Spring Seasonal Flowers

Every wedding is different and unique, some with soft muted tones, some with bright eye catching colors, some with horse drawn carriages and some with dogs as ring bearers but one thing that basically every wedding has is flowers…. And they happen to be one of our favorite parts!

Choosing the florals for your wedding can not only be daunting but also confusing, so we turned to one of our trusted local florists, Allie of Bloomwell & Co, to give us a few tips.  As we all know, flowers are seasonal, so we asked her to list off a few of her favorite Spring flowers to use in weddings and events.  The list was rather lengthy – hey, this girl knows a good thing when she sees it, but we chose some of our personal favorites and featured them here…


We just love love love to play with florals, they add such a personal and pretty touch to each event we design.  These Spring florals are so fresh and cheery and can be used through-out your ceremony and into your reception.  Here is Allie’s overall list with our favorites highlighted:

Queen Anne’s Lace
Pieris Japonica
Coffee berries (hypericum)
Maidenhair fern
Blushing bride proteas
To be honest we would have probably included them all, but something to keep in mind is that these are only available or in season for part of the Spring – so if you are planning your wedding in late Spring you may not be able to find something like Poppies as easily.
Here are some detailed shots of these pretties…
Ah the Dahlia… How do we love thee… Always so gorgeous, always a favorite!
meganwelker-springflowers-11 Ranunculus… These little darlings can sometimes steal the show, even from the prettiest Peony meganwelker-springflowers-5 Hypericum is such a pretty companion to any pretty petal, and we love it’s greenery… meganwelker-springflowers-6 Not only does the lilac smell divine, but it’s also so soft and feminine to the eye… Definitely one of our favorites… Watch out Peony!! meganwelker-springflowers-8 This is another beauty that looks nice with any bloom, we recently used it in a bouquet Allie made for our Pastel Shoot and fell in love! meganwelker-springflowers-13 Aww the Peony… Always everyone’s favorite, and we can definitely see why… Floral Heaven!

meganwelker-springflowers-4 This pretty little side kick of Queen Anne’s Lace looks like it’s straight out of the wild… and that’s why we love her!

meganwelker-springflowers-12 The Anenome… Another great go to for any bouquet, we love how it is ultra sweet but can also be a little edgy…


Stay tuned for more florals the rest of the year!
All photos by the sweetest of them all – Megan Welker

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Sweets – Lemon Bars

We are brightening up the first part of your week with the yummiest lemon bars around.  This recipe has been on the down low for some time now and I finally got my mother in law to give it up!! I know there are a lot of good lemon bars out there, but trust us when we tell you that this is the one….


The crust is a little thicker and yummy, the filling is just the right amount of tart, and the sugar on top is the perfect mix for a great bite.  You won’t be able to eat just one!


They also make for a gorgeous display.  Add some fruit around a pretty cake plate and garnish with some lemon zest and your set!


Crust Ingredients:

1/2 pound unsalted butter, at room temperature

1/2 cup granulated sugar

2 cups flour

1/8 tsp kosher salt

Bake crust for 15 – 20 min, until lightly browned.  Let cool on a wire rack

Filling Ingredients:

6 extra large eggs at room temperature

3 cups granulated sugar

2 tablespoons grated lemon zest

1 cup fresh squeezed lemon juice

1 cup flour

Whisk together and pour on baked crust. Bake 15-20 minutes until set.  Top with powdered sugar and lemon zest.


Take these to your next shindig…you’ll give yourself a repuation…

Photos by Megan Welker

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Beijos at the Cream 2015

We were so honored to be asked to join “The Cream Of The Crop” this year, the amazing wedding event that the talented ladies of Bash Please put on every year.  This year the theme was to die for… White Neon, Nudes, Ivories, and Taupes!  Couldn’t love it more!!  Our inspiration stemmed from textile, we really wanted to use different elements in our booth that embraced the theme and made a statement.  Let’s start off with our table…


Still so in love with all these details… The leather placemats, the fun party quote on acrylic placed on a wood plate, copper details in the napkin and cup, and the fur throws on the chairs!!


It was a dream to partner up and work with Carrisa of JL Designs.  She’s so amazingly talented and had so many great ideas that really meshed with our vision.  We were lucky to both have a deep love for the Mid Century Modern vibe and it was so fun to run with that aesthetic with her. Here’s the overview…


Hello white gravel, cinder block and wood pannels!!  This was really a labor of love for us and a real must have when it came to the design of our booth.  Carrissa adorned our hanging acrylic escort signage, tying into the name plates and party quote on the table. The greenery and plants in the space also played a key texture role for us…just the right amount of modern foliage.



Cake by Sheila Mae…


Thank you to all that helped us make our vision come alive previously stated for this amazing event, and also including:

Borrowed BluHostess HavenTown & CountryFound Rentals, & Mon Voir Calligraphy.

Photography By Brian Tropiano

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Home Tour – Modern Sequins

We are so thrilled to share our latest home tour of the sweet as can be Myka Haddad of Modern Sequins!  Myka is such a genuine and kind soul, I was lucky enough to meet her when I was looking for an event planner for my own wedding and she was a part of Sitting in a Tree.  She made me feel so at ease with the process, I knew she would be the perfect fit for me!  Since then she has been working on her fabulous blog Modern Sequins and also creating gorgeous floral and plant arrangements with Brown Paper Design & The Plant Library.  We are such big fans of her own personal style that we had to take a peak inside her San Francisco home with husband Georges.  This couple is so darn cute, take a look at them and you can see why we fell in love with them!

