Holiday Pajamas – 2017

We’ve been at this holiday pajama thing for a while now.  Our kids are growing up and getting bigger, but we still have to see them in their cute pjs!  This year Abby and I opted for one of our favorites, Old Navy.  We both turn to this brand often as it’s stylish, affordable and always on trend.  Their pajamas are no exception, and for how quickly our kids are growing, we don’t feel bad about spending $10 on some holiday pajamas!

Here are my picks for my two boys, Court & Cruz, and a little something for myself!  I fell in love with the vintage car pjs for the boys, especially when I saw the VW bus!!  Mommy needs some holiday pajamas too, because I can’t be left out!  I found this cute simple white thermal and fair aisle pant.  

It gets a little chilly at night and in the mornings here, so these are perfect to get our cuddle on!

Photos of Jacquelyn & Kiddos by Riley Starr
Photos of Abby & Kiddos by Erin Milnik

Shop our picks below!

Now for Abby, Dylan & Jett!  They are celebrating Christmas in their new town and house, so of course they need new holiday pajamas!  Abby says that she loved the Old Navy pjs this year because they have a vintage holiday vibe to them. There is something about vintage old school graphics and decor that she loves during Christmas time.

Shop Abby’s picks here!

Now get to wearing those holiday pajamas, we only have 20 days left!!!



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Casey + Erik – Palm Springs Wedding

We did a ton of weddings this year, and we couldn’t be more grateful.  Each wedding we do I have a little pinch myself moment, it’s usually during the vows or during a speech.  Being a part of such a special day and seeing families so happy never gets old.  This is the beautiful Palm Springs wedding of Casey and Erik.  Their wedding really stands out to me because of their amazing family.  Everyone was so kind and gracious and you could really feel the love for these two.

Casey came to us early on in the planning process and had a pretty clear vision of what she wanted.  A touch of glam old Hollywood mixed with a moody modern vibe.  She made it pretty easy being the stylish girl she is!  Plus, they are a gorgeous couple, so that doesn’t hurt!  

Everything came together beautifully as captured by Andria Lindquist.  Keep scrolling to see this Palm Springs beauty full of bougainvillea, glamour and romance.

Also featured today on Junebug Weddings

Let’s start with the details… The wedding took place at the gorgeous La Chureya Estate in Palm Springs.  It had everything your heart would desire from a gorgeous pool, tons of bougainvillea and tons of pretty corners to take photos.  Casey’s simple yet stunning dress took center stage below and we loved her velvet heels she chose.

Could she look more beautiful?!  This old Hollywood glamour look really got us!  So beautiful inside and out!

The first look took place in the estate and couldn’t have been sweeter.  I love how excited they both are, you can feel the giddyness in the photo!!

Bloom Babes handled all of the florals and Casey’s bouquet.  I love how dramatic and romantic it is, and that black ribbon just made it!!  Also, that alter install they made will go down as one of our favorites of all time!

In my opinion, there’s never enough bougainvillea, NEVER!!!

Cocktail hour was amazing with lots of yummy apps and drinks.  Not only was the wedding party drop dead gorgeous but all of their guests were too!  And so well dressed… How cute is Casey’s dad double fisting?!  Love that shot!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

The reception continued with the moody glam vibe of the day.   Colors of black, white and deep burgundy looked gorgeous against the rustic wood tables.  Plus, that lounge from Adore Folklore makes my heart so happy.  It was the perfect spot for guests to gather and rest and kick up their feet.  I just love how well it all flowed together!!

Andria captured these two so well…  And I love all of the extra shots she did of the property, it just makes you feel like you are there.  Seriously, I could frame some of those as art in my home.

The cakes were gorgeous and made by Casey’s friend!  Can you believe that talent?!  Bloom Babes prettied them up even more of course!  Loved this whole set up, and they were delicious too….

I always love seeing the “sunset photos” after a wedding we do… We aren’t there to see them usually because we are busy at the reception.  So it’s really fun to see what the photographer captured after the fact.  Of course Andria didn’t disappoint!

The night got even better!!  How pretty does the pool look with all the candles and lighting?  Quintessential Palm Springs… The party got moved inside for “Club Myhros” the couple’s last name.  Their friend dj’d all of their favorite jams and the dance party went off!  The night ended with a sparkler exit for this amazing couple!!

Such an amazing day for an amazing couple!!  Cheers to many more years of happiness!



