Holiday Cards – Hello Lucky

We are suckers for pretty and most of all unique letterpress cards and stationary in general so when we came across Hello Lucky, we went crazy!  We are sharing a couple of our favorites with you this Holiday season, but please check out their creative looking inventory for all of the other reasons why you would get someone a card. For any special occasion from birthdays, to thank you cards, to just because, they pretty much have you covered and have nailed it in the cutest greeting card department.

We are in love with these Angel and Peace Holiday cards below…


We paired them with our little girl gifts earlier this month


The colors and graphics are so unique and pretty


Great ones for friends or hosts of that long awaited Christmas party…


Love the Christmas Sprits one!!

yasminsarai_beijosevents_xmasgiftideas-22 yasminsarai_beijosevents_xmasgiftideas-20 yasminsarai_beijosevents_xmasgiftideas-21

Hope your shopping is coming to an end as we approach the big day this week!  Now you have a great suggestion to wrap those gift cards with.

Hello Lucky shopping link here

All photos by Yasmin Sarai

Xx Beijos Gals

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Wooden Advent Calendar

How many days are left to Christmas? Mom!? Mum! Mommy!!

(in Stewie voice)

I’m sure I’m not the first mama who has had this problem, pretty sure this is the exact reason the advent calendar was created. 25 days of some peace  until the big day is here! But also one of the best memories of the holidays that children have.

Do you remember those red and green felt advent calendars filled with a collection of holiday ornaments when you were little? You would put an ornament on the felt tree and then look inside that numbered day and find a surprise? As a child, I would get so excited over putting a one legged nutcracker right next to the angel that once had a head. No one would dare change a thing, so headless angel and one legged Ned the nutcracker hung proudly on the felt tree.

Now as a mama, I wanted to create those memories and traditions for my beijinhos just like my mom did for us. I couldn’t find any headless angels or Ned the nutcracker so a new advent calendar was in order.

I turned to our wood wizards at The Duo Studio to help create an advent calendar that would create traditions and memories for my little ones, and of course be Beijos worthy. All I had to say was white + copper, and they took it from there. And boy did they come thru!

Lets start with what it looked like before…. we found this on Amazon. You know that is why they called it Amazon cause its Amaz-ing! You can find everything on there. Mothers best friend.




So sweet right?!? This advent calendar got a makeover starting with an all crisp clean white base. Each little box was designated its own number in copper and given a holiday touch.

yasminsarai_beijosevents_adventcalendar-30 The Duo Studio gave us the step by step on how they created this copper beauty.

First, we painted the frame and drawers with two coats of white acrylic craft paint (Wedding Cake by Martha Stewart). After drying, we applied 2-3 coats of copper to each of the knobs (Copper Metallic by Martha Stewart). While the knobs dried, we created the artwork for each drawer in Illustrator and saved them out for our Silhouette Cameo. After trimming down all the stencils and applying transfer paper, we applied each stencil to the drawer and painted the same copper color as the knobs. After drying, we peeled off the stencils and touched up any imperfections by hand.




So good right! I love that each square is unique and different.

Now the most important part for the kiddies is the whats inside! I went to my second home, World Market and got some various items to fill the boxes. From gold chocolate angel and coins to little holiday snow globes. I filled most with chocolate, but threw in some fun items here and there so throw the kids off. Right when they though it was going to be another gold angel, bam! hit ya with a white nutcracker snow globe.


  For the items that couldn’t fit in the box, I simply would place it above the night before they woke up.


I loved this little pink journal for my daughter. With having two beijinhos, I simply bought two of each and put it out as well the next morning.

Wooden People Stamp| Mini Holiday Snow Globes | Owl Lip Blam

Mini Angel Chocolates | Bag of Chocolate Christmas Foil Coins | Milk Chocolate Santas | Cinnamon Coal Candy

For the 24th day, I always get them each a Christmas book and sign the inside. My mother did this little gesture for as children and now as a mom, that little gesture sets big memories in my mind. I only hope they enjoy that little message when they get older just as I do now.

World market has a great selection of books. A little Golden book is a favorite in our house, so it was a given they would get, The Night Before Christmas and Poky Little Puppy’s First Christmas.

I don’t know who loves these traditions more, the kids or me? It might be me!

Happy Holidays!



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Gift Giving – BFF

This possibly might be the easiest gift to buy or the toughest on your list, because you might know exactly what she wants or if your like me it may be hard because she has everything!!

We tried to think outside of the box this year for our BFF and it brought us right here to Reform Fibers, (macrame/DIY/textiles/tapestry/craft).  We bumped into the owner Elsie on Instagram and found out that we know each other, it really is a small world out there.  We fell in love with her craft and what she is doing to share it, so obviously we couldn’t wait to share it with you.  Coming from a fashion background, and a lover of textiles, she found herself loving to work with her hands and encouraging the art community.  She is currently booking macrame workshops, which is such a fun way to get together with friends….stay tuned for our #beijosladydate with macrame coming soon!!  Here is some of her beautiful work…oh and don’t forget to stop by her etsy shop here for your last minute unique gift finds!