All photos by the talented Jenna Rae

IMG_0243 IMG_0263 Tell us a little bit about you…

 I run Modern Sequins, a lifestyle brand.  It started as a blog, but let’s face it, I don’t blog all that often anymore. :)  I style photo shoots, help friends plan parties, and I also work part time for an amazing florist, brown paper design.  My husband Georges and I live in San Francisco and love our little home.
IMG_0026 IMG_0039
What inspired you when decorating your home?

Since our home is small, I really believe in keeping everything bright and light colored.  White is such a soothing color to me, so I try to keep that aesthetic in our home.  I also love showing off small personal items in our home.  Fresh lavender from my mom’s garden, a painting by my mother-in-law, a small white figurine from a trip to Spain.  I like to display items that tell a story about our lives.

What is your favorite room in your home and why? 

Definitely the living room.  We spend 99% of our time in there, drinking coffee, eating dinner, reading, watching movies.  I just feel really peaceful and relaxed in the space which is super important to me.
IMG_0008 IMG_0042
Where are your favorite places to shop for your home?

I used to be in the interior design world, so I totally lucked out on getting discounts on a lot of designer stuff that we have in our home.  But now, I’m definitely on a budget.  I mostly shop at West Elm, Target, and consignment stores.

What in your home screams “Myka”?
The white Nelson ball clock.  I bought it when I used to work for a Swiss furniture manufacturer, and I just love it so much.  Also, if you know me, you know that I’m a complete crazy person about being punctual.  I always have to be early.

Is decorating your home a collaborative effort with your husband?
 Although it probably doesn’t look like it, yes, it’s definitely a collaborative effort.  I’m just lucky that Georges likes a lot of the same stuff that I do.
How is your personal style reflected in your home? 

Well I love modern design which is definitely shown in our choice of furniture.  I also like to add in fun elements, like those fringed baskets (a recent bargain purchase from Target).  I’m a bargain shopper at heart.

We are big fans of your stylish ways, what are your style must haves? 

You girls are the sweetest.  My style must haves are a good pair of flats.  I live in San Francisco, so I always have a pair of flats with me for riding the bus and walking the hills.  And one shiny dress that you feel amazing in.  That one dress that you can wear again and again!
What are your favorite ways to get creative? 

I love sewing.  My mom and I recently started sewing some makeup bags and baby rompers and it’s been so much fun.  It’s definitely a creative outlet for me.
What’s next for Myka and Modern Sequins? 

I recently started a “shop” on modern sequins, where I’ve sold some of the items my mom and I have created.  I want to continue to add some of our pieces and other artists’s goods down the line.
And personally, my husband and I are hoping to adopt.  Becoming a mom is number one on my list.
IMG_0311 IMG_0090 IMG_0389
Thank you Myka… Love You Love Your Show.

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Dylan + Jett’s Farm To Table Birthday Party

cassie green photography19

Today on the Beijos blog we are taking a little walk thru memory lane….Remember our own Abby Guido’s beijinhos farm to table inspired birthday party last year that was featured on 100 Layer Cakelet? How could you not right?! Wish we were sitting in the backyard right now sipping on some Lambrusco!

We are so excited that it is being featured again in the latest issue of Mingle Magazine! Dylan Ashley and Jett Jagger are making their magazine debut!

Photos taken by sweet Cassie Green

cassie green photography15

These two beijinhos birthdays are a month apart, so I decided that one fun party would be in order! I wanted to do something fresh, natural, low key, and really what we love to eat and do- especially what the kids like to do. We LOVE LOVE to spend our time at home in the backyard.

With the help of Borrowed Blu‘s textiles + vintage flatware, I did a family style tablescape with mixed elements of chambray, striped natural linen, and vintage flatware. I used my own glassware which was a mix of amber, clear, and cobalt blue glasses.

cassie green photography26 cassie green photography36

cassie green photography37

The flowers from Wylie Weddings were the perfect touch to complete the  natural rustic vibe, which went perfectly with the plants I already had in the backyard. We placed all the flowers down the tables in amber vintage glasses + vases that I have had over the years and purchased from Etsy.

cassie green photography25 cassie green photography35 cassie green photography7 cassie green photography77

The day was filled with homemade grilled pizzas, farm to table rustic Italian salads, amazing artisan cheese platters, and the best two homemade cakes!

cassie green photography11
cassie green photography58

Fresh juice for the kiddies from Ritual Wellness was perfect for a warm sunny day.
cassie green photography46

The wooden boards were beautifully done by Anne Robin

cassie green photography13

cassie green photography76

cassie green photography55 cassie green photography60

Amber from Pitbulls and Posies put her magic touch of some leather for the party. That awesome Casa de Guido sign, which I know have hanging in house along with the leather coasters, and the Bocce Ball sign. I wanted to create items I could use again in my house + for other gatherings.

Now for the best part!


My uncle makes these BEST cakes in this world!! Its a family tradition that he makes all our cakes for our celebrations, and he did not disappoint with his famous chocolate cake + that perfectly pretty bundt cake.

cassie green photography5


cassie green photography43

cassie green photography44

Not that those show stoppers needed an added dessert to compete with but some homemade gelato was definitely in order for our little Italian backyard gathering. Miss Dylan Ashley is a lover of all gelato, and how could you not be when its so pretty looking, right?!

cassie green photography74

cassie green photography62

cassie green photography64


cassie green photography79

cassie green photography18

All our beijinho guests were left with personalized aprons that were done by Anne Robin

cassie green photography66


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