady Erica, owner of 1011 Makeup, to show us some easy boho braids that anyone can do.

The 1st braid is the Topsy Tailed Braid, which we love for any occasion. This sassy firecracker wears this braid perfectly.


 Jacquelyn started off by gathering hair where she would like your style to begin, then takes a horizontal section of hair and secures with a hair tie (making a small pony tail). Gently pull the secured tie away from your head, leaving a little room to part the hair between the rubber band and the scalp.
Once the hair is parted, flip the hair in the pony tail up and over the hair tie, through and down the parted hair, and pull the hair tight to secure creating a “topsy tail”.
Gather your next horizontal section (making these as large or small as you desire… larger sections will result with less topsy tails than smaller sections) include the ponytail hair from the previous topsy tailed section and repeat the previous steps. The tighter and smaller you make each section will result in your style looking more or less like a “braid”.
Once you have your style to the desired look, secure with a hair tie and wrap the end of the hair tie with hair to cover with hair, securing with a hair pin. We love that Erica showed us to tease the ends of the braid for that boho touch. Spray with a finishing spray.

 Thanks Jacq!

Our second braid style is the Macrame Braid. We did this on my blonde locks so you can see the detail of the macrame, and that I love a good macrame! 

This braid woks best with medium to long hair, as you can see mine is falls at chest level. The macrame braid works well with uncleaned hair, this will allow you to achieve that “macrame” braid.
Gather your hair to the side you would like the braid to be placed, braid your hair using a three-strand braiding technique.
This part can be a little tricky, but as soon as Erica showed me, it as so easy!
Once you complete the braid, prior to securing with a hair tie, take two of the three strands and hold tight between your fingers, then take the remaining single strand and hold tight with your other hand.
Take the two strands in your one hand and slide upwards while hold the single strand tight. With the single strand you can then wrap or interweave it through the “macramed” piece, or you can repeat the same technique with the reaming piece as well- get creative.
Once you have completed the style you desire, secure with a hair tie and spray with a finishing spray. You can take some pieces out near the frame of face to make it more of a loose style braid.
And there you have it, The Macrame Braid! We love this look! Once you learn and master it, you will be doing it all the time.
Our third and final boho braid look is done by our own Leah, who just had her second girl, Isla Jean, this past week! Yay!! More baby boho braids in our future!
This look works great for ladies with shorter hair.
Meet Dutch aka partial crown braid
Gather your hair on the side you would like the braid to start (the top front of your hair, near the hair line / fringe area). Leave out some fringe framing pieces if desired, or you can pull some out once you complete the style.
You will gather the hair, using the dutch braid technique (inside out braid) you will braid the hair back and around starting from the the front down and across the nape of the neck.
Once you complete the braid, secure the end with a hair tie.
Fold the hair back towards the completed braid, tucking the secured end into the braid and securing with hair pins.
Finish with your choice of finishing spray, and you are all set!
We also love to add flowers into the braid for all these three styles! Simply just walk out your front door and add.
Big thank you to Erica for showing us Beijos ladies how its done!
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Yeah! Furniture Launch – Brunch & Cartoons

We were recently asked to be a part of the 2 week pop up shop launching the highly anticipated Yeah! Furniture.  We partnered with some amazing vendors like Whoa Nelly Catering, Cognoscenti Coffee, Borrowed Blu, MV FloralsThe Opposite of Far, and Smile Booth to finish off the last day of the pop up with a bang!  We were super excited about the theme, which was brunch and cartoons with your littles.  It was held at the amazing Hudson Loft in Downtown LA.

Let’s start with a few pics of the space and crafting areas… goodmorningpopup_001 goodmorningpopup_002 goodmorningpopup_004 goodmorningpopup_005 goodmorningpopup_006 goodmorningpopup_010

The yummies from Whoa Nelly Catering’s new brunch menu catered to finger foods and kids treats…

goodmorningpopup_014 goodmorningpopup_017 goodmorningpopup_018 goodmorningpopup_024 goodmorningpopup_028 goodmorningpopup_031  f

Flowers by MV Florals and the Table top by Borrowed Blu…

goodmorningpopup_036 goodmorningpopup_037 goodmorningpopup_038 goodmorningpopup_041 goodmorningpopup_044 goodmorningpopup_046 goodmorningpopup_047 goodmorningpopup_052 goodmorningpopup_058

Loved this Spanish Moss we used for the Smilebooth Photo backdrop!!

goodmorningpopup_066 goodmorningpopup_091 goodmorningpopup_063 goodmorningpopup_060


Some of the amazing pieces Yeah! Has to offer from their new furniture line…we want it all!!

goodmorningpopup_069 goodmorningpopup_070 goodmorningpopup_071 goodmorningpopup_072 goodmorningpopup_084 goodmorningpopup_086 goodmorningpopup_103 goodmorningpopup_101 goodmorningpopup_123 goodmorningpopup_117 goodmorningpopup_116 goodmorningpopup_110 goodmorningpopup_109 goodmorningpopup_130

Some of the adorable kiddos getting into the mix…

And last but not least, the Smile Booth, which was a major hit with the Opposite of Far Masks!!


goodmorningpopup_110 goodmorningpopup_097 goodmorningpopup_118 goodmorningpopup_125

Thank you so much Yeah! Furniture for including us in your major launch.  The Furniture it to die for!!