Up close and personal…

Close up Knots

3 Tasell 2

Hope you were inspired if you haven’t already bought your BFF, Mom, or Sister something for the holiday.  A Reform Fibers wall hanging or plant hanger would be so thoughtful and who wouldn’t love getting one!! Links to Reform Fibers website for more info on the macrame workshops above, along with a direct link to her etsy shop.

All photos by Mary McLeod

Hope your all having a good time shopping for all your loved ones and Merry Christmas!!

Xo Leah

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Gift Giving – Little Boys

A few weeks ago we shared our favorite gifts for the little ladies, today we are talking about the gentlemen… Well in this case, our little guys are ALL boy!

We love shopping for our littles, and while some may say that girls are the most fun to shop for, we beg to differ!  There are so many great items out there for boys, and our guys have a similar theme this year… CARS!!

Let’s start with Jett, who’s name should have been a sure sign that he would love himself a speedy toy car! His mama Abby found him some fun new vintage cars to add to his collection!  The foldable car is from one of our favorites, Le Petit Society, and you can find it here!  Abby found the VW Van at another favorite place, World Market.  Their toy selection is really one of the best and we love going there for stocking stuffers!!

yasminsarai_beijosevents_jettsxmasgift-9 yasminsarai_beijosevents_jettsxmasgift-14 Now let’s see what little Court James will be getting from his Mama Jacquelyn!  This little guy is also completely obsessed with cars and “momo’s” – aka motorcycles in toddler terms.  Any time a truck goes by it has to be pointed out too, because you definitely wouldn’t want to miss seeing the mail truck, the ups truck, the garbage truck, I mean, the list goes on people!!

Well, he was SO excited when he saw his brand new VW tent!  As a matter of fact, whenever anyone comes over he has to bring them into his room to show them, and then force, I mean kindly ask, them to go inside ;)

beijosgift-50 We saw this awesome guy at a boutique in Austin, TX and searched for it on our favorite shopping website… Amazon!!  Yes, I said it!  I live for Amazon Prime and love shopping it, honestly, it’s a parent’s best friend!!  Especially around Christmas time because a. it has everything you can think of, and b. FREE 2 day delivery!!

The tent is awesome because we can use it indoors and out, and he loves to pretend in it, which as a parent is one of my absolute favorite things, watching him use his imagination!!

beijosgift-56 And it wouldn’t be complete without a VW Van of his own to play with, also found on Amazon!  We also got him this super cute California themed book from our pals at Sweet Threads in Long Beach, CA. (it is currently sold out there but they have a GREAT book selection here)  We plan on doing some road trips and camping this year so we want to get Court ready for everything he’s gonna see!!

beijosgift-54 Hope we gave you some more inspiration on the gifting front!

Photos by Yasmin Sarai & Ariane Moshayedi



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Holiday Address Labeling

Holiday cards. An essential little holiday tradition that everyone looks forward to getting in the mail. If you are like us, we love to make sure that it all is perfectly packaged to send to all dear family + friends. Now a days you  can see so many different fun and creative ways to address your holiday cards. The old printed out address label sadly just doesn’t cut it anymore. Be creative and fun with it! It will put a smile on anyones face.

Our pal Brianne at Brown Fox Calligraphy showed us some beautiful ways to do some holiday address labeling.

All photos by Yasmin Sarai


Brianne does nothing but beautiful work. She sets the bar high!

Lets start with the green wreath style… Love how she made the address and name into a holiday wreath. So pretty right?


Love how the white pops on the green envelope. To achieve this look, you can use a pencil and draw a circle so you can get that perfect circle wreath. Simply add greenery detail.


Adding elements like stars + ribbon detail create a holiday envelope that will certainly impress your family + friends.

Dosent her perfection just want to make you run and join the next calligraphy class!? So talented that lady!


Suckers for anything copper… this is definitely our favorite. We love the idea of using metallics like copper, gold, or rose gold on a dark envelope like this black one. Again, adding in little elements of holiday personalizes your labeling like this little greenery. A bold sophisticated delivery. Love!


Last but not least this beautiful bright cheery red design. Holiday perfection is adding berries and greenery. Using different fonts and sizes draws your eye to this envelope. And the bright color of the envelope will have your family grabbing your card 1st out of the pile.

Thanks Brianne for showing us beautiful inspiration for address labeling.

Holiday Treat!

Brown Fox - Beijos Events Tag Brown Fox Calligraphy has made a printable gift tag for all our readers! Yay!

Simply print out on your choice of card stock, and brighten the faces of your family and friends.

Be sure to follow Brown Fox Calligraphy for more beautiful inspiration.

Be sure to show us your holiday cards, tag #beijosholiday

Happy Holidays!



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