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Getting Fancy – Jacquelyn’s Style Picks from Cleobella for the Holidays

With the holiday season coming up you know you’re gonna be invited to SO many parties.  Because if you’re one of our readers, then you must be totally amazing!!  But seriously, what to wear?!  The holidays are great because you can definitely go a little out of your comfort zone.  With holiday style you can get sparkly and really have fun with what you wear, especially for New Years Eve!

Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite style picks for the holidays with Cleobella.  If you have followed us you know I am a huge fan of this local company.  They do boho perfectly and I always leave feeling like a million bucks with whatever I’ve purchased.  Here are a few sexy little numbers that you will love to get fancy with this holiday season…

Photos by Corrie Lynn Photography

Starting with the sexiest of all… This Jumpsuit!!!!  Honestly, I was a little terrified to try this sucker on!  But once it was on, I sort of fell in love… I’m still rocking those lovely (and larger) breast feeding boobs which aren’t the easiest to control.  However, I felt great in this!  I sort of want to send my husband this photo on New Years Eve because we will most likely just be in sweat pants on the couch haha!!  That’s our holiday style IRL.  A girl can dream though right?!

Next up is the most gorgeous dress!!  I actually wore this exact outfit to a dear friend’s wedding a few weeks ago!  The pretty champagne color is really lovely and the lace detailing just makes it.  It was the perfect dress to dance in all night and feel comfortable!  

I was a little worried about the bra factor but I just wore a lace bralette as suggested by the lovely ladies from Cleobella.  Simply add a leather jacket, a pair of heels and your favorite clutch and you are good to go!

Lastly, you can’t go wrong with an LBD, especially a sexy little number like this.  I like that since it shows quite a bit of cleavage that it has long sleeves.  Can’t show all the lady bits!  I love wearing tights during the winter season, especially tummy tamers like these.  Just add a cute hat to make it a little interesting and some boots, mine are vintage that I got ages ago in NYC.

Doesn’t Cleobella know how to do the holidays right?!  Lots of fun options below on what to wear this holiday season!  Take this time to have fun, get sparkly, and party!!!



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Holiday Gift Giving with Maven Market


Gift giving is one of my favorite things to do during the holiday season. I love to seek high and low for that perfect gift for family and friends. Seeing thier face fill up with joy and excitement when they open up the gift, is one of the best feelings. I’m pretty sure I got this trait from my mom. She is always seeking out the best and unique gift for family and friends.

This year, I discovered Maven Market, and she is my little christmas angel. Maven Market is a collection of gift boxes that were carefully curated by founder Jillian Gorman. They contain a wide range of quality handmade products made by local artist and artisans. Even the box itself supports a small business! Maven Market provides you with the convenience of selecting a thoughtful, meaningful, luxury gifts for your loved one (or yourself! wink, wink) in the comfort of your own home. 

This is a perfect way to support small local businesses! Maven Market just launched the mini boxes, and they are beyond adorable. I want them all! One gift for you, One for me… right? 

Best part…

Jillian, owner of Maven Market explains her passion behind Maven Market.

Gifts are meant to invoke joy and well-being, and we rally behind those who use their own gifts to bless others. These boxes promote creative expression. intentionality and community. To pay it even more forward, a portion from all sales go to City of Refuge in Sacramento. 

On May 6th, 2017, they launched a Kickstarter campaign that was fully funded by 138 generous backers.

Above all, this project was meant to honor the life of our daughter Norah. Her fifteen minutes in this world had an incredible impact on our lives. Remembering her life, and death, as well as the invaluable gifts that we received from our creative community that brought so much healing, is the motivation to make this business a success. We hope in turn that it blesses others as much as it’s blessed our family.

I introduce to Maven Market…

T H E   M I N I   B O X E S


O H ,  B A B Y 


+ Camel knot bib by Happy Hadley Handmade

+ Teething ring by Chewable Charm

+ Essential oils roller by The Willowfield Apothecary

+ Air plant sourced from The Airplant Hub 


C H R I S T M A S   V A C A Y


+ Room spray by P.F. Candle  – amber and moss

+ Essential oils roller by The Willowfield Apothecary

+ Chicago Pebble Pouch by Studio Fig (exclusive to Maven Market!) – olive green

+ Air plant sourced from The Airplant Hub


C O M F O R T   &   J O Y


+ Wooden scoop by Four Leaf Wood Shop

+ Jam by Lemon Bird Jams (flavor options available!)

+ Spice by The Allspicery (flavor options available!)