Also a big thanks to all the vendors, which have links to them above.

Katie Vowels, the sweetest photographer for the event, so nice to meet you and hope to work with you again!!

Xo the Beijos Gals!!

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Kids Swim – Beijos Picks

Well Summer is approaching quickly and if you haven’t already it’s time to buy some swim suits for the littles.  I’m sure you’ve all indulged since retail releases swim mid winter for resort season. But if you haven’t we’ve got our favorites lined up for you!!

It’s also no surprise when we become mommies we love to shop for our kids more than we do for ourselves. I know I have that problem!!  One of my favorite things to shop for is swimwear.  It’s so irresistibly cute when it’s so little!!  I put together my favorites so far for the Summer and here’s a little peek…

For the girls…

girl swim

From Left to right moving down…here are the deets on all this pretty!!

First one you can find here at the Gap.  The flutter print one piece.  I’m in love with this print.

Next is the Heron Print Swimsuit in Pink from Mini Rodini.  Are you kidding me?? Adorable….Can’t go wrong with any of the Mini Rodini styles for swim.

Up next is the racer back one piece in metallic from none other than Crewcuts (JCrew).  This one is so much fun right??

Then we have this stunner from Mara Hoffman Kids.  You can find this one at Crewcuts too.  Mara Hoffman you have our hearts!!

I found this next little jewel when I was swim shopping and had to include it.  You can find it here from Joyfolie, it’s so retro and will look so cute on your little girl!! Love it…

Last but not least is this pretty pink number I found at our tried and true Norstrom.  It’s from the experts in swimwear at Roxy.  How cute will your little Wahine look in this??

Now for the little dudes…

boys swim

Starting from the top going left to right, here’s all the info on these fun shorts!!

First we have these adorable shorts from Bobo Choses.. How cute will your son look in these short shorts found right here at Fawn Shoppe??

These trunks from Crewcuts (JCrew) are too good for words in my opinion….

Also another goodie found at Fawn Shoppe are these shorts from Nunu….so boyish and hip though….

And these Sundek floral parrot print shorts you can also find at Crewcuts (JCrew) are just insane right??

Found the next ones here at the Gap.. Love the wave print!!

And last but not least…let’s get funky with Volcom.  Found these at Nordstrom, your little surfer grom will look adorable in these.

Hope you liked our Beijos Picks for you littles swimwear this Summer.  Don’t forget the sunscreen!!

XO…Beijos Gals

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Swimwear Obsession- Beijos Picks

summer, summer, summertime
Time to sit back and unwind…..

Yay! its that time of the year to get yourself in some new suits + coverups for a summer filled with lots of fun+sun!

Here are my top picks for my summer swim wardrobe. You will definitely find all of these in my closet currently, and every piece can be used in multiple ways, which is always a must for us Beijos Ladies.

Truth Fact: As a mama…my body is not anything like it was prior to having my little beijinhos! But I have found some fun ways to feel more comfortable in a suit. I’m loving to pair crop tees with bottoms, kimonos over a swim suit, and wearing shorts over a one-piece. Adding that extra layer makes me feel a little bit more confident in prancing around in a bikini.


This year, I’m obsessed with anything white and crocheted. Luckily, there are so many options just for that, in fact so many its overwhelming. But hey, who’s complaining they are all so good!

She Made Me makes great options for crocheted bikini this year. I’m in love with the Gathered Bralette Bikini Top and Bottom. These suits have the cool fringe tassels on their suits to give you that boho vibe that we love. The high waisted bikini bottom covers my insecurities. If the cheeky bottoms aren’t for you, then simple throw on a kimono like this Gold Dahlia Hitch Hiker by Novella Royale. Kimonos are an awesome coverup option as you probably already have some in your wardrobe you wear everyday.

Truly Troublemaker Hourglass Bandeau  is completely seamless, and has a sporty fit which will make this one of your staple bikini sets this summer.

This is where I would pair one of my crop tees over my bandeau. Current favs include this Embroidered Chiffon Top I found at H&M! Here are some other fun crop tees that have us running to buy for this summer!


Living Easy Tee| Prism Boutique


Chill Babe Crop Top | Prism Boutique


Ivory Palmita Halter Top | Prism Boutique

Lastly, the one piece! These aren’t your mamas one pieces. These include fun cheeky bottoms, pretty patterns, and fun details. Here are our favorite picks this year! Pair any of these with a fun kimono or wear under your favorite pair of jean shorts.


Cream Skye Eyelet One Piece | Prism Boutique


Poppy One Piece | Revolve Clothing


Lovers + Friends No Secrets One Piece | Revolve Clothing


Buttons Resort One Piece in Bone | Revolve Clothing

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