Eats- Grilled Pineapple, Pork Belly, and Burrata Pizza

Yup thats right…. burrata + pork belly + pineapple all in for the pizza party! I have a strong love for burrata + pork belly, so I’m sure you could imagine my screech of a scream when I saw this pizza. This is a great pizza to do this time of the year where its getting a tad chill in the air but still warm.

Photos by Yasmin Sarai


Let’s see how to do it….


Prepared pizza crust

10 ounces burrata

12 oz pork belly, sliced into ¼-1/3” thick pieces

 2 cups arugula

4 pineapple rings

2 medium yellow onions

2 tablespoons coconut oil

2 tsp sea salt, divided

1 tsp black pepper, divided

2  medium heirloom tomatoes, sliced into thin ring

Slice the onions in thin circles. Heat the coconut oil in a cast iron skillet and add the onions. Reduce heat to medium low and cook for 30-40 min stirring occasionally until caramelized. Set aside to cool.
Season the pork belly with half the salt and half of the pepper and cook on medium heat until crispy on both sides, about 20 min turning occasionally. Let drain on a paper towel and then roughly chop.
Brush pineapple rings with either coconut oil or grape seed oil and grill until you get some grill marks, about 2-3 minutes. Chop into squares and set aside.
Spread the caramelized onions over the top, then a single layer of tomatoes. Add on the pineapple and pork belly and then place the burrata over the top.
Grill for 5-8 minutes or until the burrata is melted and the crust is done. Remove from the grill. Season with the remaining salt and pepper and sprinkle the arugula over the top. Slice and serve.
So so good!!
xo Abby

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Spotlight: Hudson and Isla

A couple weeks ago we did a post about bow ties for National Bow Tie Day and we worked with the talented Elizabeth Fleming and her adorable bow company Hudson and Isla.  Just having a new little one, I became obsessed with her bows.  She has a variety of sizes to fit itty bitty newborn heads to your adorable toddlers as well.  Here are a couple of my favorite styles…

meganwelker-beijos-33 meganwelker-beijos-37 meganwelker-beijos-44

I love her Hmong fabric bows.

meganwelker-beijos-54 meganwelker-beijos-57 meganwelker-beijos-68

I use this green bow so much…love it.

meganwelker-beijos-76 meganwelker-beijos-78 meganwelker-beijos-79

I got a bunch of colors in this petit little bow.  I get so many compliments on her bows!!


Xx Leah

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Beijos Wedding – Megan & Adam

We are so thrilled to share this wedding as it’s one of two very special people who we care for dearly.

I was lucky enough to meet Megan Welker well over a year ago when she shot our newborn and nursery session of my son Court James.  Right off the bat we hit it off, I mean I always love a fellow Portuguese Princess!  She had been highly recommended to me and I already knew she was such a talent.  Fast forward a few months and we became quite the team!  Leah and I love working with her and we trust her when it comes to anything we do.  She is basically part of our families now and our kids even call her “Auntie Megan”.

After working with her a bit and becoming closer friends we were especially honored when she asked us to plan her wedding!!  Right away we loved all of her ideas and thoughts for her special day.

We also especially loved her soon to be husband, Adam.  He is a sincere and genuine guy and he just adores Megan.  Here is their gorgeous wedding day, that’s all kinds of romantic, that is also featured today on Once Wed and in volume 4 of Utterly Engaged magazine

All Photos by Brumley & Wells

261_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House A little bit from the bride:

Adam and I met at a wedding of all things. He was filming the day while I was photographing it and we soon found out that we both lived in the same small town and had never met which made our meeting then even more serendipitous. I was instantly smitten with him, and a few weeks after meeting we were dating. Two and a half years later Adam proposed in the mountains of Malibu and in January we started planning for our May wedding. Being in the industry myself I already had an idea of how I wanted our wedding to be, so planning in such a short amount of time wasn’t an issue. We both knew we wanted to keep things simple, timeless and intimate.

The couple chose the most beautiful and secluded venue, the Figueroa Farmhouse… It’s basically  right smack dab in the middle of the Santa Ynez mountains with no-one else around and it’s gorgeous…

045_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House
039_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House Here are some of the gorgeous little details…

002_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 007_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 013_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 017_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 019_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 028_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 021_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 023_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House We were able to work with some of the most amazing wedding vendors on this gorgeous affair… Including JL Designs for Florals, Borrowed Blu for all tabletop, Poppy Jack Shop for signage, Twinkle and Toast for the invite and Sweet & Saucy for the desserts.

030_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 035_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 031_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 032_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 034_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House More from the bride:

Figueroa Farmhouse has been a dream venue for years so when we found out that we could actually celebrate our wedding there we were through the moon. We knew we couldn’t go through the planning process without a coordinator and we were so happy to have the ladies of Beijos Events by our side the whole time. Not only did they take away all of the stress but they were the most amazing to work with and helped make our dreams a reality. The Santa Ynez mountains that surround the farmhouse are such a gorgeous backdrop on their own, we knew we didn’t want to take away from their beauty. We kept the decor simple with beautiful wooden farm tables while garlands of eucalyptus and florals adorned the tables by Carissa of JL Designs.