+ Turkish towel by Bersuse

+ Small air plant sourced from The Airplant Hub

H O L I D A Y   C H E E R


+ Candle by P.F. Candle Co.

+ Natural wood matches with copper tree feature by Studio Portmanteau

+ Peppermint lip gloss by The Good Hippie

+ Small air plant by The Airplant Hub

Along side thier mini holiday gift boxes, they have bigger boxes curated everyone in your life!

T H E   D W E L L


UMMM… handmade velvet pouch?!? Oh yes! Hint! Hint!

F I R S T   B L U S H

For all you coffee lovers!



If you have a new mama in your life, this is the box to do! So cute!



good for the soul this one!


Last, but not least, travel. I’m obessed with that black pouch. Everything you need for your travels.

Now, if you are in the Sacramento area, you can add SEASONAL FLORAL BOUQUETS arranged by Mignon Floral Co. They are available with a gift box purchase and of course for local delivery orders only. 

Put a smile not only on your loved one’s face but yourself knowing you found the perfect cureated gift plus making a difference in the world by proceeds going to the City of Refuge in Sacramento. 

Get your box while you can! Only a certain amount available… I’m off to buy mine right now!





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Setting our Christmas Table with Hearth & Hand from Target

Each year for the holidays I like to add a little bit more to may decor collection.  It’s always fun to add different things here and there to commemorate what was special that year.  This year I am hosting Christmas for the first time at our new home!  Our home isn’t anywhere near being done, but I still want to make it special.  Since we are on a budget (hello, home remodel and a new mortgage!!) I turned to everyone’s favorite store, Target.  

Lucky me, this year they have Hearth & Hand by Magnolia!  I’m sure you are just like me and totally love Joanna & Chip Gaines.  I’ve especially fallen more in love with them since we started remodeling our home.  There are many nights where you will find me in front of the tv, watching Fixer Upper on Hulu working on my computer.  Basically my MO these days!

Well, I also fell in love with their collection they just released for the holidays!  It’s clean, minimal and stylish all in one!  Today I’m sharing some pieces I picked up and how I plan to style them for Christmas.  I am especially thinking it would be pretty for Christmas Day brunch!!

Keep scrolling for all the pretty, and shop my picks at the bottom!

Photos by Corrie Lynn Photography

Let’s just go ahead and start with this AMAZING floral arrangement by Lily of Olive & Blooms!  I told her I didn’t want to go the traditional Christmas route, no poinsettias up in here!  But I wanted whites, greenery and soft pinks.  Plus, I really wanted to add in some cotton because it just screamed Joanna to me… Who doesn’t live their life with the motto WWJD?!  J as in Joanna…  So with this beautiful piece anchoring the table, you know we’re in good shape!

Now, I’ll start with the plates.  I really love them!!!  Hearth & Hand has them in black, green and white.  Obviously I went with the green, but was really torn with the black.  But since I had to get the amazing matte black flatware, I thought some contrast would be nice!  The green is just nice for Christmas also, I can see my family using these plates for years to come!

The glassware is also so fun and timeless.  I purchased the wine glass and tumbler in clear.  They also have a pretty green color, but I figured these were easier and could be used more frequently through-out the year!  I love the pretty detail on them…
  For the pretty details I turned to my friend Courtney from Poppy Jack.  I can always count on her to whip up something clever and fun!  Plus, this girl also has an affinity for Chip & Joanna, she even visited Magnolia last month!!!  Color me jealous…

We decided to do some cute stirrers for the glassware in a wood and white color.  We did holiday themed and Magnolia themed, because it just seemed appropriate!  Shiplap was the first to come to mind…

The white and black cross-stitched napkins are up there as one of my favorite pieces in the Hearth & Hand collection.  I added my own velvet ribbon to each napkin for that special touch and because I’m a little obsessed with velvet right now!

Other little details…  I absolutely adore these little wooden houses in the collection.  Have to say, they are my favorite Hearth & Hand piece!  They are currently on my mantle but I had Courtney from Poppy Jack personalize them to use as place cards!  I love having place cards on the table, especially for a special occasion like Christmas.

These ornaments also made the cut.  But instead of using them on the tree, I’m using them on the table!  They play off the napkins well and add another element to the talbescape.

One last look at this festive Hearth & Hand table…

Since I wont’ have this set up till Christmas Day, I am still going to enjoy these goodies!  So I set them up on my mantle, and really love how it looks!  I even got the boys stockings from the collection too!  How sweet does this set up look?!  

Shop all of my favorites from my table and decor below!!



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