106_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 055_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 057_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 060_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 078_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 087_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 093_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 096_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 098_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House We can’t get enough of how gorgeous these two are… They can’t take a bad photo!!!  Hence my overwhelming amount of photos we are sharing!

128_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 160_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 169_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 368_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 369_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House 384_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House A little bit more from Megan:

Our wedding was simple and intimate with a total of 60 guests and it was, without a doubt, the most perfect day of our lives. Our team of vendors were the very best and made our wedding dreams a reality. Jacob and Annie of Brumley and Wells captured our day so beautifully. We are so happy to have those images to look back on and remember our special day for the rest of our lives.

604_Brumley & Wells_fine_art_film_photography_California_destination_weding_Figueroa_Farm_House Also, check out their AMAZING video here by Eric Frank Cinema…

It really was such a magical day which we were so lucky to be a part of, these two have our hearts!!!

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DIY: Wooden Flower Display

I love DIY’s that can be used more then once + for numerous events, and this wooden flower display does it all. You might remember this DIY that I did for my son, Jett’s 3rd birthday… see it here. It was so easy to do…anyone could do it!

This hanging display you can use it year round indoor and outdoor. It has endless possibilities! Each season simply just change your flower choice or even add a different elements then florals. Let me show you how to do it….

Photos by Yasmin Sarai

Here is what you will need:


Zip ties



Your choice of flowers (you can use succulents, air plants, etc.)


First cut your wood to your desire. I found the wood at my local home depot, and just cut into three different sizes.

Then attach your string at both ends so it creates a triangle look.





Gather your florals and create a little bouquet, and then position on the wood.

Zip tie both ends of your flowers but keep loose so you are able to add more flowers in to cover up the zip tie.


Add in more flowers to cover up the zip tie and fill in the holes. See here I’m using a circle shaped flower that will nicely cover the zip tie. Simply pull thru under the zip tie until the head of the flower covers it.



Once you are happy with your final look simply tighten the zip ties and cut off the ends, and cut off the end of the steams as well.


Gah! Just so pretty huh!!


Having a dinner party or friends over for cocktails this weekend? Great little touch to jazz up your backyard!


yasminsarai_beijosevents_septcontent-68 yasminsarai_beijosevents_septcontent-58 yasminsarai_beijosevents_septcontent-63
yasminsarai_beijosevents_septcontent-59 yasminsarai_beijosevents_septcontent-67

Happy Friday!



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Beijos Interiors with Orange & Park

We were lucky enough to team up with Orange & Park earlier this year for a giveaway, and now we are lucky again to have the opportunity to feature their rad prints in our own homes.  Each of us used a few different prints and styled them in different rooms and ways and we are super excited to share it with you today!  All of us Beijos girls are suckers for any type of decor or shopping for our home and we each love the way these prints turned out for us.  Framed and Matted were kind enough to supply the framing for us, we turn to them for all of our framing needs in our own homes, we love their easy to use website and selection of custom frames!!

Photos by Megan Welker and Yasmin Sarai

Let’s start with Jacquelyn Kazas who used her prints in her living room….

This wall had was a blank slate really, it had one print on it so she knew she wanted to add some color and a few new elements here.  She chose the Viva Baja print and the California Coastal Counties print.  Her husband Nate loves to surf and really liked these additions to their home!  To add some color she had our gal Monica of Boho Pillow make this simple tapestry on the right and used a ceramic wall hanging purchased at Urban Outfitters this past Spring on the right with a few air plants and succulents.

meganwelker-0811-35 meganwelker-0811-32 meganwelker-0811-33 Little Court James seems to approve!!

meganwelker-0811-87 meganwelker-0811-94 On to our girl Leah Carriger’s home… She styled two different pieces in two different parts of her casa.  Loving the Viva Baja print as an ode to her Mexican heritage she placed hers at a quintessential spot in her home, on the fireplace!  It’s at the center of her home and looks great with the brick behind it!!

meganwelker-beijos-4 meganwelker-beijos-5 And to celebrate her Orange County roots she got the Orange County Beach Towns Print which she placed in her hallway over this rad chair that we can’t get enough of!!!

meganwelker-beijos-10 Leave it to Mrs. Abby Guido to style up her little one’s play corner in the best way!!!  She liked the Central California Surf Print and placed it above her kiddo’s reading nook.  Abby styled it up with these amazing air plant macrame planters by our buddy Alexis at the Shift Creative, her new shop is up and you need to head over there for some hand made goodness!!

yasminsarai_beijosevents_septcontent-4 Love the way the colors of the print and the frame by Framed and Matted go with her walls!

yasminsarai_beijosevents_septcontent-7 yasminsarai_beijosevents_septcontent-9 Isn’t this the most perfect little spot for Dylan and Jett to hang out!!  We actually want to hang out there ourselves! Ha!

yasminsarai_beijosevents_septcontent-10 yasminsarai_beijosevents_septcontent-13 Hope you liked this little peak into our homes!


The Beijos Ladies

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